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tV erVec -Ccftilu Ufne'd to hi tttfE a r-Uinbi
a;v;tr. ier. v:',. . v -
of wfiiB taken
: nltSSi ud w oam
-1 p ' jlowa? a m rnber
- : KuiiTi lb firii lettleig
mitmtm-rw .. ra i-nni nima
A.aucavbri WhiJdef', en UraiH'e
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aslas on Crane
Jut Wni of dahsbor?.
F AV'dii 'L ck-, J hu Brau-
nder (Yihev and Jamet
tVOrali;0t h8 uoitb
,. a oiliiud ia 1695
iioDt have been strengthened -and
it w it mdica It d. today 4fiaibf ore
the eu4 of" the , ee k th greater
pan j of tbe regal ar troop ac d
militia that have been" lent inter
tbe three border State wonld be
prepared and in position for qaiok
service along the international
It is improbable that more
troops will be sent to Colonel 8ib
ley in oharge of the little expedi
tion that orosid into Mexioo near
B qui Hat as a r anlt of the raid
a Glenn Sprigs and Boqaillss a
week ago. Fonr troops of cavalry
aud machine gun detach meat ate
now. opera-ing close to hr lm,
soontiog through a limited tern-.
iotj south of the border but there
oe,ver has be
sending furw
panitive ex
oampar in
Pershing in tbe State of Oculbaa'l part
hiclf the cavalry that is opra-1 after J0I19
tiug c-ttth of BoqQilU (f rili-by iikatian
locate fnjtodita,;
davi lts retain .to statioifa 'ttdrtb bad pubtisbed
i Prsf8Sfaalisifiesiai;tt.s:ieGllsri. A
Keitturf t sf o' 'paigtori 401m
Oabot and Uhriitopber ooinronas,
4gUed rom different ; aeaporti Ju
Earope on taitsions wbich brought
them to tbewrldV western bem
Ispbere They'were fUowBsJ -by
oth-rt; aud the otbejc navigators
were fofh wed by colomea pioneer
settlers, at d advsuturers. ;,
i Two streamiof bjamapilrbgn
to"flow westvard iu the wake; of
QaVot and Columbus? acdtr' In
time, these human strssmscrysta
lis into two civil unions fcftida
mentally diflferenteven ii Cab:t
and Columbus, andv tbe coantries
from which they sailed were diN
ferent. -CJ " -it-.Cabol
sailed .from fJifUndi
c.qntry almost ripe lortbeRefof
mtin. HU 'O0VMfcT'
the northern horet'oif l&tfti
now rpatt of : this ;0niteJtate4
11 eitabliibed, connwationr.-be
twefa Prtleitant England and tbe4
New Blgtand 1o ba, that feeeaiae
fixedia Ibe Plymdath Ookmy
hiAhfnrmedtlfe firtk benpjneiit
Oolumbaj tae4tl?n8
.n any intention pf the Kuioviu&fi
ajd-al-tbapoiat a The coarse fUmmfS: milLr.W
pedition that would WigbtLtoJI
siato that of Qenerreaofced; orideA
of America Maianau ?r"w'
ctra;tij.:tbe l&e lprbb'tble.
i flflftirir horA Kf'A- trkdv
flaiairbA eflortttaeiMeajr-
ea&itfirswejre; jeporte
: j lltample'a biftnry aayp titat tnia
rv:k Wat balled Qrnt Greek from
tWfaet it was made the hoandary
tin? grant of land, probably
mads by or to Lord Granville
1 i- r
I hi. histor also says the county
was tamed aftr Hon. Matthew
j -wau; the new preidi t of the
c u ciV of lord's propriet re aud
act nsgcvtnort tfce new coantv,
-d faring bis administration,
IP as called, after his name." . this
p v rngns so oe iDTesig-Ba uu
ajb tdeveimiued. Ed. Watch
es J " .
zs e Creek to)k its name from
tit tfreat number of orai8 that
or at" from the ssud hills during
lb ime. f sthrrtleteirifp, wbich
a carded iu h g'adee in this
ct-k. - , . '
Jmes Carter and Hugh Foster
W(v ! the land where Sal.sbury
was -stabl!Bhd aud it was by
tb-ir ii.fluuci tbe Court House
?w staMiafced at Salt bar;. Au
Vff r was made to oetablisb the
Q r H use to he w sto that
rl. ab."ut tw- mi t-s.
: isbarv. Etiss Brock aid
J b- Whites;des buiit tb fiut
0 uriosejind Jail Se'iebury,
CM '-be ground where those build
..fis 1 w stand Th?y ware the
0 nn tbat were put n the jail
ar it was baiit They were put
lii t ludebt- F.rst settlers in Sal-
la' ur were Tbr ma D gac, James
r?egiu and James Bow?rs.
; PeTr f theOountty. The ooun
j try was overed wit re vine,
grati ajtd oane. I had the ap-.
pyaranse- of .the 1 icbst country.
Tbere were the buffalo, bear, &) ,
f bntighborhood .
I Uuuting Gmada. This oooutry
f.lbe bontH g gronuds of the
j lutfiaa Traces These gner
miif uu i'j he glades near tb
j. & a - ; . .--.r-.f T7 ' - J-
tneBiail ot tne T J sse U
of . Alkali.
i rvsoxfr
Hafthj: IWtk ;flM "lib
itnaNIirakfox: " Kftfllii on
jOwitQtiV-s1an Oou n ty
w bose e d tkihl e. : ,ccei8lo finan-ejJ-feTealvutfl
Birth of a
Arabian gKtsjv? in New
York Arrangibtf.f tfLtae preienta-
tiln of vlEaattTtofc ipecCaotetb be
k.owo HraNattm.
This uto-e, pretty ' qn(t be Lib
er Thetej;WXftk7 the first
weet in upeitb3scial music cost nearly
a 'million dollits," ;ScoordiDg to
officitl annonncenins,
- "M r. QrifSthi uudf hose direc
tion;' The Birth;6Jaiion,,'wae
piducedtlu -twt'ncernBd in
Tbe fill of a tiikV&S This js
Mr, Ixon'i own?yr,'iare in which
fig'ti iMnwitedtttSBaic-PBa Wall
'liitei)r;' ftllared
lirlmade by
Tbeifaqe&-'ooces8 :of
SaBft1tijatyoif- "The
Cirtb:f20Bpferd J ike :o-
keeper. v It is regarded here as not
impossible til a t tbe Mexican
trocps may oat off the retreat to
wards the interior of the bandit?
and forse them back within reach
of Colonel Sibley's cavalry.
Reports frcm General Pershing
today were said to deal with ma-
tine matters only. H's entire
oolumn of more than 14 000 men
is now aim- st a comptt auifi.
Lams Back
Lame tack is usually, due to
rbeumiti m of the musoles of the
baok Hard working people are
most likely to suffer from it. Ke
lief may be had bv massagicg the
back with Chamberlain's Lini
meat two or three times a day.
Try it. O' tainable eery wftre.
water ooarseSj when tbry led in
he right direoti u, he-ice thrvugn
b glad on b tops of ridges.
I Captain Qm. He wa
f ppoipted C er f Anson County
.jjbourt H -came from ths lower
C Duties mar Sdeotoi , was a law
M and had John Dunn as a der
6t Clerk
I John D?nn He was an lush
iaau9 and edaOsted for a Bomao
priest. He left Ireland suddtnly
' in C3nseoueiice of tome f racas. in
h. ir y fetch bairaa . engaged, wanVjoa
touched the inainlnd of South
America, neat the. Mouth of tbe
Orinoco Bivsr. On Dii lourto
aud last voyage, in 1502, he got
as far this way as the mainlar.d of
Central America. Bat be never
set foot or eye on any portion of
the territory now inoluded in the
United States.
It remained for another explor
eri under the Spanish flag, to con
tinue toward the N rth Amerioa-x
mainland. Oortt-a led his con
quering army into Mexico in 1510
This was praotioally a buodred
yars before permauent settle
ments were made st Jamestown
aud Plymouth B ok R man
Catho'10 ca'turb had the start of
Protestantism in the New Wrld
by about a century?
Dees Mtxioo look like it now?
Catholic Spain pushed tenth-
ward iu search of gold. 'J here it
found, and practiosily destroyed,
the advanced civilisations o J
M xioo and Peru. Rrotatant
Dutch and Eugliih carte ,Jibrh
ward in search of religious free
dom, finding only bands of wand
ering Indiaas on the less hospit
able shores thy occupied.
Tbe p pe of Rome, to enoourage
the faithful, divided the New
World' iii to two parts, giving one
part to Bpin and tbe oihr to
Portugal. R me, therefore, had
all South Amerioa and part of
North America, by occupation as
well as by x. ress grant of ita in
fallible pope. Was that not.
most wonderful opportunity for
Roman Cathclio culture to prove
its boasted superiority?
When we remember that the
Spanish were in control of Mexi
jo a hundred years before the
Puritans landed iu New England,
we must couolude that R manism
is the worse for a country the
longer it is present. Columbus
and his successors bestowed upon
of it, tb
ttfefsoctif' c1.Se41uail
board a nrivtt3r and cm- to
America. Ho married Muro Red
on Ri d's cr-ek, on tbe Ytdkiu in
Rowan, and made shoes SLd kept
sobool He rtndifd law aud re
in vod to Salisi nry, where he fol
'ow d his profession with great
success. He married a second
wife Betsy B ward, then a third,
Frank Pott . iu Lincoln. Alibis
children w-re by the first wife
He was promoted to the rank of
Col. of th militia, I at when the
Indian wtr broke out and the mi
litia wre to march against the
Gherekees in 1760, ue rem ved to
fcher Cheraws aid remained there
two ) ears, until the troubles were
When the revolution com
menced he was suspected of being
rathsi luke-warm, or iqclining to
the side of the disaffected. He
was apprebecded at d taken a pris
oner to South Carolina. At the
game time a lawyer in Salisbury
named Benjamin Boot Boot he, was
apprehended aud taken 4 way with
him. He (Boothe) was an Eng
ishman Col. Dann commanded the reg
iment fr m R)wan, that went to,
Hi' labor ugh to protect the Court
from the Regulators.
bn agent, anexpsactdly eame iu;
to a fortune; beaasji it th--abs;
or's wiudfalh Her coutrsot With
him for placing tbr scenario call
ed for 10 pet cent of 'his profits,
so that her share of the big clean
up nas teeu fill tmu, witu no
effort cn her part but to forward
Mr. Dixon lmwek y check, mi
nus br ocmmission.
W. H Oluue, wh se great pic
ture, Ramoua," is row coining
m ney for him at tbe Frty-fourth
Street Theater, New York, has
pr fited nearlj $930,000 on "The
Birtb. of a Nation' beoause lie ad
vanced $30 0r0 toward the original
production, aiid received therefor
a 30 per cent interest in tbe prof
its .
S:me B ston men who bought
the New Eugland rigbtt for $53
000 have already olearsd netrly
triple that amount, aud will make
as muh more.
Mr Griffith s share has been a
bout a minion, ana tbe minor
stock holders lesser, but very
handsome amoats.
rnomos uixon was born in
Shelby, Jauuary 11, 1864 and wai
gradnstetl from Wake F-rsst Col
lege, 1883 graduating from the
Greniboro law school in 18?6.
He was a member of tbe North
Carolina Legislature from 1881 to
1886 and resigned to enter the
Baptist ministry in October, 1886.
He was paitor of a Baptist Church
in Raleigb in 1887 His Wicter
home is at 867 Riverside Drive,
Niw York.
Engineer Guiltj. Flagmia No-, CarHoes
to State Sup ems Court on Appeal. 5
The -Southern Railway wreck
case oa ueto an end' in Rowan Su
perior Oourt last Friday morning.
Engineer Tankers ley of No. 88 on
the night of the wrsok in the Sal
isbury yards, was found guilty of
manslaughter. The flagman Clyde
Wilson, of the Richmond football
special which was telescoped by
No. 38 the night before Thanks
givibg iait, was acquitted. The
case against Kelly, the colored
fireman on No. 38 had been oil-
charged the day previous
The attorneys representing the
engineer aud flagman consumed
the entire afternoon Thursday in
speeches, Holioitor Clemei.t con
clu ling the argument w tb a pow
erful speeoh for the proBeoution.
Jadge Ferguson then charged tbe
jury, the case goingLefjre ta
body shortly before 7 o clock
Thursday evening. After bin
out all night the jury brought 11
a verdict Friday morning acquit
ting Clyde Wilson, the fijguiau.
and Bndiug Engineer Tankerele
guilty. This verdict was acccm
panied with a recommendation for
This case was disposed of at the
c peniug stasion of court on Mon
day at whioh time Judge Fergu
son pronounced judgment on En
gineer Tanksrsley. This was ao
compauied by a speech in which
the Judge stated that whi? he
thought the verdiot wasvjuetifiod
be did not believe that anybody
was of the opinion that the engiL
eer purposely allowed this disas
ter- to take place. The court then
tated that in yiew of tbe excel -
lUtbclepfx the Jifef enit
For a more extensive account of
John Dunn's conduct and ot arao
er, se uWheelfr,s Sketches," oh.
67, Rowan County., vThe forego
1 ug statements oughtfto have been
iuoorporat 'd 'n the sketoh of that
County. "But its a seecndedt'on.
of that work may be exi ected, or
some other person will write our
history, we ojonfldently trust these
iJLlamorauda'liWill be ussfuU
Mexioo and ill suuth
same papiitio oalture endured by
Spain and Co the lie Europe.
Cabot," the Puritans who follow
ed hi a, and the Piote'ttants of
northern Europe, planted the
seeds oi progies in America that
have yielded like fruit in all Lorth
Europe No wonder the pope's
m6it ealons inpportfTrf are proud
to 01 11 themselves Knights of
leniensiyj Mv-poawua vu - w aeu-
tehee of four months in the com
mon jail of-the county was im
posed. Upon suggestion of the
Solicitor, the county commiisiou-
ers were grauted leave to hire the
defend int out.
Notioe of appeal was given and
the case will now go to ths State
Supreme Court on appeal. The
cage is believed to have only start
ed and as the defendant is said to
be backed by the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers it is prob
able that the case may go f the
United States Supreme Court.
Thomas Horab, one of the old
est guards iu srvioe over oouviots
on th Rowan County roads and
at conviot camps, was indicted
lest Friday for allowing a prisoner
to escape The man wr.o got t wiy
and who is still at large was tic
sy (3 ok, colored, wl o was serv
ing tx year b on Supenntei dent
rhomascuri gang for killing Game-
well Jefferies, alio colored, in a
r w over a oard game at Granite
Qaarry some time ago. Co. k had
enly served about two months of
his long term when he escaped.
He bad bdn working under He rah
with four or five other prisoners
at the time of his eacape.
Gans Lose tali (0 Frepcl
liJbe GifieasBs ma Rossims an'GMtlng
lk Their Prcgress Agiiost tbeTirkSr
London, May. 15. Little beayv
fishting is in progress in any "of
tbe various war theatres
The French in the Meuse Jbills,
to the east of V?rduo, in a sur
prise attack hava cleared the Ger
mans from treuo.ies over a front
of about two hundred yards and
alto have put down in Champagne
several German attacks, Bjm
baidmenta alone are taking place
around Verdun. J
Along the British line in France
bombardments and sapping oper
ations are being carried on, at
various p Mnts. East . of Loose
the Germans suooeeded in giining
a footing ia British trenches bat
were unable to hold thm only a
tew minute under the counter at-
ok s.
Tbe Italians in the Monte Ada-
iie 10 Zvije nave sucoeeaea in oc-
;apyiug positions 'n the sector be
ween Ciozz .u Di Lares which are
f great mra egic value iu their
in v m:;i.t8 against Trenti Th
leaiiani also have made further
progress against the Auatriaus ol
ilout Sperone.
Attacks by the Austrians to th
north of i Lenzuno were repulsed
by the Italians. Elsewhere along
this front there have been only ar
tiilary engagements.
Little fighting ofmoment is go
ing ou between the Teutonio allies
aud Russiaus on Russian territory
except artillery duels.
In the Caucasus region the Rus
sians are continuing their advance
gainst the Turks, according o
Petrograd. In thetoptjratioU; to-
ward Mosul. bakingfBagdidla
ussians mre
pressing on in pursuit-. ' ;
The differences between Gfeeoe
and the Entente Powers have been
amicably settled, according to an
announcement of the British
oreign office. This announce
ment possibly means that Greece
bai acquiesced in the requests of
the Entente Allies for permissioc
or Serbian troops to crow Greece
o Saloniki from the Island of
The American Government will
soon take op again with Great
Britain the questions of. the de
tention of mails and of Great
Britain's blockade orders in coun
cil .
The British Prime Minister,
who has bsen in conference with
the Uleterites at Belfast, it is re
port' d from that city received lit
tle eucuragemant in his endeav
ors to bring the Ulsterites and
Nationalists to an agreement with
respect to the future govern meLt
in Ireland. The question of gen
eral disarmament of unauthorised
forces, it is farther reported, did
not meet with tht. approval of tbe
r -
to1 nava retrea
r -material xgj. ae-a
ed to the western hemipber.
There is the same priest ridden
condition where iiome reigns in
the Americas that there was when
Rome reigned in parts of-Butops.
South Amerioa is notorious for
its illiteracy. Mexioo and 8outh
Amerioa ar notorious for the in
stability of governments Pro
gress exists only where something
better has taken tbe plice of R
mish priestcraft.
Without throwing any boquets
at our own oountiy, aud without
unwarranted display of national
vanity, we oan well thank what
ever power has shaped our destiny
that Rome is not yet regnant ia
these United States of Amerioa,
ao excellent reason why we should
Oolumboi..r Columbus typifies the j take care that she may nevsr be.
caltars that Rome has transplant-The Menses,
Germans Must ask tor Peace.
Nanoy, May 14. President
Poi.ioare in an sddress here today
responded to Gefmauy's declara
tion regarding peace contained in
tbe German reply to the Amen
can. note.
'France does not want Germany
to tender peace," said the Presi
dent, ''but wants her adversary to
asa for peace."
"So long as that peace is not
asgursd to us ; so long as our ene
mies will not recognise themselves
as vanquished, we will not cease
to fight."
a - - -
A Family.Cougn Syrvp
Can be made I y mixing Pine -Tar,
Aconite, Sugar, Hyosoyamus, Sas
safras, Peppermint, Ipeoic, Rhu
tarb, Mandrake, Capsicum, Mun
at Amonia, Honey and Glycerine
Tt is pleasant, healii g and sooth
mg, raises the phlegm and gives
almost instant relief. For con
venience of those who prefer no
to fuss, it is supplied ready made
in 25o bottles under name of Dr,
Be.l's Piue-Tar-Hot ey. Can be
had at your druggist. Insist on
getting Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey
aud see that the formula is on the
package.- - -
Reipil Clantanana Enfls
Scares fas Usual Success Hen With Its
; High diss MBmbers.
I The JRedpath Olaatauqaa- has
come to?ari end'so far as Salisbary
is . concerned for another year.
This great organisation ended a
week's program at this place oa
Tuesday night, the last attraction
to appear herat being U me. Julia
Claussen, thefamous prima dontia
contralto of the Chicago Grand
Opera Company. This world-re-
owned singeV held up her repu
tation in great style. She- had
the sustained bsautv tone. the
volume for the full climax, and
the strength to carry the phrase
through toths end without fatigue.
The Chautauqua this year was
made up of the juual . bigh-class
musical lumbers, lecturer, ?eto.
The White Husiare, thirteen in
uumbsr, in theic daxziing white
uniforms, undoubtedly scored the
biggest hit, with the exception of
Mms Claussen, among the mutioal
umbers. They were vccalists as.
well as instrumentalists and they
gave a most excellent concert Sat
urday afternoon and evening. .
There-were many leoturefe by
ome of the country's best lectur
ers aud among these was Allen D,
Albertwhoias gained a reputa
tion fpr himself as a city analyzer. :
He gave a lecture on Salisbary
hioh was htard witjh interest by
a large attendance. Soma of hisx
findings in the oity were rather
favorable to the community but
others were veriest roC Q t
There were many other hwh
bers, iafaof all of them 'received
ueacsv . aoniause.- vve .are&
thaf iWstfjio atbdfitbfr
raicany. at aTtanastinrW:
tar as social affairs were con
cerned, durmg the Chautauqaa,
as all of tbe-social organiz it;ons
were interested in the .Universi
ty of the People" Is the Chautau
qaa has been namedr
Saturday and Monday evenings
the question of another Chautau
qaa for Salisbury next year was
disoussed and the guarantee large
ly signed. This season has not
been a success financially accord
ing to the' organization. '1
AvoW Spring Colds.
Sadden changes, high winds,
shifting seasons cause colds and
grippe, and - these spring colds
are annoying and daugerons and
are likely to turn into a chronio
lummer cough. In each cases
take a treatment of Dr. ftiug's
New Disoovery, a pleasant -laxative
Tar Syrup. It soothes the
cough, checks the cold aud helps
break up au attack of grippe. Its
already prepared, no mixing or
failing. Just ask your druggist
for a bottle of Dr. King's ew
Disoovery Tested and tried for
over 40 years.
Killed by Accident cs Still is Raided.
Benson, May 15 John Den
ning was shot and instantly killed
Sunday night in a raid on a still
whioh h?, H, M. Lucas and Gtorge
Williams are saii to have been
operating. Denning s death, de
spite the faot that be was resist
ing arrest, was accidental, the fa
tal wound being inflicted when
Deputy Marshall George F. Moore
stumbled and fell and his pistol
was accidentally discharged.
Accompanying Deputy Marshal
Moore on the raid were Possemen
Claud Dixon and Willis Potter.
The still was looated on Black
river, two miles north of Dunn.
When the officers closed in on the
plaoe Williams jumped behind a
large tree where a gun was stand
ing, causing the officers to believe
that he was going to shoot.. Den
ning advanoed toward' Deputy
Moore drawing a pistol frojabS
hip pocket. At this moment
Moore fell and as he did so his
pistol accidently went off, the ball
pieroing Denning through the left
breast and killing him instantly.
Lucas, who had run as the officers
radvanoed, was oaptured by Posse
President tapts Charlotte Program.
President Wilson has accepted
the Charlotte program for the
twentieth of May up to 2 o'olock.
He wants to be free after that
time. That will give the Queen
City a fine day with the President.
Mr. Wilson dees not want to tire
himself out; he has hard work
ahead of him.
There is no longer any doubt
that tbe President will go to North
Caro.ina unless some cew foreign
crisis arises to change his present
plans. Senator Overman and Sec
retary Dmiels will go to Char
lotte with the president. Repre
sentative Page is tied up on the
appropriation bill and oannot go.
Senator Simmons is uncertain aa
to whether or not he will go.
Best Thing for Billion Attick
"On account of my confinement
in the printing office I have for
years been a ohronio sufferer from
indigestion and liver trouble. A
few weeks ago I had an attack that
was so severe that I was net able
to go to tbe case for two days.
Failing to get any relief from any
other treatment i; took three of
Chamberlain 'a Tablet and the
next day c I felt like, a new man,"
writes H.XU Bailey, Editor Caro
lina News, Chaplin, & Ob-
tainabls iTery whars.
r.. . vWS&t

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