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A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of the People and for Honesty in Governmental A flairs
. kti'20G;Q00 Before Yeita
FrucH Wat Qffcs Cla m. That Slaughter
" If uirniH His Bten Gigantic.
Pri8 April 7. The Gorman
lotfe before Verdun tip to the
prtnot have reached a total of
203030 men. one of the greatest
battle Wb a iu the whole range-of
warfare according to the semi-of-ileiai
eatimates made public here
todays 'khe remit of oareful in
quiry made in the highest quarts
an which the figures have been
rigorously checked and verified." '
4,13C amenta ry and verbal teiti
tnony gathered and authenticated
permit the giving of preoise de
tails concerning the U es jb suffered
by the German and by ub cii the
Verdun front," says the semi-official
communication given to the
Associated Press, "Oaring the
period from February 21, when
the battle l)egan, to April 1, it is
known that two army corps, name
ly the Third and Eighteenth, havt
been withdrawn from the froi t.
having but in the .first attacks at
ltsst cue-third of their force.
They hve reappeared since aLd
have again suffered like losses.
The German reinforcements
are practically aied up as ft at at
they ate put ia line. The total
effectives of the Eighte-nth Corps
hate in this way lost 17 000 men
and the Third Corps has lost 22,-
000 men.
"Concerning the 121it division
which took possession of North
Vans about' March 12, we have
precise information. More than
one-ha'f of tin Seventeenth Regi
saaalof its reservei was pat out
of action by our machine guns in
the in ffectual attack against the
slopes ; of the fort. The Sixth
fitgiment suffered like losser.
"The Nineteenth German In
fantry, had already suffered simi-
1 Ailoit'ea ifi a tt acxfifgt he v it ra ge
otVaux en Maroh 9. Its Thir.
teehth Company was surprised
aved annihilated. Iu entering
he village hocses its first bait
lion an redcced 60 per cent.
Three regiments of the Elev
enth Bavarian Division which
led the attack on the Malcncourt
and the Avooouit woods on March
20 atd 22 were each reduced by
one-half. Their losses varied be
tween 53 and 60 per cent. T;e
am) is true of the losses of the
Fourth Rsgiment cf the Second
Division cf Lindwehr e: gaged un
der similar conditions."
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CdBitmc'lon Foreman Killed at Coscro.
Concod, April 10 Phil Willis,
negro foreman for . the Thrasher
Construction Company which has
the oontract for building a section
of the doable track fcr the S :uth
em Railway, instantly killed this
aft'arcoon about 8 :80 o'clock by
th-) explosion cf a stick of dyna
mite. The acc;dent happened
neat the depot. Willis failed to
get the danger signal.
Chimket laln'a Coufb Rem dy
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'Hef Lhe WJ1 People t Slaves
Thinks Lawyers Should Net Monopolize
LegislaUye Jcbs.
Oa the 17th paga of the Pr
gres:ve Farmer of April 1st there
is a very thoughtful article on the
subject of taxation. The qaes
tion is the mcst importar.t sa jjct
that can e: gge the attention of
any people, and if all cur editors
would devote more tim') to the
intelligent discussion of such sub
jects, their papais would devote
more time to the intelligent
di8CUS3ion of such subjects,
their papers would accomplish
more end be read with muoh
moie interest. The editor of the
Progressive Farmer is either right
or wrong in the position he takes.
If he is right, then the only reme
dy for us is to send men to the
!egiiiatu!e who will amend our
laws as to rmove the injustice
from which we now suffer. If he
iB wrcug, thea let us continue to
send lawyers to the 'egnlature to
make our laws even worse (if pos
sible) than they new are. How
long, otl how long will the com
mon people continue to march up
tc the polls and vote aB the besses
te'l them.
In the great European war there
is not a soldier in the trenches
that can give an intelligent reason
why he is trying to kill his neigh
bor, ile ia fighting simply to
gratify the love of power and greed
of gain on the part of his rulers.
And there is cot one cf the com
mon people of North Caroliua who
can give, an intelligent reason why
he should vote for a lawyer to go
to the legislature. It is simply
to gratify the love of power and
greed of gain on tbj part of our
Let me say, lest I be misnnder
stood, that I hava no utk od feel
ing toward our lawyers- Many of
them I knew to be nice gentleman,
but they should not have the
three-fold power of makmg our
laws, interpreting r ut laws, and
executing our laws. It is well
known that wfcen the present con
etitution cf the United States was
made b y George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, John adams,
J.ihn Hay, Jas. Madison, etc,
etc, the first thing they decided
on was that it wou'd not be wise
to entruBt the three fold pwer of
making the laws, interpretii g tl e
laws atd executing oar laws in
the hands of any one set of m?n.
Therefore the formed the govern-
msnt with three separate oo ordi-
nate branches . Now either thes
great men made this govemneut
-I 1.1 Jl 1
man B kdow wna iney were aom
when they made ins government
or we d?n't k-jow what we ate d.-
ins when we send lawvers to the
legislature. U.
lctte News.
r j
K. Reid. Char-
The Aches of House Cleanlsg.
The pain and soreness cansed by
bruises, over exertion and strain-
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Good Roads Association to Meet.
The Aunual Good Roads Con-
vention held under the
of the Noith Carolina Good Roads
Association will bs held at Wil
mington and Wrightsvllle, N. O.,
Jude 20, 21 and 22. The Board
rf County Commissioners of New
Hancver County and the Cham
bar of Com not ace of Wilmington
are making elaborate arrange
ments i or this convention and it
is expected that it will be the
larg st and most saocesiful Good
Roads Convantion ever held in
the SUt9.
They are planning a big day to
be known as ''Governor's Day"
when special trains will be ran to
Wilmington from Goldsboro.
Fayetteville and perhaps other
Fifteen Officers and 699
Berlin, April 10. Via London.
Exceptionally heavy French
losses are reported in connection
with the German advance south
f Hancourt, by which the Bavar
ian and Silesian troops now occu
py the heights of the so-called
Ter mitten hil. The French los
sea within a few hours were in
orsassd by a counter attack on
tin lost positions whioh failed
The captured positions are more
than 2,000 yards in width They
are on the left bank of the Mease
about two-thirds of a mile south
ward of Hauoorjrt and ire a con
tinuation of height 287. The tak
ing of these positions tends to
straighten cat the German line
before Verdun and is considered
of great importance.
Fifteen Officers &Dd 699 men
were taken prise ner, including
numerous recruits of the 1916
clas who were captured nn
The War effise announced today
that ia the fighting near Betbin
court in the Verdun region, the
sown and two fortified points of
the fort to the southwest were iso
lated. The Fiench were cut off,
Using 714 prisoners, two guns and
15 machine sans. The losses of
the Frenoh in killed or woanded
were coi siderable.
London, April 10 h. In Asia
tic Tnrkey the Russians have pen
etrated to the region of Diarbekr,
Armenia, while in the district of
B tlis several Turkish attacks have
been repulsed. South of LaVe
Urumaip region the invaders ap
parently are coming np with th
Turkish main forcss, the latest
official report announcing that in
-engage-menta fought .with large
numbers of Kurds, the latter were
supported by regular Turkish in
fantry. From the Dvina river to the
lower Stripa there has been spo
radic fighting between the Rus
sians and the Germans. Consid
erable activity by the airmen cf
both sides aho has been shown.
Near Komrre, in the Pripet marsh
region, a German attack, launch
ed I y means of brats, broke down
under the Russian fire, while on
the lower Stripa the Russians cap
tured a German trench and held
it aginst :cuntf r-attscks, inflict-
irg heavy casualties on the Ger-
Oood 'rr Col in.
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Tar.Hnnoff Onlt 9.1 at Hrnffaiiti
" j w f co
Vice-President to Speak at Normal.
Washington, April 10. Vice-
President Thomas R. Marshall
told Sinatar Overmau today that
he would accept the invitation to
speak May 23 in Greensboro at
the commencement exercises of
the State Normal acd industrial
Colleee. Mrs. Marshall will sc
company him.
The Vice-President received the
first invitation two weeks ago
wben'when W. O. Jackson, dsan
of the colleg accompanied
Senator Overman and Congress
man Steadman called on him.
Mrs. Marshall-received from the
students of the college a pressing
invitation to ocme.
Should Not Feel Dlscourtgigr.
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Best Street Parade Eier 8 ilea. As En
tire New PtiformiBce.
The best day, as fa r-Sf weather
was concerned, that hat ever been
txperierced in Salisbury a Sparks
airons day, was that of Monday,
when this renowned circus opened
the 1916 season at this place. The
day was an ideal one acd everbody
seemed delighted that these shows
had such an auspicious aay for
their opening.
A t 1180 o'clc ok the head of the
street parade waa seen coming in
West Innes street from; the show I
Sparts Ojqiw.a
grounds and it turned Into Faltcn, rain and this oontinued through
then to Liberty, toMhtto Bank, 001 the w h dty. the af.
kn Kiiia m H to incr. wner ia i
wended its way back t the show
grounds. This parad was con
sidered the best that has ever been
given here by Spaiks circus, It
was nearly a mile in length and
was made up the uajal variety of
onen and closed deni erf wild ani
mal", men and women ridrs in
handsome costumes,.ao robats,
clowns, slephaoti, camels, etc ,
alio two callippfit, one of these
being a new addition to the street
pageant. Jack Phillip's band of
excellent musioiane rendered an
abundance of choice felee.iooi
along the line cf marob and at the
performance. Several new wig-
. .. i . .iji
nn anri tni) newiv DRimea oia i
vm j 47-
ones and in fact everything in the I
parade gave evidence of the well
kept and olean character of the
Sparks shows. A noticeable fea
ture of the prootesiou was the ate
of American flags only, Mr. Sparks
being strictly neutral and believ
ing in America nrss, lasa ana ai-
The afternoon cerformance was
not as wen aisenaea as rxpecsea, i
(oneidef ing theexcUi:t wathes.
but the evening performance was
quite wall attenaed. ine per
formance this year is without a
doubt the best ever presented to
the public by the Sparks manage
meut . Among tha many acti, and
one that held the attention of the
audience from start to fiuiah, was
that in whioh Hilliary Long was
the only participant. He per
foimed some remarkable feats
standing on b 19 head. Among
them were the seemirgly impes-
lible fiats of siidine down a 100-
foot cable, deeondine several
t.enn rf a smai stairs. leaniCB
th can on a roller sVate. besides
1 - '
o r
savral amszing feats on the 1 ra
pes", all performed with perfect
qcilibrium cn his head without
(he ubs Df his hands. In Mr.
Long, who, by tie way ia a North
Carolinian, the Sparks shows have
the mnst daring and highest sal-
l . m
aned ciraua performer.
Muoh credit is du3 Captain
Trieber, who presented a marve:-
L..,. . .;,h k;. ...1.
I '
1 . ....1 1 1
w&ose iriteingence eeemea aimoB
human. Janelie and Whitoml,
th atrone man. did Borne wonder-
flll hand t0 i,. balaLoine. The
i i i . I.U.. i j: J i i v.
e:epunus, ua i(iicuuiu uiiuu
rid3rs, the wire walkers, trapexe
artist', clowns, and in faot Vcry
act in the circm arena vaa giv n
in a manner deserving of muoh
nraise. The show left here M
(jay night for Winston-Salem.
HltsThit There Wss us Cure
For H'tn.
uAfter suffering for ovar twenty
years with indigestion and ba-ii-g
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thoagh I am a man of 65 ears,"
wr'tes Jul Grobien, Houston, Tex
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Fifteen Incites ot Snow.
Cumberland, Md.,
April 9.
of snow at
There are lo inches
Tfccma oa tb6 WtBfc Virginia-
Maryland line and it is still snow-
-eg tonight, On Savage Moun-
tain the fill ii 12 inohei.
iBsstiient a Ssccrja
Oier 4.300 School Cbildrei laPiriii
Rain Fails ro Sp:il Eieit.
Though ham pared, aocnewhat by
mciemn waaBr. aa annual
Rowan Ooanty Behool Coameneewjoiaed the rebeli. Tht Oenttt
ment held Iff! Friday tarned oat
to bs the biggest aaccesa of any
commfnement ever held in the
county. In fact it was entirely
beyond the expectations of those
who superintended it, among
whom County Superintendent, R.
G. Kizer deserves credit at the
guiding spirit.
A clear sky early in the morn
ing gave pro mite of agcod day,
but on toward noon it began to
nd while ife Pbabfy did mar thfr
success of the cmmencemenil
somewhat, the majority of the
large crowd of people who came
here iu the morning remained un
til the dosing hours of the event.
The principal feature of the
commencement was without .a
doubt the parade of the school
children of the oounty. Long be
fSA t I? A tl Allt) aTlAflV fl J-k illA na.i 4 M
U4 ,uo "UW4 "OB 4"4 BUO
move Main 8rM wat lined OD
both idfti with P60Ple acd tbe
anoue schools, man of the lat-
ter being represented 100 per cent
IJ0D were 1,ned P lne,r de
formation points ard it
hnnlrl ha ififtn trial ihia navmnt
o .
wai to surpass all other like pa
rades. Chief of Police Miller,
who was mounted and in charge
of the parade, and other police
officers looked after the safety of
'u IUWU u f.-"J
-01 oa a single acoiuent occur
mwuiet aer fcneaaie sime ana
--- rr
Frm Life,6ch:ol of China Grove
with two beautiful floats, eset?r
were followed by the municipal
band. Then followed an auto
mobile containing Dr. Archibald
He darson, the prino'pal speaker
cf dav wilh prominent
citiieut. The first siction of
school. ohildren, headed by County
Superintendent R. G. Kiier and
Mayor Walter H. Woodson on
foot, earns next, and this proved
to be the longest line of school
children ever gathered in Rowan
1 i . nil 1 :
uouny. ine seoona aivision was
mde P of BPencer BPaDOer
r. 1 J
ea vy trie oausDury oana.
An nflRr.ial oonutof the nnmber
of children inline showed 824,
these being in addition to the
teachers, the members cf the!
KanHa and ft nnmber of aahool
ccmmittieman and othsre. The wntesfcant showed splendid train- in4 Ayon have been sunk, pre
pande formed in front of the 1D The fifBl Pme ln this in aumably by aubmarineP, while the
court home and the neighboring ton0, w1en' Siduej Sfrifc ot Danish steamer, Asger Ryg, sup-
aaoaak. anri ai-ii mnte over which
it moved was up Main to Bank,
Baik to Fulton and Fulton to
rr -hrft it di.handad.
The athletic snorts scheduled to
KtthaM nnth Rlli. Strv n!Rv
v Ur
grounds were called c ff on
i . n.. .
of the rain. The other exetoiBes,
hnavr w,r hald at the stated
na a,,rl -ere decided .nocess .
" . T . .- .
rne principal exercises ui
day were held at the Methodist la-
bernacle, where Dr. Henderson de
livered the commencemnt address.
He was heard by a large and ap-
ioHa a..dinn. Snnerin-
fndnt Kia.r nresided at the tab-
-M-.-rarniaA. and oraver was
- Braf
i.i. xt x vi
tnerea ny laev. v.
St. JohL's Lutheran Church.
Mnsic was famished by the ma-
nioinal band
Tm t.h ion? contest there wete
. i sii.i
two entries, ureiceni ana vroia
Kuob schools, and the prixe of
t9 RQ was awarded to Orescent.
May:r Woodson after a splendid
talk presented the certificates
pre motion and perfeot attendance.
There were 168 of the former and
180 of the latter eifen oat.
Th. rit.tinn. Annfcoaia vara
held at the old court house,
There were thirteen contesVanta
andeach delivered bis or her re
titat on waa She Wanted
She Wanted
Kaow." The second priae was
taken b Miss Ida Fink of Ole? e-
ucd Township, who recited The
Drsao of 8iite Agnti."
1 ffniipj Join Cfes EetEl5
Ritlreaeot tfKai Scsgfct bfSisrtirs 1
Hepauncwno task fiDiittl StttttferU
Shanghai, China, April 10.
warships stationed at Canton have
Uovemment hai recalled the
Twelfth Division, 8,000 troopa 0
which arrived at Shanghai, frdm
Peking on Saturday. The govern
ment also has reioinded order for
the Tenth J Division to proceed to
Canton, presumably owing to dis
affection among the men.
Supporters of the republican
form of government here are en
deavoring to bring about the
tiremtnt of President Shi Kai.
They ate deiiroui, however, that
hit retirement shall b accoop-
ished by popular approval rather
by the action, of another Nation.
They are hopeful that the United
Stat or Great Britain will in
duce Yuan Shi Kai to sten down
in the interest of paaoe.
Watch Chlld'a Cough.
Colds, running of nose, continu
ed irritation of the mncous mem
brane if negleoted may mean cat
arrh later. Don't take the chance,
do something for vour chili.
Children will not take every medi
cine, lot they will take Dr. King's
Ww Disoovery and without brib
ing or tearing Its a sweet pleat-
ant Tar Byrup and so effective.
last laxative enough to eliminate
the waste poisons. Almost ths
1 ' 1
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ed, no mixing or faising. Just
ask your druggist for Dr.. King's
vt t; ... . 1
new ijBQovary. is win sare guara
yonrohild against serious ailments
resulting from oolds.
One of the best debates yet held
dhring a oounty commenoimentiQ the Lake Naroca reeion con-
here was that held in the city
school auditorium and presided
oyer by Prof, J. A, Leitch. There
1 1L. 1 M. I . I
i g wu isigsii numner so enter a
debate since the commencement
was insgurawa. me essay "Kow -
an's Part in the War Between the
States, was also held in the
school auditorium and was one of
the best parts of the program.
School field day exercises were
beM in i.tha class rooms of the
jbiiis street icnooi and Mils Janie river region.
Shipman was in charge. There Along the entire Austro-Italian
was a contest in reading, spelling front, the artillery of bdth sides
arithmetic and story tell ins lnlhaa hnan intvA. An nnrfflni.l
which every child in Rowan Ccua-
ty bad a chanoe to win a prisa.
The declamation contest was
held in the ? oowt loom at
the court house and was in charge
of aufrenntendent M. I.:Barues of
. D6uce' oflooii.- There .were
mu6 WBOO,B ropresenieu ana every
woia 11111 ownsnip, wnoie sun-
WM "The ?iJ ol.PorJ"
"- aoia meaai. wai-
ter Davis ot Providence Township,
weired 12.60 as second prixe.
The voanl "oreroom in the
I aa. a -a - kA
wauaoe ouuaing was utilized for
I ft U A BiltlAAl aTkvlleaa tlAMn ja. aaaa.H
,u' u"u"t UMV.u.aj
OI exDlD1" ln educa-
onl ;fk was on display, taste-
J fall v arranged and more nnmeil
- . .
, ,
- r" "6
'P .
mae connay commencement
On0 of ne ho windows was ar
ranged with an exhibit of sewing
I a m -r a a
I dv mis scuooi. ine oansDury
Te ma6 Dy ne,e obooib aua oo
FWU "a"1 vi mo apau
I - A 1
,u a6 rooB,
I M anv ffold mad a' a crivan hvtra.l fTynm tntn 97 nh.nna.kla n'th
7 ' - A """"s0"1"0 " "
1 riQtts baeioess houses of. the city local rain, and cool wind along,
prtieniea as nrst prii'i
ne winners 01 ne amerent con
I . a iii'
cfj seats, mere were several cbbd
ine exniou prises wen 10 pu
Pll 01 ur6BB nrf AaBi opencei
I rl TT TM a rt
and Ohib Urove SOhOOlS. The
onooi winning aue greaaeaa nam
I 1 1 z A.t
ber of points m the yarious, oon-
- 'hta as Woodleaf, 875 points
to A ptisa of S10.00 given by V
to a piisa 01
Wallace A Sons wa
this sohool. China
osnd priza with 85C
raoeiyed prist of 15.
was presentee
Grove took
850 points ana
.00. .
jaw Me at YerfliD
Paris Bepsrts Capture of 150 Ultras of
Seroaa Trenches Sutbiest ot Doaiuraoat.
April 8. The Bethinooart sal
ient which for weeks had projected
like a wedge into the German lines
northwest of Verdun, has been
evacuated by the French.
Evacuation was carried oat un
der oover of darkness and with
out interference and the French.
through the move, have been en
abled to straighten out the line
which now runs from the corner
of the Av: court wood to the south
of the crossing of the Bethit-
oourt Esnei and Nethincourt
Ohattancourt roads.
Violent attacks by the Germani
against the new positions found
the French line unwavering, and
all of them were rennlsed exaimfc
- r -
between, the Ave court wood and
he Fcrget Brook, where the Ger
mam succeeded in entering the
French trenohei. but were almost
immediately driven out.
Northeast of Verdun around
repper Mill and on the Douau
mont Vaux sector, the Germane
heavily bombarded French posi
tions, 1 ut were unable to launch
an infantry attaok in the face of
the fire of the Frenoh guns. Cap-
tare of loO metres of German
trenches southwest of Douaumont
9 reported by Paris.
On the rest cf the line in France
1 t i : -. . .
uu aoiiaai siery aaeis aioae
nftTe 1)66,1 1Q Progress,
The offensive of the Russians
. . .
against the Germans in northwest
Rn..i ho. mimA a
..... . . t . . ,
- a a 1 uuui UBIUIUCUIB BuU IIDTTI n 1 11 g
attacks by the Germans and Rns
Uian aviatort . Artillery actions'
tinue. and an infantry attack ' bw
I the Germans M rannlaA1 h tha
Rasiian fire. -
figbting betweea
I the Turki and the Rnssiana has
taken place in the Blaok Sea lit-
Uorti with the Turks the aairress-
0ri. Three attaoka against the
Russian entrenchments on the
lriht bank of iha Tr-..i0ra ..ra
without result . The Russians i re
I pushing their advance acairTst the
ottomans in the upper Tohcruk
dispatoh from Salonibi reports an
exchange of ehots between German
ftnd French cavalry on the Mace-
donian front and lhe shelliDe.
without effect, of French trenchea
by the Germans in the region of
Qiegell and Doi ran.
The British steamers A5amton
posedly torpedoed, has been
Uightid, badly damaged south 6f
lhe Wl of Wight.
Pill a Beat for Liver.
Because they contain the best
liver medicines, no matter how
bitter or narseating for the sweet""
sugar ooating hides the taste. Dr.
a tn. uuutaiii m-
. gredients that nuts the liver work
ing, m 3 re the bowels freely. Noa
gripe, no nausea, aid digestion.
JMU, a bottle of Dr. King's
New Life Pill, and nctice how
New Life Pills and nctice how
much tetter yon feel. 25o at
your druggisti.
Wlkthef FOfeCiSt for Alfil. 1916.
r .
- From 2 to lo frequent showers
i"3ai aruuna, ny oooi wmas ana
I . . .
sjme onaugeaoie, some warm.
to and warmer.
I .. .
- From 17 to 24 fair, with threat
emngs but if wiod is southwest,
at 8 to 1) p. m. the 17tb, slight
- pail round, nut 11 northeast,
I m a . rm
jiignc snow names.
From 24 to May 2, fair and
o'ear, with changeable threaten
ing to rain, with short storms.
Sone broken weather yet to the
2th, look for short storms about
from 8r"d, 7th and 18 'h, atd May
lit, or about these datea.
fJi5BT Rxip, R. 3, box 167, Salia-bury9N04

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