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Worii ia. progressing cu the
Woolwrtu store building on
tkrath Slain street and the
store will : open as toon as
A nuatjer of local Rapub
lleaua ent to the passenger
station io ineet Hon Joseph G
Canuotf on No. 46, bat did
not get to meet him owing to
a fact that he was uapping
and soolebf hem entered the
ear to pet'a look at him.
Dputy Sheriff Archie Nasb
Wit here Friday for Newport.
Kj., to Wing back Frank
Brady, a hite man who elop
ed on Jpue 28th with the wife
of another man and who was
caught there several days ago.
He is charged with abd action
and pernape a violation of the
wnitf slaract.
Phif? Qahin, of this city,
who haa been in the govern
neat service on the Panama
Caaai zone for some time, hits
been promoted to assistant
superintendent of lights on
th canl this being a respon
sible position He is now
here visiting his pareuts.
Dr W W BlcKeiizie, who
for saveral months bad given
up active practice of medicine
and surgery and spent some
time in-Virginia recuperating,
has returned home and re
mmed his practice in offices
in the Wallace building.
Robert Farlow was convict
ad In VTiniton-Salem ot blow
lug tfc safe in a store in that
city and sentenced to eight
years in the penitentary. lie
is said to be a brother of 8 J
Farlcw who was arrested here
some time ago for blowing
the ajife at Spencer post office
lat January and now Is in
the Charlotte jail waiting for
a triafon the Spencer case.
Guy. Hart man, well known
In thftclty, gave ut himself
to the government uu'.lioritit s
In New Mexico on a charge
of "moonshine" whiskey
frauds In Fort Smith, Ark.
He was serving as a scout in
Mexico for General Perishing
under the name of Guy John
son. He is a Davie county
man. '?
Salisbury is fortunate enough
to have a stood citizen from Pro
vidence township, P. D. Linn
moving to the city and going to
occupy1 a residence on West
Liberty street.
Deputy Sheriff Archie Nash
returned last nicrht from Ken-
tucky With Frank Brady and Mrs.
Lottie Trexler who eloped over a
month ago and now are in jail
here awaiting trial.
Saturday night at 10:30 o'clock
chief of Police Miller apd sever
al other patrolmen made an
unceremonious visit to the rooms
of the Gymnasium Club and
causht seven well-known white
m e n; engaged in gambling.
They ere before Judge Carlton
Monday morning and all plead
guilty ': and were fined $40
and .feasts each. Two of
y !
them being convicted previously
of a similar charere were fined
$50 and costs.
Invitations tn the marriage of
Miss Marie Louise Hardin,
daughter . of Archdeacon and
Mrs. Hardin, and Ross Minish
fiigmon, to take place in Blowing
Hock, on Tuesday August 15th
ifcavebeen received in the city
iMiss Hardin is an accomplished
yonng woman. Mr. Sigmon is
Connected with the Salisbury
Jte&lty and Insurance Co.
Ill's hrtlysi. Til Csrscefsated in N. Y.
New York, Aug l.-All pre
vious mortality records in the
- epidemic of infantile paralysis
were broken here today when
it wa reported that 57 chils
rfren had died daring the 24
boor period ending at 10a.m.
Health Commissioner Emer
son found It necessary to call
for additional beds in hospi
tals. He said tonight that 1,
40D beds already had been
oSered. "
July 31. The farmers a
rounci here have not turned
much stubble ground yet on
account of so much rain.
"Mrs N C Wyatt has been on
the sick list for some weeks
with rheumatism.
Albert .Eagle, who has been
confined several weeks with
rmasles. is able to be up and
around again.
Tom and Zimmie Morgan,
who are running a sawmill
near Wadeaboro. visited
homefolks a few days ago.
Alss Bertie Morgan who
has been working at Albe
marle visited homefolks a few
days ago but has returned to
her work at Albemarle.
Waiter Wyatt and A B
Liek have bought automobiles
pinca last writing.
LO Ritchie, our rural car
rier, has bought a FJrd to
carry the mail with. He has
been using it for some time
now and has not missed many
The Yadkin river was the
highest last week that it has
been for a lone time. - lf
washed away the old mill
near tne Bald mountain
known as Reid's mill. It has
been about 45 years since this
mill was built and I guess
that the river was the highest
that it has been in that length
of time.
Early and J L Morgan who
have been threehiug with the
"New Peerless" wind stacker
machine that they bought this
year are throngh threshing
for this season This was the
first wind stacker machine to
be run in this neighborhood
and it did fine work. The
wheat around here was very
good and turned out very
Mis John Eller of near St
Matthew's church neighbor
hood died Thursday, July 27,
aged 73 years, 8 months and
days. Funeral service
were held at St Matthews E
L church Friday evening be
ing conducted oy nev u k
Pi ess atter which the remains
were laid to rest in the ceme
tery. She is surviyed by a
bereaved husband, two bro
there, Wesley and Reuben
Frick, and one pister, Mrs
Moses Eagle of Faith. She
was a faithful and consistent
member of St Matthew's E L
church since early life.
How's This?
We offer One Hundrdred Dol
lars Reward for any case of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tele-
do, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have
known F. J. Cheney for the last
15 yearsnand believe him per
fectly ho orable in all business
transactions and financially able
to carry out any obligations
made by his firm.
MERCE, Toledo Ohio
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, acting directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent Iree.
Price S cents per bottle, bold
by al Druggists.
Take Hall's Family iuis tor
constipation. '
A Recruiting Office Hero.
A recruiting office here for
service in tne JNortn uaroima
National Guard has been opened
in the local armory, third floor
of the Murphy building corner
Main and Fisher Streets, with
Lieut. D. E. Murph in charge.
There are three men here to as
sist Lieut. Murph. As fast as
the applicants are examined tbey
will be sent to camp Gleun, is
sued supplies and mustered
into cervice subject to the call
of President Wilson.
Just the Thins for Diarrhoea.
"About two years ago I had a
severe attack of diarrhoea which
lasted over a week, ' writes W. C.
Jones, Buford N. D. ' I became
so weak that I could not stand
upright. A drug-gist recommend
ed Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Kemedy. The
first dose relieved me and within
two days I was as well as ev:r."
Many druggists recommended
this remedy because they know
that it is reliable. Obtainable
fttt QuiaJne That Does Not Affect The Heat
&Xuae of its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
TXVB BSOHO sjuimnts is Dettertnan ominarj
And doe not cause nervousness not
in head. Kmember the full name and
tat tbt cifMtart i B. W, c&OTO. asc
Mnions; Conventions and Mates. : r
Following-is a-list so far. pre
pared for the various family re
unions. Sunday school conven
tions, farmers institutes, etc., to
be held in Rowan county this
August 3, 4 6, Nazareth Home
Picnic, Crescent, Northern Luth
eran Conference Bethel Church.
August 4th, Winecoff family
re-union at Center Grove church,
Cabarrus county.
August 4, Morgan Township
S. S. Convention Liberty Church.
August 8, -Lentz-Lingle Re
union, Fulton Heights Park.
August 10, Overcash Reunion,
Enoch yille.
August 11, Gold Hill Town
ship S- S. Convention, Gold Hill
August 15, Franklin township
S S conuention, Mt Tabor church
Aug. 16, Unity Township S. S.
Convention, Lebonon Lutnern
August 18, Scotch Irish S S
convention, Providence church
August 17, Home Coming
Salem Church.
August 22, Mt. Ulla-Steele S.
S. convention, Bock Creek church
August 23, Providence S S con
vention, Bethel M E church.
August 24, China Grove S S
August 24, Brown Reunion,
Granite Quarry.
August 25, Cleveland S S con
vention, August 29-30, County S. S.
Convention,' Rockwell.
If you are going to have a
family reunion, hand in the
so there will be no
conflicts this
When You Have a Cold.
Give it attention, avoid ex
posure, be regular and careful
of your diet, also commence tak
ings Dr. King's New Discovery.
It contains Pine-Tar, Antiseptic
Oils and Balsams. Is slightly
laxative. Dr. King's New Dis
covery eases your cough, soothes
your throat and bronchial tubes,
checks your cold, starts to clear
your head. In a short time you
know your cold is better. Its
the standard family cough syrup
in use over 40 years. Get a
bottle at once. Keep it in the
house as a cold insurance. Sold
at your druggists.
Exelos Kills 4o and Wounds 60 Carranza Troops.
Nogales, Ariz., Aug. l.The
explosion of a carload of dyna
mite killed 60 and wounded 40
Carranza soldiers at Empalme,
near Guaymas, Sonora, ao
cording to reports received
here today. I was stated
that the Mexican authorities
are proceeding in their in
vestigation on the theory that
that the explosion was due to
a shot deliberately fired into
the car.
Building in Empalme are
said to have been badly in
A Doctor's Rfifliedy fOf COUg&S.
As a cure for coughs and colds
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey com
bines these remedies in just the
right proportion to do the most
good for summer colds or coughs
A trial will prove the value of
this splendid cough medicine
Dr. Bell's Pine Tar-Honey sooth
es the irritation, stops your
cough, kills the cold germs and
does you a world of good. A 25c
bottle win more man convince
you, it will stop your cough.
At druggists.
A squad of negro convicts pass
ed yesterday through here for
Badin to ioin the State forces on
the big aluminum works down
It Always Helps
says Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky., in
writing of her experience with Cardui, the woman's
tonic. She says further: "Before I began to use
Cardui, my back and head would hurt so bad, I
thought the pain would kill me. I was hardly able
to do any of my housework. After taking three bottles
of Cardui, I began to feel like a new woman. I soon
gained 35 pounds, and now, I do all my housework,
as well as run a big water mill.
I wish every suffering woman would give
The Woman's Tonic
a trial I still use Cardui when I feel a little bad,
and it always does me good."
Headache, backache, side ache, nervousness,
tired, worn-out feelings, etc, are sure signs of woman
ly trouble. Signs that you need Cardui, the woman's
tonic. You cannot make a mistake in trying Cardui
for your trouble. It has been helping weak, ailing
women for more than fifty years.
Get a Bottle Today!
P. H. Cushing, father of Mrs.
C M. Henderlite and Mrs. H.
A. Ellis of this city, died at the
soldiers' home at Johnson City,
Term., Thursday. He was for
many years a resident of this
city. ."
The infant of Mft. and Mrs.
John C. Ross died at their home
on the Lincolnton road Monday
of malaria fever and dysentary
and was entered in the Chestnut
Hill cemetery yesterday.
Mrs. Mary C. Earnhardt aged
about 80 years, died Monday at
the home of his son-ih-law W.
M. Linker, on East Bank street,
and was hurried at St. Peter's
church in Providence township
yesterday. She is survived by
her only child, Mr. Linker, with
whom she lived for the past
twenty years. v
Charlie D. M. Deal, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Edmond Deal, of near
Organ Church, died July 29th
1916, after only a few days illness
with appendicitis, at the age of
17 years 3 months and 9 days.
He leaves to mourn his early de
parture a devoted father and
mother, 3 brothers. 5 sisters
and a large circle of friends and
relatives. He was burried the
day following his death, after
suitable services at Lutheran
Chapel church, China Grove, N.
O, y his pastor. Rev. C, A.
Brown, in the presence of a
large number of friends and
relatives who had gathered to
pay their last sad tribute of
respect to that which was mor
tal, after which his body was
tenderly laid to rest in the Green
Lawn Cemetery to await the
great day of the resurrection.
Peace to his ashes. May the
Lord comfort the bereaved fami
ly in this their sadest experience
in life.
Your Bowels Should Moyg once. a Day.
A free easy movement of the
bowels every day is a sign of
good health Dr. King's New
Dew Life Pills will give you a
gentle laxative effect without
griping and free your system of
blood poisons, purify jour blood,
overcome constipation and have
an excellent tonic effect on the
entire system. Makes you feel
like living. Only 25c at druggists.
$540,000 Flood Fund for South Voted.
Washington, Aug. 1. By un
animous vote the Senate today
passed a joint resolution appro
priating- 354U,Ull tor reliet in
flooded districts of North Caro
lina, South Carolina, Georgia
Alabama, Florida and Mississippi
which was reported by Senator
Overman. Senators Simmons
and Overman advocated this relief
in speeches which lay bare the
conditions in North Carolina and
cited precedent for Federal as
'"It is the same sort of appeal
that we are hearing today from
the other side ot the water," said
Senator Simmons, who preferred
to conditions in Belgium and Po
land, " lne territory affected, is
nearly a third of North Carolina
The number of persons affected is
great. The damage is tremend
ous. The people are mostly far
mers and small farmers. Local
authorities are doing all they can
to give people work and meet the
needs, out tney cannot do as
much as is necessary."
kii Gf wi w on mi
"I Bought Kitchen Comfort
from my dealer when I bought a New
Perfection Oil Cook Stove9
Ask your dealer to -tell you why the
New Perfection Oil Cook Stove as
sures clean, even heat and lasting sat
isfaction. He'll tell you that the long blue
chimney gives a perfect draft and the4
proper distribution of heat. That
'New Perfection" means gas stove
comfort with kerosene oil no more
coal, wood or ashes.
Fuel cost only 2 cents a meal for 6
Saves your time and strength.
Turns on and off like gas.
New Perfections are made in many
styles and sizes. Ask your dealer to
show them to you.
Look for The Long Blue Chimney
Use Aladdin Security Oil to obtain the
best "results in Oil Stoves, Heaters
and Lamps
(New Jersey)
Washington, D. C.
Norfolk, Va.
Richmond, Va.
A Full Line of General Merchandise
Constantly On Hand.
FOOT REST HOSIERY whether it's appearance
you want in hosiery or wheather it wear you will get
it if you get "Foot Rest." And this too is an enduce
ment to most of us. You'll SAVE MONEY.
NEW SECURITY FRUIT JARS, fresh lot just re,
ceived. Pints Quarts, and half -gallons.
Spring and Summer goods, light weight underwear
for men and women, also Uress Goods, Shoes, Pants,
Overalls, Hats, Notions, Crockery, Tinware, etc.
I have a well selected stock of staple and fancy
groceries, country produce, ieed stuff, etc. When in
need come to see me.
Farmers are invited to make my place headquar
ters while in the city. Very truly,
'Phone 39.
103 S.
The TJachovia Bank & Truot Co.
Is the Strongest Bank in North Carolina,
This gives Safety and Protection to our Depositors
4 per cent, paid on Saving deposits. You can open an
account with one dollar and upwards.
Young men seeking an education which wfll equip them for practical life in
. Agricultuoe, and oil its allied branches; in Civil, Eleetricial, and Mechanical
Engineering; in Chemistry and Dyeing; in Textile or other industries, and in
Agricultural teaching will find excellent provision for their chosen careers at
the State's great technical College. This College fits men for life by giving
practical instruction as well as thorough scientific education.
Four year courses in Agriculture, in Chemistry, in Civil, Eleetricial, and
Mechanical Engineering, and in Textile industries.
Four year, two year, one year, and summer Normal courses in Agriculture.
Numerous practical' short courses.
Entrance examinations held at each county seat on July 13th.
For catalogue, and entrance blanks, write
E. B. OWEN. Registrar. West Raleigh. N. C.
on gvpi n orm
Charlotte, N. C.
Charleston, W. Va.
Charleston, S. C.
Main St., Salisbury, N. C.
PoBnIar IMolO&cnrsion Yia Southern
Railway, Wednesday. Anmt 9th. 1916.
Southern Railwayt wiU op
erateivery low5 fare popular
excursion to Norfolk. Va..
and return, special train cons
eisting of both day coaches
Pullman sleeping, cars leav
ing Charlotte at 5:00 p m
Wednesday, August 9th,
arriving Norfolk 6:45 next
Round trip fares and
scheduler from principal
points as shown:
Leave Fare
Charlotte 5 00 p m $4 75
Kannapolis 6 00 p m 4 75
Salisbury 6 45 pm 4 75
Thomasville 7 50 p m 4 50
Greensboro 8 45 p m 3 75
btatesyille 1 15 p m 5 00
Albemarle 7 08 a m '5 25
Concord5 5 47 d m 4 75
China Grove6 15 p mj 4 75
Lexington 7 30 p m 4 75
High foint 8 05 p m 4 50
Mooresville 1 07 d m 5 on
Asheboro, 3 50 p m 4 75
laylorsville8 40 a m 5 25
Tickets from all interme
diate points oneame basis.
Leave Norfolk returning
6:00 p m Friday, August 11.
iwo wnole days and one
uight in Norfolk. Most at-
ractive season to visit Virgi
nia Beach, Ocean View, am
ple time to visit the navy
yard and fortress and many
i l a ; a i "
uiuer mteresiing places.
Make your Pullman reser
vations now.
For full information see
nearest ticket agent, or write
R. H. DeBdtts, D. P. A , '
Charlotte, N, C.
Drives Out Malaria, Builds Up System
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic,
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
Malaria,enriches the blood.and builds up the ays
tem. Atrne tonic For adults and children. 50c
Do You Want
a New Stomach?
If you do "Digestoneine" will
give you One; For full particulars,
literature and opinions regarding
this wonderful Discovery which
is benefiting thousands, apply to
earing the
wroDg Glass
May prove more injurious to
jour eyes than wearing none
at all. Not every man who
calls himself
Is competent to fit spectacles.
We show you and explain to
you why we are right, and
guasantee results.
Trade with
He carries a full line of Higb
Grade Groceries at
very low prices.
Buys all kinds of Produce,
Chickens, Eggs, Bacon, and
vegetables. See him
Headquarters for Watkins
Medicine Co.
'Phone 57.
119 W. Inniss St.
Peoples' National Bail:
Salisbury, N.G.
Does General Banking Business
posits. Interest payable every 8 months
Prompt attenion given to any busi
ness entrusted to us.
Tour business solicited.
TPeopfes National Bank
John 8, Henderson, J. D. Norwood,
S resident. cashier.
, W. T.Basbj,
V-rreoident. Asst. eahie
. Irs-

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