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rrrrr Of intcifestto -
Rev. O. Rlchardifen, the
popular piator of NortU Main
street and JSaat Spsncer
ciiarches, was well pounded
Jast Tuesday afternoon and
night by the congregations
of the ehurchea rBspectively.
Owing to a number of
drunks coming up in tht
county court said to be the
result of a "julep" sold at the
cheap cafes and at Granite
Quarry, Sheriff Krider se
cured some of the stuff and
sent it to the state chemist
for analysis.
W F and J L Fleming last
Thursday purchased the old
Tom Sumner farm from N A
Rodgers; The Messrs. Flem
ing propose to improve the
farm and raise cattle. It is
located about five miles
southeast of Salisbury.
Rev. J. B. Wallace, of Ath
ens, Tenn. , having accepted
the pastorate of several Pres
byterian churches in Cleve
land and Scotch Irish town
ships, arrived here with his
family last Thursday night
and left Friday morning for
Woodleat where they will re
side. Rev. Wallace takes
the position made vacant by
the resignation of Rev. Doug
al Monroe
Judge R Lee Wright held
court Christmas morning and
disposed of a number of mi
nor cases, but there were no
arrests Christmas day and.
the court bad toothing to do
Tuesday. Tfe! is an unusual
occurrence following Christ
mas The Peoples kfttioual BanK
Btbnt td their many customers
and friends a tttf handsome
Christmas and New Year's
folder, whieh indicates the
thoughlfttlnsss of these clev
er peopl for the welfare of
their patrons.
Christmas was obrtrved
here in about the usual man
ner. Services were .hsld iu
a number of the churches,
Christmas trees were nume
rous and many family re
unions were enjoyed The
boys had more or less pleas
ure with fireworks but there
was no rowdyism or anything
to mar the pleasure of the
day except the death by fast
driving of an automobile by
Baldy Miller, which occurred
north of Spencer.
i3Sevi" You Need a Gcraers
Take Grove's
51? OJd Standard Grove's ? v
3hj Tsaia is equally valaabl
Tonic because it contain
'J "trvra tonic propertiesof QUIK
wipM. it acts on the Liver. l-
fcu&ria, Enriches the Blood -
j : 4 t Sbe Whole Svstam. 50 v.
" .The congregation of St.
Mark's E. L. Church,. China
Grove, gave their pastor
Rev. W. H Riser, a pound
ing last Friday evening.
Many useful articles were
taken to the pastors home
and an enjoyable evening
was had by all present.
An Old Han's Stomach.
As we grow older and less
active, less ana less 100a is re
quired, to meet the demands of,
our bodies. If too much is ha -
hituallv taken, the stomach will
K1 WV,fl o tov,
icuci. ""cu i uiuu icouiica iuo
advanced age of So or 90, you will
find that he is a light eater. Be
as PATfif ul as voa will . hnwp.vpr.
you will occasionally eat more
than you should and will feel the j
need of Chamberlain's Tablets
correct the disorder These
tablets do not contain pepsin,
buttrengthea the stomach and
; enable it to perform its functions
QtftHrally. They UlSO Cause a
e, - . Iv. 1 1
gjfeCtfi raOVtm$VOI We bOWelS.
How ti Raise Enough Money to Coyer Deficit
of $370,000,000.
Washington, Dec. 26 Issuance
of $125,000,000 of Panama Canal
bonds, increased income and estate
taxes, additional , taxes on whis
key, beer, cigarettes and bottled,
waters and high tariff on coffee
and tea are proposed in a tenta
tive program to be considered by
the House ways and means com
mittee when it begins framing
revenue legislation to meet the
prospective deficit of $370,000,000
at the end of thf next "fiscal year.
The committee will undertake
its task soon after Congress re
convenes next week Members al
ready have conferred with Sec
retary McAdoo and the problem
has been given serious attention
by the President.
The President is understood to
oppose bond issues except for ex
traordinary emergencies. To
square with this view, Democratic
leaders in the House propose to
put the issue of Panama Canal
bonds directly on the military ex
penditures on account of Mexico.
Speaker Clark believes that an
extra session will be necessary to
consider revenue measures unless
it is possible to meet the deficit
by a bond issue and income tax
increases. Other Democrats hope,
however, that the problem can be
solved by pressing through at
the short session a complete pro
gram, including the omnibus re
venue bill in addition to provision
for the bond issue and increases
in the income tax.
S(pp That
. A hacking cough weakens the
whole system, drains your energy
and gets worse if neglected; your
throat is rawyour chest aches
and you feel sore all over, Re
lieve that cold at once with Dr.
King's New Discovery. Tbe
soothing pine balsams, heal the
irritated membranes, and the
anli-epiic and laxative qualities
kill the germs and break up your
cold. Don't let a cold linger.
Get Dr. King's New Discovery
to-day at ypur Druggist, 50c.
Prominent Concord Woman Found Dead.
Concord, Dec. 23. At her
home on North Spring street
Thursday afternoon the body' of
Mrs Bettie M Johnson was found
dead by her brother, W G ,'vJeans.
Mrs Johnson had been heard to
4 say tecently to friends, that she
was not well, suffering from
shortness of breath, therefore it
is supposed she died of heart di
sease. Mrs Johnson was the daughter
of Col William Means and a sis
ter of the late Col Paul B Means.
W G Means former city attorn
ey, ana teo w Means 01 this
city, are brothers. She was the
widow of Rev T C Johnson, a
Presbvterian minister, who died
in 1877. All her children being
married, she lived alone. Sue
was sixty five years of age, and
leaves four children. Mrs Kate
Lockett and William T Johnson,
of Richmond; Mrs J R Card, of
Dallas, Texas, and T C Johnson
of Greenville, S. C.
Constipation Causes Bad Skin.
A dull and pimpy skin is due
to a sluggish bowel movement
Correct this condition and clear
your complexion with Dr King's
New Life Pills. This mild laxa
tive taken at bedtime will assure
you a full, free, non-griping
movement in the morning. Drive
out the dull, listless feeling re
suiting from overloaded intes-
3 1 I .
tines aim siuggisn nver. uet a
bottle to day At all Druggist,
Ana no w xnere are many en
A . 1 . - Al.
gaged in the task of laying aside
some of their Christmas presents
to pass on to some one else next
: AT.
To Cure a 00141 ln 0ne Dy
Take LAXATIVE stops the
Cough and Heaaache and works off the Cold,
; Wv2rB JSTbS.'SS
! VV ashington, Dec. 26. Plans
for a great naval demonstration
to signalize American acquisition
to; of the Danish West Indies are
oeing considered Dy mate and
: NavJ Department omcials
j p,les Curedln 6 to D
j Vo Arnztctet will refund monev PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching,
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6tol4days.
The first applicaUon gives ease and Rest. 50c.
Russians Lost Ion than 6,060 Prisoners
tether With Anns wd Munitions.
The Teutonic Allies are favor
able to an immediate meeting of
delegates from the belligerent
states at some neutral point in
order that an exchange of views
with regard to peace may becarr
ried out.
This has been declared by tbe
German government in replying
to the recent note of President
Wilson suggesting that the bel-
ligerent nations make known
their basis for peace. It is an-
nounced in the note that Ger
many is of the opiriiqn that the
work of preventing future wars
can be begun only after the end
of the present struggle, but that
then Germany will be ready to
collaborate with the United
States "in this exalted task."
Nothing has yet come through
to indicate what will be the ten
or of the replies of the Entente
Allies to President Wilson's sug
gestion, and, so far as is known
none of them has yet given an
answer to the announcement
made to them in the note of the
Teutonic Allies that Germany is
ready to discuss peace.
Meantime, the Premiers of
Great Britain's colonies have
been urged to attend at an early
date not!ater than the end of
February a series of special
meetings of the war cabinet. At
these meetings, says the British
Colonial Secretary, "urgent
questions affecting the prosecu
tion of the war, possible condi
tions on which, in agreement
with our Allies, we could . assent
to its termination, and problems
which would then immediately
arise," are to be discussed
Rumania continues the theater
of greatest activity. In north
ern Wallachia, along the south
ern Moldavian border ?.nd in
Dobrudja the Teutonic Allies
continue to make gains over thf5
Russian - Rumanians, Thirty
miles southwest of Braila ,tho
invaders have captured the town
of Pilipechti and west of Rin nik
Sarat are on the offensive. In
this latter regioli, during the
past few days, 5,500 Russians
have been made prisoners.
In Mesopotamia the British
forces are still in quest of Kut-
el-Amara, in which sector they
have made further advances on
the right oank of the Tigris and
consolidated and extended their
positions south and east of the i
town. Gassabs fort, 20 miles
southeast of Kut, a base" from
which hostile Arabs have been
operating against the British,
las been destroyed.
Tne British victory over the
Turks at Maghdaba 90 miles
east of the Suez "Canal was of
considerable proportions. In
addition to making prisoners of
1,350 men of the Turkish force
of about 2,000, seven guns, a
large number of rifles, much
ammunition and large quantities
of other war stores were cap
On the other fronts there have
been only artillery engagements.
Take Advantage Of a Salisbury Citizen's Ex
perience. When the back begins to ach
Don't wait until backache be
comes chronic;
'Till kidney trouble develop;
'Till urinary troubles destroy
night's rest
Profit by a Salisbury woman's
Mrs D A Holbrooks, 213 South
Lee street, Salisbury, says: "Some
years ago I hacr attacks of lum
bago that nearly put me down and
out. My back ached constantly.
Doan's Kidney Pills were recom
mended to me by a friend and I
begfah taking them. They help
ed me at once. Whenever my
back-causes me any misery now,
I use Doan's Kidney Pills and get
prompt relief."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
, ' ... ,
simply ask for a kidney remedy,
get Doan's Kidney Pills, the
xi i. -r tt n i i 5
same that Mrs. Holbrooks had.
Foster-Milbum Co., Props.,
d fr l xt -v
Uuttalo, w
Baldy Killer Killed by Aufo;
About 1 o'clock Sunday morn-f
ing as a party of four, two women i
and two men. were Ire turn in or -tof
Salisbury in a Ford car driven by
! " - 1
Baldy Miller, the car turned over, I
the result it is saidf of fast driv-j 2 Promotes improved meth
irig, and threw the occupau ts out, ; ods in crop production.
crushing Miller's skull. The
accident occurred north of Spen
cer on the road leading to the
t6ll bridge just sotth of where
the Miller ferry road connects
Medical assistance as, obtained
from Spencer and Miller was
brought to Salisbury and taken
to the sanatorium, i and not re-
gaining consciousnels, died Mon
day afternoon. The ofher mem
bers of the party were not seri
ously wounded, although a report
was circulated to the effect that
one of the women suffered a
broken limb
Mr Miller was the driver of the
city fire truck, a meinber of Chest
nut Hill Council, Jr4 O. U. A. M.,
and of the First Baptist church
where the funeral as held this
morning being contacted by the
pastor. Rev C A G homas, offi
ciating with the assistance of
Revs J W Moore aril W A Lam-
beth of the Methodist church.
Thef funeral was largely attended ;
i i r . J t
ana meinDers oi ine lire uepari.
ment and Junior Order were
present. Mr. Miller was about
32 years old and a son of S. C
Miller, who with three brothers.
Robert and Ray of Salisburj, and
Samuel of Macon, Ga., two sis
ters; Mrs Henry Tomlin of Ashe
ville, and Mrs William Allen of
Richmond, a wife and. three small
children survive
Sloan's Liniment Eases Fain.
Sloan's Liniment is first thought
of mothers fr bumps, bruises
and sprains that are--'continually
happening to children. It quick
ly penetrates and soothes with
out rubbing. CI; aor and More
effective fclmlt:a515s?y plasters " oH
ointments. For rheumatic aches,
neui algia pain and that grippy
soreness aftercokU, Sloan's Lini
me'it; jiives prompt relief. Have
a bo! tie handy for bruises,
strains, sprains and all external
pa nr. For i iie thousands whose
work calls them outdoors, the
iv!U5. and Hhes following ex re are relieved by Sloan's
Liiiini-'nt. At all -Dniggisis, 2oc.
Conwrnine the Purchasing of
and Pilar!.
Y A Graham, State Commis
s' niev of Agriculture, is sending
out ihe following note to the
county agents:
You will general lv find it pos
s;Me to save your farmers consid
erable sums of money on their
purchases of ground limestone
imtl marl by getting prices from
the late Department of Agri
culture which has state contracts
with the leading lime grinding
companies that are located near
enough to North Carolina terri
tory to do business in this State.
Nealeoted Colds Grow Worse.
A cough that racks and irritat
es the throat may lead to a seri
ous chronic coujh, if neglected.
I The healing pine balsams in Dr.
Bell's Pine Tar Honey Nature's
own remedy will soothe and re
lieve the irritation, breathing will
be easier- and the antiseptic pro
perties.will kill the germ which
retarded healing- Haveithaudy
for croup, sore throat and chronic
bronchial affections. Get a bottle
todav. ' Pleasant to take. At all
Di uargists, 25c.
The big- livery stable at Stan-
1 field, Cabarrus county, was total
ly destroyed by fire last night
with contents, 22 head of horses
and mules, six automobiles, as
wen as an me ougies, rougn
ness etc., contained in the
Drives Out Malaria, B3ds Up Sys
The Old Standard general strengthening n
11 n it 1 .
tern. A true tonic For adults and children. c
We suppose that when those
shoes made out of x shark skin
rise in price we will be allowed
to refer to the sellers as shoe
I Lax;Fos 5 lJii-d'.nEfleSe Ka5e lvcr Ionlc
Doe$ Not Gripe nor Disturb ths Stomach:
. In addition to other properties, Lax-Fos
i contains Cascara in acceptable form, a
' stimulating Laxative andTonic. Lax-Fos
j acts effectively and dops not gripe nor
disturb stomach. At the same time, it aids
' digestion, arouses the liver and secretions
and restores the healthy functions. 50c
n' . . . ,
H He Dfltt ft DOtS talfcriblO and IS
Very fflaB.
1 Encourages community co-
3 Introduces more and better
4 Assists in the proper man
agement of farm business.
5 Establishes "Boys Agricul
tural Clubs" for the improve
ment tf corn, pig, poultry, etc,
6 Assists in marketing and
7 Aids in the control of hog
cholera and other animal diseasr
8 Works for the eradication
of plant diseases.
9 Helps in the construction
and arrangement of farm build
ings, such as silo , barns, pi"
pastures, etc.
.10 Aids in installing- drair
ing systems, terracing systen,
i water supply systems, etc.
j 1L Conducts farmers uicei-
tural tours..
12 Gives aid to the woman
COUnty agent in her work
. .
13 A ssists in county
community fairs.
14 Forms breeders' and other
livestock organizations.
15 Plans systems of crop ro
tations for the improvement of
the land and the even distribu
tion of labor throughout the
He represents the Agricultural
Extension Service, which is con
ducted jointly by the A & M
College and the State Depart
ment of Agriculture, working in
co-operation with the United
States Department of Agricul
ture, and he can have the assist
ance of the experts in these in any time J t is need-i
ed. F H Jeter.
Certain Cure for Croup.
Mrs. Rose Middleton, of Green
ville, 111., has had experience in
the treatment of this disease.
She says, "When my children
were small my son had croup
frequently. Caamberlain's Cough
Remedy' always broke up these
attacks immediately, and I was
never without it in the house. I
have taken it myself for coughs
and colds with good results."
Santford Martin, editor of the
Winston-Salem Journal, will be
private secretary to (jovernor
Bickett when the latter is inau
gurated in January, according to
aunouncment made by Mr. iic-r
kett yesterday.
F. LeeShepuy, sth f loor, 543 w. nth
btreet JNew 1 oric Jity, gener
al Sales Manager of the largest
concern of its kind in the world,
wants three or four men in Row
an County and several men in
adjoining Counties, to work for
him spqxe time or all the time.
He can use only those who have
a rig or auto. Work is very
pleasant and no previous selling
experience is necessary. Work
consists of leaving a wonderful
new household - necessity in the
homes on free trial. Tests at
more than thirty of leading Uni
versities' and the Government
Bureau of Standards show this
new article-to be four times as
efficient as article now in gener
al use in this section. Article is
needed in every rural home and
benefits every member of the
household, bringing cheer, com
fort and happiness into the home.
Not necessary to be away from
home nights, Pay from $6 00 to
$15,00 per day according to abil
ity and number of homes visited.
In writing Mr Sheppy, mention
what townships will be most con
venient for. you to work in; what
your regular occupation is; your
age; married or single; how long
you nave lived in the community
. 1 1-
wnat Kina or rig or auto, you
bave; whether vou wish to work
spare time or steady; how much
time,you will have to devote to
the work; when you can start,
and about how many homes are
within six miles of 'you in each
direction. This is a splendid op
portunity for several men in Row
an County and counties adjoin
ing to make good money, work -ing
steady or spare time. Some
of the field men earn $300.00 per
month; one farmer earned $1000
working spare time only. No
nvestment or bond necessary.
Deve!c:sflt b Cheese fiakW in Nertli Caro
lina- tortanrties for Toons Ben.
Nine cheese factories have been
established in the western part of
North Carolina since the work
was begun in 1914, This is one
of the most surprising develop
ments of the whole woik of the
Animal Industry of the North
Carolina Experiment Station.
Before the work was undertaken,
the whole State of North Caro
lina was producing only about
30,000 pounds of cheese and this
was made in the homes at differ
ent ports of the State! The fac
tories which have been establish
ed are now making more than
.hat and at a good profit.
The little factory at Grassy
:reek made 12.356 pounds oi
cheese from July 13, 1915, to
January 14, 1916. The Cove
Creek factory made almost 15,000
juuuds up iu ihe same "date.
A hen it is realized tlat ihet
atie factories-cui i'r 4'J0 tr
3800 ri d ;.ic.i i-o obtained re
iativc :o ihe amount' ! business
wni ;!!: in - ui t up' around a
small e pjiptm-nt ui' this, k nJ.
The UrriKMs in these cheese
communities are also building
s i os and spring houses. The
men oi the Extensive Service are
giving them as much assistante
as ,is possible but one of the
greatest difficulties connected
with the work is in finding men
sufficiently trained to man the
factories after they have been
established. In most cases . it
has been necessary to take some
man in thee neighborhood and
train him in the worlf. This
naturally takes much of the time
of the specialists in charge of the
work and it cannot go forward
very fastly until the supply of
men to run them exceeds the sup
ply of factories.
jSS!z'5gt.14w th? Animal In
dustfyBepartinTatr oT71sri8l
College has now organized a
course of special instruction in
cheese making, the object of
which is to assist those wish to
prepare themselves for positions
in cheese factories. Th; work
will cpnsts,t principally of instruc
tian. in cheese making and cheese
factory management. Twelve
factories have been built in the
last eighteen months and more
are now under course of construe
tiou, so a good opprotunity is
open for young men in these
cheese factory sections.
The course thvs season wil
open on January 16, 1917, and
close on March 3. 1917. It is in
tended to give instruction to any
one wishing to study the making
of cheese and cheese factory
management, and is limited to
students 16 years of age and old
er. It is expected that the course
will be very valuable to those
who are thinking of building a
cheese factory whether they rre
to have active charge of it or not.
For a Weak Stomach.
As a general rule all you need
to do is to adopt a diet suited to
your age and occupation "and to
keep your bowels regular. When
you feel that you have eaten loo
much and when constipated, take
one of Chamberlain's Tablets,!
Christmas Exercisss at the Cress School.
Last Friday when the Cress
school near Grace Church, of
which Miss Lillian Miller is prin
cipal, closed quite an interesting
program was rendered Among
the items on the program were
the following: Vocal and instru
mental music, recitations tab
leaux, a Christmas tree and treat
for all the pupils The building
was beautifully decorated and at
the last Floyd ieSperman, acting
as Santa Glaus, came in and dis
tributed gifts to all. Miss
Miller is due much credit for the
perfect training of the children
and the very interesting enter
tainment given. Miss Miller
seems to be the right teacher in
the right place and is much liked
by ail the pupils and patrons of
the school. Quite a large crowd
was present and enjoyed the oc
casion very much.
Miss Jane Kehrfedyv about ; 19
years old, a native, of - Gaston
county, died at the -home of her
parents in Salisbury, Mr and Mrs
John Kennedy, Monday from the
effects of typhoid fever. The
funeral was he'd yesterday -at
Christ church, East Spencerp-and
the interment was in the cemetery
of that church.
Mrs Virginia Elizabeth Brown.
widow of late James-F E Brown,
and a daughter of Benjamin Juli
an, died at tbe home of 'her son,
u B Brown, about four miles west
of Salisbury, Saturday. She was
69 years old and leaves Many re-
atives and friends, among- them
eing a brother, Frank Julian of
rexas: three sons, J. G., B. B.
and J. H. Brown of Salisbury and
xowan county, and two daugh
ters, Mesdames D A Fisher of
Salisbury and O R Steele of Albe-
aiarle. The funeral was held at
Salem E. L. church, of which she
vas a member, Sunday afternoon.
Dora Ophelia, two-months-old
laughter of Mr and Mrs Thos Q
tfagan, died at the home of its
grandparents, Mr and Mrs J .H
Ragan, on East Kerr street Sun-
lay afternoon. The littl iriri
had never been well and was
never seen by its father who is a
member of the North Carolina
National Guard "with the troops
on the Mexican border. The
funeral was held Monday and the
interment was in Chestnut Hill
cemetery -
Lee Vaughan, aged 45, an
inmate of the county jail who had
been ill for some time, died Satur
day. The interment was at the
county home,
: " v -fislaKev;er,if-Iineoln---
ton, aged 96, mother, of D P
Keever of Spencer, died last
Thursday. Mr Keerer is a popu
lar- engineer on the Western
road and has many friends who
will sympathize wfth'him in hi
I bereavement. -
Harry D Gill, aged 26, was
found dead a half block from his
home on Henderson street Satur
day night. He was subject to
epilepsy and while returning
home from uptown he fell in a
mud hole, with his face down and
died from strangulation. He
was a son of Mr and Mrs R L
Gill. He was a member of the
First Baptist church. The funer
al was held from the home Sun
day afternoon conducted by his
pastor, Rev GAG Thomas, as
sisted by Rev Bron Clark of the
First Presbyterian church. His
Sunday school class mates
acted as pallbearers and the in
terment was in Chestnut Hill
Mrs. P. 0. Stuchell Tells Hew Ste Cured Her
i Sou of a Cold.
'When my son Ellis wasj sick
with a cold last winter I gave
bim Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, it helped him at once and
quickly broke up his cold," writ
es Mrs. P. O. Stuchell, Homer
City, Pa. This remedy has been
in use for many years. Its good
qualities have been fully proven
by many thousands of people. It
is pleasant and safe to take.
Weather Forecast for December, 1918.
From 1 to 9, fair with slight
threatenings along, some cool.
From 9 to 17, wind, rains and
slightly stormy, near snow.
From 17 to 24, rain with slight
snow, but heavy north. '
From 24 to 31, snow north,
changeable here and mild with
some cool along.
FrGtu 31 to Jan, 7, rain and
wind, some stormy along, some
Not so much rain 'till about the
17 th to 28th and first week in
Henry Rbix,
R-3, Box 167, Salisbury, N. C.
'.itaine Tnst boss Not Affuct The Hft
' 5f it? ten.; and laxative effect, JLAXA-
2j i' 1BKyWO QCIVNEi bettertbsn ordinary
Q- f nd doea '-ot cause nervousneM nor
Wttukti Ahraember tbe fell name mai

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