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Salisbury, N. C.vApr. 12, '16.
Return Engagement of "Tbi BatMe Cri st
Petce" "Uncle Ton's Capin" of Pictutis
At theirs 21st and 22nd.
A short time ago at the Vita
graph Theatre J, Sturat Black-
ton's "Battle Cty of Pesoe" was
given Hi initial performance. It
ii the greatest pieoe of work jet
accomplished by any film record,
and it will go down as a piece o
epic work clcBely rivalling the
famoui "Uuole Tom's Cabin."
The situations are not bo Te'y
different. In one we have the
days of slavery, slavery to power
Tb'day we have slavery just as
flagrantly shewn in th helpless
ness with whioh we lie in the way
of any chance enemy that may
happen to attack as
Unole Tom's case was jast one
out of thousands, but what of the
ifcnation toda? We are slaves
in the grip of onr unpreparedneis
We think we are humane when we
listen to the peace propaganda
that is constantly preached by
many of our contemporaries, but
are we human?
Onr wives and our children will
be delivered into the hands of the
enemy and we who sat back in onr
chain and refused to contemplate
war, are we any better than slave
diivers? With our own hands we
bind the fetters of cruelty on the
frail hands of the women acd
children of Amerioa who in time
of war always suffer the cruelest
MTh Battle Cry of' Peace" is a
spur toward preparedness. Not
in order to deolare war, bat in
order to prevent it Many have
read the book "Defensaless Ameli
as,", whioh has for its plot the
laying bare of every weakness of
the country we love to vandal
hands, who at the slightest ohanae
would tear it to pieces.
Through the generalities of war
shown in all thsir blatant crudity.
w are subtly led up to a specific
instance; we are taken into our
own homes where the head of tl e
family spouta peace and the ohil
dren are content to have it to
And then com is war. It isn't so
difnoult as it sounds. You would
be surprised if you knew with
what rapidity ur scanty defeossB
could be swept away. Our navy,
hopelessly inad qiate, is worse
stillj so that the fleet may be more
easily demolished.
The ' Battle Cry of Peace,"
then, is a frank setting forth of a
problem that ought to be faced by
every man and every woman of
today. It pleads for better sol
diers. It shows the folly, of lay
ing down arms. It takes up the
words of many brave mea of to
day as well as yesterday." Men
are not afraid to speak what is
in their hearts for the welfare cf
the country.
We are all fighting for the
peaoe, universal peaoe, bat to buy
it, and at the price cf honor,
never. We should educate young
America as the youngsters of for
eign countries are educated, not
to fight and bring carnage over the
land, but to hold their country
sacred as their homes, and. to up
hold its honor above -all other
things iu the world.
Ths Battle Cry of Peace" is a
clarion of evolution. As oar
brother, the cave man, had to
struggle fcr surviva1, so must we
prepare to meet our difficulties, so
thst in time a race cf men will
take the places we leave them
and do honor to cur statesman
ship as we dc t3 braver men who
have lived and learned before us
This tremendous spectaole will
play a return engagement at the
Iris theatre, Salisbury, on Friday
and Saturday, 21st and 22nd of
The following permits for build
tag were issued recently by City
BoHirf er J W. W bt : L, Hick-
man, fieroom residence cu West
Horsb Street 1 1 a ccst of $750;
Janus D. Heilig, 2 iwc-s'ory resi-
nee cornr Tlumts and Fulton
Sirets 12 500 each Or if Dvis-
Collet i omber Company, 8 fear '
room h uses at a total of fl,5C0;
Ohas. A. Keever, six-rcooa resi
dence, North Jdsii Str-t, iesi
city limits, $2,fC0; D. L. Arey,
b aoksmitb shop, tea1 Washing
ton Building, 1850; Sm Carter,
seven room residence, N.rth Main
Street, edjoining present hDm,
12,150; W. Q. Morgiu, four room
home, North Boundary Street,
$800; H. K Leszar, bouse on
Melrose Ileights, $1,000. There
ate a number of buildings now iu
oourse of construction and among
those contemplated is a modern
bailding on East Council Street
by the Wallace's for the Ciowder
Transfer Company.
with good oil liniment. That's
the sureft way to stop them.
The best rubbing liniment is
Notice tu Creditors
For over forty years it
Has been used as A TONIC
EpDY. Peruna aids the .ap
petite and gives. new; life to
Frank Rodgers had a frolic last
Thursday and, had his barn built
larffeivhe didn't set it built too
soon fcr he needed it.
Oar friend Bill Koou shipped a
oar load of potatoes over to Ml.
Ulla, N. 0., list Saturday and he
is f xpeot'ng to get another order
an? time
Dr. H. C. Honbargor has gene
hack to his old trade raising gaus
lint. He said he thought he
would suoceed in it. Be had hie
dog killed, he claimed he coald
have raised them before if it had
not been foi his dog. Ths Dr.
has seven gauzlins and an old
gander is setting cn eleven eggs.
0. R. Yost tock the Webb boys
and Honbarger boys up to Salem
Saturday night. I guess they had
a good time walking from Phill
Clines home through the mud.
Ernest Morris went down to
Oarl Safrit's Sunday evening.
Lewii Eagle went down to Stella
Peelsr's Sunday evening.
C. L. Webb hrs taken up th
Dr. Honbarger'a trade, making
oenter tables. No wender, he hat
been arc und the drctor so maob
that he has lsarced the trade,
though he saya his tables stand
better in a corner. L. H H.
How She Was Relieved from
Pain by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Taunton, Mass. " I had pains in both
sides and when my periods came I had
to stay at home
from work and suf
fer a long time.
One day a woman
came to our house
and asked my
mother why I was
suffering. Mother
told her that I suf
fered every month
and she said, 'Why
don't you buy a
bottle of Lvdia. E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? ' My
mother bought it and the next month I
was so well that I worked all the month
without staying at home a day. I am
in good health now and have told lots of
girls about it" Miss Clarice Mown,
22 Russell Street, Taunton, Mass.
Thousands of girls suffer in silence
every month rather than consult a phy
sician. If girls who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods, backache,
headache, dragging-down sensations,
fainting spells or indigestion would take
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, a safe and pure remedy made
from roots and herbs, much suffering
might be avoided.
Write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass. (confidential) for free
adviee which will prove helpful.
Do You Want'
a New Stomach?
If you do "Digestoneine" will
give you one. For full particulars,
literature and opinions regarding
this wonderful Discovery which
is benefiting thousands, apply to
Salisbury, N, C, Feb. 18, 1916.
I hereby announce myself a cai
didate for lbs effiae of high sher
iff of Rowsn ooruty sut jeotto the
acticn of the Republican prima
rial and convention, J. B. Yost.
LUliu ulni
Good for the Ailments c
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Eta,
Good for your own Aches,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
25c. 50c. $!. At all Dealers. '
Peoples' National Bar If
. Saliebuiy, N. O,
Does General Banking Business
posits. Interest payable every 8 mcnthe
Rompt at ten ton given to any bust
aess entrusted to us.
Tour business solicited.
Peoples National Bank
John B. Henderson, J. D. Norwood ,
president. cashier.
D. L. Gaskffl, W. T. Busby,
V-r resident. Asst. eaibier
Moved to 119 East Fisber St.
4 door. below where we were looted.
Where -you will always find a full line
of Field and Gat den Seed, and for the
o We sell SAL-VET Stock Remedies;
full line of BPRAYS and INSECT
POWDERS for trees and plants.
'Phone 1191.
Farmers' Seed House,
119 East Fisher Street,
7 21tf Salisbury, If. G.
Trade with
He carries a full line of Hig
Grade Groceries at
very low prices.
Bays all kinds of Produce.
Chickens, Eggs, Bacon, and
vegetables. See him
Headquarters for Watkinr
Medicine Co.
'Phone 57.
119 W. Inniss St.
Ko'ice to Creditors.
Having qua' i tied as administrator of
the estate of Daniel Watson, deceased
late of Rowan County, North Carolina,
this is to notify all person i having
claims against the said decedent to
file aa itemized, verified statement of
same with the undereipned on or be
fore the 8th day of March. 1917, or
this notice will be pleaded in bar of
their recovery. Persons indebte l to
said estate are notified to make prompt
This 8th day of March, 1916.
Roger D.O'Kellby.
. administrator.
R. Lee Weight, attorney.
Sale ol YtaWe Real Estate.
Pursuant to the terms tf a certain
Mortgage Trust Deed executed March
23, 1814, by Manual Oscar Parker and
ife,'Alitei It. rarkei, and recorded
in book of Mortgages No 49 age 52,
to secure an ir.debtedaess therein ore-'
v'ded for, and defatlt having been
made in the payment of said indebted
ness, the uodersigntd, Trustee and
Mortgagee will expose for gale at pub
lic auction for cash, at the court house
door in Salisbury, N. C. on
Saturday, April 22c d, 1916,
at the hour of twelve M., the folio inc
described real estate:
Beginning at a Hake on Lone St..
co ner of Lot No 32, thence in a west
erly direction 50 feet on Long St., to
a stake, corner of Jot No 30: thence
in a werterly direction with line lot
No.3C. 125 feet to an alley; thence
with Alley in a southerly direction 50
feet to a stake at c rner of lot No. 32 ;
thence in an easterly direction with
line of lot No 2, 125 feet to the begin
nir e, the same being lot No. 31 of the
J D. D: rsett addition to Spencer, as
filod in 'he Regis' er of Deed of Row
an County.
For baclr title see deed G. C. Kesler.
to J. D. Dorsett.
This the 18th day of March 1916.
Trustee and Mortgagee.
John L. Rendlemin, AUorney.
JTavirg qualified as Administratis t f
the estate of Maria-Auat in Jnhnscn, this
is to notify all persons havmy laims
against the saul decedent to file an
itemized verified fctatemer t of 6am
with the undersigned on or be ore the
8th day of April, 1917, or this no
tice will be nleded in bar o their re
covery. Persons indebted t snid es
tate are notified to make prompt set
tlemei t.
This April 8th 1916
Elgene 11. Teas
Administrat ,
Sale el valuable City Real Eslatg.
Pursuant to the term of a certuirt
Mortgage Trust Deed executed on
March 20 1913, by rdwavd Johnson
and wile, Maria Austin Johnson, to E
H. Walton trustee which is recorced
in the office of the Register cf Detds
for Rowan county, in Book of Mort
gages No. 46 page 188, and by virture
of a certain Mortgage In st Deed ex
ecuted July 24, 1913, by Maria Aus i
Johnson, to Job n J 8tewart, adminis
trator and trusted, wh ch is duly re
corded in the office of the Registev of
Deeds for Rowan county, in Book ol
Mortgages No. 53, page 107 and default
havirg been made in the payment of
the indebtedness secured in both Mori
gpge Trust Deeds, and John J. Stewart
having died, and Jehu L. Rendleman
having been duly appointed adminis
trator of the said John J. Stewart, the
undersigned, E B. Walton trustee,
and John L. Rendleman. administra,
tor of John J. Stewart, will expose lor
sale at public aucfun for cash at the
court house door in Salisbury, . C, on
Saturday, May 6tb 1916,.
at the hour of twelve M., the following
ieseribed real 'estate ;
One house and . lot on the N. W. side
of and fronts on Caldwell Street, Sal
isbury, N. C ard is bounded as fol
lows: Beginning at a stnka at the ft.
corner of Caldwel a.nd Marsh Streets,
and runs N. W. with Marth Street 200
feet t a double stake in line across
the middle of square; thence N. E.
parallel to Caldwell Sreet and a ong
line through middle of square 83 feet
to a douole stake; thence S. E , paral
lel with Monr'e Street 2C0 feet to t
stake on N. W. side of Caldwell btreet
thence S. W., with Caldwell Street 80
feet to the beginning, situate in the
West Ward of the town of Palisbuiy,
and being lot No. 22 on Henderson and
Woodson map, and iully described in
deed registered in Register's office of
Rowan county, book 77, page 247, to
which reference is hereby made
, E. B. Walton, trustee:
John L. Rendleman,
Admr., of John J. Stewart.
Sale oi valuable Real Estate.
Pursuant to the terms of a certain
deed of trust executed by the Rowan
Canning company to the undersigned
trustee, on June 26ch, 1816, which said
deed of trust in duly recorded in the
office of the register of deeds for Row
an county, in book of mortgages 42,
page asv, to secure a certain indebted
ness therein provided for, default hav
ing been made in the payment of said
indebtedness and demand having been
made uf on the trustee for a foreclosure
of deed of trust, the underdgnfd trus
tee will sell at public sale at the court
house door in Salisbury, N. C, on
Saturday, A; r : 29 1916
at 12 o'clock noon, the following de
scribed real estate, situated in the
East Ward of the city of Salisbury, and
described as follows:
Beginning at a stake ou (he intergec
tion of Clay and Franklin streets;
thence in a southwesterly direction
with Franklin street 190 fret, more or
less, to a stake in an alley ; thence in a
southeasterly direction with the allev,
200 feet to a stake, corner to lot No. 5
thenc9 in a northeasterly 'lirection
with the line ol lot No. 5, 190 feet,
moM or les, to a stake i:i the edge ol
Franklin street, thence in a northwest
erly direction with Franklin street,
2J0feetto the beginning, being lots
Nop. 1, 2, 3 and 4 in b'ock 203, as shown
upon map of the Central Land Com
pany, si. bj"t to he right-of way of
the Southern Railway Company.
For back title see deed frcm Central
Land company to Rowan Canning com
. any, dated July 11, 1914, and duly re
corded in book 137, page 109, in office
f the register of deeds for Rowan
Together with the buildings, plant
and machinery i'uatae on the above
deeciibed premise?, being the nun'i
ractu; ing plant operated by ths Rowan
Canning com, any.
Terms of sale cash-
This Mar.h 25 li, 1916.
S I A11LK LINN, truster.
Salisbury, N. 0. Feb 22, 1010.
T hnrhv innnnnfii mvanlf a nan.
didate for the Home of Represent
Ativan. anhi-cl to tha nrimariAB
, . 4 i
and convention of the Republican
party, pd. A. Ju. Lingl. ,
Sate ol Valuable Real Estate.
Pursuant tr the terms of a ce-tain
Mortcacre Trust Deed executed c n Julv
14, 19l4 by Tsom Davis and wife, Emma
Davis, to J. J. Stewart, which is dulv
recoided in the ( ffica of the Register
of Djeds for Rowen Ccunty, in book
of Mortgages No. 53, page 108, to ee
cure an indebtedness therein provided
for. the said J. J. Stewart hating died.
and the undersigned 1 aving qualified
as administrator of the eaid J J. Stew
art, the undersigned, administrator,
as aforetaid, will expose for sale at
Eublic auction for cash at the court
oose dtorih Salisbury, N. 0 at the
hour of twelve M on
Saturday, April 22nd, 1916,
th f Jlowing described real estate :
Beginni g at a stak Ben Keir's
eorner ; then?e N. 26 E. 5.78 chains to
a atakerthai ce S 72 E. 5 60 eh ins to
stake; thence S 16 6 W. 6 46 chains to
Btake ; thence N. 66 W. 6.59 chair.s to
beginning, containing three and one
half (S) acres more or less. This land
was heired by Emma Davis and hor
brother , Ben jamine Gay, the grand
children of Peter Airaon.
For back title see book No. 65, pace
819, Register's office for Rowan County.
This 18th day or Mareu, luio.
Sale o! Vamabh Church Properly.
North Carolina
Rowan County J
By virtue of two executions directed to
the undersigned from the Superior Court
in the actions entitled J B Johnson, trad
ing as Atlanta Art Glass Company v. J. H.
Johnson, et a I., Trustees of Moore's Chapel
Church, A. M. E Zion Church in America,
I will, on
Vlondv, tb lt day of May, 1916,
at twelve M, at the Court House
Door of said couDty, sell to the highest bid
der for cash, to satisfy said executions, all
i the right, title and interest which the Trus-
tees oi Moores cnapei vnurcn, n. ai.
Zion C hurch in Amerca, have in the fol
lowing described real estate, to-wit:
Situate on the Vet extension of Monroe
Street, beginning at the West angle where
the Statesville road leaves extension of
Monroe Street, and runs S. 34 7-8 dep. W.
74 feet to a stake; hence N. 45 1-4 deg. W
parallell with Monroe Street 126 feet to a
stake; thence N. 42 1-2 deg. E. 74 feet to a
stake in the edge of Monroe Street; thence
S. 45 1-4 deg. E. 116 feet to the beginni ny,
upon wMeh is located a church building.
For back title, see Book of Deeds No
116, page 381, subject, however, to a mort
gage in favor of B B. Miller, Trustee, for
$1250 00.
This the 24th day of March, 1916
Sheriff of Rowaa County.
John L. Rendleman, Atty.
State of North '"arolixa
Rowan Couniy j
In the Superior (.curt,
Before J. F. McCubbins, clerk.
J. A. Rendleman,
(Mrs) farrie Williams and (" NOTICE.
(Mrs ) Charlotte Bernhardt. J
To Carrie Williams:
The defendant above named will take
notice that a special proceeding entitled as ;
above has been commenced in the Superior
Court of Rowan County, North Carolina,1
to sell certain lands for partition and di. ;
vision, in which matter she is an interested i
party, and tie said Carrie Williams will
further take notice that she is required to
appear at the office of J. Frank McCubbins,
Clark Superior Court, at his office in the
ourt House in said County, on the 2nd
day ol ay, 1916, and answer or demur to
the petition filed in said action, or the
plaintiff will apply to the Court lor the re
lief demanded in said petition.
This the 25th day of March, 191G
Clerk Suptrior Court.
John L. Rendleman, Attorney.
Smart Metropolitan
Styles for Live
Young Men
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appreciate the new
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lljl The fall of a world power is depicted before your eyes in J. Stuart Blackton's masterpiece, I I
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Return Engagement of two days,
Friday and April 21st
and 22nd
Salisbury, N. C.

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