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Ha Me Ti Interlera Unless It Shall Become
Necessary Ta Give Island Stable Gevernmeat.
Washington, Feb. 17. A close
watch on the situation created in
Cuba bj the insurrection of the
Liberals was continued by the
State Department todiy, but no
further steps were decided on,
and official reports indicated no
radical development either in the
plans of the rebels or those of the
The rebels still hold Santiago
Camaguey, and minor successes
in small towns and in the country
aear-by ere reported. The
GoTernment troops, it was said,
iwere moridg steadily toward the
.occupied districts.
Owers were spent today to Min
ister Gonzales the 12 American
consular officers in Cuba and the
ommanders of the American
taaval vessels at Havana, Santi
ago and Guautanamo, to make a
thorough investigation not only
of the military phases of ,the sit
uation, but of its economic and
political aspects. It was declared
that unless made necessary by
developments, no step towards
interference by the United States
would be taken un till the reports
had been studied.
Administration officials have
made it plain that there is no
disposition- to interfere with
Cuban affairs unless they are
compelled to do so in order to
cmaratitee the' oeoole of that
country a stable government.
When Tei Hare iCeM.
Jfc is when you have a sevei e
cold that you appreciate the
good qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, Mrs. ..Frank
Crocker, Pana, I1L, writes:
rianht a severe cold last winter
hat settled on his lungs and he
had terrible coughing spells'
We were greatly worried about
him as the medicine we gave
him did not help him in the
least. A neighbor spoke so high
ly of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy that I got a bottle of it. The
first dose benefited him so much
that I continued giving it to him
until he was cured "
Some Big New Engines for the Southern.
Fifteen new passenger locomo
tives of the powerful '-Mountain
type have just been received by
the Southern Railway System
and will be placed in service be
tween Washington and Atlanta,
handling the heavy limited trains
Nos. 37 and 38, the "Na.w ori?
and New Orleans limited".
These locomotives are heavier
and more powerful than any
previously in service on the Sou
thern. The engines alone weign
316,000 pounds and with their
tenders measure 74 feet, being
seven feet longer than the Mikado
type freight locomotives. They
have eight driving wheels 69 in
ches in diameter and are of high
steaming -capacity, the boilers
having a diameter of 76 inches
and being equipped with super
heaters. The cylinders are 27
inches in diameter with a -piston-stroke
of 28 inches, the S-mth-orn
Valve Gear" which was in
vented by Engineer W. S. Brown,
of the Southern's Knoxville di
visiou, being used
t?or the present they are being
operated in freight service but
afrer they have been "broken in'"
Lhey will be placed in their re
gular runs. They were built by
the Baldwin Locomotive work.
Eight others of the same type
were ordered by the Southern in
Killed by Fallin Tree.
Mooresville, Feb. 16. Jim
Goodman, the 14 year-old son of
Pink Goodman of Bear Poplar
-neighborhood, Rowan county,
was killed yestjerday afternoon by
a. tree falling on him in a field
where h and three other Drothers
-were plowing. They had set fire
to a couple of trees and one had
already fallen and the other fell
unexpectedly, killing the boy in
stantly. He is survived by his
father, mother, several brothers
and sisters.
One of the many Bufletins Belne Sent out'flnii tastUmt is ExpscteCJc feelEn&alned
Washington, Febf , 17. Orders
That is Wortb Consideration.
Tf U i tnie that Februarv is t ie
I-..';. . - it I it J .nara iactl&A lV fllf -TiHTia ft
unneaitniest monia m mc yci, , :r-r---.-r.-t
is there anything a man can do to ment today - directjf General
nrotert himself during this Funston to begin ttt immediate
month?" This question was asked .demobilization of av the guard
the State Bord of Health recently units remaining in j.tuer camps.
and received the following reply : ( and it is expected tJt-at the last
Tf ic tniA 4hat Februarv UaS ine irouu iidu win wajr
If oeoole past sixty years of
age could b persuaded to go to
bed as soon as scney iaKeeouuu
remain in bed for tins or two
days, they would recover much
.more quickly, especially if they
v take Chamberlain's Cough Rem -,edy.
There would also be less
danger of the cold being follow
,ed by any of the more serious
Say go Before Congrss any Time.
Washington, Feb. 15. ,While it
atill was indicated that the ac
cumulation of violations of Ameri
can rights tnight lead the Presi
dent to go before Congress at
any time, it was stated today
that he has made no definite
plans for taking such steps im
mediately. When he will go before Con
gress, it is said, will depend en
tirely on circumstances. Opin
ion grew among officials, how
ever, that such a step would not
Joe long deferred.
.Nothing has been heard by the
fState Department today from
-Germany in reply to its inquiry
; as to the exact status of Ameri -
cans taken into Germany on the
shirjr Yarrowdale. Like-
f" r
yiise no news cam from the
American Embassador at Con-
lfantinopie, about Americans in
Winter Mm Colds to Children.
A chila rarely goes through
the whole winter without a cold,
and evry mother should ha?e a
reliable remedy handy. Fever,
soro throat, tieht chest and
croupv coughs are sure symp
toms. A dose of Dr Bell's Pine
Tar Honey will loosen the phlegm
relieve the congested lungs and
atop tne cough Its antiseptic
nine balsams heal and soothe.
For croup, Whooping Cutrgh at
chronic bronchial troubles try
Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey. At
all diuggists. 25c
Civil Serviee Examinations.
The following civil service ex
aminations will be held in Salis
bury on the dates named: Clerk
qualified in modern language pn
March 7-9; Electrical machinist,
Landscape gardener, and Mech
anical draftsman March 13; Phy
sician March 14; Foreman brick
maker March 20; Assistant in
market business practice and
Copyist draftsman M?rch 21.
freacb User Sinks German Submarine.
New York Feb. 19. In a forty
minute battle between a German
submarine and the French line
steamship Guyane off the coast
of France, on January 22, the
submarie was sunk, according to
officers of the freighter which
arrived here today from Bordeaux.
The Guyane was one day out of
port. At 3:30 p. m. the Captain
said the submarine was sighted
some distance to port, and appa
rently endeavoring to cross the
freighter's bow in order to stop
her. The submarine fired a shot
which fell short, and thg Guyane
then turned sharply to star-board
so that the big gun mounted at
the stern could be trained on the
approaching vessel. The sub
marine fired tfcp second torpedo,
which fell considerably short and
the" third, which struek the water
close by the freighter.
Meanwhile the Guyane sent one
sheli, which failed to hit, but
struck very near the mark, the
second shot from the Guyana, the
captain said,, hit the submarine
fairly, and the underwater boat
was seen to col lapse.
highest sickness rates oi any
month of the year. Last year
this fact was well tested in New
York City. A census was taKen,
in August and another one in
Februaryof a district that con
tains almost 30,000 people. The
August census showed that .the
sickness rate was only 8 per 1,000
population while the February
rate was Z5. in otner woras,
there was . three times as much
sickness in February as in August.
The census showed further that
75 percent of those unable to
work in February were ill with
colds, pneumonia, bronchitis,
and diseases o'f the breathing
apparatus. Rheumatism and
digestive disturbances were num
erous as also were nervous disea
ses. "It appears from the foregoing
statement that February sickness
is largely preventable, therefore
there is much a man can do to
guard his health during this
month. Fortunately for those
who would take such precautions,
usnally whatever is done to guard
against one disease guards again
st several. To prevent colds
whiph is inlhe main "to create a
resistance to colds by living and
sleeping in fresh" air and by
avoiding . overheated rooms,
people with colds, overeating and
constipation will largely prevent
also pneumonia, grippe and
-brSiicMti;.i-: 'i'os?
"To relieve rheumatism, which
is quite frequently doneby having
the teeth repaired the gums and
tonsils treated or adenoias remo
ved. Will also relieve digestive
disturbances and nervous disor
ders. To keep the body in a
fine, healthy condition is the best
safeguard for one's health at any
Nnrih hv March 7
J -
GeHeral b unston win have on
the border nearly. 5K(U0 regular
troops disposed aloig the line
from Brownsville to Yuraa, Ariz ,
on plans worked out ty the gen
eral staff. li -
SeQ-etary Baker Smphasized
that the withdrawaoi the State
troops is in no way -connected
with the crisis wita Germany,
but carries out a policy determin
ed on long ago. The order; was
issued after General Funston hid
reported that he had.fenough re
gulars to meet any border exigeus
cies that might arise.- " M'aiJy
guard units already had been war
dered home during the past' few
weeks, and the number of guards
men remaining and to?,be?d.emofi
iized under today's crSfcr is ab'ottt
53,000. V
Administration ofhdals are un
derstood to have bejen Convinced
by the reports of special observers
tor the State Department and the
MAY GO BEFORE CONGRESS AGAIN, j Anotlier Dam Started on the Yadkin River. '
, ' Albemarle Feb. 17. That
Steps Considered Because of Possibility of there is to be another big dam on
Emeraency Necessitating Quick Action. . lhe Yadkin river, constructed by
Washington, Feb. 17. The ad
visability of going before Con
gress before the end of the pres
ent session March 4. to make cer
tain that he be clothed with
sufficient power to protect Ameri-
tne Tallassee Power fompany,
no longer is a matter of doubt, as
more than 300 men are already
engaged in active work down the
river, about four miles below
Badin. A railroad is beingfbuilt
can lives and propertv , from j frotn Badin down the river so as
German submarine activities, was, to convey materials and supplies
discussed by President Wilson to
day with members of the Senate called into conference
during a brief visit to the Capitol
Afterwards, it was indicated
that the President had not made
up his mind on the question, but
had such a step under considera
tion because of the possibility that
after adjournment some sudden
emergency might arise necessitate
ingaction before Congress could
. .The suggestion was made that
Congress might be asked to pass
a broad resolution, authorizing
the President to take any necis
sary measures for the protection
fvAmerican rights, and avoiding
specific stipulations as to how the
protection should be afforded. It
was'indtcated that Mr Wilson re
mains as anxious as ever to avoid
war," and that he gave no sur
Ifestion that a declaration of war
which Congress alone can make,
iseven considered by him at
present in connection with the
Army that there isliUle possil possibility of a request for addi-
bility of a recurrence of serious Ubn al authority.
raids. . . . i he general reeling nere
It also is desired the. Car rbeen lhat Germany's submarine
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Foster Milburn Co., Props-, Buf
falo. N. Y. . .
ranza. government b?embarrassed
as little as possible ft its effoftsl
to control Mexico .uV the pres
ence of a large army. t the border
has been a cQiistaBt-cau.e oj QO'oj
plaint from The re
duciion is expected b v. officials'
here to have a bentjticijil'effecf'-on
rda'ios between Xyfmi
tries, especially just now when
diplomatic intercourse is being
Constipation Makas You Dull.
That draggy, listless, oppress,
ed feeling generally results f r-om
ccsiipatiuii. The instestines
un; cii'ggfti and the blood be
conieN ;-i.sui)ed. Relieve this
CQ:.-4tii;n M1 QCi With Dr Ring's
t .if
A re t
U its
li Lie,
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feel brigh'er, in the
Uofc a bottle Uduy at
your dni-'gi-- 25u.
m.S;t' you
up the river, at the
big lake which will bemad
for the work, already commenced.
it is a!so reported, upon good
authority, that a big reservoir
d.iui is to be built several miles
head of the
the-water is stopped by the big
Bdin (am which is now well on
towards completion.
it is said that this big reservoir
dam will be about four miles
above the old Whitney site, and
this is to be used oniy as a reserve
for any drougth that might cause
a sii-.'r;ae oi WMier -..u the dams
io .vt r down.
St I
io ' i 'i I ! d tt
.iiivu!U(Mifcs of the bowels
-i i-oiiiiii'di of these Vii't
', ' s i i ; i ;e i :;i i ; ;i i )
o iMii i ;t ,v fruits, e.j)e
ujipi -s .i tj h maii.-.s. ni"
o b; ('a ! ;i iid vii -ij v heat
(Ji'i lUlO L(l l iUON'utHctft, oi
we!s. Wlh'ti thr: bowe
campaign sooner or later wiillead
inevitably to such a violation of
American rights as will require
the farther action forecast by thg
President in his address to Con
gress two weeks ago. The Presi
dent is understood to feel, how
ever, that when the nme comes,
the solution outlined in that ad
dreswsliould"be-f ollowk-i out aad-i
the steps taken should constitute
an extension of further protection
to American interests rather than
a declaration of war.
are b idly 'constipated, -however,
lhe sure way is to take one or
two of Chamberlains Tablets
immediately after supper.
Livestock Exhibition and Conference.'
Wilmington, Feb. 17. The
Livestock Exposition and Confer
Big African Liner Starts From Liverpool.
Liverpool, England, Feb. 15,
defayed The Philadelphia, the
first American liner to leave Eu
rope since Germany's declaration
of unrestricted warfare,- sailed
la'.e Wednesday evening la ad
diiion to her passengers, she car
ried a general catgo ' or bodies
known as express freight, and
two tpns of dispatches from the
American" embassy in London for
the State Department in Wash
ington. The dispatch bags con
tained important messages from
American consulates in all coun
tries of Europe, including a large
quantity from Germany, which
"fere dispatched before the diplo
matic break.
A jolly and good natured crowd
waved farewell from the Philadel
phia's decks to anxious friends as
the ship left its dock. Prior to
Pnm to Be held in this citv March' ' embarking the passengers had,
28 29, promises to be one of far been told that there were prospects
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ousget Dr. King's New Dis
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years it has been rna jayorte
reaching importance to the farm-.;
er; banker, business man and land
pwner. This great undertaking
will De tate-wide in its scope
and will be held uncjer the- joint
auspices of the Southern Settle
ment h Development Organisa
tion and the Wilmington Chamber
of Commerce with the North
Carolina Agricultural Extension
Service, the A. & M. College; the
State Department of Agriculture
and. the transportation lines cooperating.
W&SOttvSsr You Need s leesrf
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of the liner being attacked by a
submarine, but most of them
treated it lightly.
Rush of Aliens to Become Naturalized.
Washington, Feb. 1?. During
the two weeks since the diplo
raatic break -with Germany, for--
elguors H'vitvg u the United Sta
tes, noia'oiy Germans and Aus
trirtns, liave-"flocked to the courts
to become American citizens in
such numbers that Labor Depart
ment officials said today the to-
jtalccmid riot eyen b,e estinjated.
I An Idea of the unpreoedbnted
-'rush for naturalization papers is
afforded by the fact that on one
day alone more than 50 000 cer-
tiactes or naturalization were
Chamberlain's Tablets.
These Tablets are intended es
pecially for disorders of the
stomach, liver and bowels. If
you are troubled with heartburn,
indigestion ox constipation they
will do you good
The Legislature.
The legislature is on on for
forty days and nights as long as
Noah's flood and the tax payer
"will foot the bills. The legisla
ture meets every two years and
does nothing really worth while.
In the bunch are some bright
lights and some blockheads. Men
are representing "the people"
who are ignorant in letters who
have been chosen, not because of
ability but because they were
good fellows and popular. The
crowd will collectively pass laws
to govern all the people, and after
adjournment the state will be no
better off, no matter how you
look at it.
We shall always insist that the
legislature should meet not often
er tlian, eyery nve years. In the
old days it is said that in Greece
a law maker when introducing
bill did so with a rope around his
neck. If the bill wasn't what it
should be the offending law mak
er was uroinDtlv hinged. Such
t - ' ...
a law in- this country would be
good thing.
However, ever and always will
be fresh and refreshing he lines:
"You see his poor old, mother,
And break the news to her;
Bill's in the legislater
But they didn't say what fer.M
--rFairbrother's Everything. "
Says Critical Period of war is at M.
L tndonFeb. 17. The Earl of
Derby, Secretary of State for
JYar, speaking at Bolton today.
expressed the ppinion tbat the
critical period of the war womd
occur in the next few months.
.rzlJi jwpujd Joe a u false- friend "
he said, 'Ht 1 diet notT 'warn the
country that the war is going to
be long continued and the strug
gle even more bitter than in the
past. It can only be won by
everyone doing his utmost. The
three things most yitalare mon
ey, men and munitions. Money
and munitions are being suppli
ed in large quantities. Men" we
want and must have. The Nat
ion will have to make greater sac
ritices in the way of giving its
manhood to fight its battles.''
President Win Uy fie Situation Before Law
. Haters Before li'OBniment.
VVashington, Feb 19. With
the German crisis apparently sus
pended in midair i was officially
stated today that President Wil
son will rot go before Congress
"at present.'
There was no disposition to
state, however, that the President
has determined not to lay the de
mands of the international situa
tion before Congress some time
between now and the expiration
of the 64th Congress on March 4.
Despite the clearly defined lessen
ing of the international tension,
't was apparent in administration
circles that the President will not
illow the present Congress to die
without making ample provision
to meet any emergency that may
grow out of the German crisis.
It was seated that will probab
ly go before Coi gress late this
veek or early next week.
The slackening of the German
:ampaign of destructiveness on
he high seas, and the fact that
is yet no "over act" had been
ommitted involving American
oves and American ships brought
a general feeling of relief to
Washington. Tcnigbf in some
juarters there was even an in
clination to believe that some
neans may be found for prevent
ing the German situation from
developing into open hostilities
between the two nations. No one
in authority, however, would ac
cept the responsibility for ppint
ing out a method of accomplish
ing this result. But it was clear
that the administration generally
feels less alarmed over the situa
tion than it has at any time since
relations between the two nations
were broke off.
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. Bill.
Columbia. S. C Feb. 17. An
other one of i'outh Carolina's
many new prohibition measures,
known as t ue Boyd bill was pass
ed by the lower huuse of the leg
islature today af ;er it had Jbeen
debated all day y-sterday and far
in tolast night. It provides that
no intoxicant containing more
than one per cent, of alcohol may
be imported except for medicinal,
sacremental or scientific purposes.
The House passed this bill in lien
of the Duraat measure which
would allow any one to import-
one quart of liquor each month.
The Sea ate had passed the Dur
ant bill and refused to accept a
"bone dry" measure. The Boyd
bill now goes to the Senate.
Wants to Tors the Clocks Forward an Haur.
New York, Feb. 19. Marcus
M. Marts, president of the Nat
ional Daylight Savings Associa
tion, ' announced today that ha
had written to President Wilson
urging him to expedite the pas
sage oi a bill now in the hands of
committees providing for turning
the clocks frw;ird one-hour dur
ing the summer months.
Siiif.Sore SSussles Relievod,
Cramped muscles or soreness
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Soon to U Erected at
Albemarle Feb. 15, Coutract
have just been closed for the er
ection of forty now d-v. iiaigs in
AlbemarlG. Tuv -,j buildings are
to be erec.tvid by the Wiscassett
Mills Company, the Efird Man
ufacturing Company and the
Lillian Knitting Mills Gaaipany,
and at e bu,il$ to accom aorlate
the additional employees which
are to come in to operate the
new machinery being installed
by these companies. The filling
of these new homes with tenants
will ."bring two, hundred or- more
additional population to
Weather forecast for Februarr
From 6 to 14. fair, with 'snow
northwest, and 'threatening to
rain and snow east and cold,
From 14 to 21. fair, deari cold,
with coldvrains along and snow
flurry. ,
From 21 to 28, snow, rain and
cold, stormy. Some blizzard.
From 28 to March 8, frequent
showers along- Some changeable
and considerably cold.
Febiuary shows cold with some
stormy coid winds, snow and rain
but last of month cold and rough.
Henry Reid,
R. No. 3. box 167, Salisbury, N.C.
Poole school house, at
Graven in Providence town
ship, was destroyed by fire
Monday aft. noou, the blase
slar.ds'g xfi T-. a spark from
til flue. Nku one wap injured
and thve. wn? aome insurance
on tae trnc tiie. Another
bn'ldii'R Tav -dated, and the
nc1 ' co"j ' '.jos' while the
Aibe-. pt oi mi iciiiity are ar-
ranging to rebuild at once.
'.; '-ft."

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