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A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of the Peopie and for Honesty in Governmental A flair a
t M's tfatm Freb IIfkei
Ff t neb Equity Emphatic in Asstrtiig Thai
Hm Clsckei Attacks.
Feb. 28 The tide of battle
trouud Verdnn apptreuily hts
not turned iu fvor of either tide.
While the Grmaoi claim farther
draucei, the Freuch aro equally
emphaiio iu Iheir a eerlion that
th y checked the attacks of the
mataei tf Garm;U iiifautry eeut
agnir st thm ,
Fort Llcuaomoiit hta falleu to
the Germans, bat it is reported to
be in raius. Arout d this position
na mobt desperate fighting cf the
battle has been going on siuoa
iridy. Here French ccnuter
attacks were delivered with inch
crashing forc- that tome of the
G'iitnsn detachments were driven
baok and one regiment is almost
encircled. To tha weit of this
fort, iu a band to hud enconntet,
the Freuch bt ve ejected the Ger
oans from a tmaj redoubt which
they had oaptor d.
Tbroughout the entire sector of
Vtrdnu, exoept oa the western
bauk of the Meoie Rivert where
the Germau bembardment hai
alaokeued lomewhit, the artillery
duels are still of vast (,rop:rtions.
To the southeast, the Frenoh at
Frames, in the Woevre region,
hato pot down two German at
tacks against that t-wu, bnt the
G-rmaus have inaugurated an im
P or taut movement iu the Cham
sjue distr ioti wtere by a snr
prse attapk thy saosesded in en
tiring Frenoh advanced positions
pjf a supporting trenoh ver a front
cji ueajriyva mile, capturing more
lan a fiousnd men
N.twuhBtanUiug the fresh fe
f rves the French have thrown in
the fray at Fort Djaa .mcnt,
tjbe Germau wat office declares
tatjeir hues toward Bras and
Tcherauriile . It is claimed that
is 0rmf ns hate entire" y exp 11
"seFfench from the Meuse
oi$saia south aid from 8am-
QSneox aud wsst of Yjtch.raurille
i Og the KdaViiiu front ' around
Friodrichatadt and Illouket' thert
eeu heavy artillery, machine
in rise nriug. xu urancia nt
Qussjans repulied an atteuipt by
Aotro Huugaridus to oap.nre
a i . . .
trenches on the middle otnpa
vef .
:Tne Acslrians, according to Vi
ajina, have put down with at goi
rsary' lotsei an Italian attack
ja ust poa tions on both aides cf
Louts oau M celft aud east of
4tso, and also, 'estrioyed an Ital
iju trenoh en the Gjfiria bridge
'J The Bu-sians are still operating
eccceufuliy gai ctthel urkk wb.
rirituui and thOito
mixi foroas iu th Persian battle
s,.ne. Farther aoctb, in Mes po
ts)Qiia a bombardment by the
Buttih jap a Turkish omp on the
UfiC bank of tin Tig tie river te-
tttltitd ia 'bwavy oatuaJtiea to the
It. ' -
farther dtails of the fubting
baiKdan tha British and trit ea-ncQ-
officered by tne Turks iu
wjajerC figypt, show that the
leyy&MSofithe tribeame:i, Nuri -By,
ftibrothtr of trie Turkish war min
ister was killed and hii principa
subordiLater wound ad and that the
tribesmen left larg numbers of
dead amd wounded on the field as
t&sir main force fled.
' The Italian hospital ihip Mare
ohiero Ja been annk in the Adri
atic Sea off the coast of Albania,
ft is believed the vessel struok au
Austrian mine. While the extent
of the casualties has not become
known it is reported that they
wera numerous.
The German Ambassador at
Washington hi a officially inform
ed Secretary Lansing that the as
suranoei given in the LasitaLia
casa with respect to submarine
warfare have not been modified by
the recent Gezman memorandum
respecting that government's in
tention to treat armed merchant
men as warships begiuniug March
Wahi!;ttti!i, Fab 28. N wcou-
strnctioi fr the i.ivj hcia ne
imited this year onlt by the ooun
rv's facilities to build, Rar Ad
miral Auatin M. Knight, president
of the Navy War College, told the
Hcasa Naval Committee today If
au adequate nea is so oe maue
ready by 125, be declared, a: im-
med'ute inquiry should be ; mad,
to determine the extent of these
facilities and to plan for even
greater building p ograms eaqb
year until the Uuited States Navy
i the strongest fi roe tflcat.
'It is a big program, of coarse,"
said Admiral Knight,: "tut we
have a big country to defend ."
Only the limits of construction
facilities, thi admiral explained,
had' cauaad the genera!.! board to
fix 192? as the date the American
fleet ahoutd fqual any afloat.
'If we could get it," te added:
I would sy we need it now, to
day, tomorrow. i
A Cflflflicl Com ut
Tks itilias' Popt A S3 i tiijr Year L bsr.
tits ia Effort to Hike Ailrici Cukoltc-
Between the l&w of this republic
and the law of pop ry, tht ia a
vital oonfliot which is rapidly
producing in this oouutry the con 1
ditions which precede evil war,'
Let no man deCHive him8Bf : let
very man sea the facts, as they
The conati'ntii n of tho United
8tatea declares that congr8 aball
have no power to al rir'ge the free:
dom of the pretr. ,
Yet congress has kuuckled to
Rome, and aires dy done that vry
Books hoiuatly aimed at un
covering the horrible vileneis of
the Roman system are proeecuted
because they uuoover Rome's rot
tenness '
No other books are proseouted.
In the whole United 8tates there
it not a case pending against a
publisher of the prudent new Is,
magazines, and Sunday supple
ments which p ur from the north
ern p.ess by the millions.
Books exposing mormonism,
prostitution, the white ilave traf
fic, the salacious episodes at sea
side resorts, and at road-hooaes
where joy-riders put up on their
automobile trips, all these pass
th mails, and arouse no prose
cution. But every time a writer attacks
the Reman Oathoho ay stem, the
govern mens proat-lutes its vast
powers: to orush that publisher,
and thus gratify the Irish cardi-
the United States for Mexioo with nai. who iraiiorruslv iworaV. in
the intention of launching new, ttaiyt P that murderous oath, to
revolution againat the Oarransa psrseouts protcstants to extermi
de facto government. Intorma- nation. 5
tion reaching officials here indi- The law of Rome was teraley
cates that he hopes to organise gtated by the great English aUtes
and lead the tropps of his native man William E. Gladstone Tin
State, Oaxacar and iuhrtrrtrPaeY whOTe'beilign leglstalion, the
Proper Treatment for BIllouasMaa.
- - -r
Vot a long time Miss Lula 8kel
ton. Church ville, N. Y., was bil
ious and bad sick headaohe and
diy spells. Chamberlain Tab
ets were the only thing that gave
her permanent relief.. Obtain
able everywhere.
Fillx OiizUij Start Ritolitloa.
Washington, Feb. 28 Felix
Din, who has been watched for
several months by Department of
Justice agents tedanse of trftpeot '
ed aotivit'es in violation of Ameri
can' neat ra ity apparently has left
oan gather about him General
Disz left New, Orleans Friday for
Havana, where several Mexicans
whose names have been associated
with bis in reports of a revolu
tionary movement were under-
atood to be awaiting him. Teo-
dore Dehesa, a former Governor
General of Vera Crux,: and Gener
al Acrelioano Blanquet, war min
ister under Haerta, wera reported
to be among them.
were divided up and so'd on long
creait,:st low interest to Irish
Catholic tenants
1 he highest law Italian pope
Aid his foreign church fiercely
oondems and oarsca to eternal per
dition. These who maintain the liberty
m M W Small; D D
Stale llewiIteES
Ef Pgolist
gue Speaker Wifl Uaka id Address Hen.
0021 Anti Saloon Lei-1 News Co'ceBtnld iiTkse h Wiat ta
Know Ahsit Hoct Aftiirs.
Yepgmeu early Monday morn
ing broke into the Test Durham
postoffioe and bliir Opes ta large
safe for tho- fourth time -within
a little more than oue year. Thirty
dollars in cash was tak'n and 200
worth cf it&mps were blown into
HeaiUif WFacr.sQ
4 t
Sict ViktJli UfsrcatlM Rsltflri fi ti)
Headaohe is not u disaue of the
headfAti liiatoitb
Rev. Sam.fv! Small, the fam-
cub Souther evangelist, editor
and lecturer, is called 'A Prinze
of the Platform."
He il) deliver oue of his most
famous lectuirers iu the Colonial
Theatre, Salisbury, at 8 o'clcck
Sunday afternoon, March, 6th and
thai pr 89Lt au opportunity fcr
our peopie to hear this famoua
national evangelist and author.
He is a man of exceptional at
tainmeLti. He was born in
Kncxvillp, Tennesiee, i i the city
founded by his family forbears;
graduated with h'gh honors from
Emory and Henry College in Vir
ginia, and after admiaaiou to tie
bar in Tennessee beoame private
secretary to ex-President Andrew
Johnson and followed that states
man's political f itunes to tbe
United States Senate. He holds
the literary degrees of A. B. aud
A M. from hts Alma Mat r; Ph
D. from Taylor University. He
is a trained jjfcrnalist, many yean
editor of leading Southern news
paper?, principally the noted
'At lama Cobatituticn " He
Charlotte Observ r, Feb. 28tb"
O P. Heath, oue of Charlotte's
oldest, bast known and in his day
one of the Sooth's most prominent
cotton merbhtnti, corumittsd ni-
oiue yesseraay morning 11 o - not a dia aas aril, not any mora
elook in hif tffice at No, 21 I S than ihUdimh&Su
South College street by skottinirlt iv Only sfeign ifl3thal
himself thr mgh the lead with a icmething is wr ng-and,neda at
.82 calibre Cols blue steel revolver, tension. Uanallv on cwt of
shreds by the nitro-glyciaiuo used. Death was instantanecpi. til natura'a laws has been violated.
Tracks of the robbera left in the health with th added tribulations Excesses o ou kin& s aarjiher
asbestcs scattered-w th flooriof irrouf hrru 1Sy financial reverses, are the usual violat&nhinaara
the offioe is the onlv ,olue-wth- ra assisned to - aciocnt for tha ai.A . jLLj
... .. .. .-m. ., 4UUMSUUM n newt
which officers haveto-work. In act -Two notes, sea'ed sod ad- aehe. y In .u' zol
the three past roij&riei nearly draised to his wife, were found jby Take comedienne ralth
I5OC0 in cash ajij, stamps were those wb reached th aone first ache. Find out the cans int
atolen. ' - Theiroonten WOIk there to effect erajJ Don'l
Britain Price, OrArlotte, wocd butit is ttated thaJ they : relatjed dope" a headacho. longer
yard foreman, died Sajrorday of . ipnte personal matters suoh ygu defer removing tha cause by
wout ds reived Fraf at th mght I e anticipated uuder jhe taking headaohe medioine the
hands of Joti Bhtntcu, JegroV 0cam8lauce, The My W more .aggravated beoctaeiv your
who struck him ovefthB headVitj, lrried to Manroa on the 10:10 p condition caosing your head to
a heavy atiok of wodd f flowtbg s roak 8eaboard trainthrii motjn- ache the more. . t --.
diapute as to bow much fuel oould ing mnd tbe funeral took lace jat Oonstipation b one of thi caotl
be bought for fiv cents. Blanton the Centra 1 Methodist Church iin- oommoj) oauaee jf headache,
was arreted nt Crastoma-ahd is mediately upon arrival Rev. Dr. 5uch a headaohe is &rxanUya
held iu fail at Charlotte on alJ -Rowe of Sal abury, agisted lieved by. the hie of a timide laxa-
by Key. M l. Steele of Hickory tiveandite return j;s-X8?asted
Grve, and Rev. J. E. Abermthy not by he constant cxe of laxa
of Monroe, had charge of the ser- tiveihut, by regulating. th,e diet,
Vioe. eatinsr an .bnndanAA frtsita.
vegetable and bulky.-fi&ft Bt-
Daaif era of Draft jgular habits thonld oerfaetioed
Drafts feel best when we 4rt 4aily to arc idoaiaitipaticn;
' ot and perspiring, just whfeu Over-eating ia of ten', ar csae of
they are most daugerona and the headaole. Tha cure in tuca-in-
charge c f murder -
The government has let t
Chandler and Campbell pf Chat
tan :oga, Teuu , the contract to
ere Shelby's new postcfiEce build
ing, work t begin April 1st. Th
building is to be ot" gray pressed
brisk, fire-proof, tar atd grave
roof, steam heat. ItU to be lo-
nlai AAlt nf thm nnihAiat nornflr I Ann Xfnanloa nr mmciimu an. al.
orthe oourt iquarft on aTdt b etomaoh a rest and avoid repeat-
of Major GreenWThe lot is on ?PP 81oau's Linimfnt. ;It ingthw violation. r..-.-
wusKing or sleeping u now.
Sout'r Wusb ngtqu street,
whole is to c at btuut $85,000
uuu iu! (mi luewvuu uviiiiproni venfarated ?4T0 ; foefi
freely jand jn a shrrt timeth-k, on hMdMjMtf
Saturday Mrs. Mar, J., Gurey !J?i 'v. S f r0m ibis .sala
wasawarded 10,000 by a Guilford :fi-MWiir-fBfaa .a-BKamsl. bv walkina fa rh.oan
County jury in her suit against Uiipi oatf Us of S16ane 'iiii- air.walkiug alowly at tltttlfhen
Shropshire' in
oroea in Sojdern Mexioo a hlM 6f 4Weral -hooks, r By iliwaaaliowVtfa
appointment of President Hayes
he served as secretary of th?
American Commission in Piris in
1878, and a delegate from th:a
cuntry to the International Li .
terary CongreBB of that year. He
has served iu many notable na
tional oouventicns of political
t h e Southern Power OompanTimfntl so ai to iti ! ef
rowln8 on 01 e lf"1 , Vm WV wi liecti.of the cure air fofed ibao
tmgusg sensation 01 comior ano , , , 7 " ,T
warmth and quiet rert an1 ilefcp u Pu of the body intf tSe ira-
ir pifeblev Gbod fcr Neuritis, purities driven uout t ., V rv
tooi :Jric 25c. tt year dtuggUt I Another coomen fcacxe Of htad
1Vm Ki' ttoir .-mm' .TtftnwiT 41. Ji
after raiding, writifig or tewing
that your bead aches you may bo
pauy'a reservoir JMay ftU,
IB I Tha nimtntiff was BBina for
l i e . i
Of the press. Encyclical letter commercial ana reiormasory cuar
of Pope Gregory XVI , in 1881, ft0tet- Wbi,e 1U h Unted
and cf Pope Pius IX., in 183$. States Army io Cuba in 1899 he
Or the liberty of ccntciecc and wai MilitaTy bupervisor of Publio
Instruction, engaging iu the reor-
oompany, through its agent G . C
Howard, was coudaoui g a bathibg
pay ill ion and had been allowing
boys to swim in the pool. The at
legation thaf thef defendint .had
not exercised' due care for the
4 )
safety of tho bather was substan
tiated by the" eviduoe; and to
Iijiftili iital'le MsA
8truck and run over by sin au-1 quite sure that it 4a due to- va
tonobile on North Main Street I strain. This cause can be rriov
Keep Your RoWrls Regular
As everyone knows, the bowel
are the sewerage system of the
body, and it is "f the greatest im
portance that they mov ooc
eaoh day;v ! If ywUf be wets l erom
coQStipated. tnke a doae f Ccam
ber'am'B Tablets just aftei supper
and th y will coirct th die rder
Obtainable evryher.
near his home, Joseph, the seven led only by the use of properly -ad
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. justed glasses In some fasfaneef
W Oarene, ie .in the sanattridm the eye may ac aally ba1 diseased
suffering from a crushed hinwa audnetd treatments fl iitn
that fact ieattribated the fury's Uola in hwhead atd oVher bvuiies. to see agood ipecialfatwlierhaw-
veraioa in ravor oi sne piaiusis. itHp ,A rntnmmo hnm fm in )..... tt- ; -.-i-.-
school on Mondav afternoon and traAti1.1lnl latin .-i
60 RI6HT AT lT. at a no ht almost bppiiie the old
street oar line switoh on North
of worship. Ecoyclical of Pius
IX , Dscembe 8, 1864. ganisation of tbe public schools of m m Mi B SlIMBff Will Main Straet be made a move aa
. tr t
Or the liberty of speech. Syl- ne Asiaua.
labus" of March 18, 18fll. Prop. ln 1000 Mr- DmB" lDeQ ft
ixxtx E.ioyalrcal of Pope fius promineut editor and publio offi-
IX , December 8 1864. ciai, was cnveriea tnrpugn ine
Or who contend that papal preaching cf Rev. Sam Jones, the
judgments ar d decrees may, with 8real tieorgia evangeiist. a -d join
ut am, ha disbejed, cr differed
Skow Yod i Wif,
Tho Court of Last 4atrf.
ArouLd the atove 'of the crosa
roada grocery is the reaf eosjurt) of
list resort,' for itilhaUy ovartrulas
all otheia. Ohamberirainikh
I he .topped mf.oatoJUebjgflw. thft oontl in .WoirSrSti ilw.
from,; on lee they treat of the
r ilea (dogmata) of faith and
Charges Great Brltiia VYifh frying to Drag m ra's ibid.
Or who aaaign to th State the
powr ot defining the civil r'ghts
Am fca Into tbe fiv.
Wa8hiugton,-Feb. 28 A ate-
ment today by Senator G re of
Oklahoma author of a resolution
tc keep Americans off armed ship ,
t-J-the tflVct that powerfu' irflu
enoea have been trying to force
this nation into the" European
war, ras served t warm tp a fee'--
2 .l l -j : I
ing ua. wi ttt itB uem u"ug offioe
the tense situation last we k.
The assertion was ' mado fre
quently that Great Britiau would
be gltd if she could bring about
conditions that would Warrant the
United StaWe plunging into the
war, and the me. hods she is sup
posed to have employed wre look
ed upon as being so shrewdly de
vis d as to be beybfid positive de
tection The feelings that are
held by ssveral individuals-art) ex
p eased by Senator Gore.
l4I fear- We are driftii g on tbe
rooks. It looks to me as if pr- -
British newspapers, pro-British
infiuenoes, and the munitions ma
kers were trying to drag us into
The suspioion is held that one
plan of Great Britum ir to- secure
American oitiiens to take passage
on some of the boats that would
be liable to attack, by. employ it g
them with at ractive offets.
. .
ed with mm in noidiug tvaug
1 atio aervics in all the greater
cities of the United S.ates aid
Canada Ihoee were the mat
fa uoua a ' snccoasfu rel-gioi B
mea'igs "jver held in this or any
finrfll and cravii c- of thaohtiroh. otpr ountry. Dr. Small baa led
w 1
Syllabua" of Pius IX
' r.
t U "A
: 1 t -.:
March 8, 1861. Ibid. Prop. ix.
; Or that tha ch r:b may not em
ploy force ErclesU via inferen-
doe potestat&m iiru habet. 'Syl
labus," Prep. xxiv.
of the episcopate, but
granted to it by the civil arjthcri
ty. Ibid, Prop. xxx.
Or that any method of mstrno
tion of youth, solely secular, may
be approved. Ibid. Pre p. xlviii.
Or tha' iu the conflict of laws.
oivil aud esclesiastical, the civil
law should prevail. Pid. Prop.
Or that knowledge of things,
campaigns r suiting m the dos
ing f siox ah m 10,0r0 drink
sh pa, and is recognized in al'
quarters of !hj nation as onecf
the formott apostlea of prohibi
Ithocgh he intended to board a
Get at the root of . the trouble . I passing ' d ad" automobile towed
Rubbing an aching back may I by ancther maohine from a Salia
relieve it, bury garage. Ai the boy did this
bus is woo t care ii n ids
neya are weax. i j. ltnii oourt in almost everv
You must reub the root of it PHtnger car driven tor W. T J roads grooery in thTs omlnrysiiid
tbe kidneys Busby, assistant oaahier of the has always raceittd ifavdrtfblO
Doau's Kidney Pills go right at Peoples National bank, and travel- verdict. It ii ra the cductry
tj wg in the opposite direction. wer? Inan PrJ JtaafyjWl
. Reach the oaue; attack the Mm u: value for bia money thatihia
? ' e boy was unoonscioss wn o .r jtii. -v v usTu
pain . . . x . remedy is most appreciated. Ob
A r a reoomminded bv miLf taken to tha sauatormm. He IS tainable ever-htfi i4
Salisbury people. reportea to oe getting along mealy
Raliahnrv. .. had backaohel raiji,
and ether kidiy disorders. At LN . -t . shmms Fb 22th -Some; of John A
timet my itmoB woreso weax ana "" ' -
lame. I couM hardly get arouud.
Or that in oountnes called
Catholic," tbe free (-zeroise of
other religions may laudably he
allowed "Syllabus"'- Prop.
In tbe oromgr itbe- trouble wb
worse. M kidneys were irregular
in aotion ind caused me a lot of
annoyance.. I had heard of so
many who had foud Doan's Kid
ney Pills beneficial that I began
taki-g them. They lived up to
the olaima made for them, reliev
i ig the miaery in my baoV- and
regulating the aotion. cf my kid
neys "
Price 60o: at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
Peeler's naonle cranra him sk Hrth
A meeting of the seoretariea of dm dinna. on ; Vmbrn oW in
the various fair asiociation in this kcnor o oig 59 birtbtlay Y-
oaaa-i was neia on oaauraay M nu. was among the ownhafe pwa
Greensboro and the circuit of L. k.i-.j - m
fairs to be held throughout the I dinne
8tte waa arranged. The achef vin. wmm mwAhis.l'Jafc
u!e oompUed Saturday is as the dream of Unrdw miWa ah
Becky Mount, 8.ptamberlo.a.( Bft kU,inga78 Mi iVntU
O r that the Roman pontiff
ought to com- to terms with pre-(get Doau' Kidney Pills tbe same
I t I- . . I A. I A.
arreai. iioeramm. and modern civ 1 sua
ilisatiouv Ibid,
How blind we
Prop. ixxx.
are, if we fail to
Mrs. - Frost bad. F.ster
Milburn Co. Props, Buffdlo, N Y.
philost phical and civil, may and set that thia law is ia absolute
should decline to be guided by conflict with cur law, and that a
&E33 d Sores, Other Rsmedles WoBt Core.
Tb4 tsenScaaes, no matter of bowUmi Mgndtaart
tx Head by the, wonderful, old reliable Xr,
divine and (coleaiastical acthori
ty. Itid Prop. Ivxii,
Or that marriage is not in ita
essence a sacrament. Ibid. Prop.
ur tnat m inage. not saora-
mLtly contracted (si taoramen
turn eXdlndatur), baa a binding
force. Ibid Prop. Ixxvii.
Or tha the abolition of tbe
temporal pewer tf ib& popedom
would be highly advantageous to
the cburcn Ibid . Prop, lxxyi.
Also ixx .
Or that any ether religion than
the Roman religi.n may be estab
lished by state. Ibid. Prop..
clash ia
drill t
bound to pome, as the
of Columbus arm amd
"make Ameiioa Catho-
A Specific Again t Gold.
Tha nearest thing to a speciflo
agMDst oold ia a Bleeping porch or
: yen bed room and a oold sponge
bath every morning whan you first
get up. -Even then you will oc
casionally take a cold, especially
when colds are epidemic, and
when you do you will find OhanoS
Srarts to Oq April HI
The initial opening1 of the sea
eon foe 8parksJ, cirou hai.Jja)tf
fixed for Monday, April 10th, and!
Salisbury will onoe more bahf
f . I. . ' a aa 1 '
nrit city on ins circuit, ine eir-
- - 1 1 j
ens will give Ita first performance
here and as is the case each year
it will be bigger and better thain
ever. Charles Sparks, manager
of th shows, has suffered some
heavv losses amonst his hone re
oently, five fine animals havirig
died ir the past two weeks. .Oije
was one of the best in tha stabl
and the others were from a lot
berlaurs Cough Rem dy a gf eat
hftln in enabling von fen crnt rid of
it. Try it. Obtainable every! nW stock whioh
wbare,., sJuipiaeW
Salisbury, September S2-29.
Winston 8alem, October 8-4.
Greensboro, October 10-14.
Raleigh, Ootober 16-21.
Charlotte, October 25-27.
Spartanburg.. .Ootober 81 No
vember 8.
Although the sohedule gives the
Bill rt ports. t ,r-sNa
Venuj haa bean invited to visit
a osrtinoo4.farjainfid hiifaira
ily, 8 mileeeast of UtPJesstat,
and spend the night 1 Wt 2 will go.
a J. T. Wyatt reeived ttn urdcz
today forjjro pair iUttonsr.
Vsntu .speDt' Saturday nishi
mS Oharlotto fair at Oo Mt. and Mraflker SdStw
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tuiiia will be m the circuit, mh tft m aiui will 1,
TtVdflS 'S""7 faiq attend tha bigrmtylwiol-rally
were net definitely decided nDonLHi a.u.i,-. ..
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and theV'ars1 nrifiBtmir w'rth an
preverby'i'tbey Bdwad f iir linanav
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Wo understand that there will
beTTlrigldrme scl561 exhibition
at the close of theOresoenVpablld
ohooi term on April lit.
'-. Venue wante to buy a chinV af
bells like were used on horta0
haaea iu plditin. ;
Mr. and Mrs. David Peeler have)
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