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zz of interest to
The much discussed vac-
cinatioii eass irora Faith
. , i j i
were cutiuuuea until next :
, lUWlllllg J. UCoUdJ CVCUllJfj tVJ UNO
Saturday by consent "f both school building- dy the phy
the State and the defense, jsicians, Drs Boyden and Ram-
Thecpeu season for quail ,
eXDires todav. ha vim? htt-n in I
effect since December 1st.
After today it is unlawful to
shoot birds in tirs county.
The many friends here of
F F Smith will . be glad to !
kuow he h again with Spaik?
shows. This show is hardly
complete without the Majo.
Bert E Torrei.ce has return-
ed to Salisbury iTom boh radO
where he Stent sv-rfli wtieks
at a sanatorium for lubercui
losis and nna'iy was curef.
He will resume his work with
the Southern.
Mrs Ray Troutman, daugh
ter of J N Rimer of lower Ro
wan who is in the hospital at
Concord for treatment and
has been operated upou for
appendicitis, is rapidly im
proving. There was a largely -attend-
ed meeting of the Rowr-n Bar
Association in the court hou?e
Friday afternoon for the pur
pose of arranging thecaleodar
for the civil docket ot the
February term of Rowan
Superior Court.
TV USto&m That Dees lis! Atct T'-e
3 . t'is.iiSCad.C TJ!, iivfC is Ui-ir. .
QlHas te -vvi --t cars ucm-..! '
The Salisbury Hardware
and Furniture Company will
erect at an early date a new
garage, a handsome twostory
building, on the lots owned
by them in rear of their sto e.
They will carry a large stock!
ni, ,i u '
of Cheveioiet and axon cars, i
The treasurer of Salisbury
Council. No 26, Jr O U A Ai,
received last week a check for
of the late Baldy Miller and !
being the amount of insur
anee carried by the deceased
. ,
To Cure a Cold in One Day
" vs bkumu uuimne. it stops tue
Cough and Headache and works off the Coitf. !
uruggisti reiuna money 11 xaiis to cure.
JB. W. GROVE' signature on each box. 25c I
. . ,r. , i
luaiuu "law, JuuuK'dnts, including entrance re-
man ot JJanviIIe. Va., wa
arrested here last week bv the
. . ,
local on mtormation
o uiu.jw
from Uanvilie to the ekect
that he was wanted in that
city for a number of offenses.
toery of S500 of a youth in an
.auto "Joy ride."
airives Out .Malaria, Builds L'p y??
The Old Standard general strencthenifiji t.
WalaHa.enriches the Mood, and builds u p th-
tsxo, A tree tonic. For adults and c&Udrec. SOr
There is an epidemic of:
measles throughout this city
at present and it is estimated
that there are several hua
dred cases none of which ha Vw
proved fatal. The attendance
at the public schools has been
greatly iiiterf erred with and
Ire Ton Sewers Clogged?
-inepcweis are tne sewerage t
system of the body. You can well
imagine the result when they are
stopped up as is the case in con-
stipation. . As a purgative r"
will find Chamberlain's Tablets!
excellent. They are mild and
gentle in their action. They also !
improve the digestion. j
Di B. C. Taylor
T.. T m j
Cinna Grove: Mouday, lues-lay
and Wednesday.
Saturday. . .
Examination Free.
Farm Life School News Items.
i There was a basket ball game
between China Grove High
School and Kannapolis Y M C A.
at Kannapolis Monday night in
: which the visitors were defeated
i by a score of 24 and 29.
I There were several addresses
given at the community -club
mj .,
saur on the subject of medical
These addresses
were enjoyed by every one.
Prof Chas E Miller and the
ooys who went to winston-Salem
report having a pleasant time,
ialso a profitable time, as they
learned much about stock judg-
i'ig and sales- then t0 LQev won
a prize which was a young Hol-
stein calf valued at $150.
The kind matron at the girls'
dormitory gave the students the
privelege of pulling candy last
Friday evening from 6 to 8
o'clock, which they enjoyed very
much. We hope that this privi
lege will be granted again soon.
we are soory to note that the
matron at the girls' dormitory
is very ill but we hope that she
wiil soon recover.
Dalay Has Been Dangerous in Salisbury.
Do the right thing at the right
Act quickly in time of danger.
In time of kidney danger
Doan's Kidney Pills are most ef
fective. Plenty of Salisbury evidence
of their worth.
Mrs. T. Robinson, 122 E. Kerr
St., Salisbury,1 says: ''I had
rheumatic twinges in my limbs
and back. I learned of the mer
it of Doan's Kidney Pills through
my friends and I used them.
They lived up to the claims made
for them. Whenever I notice
that my kidneys are the least
out of order or my back becomes
weak and lame, I take a few
close-; oi uoan s ivianey fins ana
ithev bring relief."
Price 50c, at aii dealers. Don't
snap y a? k ior a aney remea.
1 rL i,, o-.ik, u.
Doan's Kidney Pilis, the
same that Mrs. Robinson had.
Foster-Milburn Co., Props.,
Buffalo. N, Y,
L NeW D8SCri CirCu!af-
! The A. and M.
(containing a numoer oi g( oa
I i1 lustrations of buildings ard
! interiors. These pictures are
n 1 j. i j n i
Well elected and well executed.
m . , .1 -4. u-t
he text Covers the pc.UltS which
usually concern prospective stu-
.nuirements. curricula, mies of
: -vernment, self- holp, rooms
and expenses oucg men who
r j t . i
luctned to see,: technical
training for life should write for
.copies to the Registrar, West
I Eervoue speaks well of Cham-
berlrin's Cough Reaiedy after
having used it. Mrs George
Lewis, Pittsfield, N. Y. has this
to say regarding it: "Last winter
my little boy, five years old, was
isick vitn a com ior two or inree
eek-s. I doctcred him and used
various cough medicines but no
thing aid him much good until I
began using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedv. He then improved
j rapidly and in a few days was
!ovpr "is cold." -
j tad Of Thanks.
We express to some of our
kind and good neighbors and
wide circle of friends our sin
cere thanks for their kindness
durinsr the illness, death and
! bbnai oi our lauier, orawioiu
j Lccke fepuping.
The Family.
LAX-FOS is an improved Cascsra
aAhmIa I.h4!ua nAAA4it4 in kvi&
i luuiii-iaACinc; jisaaaHi iu iqrc
In LAX-FOS the Cascara is improved by
tha Edditicn of certain harmless caenj-
icais which increase the efficiency of the
Adapted to children as well as adults.
I jt try one bottle for constipation. 50c
Cascara, making it better tfcc-i ordinary Deen restored to health by the use J1U Tnic because it contains fcr?
Cascara. LAX-FOS i? ple bars', to take Qf the tablets and their cost is so ! lu' Ji!fflra tonic pronertiesof QUINX& S
George McConnaughey,
more generally known as
Mike, died here Wednesday
night and the funeral was
hel l from St Luke's Episcopal
church Friday morning eon
ducted by Ryv W W Way
and the interment took place
at the Lutheran cemetery. A
number of ConferiV'ate sol
diers attended, the deceased
having been a Confederate
Nellie, the three-mouth-old
daughter of Mr and Mrs
C L Logan, died at their home
on West Kerr street last Wed
nesday after an illness of
several days and her remains
wie interred at the Calvary
Baptist ctjurch cJmeery in
Fiankiin township that day.
Mrs W A Luckey, agJ,d -76
yoars, died at her home iu
Cleveland -yesterday morning
fo;n tho effects of Bright's
disease. Her husband, Opt
Luckey, who is still living at
the age of 90 years, and four
children survive. Her re
mains were taken to the Third
Creek Presbyterian church
for interment today.
There is more Catarrh in this
section of the country than all
other diseases put together, and
until the last few years was sup
posed to be iacurable. For a
great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and
prescribed local remedies, and by
constantly falling to cure with
local treatment, pronounced it in
curable. Science has proven
Catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.,
is the only constitutional cure on
the market. It is taken internal
ly. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system
They offer one hundred dollars
for any case it fails to cure. Send
for circulars and testimonials
Sold by druggists, 75c. Take
Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion. Address:
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Making Efforts to Get Methodist Hospital.
The Rowan Medical Society
had a meeting iu the old court
house Wednesday and the tir?t
real work in connect ion with
Salisbury's effort to - ecu re the
proposed Methodist hospital was
inaugurated at that meeting.
Then the doctors met the board
of the Chamber of Commerce
and there was mucli discussion
on that subject. The conference
.coinmiitee of the Methodist
church on the proposed hospital
will meet in Salisbury on March
15th. It is hoped that Salisbury
will get the hospital.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Your dmg-pist -will refuno money if PAZC
OINTMENT fails to cure eny cast of Itching
Blind, Bleeding-or Prot nidinsr riles in S to 14 days.
The first application eives iCase od Rest 5Cc
Policemen dingus and Hall
made a liquor seizure early
Saturday moruing at the
Terminal hotel when four
men drove up in an automo
bile and carried into the lob
by suit cases containing a
total of 81 pints and 11 q-i'irls
in bottlep. They were phe-d
under arrest, given a heari:.
adjudged gnnry ai'i
from 810 !o ;nr!
They all g;;ve tr 1
peal and thti?- h ;
fixed from $25 to h o.
Stomach Troubles,
If you have trouble with
stcmach you should try Lha
Iain's Tablets. So many
h"Jft 23 cents, that it is worth
I whil e to give them a trial .
Have a. Bottle Handy!
loan's Lifiirnent is assigned its
t. .
place among the trusted family
remedies in thousands of medi
cine closets. Confidence in it is
i based on the uniform effectiveness
with which it banishes the pains of
rheumatismj neuralgia, gout, lumbago,
core stiff muscles, bruises, . sprains and
(trains. Cleaner and easier to use than
niussy plasters ot ointments. It penetrates
end relieves quickly toithoot rubbing.
At all drist425c. 50c. and $1.00. v
" ----- 1
Jan. 27. Mrs Louisa Morgan
has been confined with cold and
lrigrippe for several days, but is
improving some now.
A I Ketchie and daughter,
Dorothy, are confined with pneu
monia The tro children ot J W Bean
who have been confined with
something like pneumonia are
improving some.
Mrs R F Crook has a deep cold
at this writing'
Mr Elliott, the superintendent
of the convict camp, who has had
tne pneumonia, is able to be up
a luue UKe oi tne colored
is also conhiied with pneu
'.IlO.i ! ft .
Jiinmi..1 Morgan and Caiia Wil
iiHiViS iire cutting crossties for
Duko Morgan
J L Morgan has recently pur
chased the Wiley Morgan store
house and lot in Pooitown from
R Kcid.
Early Morgan will soon move
his -hw mill on- Love Miller's
Ilrs Harvey Morgan of Salis
bury, is visiting hom?folks for a
fe-.v da s.
O'ir. Ait-i'.: of v 2ar Wauesbqro
vifcit-d hi Mrs Delilah Miller's
Kulus Cro)k has a cow that
had a twin calves a few days ago.
Tt-- . 1 1 1 vnnr n ! w.ic
Waller Lagle and J'amily re
centlv movoii lo the John I Shav
er w'uice They had been living
in ;!5v
.vesie n part or tne otate
shevnle for so:ne time. W e
iluin brick to th
. i e
SIdsi's timiti For Stiff Jiir. s.
ii':e i n ;!.ic pi-ius and aciies
g!! ii' joints and muscles,
nit!-;i sr every movement tor-
IO s't
your suffering
ainiji'; itqiiiik
without, rubbing
and wiiins your
lr ) melt'tiv
and sioiht
sore muscles T
le congested
blood is simulated to action; a
single applie ition will drive out
the pain. Sloan's Liniment is
clnan, convenient and quickly
effective, it does not stain the
skin or clog the pores. Get a
bottle to-day at your Druagist
Walter W i'oole, city sani
tary officer, whose duties in
clnd seeing te it that all
back 'ots in the business sec5
ti;n of Salisbury are kept
ill. ha?- hUel un si wMcrnn
j . l)U-r,baeed a ual and
h'r self hauling awry a I
j;iSid ships, manner
i i . i i ...
! iiiiKH'EC in cc!ie oi t tie nnnr
I f ;ir iQ'e txpv.usH tea ni and
VH58avr Vou Need n Oenera! T r '--'
Take Grove's
Th t?i-4 ?!.atnlarc Grcye's Iasbg.?5-a
Toote i equally valuable 9S 4
i , J m&ria. Enriches the BW Mid
Ia& og tbe Whole System.. . SO cent.
Prefers Chamberlain's. '
; yn the course of a conversa
tion with Chamberlain Medicine
Go's representative today, we had
occasion to discuss in a general
way the merits of their different
preparations At his suggestion
I take pleasure in expressing my
estimation of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. I have a family
of six children and have used this
remedy in my home for years. I
consider it the only cough remedy
on the market, as I have tried
nearly all kinds." Earl C. Ross,
Publisher Hamilton County Re
publican News, Syracuse, Kan.
At the home of I) L Kfird
on Loug street, Tuesday of
last week a marriage of Mi?s
Margaret Lentz and Arthur
Scott was solemnized. Rev
Or W Vici- olRchitiug. The
bride is a daughter of Police
man aud Mrs H (J Leniz
The engagement of Miss
Nellie Holmes Pearson,
daughter of Mrs B G Pearson,
Lto Smith Fouehe, formerly
of Greensboro but now con
nected with the N 0 P S Co
here, was announced la?t
Friday, the wedding to take
place April 19th. Both are
very popular in Salisbury.
How to Check That Cold. .
When it is painful to breathe
and fever sends chills up and,
down your back, you are in for
a cold. A timely dose or -Dr.
Bell's Phie Tar Honey will stop
the sneezes and sniills. The
pine biisiiin looens the phlegm
and clears the bronchial tubes.
t,he lioney snathes and 'relieves
the sore throjit. The antiseptic
qualities kill the germ and the
congested condition isreliev.ed.
Croup, whooping cough and
chronic bronchial affections
quickly relieved At all
gists 25c.
A force of men from the
city fire department were
busy last Saturday with hose
washing off the street in front
of the passenger s.ta'ion get
ting rid of the dirt and sluch
accumulating during he re
cviit bad weather
Suggestions that may save
Much Suffering
Marysville, Pa. "For twelve years
I suffered with terrible cramps. I
would have to stay
in bed several days
every month. 1
tried all kinds of
remedies and was
treated Dy pocors,
but my trouble con
tinued until one day
I read about Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and
what it had done fop
ethers. I tried i
and now I am never
troubled with cramps and feel like a
different woman. I cannot praise
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound too highly and I am recommend
ing it to my friends who suffer as I did. '
Mrs. George R. Naylob, Box 12,
Ilarysville, Pa.
Young women who are troubled with
Eainful or irregular periods, backache,1
eadache, dragging-down sensation
fainting spells or indigestion should!
take Lydia E. Pinkham's, "Vegetable
Compound. Thousands have been re
stored to health by this root and herb
Wrjte for free and helpful advice to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (con
fidential), Lynn, Mass. Only wqmn,
open ana read such letters.
with good oil linizrient. ghat's
the surest way to stop them.
The best rubbing liniment is
Horses, Mutes, Catde, Etc
Qocdfc your c,wn Aches,
Pains, Rhevsntatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc. t
25c 50c $1. At aH Dealers.
1 1 1 1 1 1 ! I I i I I i 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1
i '
v r
f m - urn
February Specials to be Found at
of tft.e Bel Chain of IS Stores Th3t Sell for
uuay ana seu Tor Less.
When vou w.e with us everything- must be right or we make it
so Don't :,uv i.fore you see what we sell it at. You- can always
dc:enu on findi 1 it as cheap and generallv cheaper,' at
Vj.w S .oe now tor next winter
V e ,.rc now buying our i917 fall
st.n'- (j Shue and paying much
!D-.;c' .'ii.i v are now selling
same siie at and no hopes of
chcdpr .ri.i soon.
Let of Odd Pairs-
Hig lot of odd piirs of Shoes
ali kinds picked from our regular
stoek. are marked very
chi-ap to ciose out, much less than
co.Vv io make.
Women's $2-00 vici kid, kanga
rooor boxVrain blucher or but
ton shoes Sale price $1.49
Women's vici kid, gun metal,
dress shoes $2.50 value for
1 95 aud 2 00
Women's 3.00 gun metal or pat
ent high, lace or button 2 75
Women's 5.00 kid high lace
shoes lor 4 50
Always come to our store and get
helpypm read fcr hours without a strain.
t.?3iier than gas it ere restful than elec
trichj cheaper than either.
No troublesome lamp-shade chimney to
remove when lighting.
Clean Steady Portable
Use Aladdin Security Oil the most eco
nomical fceresene oil for best results.
(New lersey)
Washington, D.C. Charlotte, N.C.
Norfqlk, Va. Charlcstea. W. Va.
Kicnmond, Va.
A Full Line of - General Merchandise
Constantly On Hand
FOOT RBST HOSIERY whether it's appearance
you want iu hosiery or wheather it wear you will get
it if you get "Foot Rest " And tb' too ie an enduce
ment to most of us. You'll S A V JS ' ONEY.
Fall aud winter good?. ' . avy weight underwear
for raeu and woman, k .yros Goode, Shoes, Pants,
Overalls, Hat?! .., ('rockery, Tinware, etc.
Ihrr ja well selected atock of staple and fancy
grocr.ies, country produce, leed stuff, etc. When in
need 'ime to see me.
. K;twrs are invited to maks my place headquar
ters u jiile in the city. Very truly,
'Phone S9.
xdZ S.
Your Druggist
has sold Dr. Kinc NLf.,
- . o r ,V-VY
Uiscovery for coughs and
v,-vao O ilC uie oav flf
7 i "
upenea nis own store,
and before that, when
he was clerkir.g for his "old
boss" he made satisfied cus
tomers when he sold Dr.King s
New Discovery.
It has-been the standard
preparation for bronchial
affections for nearly 50
Those who have used it
lonsrest are its ket- (rinAo
gives grateful relief in stub
born coughs and colds. Try it.
Women's 7.50 dark tan high
lace welt shoes price 5 95
Godman's shoes for children
.five- thv. best service of any and
e!i cheaper than other makes
io- near so good &3G to $1 95
Men's d--es3 slices gUa metal
!ccher fcr only 2 00
den s 3.5o dress shoes in English
r blucher welt our price 3 OO
Jharlotte ond Belk's special shoes
:n pateut, tan, guu metal and kid
1'rice 3 50 and 4 OO
S7.50 and $10 coat suits not
this season style but good, ser
viceable suits for
10 serge coat suits this season
style clearance sale price 4 95
$15 coat suits serge and poplin
all new style Price - . ' 7 45
$2.50 and 3.C0 wool skirts clear
ance price 3 25 and 1 4ft
postedv BI.KitlArtlY60.
CharUrton. S. C
Ala u t '., fee -bury, N. C.

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