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ArHome Newapape Published ite and for Government! Affairs.
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OCTOBER 25 rH, 1916.
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Dr. Frsflricfi Ai!sr Killed r
far Rrfnslrr fa f r
wirelesses? : ic . om JRpme ; re-
ports tHttiV re grv'riU
of ' Cpnflt;-r"- :?fiTrij&eA;accur by
- - licer:rVv . ,esk t(5S uSL " fgovernment surveyors TJbese
i:f3Cb mretessalso aljSo?rgortstaf points ,are describedand their
Renewal of'. the -manlfestions in:ftudes:'pr elevatfogp givii n a"
.v stales mterveninarm DenalrrOt
"Vienaa OcU 21. Via Berlin
3 ifi'. 'ct22Via"wireless. The as-
!-;;"issmaVioaof the1 Austrian JPrl
; XV- Janief,'0cunt KarT'Stuerffkh,wis
'-.:$urelY4 political and .was. induced
V VnV shor Uit ter .h is jarres t:
" r' Doctor'Adlei'is' "an -cxentric
d'superadrcalSoctalist, some-y-f
"times knpwn as'the' rMebknecht
v locked lap -bet-broTc
.r's- poluicaj
-.declared Ithe r-
do, Ihe
KeJG"I- U-Dcctor Adler's ..arrest- was not
iHlr the wound
jfi'" Cotwmenwhx, leaped at
himafteihe hadfired on Count
vBtjiergkhiHe discharged the
HoVemaiaingQhambers-of his
f :revol veratihesenieabef ore. Aus
ririan and Gfcttnan officers, with
crawn 9a bersj overpowered mm.
4 : Count tnergk h Waajt 1 unch -
" v, eon with Baron-Aebf en thai, Coun t
;ToggeflburgGoernor- of,; the
Ainaa anknown'to the Premier ar-
He" ate Inncheon and paid
rV- ShVrUyftetS''oclockHheimff
arose, advanced quickly toward
the Premier and fired three shots.
'i The first missed- The next two
struck the premier inthe head
Without a word, Count Stuerkh
. fell back lifeless in his chair.
Baron Aehrenthal sprang toward
Adler. The head 4waiter ran up
from behind the assassin and
grasped the hand that held the
revolver. Adler wrested his arm
free and fired two shots. Baron
Aehrenthal was wounded in the
foot. The waiter received only a
superficial wound.
Seeing that the struggle was
. hopeless Doctor Adler surrendered
to the officers who crowded upon
him, and gave up his revolver.
Apparently, he was the calmest
man in the room. He gave his
- name without hesitation and
. added:
'If you please gentleman, I
know perfectly well what I have
v done. I shall not resist arrest."
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Wheat Hakes Another Sensational Mum.
Chicago, Oct. 23. Wheat prices
made another sensational jump
upward today of more than five
cents a busnel. The December
option reacjjed $1.75 and May
$1.7524 as against respectively
$1.70 to $1.70 and $1 70 to
tL70?6 at the finish on Saturday.
Closing quotations here were un
settled at gains of 1 to 4
cents, with December at $1.744
find May at $1.74 to 1.74.
-VnUisinedi by Mhe Gepioifi
- nWAv.'fnH avM a &r - - v - . '
fetate jf . Z Carolfri have
been marked -metal-tablets or
bulletin gives also, inti
appendix',-tho approximate levj
Hons pi moretnan iou yf eLtaaw
mounliain summits. Amontiese
peaks is Mount Mitchell, whose
rfisuminitis' feet above- sea
Uvel. This is not only, the highr
et poinfth the -'slafe. f fNortb
CaVoJiuautrthehigh !r,t
"east of .tlie!ack:!:M . 1 . . uth
.Uakota,tjr' of .t,e JL; , Mounv
f '" Color: Eh&f bulletin
t,La -names descriptions
-ad atti to des. of 12 peaks;in N or tb
iJaroi ?a thatf are.higher3nan the
1 dStftbratpd Mnnnt; WahinjO-tnn in
NewHam pshi re, wboseeIe,vation
is 6,293 Jeet;n;:
Bis Testimony Will Interest Every Salisbury
The value of local evidence is
indisputable. It is the kind of
evidence we accept as true be
cause we know we can prove it
for ourselves. There has been
plen tf of , such evidence in the
Salisbury. papers lately, and this
strai g-h tforward ; testimony h as
established a - confidence; in the
a tpIjSalisbury ype3ple that
M. L. EarriharT, caTpenter 128
Caldwell street, Salisbury, says:
I have had attacks of lumbagoj
nearly all my life and my back
has been so stiff and Jame that 1
cduld hardly move. Doan's Kid
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Fdster-Milburn Co., Props.,
Buffalo. N, Y,
Cotton Market Twice Toacnes New High Level
New York, Oct. 23. The cot
ton market touched new high
levels for the season twice here
today, a wave of bullish activity
sending active months up to new
ngures soon alter tne opening
and excited buying- in the late
trading forcing prices to still
higher figures. Between times
there was heavy realizing causing
slight reactions, but the setbacks
were only temporary and the
close was firm, within a few
points of the best. Advances of
from 63 to 72' points were made
during the day.
January contracts sold at 19.22
ano May at 19.49, or more than
$3.50 a bale above the closing
prices ot Saturday. Claims that
the mills could pay siill higher
prices tor cotton, rumors 01 a
tailing off in ginning returns, a
strong spot market in the South
and a bullish Liverpool marke
were the chief influences behind
the rise
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ComMnsd fiastrian, German, Bulcarlan and
Forces in Pursuit of Defeated flntagsaists.
Bucharest' Oct '22t-VVia- lbnr
don, W ithdrawat of the Ruma
nian s in'Dobrudja in the face -'of
violent attacKS oy r ieia marsuau
von Mackensen's army, was ; an
nounced tonigh t by he-War , Uit-
fice. . The repulse of Tetitonic
forcen-theTransylvattian front
also is reported.
London. Ocff22.--In the face
of continued violt;nt attacks ' by
thfe .Ttonic . Allies inj Do'brudja
frdnjtliexnube torlhe Black
ea?-)fthesJxumaQians ana tneir
Russian- Allies , afe. still falling
k-Tbe ttftf,jot iToprai:iiJt4
i4e3-soutnw,toi vonsnza ajajA
tne DanftCwnrD" Rachova,
h ave beenti'ken by the combin ed
Austrian;. GermariBulgarian and
Turkshfofces,who are declared
by-derlm to be itTpursuit of their
defeated' antagonists.
iChi the Transylvania front hard
fighUngxontinues in the moun
tain passes 7 but with the result
in doubt owing to the conflicting
statements of the Berlin. Petro
gfad and Bucharest war offices.
Petrograd said the Rumanians
have been forced back in the
F3u?eu Valley. Bucharest, how
every asserts that counter attacks
by the Teu'tonic Allies here were
repulsed at the point of the
bayonet.: It is evident that no
great changes in position have
taken place anywhere along this
rout, but that the Rumanians
are fighting tenaciously to hold
back the would be invaders of
their country.
The battle of the last week
along the Narayvka river in
Galicia has resulted in an import
ant victory for the Austro-Ger-
man forces over the Russians,
Russians now hold only a small
part 01 the tront on the west
bank of the river after a general
attack bv the Teutonic Allies be- ';
tween Sviteleniki and Skomovo-
chy in which the Russians were
driven back suffering heavy casu
alties Petrograd says, however,
that the fighting along the river
is still going on and that the
positions have changed bauds
several timesi
Twice today, in the morning
and in the afternoon, the Germans
launched violent attacks agrainst
the positions newly won by t! e
French in the Chaulnes wood,
south of the Somme river in
France. Both attacks were re
pulsed, the Germans suffering
heavy casualties, according to
Paris Some of the attackers in
the morning offensive gained a
foothold in the French first line,
but were surrounded and the 150
survivors made prisoner.
Berlin in admitting that in
Saturday's fighting the British
north of the Somme made gains,
characterises the British losses
as a "r ckless sacrifice of human
lives' Reveral trenches between
Blaches and La Maisonnette,
south of the . Somme, were re
captured Saturday from the
French says Berlin.
Notwithstanding bad weather
on the Macedonia front, slight
additional progress has been made
by the Entente Allies in the
Cerna river region- German
troops now aie aiding their Bul
garian Allies in the fighting at
the band of the Carna.
Heavy raintorms and snowfalls
are impending the operations in
the Austro Italian theater.
A German aeroplane which
dropped four bombs at Sheesness,
England, is believed to have been
the same aircraft that was de
stroyed later and fell into the sea
under the attack of a British
naval aeroplane.
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Jfee 101 Ranc!iMD'nytlttrate4WID
- Be Hers mnm jbbi m.
- The life of the'soSdieii in camp
and on the field of battle, is, it' is
announced, graphically portrayed
In 'the, new -"miUtJry spectacle,
Preparedness,? ' Jhich is offered
?:as tne oig ieaiure:i,Kluc. U,U11U
Bill' ( Himself )-10i;jRancb shows
Ihis season 7 The cabined shows
ate scheduled to exhibit m Falis
ury on SaturdayiDctober 281h,
and" the even t wilifcave 3. stirring
interest for-the public not only
because of the re.aHstfc military
display, but alsQ .because it will
again introduce Cofc Wm. F. Cody
(Buffalo Bill) as' the real leader
of?Americas scouts and rough-
i riders. The mere announcement
that Buffalo Bill, the Border hero
of two generations iaagain in.
the saddle, will send a'Tipple of
delight across the continent
"Preparedness " the new mili
tary spectacle, is not merely a
preachment for adequate prepara
tion on the part of the people of
;he United States to forestall any
possible aggression on the part Of
foreign nations, but it is also an
exhibitiofiSof army life and action
and color such as would scarcely
be possible without the-co opera
tion of the U. S. War Depart
ment. That this co operation
has been forth-doming is evidenc
ed by the factthat the soldiers
Utilized in the display are actual
ly United States regulars and
have been 'loaned" by the. Gov-
ernment in order to bring home to
the public the necessity lot pro
viding an army adequate .for its
The military maneuvers, it is
announced, are presented on a
most elaborate and realistic scale.
There are reviews an$ : marches,
in which all the various Sarins of
the service are represented; there
aTe Cavalry drills atfd ' charges;
there is mounted infantry; there
is field artillery in action, and
finally there is a battle with In-
dians in nich, it is declared,
there are more thrills to the
minute than ever before crowded
into an exhibition of this kind
Incidental features of the military
display are evolutions by Rus
sian Cossacks, Arabs and Japanese
cavalry, illustrating the training
as well as the whirlwind riding
of thie intrepid military troopers
of the Far East.
A show, headed by Buffalo Bill,
would not be cnaracteristic if it
failed to picture something of the
adventurous life of the ranch and
prairie; and the Buffalo Bill-101
Ranch shows are said to have
something especially interesting
aIoa& this line to offer. A great
company of cowboys, cowgirl?,
old scouts and Indians with the
famous old Chief Flying Hawk,
utilized to visualize the strenuous
life of the frontier. There is tjie
stage coach hold-up; a buffalo
hunt, a round-up with long-horn-,
ed cattle; roughriding and bron-cbo-busting,
and other interesting
offerings, full of the vim and
ginger and daring of the people
of the untramelled Borderland-
The two performances to be
given in this city at 2:15 and 8:15
will be preceded at 10:30 m . the
roruing by a mammoth military
and frontier day parade in which
all the processional resources of,'
the big show will be in line. The
recruiting tent, where enlist
ments are daily received for ser
vice on the Mexican border, will
be open on the grounds show day
Reserved seats show day at the
People's Drug store at the same
price as on the grounds.
When you feel discouraged and
despondent do not give up but
take a dose of Chamherlain's Tab
lets and you are almost certain to
feel all right within a day or
two. Despondenc is ej3ften
due to indigestion and biliousness,
for which these tablets are es-
Pecially valuable
Before iivance of Teutonic Ales Russians
and Romanians Retreat Along Front
London, Oct 23. The Dobrtt
ilja region -of Rumanian is ap-
; parently being oyerrun by the
forces of the Teutonic Allies.
Cons tan a, Rumania's chief sea-
rul luu iv"css on ine rjacK
Sea, already has fallen into the
( hands of the troops of the right
wing of Field Marshal von Mack-
ensens' army, while the left wing
is Hearing the town of Tcherna
voda, where the Danube is span
ned by the bridge of the railroad
running from Constana to Buch
arest. Near the center of their
front, which extends across Dob
rudja from the sea to the Danube,
the invaders have cut the rail
road near Murf at! ar and pushed
their troop "far beyond" the rail
way line, according to Berlin.
Before the rapid advance of the
Germans, Bulgarians and Turks,
rapid despite the heavy rains and
soggy groun, the Russians and
Rumanians are in retreat along
the entire front, but according to
Petrograd are offering stubborn
Aside from the operations in
Dobrudja another British smash
at the German line in the Somme
region of France, which neeted
them more than a thousand yards.
pf, trenches eart of Gueudecourt L
and Les Boeufs and carried their
3. step nearer the Bapaume-
Peronne road, is the most natable
incident of the fighting on any
front. A gain described by Paris
as ''appreciable" also is recorded
for the French northeast of Mor
val whicblles just to the south of
the region where the British and
Germans were in contact.
Berlin, in touching upon .the
fighting gainst - the British; and
French Sunday between Le Sars
and Rancourt, lays the attacks
of. the Entente1 Al lies were sangus
inarily repulsed- It is admitted
in the German official communi
cation that the Germans with
drew Sunday night from the
north of Chaulnes, south of the
Somme, to a prepared position
lying east of the northern part of
the Chaulnes woods.
On the Transylvania front,
Stubborn fighting is still in prog-
ress between the Teutonic Allies
and the Rumanians for the moun
tain passes and territory inside
Rumania which has been captur
ed by the Austro-Germans.
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Senator Simmons Defended Party.
Declaring that the Democratic
party had handled the affairs of
North Carolina so well the State
had made as much if not more
progress than any other State in
the Union, Senator Simmons
Monday night addressed one of
the largest audiences of the pres-
cat (.duiudiu 111 iuia niy. xac
followed Paul Shimmon, a Syrian
who a plea for assistance for
stricken people.
After having listed many of the
wise moves made by the Demo
crats in the State during- which
he charaterized their big expendi-
tures as wise extravagance and
said the efforts of the Republicans
in criticizing were only petty
faulty finding be launched into
the support 01 the President.
1 ne democrats nave so com
pletely swept the field the past
three years in progressive and
remedial legislation," Senator
Simmons said, "that the Repub
licans find nothing new to pro
pose. They do not directly op-
e anytning done with the
exception of traffic legislation
and for the first time in the
Nation a big political party is
without a confessed or avowed
No Dope for 12 Kiners Trapped hy-Eipfen
Birmingham, Ala., Oc. 22.
mingham, Ala., OcV 22.
tope is entertained for the
of 12 men who were trapped
l explosion at the mines of
No hope
by an explosion at the mines of
the Roden Coal Company at Mar-1
vel Ala., this afternoon. Seven
white men, including the chief
electrician and.the master mech-
anic and five negroes are known
to be entombed.
The cause of the explosion has Ont., with coal, went' down in a
not been definitely learned but it storm, off Erie, Pa, - The tragedy ,
is expected to have been due to became known only toda -when
gas,, although the mines were Capt. Walter Grashaw of Cleve
tested for gas and found safe a tend, sole survivor, was picked'
few hours before the disaster. P by a car ferry, and taken to
Hundreds of people were grouped ponneaut, O., after beine nflnnf
about the heading of the mines
tonight awaiting news from the
rescuers who have reached the
ninth entry, 1,200 feet from the
men, who are believed to be in
the twelfth entry.
dsware of Ointments for Catarrh that Cm
tain Mercury.
As mercury will surely de
stroy the sense of smell arid com--leiely
derange the whole sys-
rtm when entering it Lh r on b I
mucous surfaces. Such articles
iiould never be used except 01
prescriptions from reputabh
physicians, as the damage thej I
will do is ten fold to the good yon I
can possibly derive from them I
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O., contains no mercury, and is I
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es 01 trie svstem. In huvin
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From 4 to 11, cool winds and
rains along.
From 11 to 18, fair with threat-
enings along. But if wind is
northeast at from 12 to 2 a. m..
the llth, clear, frosty and cool.
From 18 to 26, fair and cool
with slight rains and some windy
l?rn,OttrtVml,.'. t. I
able with considerable eaumox
storm is indicated.
Rough from
northeast and cold.
There will be some cool, warm
and lots of cool winds this month
with equinox storm.
Henry Reid,
R-3, Box 167, Salisbury, N. C.
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PnysHifh Tribute to Police Force.
Yesterday's Charlotte Observer
says: w . u. Lask, deputy collector
of internal revenue, who has been
spending two months in Charlotte
on business, will leave this morn
ing for Greensboro to report to
revenue Agtnt i ti. Vanderrord
there. Before leavinar Mr. Lisk
1 if.....
expressec, nimseu in the highest
terms aoout tne unar'e police
department, w! ':
:h he has
been cn o ?:.. ti.ig ever since
arrival "I know of no de
pareuient in the State or in the
South tor the South for that
matter, that approaches the local
force in systematic management,
emcK ncy and all those things
that go to make up a meritorious
system," said he. "Chief Moore,
Sergeant-Pitts, Col Tom Black
and all the other men are splendid
officers and it is a source of keen
regret that I have been called
Weather ForecasUsrOctoliei
; h,4 : '
WCk Re? eaTsJ Wfiia fU&kfV
fforjfefc mtUl r Sv
- 7- T l . v t c-
Cleveland, O. 0cO2UCwenty.
one members of tho crew jof ,thA
steamer- James BS Colgate-, were rH-
drqwned in Lake .Erie-'Frid'oyrV
night when the Colgate bouridXV
from Buffalo to Fort -William "
34 hours on a life raft,
Captain Grashaw, who was
master of the Colgate for only
cwo weeks,- becanie unftnncmW :
soon after being picked up but
was able to tell part of the story
if the disaster. .
Nineteen of the crew, he said,
vrere drowned when the big
vhale back vessel foundered and
wo others, Second Engineer
darry Ossman of Cleveland and
tn unnamed coal rasser
x ,
washed from tha lifA vo-ff. ow
- w a um. v (A Vl
exposure and exhaustion had
rendered them helpless,
The Colgate went down tha
oiSnt of whit has become known
n .marine circles as "Black Fri-
day . Six men were lost when
&n steamer Filer sank in Lake
&ne Friday and on the same dav
the steamer Marshal F.: Butter "
foundered but its crew of 1 was I
Less than an hour after.Jtha V
Filer sank the; Colgate by far
the largest oithe three lost Ves
sels, went down. , . There was no l
wireless on tho hhat an nVhir,
f .- - '-Jr. w smm, UVVUU1&
was learned of the tragedy until
Captain ;Gfashaw?
half dea4rontila
earivridtiiiv:f' V-.?-? - -fir
shaw said and immediately it ' ' V '""r
was seen that tha- iroasol -aaci
doomed. "We got the life raft
ready," he said; "just as tbe
boat was so far down that the
decks were awash.
"When -she sank everybody
I jumped into the water. I went
down and when I came up by
"au" W1UUU0U
I grabbed it and pull
ed myself on it just as Second
Engineer Ossman and the coal
passer reached it. What happen
ed to the others I don't know. I
never saw them again.
Then our awful fight began.
Twice the raft turned completely
over and we were washed loese,
but managed to regain our hold.
We must have been unconscious
part of the time, for I can't re
member distinguishing niht
and day while the storm plugged
our raft.
'Ossman and tbe coal passer
disappeared, 1 dor-'t knov wiat
became of them'
KowCatsrn Is Contracted.
A'i . 4.1 . . t .
iuwtucia are sometimes SO
thoughtless as to neglect tbe eclds
which their children r.n?itrjr.
The inflammation of the mucus
mem Or tne, at first acute, becom
es chronic and the chronic catarrh,
j: .
a uiseae tnat is seldom cured and
that may prove a life's burden.
Many persons who have this
loathsome disease will remenaber
having had frequent colds at the
time it was contracted. A 'little
forethought, a bo tU of Chimoer-
lain's Cough Remedy judiciously
used, and all this trouble might
have been avoided. Obtainable
Small Bones, Bat No Skulls Discovered.
Los Angeles, Cal. Oct. 23. Al
though a uumber of teeth and
small bones have been found in
the yard of Bentoa L. Barr::t, at
Santa Monica, tending to confirm
the aged rancher's alleged con
fession to the authorities last
night that he had killed his wife
and stepson afterwards burning
their bodies, further search has
failed to discover the skulls or
larger bones of the victims and
the police admitted they were
mystified. .Barrett, tbz district
attorney said sticks to his story
in every detail.
, ' - - , , -
. si
1 t.

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