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A Home' NWAper Published in the' .Interest of the Peopie and 7for Honesty irfr Governmental Afhiii
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Wm. HASTE!2!a
Slale BeilEis
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Fa'ceiWili Out i Sa; ham
BiIiariaK Cajfore Pipr h
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I isCwciDtr.ud f aVlfcs&ito Wiat tf
T. A 0 rbin of Wins-Saoi
was iustantly killed Friday morn
in when his five-pasi(Pnger ea
h:t the eud cf . a bridge" on th
fetetesvi lie- W hrftou -Salem, road
gvm miles from "town tbrowitrg
Mr r.r.r(iin into the Ofadk RDd-
piunn g him , underneath. In
con pa; 7 with Ctbiu was J; R.
8impani of Su keadk-le, Guilford
County. Mr. Simpson was also
tbrowu into the oiek and had hi
leg pinned u-idet tha car, but
managed to ext ioare himself
within a; few minutes with- only
few bruises.
Th9 mystery which surrounded
the disappearance of T. , E Can-nw.-the
young A deft; man wh we
autawaa fouud hanging over the
Trent - river Vrige near Newbaft
-early M outlay morning, OoWf
25s waa cleared op hursday whei
news reached here that Cannon
had been heard tr mil. Norfolk
and that ha waa We and well.
City and county officers have
dragging the river nef r where th
-h-z;, found thre days an
eharge after charge -f dynamit
had been exploded in an effort t
briug the body to the sorf ace.
. Little Belle Tolley. eight eai
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs . W.
D." Ttklley, met instant deatti in
front of the Orange Street school
building, Asheville, Friday if
ftarnoon wheu she waa struok by
an atttomc bile driven and owned
by Mrs. Thomas B Teasley. The
Uttar prostrated because" of . the
aooid ut. waa formally arrairiged
iu police oourt yeaterday morning,
BvMlaiiOe introduced at the oorot
netfe bearing was to the .effect I
that .the machine was being drivin
at A moete-- P whW
4 child attempted to cross "the
treat in front of it and later,
believing that she cculd not avoid
the car, turned in her steps aud
tatted toward that aide of the
trtet from which she came.
Held up at the point of a pistol
and robbed of $60 by a Negro, Ed.
Wright, of the Battleboro section,
near Rocky Mount, was relieved
of the money for which he had
wold a small load of tobacco on
the; local market Saturday, ac
cording to the report to the police.
Th robbery according, to the po
lice' findings, took p'aoe at a point
known as Cowlick creek, about a
mile and a half from thia ohy,
and the Negro held up Mr.
Wright atd three other friends on
the 'Wagon at the time and care
fully went through their packets.
The1 police and a force of deputies
hurried to the acene on the receipt
of the report and they sooured the
woods for a considerable diitaLC
in hoDa of fiodine the Negro, but
as vet he has not been apprehend-
The handle works of Levering
Manufacturing Co., jai outs de
of Wilmington was destroyed by
fire Sunday morning, presumably
front Spark from boiler, entailing
lots of about $25,000 fully covered
by insurance. The building waa
of brick and originally was built
or the Clarendon Column Works,
but for more than a year has been
mad for the handle plant. It is
citurled on Smith's creek just
outside the4 city limits. The
ttock alone was valued at $10,000.
H. C. Nix, aged about 28 years,
was knocked down by. a freight
car on the StateBville railway
yards Spoday and his left arm
was so badly crushed by a wheel
of the oar that it had to be urn
onUfed. Nix waa walking close
o this frack when a train of caia
Jmshd in the same directign b a
thiftijug engine came up behind
iiim." A oorner of the oar struok
Bis shoulder and a hen he fell his
left hand wett aside the traok and
the trucks of the. oar oaogbt his
aim.' The noise of another train
prevented Nix from heariug;the
one which struok him. He was
immediately taken to the sana
torium'; where the injured mem
Jbec was amputated. Nix had -been
working in Lenoir and. w s at
fcoe on A visit.
TijiBg ts Retck Riga taf foitaU If Oil
Jaiaa! Roate, Fig&gli lit Wist'
- London, N . v 1, -The Germans
have oconpied Kraguyeatz, the
arsenal town of Serbia.
their Bulgarian Allies are posh
ing their way through the moan
tains to Nish, Servia's war capi
tal. From all sides the Germans,
Austrian! - and Bulgarians ' are
slowly closing in on the Serbian
armies, the position of which
grows graver daily. They are
fighting fiercely however to save
their country and have inflicted
inch losses on Field Marshal von
Maokensenv force that he has.
been oompelled to send for re
inforcements and leave -the mora
eeriout work of invading the
eastsrn and sonthern part of the
ibantry to the Bolgrians, ; who
have had .more : experience in
adiiiutainwa'rf are such as the"
Sarbiaus are waging. ;
I From thtt jonotion of the Darra.'
be auoU f imok rivera in the north
east to Uskup, in the aotiith .the
:te,ibivB -fffc ihi
towna int' the r monntaina but
f f5m tftkup aouthfrard they have
fewijthcked, aa the Berbiana ia
ibat iefritory have been reuif otc-
ep bthV Frenoh "and British with
modern guns and with fanners,
who gained valuable experience
in Franoe and GTallipoii. f,
-Beyond the forces' .landed, at
Saloniki, which German Wtioatea
places at 70,000 men, there is no
news of further, aasiatanoe' being
sent by the allies to Serbia.
Basaian" transports ave' been
reported off Varna but the report
Jaoka confirmation. There is,
howiver, evidence in dispatohes
fron Buofaareas that the" people of
floumania at
least desire inter-
brought on the king and cabinet
to induce them to join the allies
and permit a Russian foroe to at
tack Bulgaria from the east.
Greece continues her friendly neu
trality. The Germans, having failed
iu two months of almost incessant
attacks to reaoh Riga and Dviusk
by various routes, are now trying
along the railway which skirts
the shores at the gulf of Riga
from Tokum and have, aooording
to their reports, reached a point
west of Schlbk. Thia ia a very
slight advance and much low
ground, over which it is difficult
to' move, Jies between them and
their objective
In the Drinsk sector, both to
the west and southwest of that
city, the Russians have begun an
offensive, apparently in anticipa
tion of renewed attaoks by the
Germans and they are also on the
move in the lake district east of
the Dinsk Vilna Railway and in
Volhynir and Galicia
The re
sult of those various battles has
not been disolosed, if, indeed,
they are oonoluded. Those at the
scuthern end of the line are doubt
less designed to prevent the Ger
mans and Austriana from sending
reinforcements to Serbia.
In France the battle for the
Buttle de Tahure, which the Ger
mane recaptured from the Frenoh,
is still in progress, without chang
ing the positions of -he to
armiea. There has been some
fighting at other points in the
west. What the attaoks on this
front have cost is shown by a re
port issued by Fi .Id Marshal Sir
John French tonight. He says
that the published lists of the
German casualties disclose that
83ven German battalions which
took part in the Loos fighting,
presumably a ' German conntel-
attack. loat 80 per cent of their
Beware of cneap snDstitnus.
In these days of keen oompetion
1B .?y.- f f f
lie ahould ' f e e that- they
Chamberlain's Oongh Remedy and
not take substitutes sold for the
sake of extra Droflt. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy has stood
the test and been, approved for
mire than forty ysawf wtem-
To BHf fbret-Bif Sessions Hoissbir 16,
17 2fl3 IB UW RIIUOM
Beduced. railroad ratefrnpon all
syaVema tn-Korth i "Carolina having
I been' off rtdf the State Farmers'
UnTotr for its' convention in Der
!ham;. Ntvmbei 16. 17 aud 18,
Prof; W. Qi Crosby, duoatioual
seoretirytis ;enoouraged to hop
for .the grftest crowd of all ojn
vetxtfona, W
TAe roavdt-rp fare has been
reduced atooost to the single rate
and. the oat gives farmers in the
remotest portion' of North Caro
lina b- lowest possible rate. The
delegates will not be the sole bea
efioiaries cf" ifchis oonoetsion and
tthose whoire net delegates miy
have thariviiege of attending
ithe convention, hearing the ad
dresses ind parttcipstiug in the
toaraT6fih several institutions of
jjQte iu Durh&m arith the trip to
gQhapel Hill to go through the
7TSer.Cflioa:iias endeayored to
-make- the fsijt to the convention
ytvenMf: busiest farmer by
bringiujg lhat meeang the
etrontjjtr C&Aes of the meaa
ates irhur hi Union seeks to
write iutc jr.- The warehouse
systomf spo twhioh North Caio
lina farmerf:' need perhaps the
greatest :repl:jhtenment ia to be
disftossad fcVtwo eminent' Sonih
Lever andi Senator ohn'iL.
moriaorinx gucessor ox oenator
Smith wha i.kied the authorship
Ot the SmitadLever Federal ware
house oiil f iVh Mr, Lever. Sena
tor MoLiulinis warehouse com--mtssioufloJ$uth
Carolina and
wiiliJf' Carolina how well
it liaji Woil in South Carolina.
16 tnuetiof markets at Wash
mgtou yijft Kieinl OhailetfJ. Brand,
4ilk marketing to the farmers.
Upon this need Or. Clarence Poa
haa recently written a notable
work. Uuioientiflo marketing
having cost North Oaroliua farm
ers their millions, the Union haB
brought the best exponent of in
telligent bartering to be found iu
the oountry. Theie three from
the outside are acknowledged to be
the greatest ipeaking attractions
that the Union has yet had.
And Ex-Judge James S. Man
ning on the aabject of laud segre
gation between the races, John
Sprunt Hill student of iural crad
ita, who has conducted au exten
sive' stody on both sides of the
Atlantic; Dr. G. M. Cooper upon
the very quintessence of democ
racy, township organization ; and
Roland F. Baasiey on taxation
evils that promote absentee land
lordism, these all to say nothing
of those floe side-trip;, make the
convention notable
How to Prevent Croup.
It may be a surprise to you to
learn that in many oases croup
can be prevented, Mrs. H. M.
Johns, Elida, Ohio, relates her
experience aa follows: "My little
boy ia subject to cr jup. During
the past winter I kept a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in
the house, and when he began
having that croup cough I would
give him one or two doses of it
aDd it would , break the attack.
I like it better for children than
any. other cough medicine beoauae
children take it willingly, and it
is saf e land reliable."
rot alt Obi Way.
Old Fort Sentinel
Employes expeot a hundred
cents 'for every dollar of their
wages and they should therefore be
oertain that the boss gets OU min
utes' work in every hour he pays
for. Honesty is net one-sided.
Oat rid of Those Poisons In Your Sys
Ynn will find Dr. K'ne's New
Lif e PrUfl afnost satUfactory lax
I .Te in rewMius tu iw.suus uum
. . I mmwm aArn a Annmn lot an or a a. a
I 2 'a knl-An BanWincnlfrtia ail.-
mania nnless released. Diwinees.
SDots before the eyes, blackness
f nd a missraDle feeling generally
ire lhdioattoos that you need Dt
King s JHw uiie riiis. laxe
a v w - m - w i a m i
ilnwlnniaht and mn twill avnari.
g1 Uef b J morning .
French Silicate bo Longer Owaers of Oe
tilipaeafit (Chariot te Observer, No; 2 )
Perhaps the biggest single deal
ever negotiated in North Carolina
property ia that wbloh has just
bsdn concluded hereby she
Southern Aluminium Company
has transferred titleftp its Badin
and Whitney holdioto the Alu
minium Company bf . Amerisa,
with headquarters in Pittsborgr
Pa., the amount involved in the
transaction, it is understood, ap
proximating $10,000,000. The
negotiations were concluded at a
conference participated iu by of-,
fioiala of the Frencp . Syndicate
and the AlomiLiam Company of
Ameiioa at the Rita Carlton Ho
tel in Nsw York on Saturday, Oo
tobsr 23, aud definite information
is just transpiring. It is. stated
that the development work will
move rapidly ahead and that the
plans of the original designets will
be carried out with only very
alight modifications.;; The out
standing feature of this announce
ment is that the several thomand
employes formerly givja work on
this development will 3e returned
just as soon as. the details of
transfer can be consummated and
arrangements perfected for the
resumption of operations. This
will probably require several
weeks aud maybe a .month but it
will be forthcoming within the
very near future.
The announcement', of this
rausfer and the infdimation that
work will be resumed within a
short time is one of the most im
portint to the business and com
mercial interests of this section
that hai been made in a loug
time. The Aiamiuium Company
of America is a monger.. op rpora
"troiiith'iglants at Misiie3a7
N. Y., Pittsburg and various ott
er places throughout the country.
Tub Tenuessee plant is the one
that is oeareat t3 the latest acquis
ition of the company..
The work at Badin and Whitney
waa undertaken several years ago
when the Freuoh Syndicate ac
quired the holding) of the original
Whitney company, then owned by
Pittsburg interests. The plans of
the original oompany wre ohaug
ed and a new development mapped
out, the powtr site being looated
nearer the foot of the narrows of
the Y idkiu River and a great alu
minium pUut being proposed for
Bddin the new tjwu to le built.
Ihe mjuey was provided by
French bankers and was moving
sploadidly ahead wheu the great
war came on. A magnificent lit
tle city had been almost finished,
the immense buildings to house
the aluminium works, cf steel,
concrete and the very best mater
ial, were well on their way to
completion and the great hydro
electric development where ap
proximately 10,000 of electrical
horsepower was to be generated,
was being vigorously proseouted.
Just at this moment, the work had
to be suspended on aooount of the
convulsion abroad in which France
was so deeply iuvolved. There
were conferencea at which time
arrangements were perfected for
the holding in suspense of the
work and this has been the status
ever since.
No active work has
been prosecuted smoe the war
broke out save suoh as was neoes
sary to prevent any depreciation
of the property.
Weaker For-;cas( for Nov. 1915.
From Oct. 80 to Nov. 7, fair
cool and frost along.
From 7th to 18th, fair, but if
wind is southwest from 4 to 6 p.
m., the 18th cool showers, threat
ening and frosty.
From 18th to 21st, fair,
warm .
21t to 29th, frequent
showers and cold threatening to
witn com winua aioug .
... 1 1 j i
From 29th to Deo, 6th, fair, cool
Ubreateniugs, and some warm
Thi month shows up dry. most-
a .
l - -
I J'
Route 3 8aluburit Nt 0.
Twenty Dead la Fire- at iPubJii, Uass,
SeieraifWto njared.
Peabody, Masrf, Oat. 28,.
Twenty children, sn6Bt of them
girls ranging in age from 7 to 17
years, lost theif lives today in a
fire whioh destroyed St. John's
Paroohial School. Anothergirl
has injuries regarded as probably
fatal while others were less se
verely hurt '.
The 600 children had just en
tered their olaisrooms when the
fire was discovered, and although
a majority were guided to safety
by Sisters of the Order of Notre
Dame, who were their teachers,
panic seised a large number as
they neared the front door and in
their rash to escape they lost then
footing and their bodies blocked
the exit.
Of the 19 bodies at an under
taking shop tonight 10 had beei
All of the sisters escaped, but
Mother Superior Marie Carrnelitt
was seriously burned. At the
convent house tonight it waasaio
that her injuries probably wen
not fatal, although she is pros
trated by the disaster and the
suffering of her charges;
The reports say the canseof this
fire was the result of rusted and
rotten tubes in the heating fur
nace, whioh if public inspection
had been permitted would have
been diBOorered, repaired and the
lives of the children saved. Here
is a report on an attempt at in
spection and the method of the
self-important,-self -efficient arro
gance whioh prevents it and causes
much .suffering, the degradation
of hhuan beings and often miser
able death for the unfortunates in
suoh uu inspected institutions:
The Ministers' Conference of
mittee last June to visit and in
spect the House of Good Shepherd
uhere the child delinquents of
that city are confined beoause
there is no other suitable place
for their detention. The helpless!
children are handed over to Rimel
andmadetodo time in a (boly I mans have driven back the Rus
laundry" at city expense and forlsiaus from PJakanen, on the Misa
Rjme;s profit This committee J
had previously made a 'Thorough
inspection cf the jail and were re-
oeived courteously, but Father
John A. Schmidt is the big boss
at the H O. G. S. and every thing
must oouiorm to his idea of jus
tice aud mercy to Rome.
The report of ntrat "committee
whioh follows ii a dear exposition
of the close watch Rome. Tkaeps
upon her slaves. It seems, that
there is a decided movement on
foot to get acouLty juvenile heme.
Grand Rapids patriots should en
courage the effort and insist that
no child be given into Rome's
care who should be in publicly
owned and controlled institutions.
The CreBtcn Ndws, October 8,
1915, contained the full report of
that investigation. (Ores ton is a
section of Grand Rapids.)- Note
the aeoreoy thrown about the in
mates of Rome's prison "and the
studied care with which visitors
are excluded:
'Your committee on temper
ance, appointed at the June meet
ing of the conference, to ..make a
report on oonditioLS in the con
vent aud laundry' of the Good
Shepherd, in this city, begs leave
to submit the following report:
Outhe afternoon of Septem-
ber 16 your committee met in the
little waiting room oFtae convent,
and asked to be shown , through
the institution.
The Sister in ohar'ge opened a
small door in the grating, took
our names and the purpose of our
visit to the Mother flnpatinr.
When the Mother appeared, ac
companied by an attendant, they
talked to us through the same
opening in the wall. - It ought to
be said that these, Slsterk were
i a -a
very ooruiai, ana gave ufj every
information, so far as the-rule of
the instruction would permit. I
But we did not g)t farther than
the little waiting room. We were
informed that- sti auburn were
I never admitted to the home ; that
laome of these girU who had been
Serbian War Capital aod Haoltlcaa Csatir
Boin are TBreifeaed,
Oct. 81. A large t section of
Serbia ib now in the hands of the
invaders. The Austriahs have!
penetrated Serbian territory on
the Boanianfrontier and . an Aus
trian column has advanoed sot th.
ward from Valjevo to Raaans,
while German foroes, moving
from the north andx northeast
have entered Milanovao. These
places lie from 85 to 45miles
south of the Save River,;indioat
ing that the Austro-German ad
vance haa not been so slow as
might be inferred from reoent e
r In southern Serbia, the strong
fortress of Pierot, east of Nisb,
and guarding the war capital, hat
fallen to the Bulgarians. Sti 1
further south . the Bulgarians aje
r iported to have recaptured Velet,
t a cost of 25,0300 men.
Austriana and Germans art
iiso moving against Krauguyt
rata, in the north, the Serbiai
munitions strong hold, and ac
cording ta the Austrian official
statement, the height south wt i
of Lapowa, only a short distano
from Kraugyevatz, is in German
It ia reported from Sofia thai
the Anglo-Freuoh fi jet has resum
ed the bombardment of Bulgaria'
Aegean Coast.
The Frenoh and Germans in the
Artois and Champagne regions ot
Franoe are fighting desperately,
and both sides claim successes ai
different points, but eaoh also
admits a defeat. The Germans
in -Champagne atiaoked over a
five-mile front, but with the ex
ception of reaching the summit
of Tahure hill were repulsed with
heavy losses, according to Paris.
announce the capture of a Frenoh
position extending over 1,200
yards in Artois, but admits that
north of Le Mesni, in Champagne,
a prt jicting trench section was
lost to overwhelming numbsrs.
On the Russian front the Ger-
River south of Riga, while farther
south in the region of Czartorysk
additional positions have been
taken from the Russians by Gen
leral von Linsingen's forces, Along
the Stripa river in Galicia the
Russians are on the offensive.
The great offensive of the Ital
ians against the Tolmino and Go
riza bridgeheads continues.
greatly wronged by the world, had
requested that the world be kept
out; that the parents of others
had made the same request, and
that we oould not be admitted,
exoept we were accimpanied by
Father Smith or Judge Higbee.
Feeling, as we did, that the com
pany of Father Smith or Judge
Higtee on this particular occas
ion, would defeat the purpose of
our visit, we did not; get farther
. tin-it tttt v- . a a
tnan "rne wioxet urate," as we
were told that strangers were nev
er admitted.
"Inasmuch, as this is a sectar
ian institution, and not under the
inspection or control of the civi
authorities, nor opei to the. ready
aocess of Protestants,- yoor-bom-
mittee would deem it an improper
plaoe for Protestant, or npn-
Oatholio girls, as wards of .the Ju-
venile or other oouftB,
"Therefore; we. recommend
that the ministers i: conference
bring to the attention of the in
pervisors, that in theif opinion, it
is greatly necessary that the Juve
nile home be mad an adequate
and proper plaoe for these Warda
of the courts. '
Respectfully. submitted,
"Committer on Tf.mpbbahgb; "
Chamberlain's fableta.
, fhis is a' medioine in(ended ves
peeially for stomach troubles,
biliousness and constipation. It
is meeting; with vmuch . sucoesa and
rapidly gaining in favor and po
polarity. Obtainable everywhere.
I KK&t It at blitera S
;t$yuait-i Tlti Safari.
WashicgtonrOct, 81. The po
litical pot is. beginning toboil;
the first jsgni oV increasing tem
perature are showing in New York
aud Washington. ;
.The chairman of the Demo-
oratio and the Republioan nation
al committees" hi?A isiued calif
for meeting of their respective
organixationB. The Democrat
will meet here December 7 to fix
the time and place for the nest
national convention. The Re
publicans will assemble a week
ater to arrange for their conven
Within the next few week
prominent party men will begin
to show up in the limelight. The
people who pull the wires that
tart the candidate going will be
taking their positions for the
great battle xtf 19T6. "
The situation is very different
now from what it was four years
igo with President Taft trying to
sold his own, while Colonel Ro-aae
felt waB eheaeed in nnllinir th
anndattens ffom under ,hii politi-
3al castle. The Damnnrata w.
aopeful but not so much so that
they would have wagered heavily
jii the final outcome, Woodrow
Wiljon. then Governor of New'
J er Bey , looked better than any-
oody elsethe Democrats could
pame, but was comparatively new
w the national game, and some
tiesitating Democrats feared that
he oould not Tun well besause he
fas a
profesior,M Ma Southern
or 1'an old-tittte Demo
crat." There was lota of talk
about his alleged Vweak pbinta"
aud very little oonoerniog his real
itness f or theWhite Hojjse Wil
urn J. Bryan, -Speaker Clarke,
r wundeHroc
Mtarshafl ' and. pthert were being
iiscussed for the Democratic nom-
tnation. Every faetion had a
The Republicans had to choose
between Taft aod Roosevelt. Taft
was nominated by strenuous,
strong-arm methods, and Roose
velt bolted and started the Bull
Moose party. The result ie
mown. Wilson was elected, and
the Colonel horned he G. O. P.
into a ditch, and left it there to
recover from the wounds he had
given it.
The popular vote was as fol
lows : Wilson, 0,290,818; Roos-
velt, -4,123,206, and Taft, 8,484,-
The ' eleetoral vote: Wilson,
435; Roosvelt, 88, and Taft, 8.
It ia predicted this early in the
game that ' President Wilson will
be renominated and re-elected by
a larger ''majority of the electoral
vote thau in 112, and his popu
lar Vote will far exceed that of
four years ago.
Distress in the Stomich.
There are many people who
have a distress in the stomach af
ter meals. It ia due, to indiges
tion and easily remedied by tak
ing one of Chamberlain's Tablets
after meali. Mrs.. Heory Pad
ghaoi'Viotdn, N. Y , writes: Fory
some tima I was troubled with
headache and distress, in my stom
ach after eating, also, with con
stipation. About six months ago
T 1 j. i- t' .".
a- uegnu m.iu VQBIuiralltlD S
rableta. They regulated the
action of my bowels and the head
ache and other annoyanoes ceased
in a short time,"
Didn't Hare It ia the
Snow Hill SUdard Laconic
A few days ago a citisen of this
oouoty, whose name we -failed to
learo, bad $2,600 in cash stolen
from him. It i not known just
ho stole the money but it is aup
posjd ti have been stolen by a
oolored man working on the place
as the man disappeared about the
tiuie the money waT missed. It
is tough J nek to cse an -amount
as large as this and may this ba a
warning to others wh j hide money
actojund in their house, to do away
with this risky plau and deposit
tin a good, bank where it will
Le in aafe keeping.

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