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. vcr;r. r"-4 r-tr c-;'.ii cKn.ii th airman firt line defenses np.nYfliin(f Wants j toh eT car RssiTB&!!i . Firs S3 EzreS lSUSYSS u taYB i&iuisa
' T or. , , i .
1 - rf . je s l!::s C:! F;:c::4 Yielded. crumbled, when the Britishnd Ren to ba Shot at fv SteKs r mt i.ppiies.
'rThecWd;yekr.6!t the world French trooPs advaned r"; Hpadqurter &irei BrigadV : Wngtoi Jdly n -No
" i'X ,wtr clo?es;Vith:.the-Battle of ported that they found trenches - K. 0. NG.Ca'ni'p Olnn. T pmaL ; invegtlgation ofcjhe
: - , -Vii . t" a . , in which there was not a sinerle , !nmn lnn.N. fi . r Mnlorfan at BladfcTotlr Island
C AHeS 6nihreetrohts to crush the
t Central Powers jrwhich has deve-
jopea into titanic "struggle be
fore wbiclr'i superlatives, already
exhausted," are completely beg-
; France and Great Britr in . in
thfewest? Russia in' the ast Italy
inti the south "are hurling wave
after wtCve of armed men' on the
Teutonic lines, together with an
avalanche - of?" shells and -Bombs
such as the world has not known
uo to the present time- 5 For the
firstimethe Teutons are tempo
rarily at, least, on the defensive
on; the thousands of miles of the
; -existing battle Jrohts.
- p chjauge in the situation
,;which tb& ye ar has brough t is
stHking, 'aUBbugh the: results so
far have have been more potenti-
't,:-;, at'ajspectacular than radical,
i : Ayearago the Germans, continu
mg thetr gfeat dnve'asrainst the
Bt5iKussians hurlea the Jslavs back
the Slavs-back, alonar the entire
J?flMMS!?tero , front,; captured Warsaw
5jgrtortres Kovno,
Jv6Jeorgie:vslf andiest- Lit-
XlfMwf& 3i4eifittS8ian jterril ory- which they
aintaihedvirtuallvaiun broken
5P;:wjhu wiinin me lasi inree,monins.
:T7 seledj all-Poland agreat
fSSlicfRussia to thersouth vof
&J$0vkft6m al iciaa::':aad' Bukd
T?iSiMQaiFie J ;tfleriband von Mkckeneen were
fCtliaj heroes of -these great success;
,v' -i- -Cthe i western "ftdnt the chang-
o hijpar ati yel? smal 1 but the
SJSiSmferSEThf 'Utat??OT?f!,7,'8r--the caPital
lfhpalr Siting has
end the opening oi '-lie jreat
Franco British offensive on the
Somme took place in this period.
The battle of Champagne open
ed on September 25. after a week s
terrific bombardment of the Ger
man lines by the French, British
and Belgians. In a week of the
b'oodiest fighting that had been
known up to that time the "Allies
announced that they had taken
twenty miles of trenches six
towns and 23 00 prisoners. But
there they halted. They could
not break through the mighty
German wall and the grim dead
lock which marked the western
front for so many months was
resumed. , The Battle of Cham
pagne marked the removal of Sir
John French, the British com-mander-in
chief from the begin
ning of the war up tb that time.
In December, 1915, it was an
nounced that he had resigned to
take a home command and Sir
Douglas Haig was appointed his
In sheer human interest the
Battle oi Verdun probably sur
passed all other individual events
of the war. On February 23 the
German Crown Prince began his
assault of the historic French
fortress, known throughout many
centuries as . the gateway to
France. For five months the de
fenders withstood a storm at the
fury of which the world stood
aghast. Foot by foof, almost
inch by inch, the Germans forged
forward, with a reckless disregard
of their lives, a tenacity and cool
courage which was only equalled
by the heroic determination of
the French. On June 3 an un
official estimate of tbe German
losses at Verdun placed the total
at the appalling figure of 450,000.
The assailants fought their way
to within about three and a half
miles of the fortress but for
several weeks haye reported no
further progress and the force of
their attacks appears to have les
The Franco Baitish offensive
on the Somme opened on July 1
1916. It was preceded by a bom
bardmentof unparalleled duration
and intensity, featured by the
appeorance of new and gigantic
British howitzers. UAder this
j awful hurriance of big gun fire
survivor, only the dead guarded
the silent rifles and machine guns.
German first lines were carried
over an extent of 25 miles and the
second positions pierced at certain
points but up to the present the
fighting has been indecisive in so
far as the forcing of the Germans
to withdraw their "main lines is
concerned. The "fighting has
been of the bitterest possible des
cription and the reports of press
correspondents at the front teem
with accounts of the most amaz
ing heroism and devotion on both
The first move in the great Al
lied offensive was not made by
the Franco-British however, but
by the Russians, On June 4 the
troops of the Emperor Nicholas
opened a tremendous assault on
the Austro-German lines on a
three-hundred-mile front extend
ing from the Pripet marshes to
Rumania. The Teuton lines held
firm in the north but to the south
General Brussiloff swept with ir
resistible force through the Aus
trian defenses, tearing a great
gap about 103 miles in extent.
Through this the Russians pour
ed, capturing Czernowitz, the
capital of Bukowina and overrun
ning the crownland. The Aus
trian losses are declared to have
been "enormous, a month after the
offensive began the Russians
making an official announcement
that over 200.000 prisoners has
been taken and at least an equal
number killed or wounded.
As the offensive developed the
Russians won new successes fur
ther north and at the close of the
war year are engaged in a mighty
also extended to the extreme north
in the Riga-Dvinsk region, but
here the Germans have held their
own and no decisive result has as
yet been gained by either side.
In another theatre of the war
the year was marked by other and
important Russian successes
Following the disasters on the
eastern front in the closing
months of 1915 the Grand Duke
Nicholas was removed as com-
mander-in chief of the Russian
armies and sent to take charge of
he operations against the Turks
in the Caucasus. After months
of preparation he began a great
drive across Armenia in January
1916, which resulted in the cap
ture of Erzerum and the port of
Trebizond and expelled the Turks
from the greater part of Armenia.
After a comparative lull of some
months the Grand Duke resumed
his advance simultaneous with a
serious uprising agianst the
Turks by the Arabs in Arabia.
The Arabs took the sacred city of
Mecca, Jiddah and Taif, and be
sieged Medina, the city where
Mohammed was buried and one
ot the holiest spots of the Moham
medan world. In the meantime
the Russians took Mamakhatun
and Baiburt, but these operations
have not yet reached a definite
In connection with the Turkish
campaign the year saw a serious
reverse for the Franoo-British
arms and a less important, but
highly dramatic, disaster for the
British. The disastrous attempt
of the French and British to force
the Dardanelles and seize Con
stantinople was definitely aban
doned inNovemher; 1915 and the
allied troops" withdrawn from the
Gallipoli peninsula. About 150
000 troops had been used in this
venture supported by a mighty
fleet Six battleships, five British
and one French, were sent to the
bottom as well as some minor
craft and the casualties were un
officially reported to be almost
equal to the original number of
the expeditionary force. This
was the result of six months of
some of the most sanguinary
fighting of the war.
The second disaster of the
British was the surrender of 10,-
- .V - r- : 'July -11,-1916
To the Ed i tor of W atcti m n :
North ( 'arolina need a three
thousand men, strong -a n d
physically fit,, td recruit state
troops assembled at .. Camp
Gleuu lo required : strength
for field service. " This '.coin"
raunication is tor urge strong
ly that you co-operate with
recruiting officers to this end
Persuant to the proclaman
tion of the President directing
militia of the various states
mobilize at camp, three regi
ments ot infantry, two troops
of cavalry, one field hospital
and one ambulance company
are now encamped at this
point. These organizations
are far below their proper
strength, and it is felt that
thiee thousand more men is a
moderate demand upon the
patriotism of North Carolina.
1 he State has always berne
more than its part in the wars
of the nation aod it must not
fall behind in the present
emergency. We need fine
able-bodied young men who
can bear JiardsHps and dan
gers just as th,eir fathers bore
them, and we need them now.
You are, therefore, request
ed to lay the matter, before
the commuity which you serve
and so assist in arousing the
national spifit of our young
Any publicity you may give
this appeal will be a rea1 and
effective service to tbe State.
Applicants sboulu be at.
least . 5 feet 4 inches, . tall,
weigh at least 115 lbs., be
free from deformity and
disease, with good eye -sight
aun bearing, and be able to
read and write.
Recruiting offices are now
H ree n sboro, rayeHeviile,
Henrier8onville, Wilmington,
Kaleigh, Murphy, WMkes-
boro, Bakersville. Sahsbnry,
Welrl on
Lawrence w. Young,
Brgade General.
It Proves That There's A Way Out For Many
Suffering Salisbury Folks.
Just another report of a case in
Salisbury. Another typical case.
Kidney ailments relieved in Salis
bury with Poan's Kidney Pills.
Mrs. M. A. Winecoff, 331 E.
Kerr St., Salisbury, says: "My
back ached so that 1 could hardly
drag myself around and in the
morning I could hardly get out of
bed. My kidneys were in bad
shape and the kidney secretions
were unnatural. My nerves were
all unstrung:. - I suffered from
headaches and often felt as though
I would lose myreason. I tried
many medicines but nothing
seemed to do me any good until
l took uoan s ividney fills, pro
cured at the People s Drug Co
They relieved me from the first
and I continued taking them until
my back didn't ache and my kid
neys caused me no trouble. '
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simbly ask for a kidney remedy,
get Doan's Kidney Pills, the same
that Mrs. Winecoff had. Foster
N. Y.
Co., Props., Buffalo,
000 troops under General Town
send to the Turks at Kut-El-Amara
on the Tigris. This ex
pedition had made a sensational
dash more than 300 miles up the
river in an attempt to seize Bag
dad. It was within ten miles of
the city when it was decisively
defeated by the Turks and forced
to fall back 1C0 miles. Here it
was surrounded and forced to
surrender after a relief force had
made several vain efforts at res
cue Two new nations entered the
ranks of the belligerents during
the year. On October 13, 1915,
Bulgaria threw in her lot with
the Central Powers and on
March 9 1916, Germany declared
war on Portugal after the repub
lic had seized all Germau ships
interned in her ports.
Jr Vnrk Rav will be linden
taken bythe Pepartment of
develorjed - by -the - police -or I
NrtWiYorlraflrentsTjf thjMa-
partment's bureau of .invest i-
gation that it, was a plot
aimed at the deif ruction of
munitions of war1 A B Bie-
aski, chief of the bureau, ie-
ceived word today 'frrm New
York that so far n facts bad
developed to show that the
explosion was the result of a
New York, July 30-Prop-
inaaB Animated at 25.
000.000 were caused early
KJB -w , '
today by a series of terrific
explosions oi ammunition a
waiting shipment to the
Entente Allies and stored on
Riir TW, TBiflriri a small
4: nf nrA initincv intn I
- - !
B III 1 LI Ul JOUU juvviuq xubv
" ,m w I
New York Bay lott Jersey "i.. f wr ?--City.
The loss df life still fhle conference was said to
v.i have been summoned to Dre-
was DroDiemancai lomgui.
It will not be determined
definitely until there has
been opportunity to check up
the workmen employed on
the island and on the boats
The T denominations, which
of Bmall shells then th,
blowing up of great quanta
i.- a -jnomiio trthitoHnnanA
ties oynamiTP,. triniioiiunsue
thousands of shrapnel shells
which literally showered the
surrounding country and
waters for many miles a-
l ire that started soon af
ter the first great crash which
spread death and desolation
in its wake, destrdyed thir-
teen of the htigearenouBepj side and back and an awful sore-
of JUe: Natkfcal iptbrtgeis in jny stomach. I heard of
Company on Black Tom
island, in which were stored
merchandise valued between
$12,000,000 and $15,000,000.
The flames shooting into the
clouds were reflected against
New York's "sky line" and
towering office buildings,
wl ich only a few moments
before were shaken to their
foundations as by an earth-
atiake. Miles ti streets in
Manhattan were strewn with
hrnban olaafl nA nlmttKiWl
Early reports of heavy los?
of life were impossible oi
verification, and the author
ities asserted the number of
deaths probably would be
small. It was said that ow
ing to the extent of the
wreckage, it might be several
dayB before the exact figures
could be obtained
Thiee are known to be
dead and at least two or
more are missing. Scores ot
persons were injured, some
of them probably mortally.
Will Sloan's Uniment Relieve Pain?
Try it and see, one application
will prove more than a column
of claims. James S. Ferguson,
Philadelphia, Pa. writes; "I have
had wonderful relief since I
used Sloan's Liniment on my
knees. To think after all these
years of pain one application
gave me relief. Many thanks
ior wnat your remedy nas done
for me." Don't keep on suffer-
ing, apply Sloan's Liniment
wueie juui yam i aim
now quicK yo get reiiei. Irene -
J -"--to -"
Bandits Cross Line; Attacked by U. S. Troops
El Paso, Texas, July 31
American soldie's reinforced
by a small detachment of
Carranza troops engaged
Mexican bandits who bad
crossed the Rio Grande into
the United States about five
miles below Fort Hancock,
Texas, 55 miles east of here,
early today. Two Americans
were Killed ana one was
wounded. Only two of the
outlaws escaped across the
river into Mexico where they
are being pursued by Mexi
can troops and Carranza cus
tomsg uaras.
ma Muiaiua a muio as rust biusi
and Seek Presidency in Csxico.
Laredo, Texas, July 30.
VenusHano Carrauza is to re
tire as -first chief of the facto
government of Mexico at an
early date and will be sac-l
les, according to information
given out by Mexican ad-
ministrative circles in Nuevo
Laredo tonight,
General Carranza will enter
the field as a presidential
canaaaie at tne i o u f t n
coming general election, it
was said today, apparently
confirming recent unofficial
ad vices from Mexico City,
which intimated that the first
cniei woum seeK eievaurn to
lPe presiaency ar me nannsor
the voters.
The conference of Mexican'
generals with Carrauza toon
to be held in Mexico City ac
cording to these advices will
arrange for the call for gen-
mT0 I I Ait v w c 1A J
oiai ciouni'uo uuu. lui IUD IT-1
.. . jg . . . - .
rivaminr m ha rmma Ah.nF
vent possible friction in mili
tary circles over the proposed
transfer of power.
While no date has been set
for tbe conference several
high officers of the defacto
?over?ail military forces
the last few days with the an.
njiDmol ipwow
''7. 1".
wiiu general carrauza ana ii i
. . .T T
that the accession of General
Gonzales to the administrate
W1" UUfc UD uww
liver Tnmhlfl.
.T . . ... .. J
abt twte a year
writes Joe Dingman, Webster
city, Iowa. "I have pains in my
Ch amberlainVTablels and wtried
them. By the time I had used
half a bottle of them I was feel
ing fine and had no signs of
pain." Obtainable everywhere.
Nuns in Oar Public Schools.
Sister M. Angelina and Sister
Cleta, nuns of a teaching order
from St. Theresa's Academy, of
East St. Louise, are among the
persons taking special examina-
tions for teachers' certificates
in County Superintendent
Hough's office in Belleville this
The nuns expect appointments
to teach in public schools of
Clinton Countv. 111. This is the
first time Catholic nuns have
soueht certificates for service
in the public schools of St. Clair
Supt. Hough said last night
fViaf. it tctq a norm ieoiKla 1ry mm. I
to teach in the public schools.
He said a teacher's certificate
issued in one county wa& good
in any other county in Illinois.
The foregoing item was taken
from the July 13th issue of the
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Superintendent Hough is quoted
qq envinof that. "it. ia rkarmiasihlA
schools." We presume that he
means by the statement that
there is no law at the present
time to prevent them irom
fQQr.hino. in tho nnhlin sfthnnls.
0 uaA Qa onv, a i,. rmori
However, the will of the people
Ms law, if the people are awake
1 aT1a where nuna oualifv f '
positions in public
c an rmr rrnrt Kit oitHof
outright papist or cowardly
Protestant superintendents, it
witn tne scnooi boards and pre
vent their employment.
If Protestant communities
stand for Roman Catholic teach
ers in tbe public schools, they
should take their medicine with
out protest when they wake up
within a few years and find
their boasted free institutions
in ruins.
"Make America Dominantly
Catholic" is the war-cry of the
V?: "fj 5?n be no
STby getting ntrtYe
public schools, and that's just
wnat they are going to do if you
sleepy -heads don't wake up and
I that pretty soon.
lis Wkslo Stjry Uj-li-ati if t&8 Great
Euiisia Stntsgls.
J one 28 Archduke Ferdinand
of Austria and wife assasinated
at Sarajevo, Bosnia, by Serb
student, Princip
July 23-Axistrfa makes im
possible demands on Serbia
Jul- stria, declares war
on Serbta r Germany rzaobilizea
July SfAll stock markets of
world closed
August 1 Germany declares
war on Russia
August 3 Germany declares
war on France and Belgium and
invades Belgium
August 4 Britain declares
state of war exists with Ger
many. Liege attacked
August 5 Kitchener appoint-1
ea secretary ior war
August 6 Austria declares
war on Russia
August 9 Serbia declares
war on Germany
August 11 Germans invade
France at Longwy; Montenegro,
declares yv&r on Germany,
France oh Austria
August 12 England declares
war on Austria
August 20 Germans occupy
26-ermans surren-
a TncnianH rh
ACf o mmnarmonino-
ships sunk of Helgoland
Sept 1--Germans defeat Rus-
Biaus afc
Sept 3 French capital moved
to Bordeaux
SeP 7 German advance on
Paris turned back at the Mame
Sept 12-Alhes attack Ger-
hnana. in their trenches on the
AUne, opening the world's
greatest battle
upnt . qat
26 Russians ..occupy
TJszok pass
Oct 3 Russians
defeat Ger
mans at Augustowa
Oct 9 Germans capture Ant
Sept 13 Boers revolt in Brit
ish South Africa
Sept 24 Germans driven out
of Russia
Sept 30 Russia declares war
on Turkev
Nov 1-Germans sink Admiral
" I
Cradock's fleet off Chile
Nov 9 Germans
m a
Austrians evacuate
Dec 1 Gen DeWet captured,
ending South African revolt
Dec Austrians occupy Bel-
Dec 8 Four German cruisers
unk bT British off Falkland
Dec 14 Serbs retake Bel
Dec 25 Italy seizes
Feb 2 Britain declares
food contraband
Feb 4 Last lioer rebels sur-
I render
I Feb 10 Russians
I czernowitz
I eb 11 umtea states warns
I belligerents not to attack Ameri-
I ghins
Feb 17 -Germans begin sub-
marine blockade, despite United
estates protest
Feb 23-United States steamer
carib sunk by North Sea mine
March 18 Three aHy battle-
ships sunk in Dardanelles
March 22 Russians take
March 23 Allies land at Dar-
March 25 Russians take
T.nnlrnw r.aa in nftrTihiana
. T. .
Western Galicia, retreat
May 7 Lusitania sunk by U
boat; 1,000 die; 100 Americrns
May 13 Wilson demands rep
aration for Lusitania lives
May 22 Italy declares war on
June 2 Austrians and Ger
mans retake Przemysl
June 9 Bryan quits Wilson
June 14 Vo n Mackensen
opens great'drive against Russia
June 29 Germans in Galicia
cross Russ frontier
July 8 Gen Botha captures
German Southwest Africa
Aug 5 Germans capture War
Aug 10 Bussians drive Turk
ish Caucasus army into Armenia
Septf" lGermany agrees to
sink no more liners without
Sept 8 Grand Duke Nicholas
removed from Russia command
Sept 10 United -States asks
recall of Austrian Ambassador,
Dumba . v
Sept 25 Allies' drive begun
in France; 20,000 captured
Oct 6 French and British
land in Greece
Oct 9 Germans occupy Bel
grade, invading Serbia
Oct 10 Bulgaria attacks Ser-
Oct 21 Russians halt German -
Nov 6 Bulgarians take Nishj
Serb capital
Dec 1 Turks defeat British
near Bagdad
Dec 4 Ford peace party sails
Dec 9 All Allies driven from
Dec 19 Allies evacuate Gal
Pec 25 Ford leaves peace
Jan 9 Last ally soldier leaves
Jan 17 Montenegro makes
separate peace
Jan 19 Russians begin new
offensive on Bessarabian front
Feb 14 Russians capture
Feb 23 Germans open attack
on Verdun
April 18 Russians capture
April" 19 Russians land in
France '
Irish revolt in Dub-
April 28 British surrender to
Turks at Kut-el-Amara
May 1 Leaders of Irish reb
els executed
May 15 Austrians open offen
sive against Italy
May 30 Fourteen British and
18 German warships sunk in
great naval battle in North Sea
June 5 L o r d Kitchener
J 3 1 TV
urowDea wnen cruiser mp-
smre is torpedoed off Orkney
June 7 Italians turn back
Austrian drive
June 9 Russians re-enter
June 17 Russians retake
June 20 Arabs rebel
Turkey capture Mecca
June 27 Anglo-French drive
July 4 Russians reenter
July 9 German submarine
liner reaches Baltimore
July 18 Great Britain prom
ulgates blacklist of American
firms under "trading with the
enemy act"
July 27 Germans execute
Captain Fryatt, of British Kner,
for alleged attempt to ram sub
$100 Riward, $100.
The readers of this paper will
be pleased to learn that there is
at least one dreaded disease that
science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the
yaiarrn oemg
a constitutional treatmft. Haii'
Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood
anu cous susraces oi me sys-
hereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient's strength by
building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers
rhat they offer One Hundred Dol
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