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G JHrior Spry Will Clear ftale
Sift It iBttals to Get Rid of Lawless Ele
asm of Population.
Salt Lake Oily, Utah, Nov. 19
Governor Spry of Utah tonight
anuouuced his it tentions to'olear
the State of the lawless element
that new infests the State and
see to it that nfUmmatory street
speaking is stopped."
The Governor's statement came
as the aftermath to the execution
of Joseph Hillitrom, a member of
the I W. W. and .a native of
Sweden, for the murder of J. G.
Morrison and Morrison'? son on
Jauoary 1, 1914 Hillstrjoa was
executed by a firing squad at 7:42
a. as. today.
When the officers went to get
Hillstrom they found he had tied
the door of his cell with stripes
lorn from his blankets. He fought 1
the guards fiercely with the han
die of a brom he bad suatohed
from an attnndtut iu the oorr dor,
butwhen he saw (ha sheriff he be
earn calm, saying, "You cat
blame a man for fighting for bis
life.'1 Acoompanied by tbe offi
cers he walked to the death chair.
After he .was seated they aiked
him if ha , had anything to Bay.
fie said: i::
"Gentlemen. I die with a
conscience. I uever.did any thing
wrong in my life. I die fighting,
not like a coward. Well, I'm
ging goodbye."
When the officer started to give
ths oammand to fire Hillstrjm
yelled MFire." the squad fired and
the ballets pierced his heart. He
was dead in one minute and 10
seconds. None of Hiilstrom's 1.
W. W. friend witnessed the ex
ecution . 4Eil R ani locsl secretary of
the indosir al Workers of the
World. . took charse of the bodv
Would tae piece Sunday. after
booo unor the direotion of the I,
T7, W.t and that the body would
be sent to William D, Haywood,
next Monday for burial' at Chi
ts gO."
Telegrams were reeeived this
morning asserting that William
D. Busky of Seattle bad mad an
affidavit that he was with HilL-
sttom the night J G. Morrison
was murdared and that Hillstrom
was innooent. The sheriff was
requested to postpone tbe exe
cution until this statement had
been investigated. Warden Ar
thur Pratt of the prison then ask
d Hillstrom if he knew Busky
And Hillstrom answered that hb
did not. The sheriff wse then
directed to proceed with tbe exe
cution. ..Police later said an investigation-'-proved
Busky's affi
davit untrue.
President Wilson twice appeal
ed for further respite for Hills
trom. The president's second re
quest made yesterday, was "denied
by Scvarnor Spry as not based on
any facts.
The Swedish Minister also had
interested himself in Hiilstrom's
behalf and it was at his request
that the President made his fiist
request for a respite. The Ameri
can federation of. Labor in session
at San Francises recently passed
a resolution, asking Governor
Spry to use his efforts to secure a
new trial for Hillstrom.
In his statement tonight Gover
nor Spry said :
"Every lawbreaker, every man
who defies law and older, every
man who is opposed to law and
order, oall themselves what they
will, will be driven our of the
State. I am going to see that
the work is started at once. If
the city offioers and others whoie
duty it is do not do so, I will do
it myself. I am going to see that
inflammatory street speaking is
stopped and at once, let them
call it 'free speech or any other
name they wish."
The governor said the militia
would be used . ill neoessary to
clear the State of-the men who
nave been "writing threatening
letters and making incendiary
It is known that aoonsiderable
aaont ql evidence has been col
lated by the State in the last few
Diary Schools for Rtwai
Permit me to call attention to
the. Diary 8obools thai will be
o aduoted in Rowan County next
week by the Dairy Division of the
Aaricultural College at Wist
These dairy sohools in the past
. year or so have been of a great
amount of good to the farmers in
the county and they should call
f'( r the largeft crowds that can pos
ibly attend. The program wil
begin in the mornings at ten
o'clock with an intermission of
one and onehalf bouts tor dinner
whioh will be served by the good
people of the o mmunities where
the sohools are held.
J. A . Arey and J . L Graybill
asistd by the County Demon
stration agent will have charge.
The programme will consist of
lectures and questions relating
directly tojthe care of cows, cream,
how to handle, test, mariet, etc.
butter making, raisirg the calf,
ind at nights there will be given
at each of the places an illnstrat
ed lecture on the same subjeot
Thete lectures will be illustrated
by slides whioh will show almost
tvery phase of dairying with the
best methods of being - able to
ha adle the various nroblems that
I am sure that at each place the
perple of the whole of Rowan
County will be welcome and we
would appreciate it if the people
will turn out in goodly numbers
so, . that these meetings may be
made of greater value to all con
cerned. The following are the dates and
places. The people of each of
these communities especially will
takt notice and have the things
neoessary on hand.
Woodleaf,,. Monday, November
Gold Knok, Monday; Nov ember
Lowerstone, Wednesday and
Thursday, Deaember 1-2.
Bcstian, Friday and Saturday,
December 8-4 tb .
W B, Cbumptxn, Jr.,
Demonstration Agent.
How to Prevent Creep.
It may be a surprise to you to
earn that in many oases oronp
caa be prevented, Mrs, SH. M.
Johns, Blida, Ohio, relates her
experience as follows: "My little
boy is subjeot to croup. During
tne past winter I kept a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in
the house, and when he began
having that croup cough I would
give him one or two doses of it
audit would break the attack.
I like it better for children than
any other oongh medicine beoauie
children take it willingly, and it
is sate and reliable." Obtainable
Bury Them Tbrei
According to the Savannah
Morning News, Ootober 20, 1915,
1.1 i i i .
bura unman sxeietons were un
earthed by workmen who were ex
cavating for some sewer work at
the home of tbe 4 Little Sisters
of the Poor" where repairs were
being made. The skeletons were
buried one above another with
eighteen inches of lime between
The skeletons fell apart when un
covered. Polio 9 were notified and
the bones were raburied and upon
investigation it was determined,'
so the, report says, that the spot
had once been used as a burying
ground, -and "the: skeletons had
probably been there for half
Tint will do to tell. The fact
that the bones were found at the
heme of the "Little Sisters of the
Poor" and that they were buried
in lime one above auother leads
quickly to the inference that
thete may be much troth in the
stories of secret burials in lime in
Romish institutions. Is there no
way to get at tne iaotsr An en
forced inspection law might re
veal some startling conditions in
and around the closed: houses of
Rome. The Menace.
Invigorating to the Pule and Sickly-
The Olc Standard general strengthening tonic.
GROVF S TASTELESS chill TONI&drives oat
V.ton' .--l-l... VI-aA t.11.t .V.
A ttait Xoaic ?m adnlb ftitA cb94isw Jt9u
Aleia Ms Farmer'! to
Tkt Farotrs Go 01 Record Against Presl
. dint Wllsw's Prepariiuss Plans.
Durham, Nov. 17. With the
election of offioers; an address on
the moonlight sohools by Dr. J.
Y. Joyner, State Superintendent
of Publio Instruction ; the passage
of a resolution pledging the con
vention as favorable to the move
ment; and a conference of tbe
twelve members of the State so
cial service committee, the con
vention of the North Carolina
Farmers Union came to a close
here this afternoon. Officers elect
ed were as follows:
President, Dr. H. Q. Alexander,
of Meoklenbnrg.
Vice President, Dr. J. M. Tsm-
pleton, of Wake.
Secretary Treasurer, E . 0.
Faires, of Moore.
State Organiser and Lecturer,
Z. Green, of Union.
Doorkeeper, A. G. Hendren, of
Oonduotor, G. H. Glover, of
Chaplain, Rev. G. M. Duke, of
Executive Committee, W. B.
Gibacn, of Iredell; 0. Wright, of
Wilkes; W. H. Moore, of Pitt;
Clarence Poe, of Wake, and R. H.
Stone, of Gnilford.
The farmers went squarely on
record as being opposed to spend
ing aqy more money for an in
crease in the Navy and the Army
of the country. They were vigor
ous in their opposition to this pol-
ioy of the President. That reso
lution follows:
"Whereaa it now appears that a
measure will be put on foot at our
National Congress at its next ses
sion asking for an enormous jn
orease in its appropriationsjor the
increase in the n umbef-bf bttttle-
ships bail t and also ltr-increasiDg
the enrollment .in oar standing
army; under the plea of being
prepared to protect our country
against the invasion of any and
all belligerent oountries to make
war against our country, therefore
be it
"Resolved, That we, the Farm
ers Union of North Carolina, be
ing a peaoably inclined people,
hereby enter our protest sg.inst
any and all material increase in
appropriation for this purpose,"
Hold Dairy Schools InlStanlj.
Under the supervision of J. A.
Arey and J. L. Graybill, dairy began Monday. Sohools
will be held & various points
through thsT county until Deoem
ber 9. The sobedule is as follows :
Smith's sohoolhouse, Nov. 22.
Advanoe sohoolhoute, Nov. 29.
Fairview sohoolhouse, Nov. 24.
Davidson County: Fredonia
sohoolhouse, Nov. 26.
Holly Grove sohoolhouse, Nov.
Rowan County: Woodleaf
sohoolhouse, Nov 29.
Gold Knob sohoolhouse, Nov .
80. -
Lowers 6one sohoolhouse, Deo.
Bostian sohool house, Dec . 8 4
Iredell County: Ccld Spring
sohoolhouse, Deo. 6
Trinity sohoolhouse, Deo 7.
Gilbert sohoolhouse, Deo. 8
Oak Ridge sojoolhouse, Deo. 9
Cbamberlaln's Tablet.
This is a medioine intended ei
pecially for stomach troubles,
biliousness and constipation. It
is meeting with much sucoess and
rapidly gaining in favor and po
pularity. Obtainable everywhere.
Hinest Hons Fair at Livingstone.
The faculty students and friends
of Livingstone College and Indus
trial Sohool are conducting a har
vest home fair at the college this
week beginning Monday aud olos
ing Saturday. They have numer
ous splendid exhibits from the
farm, shop, school and hemes. It
is a show worth seeing and indi
cates that the Negro is keeping
step with modern life andt is pro
gressing as fast, as the white man,
if not faster. The daily programs
are interesting.
Fatal Siootisi at Eastipeieer
Bast Spencer's death record by
the pistol route added" , inother
victim Sunday morning about
ana o'clock. Era Clark did the
shooting and Will Mills 0
ttn bullet's. These Negrojs were
friends and got into a dispute
whei; Clark decided to stop the
gament. He shot twice, Jtne etc
ond bullet penetrated thet heart
andcauied initant death. Qproner
Summerset was called and.'after
holding an inquest comniitted
Clark to jail without bond tg awsit
a hearing in tbe Supertof AJouit
ih HsaioD Clark attemntefl now
to - fiaoftfae and had eonensome
distance when overtaken bWepu
ties Graham and Nash,
Rowan Superior Court In Session.
The November term of thefRow
JL. '
an Sanflrior Oonrt convened Mon
day morning with his hpuor,
Judge H. P. Lane presidingLand
Hayden Clement, Esq , prosecu
ting. Judge Lane callcd the
jury's attention to their duties a
clear and specific manner cid as
is customary gave tbem to under
stand that a large responsibility
rested upon them in the enforce
ooent of law and the diminisbment
of crime.
The grand jury is composed of
O. 0. Harrington, foreman j-L.
J, Kluttz, J. A. Peeler, . &
Overossh, J, A. BlabkwelderV
B. Bailey, Gilbert lsenhouF;;"
L Kimball, J- L fffird, .T.J, r
Swicegood, C. W. Beaver, M L.
Rodgera, R. A. Bller, Murry Pal
er, John R. Beaver, I. Cowan
Shaver, S. F. Lazenby, fl. 0.
Farmer. - ..
Again there are three oases for
inurdtr to be considered to wit ;
Fiossie Rose, who recently killed
vrasTvacoidrhtaTI MfdSey
book, who with others killed
Gamevrell Jeffries over a game of
oards at Granite Quarry several
months ago, and Ira Clark who
snot Will Mills in Bast Spencer
Sunday morning. Clark olaims
be shot iu eit defense, but was
trying to get away.
Tberti are qaite a number of
other cases on the docket inclu
ding a charge of robbery, ftrgery
and an attempt to murder Ken
neth Brown, the night olerk at
the passenger station, against S
The following cases hav9 been
uisuc.ed of: Heury Samoraid
titfnrd Freeman, affray. -fouudMaiian suooesses is contained in a
" - r m VSI &
tfuilly and taxed with costs; Efwport issued by the Serbian Le-
IT I r : J r. . I . n 1 n'w V
cjuy, given tour moutQB; son ai-
. i n .i
liscn, selling liquor, found guilty
and fiu9d $75 and costs.
TheciseofD.L Brown com-
iug up fiom the County Court was
affirmed, the seutence being fif
teen months on tbe gang, four
hundred dollars fine and confisca
tion of his automobile. He was
given until Monday morning to
dispose of his business.
S. P. Starues, was-found guilty
of breaking into the passenger
station and plead guilty forging
names to the mileage books whioh
ho attempted to use. Sentence
has not been imposed nor has he
ben tried for the assault on Ken
neth Brown.
Owing to the serious illness of
Judge Lane's child in South Caro
lina, fee adjourned oonrt until
Friday and left yasterday morn
ing. Hows This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F.J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo.O
We, the undersigned, have
known F. J. Cheney for the last
15 years, and believe him perfect
ly honorable in all business trans
actions and financially able tc
carry out any obligation made by
his firm.
MERCE, Toledo, O.
H ill's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, aoting directly upon
kbe blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Testimonals sent
f iesv Price 75 cents per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
- nan Hal Greece . Demobilize Melioit:
The AlteiDiUiB Is to Fulfill Tmt Obliga
tlons to Serbia; If Neither Figbt;
Nov 21. Field Marshal Lord
Kitchener has left Athens for oth
er fields of diplomatic or military
action in the Near Bast.
. ms m
ineiusure policy or ureece is
still undefined (ffioislly but die
pa tohes from the Gieek Capital
quote the Government organ Em-
bros as affirming that Lord Kitoh
.. v
ener receivea formal assurance
from King Constantino and his
Ministers that Greeoe in no case
would take steps hostile to the En
tente Powers and that a solution
of the differences would be found.
A commeroial blockade of
Greeoe has been deolared by the
Entente Powers, acoording to a
newt agenoy dispatch which
quotes a note issued. by. thftBrit-
ifh "Legation iu Athens saying
that the step was taken beoause oi
the attitude of the Hellenio Gov
ernment "in regard to certaiL
questions tbuohing closely the se
curity and liberty of action to
which the Allied troops have the
right under the conditions of their
disembarkment on Greek terri
tory." '
It is added that while it is not
the intention of the Allied Powers
to con at ram Greeoe to abandon
her neutrality, the Allied Govern
ments "have been somewhat dis
turbed by certain allusions to
eventual measures, whioh if taken
by the Hellenio Government would
appear to them to be contradic
tory to assuranoer they have re
ceived ." - -
When doubts on the subject are
dispelled, the note says,, the Al
lied Powers will remove the ob
stacles. - .
Whatever may -be the . inten
tions of -the Greekr Government
there. si&inslhM anxj:
batement mihe feeling Of former
Premier Venixelos and his follow
ers that the duty of Greece lies
with the Serhs and the Entente
Allies. At a meeting in Athens
they deoided to urge pon-partioi-pation
by their party in the com
iug general election on the ground
that in the' event of another vic
tory ac the polls they would not
be able to put the policy of Veni
selos into effect.
Meanwhile the Teukonia Allies
continue their absorption of Ser
bian territory, The only devia
tion from the oustomary daily re
port of Austro -German and Bui-
gation at Rome whioh annonnoes
an important Serbian victory at
Liskovats m the Nish district af
ter a battle lasting several days.
According to the Legation the
Bulgarian losses were enormous.
The operations in southern Ser
bia are still somewhat beclouded.
On the French fiont in the ex
treme southeast quiet prevails.
Of the sitaation around Monastir,
however, nothing official has oome
through but unofficial- advices say
that the British have arrived there
and are being reinforoed. A
Buoharest dispatch is authority
for the statement that the first
contingent of German troops has
arrived at Constantinople.
Gorizia, the key to Triest, is
still under heavy bombardment
oy the Italian guns and Rome
olaims further suooesses here and
also on the Carso plateau and in
the Zagora seotor.
Vienna admits that at Oslavia
the Italians succeeded in penetra
ting the Austrian lines, but de
clares that most of the position
was reoaptured and that extreme
ly violent attaoks against Podgora
also were repulsed.
Along the western front in
Franoe and Belgium and on the
eastern line in Russia there have
been mining and artillery opera
tions wbion nave resulted in no
important changes of positions.
London, Nov. 21. The Bntente
Allies have demanded that Greeoe
either fulfill their treaty obliga
tions to Serbia or demobilize and
to impress King Oonstantine that
they mean what they say, the Al
lies hve declared a commeroial
I blockade of the Hellenio Empire,
Conference Cte; .
Thja Western N. 0. Conference
of the Methodist Ohuroh, whioh
hag been in session at Reidsville,
after deciding to meet at Gastpnia
next year and making the annua
appointments olosed Monday af
ternoon The appointments for
the Salisbury district are as fol
lows ;
J. 0. Rowe, Presiding elder.
Albemarle; Central, R. G. Tat
tle, C M.Gentry, superLumerary;
First Street. W. 8. Hales; Albe
marie vircmt, u. f, Starr, sup
Badin, to be supplied.
Bethel and'Love s Chapel. W. I
China Grove and Landis. P. E.
Concord; Central, M. F.
Moores ;'Epworth and Centre, A.
8. Upr; Forest Hill, O. M.
Short; Westford, R L. Forbis;
Vet Couoord, R 0. Brady; Con
j nd Cironit, P. L. Terrell.
Oottouville, Z V, Johnson.
3 ld Hill, J W. Strider.
Kinnapohs Station, P. W.
Ksnnapolis Circnir, S. L. Owen.
Mount Pleasant', G. A. Stamperv
New London, E. J. Poe.
Norwood, R, M. Saylor, J. D.
Rankin junior preaoher.
Oakboro Cironit, to be supplied.
Salem, A. L. Ooburn, supply.
Salisbury ; Fint Ohuroh, T. F,
Man ; Park Avenue, G. W. Vick ;
South Main Street, J. H Bren.
dall, A. H. Whisner, supernu
merary; Salisbury Cironit, R, C.
jSpenoer, C. M. Pickens; Bast
Spencer and North Main Street
S.B. Ridhardson. -r
Woodleaf, J . . W. Kennedy- mi
youiwUOB evangeaee.i oouMtaacjiioiiowmg the Europtran war.
Main Street Quarterly Oohferehce,'
v. J . U . Kowe back as nrestding
elder, and Rev. X, F, Marr, as
paatorof the First Ohuroh Thej
are muoh liked and highly esteem
ed! here " H
. Beware of Cheap Snbitltutes,
la these days of keen oompetion
is important that the pub
lid should see that they get
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
uot take substitutes sold for the
sake of extra profit. Ohamber-
ain's Cough Remsdy has stood
the test and been approved for
more than forty years. Obtain
able everywhere.
according to dispatches from Ath-
Therf is no confirmation of
these statements available here
out it is very-certain that Lord
Kitchener, the British War Secre
tary, who had an hours audience
with the King of Greeoe yesterday
and' afterward saw Premier Skou-
loodiBf took a firm stand and told
them what the Allies could and
would do unless the demands were
The'Greei Cabinet met' to. con
sider the situation and a few
hours should , show what Greece's
future attitude will be. The
Greek Government has again af
firmed its friendliness to the Al
lies but has not yet taken the
steps required to prevent Greeoe
from being counted among the
friends of the Central Powers.
W. J. Bryan spoke in the Colo
nial ' Theatre here last Thursday
night tea .mall audience, the re
sult of a down pour of rain. He
4s introduced by his personal
friend, Hon. Theo. F. Klnttz, and
oni the stage with him were Hou
Jojhn S. Henderson, who was i
former Colleague of Mr. - Bryan
in. the House of 'Representatives
along in the nineties.. Rev Byron
Olerk and-Judee P." 8. Carlton
Mr. Bryan delivered his set speeoh
on! the subjeot: "The European
War and its Lessens to Us,'
whioh has been published several
Tht wont ce,iiinariei'wf W loev Basdinr.
axe c-rea or ue. woaaenav 014. reuabie Dr.
f ifniiihtuluiv
Has a
Ufaf Plan mt lata itf lua
AsKiifirbitit Piapli.
: Washington, Nov. si,Pmi.
dent -Wilson will devotej muohlcf
his time this week to ocrapletinx
bis third annual message to Ooxm
eress whioh ha nlana tntrMi) nM.
sonally at a joint meeting of the
Senate and House on Deaemh 7
He has given instructions tnat
none but very important engage
ments be made for him. . .
The president is working , hard
to have the message in the hands
of the publio printer before
Thanksgiving Day. He- has . de
clared on the chief features after
careful consultation with aloa
advisers, and is now writing it
out on his typewriter.
Although the, president may
ubt refer to all of the subjeoti in
his message at the opening of
Congress the program which he
hO DOS Atl BOA d 1 anna Ail n Inn1ni4a i .
M. www .nn- Ww iWIUUf. .
Strengthening , the army and
uavy l n accordance with the
plans outlined by secretaries Gar
rison and Daniels.
A merchant marine bill.
Rural credits legislation.
Ratification of the Haitian Col
ombian and Nicaraguan treaties.
The bill to give greater meas
ure Of self sovernman. tn tk
Philipinet and promising ultimate
independence. v r.....
Conversation measures whioh
failed of final past age at the last
session, ; .
Amendment of the anti-treat
laws so as to allow the use of eem-
mon selling age no iss abroad by
American exporter! .
ation to protect the
market .against the
of the -Sherman""
iw-tiatrnakJaw fv, :ih
ku, pjjsecme niots ' so ; lntxriara
A ' '-'''- - m r
with American commerce bv blow-
ing up factories and ships.
The administration ; also is in
terested in the efforts to establish
budget BjBtem for co-ordinating v
expenditures and revenues of the
government and in a cloture rule
for the Senate. The president.
however, is not expected to take
a direot part on the cloture fight.
Rheumatism and Allied Palaa Moat
The consestion of. tha hlond in
its floVcauBes pain. Sloan's Lini
ment penetrates to tbe congestion
and starts the blood to flow free
ly. The body's warmth is renew
ed ; the paiu is gone. The "man
or woman who has rheumatism.
ueuralgia or other nain and fails
to keep Sloan's Liniment in their
nome is use a drowning man re
fusing a rope." Why suffer. Get
a bottle of Sloan's. 25o . and 60o.
$1 00 bottle holds six times as
much as 25o. size.
Salisbury Factorj Gets Ortfer for 1000
The Taylor Mattress Factory.
WW, . .w
ager, has just received a contract
for one thousand mattresses from
the American Aluminium Com
pany for use at Badin. Several
oar loads have already been shipp
ed and others will follow as fast as
they oan be manufactured. This
is the b.'2a:est order received lv
ww J
the Salisbury faotory aud it is
gratifying to know its product
wins on merit on the open market.
A Fine Whooping Cough Remedy.
Mothers. Dr. Ball's Pine-Tar-Honev
is last the remedy for your
children's cold ailments. The
faot ia that pine is a quick enemy
of oold conditions. Its qualities
loosen the mucous in the throat,
soothe the lungs and open up the
air passages. The combination of
hoaey, soothing and pleasant,
with the loosening pine quality
makes this an ideal oongh remedy
for children. Each pts-mg cyear
brings for it, new friends. A
family of growing children cannot
afford to be without it. 25o a
f er Premnt Printing oaii at the Real
Salisbury Printing Offioa, ISO
West Innes St., up stairs-.
1 . - .

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