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Not.6. H. 0. Pawner
liTttinjt hit-ffdl street 1
in B jwan
and Oabiittit c?hntiei .
nSS?!! riiSnsf the
ooanty woilc hQaft"mtd her ei
oape leeelitl'jiinthe blootf
hooDdi M IIJS Blown of
Granite Quarry, ware balled and
ware toon overtaken and brought
M. B. Eodjtvof Albemarle wm
in Sal iabnry-i wdg yf He gol
in they, ofngonwbile and
it knooifedikWj), rau up on
him and! over onvnini, but he
did not ieemfco beadlyliort.
W. L.Ldd4k planted one
bnihel of fotelrjph potatoei and
dng twenty serai ibiutata Who
oan beahiit?
W. fadwl6khaa jast gather
ed, shaoked aBd .pat np hii corn.
He a jfe . hundred bushels
on a f ejr(-aorei?otland. He has a
fine grade, pf pom that, he haa im
proved by .aeleoting the aeed.
thtvftiitBmobiSe -of J . ' D. A .
Ftiher ' reolrded1 ' 24 7-10 miles
from Faith to Mooksville Tneiday,
VenufcflDefctToSiday night at
Mr. ana Mri. D. I, Hinceman'e.
Mr. Hinoeman haa recently bought
a nioe tittreh6me,on 8oulh Main
Street, near the-teat treai factory.
He own&r& nice -little home aud
farm near Faith that he will rent.
He worfe at !lhe;big granite out
ting abd,Vud ia getting along fine.
Hie wif e ia a gic'd $ook and a fipe
houekaeperr-heyJiave aix chil
dren, Banks, Raymond, Mamie,
GnrthieRoy and 'flmj
Ghaa. Rsneya new residence is
up and cdrered and the carpenters
are making-good headway towards
the completion B. A. Baney ia
the bosa oarpenter and ia a good
honae carpenter at well aa a good
Anatih Gardner ia having a oorn
shucking tonight.
Venui received a cash order to
day for a bottle of hia new dis
covered eosema onre.
Oot. Slat, ia my birthday. I,
John Thomas Wyatt, eon of Wil
m Riley Wyatt and Mary A.
Wyatt, and grandaon of Jessie Jr.
ard Pollie Wyatt, all of Rowan
o untv, from vieinity of Bringle'a
ferry, and great-grandson of Jessie
Wyatt, Sr., of Davidaon county,
near Bringie'a ierry. we are
thankful that we are living and
ding well. Who else haa the
aame birthday? Let na hear.
DlstreM la tbe Stomicta .
There are many people who
hava a distreaa in the atomaoh af
ter meals. It is doe to indigee-
tion aud easily remedied by tak
iug one of Chamberlain'a Tableta
ft&r meala. Mrs. Henry Pad
ghaa, Viotor, N. Y , writes: "For
some time I was troubled with
headache and distress in my atom-
aon aiter eating, aiao witn con-
atipatiun. Abont aix montha ago
1 began taking Chamberlain's
TabletB. They regulated the
action of my bowels and the toad
ache and other annoyances oeaaed
in a aknrl i mm a ' '
Tbi Oiirlotti Ftir ni Sbowirs.
The weather prediction yester
day waa tor, ahowera. Of course
fair and rain go together, at least
for this year. In regard to the
fair yeaterday'a Obaerver aaid:
After several daya of indefatig
able labor on the part of officials
of the Charlotte Fair Association
and a o rpa of induatriona helpera
the fair gronnda are all ready and
everything in the way of ezhibita
is ready for the opening this
morning at 9 o'clock. There haa
eldum been a fair, when all
things were ao nearly completed
and ready for the opening aa ia
the case thia year. Last night at
10 o'clock it waa atated that every
ditail had been oompleted, exoept
the decorating of the judge's ataud
iu front of the grandatand. where
experts will - judge the horse
GAOm da aH Lev WtMncly.
Ba anae ajbjtd ia a'thbbdrn ia no
Xdisotrravfvou should be. . , In
V?ad f Swearing" it "outr get
aarjralief by taking Dr. Kingf
rN".U830vfy. Dangerous bron
CM) &! aud lung railmenta often of
k- v y oold irhioh haa been neg-
le : d at the beginning Aa your
b i ' faithfully battlea those cold
gM. a. no bajbtr aid can be given
tb. ;he uaeaof thia remedy. Ita
m r 6
y u
i as been tested by old and
Qefcja battle today. bOo;
Aite Bote ceiiBCiitilismioa
if sfto 6rDJorcM,pr JIartu, Blur
ftzt ofihe deien faon of American
jshipa and interference with Amer
iean oommero&ron theiearl it'4ia
., " c - ' sr n
annonnoea - in Lionaon, prooaniy i
will not Ae teady :fo"MeTtSl
aroneed ao much diaduision, and
been the iubject of aome unfavor-
abe ommjnh
and public
Still dnyicg the Serbians before
them , the Aastro- Germane haye4
captured Krusefaor on--the--raiN
way northwest of Nish end reach
ed Ivanjaoa, 27 mitea aontheaat of
Kralievo; they are attacking
the aoutb of Kralievo and between
that town aid . KruaeyaoeA they
have crossed the western' Mora va
at aeveral pointa .
Nothing haaTcome) through , of
lat concerning the fighting in
the : south of Serbia ..whera f the
British and French forces are aaid
to have effeoted a junction with
the jSerba. and for aeveral daya
have been giving battle to the
Bulgarians. Aloug the Monte
negrin border, the Anitro-Hnn-
gariana aud .Montenegrins have
been fighting hard, and eaoh aide
claims the advantage.
For the moment the western
zone of Franoe aud Belgium af
fords no inoidenta of note -
In the eastern zone the Russians
have returned to tbe offensive
agaiqst the Germans at several
points in northwestern . Buaaia
and on the central aection of the
long battle line-
Berlin asserts that south of
Biga along the Dvina Biver the
Bnaaiana were repulsed with heavy
casualties and . that to the north
of Czartoryik a Bussian attack
was unsucces8ful.
A repulse of the Italians on the
Ooberdo plateau and Jhe oaptare
by King Victor Emmanuel's men
of tbe summit of the .Col di Lana
from which, however, they were
later driven out, are .recorded by
A British submarine has sunk
the German crniser Undine off the
coast of Sweden while two German
submarines have sank the British
armed merchantman Tata "in the
east Mediterranean. In addition
the British ateamera Bureakr Glen-
more and Woolwiok and . the
steamer Birgit which waa either
of Swedish or Norwegian nation
ality, have been sunk by German
underwater boats. The crewa "of
all the steamers wereaaved. There
waa loss of life on both the Un
dine and Tara:
Young Un Foafld Onl oa Rtilroid Trick
Last Saturday night, about 12
o'clook. Policeman Lamb, of the
Brown Mill, found the dead body
of Oharlea B. Seaborn, lying be
tween the traoka of the fiottthern
Railway near the Young-Hartael
Mill power house, just a little be
low the station.
The youngs man has a brother
living abont two miles south o
city, and it is supposed that he
waa going to the home of hia
brother when he waa atrnok by a
paaaing train,' It ia not known
luaa now long naa oeen since
the accident bappened before the
body waa found. The remaina
were taken to the undertaking es
tablishment of Craven Broa.,
where it waa prepared for burial.
Mr. Seahorn was a son of
Charles A. Seahorn, of. this oity,
and wss abont 17 years of age.
xne inLoral and burial services
were field at Gold water Baptist
church Monday. Concord Ohron
Dliii'i tin ,StrlkB"iStirtYiirs Ago?
A "motherhood strike' hat
been begun by some women of
non-suffrage Statea and may be
adopted by others until they are
given the franchise by their voting
brothers, if a suggestion of Mra.
Sara Bard Field made today after
her arrival in Chicago . en ronte
from SanFranoiaoo to Washing
ton ia further noted upon, "
"i anow ox certain women m
non suffrage States who have
denied themaelvea the privilege of
motherhood until they receive the
ote,' declared Mra. Field. "And
Sdo. nbtiblame them . It ia a
wonderfnf thing to have the com
panionship of children aa I know
well in my own boy and.gir), who
are the joya of my , life. But the
oause of suffrage haa led many a
woman to make tremendont sacri-
fiaes," Chicago Diapatclu.
. FSMjfitA'-
at lOo'olock, thia morning did
damage estimated at $5,000 to a
building on the corner of West
bhtijinflt Elm jBtreeta, ocoopiedJ
yaWJ4l . vUiinara 'm ramt ai ant te
&lft&Otii and'ihe Bleotrio Shoe
Repair Company. The, origin of
b$ritfli yet andetermined .
.lrofelasewaeonfined to a room
in.itbe rear cf the Oli nard eatab-
which: waa naed aB a
storage room for wall paper,
ff i3
paints, beater board and other de
eorative materials. It la thonzht
. js cov
eredty inanrance.
The local leaf ' tobacco market
made Jhe Jbeat record the week
ending today it haa made this
season, by selling 942,087 ponuds
for $97,706,72. Although there
v been aeveral weeks thia sea
aon When "the . market Bold far
more tibaooo than thia week, thb
average price paid fox the week
was better tban for any otntr
weea this season. About 9,000,-
000 founds of the crop haa been
aold. The general opinion aeemB
lo be that thia represents abonb
one third of the entire crop.
James and Charlie Snipes,
ohargdd with participating iu the
resistance of revenue offio3rB with
their father, Frank Suites, neat
Kerneraville recently, gave them
aelvea oyer to the officers yeitei
day afternoon. Tciough sgree-
menti bonds aggregating $12,600
have heen given for their appear
anoe with their father at the next
term of Federal Ooirt which con
Tenet in Greensboro on Deoember 7.
A Pine Wieeylei Ceagb Remedy.
Mothers. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar
Honey is jnst the remedy for ycur
children's cold ailments. The
faot ia that pine ia a quick enemy
of cold conditions. Its qualitit b
loosen themuoons in the throat,
soothe tha lungs and open np tht-
air passages. The combination c I
honey 'aoothuig' and pleaaant,
with "the loosening pine qualitv
pnakerthis an ideal cough remed
tor onMdran. ifiacn paaaing year
bnnga -or-'t it. new friends. A
family frgtCwing-ohildren can no
anra to
be "without it. 25o a
. WIlLYci Belleftvlt New.
The Menao haa atated time and
and again that it ia praoticaliy
impossible to reach the highest
offlLriala of thia government nn lee
one stands in harmony with the
Roman Catholichurch
Ve have charged that Tumulty
is the , papal , watohdog at the
White House door to keep the re
preaVncatiVes, -of interests other
than Rome's from oontaot cr
communion with the president
and othera.
We nave charged that Borne has
easy acoeaa to -the inner circles
beoause of Tumnlty'a preaenoe at
the seat of Government.
Some mar rhave doubted that
such is theioaae." You may have
thought that we were aeeing things
through the lenae of fanaticism.
As evidence that we are not mis -
taken,tbaiwe have not overdrawn
the picture of Ramish vigilance
and mterfenoe, we submit the
following, taken from the Detroit
News, September 17. 1915:
Port Haron, Mioh , Sept. 17.
Protestants are diaoriminated
against by the present adminis
tration at Washington. That
waa the charge made by Dr.
Franklin Hamilton, chancellor of
the American university at Wash
ington, to the' Detroit Methodist
conference here today.
"We are compelled to cool our
heela in the anterooms of the high
est ofaoials of the government
while prelatea of the Catholic
ohuroh are rceeived into the inner
sanotum," deolared Otaauoellor
American University at Wash
ington ia designed aa a national
Proteatant university to offset
the Catholic university establish
ed in the national canitol.
Rheumatism and Allied Pains Must
The congestion of the blood in
ita flow causes pain. Sloan's Lini
ment penetrates to tbe congestion
and starts the blood to fl jw free
ly. The body's warmth is reuew-
ed ; the pain is gone, The "man
or woman who haa rheumatism.
neuralgia or other pain and fails
to keep Sloan's Liniment in their
home is like a drowning man re
using a rope." Why suffer. Get
a bottle of Sloan's. 25s. and 60o.
$100 bottle holds six times aa
much ae25o. aixa.
ifou Need
are times in everv woman's life wherfhft
.43 :
When that time comes to you, you know what tonic
to take Cardui, the woman's tonic Cardui is com
posed of purely vegetable i ingredients, which' act
gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build them back to strength and health.
It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak,
ailing women in its past half century of wonderful
success, and it will do the same for you.
You can't make a mistake in taking
The Womian's Tonic
Miss Amelia Wilson, W F. D. No. 4, Alinaj Ark,
says: "I think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth,
for women. Before I began to take Cardui, I was
so weak, and nervous, and had such awful dizzy
spells and a poor appetite. Nowfl feel as well and
as strong as I ever did, and can eat most anything."
Begin taking Cardui today Sold by all dealers.
Has Helped
v n Hfi
We sell all Candies at a Re
duction of 5c pound. Only
five pounces to
ly. Be sure
A. B. Saleeby Co.
Candy Manufacturers. Salisbury, N, C.
Don't Forget the
Saleeby's Corner,
Those who subscribe for The (1
. ; am. v. mn aav
-Kowan ItEpORD, Rowan's leading newspapers, main a
lively semi-weekly, and pay one dollar cash in gdvance,
will be given from now till Januarv 1st. 191fi .1 frw -
the time to get your home naners. tirknim vmiNoif fv.
. . - .
WinrAr reaninnr ann Iraan nnafa1
tfffairs, ahdjthe progress of the great Enibpean- war,
member these papers are not home nanera :TnArUln:lMnrMa:;
they are edited, owned, published and nrinted hv SaliaHnW
ans, gives home people the preference in every way p&JpJl T
nuu auKBior a iair . Qeai Dy
I 1 "AS i . 1 - . .
Buutscripuon ai nnce ana get two montns free.
a Tonic
any one fami
and come to
Date' Ho v. 13th
Where Inniss Meets Main
Go to Texas via Cotton. Belt
lloute direct line from I
'Memphis through Arkansas
Two trains daily witli chair cars and
electric lighted sleeeV-. DfrHrig
car service. iTraiiw from the South- :
east connect at Memphis with these
Cotton Belt through trains toTexa'
Winter Tourist Fares daily to many
places in Texas, Louisiana and New
Mexico. Stopovers. Long return limit
of May 31, 1916.
All Year Tourist Fares daily to certain
points in Texas. 90 day limit. Stopovers.
Lqw Fares with liberal stopovers, and?
long return limitsshoukl. induce you to
Make a trip tS Tesas now!
Send today ior free il lustra ted took-about
Texas, and gret tali fnfoci&tionj about low
faresfrom your town to Teialjyla Memphis'
and the Cotton BelJ Eonju t?. ,
Passenfer Agent,109WSt.,;Littaa(ofaJena. '
t---w. jvuibuu xui J WUtATf '
-rr I U nA.Ut.t,, i Jri-i-" T;
Home peonie. -Sand m vnni-
. . - V"S,
rThe TJachovia Bank &T,vu&t?G67
vtn i rik
Wper cent; pud tin oavi ng
J am
; If you want to buy a Farm,
Large or Small, see us.
If j )iihive a F ir n t) SjII,
List it with us.
una insurance uompany. 4
mmm big mmi mn.
k Fall'Liue of Geaeral M3.chiudise
-Constantly On Hand.
yoa w itit ia inery or r 13 ittur it .vni")i vitl el
it if yoa-gdt "Fj3t R-;n " A i th 3 to 3 is aa midnce
linat to 'm33tof us. Yoi'll SWdJ VOdf.
Nffl V SEJQitrY V&VIV JSS, frju lot jaat re
(jeivdd. Piuti, Q urti", aaihilt'iUoris
Spring aad S 1 a nr g Lig'it wiglit underwear
for mea an1 womj.i, aUj Dcdi Gr)oii, SU-ias, .Pants,
Overalls, Hits, Notiom, Uroikir, la y.n-d,' e.te.
I have a well selected stoek of staple a'id fansy
groceries, country produce, teed stuff, etc Wueu in
need come to see me.
Farmra are invited to mike my place tiHadciuar
ters wljile in t'ie city. Very truly,
'Phone 89. 103 S.'Main St., Salisbury, N. C-
WHY bathq in discomfort and
run the risk of catching cold
OIL HEATER in five minutes time
will make the bathroom warm as
Take it wherever it is needed
touch a match and its genial
warmth soon changes chills to
comfort It helps you dress, it helps
you work, it makes food taste better.
Convenient, clean, no smoke or smell.
Ten hours of solid comfort on a gallon of
Use Aladdin Security Oil or Diamond
White Oil to obtain best results in Oil
Stoves,-Lamps and heaters.
Ten hours 01 solid comlort on a gallon of '
kerosene. "
Use - Aladdin Security Oil or Diamond
White Oil to obtain best results in Oil I
Stoves,-Lamps and heaters. 1
- Iff
(New Jersey) v
" Wsh!n(ton, D. C Charlotte, N. C
Norfolk. V. Charleston. W. Va.
Richmond, Va. Charleston, S. C.
Look for the
Triangle Trade-
In many styles
and sizes at all I
hardware, and
general stores. ySj '
PadSe Expotition i I 2SU m lvk. ' Z
,v j.?. I pr-pur-per" I ltf Li
L D It2II'l6. PERFECTION j ! I - "I Vf j
1 am, kj imto
r . .
- '
" wioi- --' m- :
d eposits. Yoncan
. . . u n. an
a JUL 7 --V;
fc U-i.
r 1 -
.- rrV.
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