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Color-Blindness Cannot Be Over
Come, Though Word-Blindness
May Be Alleviated.
Two defects fn regard .to sight
word-blindness and color-blindness
!are described by an English 'writer.
IHe points ont that they are not . de
fects of the eyes at all, but are really
mental defects, .and, curiously enough,
are found very "often in clever men,
i-the .discoverer of the defect rDalton,
'the . great " scientist being himself
Color-blindness occurs In about
three to four per cent of pales and in
la smaller number of females. It is
frequently hereditary, but, strangely
enough, though the males suffer from
ithe defect, the females . carry it on.
Color-blindness is a defect in the
(registering apparatus in, the brain and
is incurable. It is of importance to
recognize the defect early, and to turn
Ithe attention of the sufferer to work
!ln which this defect will not be a han-i-dicap.
Such children should learn
;arly that there is no work for them
ion the railway.
Word-blindness Is a much more se
,rious defect, and may be the cause of
i the dlmaulty some children find in
learning to read. They see correctly.
jTested with figures or pictures, they
jinay pass the standard, but the let
ters of the alphabet, when strung to
gether to form words, convey no mean
ling to them. The effect is due to a
want of association of the brain cen
ters. The defect is usually mistaken
At first to indicate, defective eyesight,
but this is not so. It is noteworthy
that these same children may show
considerable ease in reading figures,
even-money sums. To teach these
children to read, words must not be
taken letter y letter, but as a whole.
the word "cat must be taken not as
" onnolo- hnt fha TXThrhla
X b, X Hl IM .Ml, MWH buv ' ""'V
I thing must be the sign for cat. The
imethod is known as the 'look and say"
plan, and by its aid it is possible to
(teach the child to read.
;TweWe Men Employed in Production
ofOne of These Wonderful
j Objects of "Art."
The services of, 12 men are required
fto produce one of the big campaign
Two men prepate the strips on which
the Fettering is done. Two more look
after tfut-Afetarine rtf thEA Rtrins. the
italntinK oithi nSaes'o cIubT or&f
isoclations ordering the banners,: the
(captions for the portraits and the of
I flees for which, the nominees are to
: contend.
Two, men work on the centerpieces,
generally consisting of an eagle and a
shield. One man devotes himself to
Ithe special portraits, and the others
: assemble the various parts, sew the
'strips together, and give the finishing
-touches to the banner.
The "portrait man" scorns to do
any other work than the main portrait.
The rest he calls "filling in." By work
ing .on the same faces day afW day
this artist becomes so skillful that' he
can paint the portrait of a candidate
to use the words of one painter) "in
the dark", and do it as true to life as
the standard of the campaign banner
industry requires.
Price of Roses.
A small flower shop in the humbler
quarters of a Southern city. A young
hospital nurse, still in training, is
: asking the price of roses, her rounded
r cheek, itself a rose, half turned to the
open door.
The dally tasks of the hospital
training school are exhausting. But
she has managed to embroider a work
bag a wedding present wrought by
her own hands-and she seeks to
adorn the package with a few buds.
To the question she puts there is
no reply; only a thoughtful leoly
Such voice as is "an excellent thing
in woman" repeats it. Then the worn
.an of the shop, quietly :
"I heard you the first time, dear,
:and Tve heard your voice before. You
were good, so good, to my Alice at the
hospital. How she suffered ! And
Ihow patient to the end!"
Then, turning to the boy, she bids
Uilm give the lady all the flowers she
may need. And she herself . pins a
fwhite rose on the young nurse's
ffoosom. New York Independent.
; Earthquake Caused Changes.
' An effect of the Nevada earthquake
Of the last quarter of 1915 has been
an Increase to three or four times the
former amount in the flow of streams
land springs throughout the rorthern
part of the state. Observers have pro
nounced this earthquake more violent
;than the one that caused such disaster
in San Francisco in 1906, but in the
ithinly settled region the damage was
small. Beginning October 2, tnere
were more than 500 shocks within
three months. The most notable mark
jof the disturbance'has been left on the
east side of Pleasant valley, where the
alluvial detritus at the base of the
Sonoma range has settled away 'for a
vertical height of 5 to 12 feet and a
horizontal width of 8 feet over a dis
tance of nearly 25 miles.
; Money No Object.
The judge was passing sentence OB
a very defiant-looking culprit.
"This is a sad case," his. hocor said.
"You, who remained honest until you
Were forty, have tarnished your name
and dishonored your family, all for the
I sake of three miserable dollars"
V- "Please be. fair," said the prisoner.
JWas ft my fault there were so few?"
the Statute of Liberty in New York Harbor to
' Be Ughted Nightly.
The Statute of Liberty was il
luminated from porch to base
Saturday night at the dedication
of a permanent lighting system.
President Wilson gave the signal
for turning on the lights. The
French ambassador, Secretary
of the Navy Daniels, Secretary
Red field and other distinguished
men were present.
The illumination which here
after will be a nightly feature of
the historic Liberty was paid for
by popular subscription by the
New York World.
After the ceremony the Presi
dent and other officials rode in
brightly lighted automobiles
through lower New York and up
Fifth avenue.
A dinner followed at. which
tfayor Mitchell presided and the
President was among the speak
er s;.
A Good Friend
A good friend stands by you in
need. Salisbury people tell how
Doan's Kidney Pills have stood
the lest. Mr Glover endorsed
Doan's over eight years ago and
asfain confirms the story. Could
you ask for more convincing test-
John W Glower, shoe repairer
130 N Mai;; -;t., Salisbury savs:
' I suffered severely from back-j
ache and p?ms across tny loins.
couldu't ge.t out of bed. j
Doan s Kidney Pills had great
ly relieved orie ol the family of
kidney trouble and I began using
tbem The pifi in my back stor j
bed at.u 1 v. as soon wen
(Statement iven January b.
On March i0. 1915 Mr Glover
Doan's Kinney Piils for a long
time, i still ccns.der tnem tne
best medicine for kidney trou
Price 5;e. at ail dealers. Don't
simply !.i?Lr tor a kidney remedy,
yret Doan's
fidnpv Pills, tho
v - " . -7
same that Mr. Glover had.
Foster-Milburn Co..' Props.,
Buffalo. N. Y,
Rowan Minister Mm Pastorate.
Rev. M. L. Ridenhour, pastor
of the Bethel Lutheran charge,
including Bethel and St. Paul
churches near .Salisbury, has
resigned ids pastorate, his re
signation to akc effect January
1. Rev Ridenhour has not yet
decided where he will go but he
has several calls under consid
eration. Sloan's Linirnint Eases Pain.
Sloan V Liniment is first thought
of mothers for bumps, bruises
and sprains that are continually
happening to children. It quick
lv penetrates and soothes with
out rubbing. Cleaner and more
effective than massy plasters or
ointments. For rheumatic aches,
neuralgia rjain and that grippy
soreness aftercolds, Sloan's Lam
ment gives prompt relief. Have
a bottle handy, for bruises,
strains, sprains and all external'
nain. Fo1 the thousands whose
work calls tbem outdoors, the
rains ttnd aches following ex--!
nnsure are relieved by Sloan's
Liniment. At all Druggists, 25c.
Encirclinz Movement ConOnses Witit Invaders
Knockins at Doors of Bucharest
London, Dec. 5 The political
crisis in Great Britain has re
sulted in th4 downfall of of the
coalition Cabinet headed by Her
bert H. Asquith as Prime Min
ister. This resignation of Mr.
Asquith has been accepted by
King George, who has tendered
the portfolio to Andrew Bomar,
Unionist leader in the House of
Commons. Should Mr. Bomar
Law decline the appointment the
feeling in London is that David
Lloyd-George will receive the
In Rumania the forces of the
central powers are continuing
their drive toward Bucharest.
Already almost encompassed on
the south and southwest by the
invaders, the. capital apparently
is being rapidly approached from
the west and the northwest, with
the Rumanians and Russians no
where able to stem the tide. The
encircling movement to the north
west from the regions of Tergo-viste-e
and Petrosita is dangerous
ly threatening the town of Plo
echti and the only railroad run
uing from Bucharest except to
the east. Xf the pressure of the
Teutons is maintained the indi
cations are that they soon will be
at the doors of the capital.
In the northwest, from the
Carpathians to the Moldavian
frontier region, the Russian of
fensive is making little if any
progress. While Petfograd an
nounces the capture of another
range of heights on the Molda
vian front, the Russian war office
admits the recapture by the Teu
tons in the wooded Carpathian
sector of a height south of Vor
oneshka. Berlin says the Rus
sian attacks- everywhere have
On the Macedonian front east
of the Qerna river Uie Serbians
north'of Grunishte and Budi
mirtsa have taken an additional
fortified position from the Bul
garians. The Bulgarians in this
region are said to be retreating.
Artillery duels and various
small attacks by infantry con
tinue on the western front in
Prancr nnd Belgium.
Ta;j ciustro Italian andRussiar
war Lh;.. -iters have been barr-en
(v :ur riant events.
luliad steamer Palermo
)v been torpedoed and sunk off ;
, '"ish coast, according tc
isp'Jebos from Madrid. The
st;aoi-r is said to have had 25
Air.wj'-iiiis on board. One sailor
.-,- to have been an Amen-
icun diird as a result of wounds.
After December 18, under an
ordei uf the British Board of
Trad, no meal in the evening
exceeding -tnree courses, or two
course at any" other time, may
be served in hotels, restaurants
br jjuiiic places. Meatless days
in tiie British Isles also are in
Supplies of coal in Great Bri
tain to vessels other than Britis'a
or Entente Allied craft and neu
trals "who have undertaken to
use tneiv vessels in sucn a way
that British or Allied interests
fl,rp hPiittfited pan nn lnnrfor h
, lU r...,.
bassy in Washington. The
shortage and increasing scarcity
of tonnage is given as the reason
for this action.
Weather Forecast for December, 1916.
From 1 to 9, fair with slight
three tenings along, some cool.
From 9 to 17, wind, rains, and
slightly stormy, near snow.
From 17 to 24, .rain with slight
snow, but heavy ncrth. .
f'rom 24 to 31, snow north,
j changeable here and mild with
iome cool aionr.
From 31 to Jan. 7, rain and
wind, some stormy along, some
- - CJ
Not so much rain 'till about the
17th to 28 th and first week in
Henry Rkid,
R-3, Box 167, Salisbury, N, C.
Silencer Boy tad in Mamfe Contest
lr-, -:
It is refresbiijg'0cf learn that
our colleges and sptiwls are rea lv
doing something mdr than play
ing foot bail and basket -ball so
the Watchman takesjpleasu re in
publishing the following:
Trinity college, December I
The annual 9019 declamated con
test, in which about sixty high
schools of North '0iiolui a and
Virginia were represented, cime
to close tonight. Wiptam Bobbiit
of Charlotte won outjfn the final
contest over eleven other contes
tants and received the har.dsome
gold med al provided, by th e 90 1 9
the .. local scholarship fraternity
under whose aUspicesthe contest
was held. ,
Erwin Brooks presnting the
Siler City High School, but
whose home is" "at Spencer, made
an exceptionally gboilppearance,
making second place in final contest-
" k ..
In the afternoon thecontestants
were taken on a sightseeing trip
through, the pity audi in partic-ular-through
the matgmoth ''Bull
Durham" factories After the
final contest,.a, bonpuiet was giv
en in honor of the. sixty contes
tants. "
The judges for the; final, conr
test ere Hon. A X Brooks,
Greensboro; Col JnoB Langston,
Goldsboro; and fiB Craven, Esq ,
Deafness Cannot Be Cared
By local applicadou, as they
cannot reach the diseased portion
of the ear. There is only one way
to cure deafness, and that is by
constitutional renie4iis. Deaf
ness is caused by:: inflamed
Condition of tlie;mtici' lining of
the Eustachian TubeWeri this
tube is ipflamed f oHmm a rum-
blig scHindor&fdhearitig
the inflammation can be taken
out and this tube restored to its
normal condition, hearing will be
desioyed forever; nine cases out
ten are caused by Catarrh which
is nothing but an inflamed cond"
tion at the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred
Doliars for arvy case of Deafness
cause! by catarrh that cannot be
ce3 i-y Hall's Catarrh Cure,
.nl iue circulars, free.
etiey & Co , Toledo, 'Ohio.
u by DrUfirsrJv,is 75c.
i Take H.iJPs 1 amily Pills for con-
stipati n
Preaches Last Sermon Before Leaving.
O. . x. Ft Marr preached his
Ust ji jaon to the First Metho
dist congregation here Sunday
and ",viil lave one day this week
for Charlotte -0 take up his new
v -)rk as residing elder of the
Cu;t; I ie district. Rev. W. A.
L i r. belli, who succeeds Dr. Marr
here, is no stranger in Salisbury.
His firsst ciiarge after leaving
college as at Holmes Memorial
church, now Park avenue, in this
city 11 years ago.
in CKan's Stomach.
At grow older and Jess
I ao.tivp. less and less food is rtw
, qaired to meet the demands of
i our bod ifes. If too much is ha
bitu'lf taken, the stomach will
rebel. When a man reaches the
I ail sauced age of 85 or 90, you will
as careful as you will, however,
ii i- 1 1
yo'a " ill occasionally eau more
than you should and will feel the
need oi Chamberlain's Tablets to
correct the disorder. These
tablets do not contain pepsin,
but strengthen the stomach a'nd
enable it to perform its functions
'nitn rally. They also cause a
gentle movement of the bowels.
Body of Thos. Osborne Taken to StatesYille.
Staifsvide Dec. 5.The body
of Thomas Osborne. wHo died
yesterday at Richmond, Va., was
brought to Statesnille today for
burial, interment Jaking place at
Oakwood cemetery this after
noon. Mr. Osborne years ago
resided at Olin in north Iredell
being in the revenue service. A
m?' 80 year she is survived
j by no wife or children. Mrs.
:5am Hobson of Cleveland is a
sister of the deceased. ;
ana -wu?n - j s euiy cjpseq.
Something That Onshg to Be Headed eft by
rations Who 1)9 the hying.
Some weeks ago a valued cor
respondent, E W Stahl, called at
tention in these columns, to' the
persistent attempt through the
movies to advertise the Roman
Catholic church through introduc
tion 6f priests and nunsy present
ed in the most flattering manner
possible, and often lugged into
the play for the palpable purpose
of advertising the Roman Cath
olic faith; a faith that is repfet
sented by-less than 15,0 0 000 of
the 100,000,000 people who con
stitute our republic. The critic
ism by Mr. Stahl w,as thoroughly
warranted Numbers of com
plaints have come to us from all
parts of the country, many of our
readers having declared that they
ha.v6 ceased attending certain
plays, or plays produced by cer
firms, because of this offensive
attempt to advertise the Roman
Catholic church. Mr. Stahl, in
the following contribution touch
es upon another fact which manv
thoughtful people have noted in
regard to the way Protestant
ministers are frequently held up
to ridicule in the tnovies. On
this subject he saysj
"Talking with a lady some time
after the article appeared in the
Menace I got from her a thought
that had never come to tne before.
She agreed with we that the
priests were exalted in the movies
and further expressed herself by
calling my attention to the fact
that when a Protestant minister
appears in a moving picture re
presentation, it is usually in some
ridiculous aspect. Often he is
pictured as a fool or an idiot. His
dress is gotten up in such a way
as to esrcjte laughter. . Even the
manner OJ his - walk, tne cut of
his face, all these seem to betoken
a conspiracy to cover him with
ridicule. Disgraceful practical
jokes are perpetrated upon him.
In every way is he exhibited so
as to compromise his ministerial
' Is it not about time for the
non-Catholic millions among our
patrons of the movies to unitedly
and insistently demand of the
moving picture corporation that
they eliminate this offensire pa
pal advertising? Is it not tirue
that we protest to the manage
ment of the different moving pic
ture theaters every time one of
these advertisements for the Ro
man Catholic political machine is
put on the screens? if our people
will take a. firm stand in this re
gard, the theater managers will
soon heed the protest and deniand
that this offensive feature be
eliminated from pictures that are
sent to their theaters, and the
movie managers also will be
quick to heed the combined pro
test of millions of patrous of the
movies " The Menace.
Constipation Causes Bad Skin.
A dull and pimpy skin is due
to a sluggish bowel movement
Correct this condition and clear
your complexion with Dr King's
New Life Pills. This mild laxa
tive taken at bedtime will assure
you a full, free, non-griping
movement in the morninarT Drive
out the dull, listless feeling re
sulting from overloaded intes-
A It' 1 1
tines-ana siuggisn liver, uet a
bottle today At all Druggist,
Death ot Mr. Cam'gan, Hooresyih'e Farmer.
Mooresville, Dec. 5. WP Car-
rigan, a prominent and. influent!
al farmer, died at his home near
iown aiier an limess oi many
months. Funeral services were
held at Prospect Presbyterian
1 1 m . i i
cnurcn oi wnicn ne was a mem
ber, Sunday morning at 11 o'
clock, conducted by his pastor.
Rev W E West, the active pall
bearers were the officers :f tie
church and the honorary pall
bearers werejhe directors of the
Merchants and Farmers Bank
of this city of which he was
director. He is survived by his
wife. 'Six children arid two Vrnt
1. '
i hers,
Mr. Bryan Spoto fe Raleigh Conday ti Spend
Mimmers Tfiere- - ,!
Hon. W. J Hrvan announces
hat hereafter he expects to spend
ms iuminer in . sheviile rr.d thai
:r xt spring he will build a home
thec which he viil call ''Mount
'nlm." He staled that he will
continue to cail Jncoln Neb hiv
hums and will spend part of eaci
year there, including election day.
1 By spending the summer in
Asheville " Mr. Bryan said
can remain home more and yet be
near enough to go to Washington
whenever it may be desirable to
do so '
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan were the
guests of Raleigh at a dinner at
the Yarborough Hotel Monday
afternoon. The dinner was under
the direction of the Chamber of
Commerce and not only promin
ent men of Raleigh were at he
dinner but a large number of men
from other towns and cities of
this sectto the Slte
Mr. Bryan, accompanied by his
wife, went to Raleigh for the
purpose of visiting their daugh
ter, Mrs R L Hargreaves, who
with her husband, a national
bank examiner, reside there. Mr
Bryan left at night for Washing
ton where he will be the guest of
President Wilson at a luncheon
at the White House today.
Negleoted Colds Grew Worse.
A cough that racks and irritat
es the throat may lead to a seri
ous chronic cough, if neglected -The
healing pine balsams in Dr.
Bell s Pine Tar Honey Nature's
own remedy will soothe and re
heve the irritation, breathing will
be easier, and the antiseptic pro
parties will km the germ, which
retarded he?J ing Have i t hand v
for croup sore throatand chronk-
bronchtal affections. Get a bottle
today. Pieasanb to take. At all
Druggists, 25c.
The Car Had No Li?r,!s
H E Nail. 67 years old, whose
home is at Cooleemee, is at Dr
Long's Sanatorium with a broken
leg, the result of being run over
by an automobile in the vicinity
of Barber Junction, Wednesday
night Mr Nail's right leg is
shattered below the knee. The
doctors hope amputation may not
be necessary.
Mr JNail says he had gone to
a corn shucking in his old home
community, in the vicinity of
Barber Junction. After the
shucking he left for Barber and
was walking along the road when
an automobile, running without
lights, strufk him and knocked
htm down, breaking his leg
The machine made no stop
and Mr Nail was so badly hur'
that ne soon lost conscioucuss.
He was found lv'r.jr in road
in this condition ;,' a mt Barbel,
whosumontd nip and a physi
cian Dr If urns of Cle viand took
charge of Mr Nail and brought
him to the Sanatorium reaching
Statesville about 11:30 Wednesday
The uulighted machine was
trading, in the direction of States
villle and is supposed to have
come here. Whether it was a
; Statesville car or who the occu
nan ir. M .i.
i f " av l;.
j pants were is not knon at thra
j time. Statesville Landmark,
1 1 . 1 1 , , . v
A mm mi '
t "V w
I i-
: & It SMgm Station 2 '
Statesville, Nov. 30. The
Southern railway had a serious
wreck at Elmwood. eight miles
east of Statesville, this morning
shortly after 7 o'clock when pas
senger train No. 15 crashed into
eastbound freight No. 88 as the
latter stood at the station. Three
trainmen were injured and a
number of oassene-era rtAA
minor bruises.
The blameifor the wreck it is.
said falls on -Engineer Boone of
JNo 88 who, it is alleged, read the
time incorrectly. It is reoorterf
Boone though this watch register
ed 6 8 when the time was really
7:08 No, IS is due in Elmwood at
7:lo a, m. Th
amg on time. There wm-a rt
lers out on No 15 Soone had stoo-
ped 88 at the station and it is al
leged glancing at his watch and
reading the time as hour before
the passenger was due. was pre
paring to pass her futher down
the road Then ir
" H1UU
ih rough the station exactly on
:ime and running at the rate of
"5 miles per hour struck the
reight. The engineer on No 15
applying the emergencv brakes,
lid all pendicle to stop his train,
nd then leaped from the cab
with the fireman,"
Others on No 15 were not
aware of the danger until the col-;
iision had occurred. The 'two
kgines were badly torn up, pilots
being smashed and cabs knocked
in No 15's mail car were crash
ed in at each end. Although the
passenger train was carrying a
rather iarge Thanksgiving crowd '
fortunately there were but few
passengers toward the danlafed:
ends of the coaches. V ;L
W T Abernathx d wife and,,.
shattered coaches, were taken
rom a pile of debris after the
crash only slightly injured ana.
their escape was miraclous.
Three cars of the freigtt were
wrecked. The track was soon
cleared and trains were passing
within three hours after wreck.
Engineer Cline and Firci;' m
j r-t; n .vere taken to Sta -sv
fof tuviduai treaim a, T. e t,
mf car ,Gd two Plicias
15 wer-1 3t ')Ui;ht i
.hb af. r-
ncDii bv No U.
Stop XM
ir r,
A nac ring cougL
whqj., sttsm,drai
a Your-, !6; gy
and t:h 'TOrse if
&Dn,at ; , raw $xu
. aesi .es
ver, . e-
c1, wir-.i )r.
overy. '.be
ana vt -o xeel sore
iiev '.'.j:,! cold 41 ;
Kini.;s Mew Dir
irrit-iiied membranes, ab;i be
anti-en.ic aiid laxative qua ies
kiL ; i- jerms ard breakup-y ur
cold Don't let a. cold lm,, 3r.
Get br. King's i ew Dif.nt,;!ry
to-d iv f.t your D--cf ist, fj-Jt.
rise New S j&oo! Board $ sts.
RH'-1 3 new Bend ? Educa ion
con.ii i ig of J. rurr (,f u.
web tovnship; J. VV. .Pet lei of
Rock we 1, and J M McCorkle,
of Salisbury, mt? Monday and
org anized by elect inp; Mr. Mc
Corldc chairman, hea pro:e':ded
witli thii usual aiv te'.$ that
before t ie board 1 .iese ger le
men a.: all interested in tht ad
vanc mit of the txhi cation pi in
teres ts of the cou ity are prog
revive and will continue .nd
probably increa?". he good iiore
toforc dne by th '.t ard. jtVof.
R vi. Kizer, th ' gonial county
upf 'nteudent of public ins tuc
lion, is secretary t3 the. board.
Mrs. P. 3. Stiiciiel! Tells B3 She CmI Her
m el a Cold.
WhT: jay 8(r W . wn.-. ck
with iM.old last vi er 1 . ive
him Chamberlain 'is Cougu 1. jm,
edy. It helped ai ai at once und
quickly broke up bis cold," writ
es Mrsr, P. O. Stucriell, Homer
City, Pa. This remedy has been
in user for many year s. Ti good
qualitl-'s hava bf-" 4 aUj- i.r ven
by '
is ploasaitt ai
bj U. ' 'v.u;a.. ' ' 1 It
and wo t2.

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