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The brick wrk on the Gon-i
gregationalist ctiirrch has
been completed, the roof is
now ou and a force of men
are placing the lathes pre
paratory to plastering o the
T hern was received Thurs
day throagh Holshouser &
Howan a beautiful lecturn in
the form of a large Americau
eagle in handsomely-polished
brass for St John's Lutheran
church which is worth about
$300. '
The sale of the personal
property of the late Philip
Sowers was held at the home
stead ou the Yadkin Wednes
day and many Salisburians
were present.
Prof LC Brogden, of Ra
leigh, supervisor of element
.ary and rural schools, will be
in Salisbury ou the 24th to
address the Rowan County
Teachers' Association.
Rev C L Brown, a returned
missionary from Japan, who
is touring the South to raise
funds for broadening the
work of the Southern Luther
an church in Japan, address
ed two large congregations a
St John's and Haven Luther
an churches Sunday
After speudiug two months
in Spencer with his mother
and relatives H T Hackett
and family left Monday for
their home in St Anothy,
The old Ben Fraley home
on East Inness street was sold
Monday at public auction to
Charles Klultz. the highest
bidder, the consideration be.
ing $8,300- On this lot ptands
one of the oldest frame struc
tures in the city.
Drives Out Malaria, Cuilds Up Sys v
The CMd Standard gc-ccral strengthening wx ,
Malaxia,enriciies the blood, and boUdsnpUw- -frm.
A true tonic For adult and children Hk
A check for. $451.40 was
received from the State trea
surer to he pi id to the mei
bers of the 4th Co, 0 A O, for
teir brvices in Wilmington
last July.
The Sparks circus will start
on the epr'ug and summer
1nnr some time tlie firt of
April, pr jbably 9th or 10th
As has been the custom Salis
bury will have the opeuing
To Care a Cold In One Day
Take IJUEATIVE BROMO Quinine. It topi the
Cough and Headache and work ofi the Cola.
Drurcista refund money if it fails ; to cure.
B. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. zsc.
Miss Margie rtitcn and n
W Harry left Monday even
ing for New York to pun-h ifh
spring and pnrnmer goods for
the Belk-Harry store here,
Miss Ritch making her serai-
annna! trin to ourchasS the
millinery stock.
Thtt srftpnnd week of thb
February term of Rowan Su
perior court didn't open Moo
day morning as was scheduled
but convened Tuesday morn
ing with Judge M H Justice
presiding. It is handling th
civil cases this week.
Tte'aisiaina That Docs fftt at"ci V-.c f
2 v-vv c its tonic at!'! laxaave e'cv I. A.
.jet QUININE is better lh-n or jr-ai
6'J-io- tni'Vv" "t cause nervousness- v.
li'l i. Si- r- -.atT the to.SI ?
S. w th.
The Martin meetings began
Sunday night in the First
Baptist church with Prof
Lycn as master of singing and
will continue through the
week. Large congregations
are evident iiv attendance
every day and night.
The Southern's -station at
whitney has bstrn torn do u
owiosrtothe fact that there
is not much business for tut
railroad". The water when
the big dam is completed will
cover much of the old power
plant which came to naught.
No. 633
This it prescription prepared eipedaSy
Five or aix dote will break may caac, and
if taksn then u a tonic the Fever will not
return. It acts on die liver better that
Calomel and doea not fripeornckca. 25a
. CJ W Whitlock attended
tin funeral and interment of I
his brother, W. E Whitlock,
in Concord Wednesday after-
f m J ' a - nn
Uuuu. xueittjeasea was oa
years old and his death was
uuo lu WPitay.
George T Wilhelm, of Gra-
ham, who was in Salisbury
for treatment, died Wednes-
day night and his remains
were sent to Graham for in-
John Allison, the 15-month I
old son of Mr and Mrs Clyde
Enuie, died at their home on
West Innea street Thnredav
morning of pneumonia Thr.
interment took place m the.
Chestnut Hill cemetery Fri'
day morning.
Clyde William, the seven
mnnthwM infant nf Ur
M ,ru , j.j .
rs Thomas Waller, died at
their home on Chestnut Hi' 1
Friday after an illness of some
days andthe interment took
place in the St Peter'e church I
cemetery iu
an try
Mrs Lela Bullock Foy, of
exington, died of peritonitis
at the sanatorium here Thurs
day where she was for treat
ment. She wae a favorite
witn the people of Lexington. I
Three small children besides I
he husband survive her. She
was 31 years old.
David Yates, aged about 21
years and single, died at tht
home of his brother on Boun
dary street, near the Kesler
mill, of measles followed by
pnemonia, Sunday afternoon.
lie had ben employed at a
sawmill near Wood leaf but
Cime Mere wneu BtricKen.
The interment took place in
the Chestnut Hill cemetery
Unndflv. I
A. Jones Yorke, of Concord
well-known traveling and
1 : .if :ilhim as the medicine we gave
uutiutra wail u BbBte
rnputation, aied at a JSalw-1
more hosDital Monday night
-1. : it,:. on
Fit jo j I
operation performed Saturday
to relieve some stomaen
trouble. He was welt known
in this city, having married
Miss TnomDon uera some
years ago, ,
Johu EUiP, aged 75, who
was one tine a resiieni 01
a T A f ,
Prospect Church - ueighbor
hnnH hnt mnvd to Tl!inoifl
i 1 I-- ai
where he lived for 40 yars
vwv -
was ground to pieces h.neath
a passenger iraiu uniug
iaci mai UBauu iu i
and quite deat. He was a
Confederate soldier antl wall
known in the'eountv.
Hrtfll. affHd 90 vears.
' ""c 1 '
uio" " u - """'
itH o( hi 1 nnmn npp I ifilTiJi
Grove Fridfiy
grippe uciug me oauDC.
remains were miBrrt-u u iuc
. A. J f 1.1. I
ML Zion chnrch cemetery
Sunday mornicg. feurviviug
are two grown eona and Cia
brother. He was a Confed
erate soldier and
throughout the war
Constipatip Bakes Tin Dull.
That draggy, listless, oppres s
ed feeling generally results irom
nonstioation. The instestinea
are cloarffed and the blood be-
nomes Doisonea. JK-eiieve inis
. . T- . 1
condition at once with Dr King's
New Life Pills: this gentle, non-
griping laxative is quickly ef-!
fective. A dose at bedtime will
make you feel brighter in the
morning. Get a bottle today at I
your druggist, 25c.
Wednesday Dight Sheriff
Krider had no trouble in
finding tbe man wanted for
peddling g30ds in Salisbury
without license as the peddler
was unaware that Krider was
an officer, exhibited him his
pistol and said he expected
they would fine a fellow for
carrying a weapon around.
The man' was taken into cus
tody and proved to be theon
wanted. He paid the fine
$25 and costs.
Miss May A Cbristenbury,
of Cabarrus county, and C A
Harrison, of Spencer, were
married at the home of the
bride's grandfather. VV H
Lee, in Cabarrus Wednesday,
Rev Snyder officiating.
Friends in Salisbury will
beinterested intheaiiDoiince
ment of the coming wedding
of Miss Laura Heirue. of Al
nemarle, and Ernest Myron
Henning of South Carolina,
the wedding to take place in
Winter Brina Colds to Mien. '
A chilu rarely goes through
the whole winter without a cold,
nd evaiT mother should have a
reuao! remedy nanay. r ever,
v 1 1
erouDv coughs are sure symp-
v.ira rnnwr. Tier nr. n.nasr. n.nn
torns. A dose ol lr tfeii s me
a j ti-h r;
Tar Honey will loosen the phlegm
relieve the congested lungs and
stop the cough , Its antiseptic
piue balsams heal and soothe.
cor croup, wnoopmg cuugu aau
Lhronic Vronchil troubles try
Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey. At
u druggists, 25c.
TfrQ tflf DOg SaYQS t Child.
Portland, Ore., Feb. 15. Mrs
Ben Gehlem dived into the mill
race which runs past her home
and rescued her two-year-old son,
who was being swept down the
stream when the boy's dog with
which he was at play, warned her
nf th child's dane-er.
The mother noticed the dog
running frantically up the stream
and barking. She rushed to the
ditch to investigate and found the
j boy being carried away by the
current. The boy suffered little,
but the mother has been ill from
the shock.
Wkftn Tsa Hits 1 Cild.
It is when you have a severe
cold that you appreciate the
erood Qualities of Chamberlain's
Cou2h Remedy. Mrs. Frank
,jrocker, Pana, 111., writes
Our five-years old son Paul
caught a severe cold last winter
1.1 . ii . 3 i f i j 1
had terrible coughing spells!
We were greatly worried about
Wm did notUelp him
least. A neighbor spoke so high,
Iy of Chamberlain's (Jough Kem
say toai 1 ifut a uuwa ui it iue
first dose benefited him so muh
lhat t it to him
until he was cured "
Gen. Fans tin is Stricken Onto Dsath.
San Antonio Tex., Feb. 19. Maj
(yea. Frederick Funston, comm
ander of the southern department
of the United States army bince
enruary. iy aiea suaaeniy a,
a hotel here tonight a lew mm
I ... - . n
lutes alter ne naa nnisnea am-
a lobby hotd ulki
to friends and was playing with
iiule Iflez silyerbenr, of Des
M0ineSf ia., a guest with her pa
rents at the hotel, when he fell
I unconscious. Death was almost
I o 1 tn..-. ei
I : x -l. inn 1
1 aver aiuce utariu, uit, w ucu
; he was plaeed in command of all
United Stat forces on the Mex.
f border. General Funston had
worked at an urlusuai paCe. At
critical times in border develop
meats be frequently remained on
duty 20 hours of the 2.
8omet!mea yon overload yonr
atomach with rich foods. .Tour
life may be an active one. and thus
you may care tor all you eat. But
a few daya of inactivity ahow your
system doea not call for bo muen.
You awake in 'the morning tired.
Tour body feels heavy; you know
you are not up to the mark. Tour
dl-eatlon has not cared for the
overload. Part of it remains. It
reiterates gas that inflames the
deUeaU llnlnga. The;? tail to pour
Sat the figes&ve fluids and nerlect
to absorb he Ufe-grivfns elements.
Ton know something is wrong.
Tour body gets weak, and soon
opportunity la offered for some se
vere Ulnes.
Taken in time, the Indigestion
A.t .nt kannrA ftfri nnH. First re-
move the overload: then soothe thn
sort vtembranes; then build up the
weakened body. It'a simple to say,
but not too easy to do. Tou need help.
A tonic that win Quicken diges
tion, help remove waste, soothe the
soreness and arouse the system
that's Just what you need.
Peruaa has an enviable record in
this respect. It has aided many
thousands in the test century, to
overcome Just these conditions, and
thereby prevent serious sickness.
The tablet form Is convenient
for regular administration.
rnmiUn, JZT. Wver tonic.
7 U.fO
V. aw no- he
iitv 10c and Sfto.
of.Jfl Jiliw?
Road Band Bill Gm to its Third Reading
vi b Lares Following
Raleigh, ,Peb. 1'. Oovernor
Bickett's measure ioraiaendins;
the state c-nstituuou to prohibit
more than l vyo successive terms
for state ainl three for- country
officers, barring 3uc(jc;a), educa
tional and liealih branches, was
tabled in the senate today. Thus
passed into nothingness a recom
mendation that brought perhaps
the biggest applause gained in
the inaugural address. . Not only
was the bill tabled but it was
killed so dead that it cannot be
revived durning the remaining
days. . The state officers who
have held steadily throughout
the century and received last
year renewed commissions iu
statewide primiries were happy
The house bill by Senator
Clark providing for semi-aunual
bond issues of $4 0,000 at 4 per
cent, to take care of county bonds
at 5 per cent, in roadbuilding
under the system of liquidation
of principal and interest in 41
years, was laia oeiore tne senate
and discussed at leugth before
opposition ny Senator Little oi
Anson, and others was overcome
and the bill put through second
reading without opposition. It
is a roil can Din ana naa to go
over for final reading. Senator
Little feared that there would be
a crippling of the state's credit
by this automatic semi-annual
system of bond issues, but the
b:g following the bill had ou talk
ed the senator.
The bill to limit the terms of
state officers to two terms and
c iuntry officers to three terms,
11 line with the rec )ninaendttion
of Governor Bickett. came up ii
the senate and was disposed oi
in short order, a motion by Long
of Halifax to table beinsr carri
without discussion ar.d thei
mot'on to reconsider atul tSen to
table ihit motion being put
thro igh to apply "the ''clincher '
so that it cannot be resurrected
at this session.
IV.c-s Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Seer drng'ffttt wlU refund money If PAZC
OINTMENT lail 10 cure any case of Itchlna"
B'rtK' , Dleidi nj or Prot rudinf Piles In 6 tol4daya
The fit it abolition wivca Eaaaod Beat SO
Figures Show What Current Year
Government Tax Is. Expected
to TotaU-
War prosperity has doubled the
muinber of our citizens having an
nual incomes of $20,000 to $500,000
in the last year as compared with the
year previous, Thomas F. Logan
writes in Leslie's. The receipts from
the individual income tax show an
increase of $27,000,000, the total for
the year ended June 30 last being
$67,943,294. According to the esti
mates of the commissioner of inter
nal revenue this will be raised during
the current year to $111,750,000.
New York paid one-fourth of all the
corporation income taxes and nearly
one-half of all the direct income
taxes collected last year. In the lat
ter respect it yielded nearly five times
as much as Pennsylvania, nearly six
times as much as Illinois, more than
even times as much as Ohio. The
five states named paid four-fifths, of
the income tax collected m the Unit
ed States. One hundred and twen
ty Americans have incomes of a mil
lion or more a year, not counting in
come from capital stock. New York
supplied seventy-four and Pennsyl
yaniaten. New Jersey and Ohio fol
low, with seven and aix, respectively,
while Connecticut, Delaware and Il
linois have four each. Of the south
ern states having residents with in
comes of $1,000,000 per annum, or
moTe, the returns give one apiece to
Georgia, Missouri and Oklahoma.
Mr. Teapot All 1 just put me
"hftok nn a nio hot stove and VOU bet
I can drawl w
Mf4r' 81 J r
Provides $1 ,00a Fun For Any Perm Trt&kJ
porting honor lata Dry Territory
Washington, Feb. 19. "Who
ever shall order, purchase, or
cause intoxicating liquors to be
transported In interstate com
merce, execpt for scientific, sa
cra mental, medicinal and mech
anical purposes, into any state
or territory the law of which
state or territory prohibit the
manufacture or sale therein of
intoxicating liquors for beverage
purposes shall be punished by a
fine not to exceed $1,000 or six
months in jailor both."
The above little "joker" which
Senator Reed placed in the post-
office appropriation bill is giving
members of Congress and sen
ators from dry states no end of
trouble. It is also worrying the
prohibition leaders. It has wor
ried the latter so much that not
withstanding the fact that inso
far as dry territory is concerned
the passage of-thia amendment
means "bone dry" states wher
ever the states desire such a
conditon. E, C. Dinwiddie, head
of the national temperance bur
eau and president of the Nation
al Anti Saloon league would not
give a direct answer tonight
when asked if the league favored
the bill.
"We are not opposing the
measure," was the way Dr. Din
widdie evaded the question.
"Does not this bill go as far
is the prohibitionists may even
expect to go?" was the question
put to the head of the Anti-Rum
league. -
"We are not opposing this
bill," was the answer to this
question. Dr. Dinwiddie, along
with a number nf other people
svho have been agitating the nt
saloon movement feel certain
however that this bill is going t
pass. They know it can be pass
d if thoy exrt half mfluet'co
hey have exertel en otlur
neasures which gave a h t'f wav
orohibition in maiy states, ff
ney really wantpr hi mi ion they
an g-tit now. Do th-iy vant it?
heamatism attacks the
r j
uuuiuc roan, rains ana
aches stiffen his ioints and
muscles and reduces his efficiency.
At the nrst twinge get Sloan s
Liniment, easy to apply, it pent-
'rztes 'withoot rubbtn and soothes
he soreness.
After that lonj? drive or tedious
wait in the cold rain apply 31osa,s
Liniment to those stiff fingers;
aching wrists and arms.
For gout, neuralgia, toothache, bruises,
praim, cold feet, it is promptly effective.
At all druggists, 25c. 50. and 5l,Wi
North Carolina,
Rowan County.
) In Rowan county court
S March Term. 1917.
Mary Annie Earnhardt
Robert Lee Earnhardt j
The defendant above named will take
notice that an action entitled as above has
been commenced in tbe Superior Court ol
Rowan county, K. C, to dissolve the bonds
of matrimony now existing between the
plamtin and defendant on account or tbe
defendant having committed fornication
and adultery as alleged in the complaint,
aid the said Robert Lee Earnhardt will
further take notice that be is required to
appear at the term of the Roperiwr court of
said county to be held on tbe nrst Monday
after the first Monday in March, the same
being March 12. at the court honee of sai
county in Salisbury and answer or demur
to tbe complaint in said action, or the plain
tiff will appeal to the court for tbe relief
demanded in sain complair.t.
This February 7. 1917.
J. rBAHJf Mot FBKprs, clerk
Johnii Kepqlenjan, attorney
with good oil liniment That's
the sureA way to stop them.
The best rubbing Hniment is
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc
Good for iiour own A dies,
Pains, Rhev.rvtism, Sprez-a
Cuts, rsuriii, ttc.
25c. 50c $1 At all Dcalera. j
pi nil
Many Women in
1th by
Convincing Proof of This Fact
J tJ
Mrs, O. M. Rhines Ridgway, Penn.
T Sfrt, I4ndsey Now Keeps House For Seven.
nnille,Ga, "I want to tell you how much I have been benefited
by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. About eight years ago I
gQt in i such a low state of health I was unable to keep house for three in
th ffuaily, . I had dtUL tired, dizzy feelings, cold feet and hands nearly
all the tfcno and eoiild scarcely sleep at all. The doctor said I had a
seveye case of ulceration and without an operation I would always
be an invalid, but I told him I wanted to wait awhile. Our druggist
advised my husband to get Lydia & Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and it has entirely cored me. Hew I keep house for seven and work
in the garden some, too, I am so thankful I got this medicine. I feel
as though it saved my life and have recommended it to others and
they have been benefited ".Mrs. W. E. Lindsby, R. R. 3, Tennille, Ga:
If you want special advice write to Lydia J2. Pinkham. Medi
cine Ck. (confidential) Liynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened
read and.answered by a woman and held in strict confidence.
TQ)oorIy ventilated, drafty school rooms
a freqjicnt source of colds. Contact with
children who have colds is another cause. -Damp
clothing and wet feet are often responsible for
that croupy cough, sore throat and tight chest
Ur. rving 9 Mew Discovery is the remedy for your
children when they catch
cold. Grown-ups like it too.
For nearlv 50 vears it has
been used in bronchial aff ec-
tions with satisfactory results. Si
It quickly loosens the cough
ana cnecics tne coia.
Your druggist has sold
for yeari, Try it
daily until April 30. 1917, to many
ploeei in Texas, LoaiEitca and
tw Mexico. Stopovers. Keturo
limit May si. 1917.
A Full Line ol General Merchandise
Constantly On Hand
: FOOT REST HOSIERY whether itV appearance
.yon want in hoBier y or wheather ii wear you will get
t if you get "Foot Rest " And this too ia an enduee
ment to most of ue. You'll SAVE MONEY.
Fall and winter goods,
for men and women, also Dress broodp, Mioes, r;ant?,
Overalls, fiats, Notions, Crockery, Tinware, etc.
I have a well selected stock of staple and fancy
groceries, country produce, feed stuff, etc. When in
need come to see me.
Farmers are invited to make my place hadquar
ten-while in the city. Very truly,
Thone 39.
: bsm of veur annotation
and your complexion
this Condition Re-
Taking Lydia E.
i's Vegetable Compound.
Ridgway, Penn. I suffered from female
trouble with backache and pain in my side for over
seven months so I could not do anv of my work. I
was treated by three different doctors and was
getting discouraged when my sister-in-law told me
how Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound had
helped her. I decided to try it, and it restored my
health, so I now do all of my housework which is
not light as I have a little bov three vears nlrt
-only one night Memphis to Texas.
No missing connections entire train
runs through, Memphis to Texas.
Leave Memphis 9:30 p. m. Arrive
Dallas 11:45 a. m. next morning,
Ft. Worth 1:25 p. m.
Another through train to Texas via Cotton
Belt Route leaves Memphis 9:35 a.m.
H. H. Sutton. District Paeen?er Agent,
109 Wetitith 8t. CisHftaooga. Tens,
heavy weight nuderwear
Main St., Salisbury, N. C.
will Lik? cart cf j?ou.
"Make th" i&n Be vdiet"

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