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Miss Bessie Julian has besn
kept at home for some time
with a bad cold.
QRe v M LRidenhour has
resigned hie T7orkat'St PauTe
and Bethel Luteimu eburc Li
ps and""has taken upwork at
St Stevens' in Cabarrus coun-jsuv' V
mum Brolherhood at Spsncer Banqust; .
TIis auniial hacquet and
iiiBtkllatiou of bfficws of the
Brotherhood of Locomotivn
Firfmien tok place Uit
Thur, 'ay nigbt and was a
very pleasant event Nearly
100 firemen gathered around
the tah'e. Preceding the
banquet there was an installa-
liou rf H;e oilicert for the I
rew yar and some speech
making by members. "
J VI a?nk, t-se rearing presi dent,
who istalied the ne .v
Friday, January igth, 1917,
is De LavaM5ervice Day
At Our Store.
For the beDefft of U6ere of De JLaral Cretin Separators we
have arranged . .
A De Laval Service Day. urore-tbat every l)e Laval u?e- hri; cr hi- ;om cl
' ft !. ft .. P .
If y do -"Digestoneine' will
giv e ou ane. For full particulars,
literature and opinions regarding
this wonderful Discovery which
is benefiting thousands apply to
The new olfic-vs
" s
trer saver. Mid Mrs H L Pip-
Kin coM cf-oiv The banquet'
St Paul's has extended a
call to Rev 0 P Fkher to take
up the work here, not know
ing yet whether in: -ril acc,?
the call.
Most of the farmers ar
very busy plowing and chop
ing. Walter Safrit and sibter re
turned home from from Dur-
Jinm and 'rpnnrtei a fin9 tllD.
One of St Paul's most pot u d S t.
lar young ladies was out
horse-buck riding Suodpy
evening and reports a fine
January 14th, st five o'clock
everyone was greatly enr
prised to hear the wed-;n;:
ceremony beic read by Kev
HA VVelkei-; pastor of m.
H'sior to ns f'. r a -careful inspeetio 1 wh:ciiwi.0 '.n- !!;!- . -
Should any pai-i;, due V, viii' if uu ' ve-r rc i
hf niy v.iu - e
; ' bVMnu; for the pi ice of the nt;w uJir'tnscjd, nuc-Ciir ; 'Lw
v and ' . - -
. t - - , njj..j 1-jf.Hn r.a rHTr-n ; ( ca ' is wi -:(.n-
and J IVi .Sink, ecretar
rreu!,,!; ,,V";,i A IB' Laval SeTrice expert will be wllk. -m f. n'.sr. wi'h
oft c -s riie Lndi- 8 ty, t j,, rrani- work. Bring in yonr v&s.v v o-.k.U-V
... lie -.... ! j ai j iu luti
erhoow. were ah-o inslailed:
J.'Jckson, vice presi-; Hv;;1.y De Laval separator give t'-e be t itJ.fc--i':: at au
citii!; 1rfO of-A0" , kecileas-t cost, and we urge yen to take adva rae of this f re :
reiary; 'irs h S btedman, ' ,wl .,,1 vi,. 1
t ?e date mentioned and get the byneli . fJk w ticsvic
ca're and operation of your separa; ', as a the i ve m
S":;w1wKi'raa;;y!Rcrarabw'J""a"p. 9th' Salisbury, N. 0.
-.. iJ'.v- . !.J.,. - -
Thiiia prescription prepared especially
Five or sz doses vrilli break any cae, end
if taken then as a tonic the Feer will not
return. It acts on the liver belter tha"
Calomel sad does not rie or sicken. 25
Will aire Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia; Headaches, Cramps, Colic
SprainSjBruises, Cuts, Burns. Old
Sores;-Tetter, Ring-Worm,-Er
zema, etc Antiseptic Anodyne
used internally or externally. 25c
6 -Tf t-f a
Hope Reformed church. The
lorely cerern ny was used to
unite Miss Kj&a Honbargor
and Lee Web. The briae
was very becnmingly dree?. -'
in a blue co?t s-uit. Immedi
ately following the ceremony
Mrs T E Webb invited th v
present to Iho d'rdng iv m
and a most 2- : : 3!ive suiipT
was served. Mrs Webbisooe
of attractive and loviv.g
daughters oi Dr and Mi tt
C Honbargjr! Both a mem
ber of the S F A club snd
both of St Pial's most loving
young people, Mr and Mr
Webb will raako their horn
for a short while at fhe
groom's fatl rV, after which
they will make their furnrn
fee !H to Tilk Upright. Goeratioo
Aunsec. Saved hy hih. E.
PbKhaEi's Vegetable Ccmosind.
hi:. .. -
Tb:s woman now raises chick.-n? and
does inanuu.1 labor. Read her story:
Richmon!, InL "For two years I
was bo Ei..k and weak with troubles
from my age tnat,
when going up
stairs I had to gi,
very slowly with
my hands on the
steps, then sit down
at the top to rest.
The doctor said he j
thought I should 1
have an operation,
and my friend3
thought I would not
live to move into
our new house. My
daughter asked me
to trv Lvd;a E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Co-ifovvi as she had taken it with good
rc-,a.v.-.. I did so, my weakness dis
Epp i'ed, I gained in strength, moved
our nev home, did all kinds of
garden work, shoveled dirt, did build
i : .'nd cement work, and raised hun
rirecs of chickens and ducks. I can-r-?zy
enough in praise of Lydia E.
H.-.khar-'s Vecretable Compound and
if iht fcits are useful you may pub
lish .itm -for the benefit of other
1 '4:
borne at Faith where Mr 1 eou WOffigE. Mrs. m. O. Johnston, Route
will take up granite work.
Their many friends wish them
a long and hapy life.
D, Bos J90, l.ichmo'nd, Jnd.
t''; . '':;;:iril with their soft, 1 V l:
r-!'.J.-; ' mellow li-ht will save tha eyes of the I 1'
L ':',V,';;:- i'.n-V2 Eciontific investfgration has shown that g t3
yiZ; ifii'-t l.v?fa the light of a good kerosene oil lamp is g Jsi
;-:.,v'-''iV '' the softest and least tiring of any light I PBB
! '"frr' ; a Tha Rayo is the best oil lamp made. I Cy
; ( tA' It cives a steady, white liftM, minus the Bt,-ffl n
tHV'v' jCM flicker ef gas and the glare of electricity. rgiiiiiffl nV I
V-.lTit!Vit-..v-a-- . Uc- Alad'." in Security Oil the most eccnom- B
jcal oil for best results. B
S (New Jersey) fl
J Washifli-ton, D. C Charlotte. N C. B
ff& Norfolk, Va. Charleston W. Va. J9
g-few Richmond. Va. Charleston, S. C P
Ave you going- to buy a sewing-j
machrner lr you are it will pay
you to see me. I will compete
my machine with Sears, Roebuck
& Co., John Smith or any other
firm in price and quality. Will
furnish any style of machine you
want. I handle needles oils and
supplies for all kinds of machines.
Come to see me or write me be
; fore you buy. Also repair sew
ing machines and organs. Work
guaranteed. Office in front of
drug store.
; C. VV. Harrington.
' 12 27. Rockwell, N. C.
,:t lies' Moss) Bar
Salisbury, N. C.
PAY FOUR PER CENT on time de
CH-ts, General Banking Business
if w. Interest payable every Smrrth?
'--. nipt attenion given to any busi
r.'ts entrusted to ua.
Your business solicited.
T Peoples National Bank
! r- - Henderson, J. D. Kcrvrrd,
prp.sident. ct.'hiE!,
! 1 . W. T.
3 Pr '.'.'".
I p
Trade with
AI 1
.Alexander Hamilton v v n eieven
IFirst Secretary of theTreasur? years -oia ne was put
J to work as errand boy
in a bank. By study,
industry and thrift he learned the business, saved
enough to make profitable investments, became prom
inent, fought in the Revolution, signed the Declaration
of Independence and was first Secretary of the
If you are ambitious to get ahead in the
world, begin by saving a part of your regular earn
ings, for money paves the way to the desirable things
" of life.
Start an account with us this week and
add to it every pay day. Soon you will have enough
to buy property, take a desired trip, send your son to
college or make profitable investments.
Multiply your money Li our care.
I BM"M"MgMM'a:3nW1'1t,il mWWMMJIUnii I
Tn Cure a Cnl1 In One nv
Coueh and Kc(-' -he and works off the Cr' J. H
-Druggists refuu isoney if it fails to cure. ! 3
S. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 25c : E
r, f c r.
J w v V g
;. J.t!
Drinks in Salisbury Tested for Me!. j
By order of Jadge R. Lee
Wright of the Rowan county
court, Sheriff Krider recently
sent sample oi drinks that
are being dit?penaed in Salid
bury to Raleig h to have lb em p
analyzed. Reports coming j
back are that the beverage
have a largei percent, of rl-!
cohol in tnem ihan the lawll
nllnnrn n n A '4- .., i, U V 1 if
ttuuwo auu lb is yiuuauifi tiiai.
as a result the county court
will have an increase of busi
ness during the present week.
These bever.iges have been
persistently sold by various
parties as soft drinks and
have given tbe authority i
much troub
In nor.tber fielcfof scieucs
liz.z there been such mar
velous revelations in the
pust I'ew years as in the
fcctice of optics.
i f -"S ' ' ' 3
1 Wmw i 1
fi CGtarrh ineaiis
v iiuw-- yurgmg oi meg e :.?
- ji course you i an
Sthis condition, it
I colds, e;c.
of a ' few .years back are
exploded. Education has
3'.''"-n us the means of
proving when we are
riyht. Xo guess work
i li-.r n.-t in ',!'
. I IP: "'! ;. f-
K.VPTi :K rVJ'I- :-V)!T,
i Ai.O X. V j i j (J ! ,,r
i i : i 1 1 i n i k ' e o
1'18 StagL'StlGUj
orging"oi the
impure blood, j
be we:i -jriderf
t-Toabse, couas, g
r i5 Cents
creases the circ-jfasion, irvigorai33 tliei
system, teiaovis hs vase matter andU
brightens you up. '
Over 44 "Years
Of service to its public enti Jes it to a it
place with you.
. It Makes Good i
The Peruns Compds;y Golumbiis, Ohio 3
lou can get Peruna in tablet iaa
for cenvenience.
t -1
AU the Great' Events in Mechanics.1
r E Ceennj ana Invention thrniic-hnn.
- i.-r u j -i . . o-
i..c iri,uu,are aescnoea in an interest
manner, as theyowiiViJ
! "' i i's: 3B f 'Ct9S 20 PJw"each"!CTtie"tl Is eftsr
t ' . . n;ilietep wr.ytodothin4sitt
-N. ; tr.e bhop, and how to make repairs at home.
f.rt! .Isar Mecltanics -spagen of onetnai
I As . . , , . ""door and outdoor
-,! "ort ari-l play. LftTBelyconBtmctire; tella
-' i "Oiv to taild boats, motorcycles, wireless, etc.
CAa SIV BV f nr. uci.f .....
.... .. L'.j '"i ! J3UJVy nt,?S DtALEnS
R, man "With laUilly '.! f-:'-yii'rti,thawToaeovr.UtmtemirAittt
tho publishers.
Wanted fit f!p.
to work aero: on shares. Good orSSSJtri
ion I C Q WOMr...! O T 1 f ': -"-k- wje cf Mcchanlcsl Books free on r
lana, u-b Wii.iams. SalisliMrv. i ..........
m r7 T ' L ' .-uii nirwi-ICS HI,
N 0 -Phone 957-J
- ' --.. w a.ifcivs
x v T ri-K th Michigan Avenua, Cblcsso
Report uf the Condition cf
at .rp'-.-c r, in the ''tat1 of North Caro
lii.H & th1 el of bis uiesj
Jje?ember 27, 1916.
Lnan.H; d co: nts. $107,637.76
Ov-rd rafts ecnred 163 0
fiunitun sr.d t!xture9 .... 3 OOJ.OO
Due fi'ura Ntttijukl Punks
Die from State Banks and
Banker 15.635.6S
Jtish iteaiii 6 924.05
GnlJ cuiui S00.00
Silver coi '., includingall
minorcoi.i eurency . 2,85-4.25
yational bank notes and
oihe; V. y. notes i 1,073.0 $6.0 .57
Total 170,861.34
Capital stock ; aid in 2n.r00.OJ
nil pjus fund 250i-.(X'
Und-vuied profits le'rf cur
ie. ! t XDn es i:d taxes pd. 2.848.20
Oepf sit -libjeet to oh-ek
76 79!. 60
Tim oertil'.esites of
deposit 180,00
sasings dt posits. . 55,332 78
Cashier's checs out
standing 8 208 46 140.513.14
Total $170SU1.3J
Stat" of O . C.nin'y of R. wr.n, ss;
I, .J. K. I'otstfit, prtvident of 'lie a.aoye
,'r-. !? ' fi i . !'? si. iii y tWfii." ihat
in- , .- t:i: nit-O! i- ;i U-: it ill' f.'CS
if n;j kiic" S -- t - and belief
J K. D 5KSBTT. president.
Corie::t tif-.-i :
H. P. BliiNPM )
A J. Gemayei. Dir- ctoi
J. VV. Cakltjn J
VV. .-. tit:' I'M'. V I1.: ! IV P'jl
Jt'ecftaiuet ' ofer Jno nraminm.!
! ill. I ! Ill ii i
Notice Ta Creditors.
Having qualified as adruinistraiix of the
estate cf Joe Aidrey, this is to notifr all;
persons having claims against the snid de
cedent to file an itemized, verified statement
of same with ihc undersigned on or befoie
the 11th dav of January 1918, or this notice
ill be pleaded in bar of their recovery.
Person" indebted to said estate are notified
to make prompt settlement.
This Jaunary 11th, 1917.
Alice Ardbey, administratrix.
A H. Price, attorney.
North Carolina,
Rowan County.
He carries a full line of Higi
(irade Groceries at
. ery low prices,
buys all kinds of Produce,
Chickens, Eggs, Bacon, and
vegetables; SSee him
Headquarters for Watkinp
Medicine Co.
?!?tione 57.
119 W. Inniss St.
Rowan countv court
V. Wallace, J V. Wallace and
L. Wallace, trading as V.
Wallace & Sons
Elias Atial J
Tlie above mimed defendant will take
notice that an action entitled as -ibov hs
been comuienced in Rowan county court iy
the plaintilft! to recover ot the defendant
the sum of two hundred eight dollars and
56 cents ($208 .56) which summons is re
turnable before said Rowan coun'y at the
court house in Salisbury at ten o'clock on
January 24, 1917.
The defendant will aho take notice that
a warrani of attachment was issued by J.
Frank Met Nubbins, cleri ot'niW court, on
the 14th day of DeceniLer, 1916 against the
properly oi said defendant, whinli warrant
is returnable before the said court et the
lime and place above named, for the return
of the summons, when aid w pre, the de
fendant is required to appear and answer or
dem r lo the complaint or the relief de
manded will be gi anted
I his December 22. 1 9 ! 6
J. Frank Mo "unnix-, clerk,
John L TiPiidlenian, attorney.
A Ful Line of General Meicbandise'
Constantly On Hand
FOOr REST HOSIERY wliether it's appearauce
you want in hosiery or wheather it wear you will ge
it if you get "Foot Rest." And thi. too is au euduce
rnent to most of us. You'll SAVE s ONEY.
Fall-and winter goods, heavy weight underwear
tor men and women, also Press Good:, Shoe?, Pants,
Overalls, Hats, Notions, Crockery, Tinware, etc,
I have a wall selected stoefc of staple and fancy
groceries, country produce, ieed stuff, etc. When in
need come to see' me.
Farmrra are invited to make my place headquar
ters while in the city. Very truly,
'Phone 39. 103 S. Maiii St., Salisbury, N. C.
will snm'eeiate
(Mil it
Call ct offics or address
Win. H. Stewart
Editor end Proarietor, Salisbury N.C.
Morlpge Said lJ Kea" Esiate.
Purstiuiit to t'ie terms contained in a
mortgage (nisi i: ed :;.:!:! i iv K L Pic s-;
I ?ind wile, Minni- L 1j1-k, on October 18,
1913. to A . S Ei-nharrit, fnh registered in
I the office of th- rCegist r of D- eds in Book
ijN'o 47 ps; 103 :lfniir linvin been made
. in the payment uf ;i incip il and interest as
: provided for siil mortga", the underpinned
; will sell at public auction, to the highest
: bid!er for oas-h. at the court jione door in
. the ciiy of "ali.-biiry at 12 o'clock M.F on
I Saturday, January 27, 1917,
'i!i .vii;jdrscribed real estate to-wit:
Si!iM': l- Li.t alter twii;-hip. near the
tiostiun Cross hoatfs, and bounded ns fol
lows: Beginning at sl;ne side corner.niBs
thence S, 2 W. 29 73 chains to -a stone.
Rodman 8 corner; theDce & 87J VV 19
chains to a stone, Koseman's corner; thence
N 2 E 19 42 chains to a stone, Stirewalt's
corner; thence N 46 E 16 23 chaina to a
stone, Stirewalt's comer: thence a new line
S 77 E 8.80 chains to the beginning con
taining 53 38-100 acres more or less For
back title see deed from W. 8 Earnhardt
and wife to Minnie L. Flees. ,
This mortgage is suhject to one of fire
hnndred ($500 00) dollars executed to J. M
Glover, and from the proceeds of sal the
Glover mortgage will first be paid.
This Decemcer23, 1916.
W. S. Eakhhabdt.
Solid Comfort
Any time, any where, the Perfection
Smokeless Oil Heater means comfort
insurance. No matter if tho bed
room's so cold you can see your
breath just touch a match to the
Perfection and it thaws out the chills
before you are ready to dress.
For a warm bathroom, a cozy break
fast room, or a comfortable living
room at the end of the day's work,
get the Perfection.
Clean, handsome, durable. Inexpensive to
buy, inexpensive to use. Ask any good
department store, hardware or furniture
Use Aladdin Security Oil for best results
(New Jersey)
Washington, D. C. Charlotte. N. C
Norfolk, Va. Charleston. W. V.-..
Charleston, S. C.
naMME::,'sXRwrtnjnVsV. -me - w Hii:t:.-sV..r.K'aKu..-nr --4 1 1 i i
Bl ' 9.: ' " ' -jaflk. Richmond, Va
Cor no join ta "clubbing offerm." aJ
n . , , . , . . ... ..tou.ii orrerm, ana

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