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. of interest to
!l;to8 That Doss Wot Afct Tha r
I ;;'S BiGMC OUiNINRi- liettfrt '.! i. -niius.i
Qf ijrii; lnr - r cause nervousue
ft- ;: -'t T fhi lljil Cavli; aj
All plana have been com
pleted for the drainage oi
Grant's creek from a point
north of the Mocksville road
on to the Yadkin river.
To Cure a Cold In One Day i
Take LAXATIVB BROMO Quinine. It stops the !
Cough and Headache and works off the Cold. ;
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. I
"W. GROVB'S signature on each box. 25c. i
Salisbury is to be shown iu
moving pictures before Jong
under the direction of a cer
tain film coLceru of New
York, making pictures of
4 'The Princess."
Sloan's Liniment Far Stiff Joint.s
Rheumatic paias anl aches
get into the joints and muscles,
making every .movement tor
ture. Relieve your suffering
with Sloan's Liniment; it quick
Jy penetrates without rubbing
and soothes and warms your
ore muscles. The congested
blood is stimulated to action; a
single application will drive out
tthe pain. Sloan's Liniment is
clean, convenient and quickly
effective, it does not stain the
fikin' or clog the pores. Get a
bottle to-day at your Druggist
LC Sugffs, a wealthy negro
of Greensboro was chosen to
head Livingstone College, a
local colored institution of
learning, to succeed Dr W H
Caroler resigned. Prof Suggs
was a graduate of Lincoln
University in Pennsylvania
Drives Oat jHalaria, Builds Up Sys- -
The Old 8tndri general stresgthetticii
Halaria.enriches the tiliood, and builds aptti. ; -ttem.
A tone tonic. For adults and children Vv;
.The liowau County Fedei
a1 Farm Loan Association
was organized at the meeting
lieM in th old court houe
Friday which was well at
tended, considering the iti
'dement weather and bad
Toade. Practica'ly evey
ttownship in the county whs
irepreeenttid and much in--tterest
was manifested
StnintlYer His Cold.
Everyone speaks well of Cham
Iberlain's Couh Retnedy after
ih.aving used it. Mrs George
3Lwis, Pittsfield, N. Y. . has this
itoay regarding it: "Last winter
tmy little boy five years old, was
tsick with aold for two or three
weeks. I doctcrd him and used..
various cough medicjs but no-
ithing did him much good will I
Ibegan using Chamberlain sootiprji
VRemedy. He then improved
iratjpidly and in a few days was
over Jhis cold."
Attention is called to the
tatement in this paper of the
ibills audited and paid by the
board of County Commissiofi
ers -on Monday, December
4h. The commissioners Lavt?
'decided to snake a report of
this kind mon lily so that all
iinterested ma y ke p thorpu gh
If posted on the .county's
When it is painful to breathe
tand fever sends chills up and
down your back, von are in for
. e3d. a timely dose r Dr.
Beirs Pine Tar Honey will stop
ke sneezes and sniffles. The
pine balsam loosens the phleyai
And dears the bronchial tubes,
. .. , ,.
the honey soothes and rel.ev eS
ithe 'sore throit. The antiseptic
..qualities kUl the germ and the
coogested condition is relifc d.
tCroup, whooping cough and
chronic bronchial affections
quickly relieved. At all Drug
gists, 25c.
LAX-FOS is an improved Cascara
(a tonic-laxative) pleasant to take
In LAX-FOS the Cascara is improved by
the addition of certain harmless chem
icals which increase the efficiency of the
Cascara, making it better than ordinary
Cascara. LAX-FOS is pleasant to take
and does not gripe nor disturb stomach.
Adapted to children as well as adults.
Just try one bottle for constipation. 50c
number of our people are
somewhat afflicted
with measles
and pneumonia.
T , T r,
JOlin L Koers IS building a new
Dr H C Honbarger and son are
very busy making- baskets during
this rainv weather. If any one
wants a basket see the Dr.
Colonel T E Webb has a few
jmore Belgian hare for snle Fcr
hares see the Colonel.
Kev C M Fox preached a fine
sermon Sunday at St Pauls
church as a supply pastor
Delay Has Been Dangerous in Salisbury.
Do the right thing at the right
Act quickly in time of danger.
in time of kidney danger
Doan's Kidney Pills are most ef
fective. Plenty of Salisbury evidence
of their worth.
Mrs. T. Robinson,. 122 E. Kerr
St:, Salisbury, says: '"I bad
rheumatic twinges in my limbs
and back. I learned of the mer
it of Doan's Kidney Pills through
my friends and I used them.
They lived up to the claims- made
for them. Whenever I notice
that my kidneys are the least
uutof order or my back becomes
weak and lame, I jt.ike few
doses of Doan's Kidney pills and
they bring relief."
Price 50c, at dealers. Don't
simply ask for a tc:dney eraed '
ger. Doan's Kidney Pills, the
same that Mrs. Robinson had.
Poster-Mil burn Co., Props.,
Buffalo. N. Y.
Jao, 22. Io preaching at
Christiana ves'erday. Kev N D
Bodie, the pastor, being unable
to be present. - He has been and
is still clown with a severe attack
of lagrippe bordering on pneu
monia. He has our sympathies
and prayers. While he was to a
certain extent overlooked at the
iChrtmas services, a number oi
the Christiana members joined in
and raised him a pnrse of near
$20 with some other i.hir-gs in the
way of provisions.
There are many colds iu this
section with whooping cough and
measles near round. Otherwise
. . cma , ,
Vaccination to be the
ofder of lhe d?i. n ffee
schools, and we think ihr. parents
taake a mistake when t'm: object
to it. Viola.
Stomach Troubles.
If you have trouble with your
stcmnch you should try Chamber
lain's Tablets. So manv have
Deen restored to health by the use
q the tablets and their cost is so
little, 2a cents, that it is worth
whi'e to give them a trial.
Warrants re beiug curved
on a large number ot pgoj le
in Faith, about thirty, for
refusing to have their chil-th'-'-u
vaccinated afttii being
jsiTs&d. to do so They
wi'l be gi-veu a bearing in lhe
court house Saturday.
Palnfal Cooahs Relieved.
Dr. King's New Discovery is
a soothing, healing remedy for
roughs and colds thit has stood
ol nariV t-'fv years.
-j I cr that cougu :bat st.raius-the
tlv.oat and s-ps vitssilt ry
j Dr. King's New Discovery. Tte
j sootning pine baisams.and mild
. !a'ative ingrediouts toon drive
Lh.j cold from the system. Have
a bottie on hand r'or winter
colds, croup, grip pf and bron
chial affections. At your Drug
gist, 50c.
Plans toed Upon in Programme to Be
Washington, Jan 16. Admin
istration plans for meeting the
Treasury deficit at the end of the
next fiscal year, took the form of
a definite programme today, em
bracing increases in the inherit
ance tax, a new tax on excess
profits of corporations and part
nerships, and a bond is3ue of
$289,000 000. A bill including
these proposals and bearing the
endorsement of President Wilson
and Secretary McAdoo will be
framed at once and pressed in
the House.
The increase in revenue under
the plan is expected to be more
than $500,000,000 annually, and
if it fails to take care of the de
ficit a $100,000,000 issue of
Treasury certificates of indebted
ness may be decided on.
As agreed to informally today
by Democrats of the ways and
means committee and approved
by the President and Secretary
ot the Treasury, the excess prof
its tax would be at the rate of
eight or ten per cent on such re
turns in excess of eight per cent
on investment, and would yield
something more than $200,000,
000, the inheritance tax would be
raised to one and one-half in
stead of one per cent on mini
mum estates and from ten to fif
teen per cent on those of more
than $15,000,000, yielding an ad
ditional revenue of about $22,
000,000; and the bond issue of
$289,00 000 would be designated
expressly for emergency expens
es, such as the Mexican trouble,
the Alaskan railway, the new
armor and nitrate plants, pur
chase of the Danish Indies, and
appropriations for the shipping
board. . .
In this form the programme
will be submitted by Democrats
of the committee to their Repub
lican cojl.eague.s, who will be ask
ed to make any suggestions im
mediately so the measure may be
brought into the House.
There is more Catarrh in this
section of the country than all
other diseases put together, and
until the last few years was sup
posed to be iacurabie. For a
great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and
prescribed local remedui and by
constantly falling to cure with
local treatment,. pronounced it in
curable. Science has proven
Cata'rh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.',
is tlv: only constitutional cure on
the laarket. ft is taken internal
ly. It acts direptly on the bjoqd
and mucous surfaces of the system
They offer one hundred dollars
fer any case it fails to cure. Send
for circulars and testimonials.
Sold by druggists, 75c Take
Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion. Address:
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Wiatber Fofcast For Decker, 1917.
Prom 8 to 16, fiijr, with sleef
and rain, some, snow northwest,
and cold winds along.
Prom 16 to 23, wind and rain,
by short storms from west,
omo snow and cold along-,
' thr eating
From 23 to 29, fair and frosty . a burni -g bui ding,
along with threating rain and j r
snow. Some cold winds. ! Mtes B-sn Cooper and Lee
From 9 to Feb. 6, fair, but if H Wat-on, of Spencer, were
wind is northeast on the 29th at manied at the home of the
from 8 to 10 p m., snow ."and if . -j , 4 o u
southwest, cold rainn, if dHei'd P'reiifs in Salisbury
west, sleet. ' Hnu(ny. )iev C A (i 'Ihpnias
January shows some cold tjfficiatii.i.
uays aim warm aays along, ana
short storms from 19 to 23.
j j j i .i
Koute ilo. , hsbiry, N C
Are Toar Sewers Cloggeu?
I The bcwels are th. sewerage
system of the body. You can "ell
1 imagine the result when they are
- .
stipation. As a purgative vou
will find Chambers '-rw
excellent. They are mild and
ger tie in their action. Tkey alsp
J improve the digestion.
No Need ToRub!: j1 t.val; crowd.
"fOR. stiff 8ore muscles apply' 'v' -'ts V Bol'aby n). .
oi.juii s liniment io me pain
Rheuraatim, gout,. lttmbtfo, neuralgia
sprains .;ad bruises are quickly relieved by
i: use. Cleaner and more bromDtlv ffJ.
live th;:s musjy plasteri or ointments, it
uuc uvi nam iae stin or ciog the pores.
The family medicine '(chest in thousands
of homes, has a place fof Sloan's Liniment.
At all drurfgisti; 2Sci 50c. and $1.00.
Sii'id jy in ;-?ii iir
the j. f c r
Hrad b . 1
from d i' !i t ti
i? h : ; t w .
j 1 i 1 1
b .' '! til 1"
a ?1r; k
I t") ??-'' 8. r'j "I: ;pi
di n: iibed l'.
ly w;isj ;i.4
r;ui) (!M?' that
turned and killed
Baldy jMiller hoiiih time agr.
Mm ChamberlsSfl's.
"'In the course of a conversa
tion with Chamberlain Medicine
("o's representative todav, we had
co-'ti -.ion io discuss ii? a general
vvav ho meriis of their different
!rcp irai i n At his suggestion
I t,ift pleasure ui'ejcpreing' mv
eti.natlon of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. I have a family
o! six children and have used this
remedy in my home for years. I
consider it the only cough remedy
n tlui market, as. layg
nearly all UiHqs." Iarl 0- Boss,
Publisher Hamilton County Re
pubcan News, Syracuse, Kan.
n. jwari t ;!, a young
wh:?e nm, be .Jouei3, a
u.-'i wpi wfiv a!leted iu
C lie; rd .ii the charge of
bit- king into tbn lioue of
.Tl.i.: a? Willjfiin here last
W'vk, ie ivtiii a giillipg
Fii'luy p tT'-Mig by Ho'iuitor
Cb m -lit Mt- Wilhelm. up
Om wlniin x iflol v. as dran
by the vxbite robber, looking
ovr them, could not make
any p-stiv iudentifioaticn
but rtated ti at the white
min i - femhb d i he on enter
ic g h- r h rje an-i drawing
gun on er I iin parties
i-laisnl b n''! to - statlich
'H ii. wili bf tried, for
.' ii.'g u?3 outgoing freight.
The "-any Salisbury friends
of Dr H A Greene a!l fami
ly, for a
number of ;eais
'f Salisbury but
l : o w living in Pennsylvania
where Dr (ip eir is naged
in mhiMMiui wurK:. will re
girt. to lejrn of the Bfrjops
acideutit Uiat befall the
family, being bruieed in their
narrow es xpe from leath iu
A number of important
lai1 tzaits farm' along the'
, yadkin ri ;er have b.-en pur
jrj'actid by , C'otten repre
t t g a big GnQm which (
going to build a big power ,
plant on lhe river some miles
be OW Salisbury.
lhe reu s bible class of the,
t , ,
First Methodwt cUnrch gae:
; their annual barbecue to thejl
1 rn8niDers oi tue cuurcn ac me
Tabernacle last night
k is""""! hj i , i ; " ' :
year.-, did at bis Imm on tli -V'Wikin
Jiar Sprnci n
atd tlM int-rmesit look pbi -t
iti fo' y in Uin old
t . 1 1 ; 1 y b-sryinvc vi'id.
; -; ic wift ot ,i A ti
. b l.d at I,.,:.,.
a i
!Srjr are- mill ". d ,
t. ()f a ,., ;, .,; ,F
ln l a rcdncli ..I
. tn.U
bs. "vV;jK ;j h-iiivr-
ot" Davie e iM'y and h;v-- n
ri-.-r)aii! and s 'v-vai c:ri; :i n
Hr-r ifii);ii.,s wi-i.v !-!-':: tu
Cooie-mee fr inter men'
Kufiif P K Msemaii, ag-d 73
one of Kowan s oldest and
bt.tft ki-i.w.i in , iin ii M
day in t bis ei'y -;i;d t I'm ,
rMai lii;k pbice a lh- n -nice
yeserd y Ji-v ; y Kii
n't L
birch rni.d.juLii
ice.-. -ri (1 i,
cLiary;e . i ' lie 1 b-i'ir.e-it
lj ;b--ali.
'' i;i.t i." h
t I (.'"' U) :te' ,
' lr i r - I f a
Licit uf t'M'Mvi H ill t!l viliU'l
- ti frHaui-'n1 ca:5se of ousi.ijM-
H i Y--U I'-fi lieay, ibl 1 : lid
!i:Ihs. yoaf cuip'e.'iou U sul
:ow tii'd pi:tiiiy. atid wnwrgy ai
!nw ebb iJhvui up ibis ootidt
tMin til mice with Dr King's
N'e a- Ij"b; Pills, a mikl litx;it:v
tn.ti reliever tito c-ugested in
testines witb"Ut griping. A
d ;sh b(jfope retiring -wrJwsihre
you a full arid e:isy movement in
the morning. 25c. at your Drug
gist. The condition of
ii , . i i
tiuneycutt. . wuo snot ant
killed Liuda Casper poire
Hme ago and then shot him
self with suicidal intviit, con
tinues to improve and his
chances for recovery are sid
lo be bright
Suggestions to Childless
Among the virtues of Lydia E.
Pinkhanvs Vegetable Compound is the
ability" to correct sterility in t$a,
Cases ' of mny women- hia fact &
well established as evidenced by the
fellpWfflg letter and hundreds of others
W nave published in these colums.
Poplar Bluff, Mo, "I want other
women to know what a blessing Lydia
J2i. tiu&uoui b v trac
table Compound has
been to me. We
had always wanted
a baby in our home
but I was in poor
health and no atole
to do my. wrk. My
mother and hus
band both urged me
to try Lydia E. Pink
ham's VegetfthW
ComPou.nd, I
so. mv health im
proved and I m new the mother of a
pne baby girl and do all my own house
work,"-Mrs. Allia B. Timmons, 2X8
Almond St., Poplar Bluff, Mo,
In many other homes, once childless,
there are now children because of the
fact that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound makes women normal,
healthy and strong
Write to the Lydia E. Pinkham Medk
cine Co., Lynn, Mass., for advice it
will! be confidential and helpful.
with good oil liniment. That's
the euresft way to stop them.
The best rubbbj liniment is
Good for he Ailments of
Horses, Males, Cattle, Etc
Good for snuf own A dies,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuia, Burns, Etc.
25c 50c $1. At all Defers.
PI M IS H sx m a sa g.
Cold Sores and
Fever Blisters
are only outward manifestations of the
inflammation of the mucous surface
that lines the lungs, the stomach and
all the digestive tract, but they give
you evidence of how sore a membrane
may Decome as a result of inflamma
tion, which is stagnation of the blood
rightfully called acute catarrh.
If you suffer from such conditions
- - wuiuuuug UUU i
chrome, don t run the risk of svstemir tQrrh
Clear it Up With PERUNA
When vonr svfitffm ;j oionrorinf . s : .i , . .
and healed the cold gone and
equal to aU its tasks, and be at peace
wnat it did for this sufferer:
Mrs. L. A. Patterson. 238 Utah Avenue. Memphis, Tern, seys
are hard with us. but lean i.iyAfflS1rtXSn-4lTy M ?Tdrn-, Tims
season of the year when coughs and colds Tare dmvSTI: t;;ialiy d"ri8 the
to our neighbors, for the tenkt it hasbeento uT" always reiCimmend Peruaa
Ypu needn't suffer longer
,qrly ventilated,
, r , , &ouics
u,uui en wno nave coid3 is another cause. 9
Damp clothing and wet feet are often responsible for
thatcroupy cough, sore throat and tight chest
Dr. Kinsr's New Di?rnwrv ia fbo vArvJ.. .
UU. -L .1 :,J
viiuwicii witcxi uiey eaten
cold. Grown-ups like it too.
For nearly 50 years it has
been used in bronchial affec
tions with satisfactory results.
It quickly loosens the cough
and checks the cold.
Your druggist has sold it
for years. Try it
To the Tax Payers of Rawan Countv:
You are urgently request-d to meet .'.:e undersi. ted at the times
and places named below, arul pttl. stn omV n,, t
Your attention is respectfully called
Far.L uuc duu tudi ine iaw requires ne to make ar earlier settlement
with State and County, and to do so. must coiled the taxes.
Gold Hill
Gold m
Gold. Hi'l
Atweli and Steele
at Oveccash's Store.
at Fakh
at Gold, HUl
at Rockwell
at Granite Quarry
atMcrg-anM'r Ground
at Williams' Store
at Mill Bridge
at Barber s .TumMinn -
This the 29th day of December,
A Full Line oi General Me ehandiee
Constantly On Hand
FOOT REST HOSIERY whether it's appearance
you want in hosiery o' wb;tthv il we; r vou will gt
it if yu get ' Fo;' Rest ' And 1 i to-- an enduco
ment to most ot .j.?. You'll A VI) e 0. S Y.
Fall and wiuUv goodf. heavy weigh; underwear
for men and woman, also Dre tioodr T b:joes, Pauts,
Overalls, Hats, No-ions, Crockery, Tinware, etc.
I have; a well selected etock of staple and fancy
groceriee, country produce, leed stuff, etn. When in
need come to see 11
Farmers are iiw4fe(i to
ters while in the t1v.
'Phone 39.
103 S.
daily untU April 30, i9i7. In many
places ta Texan, Louisiana and
Mexico. Stopoven. Kfa'"
talis J4j 81, 1317.
Br VL J ti 1 ft
don't let them become
with the worH. T
with such a remedy at hand.
Peruna can be ob'uucs J in tal!et form,
rouc&a carry it with rou aad take it sys
tematically and regula y fnr a remedy, or
as needed lor a preventive. Get a box today.
Penini Company, Columbus, Ohio
diafty school rooms
or colds. Contact with
iui youx
Jf..X 'If 1 1
to the face that these taxes are
Thursday, Jan. 25
Thursday, Jan. 25
F. day, January 2f
M-:iday, January 2
Tr ?sday, January 30
Tu:-.?day. January 30
WTlneday, Jan. 31
Thursday, Feb. 1
Fi'xiay, February 2
Sheriff of F jwan County.
m: - ;ka :ny pla m headqu4r
Main St., Saibtmry, N. C.
only one nigM I Memphis to Texas.
r", ,11 s ng c. in ncns entire train
rui.s trough, K ?v-phis to Texas.
Lew k. " lenpl," - ":3Q p. in. Arrive
D Las 11:45 a. m. next morning,,
ft. V0rth 1:25 n. m.
tSbr vv
j" XT.
Al .chfr hro tr to Texas ria 'Jotton
Bei: Po. te t V. enphis 9:?c. a.m.
E. H. Suttjn. Disk ict Passenger Ageat
009 West 8U St.. Cbattsnooga. leua.
r. -r-T m -M w .m v a m r

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