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(By E. O. SELLERS. Acting Director of
Sunday School Course. Moody Bible
Institute.) . .
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GOLDEN TEXT Bear ye one another's
kurdens. and so fulfill the law ot Christ.
&aL 6:2. , ' .
It would be a source at reat bless
ing If every teacher and scholar would
read through the book of Acts several
times during the year. Such reading
will give vision, inspiration - and a
more comprehensive idea' of the con
tinuation of what. Jesus "began" and
which, record Is not yet fully written.
The time of this lesson is about A-D.
35,. though Ramsey places it at 32, 53;
and the place, the city of Jerusalem.
I. The Occasion, vv. 1-2. For a timer
the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus
continued in Jerusalem, but soon the
pressure of circumstances thrust it
forth as prophesied (1:8). There
were two groups of men in the early
church: those, who had been born in
Juojea who spoke Hebrew (Aramaic),
and those born in foreign cities and
who spoke the Greek language. "Trou
ble arose over the distribution of funds
among certain of the dependent wid
owsthe text suggests "secret ills
pleasure." There was imperfection,
selfishness, suspicion and Jealousy in
that early church. . - "
II. The Method, w. 3, 4. It; does not
appear that God gave the chrh
cut and. dried program accon&ito
which" it must act. Certainly the
church had no precedent Jto "Jclbw,
and step by step God was 'developing
it. This lesson gives us a suggestion
of those steps: : (1) As the occasion
demanded, (2) The Apostles refused
to diminish their praying and preach
ing, literally it was "not pleasing" to
God for the Apostles to "serve tables."
Such work mustV be done, certainly,
but it was not to be done by these
God-appointed and selected leaders,
their 'duty rwas clearly stated. The
minister's business - is praying and
ministering the. word These things
should fully engage hJttenUon, eaid
in them he Is "to continue steadfast
ly." The minister cannot manifestly
"know more about books than the
schoolteacher; more about politics
than the politician; more about med
icine than the doctor; more about
psychology than the college profes
sor." No, that is out of the question,
though he should -be intelligent in
tnese lines. But he should be pre
eminent in prayer and in the minis
try of the word, and. furthermore he
should preach that word pre-eminently.
(3) . The church, -sot the apos
tles, must needs select these new of
ficials. (4) The qualifications ot
these mga, who were thus to care
for these' temporal affairs, were (a)
"men of good report," not those bear
ing doubtful reputations, nor chosen
, because they were rich or shrewd in
business, (b) "full of the spirit" It
demands the Spirit-filled man to look
after financial affairs as certainly as
it does to teach or preach the word,
(c) "full of wisdom." Men of com-
mon sense, a quality often sadly lack
ing among spiritually-minded men.
Men meeting such qualifications will
b men of -'the spirit of power, of
love, and of a sound mind" (literally
sound sense). (II Tim. 1:7).
III. The Method of Choosing, w. 5, 6.
(1) The people did the choosing. The
early church seems to have been re
markably democratic. (2) The choice
was made after, and not before, pray
er had been offered. This is a sug
gestion and a warning for present-day
practice of choosing church officials.
(3) t it was a legal selection, not the
selection of a minority, and it was
confirmed by the laying on of the
hands of the apostles.
IV. The Result, w. 7, 8. First of all
upon the people. (1) The word "in
creased."(2) The number of disciples
"multiplied greatly," and (3) Some of
the priests of the Jews were "obedi
ent to the faith." Secondly, the re
sult in the lives of the thus chosen
and Spirit-anointed men gave evidence
of the good hand of God. They were
"full of grace" (Eph. 4:9, Acts 16:15);
they were "full of power" (1:8). The
first two of them soon became great
and mighty ' preachers as well. In
deed as far as we can read they even
outstripped the apostles themselves
in real achievement for God. Ste
phen, of course, stands out pre-emi
nently. His character is suggested in
verse eight. He was (a) "full of faith,'
(b) "full of the Holy Spirit," (e) "full
of grace" (R. V.), (d) "full of power."
How sad it is that so frequently our
churches fail to make a wise and
spirit-led choice of its leaders, and are
content with few, or perhaps none, be
ing added to, its membership.
No man is fit to be an officer in the
Church of Christ unless he is filled
with the Holy Spirit, (Acts 1:8, Luke
h Such: a man will always stir up op-
position of the powers of evil, even
as did Stephen.
Those who opposed Stephen were
moral and religious men (v. 9). - Fre
quently the opposition a Spirit-filled
man encounters is not from the im
moral, the worldly, Or the utterly tuv
godly; ' bat those who stand out
against aim, and reason against, him
- (v. 10), and often seek to kill him,
rtx moral and religious men.
SefflrBl Cflircis Escare
One of the guards being intoxi
cated and leavit g his pott for 8
few minutes is said to bare been
responsible for the escape of sev
eral white state convicts in the
Salisbury jard on - Wednesday
night. The men had been work
ing at the Yadkin Narrows and
were here preparatory to oemg
taken to "the western part of the
state. They - were in a car ' at
tached to No 85 and a guard was
stationed at eaoh door, -at til the
guard in ques ioL left hii post.
The following ii an offioial list
of the prisoners?!!? made their
escape: jsari uotpn, oi ttiieigDj
857 MirMlfooammitsing the
nbLiwlillmnrdeiin Ban-
db $itf; dharlet Hilton,
residence and term not learned ;
George Ryan, 4 years ; J. W.'Tea?
cheyr ten tears fcr autcmpbile
Cobb, ten ytarrjrgamOFMemsn
Watauga County threear sen
tence. All exos ptif reepan made
th ii escape in SatiBbjory, the lat
ter having jumped o&f the cij
wkdow near Majols1aU;uot
s?u has also been captured-
Jim Freeman one of the escaped
oonvicta wjs caught after a very ex
citicgand peieistant ohsie by the
officers la e Thursday aftern.on-
He was kcated dear the Ghaen
school in -Fratklin Township and
was trailed by L. D. H Brown's
blood hounds down to the creek,
thence hack to South river where
he wai cap ured, it aving covered
about fifteen miles. He has made
several attempts to escape. It
was he who, several years ago
while attempting to escape, board
ed a freight train and was shct
by th authorities of the peniteo-
iy. . .;: ....
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Breathit g becomes easier and
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Kelt Job Safe Cracking.
Lexington, Feb. 16 Safe-
arakers last night blew open the
safe in the Ooca Oola bottling
plaut near the Scuthern dep t and
got away -with about $40 in cash
and oheoks to the anaont of cearly
a all M a
Ail or tne cneoKS were cn
local banks, exoapt one drawn on
a Winston-Salem institution.
The job was one of the complet.
est ever seen nere. ana was evi
dently the work of profeisionals
who had , mapped out the plant
Entrance was made by breaking
out the top pane of a back wiu
dow and reaching through and
loosing the night lock. The in
terior of the safe was complete!;
wrecked and the lower corner cf
the door was folded baok by the
force of explosion, whiah even
made a crevice in the heavy por
tion of the safe. A deck just
over the safe stopped at 11:55 and
the pendulum was jarred loose by
th force of the fxplosioa, while
small bits blown from the safe
knocked two holes in a nearby
filing cabinet.
Although the exiDucn com
pletely wrecked the safe, it was
not diioovered until this morning
Persons passing along Main Street
just before midr ight report hear
iog a noise as of an explosion just
as a train was passing, but
thought it was the firing of tor
pedoas on the track as a signal
A negro woman who lives nearby
declared that ih taw a man and
a woman outer the . building, but
thought it was some of the em
ployei and did not raise su alarm
The explosion did not wake Her
so she did not see them leave,
Fresb Uili Caw far Sail, 5 yean old
call on or write J. L. Suther,
route 2, Salisbury, N, O.
siryftears f orkllhngnjih
QTjf jrjielferying' a.;
Ffrt tors Bai Bi Zepp
Paris Reports S wt 6eraia Uichinas
Brought Dowi. Russians Parsstng Tutks.
Feb. 21 Another of Qet
manv's Zennelin airships has
come to grief, and it is probable
that some, if not all, of its crew
perished, as it was engulfed in
flames as it fell to earth, a victim
of an inoendiiry shell fired from
a French anti- aircraf tgun .
The Paris offioial communica
tion report! that thirahip was
southward bound f
of St If enehould when-$lwrFfench
guns at Bevigny begafiv lhellling
it. At least one cf the misn es
At least one cf the
found its mark and the huge air-
orait iook nre ana iu ia me vi
cinTty of Brabant-le Roi.
The Qeroans near Iitoni, to
the iooh of the Souffle rivir,
have met with repulse a t the
hacds of the Frenob in an intend
ed ,attaok extending over about
four and one third miles. The
offensive movement was preoeded
by a heavy bombtrdment and J
clouds of asphyxiating gases.
When the German infantry en
deavored to -come out of their
trenojies for the attack, however,
the barrier fire and the fire of the
Frenoh riflemen (topped tnem
everywhere, aoo1-rdingto Paris,
The Germans, in rttSs rwtfe
prevented from oooupymg
crater of a mine by a strong
counter-off e 5 sive it the Frenoh
In Ohampagnf, the forests of
tht Argonne and in the sntire
region of Verdun, thers has beeD
muoh artillery activity, in which.
Paris claims that considerable ex
ecation was accomplish sd by the
Frenoh gunners. The Germans
report additional repulses of Brit
ish grenade attacks against cap
tured positions almg she Yeer
Oana! and also the putting down
oT'-anBntente alli4 -offensive. I
aloug thi Lens-ArruB read.
Numerous fights in the sir be
tween German and French avia
tors have taken place. Paris re
ports that several of the German
machines were brought down by
the fire of the Frenoh airmen
Aeroplanes have t een oar'ied out
by the French and Brit ah aero
p'aues squadrons notably on the
German aviat on field at Hab
Sheim at Mulhsusen and on a
monitions faotory at Pagnv-sur.
Moselle, British aircraft bombed
the town of Don, southwest of
There has ten little fighting
on the eastern and Austro-Italiai
froi ts. The Albanians fighting
for the Teutons, are reported to
have reaohed the Adriatic Sea
westcf Kava a This wculd in
dicate that the Austro-Hnnga-rians
and the r allies have com
pletely surrounded Durazio.
In Asia-Minor, the Russians are
persit tently following the Turk
who fled from Bri erum, and also
are pushing their way n .rth ward
from the captured ortrss tothe
Black Sea, with the porpoat of
establishing a base there for their
warships and transports. Bitlii
on Lake Van has been captured by
the Russians,
A Turkish power station on the
ttoman frnt eait of the Sees
Canal has been blown up by a
British aviat r. Again Constan
tinople has beea thrown into a
state of consternation over the4
presenoe of an Entente allied sub
marine in the Bosphorns, accord
mg to an unofficial report. The
underwater boat is said to have
torpedoed six transports loaded
with munitions and one tug.
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Thfl Rennblicausr of Rowan
County held their anutral oonven
tion in this city lilt Saturday,
the same beina qaitej largely at
tended A rdBolutijn.f was pre
sented bv J.-M. Procter, ip which
the Democratic ado&inistration
was scored and in wheh:the word
deceiSlul" was uiedJIThiB word
oaused conaiderableJpuision and
argument and was principally ob
jected to by Prof. Broirn of Bnoch
ville, but the resolution was fin
ally adopted on account, of having
a number of defenders who spoke
in favor of its adoption, Mr.
Proctor, in representing the reso
lution, made a strojig speech
which was received wi J h hearty
applause. Attorney w . war-
land also made a ipeech.
Eighteen delegates Vere chosen.
to attend the congressional con
vention whioh meetffin Taylcr
ville, and eighteen delegates were
also chosen to the State conven
tion at Raleigh. ? y
The primaries will be held
throughout the couuty on June
8rd. At the convention Saturday
it was deoided to iipjd another
convention here immediately fol
lowing tht holding pfthe primar
ies tojratify the decision on the
Calls were made fo these who
contemplated announcing their
oandidaoy for offica and the fol
lowing were among those who
ipoie out at the meeting;
J M Wagoner, fof prosecating
attorney; H C Buepk and J W
Proctor, for register of deeds;
Prof. F B Brow , tut State sena
tor; Albert Miller and A A Mvers.
or the lowr hemej S A Bai l-
hardt, for treasurer; W E Ruisel,
J B Yo&t and J M A MVuius, for
sheriff; M A Stirewalt, C P Fos
ter, O L H-ili P .lieler, J H
er J S Campbell land 0 M Fisher,
for oounty commissioners. :
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fM? 'f it "
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Pitt County ConyiQt Brains an Oierseer.
Greenville, N.'C, Feb. 15.
About 4 o'clock this afternoon
Joseph MoLawhoru, nephew of
Sheriff McLawhorn, was fatallv
hart by being struct? with a pick
axe by one of the negro convicts
he was guardiug Particulars are
hard to get, though it occurred
only five miles from here The
convicts were working on the road
and as yet no information of why
the oonviot made the assault has
been had.
The piokaxe entered MoLaw-
horn'B head and much of his brain
oozed out. The doctor says it ib
impossible for the wounded man
to live long.
After striking McLawhorn'a the
convict took his gun and fired
four times at the other guard,
missing, however. The guard
fired at the oonviot onoe and his
gun failed. This convict and six
otherB made good their escape.
There is much excitement over the
matter. Many people have gone
to the scene and are assisting offi
cers in search for the escaped con
victs . -
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The Papacy, tat Sine Yestatflai, Today
aid Tjpffai , Tiatr Blast.
in WO Kobe rt the Firus was
King of Franoe. Robert was more
of a monk than a king. He spent
more time saying prayers and re
peating onants and before the al
tar than he did attending to the
affairs of his kingdom. He had
married a woman whom he loved.
This woman was his cousin. The
Pope disapproved and exoommu
nioated the king. But the yeer
1,000 was approaching, and the
year 1,000 was the year in whioh
the world came to an end, or at
least in which the Apocalypse said
it was going to come to an fnd.
fhe people were filled with appre
hension and half frensied with
terror. They wee restive ancy un
der the ban of the church. Yield
ing to their importunities, R bert
the Pious retarced, put aw a y .bis
wifs and was restored to Micity
in the bosom )f the Holy Oharoh.
It "was in his reign in the year
1022, that active p-rentiers bv-
gan under th9 coalitiou of oburcb
and state. In that yar thirteer
Jews were condemned and put to
death at Orleans, and others else
where. In the year 1208 Pope In
nooent III vicar of thr Churofa
and vio reg-i t cf Gcd opou the
earth, called upon the Kiu of
Fiance to lead an army into tjxe
southern provisoes and extermt-
nate heretics. The greater part
of Southern France was ooouptd
by lords, and nobles and peasants.
who, while they were substantially
Catholios, were not in perfect har
mony with the heiraroby at Rome.
For a while the kin; resisted the
importunities of the Pope. Then
the Pops Iunocent III, vioar of
the Church and vioe-regeut of
God upon the earth, issued a pro-
tarnation addressed to kn ights,
abbots, noblesand wimorsvefy
where, calling npm them to arm
and invade Southern France, and
promising every knight, every no
ble, evrv leader who went with
an armed force, that if they should
dispossess any of the inhabitants
of castles, towns, strongholds or
estates, the title to those proper
ties would be vested in the oon-
qusrers. Thus rope innocent ill,
vicar of the church and vice-re
gent of God upon the earth, added
to religious fanatioism the lost ol
rapacity and greed. The armies
gathered and the war of religion
and extermination began. When
a part of the army was besieging
a certain town the soldiers said to
the ohief i "When we have enter
ed how shall we distinguish be
tween the faithful and the heretic?
How shall we know whom to kill
and whom to spare?" and the
chiefs replied, "Kill them all; the
Lord will surely know his own."
In 1545 there was a community
of peasants, that is to say, farm
ers dwelling in peace and content
ment in a provinoe at the foot of
the Alps. This community ex
tended over a domain of about
fifty miles in length and of con
siderable width. They had lived
there, they and their ancestors,
for a period of three centuries
They were not Catholics. They
were heretics. Tueir heresies con
sisted in thtse doctrines: They
rejected infant baptism, th sac
rifice of the mass. the. adoration
of the oross and the sale of indul
gences. Pope Paul III, vioar of
the Church and vice-regent of God
upon the earth, called upon the
King of Franoe Francis 1, to
make war upon the heretics of the
Vandois valley and exterminate
them, but Franoe hesitated. These
people had' regularly paid taxes
and tithes; they were harmless,
industrious ana xragai ine ar
mies of the king of Franoe had
met with reverses in their foreign
wars and the internal affairs o
the kingdom were not in satisfao
tory condition . The clerical par
ty urged upon the king that his
reverses abroad and his embarras
menti at home were plainly due
to the faot that he had relaxed
persecution of the heretics. Stil
the king hesitated. After a while
he sent two Cardinals of the church
to investigate these people. The
Beadey ai ccjt guilty:
Two most important cases on
the criminal docket in the Rowan
Snperior court in session last
week have been completed- Both
the defendants wtre found guilty.
: Bossy Cook, a Negro, wis found
f guilty of murder in the ieoond de-
degree. His ease consumed the
entire day Wednesday in bringing
about a decision. Hs was sen
tenced to seven years on theeoun-
ty roads . Cook was oharged with
the murder of Gamewell Jsffents,
colored, at Granite Quarry a year
ago.. . '
The ease against D. L. Beailey
attracted widespread attention'.
He was given a hearing pnjThara-
day and was found guilty Beae-
lsy was sentenced so two years on
the oounty roads, fife was mdiot
)d on a charge of house-burning
nd oar robbery. One of the
jhief State witt esses was Howard
'ones, now sfrvng time for car
robbery, who related to the jury
Jo me important facts in the case.
low Air. Davis dot fed cf a Bad
''Some time ago t had a f an
bad cough writes Lewis T, Davis,
tflackwater, Del. VMy brother
vicCabe Davlr gave me aiaall
bottle of Ohamberlains T Oonsrh
Remedy. Aftsr taking this'!
tought half a doten bottles of it
mt oi ly used one of them as the
ooagh left me and I have not been
troubled since." Obtainable
Cardinals returned and said thtv
were farmers laborious, indne
trious and happy, and that while
their doctrines were not entirely
in accord with those of the Oath
olio Ohuroh, they, the Oardinals,
would not counsel prosecution
against them, bue of these Oar
dinals went so far as to ecdeavor
toersuade th peasants to make
eTormal alftdlatTCn
will not demand a notary nor even
a signature; go through the form
that we may satisfy, the authori
ties at Rome." But the hardy,
rugged and sincere peasants re
plied, "How shall we formally ad
jure anything, if our dootrines
are right and we believe them?"
They had not learned the adroit
and velvefdiplomaoy that has
characterised the Jesuitical me
thods of Rome in all these cen
turies. They only knew how to
be honest; they were densely ig
norant. Then the parliament is
sued a mandatory decree ordering
that all of the dwellers of the Van
dois valley should be killed, that
every building should be demol
ished and rased to the ground,
that the cellars should be filled
up, that every tree of the forest
should be cut down, every tree of
the garden rooted out, and the
land made unfit for any of the
people of their descendants who
might escape to farm it or culti
vate it for a hundred years. Two
armies of the king in obedience to
the deoree, marohed into the
peaoeful Alpine valleys, and then
the work of slaughter began.
Thousands of these defenseless.
unarmed peasants were killed.
Six or seven hundred were sent to
the galleys. Hundreds of chil
dren were eold into slavery. And
those few that escapedjwere met
everywhere by a decree proclaim
ing the penalty of death for any
e a . i ii e m i .
one mat snouia oner snem aid or
succor, money or vitals. Thns
perished the dwellers of the Van
dois valley in 1545, by the direc
tion of Pope Paul III, vicar of the
Ohuroh and vice-regent of God
upon the earth.
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au. MX t mint
Oitnt vlxtitibit izsl miidi
Jtt&tiuz iWfttil la Btte:x
Feb. SO.The RiiasUn surj
which oaptared Gnsrua m Ar
menia is endeavoring io cz,i ct
the retreat of the Turks, who are
retiring with as much speed as
possible. Dispatches from Petro-
grad report the capture of the
towns of Hush and Aohlat, to the
south, heavy1 fighting prt ceding
their taking by storm. The next
objective cf the southern wing of
the Russian army is Diarbekr.
whioh lias, within striking dis
tance of the Bagdad Railway.
This line would open up the road
for the Rcisians into Syria.
Along the blaok Sea ooast, Rus
tl warships are DoundinB at th
Ita&ieh batteries and harraedng
the tttreating troops.. The north-
ern wing of the Russian armv haa
th town of Widl
is drtvlhg the Turks baok in the
direotion of Gumish Khansh.
whioh is on the road to Trsbixond,
while large Russian forces art
moving westward iron jBrseren
with the object cf cutting off theee
Turkish troops before they can
reach a tew line of defense.
The Gercans have been operat
ing viigoroutly igjinst the British
and FrenJi aljChthe Tscr Osatl
in Belgium, to he north of Ypves, -
Frota the Britith $60 astsrs ef a
position weri captured and held
despite hand: grenade attacks to
recapture ft. After a heavy bon
bard men! the Germans attempted :
to cross the canal and occupy
Frenoh positions and several
groups of them did succeed in
making their way to a first line
trendh. The French, however,
immediately drove thm back.
The British to the south of Loos
in a lively engagement, sucoteded
in making an advance to the ae
The Frenoh in Champagne, be
tween the Meuse and Moselle
rivers and to the west of the forest
of Apremont, have bombarded
successfully German positions
while in the Argonne forest s
mine exploded by the Ftssshr
chattered the German works.
Only isolated engsgenents have
taken plaoe on the Russian front.
On the Austro-Italian line the ar
tillery duels continue.
Continuing their advenes in
Albania the Austro-Huncarians
report the capture near
Sjak, a short distance northeast
of Durasoo, of an advanced Ital
ian pesition. This is the first
indication that the Italians wsre
onaratwe so far north in Alh&ni
the belief having prevailed that
their activities bad been confined
to the locality adjaoentof Avlona.
That progress is being made by
the Teutonio allies in the direc
tion of Avlona seemingly is shown
by the report that the Albtuist
who are fighting with them hare
occupied she town of Berat, situ
ated about 81 miles northeast of
Four German aeaplanas hare
raided the east and southsast
ooasts o f England, dropping
bombs. Lowestoft and 7alnsr
were visited. Two men and one
boy were killed and a marine was
wounded. The raiders escapedW advioes from Salonika
are that a Bulgarian patrol which
orossed the Greek frontier neat
Doiran was repelled byr Greek
troops and forced to rstire.
fts. B. MickittgittaDlr.rxi
' Mrs. Lois Long Hackett, who
hss spent most of her time in,
Brooklyn, N. Y., in recent ytaxs,
but who for near a year has been
hying at Oarson City, Her., with
her little daughter, has returned
to Statesville. Mrs. Hackett was
engaged in teaohing in BevSda.
During her residenee there she in
stituted suit for divorce against
her husband, former Congressman
B-N. Hackett of Wilkesboro, and
the divorce was granted. Cruelty
and non-support were the allega
tions in the complaint. Mr. and
Mrs. Hackett have been separated
for more than seven years.
Btateeville Landvrart,

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