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mdav'IS,??' Ac Director of
iMtitute.? Course. Moody Bible
(Copy tlgrht, 1916., Weatern Newapaper Union.)
LESSON TEXT Acis 4:32-6:16
oSNf TEXT Love onetnother from
tnejtieart fervently. I pet. 1:22 K. V.
The Sanhedrin had tMed-threaten-
ing upon the disciples and this is gen
erally 'pretty weak business. But
tneir threat meant danger and the dis
ciples were not unduly Duffed un over
.f theiTjdeliveraace. With all their be
Jieyiriflfriends they prayed and in re
:fsponsejjthe Holy Spirit came upon
them rin stiU further measure
I. The Spirit-Filled Believers, 4:32-
37. The two sections of this lesson
flro really one and are designed to
bring out sharply the contrast be
tween the Holy- Spirit-filled church
ana an evil spirit-nlled man. The
- communism of the early church was
a) Christian communion see :44);
anit was (b) for a special occasion:
(c)1it was benevolent each had ac
cording t5 His "'needs" (4:34. 35): (d)
it waoluntary (5:4), and (e) it rec
ognized the light "to private property
l see b:4. 9). He, the Holy Spirit, does
bdBjthat unity; that altruism, those
ACtivfct social relations and services of
which " Pentecostal communism is the
type, unity and love are seen in gen
irine Christianity in all ages, but the
forms of their expression may differ.
The power of the Holy Spirit was
manifested, not merely in love and
unity which it produced, in the broth
erhood thus evidenced, but also in the
testimony given for the Lord Jesus
Christ, "with great power gave the
apostles witness to the resurrection
of the Lord Jesus." There is much
witness to the resurrection of the
Lord ( Jesus Christ in our day, but not
always "with great power." When we
are filled with the Holy Spirit it is of
Jesus, and .especially of his resur
rection, thaje jiWilL bear witness
Another result of being filled with the
Holy Spirit was that grace was upon
all. "Grace" means- favor. We are
not told whether it was God's favor
or man's favor that was upon them.
;It seems to imply both (see Luke,
2:62). No man looked upon his own
iinterests, but "every man on the
things of others." Distribution was
made according as each had need, not
according to his ability, not according
to his notable service. The pre-emi-fnent
illustration of Christian love in
'the brotherhood at Jerusalem was
Barnabas. If we had more of such
Itoday we would have less of union
labor troubles and missionary deficits.
;We do well to consider carefully the
Six distinguishing features of this
rearly church: (1) A praying church
1(4: 24-30), (2) a Spirit-filled church
(31), (3) a united church (32), (4) a
witnessing church (33), (6) a minis
tering church (34, 35), (6) a multiply
ing church (36, 37).
II. The Devil-Possessed Unbeliever,
5, 1-16. Barnabas had received great
(praise for what he had done at the im
pulse of the Holy Spirit in his life. It
lis an exceedingly fair picture, but the
!scene oi the early church had been
from foes without, now it faces the
greater peril of foes within. And when
this great question, regarding the de
iity and personality of the Holy Spirit,
its first brought to light, God, through
Jhis church, dealt with it in a stern
(manner. The devil is always present
ing his imitations of everything good
and holy. Ananias and Sapphira were
not willing to make a like sacrifice.
iThey, too, "sold a possession," but
they, secreted a part of the price and
brought the rest with the intent to de
ceive the church. The Holy Spirit
quickly informed the church of this
hypocrisy and, Spirit-guided, they
were not deceived For Ananias to
lie in the atmosphere of love and con
iecration engendered by the Holy
Spirit made his crime the more unpar
donable. The same words are. used in
describing his actions as those used
in describing the actions of Barnabas
up to a certain, point. But what a dif
ference we see subsequently. In the
case of Barnabas his act was a deed
Of self-forgetting love; in the case of
Ananias it was one of calculating hy
pocrisy. We thus see that the early
church was not as perfect as some
Would have us imagine it to be.
The second section of this para
graph (vv. 12-16) is a record of what
the results of this vindication of the
Holy Spirit were. First the Spirit
came upon the apostles and literally
overflowed upon all those about them.
In the second place those who were
thinking of joining the church for mer
cenary motives were held back from
80 doing (v, 13).
If thjs Holy Spirit were present In
fcuch power today there would? be fewer
hypocrites who would dare to join
themselves to it.
The deception of Ananias was delib
erate (v. 4) ; he had talked it over
with his, wife (w. 2, 9), and he was
a grave danger to this early church.
It threatened to choke the very
fountain of love and unity which had
sprung up in the midst of the selfish
, The stern judgment that came upon
Ananias and Sapphira" was richly mer
ited and indeed was gracious, for ft
tgtA and aared am dank.
n'Mi ds And V.. of At 34
Three Died Undef Sosp cous Giteamstan
ces and 3 Skipped Wi'n Other Women
Wayr esviUe, Fb 18. The u
tenoing of Mrs Frcna MoMahan
accused of murdering her hu -
band, Dave "V'cMahan, at Houbtmt
in August, to a term of three ye it
iu the penitentiary ?by Jadg? B
F. Long, brings to light cne of the
most ssartiiug talej ever unfolded
in a Carolina oonrt. Mrs. Mo
Mahau was under indictment for
murder iu the first degree Her
husband was fonnd dead in I ed at
his heme, and her version cf hit
death is tbat he had arisou eariy
to rrepare breakfast, Jtaviug hsr
huabaud in bed. While in the
kitohen she heard a piBtol shot,
and upon returning to the bed
room found MoMohau dead w'tb
a bullet through h s heart
In g viug har evidence, the liv
tie woman, a pronounced bruuettp,
oalm, self poBs seed, smiling and
senile, gav a detailed history cf
her matrimonial Mperieuoit with
the six meu soe had martied in
the hrief period lince her iizteeutb
birthday. She is now 34
one was first married t ) Thomas
Vitadows, in Graham county, at
the age cf 16 The wedding bo
uusrea on April 4 Two mouthf
and eight days after that Thomas
died w tb abullet in his side.
The comely young widow was oor
roboi rated iu her testimony that
I h mas o mmitfeed self-murder,
y her twojittle aistere, who told
that the man Bhct himself while
in their presence The magis
trate squitted her of a charge of
Two yeaia later in Tennessee
8-.e was married to William Met
calf, with whom , she lived for
ahwfive-crflix years wherffee
ran away with, another woman .
Without bothering about a di
ve roe. A little less than a ai
later she married WiiJiam Greg
ory, also m Tenus8ee. Sh rtlv
thereafter he obtained a poiition
at Proctor in this State, and one
day when he was journeying
across the mountains to his home
he wss taken suddenly ill when
abou . a mile away and died I efore
aid oould reach him. Less than
six weeks the widow mourned for
the departed for within that tiim
David Shields had won her heart
and hand, lie was rather an nlA
man and it was a month or io be
fore he left for Califoruia withcut
the formality of aayi ,g good-bye
The deserted wife was oo toled ty
a younger man, again without th
divoroe, this time to Lu ber
Shields her troth being pledged.
In the course of a few m utbe,
however, the domestic harmonv
was shattered, a lady fr, m Little
Book, -Ark., persuading the hns-
baud away
Then came the sixth husband,
Dae McMabau. The couple hati
been iiv ng as man and wile for
nearly two years and were getting
along fine at the big plant of the
Champiou Lumber Company at
Suubuisb until one August morn
ing last year the man was found
dead i:. bed, a bullet hole thmnoh
his heart
Th case against the woman was
entirely oroumsiaDtial K h
esiifid that he had gotten up and
made a fire in the early morning
and then came back to bed, she
getting up then to prepare b eak-
fast A few minutes later the
pistol shot rang mt, while sue was
iu the kitchen, aco rdmg to hnr
testimony, and h was discovered
dead. There were suverai people
in the hocseatthe t m-, but no
ey witnesses. From the wound
and the position the pistol was
found the S ate argued that he
could not have killed himself, and
$hat his wife was bound to be the
gUiUy party. She plead inuo
cenoe, and the jury c juld not
In the case just decided the jury
deliberated for 53 hinrs, but
oould come to io agreeing , four
of thejnrnrs holding out for ao
quittai. Wh u tb- case was de
finitely give i up by the jury, to
save ttib ordeal of anothnr trial
and upon ad vie of counsel the
woman plead guilty of manslaugh
let and was aantenMdV
Myy Enjtoris On f esiern froi
A9g,n " Ui n HMifi.
Fub. 14 The whole .ettertt
ro. i ine wiiole w
front is the eceuce of beav efe
gagjments At a me pqjnfs tf
big gons have been eugageM i
hand to-hand tfuggle8,ngrj?Lail
fighting at d mining operltioii1j
have played a prominent partsiif
the baulks ll1elffTWfr',' ha
I ugh t each other above the UtM
and h8v beu oannonsded frcm
bel w I v the anti-aircraft arum.
The G ruaaLB followed op their
. . ....
mile cf Freujh trenches arou
Tahure, in that district and their
artillery bombardmeuts in the
ue ghborhded f jjki&&fijfa '
Naviriu have been a'uiwdfeid: iri
kind by the French.
To the north of Soiisons, a,rptM3d
Tejruy. along the river 4iana th
Geimaos endeavored to ftf found
oat pot t trenches but desisted an
der heavy fk of the'Frenob.
Iu upper Alsaoe Jthe (grermant
turned loose their gunior frlnch-
? the French had re-canto red
from them, btflth Fretich during
the night had evaonated th ra and
the sheiliug did no other damage
than to shatter the emplacements.
Srveuteen fights in the air is the
record of Sunday reported offi
cially by the Britiih along their
lines in Flanders. In addition
there has been great activity south
of La Bassee Canal where the Ger
mans exploded seven minei.
Heavy bombirdmants and an in fantry
attack in that seotious also
is reported, t he .Germans suooeed -
ing in entering a British trenoh,
They wreriven on aim st im-
rsen. Ri,
whioh runs westward across de-
tral Albania and empties into the
bay of Durawo, has been reached t,orrm9 na ln ns vosges. -by
the Austro - Hungarian van - The heaTT nM Me beinK active-
guards according to Vienns.
There have been no imnorUnt
events on the eastern front, bat
the Rassiansin the Oauoasut have
oooupied cne of th. Brserum forts
aud have taken large numbers of
Turkish prisoners. Several Turk
it h batteries on the coast cf the
Black Sea have been silenced by
the Russian warships.
King Ferdinand of Bugarh
Vieuna reoorts. has arrived thnr
to visit Emperor Francis Joseph.
This would seem-to set at naught
recnt unofficial spirts that Bdl-
gtria bad asked the Entente al-
lies for a seperate peace
Another British cruiser has met
disaster. The Arethusa, noted
foi her fighting qualities, struok a
mine and is believed to have been
total! v wreoked. Ten men In.t
their lives.
Books not Entirely Discarded.
After wading for months
through papers and cdumn after
column of information concerning
prcgresa beina made bvthLj .u.. , , , .
" i
TBi;iuuB souooii anu ooueges rel-
ativ, to football, basketball, bare-
ball, etc., we have at least beu
rewarded with this single refresh
ing paragraph:
Chapel Hill, Feb. 18 J. C.
Eaton, a freshman in the Uni
versity from Win.ton-Salem, ltd-
his olas. m the recent ixmiik-:
tio s. Mr. Eaton performed thei
rareleat oh wtnnins oiji?rtrt air i
hi. .todies, five one. altogether.rJ
lie is the ouly mau iu bis class to4
do tnis. M s brother. W n
casou. i imcet equaled his rannrH .
71 A. . B . . .
securing three ones out of five?
subjects studied Bothoy. areM
sons ol Mayor Eaton of Wi, .ton 4
rf ClraAbarlala'a Cou.h d.
wedy tor sa Veajrs.
'OHamljerisin'. Cough Remedy !
I laatv nmaA in m . h. . I j3
b eeu nfH in my ht usho dl
? i hs pt it twentr ears. I bs
ac vving n to my children whend
ware fma'.l. As a quick re
.itf fcr croup, whooping 6ong&
x d ordinary cold., it ha. no
( s , Being free from opium
other harmful drug. J 2 vnever
:.i afraid to give it to the ohil
rsn. I have recommended it to
la number of t friends and
33hbrs. woo have used it and
pw higbiw of 1," writes Mrs.
Mivk., SbcrtiTille, N. Y. Ob-
lalTllilMl SjSfCsWlaitaSjav.-
BnjracMti Bin tviti
imiitujitilm. .
m i , l
Feb 18. he Germa a are fierce
ly attacking the Fretcb poiitirna
in the Artoit teeticlimt welt at in
Champagne In toe; Uti er die
triot Berlin reports the capture
of a front of abottyTOO yarfa.
while the: French admit that the
Germaos have gained) a focthld
in some of their advanced treucf-
es near the Tahute-Sommee Py
Iu Artois near Hill 140 whiofa.
, I VV
tterman attaoaa loiiowta one
another in quiok aufoesaipn, there
being four? during the course -of
the afternoon. Pushing - forward
io the face of a hail;o ihells and
bullets the Germans on their
fourth attempt, suedseded iu en
tering one of the French flre.t lin e1
trenches, whioh( however, they
failed o hold, bail g almost im
mediately driven- out with con
siderable leases in dead and
wounded, acoordiug tp. Paris.
Northeasl of Sojisons, a Ger-
f" Utk' P"0!de?y
I batdmanfc. romltAl intha. nanlnpa
baidment,, resulted i&?the o'aptnre
of a French trenrti nsarthe Crouy
road, but here als Tthey were
thrown exit, leaving their dead to
the field.
On the British SLd of the line
there have been sapping opera-
tions and bombardments by both
All around Sjissous the -German
artillery was lusy, prepaiatory tt
infantry attaoks ; bat the attacks
dut not eventuate owing to the
Frenoh use of their guns in cer-
W1 woumjB'
UousiaeraDle damage has been
iAr8?nne ;foPNl h . iSht 9 Frenchv
nui9tJ aaw progress m
y euinioyea cn ootu sides iu th
nortnern section of the Russian
f r0nt b.ui no "aP01 changes
1U po,K1D MW occurred,
,In tbe I0M0 regions the Aus-
uUni hm Uksn entrenohments
from lhe IlalinB in e Rombon
1MW sle 8ne Italian artillery
bombarded Aqstrian1 positions
Tarious points, especially in the
Apstrian seaplanes have attack
the town of Bnnt n nortb-
M Ita,f ndrOT1;otherrrfaBeB
iu thft inty. Fifteen persons
"e ,ald 40 kil ed and a
number injured.
0n lne Bltck 8ea, Russian tor
Pedobo destroyers have sank ad-
dlionI Turkish sailing vessels
od naTe troyed bridges and
aepots ashore.
The Frenoh cruiser Admiral
Charner, it is feared by the
French Ministry cf Marine, h.s
been lost while patrolling the
Syrianicoaat. The cruiser has not
been heard f mm ainna Haiivna
8 when . aetman diiDatoh
cu lUBfe k Mil l iril KrlllH nan mn a i
Frennh .ar.hin
The Oarman .nhn.t it:.
von Wiismana hs been sunk oh
Lake Tangjika,
Afrioa, by tbe
Clin GroTB laty Aspirei Wh
Mis Marv K. Tiarnaar ,
member of the faculty of the
China Grove sohcol. has eutran
a "Beauty -apd Brains" con .est
",H 'WIIUWHU psopiay
xue.prppoBie on is s ua e;tv
en yong weme . to a film eudio at
Fort Lee, New Jersey, aorosstbe
river from New York oity, where
they will be giv-n-a thorough trj-
onfc aB fi?!ctrejgies. All of their
ezpeusds will b4 paid ou this trip
and lif they thowjany talent tbey
wilPbe given odhtraots for a pertiy
od.of not less than one year at
regular salarhB paid ti Stars
No effort will be spared to make
film stars of these young women.
Miss Ltltiaji Russell and W'illiam
Ai Brady are among the (j udges' of
the contest. Their etperiehieS
testanfS of every possible oohsid.
4 .rating hutedisoleiy opoa ability
P esi 'liDt'i Hal I' ll RIie
kwinatioi, Bui feriltt Us ef bis Nime.
. ,., . . . . . .
Washington, Feb. 14 Presi-
dent Wtls.n today formallr We
hi. consent that hi. namerbe nsaH
i--jL.-.JiJ . .
' .wuuiaaie lor renomination.
ana letterto the Secretar of
otate of Ohio the Lreeident stated
ha 1m mm .n:ll:,. A.
contest for the nomination bnt
nama u, th. MmillA'
or-der that the demoorari lot Ohio
might make known their prefer-
The prssideut made known his
position in order to comply with
the Ohio primary law which re-
quires candidates for delegates to
uo partv couveutioni to iraka
known their first u d secoi d
ohoioes before February 25 aud
alco requ r-s that the oaudiditie
for delegates have the ocuteut of
their ohoioes to e usa of thir
The president w8 lormaH) he.
titled of the requirements , i the
law last week and today be wrote
Uharles Q. Hilderhraut, secretary
af State of Ohio, as follows:
"l am enclosing you a letter the
occasion of which I daresav will
be Quite - obvions. WrihAm .in
Ohio have called mV ttemioii to
section 4954 of the genera' bode of
Ohio as amended iu 1014 with rt-
gaids to primary eleotmns and
haversnnaafeaH thai T mv I
T " - ' J
willingness to have my nsme uted.
accordingly take the iibe.tvUyi. BaikaTha
of S'ndins vduthe eneMmil latt- I
M3 formal permission under the
The etter thepresident enclosed
was as-folio wss
nyiWiest fdfthe
presidental nomination o f the
Democratic Dartv I Am willintr to
permit the use omy nam, iat
the Democrat, in Ohio may make
known their preference in regard
fethat nomination.
P'L, order, therefore, to, satisfy
the technical requirement, of th.
statute, of the state 0f Ohio, I
hereby oon.entto the use of my
miti t inHM.ufnrti, i
.v. Fu
enoy by any candidate who seeks
to. be elected a delegate to the na
tional Democratic convention
which- i. to assemble in June
Do Yon Find Pault with everybody?
An irritable fanlt-flndiog dis
position is often due to a dis
ordered stomaoh. A man with
good digestion is nearly always
good natured. A gr at msny have
been permanentlv benefited bv
Chamberlain's Tablets after years
?t nattering. These tablets
Strengthen 'the stomach and enable
it to perform its functions na
turally. Obtainable everywhere
Heroie Britishers Hold Turks at Bay.
Lmdcn, Jan. 81 (Correspon
dence of the A.iooiated Pre..)
The remarkable stand, which ha.
been made by Maj, Gen. Charles
V. F, Towhsend and hi. oompara
tively .mail boy of British troop,
at Kut El Amara, Mesopotamia,
where for nearly two months they
have been beseigid by a large
aimy of Turks, ha. raised General
To wi send to a high pUce in the
esteem of the English public
The far away war theater has been
watched with the deepest' interest
by those at horns since the British
repulsed the Turks at Ctesiphon
and began their retreat to Kut,
and the exploits of General Town
send have occupied muoh .pace
in the newspapers, t ime, military
britios bailing him as one of the
most" brilliant soldiers the empire
has produced.
Doting the long Siege General
Townseud has beateL voff ail at
tacks of the Ottoman troops and
kept his .ittle force intact. Every
dispatch which! has come through
from th. oommauder has. been
read with deepest interest by the
public tbat his feared that the
relieving army, whioh is said to
have been held up by natural ob
etaclrs, would reach Kut E Ama
ra too late.. Ger eral Townseud's
recsnt report that he had sufficient
supplies for his soldiers (ar&iy re
lieved ' the -minds of the British
people, who now anxiously wait
win. h. stewaet; ed. hijdpeor
State Kewi Items
If Von are a nittribnfctner msm
ber of the rJaV.naTfl.
. " a.; .T"
J"- lry uusy, ao
onH no to o ,niiftn nt iu
.n Jrtt . " ""l'
f otmed - tue matter nag
. ,
disoussi n in the
. I , . . '
U U(H. Inrforoa hn H nn -J i 1
U. k,. -
mmA i-ii-i.. . i-
;,J v m. .. .
j.uuiig. inis ruling has beeu
sent out to the Superior courb
jadges of the State and will settle
the dispose.
George fl. Miller, railwav mail
clerk between 8alihn, - a
Knoxville. died in a hoanital ,
Hickory Friday night from thb
ffMta ,
j vwvwn.uou oitftjjr
Friday evening when he wa
thrown from a horse at his home
on mckory route two. Deceased
was thirty years of age and un
married and had been in the rail
way mail service eight years.
Siysharr Readers Must Come to That Con-
; It is not the telling of a singi
casein Salisbury, but a numb.
ov nelZ il
stamp of truthae following i
on of the pubiicVtemei t. mri
Mis.ipeMity oo
can's Kid-r
i. "
M. W. Han.. j
'OtrDantar K a o-ijlt-
trouble with me and T wa an u.'
41? 1 oou.,d hft'dly stoop to piol
up anything. If I did get down,
doses of Doan. Kidnaw Pi ill I
the tfeing fo
fLW l(m
PriOft fiOrv n: oil -1 n. i.
Haimniv oVb- VI- r Vrj U Ql
Mr- Henry had. Foster-
Mllbarn Co., Props., Buffalo, N.Y.
Bldin's Htm Changed
Albemarle. Feb. 13.-The no..,
cty oat on the Yadkin is no long.
ier to be known as Badin butYad-
ik-in w-.-x : a. l. . . -
xw. i. sue name oi the
new postoffioe establishtd there, Whoever run. for the Lagi.l.
If annr J ture this year will have to com.
of applications for the posfcmas- out m the open if h." wants to get
ltDT? iectad, for most ofthecianVoJ
This is the third change in the other township, say that ther
JTthendev!loprnt tto ow how he standi
""u uu iii iHia. I'hft Hrii
w uameu Whitney, and I
the DOSt Office estahliahorl
bore that name, and still bears
that name. Then tie Whitnev
company failed and the plaut was
Purchased by the Southern Alu-
minium company, which compa
uy named tie town laid out four
miles down the river from Whit-
ney. Badin, being named after
the president of the Southern
A Inmini I
uuiuiuiu uuuipauy, jur, riaain.
Now the new company ha. again
changed the name, upon the es
tablishment of the new postoffioe,
from Badin to Yadkin Narrows,
Albemarle learns with much
pleasure tbat a bill has been in
troduced in the Conffra nf tho
United States
I r . .
ujr nepreseutative
R. T. nnnohtnn ior an
appropriation of the sum of 870 -
000 for the-purchase of "to
a Government building h. e
New. reached her late last
i u . c m"auramau
place about Suud-Jwn Saturdav
eveninir nsar Badin .hat V
evening n9ar Badin when he ran
B 1U6U 6ue
biff nan a I nnmnl.loU A i:u
lncr fcha ar ariH hraatin . I. .
. . . - , - uu
ning at ratherrapid speed along
the road from Whitney to Badin,
whioh runs near the old canal cut
out by the old Whitney oompany.
of some mean, he loit control of
the auto a ad plunged iuto the
deep oaual, ths car having turned
over like a sohoolboy's toy, u tit
lit landed on the bottom of the big
ditch; liow he e.csped instant
death is httle short of miraculous.
Physicians say he will reoover
from injuries reoeived unless there
are Borne internal in juries which
aA pmeai eta' be diaoovMad.
Tiichij PoliTOiu - ft1 Eiir
'"Hi IS B8 flllfd Jfilr LlJJird.
I r . n . .
"e W-TW. year
rumi8e lo '"Ml one of the lire.
i nest nolil
:. . . . MO
uest political campaigns averts
i .
M" this county. Nomi-
wuiofl maaem the pri-
m.fft. .n
mt nn. n . , . ..
j - m,u wvuuny omOAS witn
' Pon or the olerk of
the ezoention nf tkA i
mA. 1 .
uuu., wnose time does not
i wo.
While the office seek
ers. It 18 thnnwht
Bv will BOS D
maDy intimations oV .1..'
rings being formed throng m
!-W?r the defeat of "ceS
nen now in office, ara 2?
iy made. ' w
So bitterly was the iood
qaeitiou, which aV AmlJzZ
he noils nn a. . j-
Imposed by the outlying townl
;hlP85 on the other hand
uvored by Monroe, that .eriou.
plic.wonB ,, to arii,
fM rP .moothnas.
ohat ha, characterised recent aLtc
on.. The ,oad question was
trenaou8Jy fought Both by th.
opposition anH K -..
- w.ouraay Fsbraaiw
P1ty of new.papr spW
vuugm in ail fonr f th- - i
paper, and intimations of dubiooa
motives on the part of those who
favored the adoption of the pro
posed plan were made in article
over the signatures of various
"ou" UQ10n Vy citiiens.
iaea nas been growing all
ongthat the thing for Monro,
do was to ''.lin" ft ion it
Alnnl..4 .. . -
1 7 " j me tning for Monroe
t0 'W A man in the
legislature, and in turn, 1st him
r-hp over" an appropriation.
Bat nobody ever favored this
'jueme Penly until The Observer
: "7j . . : edUor
ame out with an editorial Wed-
o nona uiue. Iit sha
n ;
"'ru vounty genfclsman did
5? Blatar.;" That
; "d "1'-'4a n0W
?ftt 11 wlli b impos.ibl. for
i . WT. 1 01 V otow,
Ua 1,. ' 'V" 4f
Lm, Z Z "ff iftluw
ooun y ! peol nat
UUWJ P8Pla that, the town IS
trvimrto slinon ia. u
on evervthini?:
Washington, February 11. A
new note of harmony and oo-op-
eration on National defense prob
lems Wai itrnnlr in .1.. . TT
. n """ . , m
danratar, aa;- ?
-v,.UJlvl lu9 WKW,
partment. U found' expression
in the adoption of a resolution
declaring the committee's appre
ciation of the oonfidenw President
Wilson reposed in it arid in th.
Senate committee as disclosed in
his correspondence with Mr. Gar
rison. Th . ... -
. . 9naraoter-ex
thQ feeling emphasised bh.
fek OUI,B,Z8a D7
f Vu V ws. of.
-MTbe" -
sioual oommittees dsclared that
tfl w.. a BOiarea
Secretary's Withdrawal
had brought out sh'arplythe Pres.
ident's desire that Oonwessihonia
work out its army ptoblems in th.
for the continental armv bo heme
advocated by Mr. Sd
the Army War Oolle The St
result, they .agreed wis a olarifi
ction of the congressional it mo
sphere and the assurance of "sup
port for the bills that will be
drafted from elements of both: the
Democratic and Republican Sides
that had heretofore been counted
against the measures.
When costive or troubled with
constipation take Chamberlain's
Tablet s. They are easy' to take
and most agreeable in iffeitv
Qhtaiaahl. evsrjvJbiia '
! -

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