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A Home Newapaper Published iafihe lutereefclofi the People and for Governmental Affairs.
POSSIBILITY OF 0. S. GETTING IN WUR. Certain materials Should not be used in Home
- 1 Mixed Fertilizers. .
Relations Severed and Warnins Given Germany Raielgh, n. c, Jan.- 31.
tliat Killing Of AmeriCenS Means War. Some farmers will not attempt
Washington, Feb 3 President the home-niixin or fertilizers
Wilson has broken off diplomatic because they do not know what
relations with Germany and materials to use to make a suit
warned the Kaiser that ruthless able combination Almost any
sacrifice of American lives and combination is practicable if it is
rights means war. o be applied immediately after
Similiar action is waiting for mixing-, says S..S. Walker, Assis
Austria when she notifies this tant Chemisi to the University
government that she joins in the of Florida Experiment Station,
campaign of unrestricted sub- but iFt he application to the soil
marine warfare. Sis to be delayed after mixing,
The President made formal an some special care must be exerci-
nounce men t of his action to tfhe sed.
country and to the world today j "Such materials as nitrate of
at a joint session oPCongress. jsoda, muriate of potash, and oth
Pacsports have been handed to er crude potash salts tend to ab
Count von Bernstorff; Ambas-i bsorb moisture and to form hard
:sador Gerard with all his staff cakes or lumps. This is especial
;and America!! consuls, have been ly true when they are mixed with
ordered out of Germany. All caustic lime or any material con
German consuls Jn the United j taining caustic lime, such as ash
&tates are expected to withdraw, e j or basic slag. The trouble can
That the severance of relations be prevented to a great extent by
may be complete. German dip- i adding to the mixture aconsider
lomatic interests in the United able amount of muck as a drier.
States have been taken over by J Those mixtures which will
Switzerland. Foreigu diplomatic ( cause a ioss of deterioration of
interests which the United States j plant food through chemical ac
had iu charge in Germany have J ticn should also be avoided.
been turned over to various n u
Two years of diplomatic negn
tlalion, marked - with
frequent j
crises. And attended with the
loss of more than two hundred
American lives on the Li 'h sea? r
have culminated witti an
whieh in all the history of
xkorld always has led to war.
Every agency of the American
government has been set in mo
tion to protect the country
against acts of German sym j
pathizers. These moves are of
necessity being kept secret.
With the notice of severance
of relations the United States j
seal VcrBer tin a demand for the
immediate release of sixty-four
Americans taken from ships !
captured by German raiders in:
the South Atlantic. :
At tha request of the Pi e.-i-'
dent, Congress, immediately af-'
ter bearing his address, began
work on new laws framed by the
Department of Justice to check
conspiracies and plots against
the United States which cannot
now be raiched under existing
The question of convoy ing'
American merchant sbip3
through the submarine blockade
has been taken up, and is being
considered as one of the next
moves by this government.
Neutral governments have
been notified of the actiou of the
United States, and have openly
been invited to follow its action
it the new submarine campaign
violates their reports.
The breaking of relations came
vwith a crash,, despite the fact
stbat it had been discussed and
practically determined upon last
tnight. The President, returning
jfrom his night (Conference with
ithe Senators, determined that a
break in relations" was the only
act "consistent with the dignity
and the honor of the United Sta
tes." He worked most of the
eight preparing his address to
XV I 1U.JU J IU IMViuiuei
it became known that Ambassad
orGerard had been ordered home
and that passports had been sent
to Count von Bernstorff. Al
though there was no official con
Urination of the President's de
cision until he foimally announc-
H it Viitns1f tn CJnticrrps?;. the
knowledge spread rapidly, count
von Bernstorff heard it unofficial-
ly while talking wi h an- Associat-
apparently deeply nioved, he was
not surprised. His first act was
to ask Dr Paul Ritter, the Swiss
minister, to come to the German
Embassy and prepare to take over
its affairs Then he informed
Jiis wife, an American-born wo
man, of the development and
likewise told the Embassy staff.
His passports were not delivered
until 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
While the President was 'address-
ins congress, one of Secretary
Lansing's confidential assistants ' since the murder of Policeman
uA of iua T?MK,eC a JcnnctAannrohonH .
livered the passports and a note, Furr, and much credit is due
in reply to the German deciara-i him for his untiring and cease
$ion. ' less effort to locate this part. -
When sulphate of ammonia or
easily decomposed organic am
moniates'such as animal manures,
biood, tankage, fish scrap etc,
are mixed with materials con
taining lime there is danger of
losing gaseous ammonia. The
act commonest lime-contaimng mate
the rials are ground limestone caus
tic and hydrated lime, wood ashes,
basic slag, and calcium cyan
amid. "Reversion of phosphoric acid
js brought about also by mixing
acid pnosphate with lime, mag-
nesta iron, or
aluminum com-
' From these statements the be
lief might arise that lime is a
very undesirable material to use.
The explanation is that lime
should be applied to the land
separately, not being mixed with
the fertilizer before applying."
Those farmersof North Carolina
who desire information in regard
to the subject of fertilizers should
write at once to C B Williams,
chief of the division of agronomy
of the North Carolina dedartment
of Agriculture and Experiment
Station, or to B. W. Kilgore.
Director and State ChemisL--J$
c. Extension Service,
$100 Reward. $100.
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stipation. Slayer Of KorWOOd PlliC8 IS Canght in Ga.
Albemarle, Feb. 3.-Sheriff G
; D B!alock wired a deputy in Al-
bemarle yesterday from Claxton,
Ga , that he captured Kirk Furr
in that town th's morning and
would be home tomorrow at 1:48
p. m. with his prisoner.
It is not known how the sheriff
learned that the alleged slayer of
Policeman W G Snuggs was at
lUJaxton, txa., but he left yester-
,day tor that point with the re
suit as above stated.
i Sheriff Blalock has made an
exceedingly creditable effort
House flembers. by 285 to 106, Override
Present Executive. Will Pass in Senate.
Washington. Feb. 1. Tbe
House tonight overrode the Pre
sident's veto of the Immigration
Bill by a vote of 285 to 106. Party
lines were ignored, The measure
now goes to the Senate, where
Senator Smith of South Carolina,
chairman of the committee on
Immigration, says it will be
massed over the veto by more
than two-thirds.
This is the first bill to be pass
ed over President Wilson's veto
by either House of Congress.
The . Immigration Bill was
passed by the House and Senate
two years ago. and the President
vetoed it, but the House failed,
then, by a few votes to override
the veto.
During Mr Faffs term as Pre
sident, the Dillingham Immigra
tion Bill, which was much like
the present measure, the Burnett
bill, was passed by the Senate
and the House, and Mr Taft
vetoed it. At that time the Sen
ate, where the bill originated
overrode tbe veto, but the House
failed to give the necessary two-
thirds vote.
President Cleveland had veto
ed a similar bill.
President Wilson vet(ed the
Immigration bill because of the
literary test for immigrants. In
returning it to Congress on Jan
uary 29, the President said:
"I cannot rid myself of the
conviction that the literary test
constitutes a radical change in
the policy of the nation, which is
not justified in principle."
Friends of the Immigration.
bill that passed the House today!
have been working . on it - Tor
twelve y ears, i It vas
ail&c a commtlClte headed hy the
late Senator Latimer of South
Carolina, went to Europe to study
the problem ol checking the flow
of a certain class of European
immigrants to this country.
The immigration bill, in vari
ous forms, has been to the White
House four times in twenty
years, it nas passeu tne House
thirteen times and the Senate
twelve times. The committee
that made the trip abroad eight
years ago cost tne government
more than $1,000,000
The forces behind this feature
have been determined, and they
predict that the bill be called up
in the Senate and passed over
the veto by a vote of more than
five to one. The Senate passed
the measure several weeks ago
by a vote of 64 to 7
The present bill excludes cag-
rants, persons who hve been
insane and those likely to become
mentally incapacitated. It pro
yides a fine of $200 for steamship
companies that bring over the
classes prohibited by law, and
requires that deported aliens be
given as good treatment on the
return trip as they received on
the way over.
The literary test was advocat
ed by the labor unions of the
country. The leading unions
demanded that the provision be
kept in the bill. Therefore the
bill is a victory for the unions.
Chamberlain's Tablets.
These Tablets are intended es
pecially for disorders of the
Stomach, liver and bowels. If
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Weather forecast for February
From 6 to 14. fair, with' snow
northwest, and threatening to
rain and snow east and cold.
From 14 to 21. fair, clear cold,
with cold rains and snow
From 21 to 28, snow, .rain and
cold, stormy. Some blizzard.
From 28 to Marh 8. frequent i
I .... s
February shows cold with some
; eTrt- ,j -nm . A
stormycoid winds, snow and
but last of month cold and rough.
fe. Kdr3. box 167. Salisburv. N.G.
- - 1
Uonn Cosa'.y Uas'is an; Piriealars;
Mofiroe; gehEeh 3 The
rerxjrti,th6J3t4te'ra:x Com-
shows; thatTrjjbioii conuty
Wads in rt any p& rticnlars. It
shovyia thatheveragH Janri
apbeesiaimhi State U
8.84 p;rewhil Union's
average afgaea vatuatiojj
22. ine samr applies
horees aud males, tb nave rage
being fbu in
e State aud
being ?83 in
Th Hvt-ragB asesBed value
of cowp is.$r' mtfre per bead
in Urn'ou an'd. lli javetage tax
lecy for talS and .outty
pu r pt tB& u t h e: B I a t e i I 10
wbie it ir only Bi 3 iu this
count y 'I he average boudeu
indebtednsa of. he counties
in tbe State is near $110,000,
while Union is free of debt
and tit a verage Va 1 uatio n of
all property per county is ex
ceeded by more than two miU
lien dollars in Union county
" m.m-J . -
A Safe Test
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remedy for kidney troubles . dnd
backache, it is a good plan jo try
Doan's Kidney Pilhj They are
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Gronnd Hog en His M.
1 'I hii Mhd liTJgSs certam
ly ( ti his job and is (riving a
good account of h'raself He
started things on time Frida
tnon.'ng and has kept ua on
tbe jujnp ever sinpe. Las
Thn's-day aftern,ou be.thijr
raonidier. standing a abou
65 bt-gm to drop and Satur
d-; mo'i.i'.git had dnecend
ed I-- four dt-arree.-' abovf zero
Sunday ino uiug the temper-
nitre wa? luit r around 48
d.yr's, but it o k
tuMililri ' nd b. f r leu o'ciot k
tb-it night iu iidditiou t
kt ol" I'iv'b wi.i tonir- r in
slee Mnd t-i. t v, it wa agt u
Ufai z-m euus w ul 1
say, "If an;
for wt-at! r. 1
ground l'b'
can n ai
o? out your
When You Have a Cold.
It is when you have a severe
cf.ld that you appreciate the
goi.d qualities of Chamberlain's
C"Uh Remedy Mrs. Frank
Crocker, Pana. Ill, writes
'Our five-years old son Paul
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ly of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy that I got a bottle of it The
first dose benefited him so much
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1111111116 was cured M
Every Exit to the Port of New M Closed.
New York, Jan-. 31 . Order
.were issued to night to the
torpedo' boat stationed at
Quarantine to preserve neu
traii ty. not to permit any ves
sel, either neutral or flying
t tin flag of one ot tbe belliger
ent o pass out tonight.
Tli ' order applied uol only
to steamships but to tug
boat.. 8 v ral tugs whicl
pn-tfed Q ir.i'uline narH iu
th-e tiiig before tlin ordr-r
was given r-ere compelled to
jet urn to port. Th impose
of the ordr wis not disclo9-
nMiner Vnn Need a fleneral Tair
e Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
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m43cnown tonic properties of QUININB
IEON. -It acts on the liver, Ddves
Bf 1 yifl, gnnqftea tne stood sua
Grim-faced and Solemn as He Faces Congress
Bases utterance Heard 'Round Wind.
. Washington, Feb. 3. President
wilson kept himself in seclusion
uuring me morning except ror a
brief conference with Secretary
Lansing, until be left the white
. house for the capitol shortly be-
.fore 2 o'clock.
In preparation for the history
making event, the Senate and
House has assembled in the hall
of the latter body. Justices of
the Supreme Court and members
of the cabinet were present, and
the diplomatic gallery was pack
ed, principally with neutrals.
As usual, a committee 'of con
gressmen met the President and
escorted him to the speaker's dais.
The whole body rose aud cheered
as the President, grim -faced and
solemn, took his place and began
reading the document which is
being heard 'round the world
Briefly he reviewed how las'
April the United States warned
Germany after the destruc'ion ol
the Sussex that unless the Im
perial government declared and
effected an abandonment of that
sort qf subrnarine warfare the
TJnited. States would have no
choice hut to sever diplomatic re
lations altogether. Then he
quoted from the German reply
which gave assurance that no
ships would be sunk without
warning and provisions for safety
of passengers and crew.
He recounted the provision the
German irovernment attached.
which in effect reserved to itself
the right to recant its promises if
the United States did net secure
relaxaMon of the British res
traints oo commerce, and then
quoted rom the r ply of the Uni
ted Si ates which refused to con
sider a conditional pledge; lefid
gave Germany final warning that
it could not entertain or discuss
any such suggestion.
'The President d,id. not refer to
the long list of submarine opera
tions which have been conducted
in violation of tbe Sussex pledges
but proceeded at once to the new
war z;ne order which became
effective February 1.
when he told how the German
proclamation left nothing for the
honor and dignity of the United
States, but a break in relations
and that be had ordered passports
sent to von Bernstorff anq a re-
call to Mr Gerard, tle assemblage
broke into 3 cheer in which Re
publicans and Democrats alike
joined More applause greeted
his declaration that only an over
act could convince him that Ger
many intended to violate Ameri
can lives and rights, and there
was prolonged applause and
cheering when he concluded by
announcing that should American
ships an.4 lives be sacrificed "in
heedless contravention of the
just and reasonable understand
ing of international law and the
obvious dictates of humanity,"
he would again appear before
congress to ask authority to "use
any means that may be, necessary
for the protection of our seamen
and our people."
Soon after count von Bernstorff
passports arrived United States
Secret Service men threw a guard.
about the Ambassador and his
suite to make certain that the
hospitality of the United States
is not violated while he remains
on American soil. The states,
of count Tarnowski, the Austrian
ambassador, was undecided, al
though he called at the State
Department to arrange for pre
senting his credentials to the
The news of the torpedoing of
the American steamer Housatonic
coming almost before the Presi
dent's words in congress had died
away created a tremendous sen
sation but it does not necessarily
constitute such an invasion of
American rights as the President
said he would meet by asking
cuugress lur au union ai auiaoruy
to act. -
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Toar drorsiBt will refund mono If PAZO
OINTMKNT !! to core aorcaae of r
re aarcMje 01 ttooag.
disc PUc la 6tol4dTa.
ieaiturorPrMnuuar fdcb la fitol
Seme Lar?e Hogs.
O. D Krimminger. the
champion bog raier in Sotitb
Liowab, has come to the front
agaiivaiif! has broken his pas'
record, killing a th rough-
red Pland China hog on the
I2h f f J anua ry tbat weighed
984 pounds ne . About five
eara-ago he killed a tbo
ronvbbrtd Berkshire that
netted 848 rounds, jn 1914 hen
Hnlld a Pul i?d Ubuia pig 18
months old, 704 pounds, in
915 he killed a ttu mughbred
;;iaud China hog. 895 lbs
Til's tdioB what cau be d ue
villi g od attention to thb-
nghr r d hogs in llowan
Vhat a contrast bet w -en th
iraprcved stock of todav and
the razor-back or pine ro ter
f fifty years ago. When a
oar VHistMd i25 pom-ds
was considered very large.
Ibaut Cossiipation.
(3.?rtain art;i !es of dVt lond l
chck amvements of the bovels
nitt coiiimoh of these an
. .-. a d t milk Oi
i' -ithfr h ; 'mI ihw fruits, espe
-ity 1 ;; k.U b.Minir s ali
gratia 'iicailai" whole wheat
r-.d p in i... ol
b sv!s WhtMi lh bowel
ire 1 u. ;sl p L-d. liii 'Av.vev,..
1 he sure way is t 'lake one or
two .if Chamberlain s Tablets
immediately after supper.
Interesting Events Takig? Placo.
It iiow a'ppears thnt the
sinking of the Americfn
steamer Housatonic Saturday
by a submarine wag not an
ilkgal alt since she e irri d a
ntraband cargo of wlieat,
wa-rnii g wa given the
crew saved.
Officials today heard with
considerable attsfacthm the
report tnai me uerman gor
ernmeut had ordered be Ira
eiate release of the A.meri
can Sailors taken from British
ships by th German raider-
in the Atlantic, as demanded
by th United States.' Tliis
action . iuterrrted in some
quarters as an ftdicaion of a
conciliatory atti'tade since
formerly (xermany had main
taibed these men were legally
priEohara qrwajy having ac.
cepted service on armed hiU
ligereut merchant vessels.
The State Department if
making ejiorts to get a guars
an tee of safe conduct from
allied powers for Cotitit trbn
Bernstorff to return to Ger-
tany with his staff, and pjre
paration8 were undr way t
day to turn ov-- atiaii s of the
embassy here to the Swire
In accordance: with orders
frcra the navy deoartraent.
the Geimaujauiiliary cruisers
Kronprinz Wilhelmand Prinz
Eitel Friedrich interned at
Philadelphia were seized early
Saturday night and their
crews imprisoned.
GonstiiatieB Sabs Til 088.
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Washmrl v, CJ. 7- The
American liner will not be
given co voy if the decides to
sail for England through the
German submarine ohe, it )s
announced at the State De
parlment today: It is under
stood that the government is
acting ou the policy that
Americans have an inalien
able r?ght to travere.-f the.
high seas and thatthi Ger.
man suomarme pjQcxade is
State Beard of M Arises ErcryiPrecaQ-
fc"n Icalnst it.
.Pneumonia as a cause of
death is about a top notcher,"
I says the Stat Board of Health,
as it ranks third and is outclass
ed only by tuberculosis, and or
ganic heart diseases. It is a sea
sonal disease and we are now in
the midst of that season. During
the .winter and early spring s.ea
4on pneumonia is greatly on the
increase and causes about ten
percent of all death .
"One of the most predisposing
Causes of pneumonia is the pre
sence of other diseases, espec
ially those diseases urodufiinc a.
debilitaing effect Such diseas
es might be mentioned as colds,
grippe, bronchitis, and other re
spiratory diseases. Debility dev
eloping from any cause increas
es susceptibility, therefore it is
ill important that all functions
f the body be kept in good
working order and that resist
ance be kept as high as possible.
'Resistance ia lowered by ov
ereating, lack of exercise, lack
f fresh air to live, sleep and
work in. lack of regular sleep
and relaxation, and irregular liv
ing habifei. Excesses of all kinds resiST-ac and predis
pose 1,0 pneumonia. Excessive
heat, worry, fatigue and undue
exposure to cold are factors
predisposing to pneumonia.
Alcohol has been called by the
United States Public Health
Service "the handmaiden of
It is a well established fact
that pneumonia is a germ dis
ease. People sick with rraeu-
mooia should not be visited for
two reasons : ,M3eir chances for
recovering wili be better with
out visitors, au i the chances for
the spread of the disease' will be
V -
If people ast sixty vears of
A t 4
ige could ho p, suaded to go to
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remain in bod for one or two
days they would recover much
more quickly, especially if thev
take Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy . There wo ild also be less
danger of the coid being follow
ed by any of the more serious.
Sctiooh for Iredell and Rowan.
Dairy shools were held
iu Rowan at Oak Grove
School on February 1, and at
the Patterson school on beb
ruary 2nd. At Amity, Ire
dell county, February 3rd.
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tiopt Socialistic Doctrine.
As was to have been x-
spected the bkard of county
commissioners at their meets
ing Monday adopted the so
cialistic doctrine of an all
time health otBcer and appro
priatetl f 1000 of good dembv
cratic tax -money to pnt it in
to effect for one year. It is
expected that Salisbury and.
otfi :r towns in the county will
a Id something to thtB so a
tri make the job Worth whilew
M DaaroBs.
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-w :-"
1 JrZ -
x - - -

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