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A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of he Peopie and for ; Honesty in Governmental Afiairs,
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he WiD
So her doctor said. Her
fnends and neighbors felt
sure of it too. j They haVe '
Used Peruna themselves
and know, of its merits.
That old cough that had
worried her for years and
years, for which she had
taken all sorts of cougti
medicines, has disappeared..
Peruna is doing the work.
She will recover. Indeed,
she has recovered..
.Her name is Mrs. William
npnmann, 2764 Lincoln Ave.,
Chicago, Ills. She had suffered
WttH catarrh of the bronchial
tubes fmd had a terrible cough
ew Btace a child. As she got
colder she grew worse. f She
coughed both winter and sum
mer. Had to sit up at night.
Could not sleep. v"But all that
has left me nowf Peruna has
cured me."
There are others, and there
is a reason..
Yaiualle ni Sals.
Pursuant to a decree of the Superior
Court of Rowan tJounty made in the
special proceeding entitled a A. Wal
lace, administrator of J. R. Wallace
against Mosella Watson an i others.
1 will offer at public sale at the court
house door in Salisbury on
Monday, February 14, 1916, 1
being the first day tf the 8uperior
Court, a tract of 19 1-4 acres of valu
able farming lands situated in L'jcUe
township, about three miles .froijn
China Grove and about 7 miles from
Salisbury, on and near- the mcadam
Jlic road between those places, ad-
ing James Uorrjther-, Jotijfr HqU.
ger.the old Bruper plaee--tnd
gathers. -TWs' land ltesWell situated,
and has good timber ai d water.
- Plot and description may be seen at
the office of my attorney in Salisbury .
Terms: One half cash, balance due
in eight motths. Title reserved till
purchase money is all paid.
This January 4, 19 1 6
A Wallace.
Admr. and Com.,
RF. D. No., Glass, N. C.
Theo. F. Kluttz, Attorney.
DR. W. C. TAYLOR, Dentist.
Hours. 8:30 to 12:30, 2 00 to 530,
and other hours by appointment,
'Phones Office 147 Residence 254.
Office second floor of
Entrance first door on Council St.
J. F. Phillips has been remodel
h e; bis r. sidei ce.
Thp farmers of th?s section are
beginning farm operations for the
c miug season.
Kluttz and Park Academies
crossed bats last Friday and scored
20 to 25'in favor cTKlufct.
The Shnping roller mill has
bju cloitd down for 'some time
ut Mr. Shnping states that he
ti9 a boiler under way.
Jmes Cistor has been draying
rur George Bhuping from Salis
ary to Rock.
Milo John has been assisting
Or. M. bhupiug in constructing a
nice drive way aLd lawu for hit
iew residence .
Miss May Shinn, who has been
on the sick list, we are glad to
o.ot is improving,
Dan Jackson haa been doing a
lot of chopping.
M. A. Oversash is visifeiug over
Saturday aud Sunday.
Robert Josey has moved his der
c ck on Ramsy and Collins granite
Riym.nd Fnnderburk hai par
ci;uted a tract of land from lye
J. M. Trontman visited at Mrs.
Frank Taylor's Saturday night
aud Sunday.
Chas Safnt and J . H. Johnson
jfcarted to town Saturday with a
toad of-cotton for the Salisbury
market. .
There was quite a crowd disap
pointed at the Rook Grove churoh
the fifth Sunday on account of the
pastor failing to be present.
Aithur Weayer, Arthur Kluttz,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Roseman and
the writer ipent Sunday evening
at W. H. Earnhardt's.
Johu Bost spent Sunday even
Ing at G. M. Shnping's
W. D. Troutman'spent a pleas
aflt evening-at C W. "Ketner'a
last Sunday.
There will be an oyster supper
at Bruuer Ketner's next Saturday
night, the 5th, for the beuefit of
Ebenezer churoh.
We notice tb at Venus haa bsen
dreaming some and Uncle Bill
decided to dream. We was sail'
ing over the Atlantic to aid Ger
many and all at onoe was shatter
ed by the explosure of a torpedo
vhich threw ns out of the bed on
the floor, incidentally waking us
ep to fiud it onlv -i dream. Tret
ou your dream Venus.
Unclp. Bill
organ cmmoH, T mo Qlnrfr $Mm Wmm
Jan 81.
J. T. atd G. L Carter
attended the live stcck association
at Salisbury last week.
Mrs. Robert Garter has been
confined to her bed with la grippe
but is improving we are glad to
Calvin Miller ii sawing for
Harvey Foutz near Organ. Mr,
Foutz will erect a dwelling this
sprij g
Kluttz., and Otmer crossed bats
last Friday on the formers dia
mond. The score -was 6 aud 4 in
favor of the Ktut'z boys.
jaooo Am uarier nas swapped
The. Lyerly is confined to his
bed with la grippe.
M. M. Ketner is clearing a large
uew ground.
T T . tT I t m
j. jjawson ruunz win soon
finish sawing lnmber for Rev. R
R. Sowers,
We are having some work done
on the public roads . which are in
much need of it .
Ady vVenzil spent Sunday even-
iug with J, I. Carter.
Sweet Hkabt.
Has Used Chambarlaln,s Cough Re
medy for ao Years,
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
has been used in my household
tor the past twenty years. I bt
gau giving it to my children when
they wer6 small. As a quick re
lief for croup, whooping cough,
ana ordinary colds, it - has no
1 r m
equal. Being iree tiom opium
aud other harmful drugs, I never
felt afraid to give it to the ohil
dreu. I have recommended it to
a large number of friends and
neighbors, who have used it and
speik highly of it," writes Mrs.
Miuke, Shortsville, N. Y. Ob-
tainabl6 everywhere.
An important meeting was held
in Charlotte yesterday when a
joint commisiion of the North
Oarofiua and Tennessee Synods of
the Lutheran church assembled
to act upon the question of unit
ing these two synods. The mem
bers of the North Carolina com-
-w-. m a tr
mission are: Key. u, r. Mc
Laughlin, Concord; Rev. W. H.
Riser, China Grove ; Rev, M. M,
Kiuard, D. D., Salisbury; and
Prof. George McAllister, of Mt
Pleasant. The Tennessee svnod
embraces all of the churches in
weitern part of this state and the
opinion of many is tl;at all the
Lutheran churches of this state
should be inoluded in the North
Carolina synod.
YouVe Mt the
right tobacco
when you fire-up some
Prince Albert, in your
old jimmy pipe or in a
makin's cigarette. And
you know it! Can't get
in wrong with P. A. for it
is made right; made to
spread- smoke- sunshine
among men who have
suffered with scorched
tongues and parched
throats! The patented
prdcess fixes that and
cuts out bite and parch.
All day long you'll sing
how glad you are you're
pals with
ii m
the national joy smoke
You take this testimony straight from the shoulder, men.
You can smoke a barrel of P. A. without a kick! It hands
out all the tobacco happiness any man ever dreamed
about, it's so smooth and friendly. It's a mighty cheer
ful thing to be on talking-terms with your pipe and your
tongue at the same timebut that's what's ccming
to you sure as you pin your faith to Prince Albert 1
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Wiiwton-Salem, N. C
fii . m irM t ii i vii i r- r. .r-
!siiiV sin vi in i
at m i iiii
. I fill
It's an easy job
to change the shape and
color of unsalable brands
to imitate the Prince
Albert tidy red tin, but
it is- impoMiible to imi
tate the flavor of Prince
Albert tobaccol The
patented proceMprotecU
S Cald
T Sum-
R wari Cfuhty stock cod whI
amort tb ribbon winners, whi-h
were an uc u ced at the ol si g sea
siu ol ihe liv stock sh w held
here lust ida. fbe ribbon
wiuuers are gtien below:
Horses :
Llralt (pure-orea aud - regis
tered )
Class 1 Percherou stallion a'
aee, 1st A.' E. Lyrly, Salisbury
R 4
Class 8 Bro jdmirt 4 ypars olri
l nd ov-r. 1st, O H Allen. 0lev
laud 2 tii. B B Millr. Pit UHa
0 ass. 8 S;alliOii foal, F 1, Sal 1 ury, R 4
('.lass 10 Pair hitched to wa-
fic n, stallions, gtldings or mtra
Class li. Oh mpion mare, ay
age. C H Allen, Cleveland
Light Horses (poro-bred and
registered (
Class 13 Stallion, any age.
Q Brown, Salisbury, R 2.
Class 14 Mate, any age, JAW
Barkloy, Ststesvule
Light Horses f arrade)
Olats 21 StaHion, gelding or
mare hitobed to buggy. 1st, J A
W Berkley Statefville; 2nd, J G
Browu, Salisbury, R 2
Saddle Horses :
Class 22 Five-gaited
gf-lding or mare. 1st, J
wall, Mt. Uila; 2nd. W
mer, Salisbury :
Class 82 Mule 8 years old or
over. 1st aLd 2ocL w K Barber.
Barber Junotion
Class 84 Mule 1 year and under
2, 1st and 2od, C H Allen,' dev. -
Beef Cattle
Hereford (pure-bred and regis
Class 52 -Bull, 1 year old and
under 2, 1st,. B B Miller, M.
Class 53 Bull uuder 1 year. 1st
and 2nd, O A Brown Cleveland
Class 55 Heifer. 2 years old
nd under 3 1st, B B Miller, Mt.
01 iss 57 Heifer ander l-war.
3ud, O A Brows; Cleveland
Grade Hairy Q&ileiaj breed)
uiais iw Uow 8 years old or
over, 2nd, U Q Wilson, Salisbury.
Utner dairy pattle on exhibition
uot competing owned by Fisher's
Dairy and J F Lndwick. of Salis
Berkshire (pure-bread and re
Class 156 Sow. 0 months and
under 12, 1st, Samuel P J Yaw.
Greensboro, R 3
Class 157 3ow u der6 months.
lat, Samuel P J Yow, Greeusboro,
K d; 2nd, John Yw, Greensboro.
R. 3
Hog? u exhibition bet not o m-
petiug were owned by J (T Lud-
wiok, Silisbary, Brkshir : S D
Barnes, Liuwi cd, O I C
Stv ral ether pure bred ani
mal- we'rt on exhibition hn. HH
or a inpn f, r priz s, among
esa t,friife the Pbrchercn Stall
ii . w f-d tf e State test farm
1 th- black Peroberon Stallion
wiid by G G R tjta e. Sal.Bbury.
Mm Uuioa Olfcalilfl Meet
' The Famrs Union is workint
v..ry zealously to make the rural
SHctious ai.d the com ti at Jare
a necfr place to live-.
xu uuion earnestly qupt.
every, man, woman, boy. and girl
or ne eonnty t3d their honoet
best to make the prtsent school
t-rm a more g'oricus success.
The trade ageuts of tho various
Fainws U. ion locals in thectun
ty are requested to meet with ttie
local ffijinls from the various
Farmers U .ion Locals m the
3 unty, at their anuual meeti g
t ' ' f'eld in the old court hou V
aaturduy, February. 6th, at II
o'c ck .
This is a very importaut me t
iug aud it is absolutely neces-a y
tht we hav a foil repr -sentatio. .
All members are at liberty to
meet with us, if they so df sire.
OgCAR H Phillips, County Pres.
Por Children's Cough Remedy.
You cannot use anvthintt I it'nr
for your child's cough aud c d
tnan Dr. King's New D scoveiv.
Ifc is prepared frm Piue Tar mix
ed with healiuar
balsams It does net couth i.
anything harmful and is eligh 1
laxative, just enough to expel tLe
poisons trom (be system. Dr.
King's New Discovery is autieep
tic, kills the cold germs, raises
the phlegm, loosens the ocogh
and soothes the irritation. Don't
put off treatment, Coughs and
colds often lead to serious Inns
troubles. It is also good for
adults and the aged. Get a bot
t e today. All druggists. -
Rev. W. H. Hardin spent last
Saturday in Monroe where he as
sisted Rev. Thomas L. Trott in
conducting the funeral and burial
services over the body of J. W.
Farley. Mr. Farley was the fath
erof J. W. Farley, of Salisbury,
and died suddenly in Monroe last
Thurday of heart trouble
H w Vlr. Davis Q t Rid of a Bad
" time apo I had a very
bad congV whites Lew is T. Davis,
BlackwaW, Dl. "My brothe
VIcCibe Davi? uuve nan a small
tt i f Chamberlain's Cough
R-m-jdv. Aft r tabids this T
usht half a d zn bottles of it
'ur. o lv usd one of them as the
coiiih left and I havw uot been
(fu'l-d since." Obtainable
Secis For 1915
Evmrywhmrm tobacco i Mold
yoa'll find Princm Albert
awaiting your cAeerraiit
Buy it in toppy rod batm. Set
tidy rod tins, lOc; hanotomm
jtoand and half-pound humi
dor a and in that clay
pound crywtal-glaao humidor
with tpongm - moittanmr top
that hoop thm tobacco to fit t.
Tti following is a statement, of
iow many times it showed in the
var iyio i reter to b,vh heavy
and light sn ws .
January, T6 times; February,
2 time ; March, 21 times; April,
6 times; Uecmner, y tims; total
54 times J T Carter. Rock
well, R 2, Box 80, N. 0.
When oostive or troubled with
oonstipation take Chamberlain's
Tablets They ar- easy to take
a d moat agreeable in effect.
Obtainable everywhere.
Tn attempt to board a mcving
treigbt train in the Southern yard
at Concord, Walter Crouch, of
that placa was thrown under the
wheels, and bcth legs were terribly
mangbd between his thigh and
knees. He died about one hour
Whenever You Need a General
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Taste -i'-:hill
Tonic is equally valuable m
General Tonic because it contains ?
spell known tonic properties of QUINl.
and IRON. It acts on the Liver, Dm
rrSdiy tneWhokSyste cecU Price 25a,
Proipt Action Is Pleismg y toy Sillsbsrj
Get down to the cause of every
Bad baoks are frequently oaused
by wak kidne rs .
Help the kidneys to get rid of
kidney backache.
Doan'a Kidney Pills are for the
kidneys only .
No time wasted trying to onre
other troubles.
Salisbury people endorse their
Mrs. D, A . Holbrooks,. 218 S .
Lee St,, Salisbury, ays: "Five
year ago l nad attacks of lum
bago that nearly put me dewn aud
out. Mv back ached constantly.
Doau's Kidney Pills were recom
mended to me by a friend and I
begun taking them. They helped
me afi one. Wbeuever my back
causes me auy misery ncv, I use
Doai s Kidney Pi'ls and get
prompt relief "
Price 50o, at all dealers. Don't
imply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills th9
me that Mrs. Holbrooke hd
iV .. . ti . 1 1. . r t. n . r
i" ati-i-uiiiu.uu vu. jriupn., mil
falo, N Y.
o mm-
Deputy Sheriff David Graham
lan& Friday tock Jim Cooper from
his cell in he Rowan jail to Ral
eigh nhwre he was plaoed in the
death :ell of the penitentiary to
await his execution on February
11th. Cooler will pay the death
penalty fcr the murder of Luoinda
Price, colored, at her home in the
western seotion of Salisbury cev I
eral months ago. -
i BBS - ... -
Sciatica's Piercing Palo.
To kill the nerve pains of Scia
tica you can always depend on
SI an's Linimei t. It penetrates
to the seat of paiu and brings ease
as it is applied. A great
comfoit too wiih Sloan's is that no
rnbbiug is nqaired. Sloan's Lin
iment is iuvu uable for stoppit g
muscu'ar or nerve painot auy
kind, i ry it at ouce if ycu nff r
with Rlnumatism, Lumbago, S r
Throat, Pain in Chest, Sprains,
Bruiser, etc It is excellent for
Neuralgia and Headache 25o.
at all druggists.
mw m
The Rjwan Baptist Sunday
Sohool Association met in Spenoer
Sunday and rendered a very in
teresting and appropriate piogiam
last Sunday.
Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey.
For your coll, for your ecu. h,
for your ffeverjisb threat, nnse t ;
head, use Dr, Bell's Pu.e-1 r
Honey. Honey soothes th- ir
tati(u, Pine-Tar cuts the iJ.lw
hut relieving Congestion. Piu
Tar also aots as an antiseptic. a h
r8ulfe general relief fHie
Breathii g becomes easier snri
further inflammation is arr e
Insist on Dr. Bh's Piue Tai
Honey. It is an ideal treatment
dn 9m paxg apjoq aoo nBqj sssf
An sal vj jaaaiioi'j 8,08015
jo jjoiqj 01 psotraqo j n'aqM jom
ixa dn faiAi? japituoD oj paoaoj
I jBqj stnoaaq ji pip snou
S ssspsaj Aubui ova
paniBd j -3JOS pn amv omvo
-q 3u jpi Am o?B ?aoj o
Xp9UI9J SI J9lfX
iajajjajUT urej saoa
I '"T"WIt. m . IK'.i JW
Deafness c si. nur be Cured.
by local applications, as they can
i.t rraoh tb div ased portion of
the ear. Thr6 is only one way
to cure deafi es9, aud that is by
constitutional remedies Deaf
ness is caused by an itiflamed con
dition of the mucous liniug of the
Buitachan Tube. When this tube
is infiamed you have a rumbling
or imperfect hearing and when it
is entirely closed, deafness is the
result, and unless the inflamma
tion can be taken out and this
tube. restored to its formal con
dition, bearing will be destroved
forever; nine oases out of ten are
caused by catarrh which is noth
ing but an .inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaoe
We mill give One Hundred Del
jars foe any case ot deafness (caus
ed by catarrh) that cannot be
oured z by Hairs , Catarrh Cure
Send for circulars free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
Sold by druggists, 75o.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
Johu Rogers is spending a few
days visiting near China Grove.
rjL'- .
flany People Don't Know.
A sluggish liver can cause a
person an awful lot of misery.
Spells of dissinesi, headaches,
constipation and biliousness are
sure signs that your liver needs
help. Take Dr. King's New L,fe
Pills and see how they help tone
up the whole system. Fine for
the stomach too. Aids digestion.
Purifies the blood and clears the
oomplexion. Only 25o. at your
Do You Find Pault With Eeerybody?
An irritab'e fault finding dis
position is often due to a dis
ordered stomach. A man with
good digestioa is nearly 'always
good'natured. A grat many have
been permanently benefited by
Chamberlain's Tablets after years
cf snfferiDg. These tablets
strengthen the stomach and enable
it to perform its functions na
turally. Obtainable everywhere.
. -
Rev Watsyn N)f Charlotte,
ireached an excellent sermon at
Corinth Baptist church Saturday,
Jonuary 29th. -
fo Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing It is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
The-Quinine drives out malaria- the
f ftqflds hp the svstem. SO cents
Jas A Morgan is contemplating
building a new residence.
Standard general str :nSthening tonic.
The 6
GROV"- S TASTELESS chill TONlC,drires out
jjcLa-'-Ai snncnes tne Dlooa, builds up the system,
A ti i onic For adults and children. 60c
Piles -me .ttf .
oor drnglst wili ft t s 5t, p
OINTMENT fails to cure & is tci "'
Blmd.BleedlnsrorProtrnding iie 4i
Thefirat apniiflRtion giv?s Ease - t -
fhe luinine mat Coes hot Ais6ci ...c
Becse of its tonic and laxative effect. LAXA
TTVfi BROMO QUININE is better than ortinary
Qninlne and does not cause nervousness nor
ringing- in head. Remember the fuU name and
"QCIC tar thi -wttrtr nt w w fyorxrr 1
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won't Cure.
The worst cases, no matter of how lone standing
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Portert Antiseptic Healing- OU. It relieves
PMmaHealaa the aamo fape. t5c.50c tlJQ
Ptesiaens Wiisou oa Frioay se
lected Louis D Brandies, of - Bos
ton, to be asooiate justice ot the
Supreme Court to 8U03ed the late
Justice Lamir. Mr Brandies will
b tb first Jew to bl on ths su
nremebnoh. He is . Katuok
ian by birth.
Bad -Cough--? -Peveris
drippy r
These Ailments Weaken Your
System. Your Body Then
Needs the Help of
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Colds are annoying. They inter
fere with our duties. In our weak
ened condition they may end in a
spell of sickness or even more serious
ailments. Fear, however, should be
overcome, for in Dr. King's New
Discovery you have an effective rem
edy. Dr. Eng's TT Wseotefr
contains the ingredients which fght
cold germs, which soothe your cough,
healing the irritated and inflame ?
mucous membranes. Just as soon 'w
you start taking Dr. King's New
Discovery your recovery is assured.
Without assistance your weakened
system tries in vain to throw eff
these cold germs. Your system crif
for help and Dr. King's New D" -covery
is just the remedy neede J .
Get a bottle to-day. Take at once .
You will feel much better to-morrow.
All druggists.
r 'ax Payers of Rowan Coauty
You are urgently requested to meet the undersigned at the
timss and places named below and settle your State and County
Your attention is respectfully called to the fast that these
taxes are past due and thit the usual Bdaroh 'attendance will not be
made owing to a change in the law.
China Grove at Landis, Tuesday, February 1st
China Grove at China Grove, Wednesday, February 2nd
Atwell at Overcash's Store, Wednesday, February 2nd
Litsfcer at Faith. Thursday, February 3rd
Qofd Hill at Rookwel), Friday, February . 4th
Gold Hill at Gold Hill Tuesday, February 8th
Providence at filler's Store. Tuesday, February 8tb
Morgan at Morgan Muster Grand, Wednesday, February 9th
Gold Hill at Granite Quarry, Thursday, February 10th
Morgan at Pool Towr, Friday, February 1 1th
; 1
i! j

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