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- A Home Newapaper Published iniW?Intreetot, the People and for Governmental Affairs. '
Wonderful Result That Have Been
Achieved In the Small Span of
Thirteen Years
In view of a recent achievement
in long-distance aero flights and the
uses to which the flying machines
have been put in the European war,
day a few weeks ago marked the thir-
ieenth nirfhdv nf th .irr,lnp !
thirteen yeara and what wonders
have been accomplished! Warfare
has been revolutionized and surprise
attacks rendered almost impossible
by this marvelous invention.
A couple of young men who owned
: bicycle repair shop in Dayton, 0.,
irued their spare time to "tinker" on
;a flying machine. The neighbors
considered them crazy but harmless.
.Finally they hit upon a contraption
to which twin propellers and a 16
horsepower, four-cylinder gasoline
motor were attached a winged af
fair with a movable or elevating rud
der in front, which looked like a
cross between a large eagle and a
nightmare. This machine they took
to the Kill Devil sand , hills, near
Kitty Hawk, N. C, and on Decem
ber 17, 1903, made four successful
flights, on one of which the airplane
traveled a distance of 852 feet. And
now aviators ga-winging their way
across Half a continent. - -
Testimony That Carried Weight Given
by Last Speaker In a Conference
of Gifted "Rememberers."
Wundel Cold? Not a bit of it!
"Why, I remember last Christmas,
hen I was in California, the steam
from a passing engine froze hard
and fell on the line in sheets !
SmylerThafs nothing! In 1889
the electricity in our telephone ex
change got frozen, and when the
thaw came along all the machines
were talking as hard as they could
for over six hours !
Chansit The coldest Christmas I
on remember was in '84, when the
policemen had to run to keep them
selves warm I
Silently the last speaker was
awarded the palm.
And frearol-singer fainted.
On April 1 somebody will kick a
hat with a brick in it. t
May 30, some newspaper will call
attention to the thinning ranks of
our Civil war veterans. ,
July 4, a certain public speaker
will make reference to the Stars and
Stripes or possibly the Star-Spangled
Banner. "
First Monday in September ora
tors and newspaper reporters will
.make reference to 'labor's holiday."
On a certain Thursday in Novem
laer numerous neople will modestly
jask for a leg and a wing and a slice
of the breast.,
Several newspapers will print pic
ures of a gentleman named Wood
arow Wilson on March 4.
During August a number of peo
ple will take trips to the seashore or
the mountains.
"This world would be a pleasanter
place if there were not so many fools
in it."
"Yes; but it would be more diffi
cult to make a living." Dallas
' First Urchin: What's an autocrat,
Second Urchin Ifs a guy wot I
owns mi automobile. Boston Tran-
Beaver Fur is in fashion.
i "Box- And we who have to have it
naturally don't get a chance to wear
"My good woman, yon ought not
'to castigate your children."
- "1 don't, ma'am, I only wallops
'em.w -
1 C
, .Newlywed Ind me a V, old
' "Ichap, and 111 pay you in the morn -
tiie vlll go through Bessie's clothes
jtonight whole 8he s asleep i,
; . -
"Why is the official spelling of gov-
Vjernmeht yijjk. a big G?"
"Because they could hardly begin
jenu1 withost ij.p
Divorce Law Amended, Bill to Pay Expenses
of Veterans to Reunions and Other Biiis.
A bill, previously passed in tbe
Senate, was passed in the House
Tuesday to amend the divorce
law. The vote was 53 to 37. The
new law makes an act of adul'.crv
n e ihQ hushand
for divorce, the same as to 4he
Other bills passed by the House
are: To provide for exemption of
Yadkin county from the general
primary law; also Graham coun
ty; to amend law relative to car
rying concealed weapon; to give
lodge-keepers Hen on baggage of
delinquent lodgers; to protect
women: to amend law relative to
temporary larceuy of automobiles
and other vehicles; to regulate
expenditure of money due inmates
of North Carolina orplran? ires: to
amend law relative to inter state
passes held by clergymen; to
amend law relative to use of auto
mobiles; to providje for State
orison management investigation;
to amend law relative to itemized
accounts as evidence in civil suits;
to amend law relative to age of
consent; to regulate fees of jus
tices of peace; to amend laws re
lative to compulsory education of
the blind; to reul te sale of
medicine; to amend law relative
to arrest of felons; to authorize
payment of 15,000 expended for
troop mobilization; to prevent
Sile of impure foods drugs and
hquors; to amend law rela'iye to
firemen's relief fund.
Sills introduced in the House:
By Grier to authorize commis-
sicners or ireaeu io pay expenses
of veterans to reunions; to tax
dosrs; to regulate sale of jrasoHne;
to appropriate fund for school for j
bund and deal; to regulate sale
and distribution of agricultural
eeds; to prevent forest fires; to1
. . , , . !
exempt certain entertainments .
trom license tax; to preveut con
flicts between white. and ca! red T
races; to amend law
relative to
d serving-; to rtuire
owners of solvent credits to file
list of snrne; to regulate guardi-' ;
-ns and executors- to arnend law
relative to public printing: to
ifP fro firp tnnr.wnt ,nd
control infectious diseases, io re
guLite collection of taxes, to
amenl law relative to seizure of
distilleries by sheriffs to- relieve
- up li ?n law. to amend constitu
tion so as to limit service of cer
tain ofSciaTs, to provide for elec
tion of county boards of educa
don, to provide for printing of
reports, to provide against ia
fantile blindness, to amend law
relative to speed of automobiles,
to protect convicts agiinst tuber
cular contagion, to a;nend law
relative to commerical fertilizer,
to provide for iccapture of escap
ed felons.
The bill to limit service of cer
tain officials would fix the limit
for constitutional State officers at
two terms executive fficers of
counties at three terms, excepting
educational, judicial, legislative
and health officers.
The Senate has passed the fol
UminiT Killc- I V rnntif tho prpc.
c ., . ,. ,
tion of guide posts on the high-
xr .v. r. r 4
wavs oi rortn Carolina, io
- j
authorize the Governor to appoint
iustices of the peace for the
several counties of the State to
appoint C A Lentz to succeed
A Ssfd Test
For those who are in need of a
remedy for kidney troubles and
backache, it is a good plan io try
Doan's Kidney Pills They are
strongly recommended by Salis
bury people. Mrs J L Hunter,
122 N. Ellis street, Salisbury,
says: ''Several years ago my
kidneys caused me a lot of annoy -
ance. My back ached and I felt
so weak that I could hardly get
about. In the morning I could
ytgtnUl ' hn fil
good and al ter taking several
. boxes, my back felt as strong as
.$rer and my kidneys acted re-
uiriy. , , , , .
'rice d c, ao-i a eaters, uoat'.u u i wu u u -i
Lsimply a,k for a idney remedy lhe .b.Wels- W.hen ,thfi bWels
igt Djan's K'duey Piils,
i t r7-:i.. r:-i., . i
jsanie that Mrs. Hunter had.
Foster-Milburn Co., Props.,
- Buffalo, N, Y.
Inquiry As To Status of interned Ship Crews.
Berlin, Feb. 11, via Sayville,
Fb. 12, Foreign Secretary
Zim merman today informed the
Associated Press that he had
requested the Swiss government
to jirake inquiry in Washington
regarding the status of the crews
of interned Uerman snips in
American ports.
Pending an answer, the iz
Americans taken by the German
raider and brought in by the
Yarrowdale, whose release had
been agreed to, are being held in
Germany the Foreign Secretary
stated .
w - .
AHint to the flsed.
If people past sixty years of
age could' be persuaded to go io
bed as soon as they take cold and
remain in bed for one or two
days they would recover much
more quickly, especially if they
take Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy There would also be less
danger of the cold being follow
ed by any of the more serious
Thirteen persons LoseL'iYes In Fire.
Mineapolis, Feb. 12' At least
13 persons were believed to have
lost their lives in a fire which
destroyed the ICenwood Hotel
here shortly after midnight,
according to police estimates.
In addition to the known miss
ing are 11 others, unaccounted
for, who may be in the ruins,
according to D. E. Stalker, prop
rietor of the Hotel. One woman
is known to be dead.
A score pf persons were injured
some seriously by leaping' from;
the top floors of the structure.
wnen tne fire escapes became
heated. One woman i jumped to
ber gth from the third Soon
" , ,
Winter Brines Colds to Children.
UA ?bi,lu r.arelr goes through
the whole winter without a cold,
am1 every mother sh ,uM bave. d
rejjable rernedy handy. Fever,
soreMht'Owti tight chest ar.d
croupy ci-ugns are sure symp
toms A dose of Dr Bell's Pine
Tar Honey will loosen tho h:.j:m
relieve i he congested lung
stop the cough Its antiseptic 1
rjine balsams heal and soothe
For croup, whooping cungh and
.lionic bronchial troubles ivy
Dr Bell's pine Tar Honey.. At I
all di uggists 2pg.
hmself as highway commissioner
for six years, for the better pro
tection of persons on the public
highways, to allow uMentee
voters to vote, to amend the law
relative to applicants to practice
medicine, for uniform warehouse
receipt, to change the title of the
bead of the school for the bjind
and deaf from principal to super
mtendent and njaking the bead
teachers principals.
Bills introduced in the Senate:
To amend the law relative to the
removal of cases before justices
of the peace, to amend the law to
provide that sons of Confederate
veterans may serve, on , pension
boards to provide for-.inspection
of oils, gasoline, etc; to promote
the welfare Of the State by the
establishment of agricultural dis-
Irii-tc rolatiflfr tn iYia rr-r Man
P . r . i
to provide tor printing ref State
r . r
officers, relative to the sale of
real property by executors and
administrators to pay debts and
relative to sales made by trustees,
to amend the law relative Jo the
examination by the .solicitor of
the office of clerks of the Superior
courts, to prevent and control of
certain infectious
diseases, to
amend the law relative to pre
senting claims of executors, etc.,
to amend the law relative to
Chemical fertilizers and cottott
seed meal.
Aboat Constipation.
Certain articles of diet tend to
check movements of the bowels,
The most common of these are
cheese, tea and boiled milk On
tbe oter 1?n?i raw fruits esPe'.
cially apples and bananas, also
i graham bread and whole wheat
'bread promote a movement of
are htd v conslmated. hownrflr.
" ' ----,
the sure way is to take one or
I two of Chamberlain's Tablets
j immediately after sapper.
Provision I!ad9 Disposition cf Great Tracts
of Lanj ln;Bowan and Davidsen
The contee of the wDl of the
late Phillip 4$wers,- one of Ro -wan's
largeslflattd owners, who
died recently will be of general
interest Te Lexington Dis
patch, speaking- of its probation
in Davidson and Row; n says; j
Hamv TT 'fedrJrk and Philin '
r o ?' . , t. ... ,
countv, have tiled the will for
probate in l?th Rowan and
Davidson counties. The will sets
out the terms &f . division of the
bulk of the lanJT which amount
to about 4,300 acres of the best
in the two counties.
Mrs G F Heick is given 520
acres of tne March place and 300
acres of the Kefr place, all lyin
in Boone township, this county,
to have and to hold for life and
after her to her heirs. In addi
tion she is given a fee simple title
to 117 acres of very valuable land
near Spencer, this being the only
portion of the lands devised in fee
simple. L C Sowers gets the old
Daniel Boone place and two other
small farms nearby, all in David
son and containjng about 1,IQQ
acres' John Sowers is left the
remainder of the rerr place,
about 1,050 acrss situated near
Sowers ferry and above the toll
Philip Sowers,. Jr., the grand
son of the late Phtlip.Sowers and
son of the late Jacob Sowers is
ffiven the old home place in Ro- i
wan. with something over a thou
ani aot-'es of lnd Tib widowed
mother is allowed, an income of
2 )0 per year trom. the place so
long as she, remains a widow, j
No timber can be cut from the
miHOF'iatt eisept fop neees-
. . j . , ,
aary use until he reaches majority.
He is now about ?iht years old. j
The real estate rncU mentioned
ic the will.a.nd aJJfsottal pro-
perty will be sold and equally j
divided. Until recently Mf Sq.v- (
ers had divn(eil ail his'income to I
the aiquitvinnt of more
r ,nriJ ia,1f
and , dismissing indebtedness on
tru.s sccu'ecl. V or eighteen
monili. however,' he had kept a
pc r-an.,1 savings account and ac-
cunuUdted over S4.HK) in tjs
tiiiik? MtK'h f lhi valviable
latnj wir ii-'iiht v4fs ajro
for a
$103 Reward.
The readers of this
will be pleased to learn that there:
is at leat one -dreaded disease
that scuncc has Uen able to cure
... , ,
in al Its stages, and that is cat
, ar
i ; ' lUH'si catarih. ?Uf U The
ly jHi'ive curt now , known to
the medical fraternity.
being a constitutional disease,
Teuuire a constitutional treat -
mcnt H-iliV catarrh cure is taken
acting directly, upon
the blood iir.d mucous surfaces of
the sstcm thereby destroying1
tho toundatijn of the disease,
and giving the patient strength
by building up the Constitution
aud assisting nature in doing its
work The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative: powers
that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails
tocure Send for of testimonials
Address F. J. Cheney &Co.,
TwUdo O.' Sold by all druggists
750 - - "
: .Take Hall's family pills for con
The Barking Lizzard.. .
V Atlanta, Ga., Feb M Well,
the boys of the National Guard
of Georgia who quit their jobs
rfnd left their families when they
inougnr tney. wsre neiain u tie-
ienMiiisnki.ctvrn-t-y nave-at
least one cmsolation. when they
return from the Mexican border,
They will haseen the famous
,. -
barking hzird! ,
This strange animal, or re-
Dtile, erows from 18 to 24 inches
in length barks from dark till
daylight on rainy nights and can
be hea d for a mile. It does not
bite, however, and is not dangerous.
, Pretty Good.
My friend, if you are a farmer j
And labor in the field, "
If you improve your fields each
year - . i
To grow a larger yield.
j If you then raise your own sup-
And sell to others food.
Then I must say to you my friend,
You are doing pretty good.
Mv friend, if you are a merchant
Atld sel1 oods for a dress,
If by your honest dealing
You make a srood success
If vou collect all the accounts
I hat rm pnnr KrM-ib-e l-i htq ctnnil ;
Tli an T i. 4. r j i
"cu luus-.aeiy io yuu my lrienu,
My friend, if you are a lawver
And plead law at the bar
If by your knowledge, wisdom,
You make each case so clear, -So
that by judge and jurv
It is plainly understood,
Then I must say to you my friend,
- You are doing pretty good.
My friend, if you "are a workman,
iJutlding ships and homes for
If you can build theoi strong
To stand the wind or rain,
If you become an expert
In iron, steel or wood,
Then I must say to you my friend,
You are doing pretty goqd.
My friend, if you. help niake laws
pqr tHe nation or the State,
If you work for every good cause
That makes a people great.
If you do. all the good you can
The very best you could,
Then I must say to you my friend,
You are doing pretty good
My friend, if you are a doctor
Trying to heal mankind',
If you do all to heal' the sick
Broken limbs you bind,
j And if you nurse them tenderly.
.s taillitu.1 qjolOFs WQUiQ,
Then I muit say to you my friend,
You are doing pretiy good.
v friend, if youare a teacher,
Teaching in different schools
If Jou can g"et Jr pupils.
AiUo obey your rules,
If you can correct the pupils
WithouThecoming xude
Then I mus-say to vou my friend,
You are doing pretty good,
My fnetJff, if OU are a soldier '
upon the battle field,
If by vour schemes or bravery
You cause your foes to yield,
If you can conquer them without
; - Then imustsav to vou myfriend
i ne sneaaing ot mucn otooa,
! You are doiny nrettv p-ond.
j o c j o 1-
c . , ,
Niy friend, if vou are a minister
, -And irj tq gave th
: if v'ou can show io all mankind
What their redemption cost,
lf Jou c;n strenghten weak ones
i Bv giving spiritual fool,
j Thv-n I must sav to you my friend,
j You are doing pretty good.
: "Now listen all ye laborers,
: One thing ! wish to tell;
1 "ai V 7 , ""'7,
And do our duty well,
Some day we will be rewarded
mi. i. ii i.i
i r better than we shouia,
! And be forever happv
i wjtH n the fa:t'hful good-
A Subscriber.
China Grove. N. C. Feb. l'th.
i -
Chamberlain's Tablets.
j These Ta51ets
ia for djs'(
ire intended es
oeciauv lor aisoraers oi tne
' stomach, liver and .bowels. If
i you are troubled with heartburn,
mc-igesuon or constipaiiun -uiey
will do you good
Weather forecast for
Prom 6 to 14. fair, with snow
northwest, and threatening to
rain and snow east and cold.
Frorn'14 to 21, fair, clear cold,
with cold rains along and snow
From 21 to 28, snow, rain and
cold, stormy. Some blizzard.
FVnm 2A tn Marrh 8 freouent i
, i o , - .
and considerably cold.
February shows cold with some
stormv coid winds, snow and rains
but last of month cold and rougri.
iwm? xvsiuj
K. Nq. 3. box 167, balisbury, iN..
LiflgerfngXooghs Are DangeroDS.
l Gtt rid of that tickling cough
tlmb keep8 you awake at nint
and drains your vitality and
energy. Dr. King's New Dis-
covery is a pleasant balsam rem-
ed antiseptic, laxative and
j promptly eriective. It soothes
the ij iated membrane and kills
the cold germs; your cough is
soon relieved. Delav is danger-
ous get Dr. King's New Dis-
oovery asonoe or nearly wty
years it has been the favorite
remedy tor-grippe, croup, coughs
a a o i tii . ,1 j. :
your druggist, 50c.
FalssSiMs aa i to ISsHie Pitcaar.
O IIkmi'O Nat'ons.
Vfc -Pn s ilent Fn Pr s Derffis
I: 53 n ''"!,,irer 35 B sute'
w ' u"l,inRtl)n D--
Roman Catholic press and pul-
pit arid platform are always dil
iU'fnt. in ' oa miner aa a Rnmot.
Catholic every patriot of the rast
.whose services were pfcu'iariy
brilliant or valuable. It is im
material whether the person.-: - o
t-l.timed "by them were real'j
R.jaaiin Cuthoiics or not if
jvibPu - hi l;e deceived into be-
i- .
that they were. I r a
. .
utompt at such dt-
O' ption the Canton, N. J . Rom-
hh Citbolic National Hibernian
(if Ju!v, 1 9 1 6, has been cauyht
with the goods on it.
Those acquainted with the his
tury-of the Revolutionary v'.'ui
remoraber with admiratiou tht
heroism of Molly Pitcher, who.
'in the buli.lj uf Mom -xu.nx I: whei
od i
U "3 'lii
I l S 0 i ' ! L V . f.O ilf Lit.
place a.d .served the cannoi
villi t-i-i i.i -:icy mid f-ffec
during the rernainderof the bat
''i'1- I' , t m i erj i u-ulaiit
jit- i ) li'ir! :H " ll!.jffi.! -
ti-j.i-. of the American people.
n nliiiii'rj:! iiit recn I or..'
:i f ui"m -iriril to hor at On
ii.-'o. i 'im v ' ! ': ' r:
til !U .1 ii! 1 I;; W l
cai oij.sovai'ioM :
'"'Viii e it is. grutifyiiiir '
Amet icans .if the Irish ctu to
wittiess the honors paid to tii
n 301 ry of Molly . PitGher, Uie
Irish girl who served a gun ai
the battle of Monm uth, ye it U
soiavivvhat of a reflactrm -upon
our people that the repveseuia
tives of the A. O. H. were absent
from the ceremonies incident to
the Qpeotion of a mem-jr: p.t
Carlisle, Pennsylvacia This in
cident conveys a moral, while
Irish soldiers were using the
sword the aqti Irish 4p.tro!
wore using the pen."
The truth is that Molly Pitcher
w ts neither Irish nor a Roman
Catholic. She was of German
parentage and attended the Ger
man Lutheran Churoh, hs the fol
lowhig statemeut of fact Ly the
Historian General of the Society
of the Sons of the American Rev-,
olution shows;
Molly Pitcher was born of
German parentage and attended
a Lutheran ehurrrh, " ,fb she was
neither Irish nor Roman Gath
olic The Journal of American
History, fifth Volume 1911, page
It was conclusively shown in
the course of a debate in the
United States senate on July 25,
1918 that the Presbyterian
Scotch Irish, known as Orang
emen from the north of Ireland
played a most brilliant and credi
table part in the Revolutionary
War, while the Roman Catholics
from other portions cf Ireland
were almost totally absent from
the American armies.
Piles Cured In 6 to 1 4 Days
Vor.r drufrefot w:!l tettind ir.otie If paw.
4 OINTMENT fails to cure any case ot Itching
uuna,.cieiinsorrToiiuainK files jit6tolKlay8
The first application cives East ud Rest SOc
Forty Below Im in New York Stats.
New York Feb. 12 A drop in
the temperature to three degrees
above zero atf 7:30 a. m. today
brought to this city the coldest
weather of the season. Official
furceast was that it would turn
The rivers and bays about Mew
York are filled with heavy drift-
ing ice fields today, interfering
Q soaia ex!ent with navif a ion
bor tne nrst time in eve years
the Hudson river is solidly f.uzeii
over the three-mile stretc'
tween Tarry town ;ind
i epulis
' walked fi :u -! i;i .:to shore and
several air -s have safly negoti
ated the t ip
SaratvM. N. Y.. Feb. 12 It
was forty degrees below ? o in
many pluses in this morn'ng cht
coldest Wvjather of the wmiur.
'on Need n
t;rn .
.-cis co. uie Ltivtt-
! . a. Lt . On,;V.. . V. .. Dln,J
B miches the Blo
ldso? m& WboleSystenuSOoeats.
I '-W. . -r"
Gsvernnicnt While CpraMd to Convoys
Fayors Farnishise Slifp Cans for Defease.
Washington, Feb. 12. P A
Franklin, President of the Inter
national Mercantile Marine, to
day mid e formal application ' to
-he N?-y depi.rfment for guns"
to arm fjjssenger liners of the
American line.
Trie request states that th
company has been unable to find
guns elsewhere.
- It is indicated that the Navy
department, while opposed front
nilitary reasons to any project of
convoying American merchant
men t to the prohibited su bmarine
iiu g vri for iinr own defense.
Inasmuch as vm government
iav:jrs icrmsnmc chm
has recognized naval sitores
are the only jmnlies of naval
uns, has bt.i-n held obtaining.
guns fi ooi thu' v.urce does not
alter private or commercial
character of a shit).
Tue navy department, it was
stated officially, has a consider
able number of old model 3-inch
to 6-inch riflet; available for arm
ing merchant ships, but not
enough for, conversion of all "it
wonld : equire n time of war,
,. l-.; fnvi.Vp irmament for
ne-vb!!:ii ..en.
Toe questiou of supplying
trained gun crews for merchant
ment is more difficult from the
departmental point of view
There is objection to drawing:
men from active services of the
navy at this time, and there is
also some question as to what
effect such a step would have oa
the. status of the ship. The
French hip owners furnished
guu b tneir nay. were requir
ed t'. make oath that they be
handled by civilian crews.
Wfeea Toa Gave a Cold,
Tt is when y . u have a severs
cold ttat you appreciate the
good qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy . Mrs. Frank
Crocker, Pana, ' 111., writes:
Our live-years, old son Paul
caught a severe cold last winter
that settled on his lungs and be
had terrible cousrhinsr snails.
" O "
We were greatly worried about
htm as the medicine we arav
him did not help him in the.
least. A neighbor spoke so high
ly of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy that I got a bottle of it. The
hrst dose benefited him so much
that I continued giving it to him
until he was cured. "
A "Bone Dry" Bill I&irodncei & th Senati.
Raleigh, N, C, Feb. 12. A
"bone dry" bill which r e was
careful to declare was divorced
from the anti-saloon league or
Rev. R, L. Davh, was introduced
today in the senate by Jonas, o
It would utterly outlaw the stuff
as commerce; pr- venting even the
shipment for sacramental purpo
ses, but alio'. it personally for
that use, and would permit
physicians to have two quarts the individual now
Senator Jonas said be is not
offering this measure as a party
affair, though four Republicans
have joined him. ' I want to
know7 whether this legislature
for prohibit m or not4 ' he said.
Judge R. 13. DoiigJas Dies la Gre&Rhrt.
Greensboro, Feb 8 Judge
Robert Martin Douglas, son of
Stephjn A. Douglas, and eight
years a justice of the State Sup
reatne Court, died at his home
here today at the age' qJ 68
years. He had been in failing
health for several months.
Cods' ip a tion lakes Tub DdD
That draggy listless, oppress
ed leeling .genially results from
constipation. The instea"tines
are clcvrged and the blood be
comes poiso e l. Relieve this
coi. iition tit once with Lfr King's
New Life Pill?; this gentle, non-
igr pni;, laxKt ve is quickly of
fer x A c'o at bedtime will
mu - u ttel ojighter, in ;the
morning. GpI a bottle today at
your druggist, 25c

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