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A Home Newapaper Published 4a the IuteregfiTtbe People and for Governmental Affairs.
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volxiii. no; u. fourth series
Says Arthur Hunter Who Bases His Remarks
on Lif8 Insurance Figures.
People should ao longer enter
tain the fear that they will have
cancer because some parent or
aucester d'.ed with it, advises
Arthur Hunter, president of the
Actuarial Society oE America.
Mr. Hunter bases his advice on
the facts obtained from the vital
statistics recorded by six of the
largest American life insurance
companies He summarizes their
investigation as follows:
"The statistics show that a
man or a woman, one or both of
"whose parents died from cancer,
is no more likely to die from that
disease than those whose family
history was free from that blem
ish; strong proof should be pre
sented in the future to justify
asking the public to take any
- other point of view. Men and
wnmfn whn are in anxiety of
mind on-account of the apponr
ance in iheir ancestry or immed
iate family may dismiss such an
xieties as there is no statistical
evidence at the present time that
the disease of cancer is trans
mitted by inheritance in man
kind." ' According to Mr. Hunter agai n ,
there seems little to support the
views that cancer is contagious.
"If it were," he says, "then in
a goodly proportion of cause, the
wife would be infected by. her
2augband, or vice versa.'' Offer
iug some original figures on this
. subject, he says further:
"Twenty thousand applicants
for insurance were reviewed, and
it waS-found that in 483 cases on-
, If one of the parents of the ap
plicant was stated to have died
from cancer, and in four cases
both parents were stated to have
-jied of "thjdisease. Sumqifag"
up the results, it . appears that
out of the 492 cases where one or
both parents had died of caacer.
43 per cent, of the other parent.
Jiad died of some other disease,
6 per cent, were living at an av
erageage of 61 and less then 1
jaer cent. 4 out of 492) had died
ifrom cancer. This clearly in--dieates
that there is very little to
ifear from contagion as there
(Could hardly be a stronger test
than the case-of husband and
trife. The significant fact in thi
investigation is that there were
only four cases' ut of the 20,00"
applicants for insurance in which
both parents died of cancer "
The Advice of This Salisbury Woman is of
Certain Value.
"Many a woman's back has many
aches and pains.
Oftimes 'tis the kidney's fault.
That's why Doan's Kidney Pills
:are so effective
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Read what one has to say about
it: Mrs J F Barber, 510 W. Innes
-street, Salisbury, says: "My back
causes me a lot of misery, when
ever my kidneys get out of order
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only medicine for curing that
trouble. I have taken them for
years and they have always been
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simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the
same that Mrs Barber had.
Foster Milburn Co., Props., Buf
falo, N. Y.
Old Form of Goyerment Bach at Charleston.
Charleston, W. Va., Feb. 23
After heing under a city manag
er for two years. Charleston will
return to the old form of govern
irieut, with the manager rein
tisted to a Mayor. The char
tebill was so amended yester
da,y by the State Senate and the
House concurred early today.
ChamliMlalifs Tablets.
These Tablets arejnteuded es
pecially for disorders of the
stomach, liver and bowels. If
yoare troubledith heartburn,
or constipations they
Rev. J. H, Weaver Fell 0sai.
Rev. John H. Weaver D. D ,
a prominent minister of the Wes
tern North Carolina Conference,
M. E. Church, South, and for
merly pastor of the First M E.
Church, Salisbury, and presid
ing elder o the Statesville dis
trict, died suddenly in Greens
boro Wednesday evening. He
was standing on a street corner
waning for a car when he was
stricken. He fell to the pave
ment and was dead in ten min
utes. He had just left the pray
ermeeting service at West Mar
ket Street Methodist church,
where he made the closing pray
er, and was on his way home
when the summons came.
Dr. Weaver was 63 years old
and a native of Ashe countv. He
was educated at Emory and
Henry College, Va., and in early
!if3 taught school at Jefferson,
Asiie county. He e terd the
ministry at the age of 27 and at
85 was made a presiding elder.
LTa was first a member of the
Hjlstcn Conference, which em
braced portions of Tennessee,
Virgina and western North Car
olina and transferred to the
Western North Carolina Confer
ence when the change hi bound -ry
was made which placed all
western North Carolina in the
W '3 tarn North Carolina Confer
ence. He had served charges in
this State at Asheville, Hickory,
Monroe and other points. He
was lor four years presiding el
der of Statesville district and
during that time made his home
in Lenoir. At the close of his
term as presiding elder he was
appointed pastor of Broad Street
iihurch, Statesville, but was sub-
jquently changed to Hickory.
At the time of his death ha was
presiding eider or brreeusboro
$103 Reward. $100.
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Civil Servief Examinations.
The following civil, service ex
amiaations will be held in Salis
bury on the dates named:
Clerk !
qualified in modern language on
March 7-9; Electrical machinist,
Landscape gardener, and Mech
anical draftsman March 13; Phy
sician March 14; Foreman brick
maker March 20; Assistant in
market business practice and
Copyist draftsman March 21.
When Yon Have a Cold.
It is when you have a severe
cold that you appreciate the
good qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, Mrs. Frank
Crocker, Pana, 111., writes:
' Our five-years old son Paul
caught a severe cold last winter
that settled on bis lungs and he
had terrible coughing spells
We were greatly worried about
him as the medicine we gave
him did- not help him in the i
least. A neighbor spoke so high-
iy of Chamberlain's Cough Rem-
dy that I got a bottle of it. The
drst dose benefited him so much making their rounds for this pur
that continued giving it to him pose. All togeter for a cleaner,
until he was cured.
Sinking of Laconia Officially Declared Violatiou
of Principles for Which 0. S. Stands.
Washington, Feb. 27. The
sinking of the Cunarder Laconia
by a German submarine was stat
ed officially to constitute a clear
clut violation of American rights.
Conclusive official information
at the State Department shows
that two American women lost
their; that if four other
Americans among the passengers
and the 14 among the crew were
saved, it was only by good fortune
and that the vessel was sunk
without warning, in direct defi
ance of all the principles for
which the United States has
Consul Frost's reports from the
survivors landed at Queenstown
and Bantry show that the vessel
was strncK oy a nrst torpedo
without warning at 10:30 o'clock
Sunday night 150 miles off Fast
net, when the steamer was travel
ing at 17 to 18 knots, on her
voyage from New York to Liver
The engines were stopped as
the ship listed to starboard, wire
less calls were flashed broadcast,
and six large rockets were sent
up. Thirteen boats with pas
sengers and crew got away and
scattered over two or three miles
to prevent collisions in a high sea
rolling in 12 foot swells
About 20 minutes after the first
torpedo, the reports add, and
while some of the boats were still
nearby, a second torpedo was
driven into the vessel, which sank
three-quarters of an hour afte?
the original attack. The small
boats with survivors pitched
about during the long hours of
the night until rescue came.
During this time, the two
American women, Mrs Mary" E
Hgj and Miss Elizabeth Hoy, of
Chicago, died of exposure and
were buried at sea. There were
several other deaths, ' not of
No further facts are needed by
this Qoyernmelit, it was stated
officially, and no inquiry of any
sort is necessary to establish the
facts of the case.
Both White House and State
Department officials seem to feel
that the answer must come from
Congress. The President, they
point out. asked for authority to
take steps to prevent just such an
act at the very moment when the
first news was coming over the
Navrl officers are puzzled by
the fact that the Laconia was
torpedoed at night. It has been
an accepted condition of subma-
fine warfare heretofore that the
U boats were hampered by dark-
j ness aud that snips in open waters
! were in little danger at night.
It is believed that the German
U-boat happened to be directly in
the liner's path, or close to it that
the big vessel was distinguishable
even with her lights out.
Will Take Oath of Office on March 4th.
Washington, Feb. 23. It was
deflniteiy decided today that
President Wilson will take his
new oath of office in private in
the White House on Sunday,
March 4.
Whether he will take it again
at the public ceremony on Mar
ch 5, or merely make that the
occasion for delivering his in
augural address has not been
Clean Up Days.
China Grove is have two clean
up days, Thursday and Friday.
March 8th and 9th. These dates
have been decided on by Mayor
Voss and the board of alderman
and it is hoped every one will
take an interest in our ree-ular
; spring cleaning and do their part.
Tt is desired that all rubbish of
every charater be placed on the
street; conveniently located so
that the wagons can get it when
healthier China Grove.
, Authority to Arm SIsrcfeantmsn and For Such
Other measures Asled of Congress.
VV ashing ton, Reb. 2f. Presi
dent Wilson today took the in
evitable step and. asked Congress
for authority to use the forces of.
the United Stateslto protect Am
erican ships and lives against' the
(German submarine menace, to
put the Nation in state of armed
neuta ity t
l ne immediate response was
the introduction in the House of
a bill empowering-Jiim to furnish
guns and gunners to American
merchantmen, "tq employ such
other instrumentalities and meth
ods" as may become necessary,
aqd providing for a $100,000,000
bond issue to be used in bis dis
cretion for war insurance to en
courage American commerce to
brave the submarine peril.. The
bill may be brought up in the
House tomorrow with special
rules for its immediate considera
tion. ;
A similar bill will be consider
ed tommorrow by the Senate fo
reign relations committee-
The President's Jg epectec
action, while received m tije main
with expressions -of support,
threatens to force an extra session
of Congresa.
The Republicans,'disinclined to
grant him blanket authbrity while
Congress is in recess, give evi
dence of opposing the legislation
the President asks, not for the j
purpose of withholding it, but to
force him to have Congress in
special session to take a hanJ in
t'ie next steps which they feel
will lead to w:;r. T :e liepuhlic
ans are receiving passive support
from '.lie B-eraocitic elument
cb.s as "paeirht."
The President's- advisers de-p-ore
this srtuajion fur its effect
in Germany, where they are con
yinc;:.i ii will f?ed the official im
pre aiv. n that Congress will not
support the President if he finds
it necessary to go to war and
that he is i.ot sneaking the semi
ments of a united country.
The Presidftii's request for
authority to -?usp oilier jnstru
ment4iitie': is the priucipal stick
ing point. lOven the Republicans
and some oi" the Democrats who
hesitate lo give him what he
asks, say they would be will ng
to fci vo hi.ii authority to arm
American ships or act on a Te
rmite p;opoial, but are
to "aigii a bhiMk check
The. Adniinis'.raUon faces this
division in its own ranks in its ef
fort to convince the Kaiser that
the U ited States is now prepar
ing to enforce respect for its
rights on the high seas, Some
Democfats point to the" Presi
deni's o'.vr statement loqay tin aT
he considered that he had already
implied authority to act, and
might do so without sanction of
Congress Mr Wilson himself,
however, said he preferred not to
act on implications, and did not
desire to be left without specific
authority and no Congress to
which to turn. All these things
point toward an extra session, al
though a way out may develop at
the last moment,
But at the conclusion of the ad
dress when the President spoke
or the fundamental rights on
which are based the structure of ,
family, State and liberty, and
said, ''I cannot imagine any man .
with American principles at heart
hesitating to defend - these
things," the cheers broke forth
and resounded through the
Whatever might have been the
opinions of some of those who
dissented from his views, it was
plain, that they were touched by
his words. I
At once the wheels of the con- '
gressional machinery began turn-1
ing. The pacifist element took '
stock Of the war -making possibi- !
iities oi me autnoniy ine .f resi
dent requested; Republicans, re-
luctant to leave the next steps to J
the President without Congress i
close by to take a band, consider ,
ed means of forcing an extra ses- j
sion, and Democrats who support
the President set about doing ,
wnax ne asKeo.
American Among Missing From Liner Toroedo-
ed by Submarine off Ireland's toast.
Washington, Feb. 26. The
sinking of tlie big Cunarder La
conia. apparently without warn
ing and with 27 Americans , on
board, loomed up tonight as the
most serious disregard of Ameri
can representations since the
ruthless German submarins cam
paign began. Government offici
als here made no attemnt tn
r . -
conceal their concern.
Consul Frost at Queenstown,
reported to the Slate Department
the sinking of the vessel and the
loss of one life, but up to a late
hour tonight had not been able to
furnish details from survivors as
to whether it was an American
who met death.
He expected to obtain full in
formation from the 267 survivors
due at -Queenstown at 11:30
o'clock tonight.
Officials pointed out that vhile
final reports ny show that no
American lives were lost, the fact
will remain that the 27 Americans
on board were illegally assaulted
on a peaceful mission and escap
ed death only by good fortune.
The United States U concerned
in the sinking of the Laconia
also because a large amount of
official diplomatic mail had been
entrusted to her affer the Ameri
can liner St. Louis had cancelled
ts sailing,
The State Department after
naving nad its mail held on the
St- Louis for three weeks, had
traasferred it - to the Laconia
when it was definite!'.- announced
thai the St Louis-not sail until it
secured guns.
Id the absence of official con
firmation expected hourly from
Consul Frost, no official would
venture ans-opimqn .pn the outr
come of the sinking beyond s .ly
ing that ii would gravely com
plicate the already critical situa
tion with Germany.
- Whether it may prove to be the
overt act" will depend entirely
on the actual facts expected to
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Wm in Signals, Trouble With Brakes and
Fog Responsible.
Harnsburg. Pa., Feb. 27. iMis
taken signals, trouble with the
aii brakes and a heavy fog were
today given as contributing fac
tors in the wreck on the Pennsy
lvania Railroad at Mount Union,
early today, where 20 persons
were killed when a heavy fast
freight train crashed into the
rear end of the East bound Mer
cantile Express. Investigation oi
the accident was begun here by
railroad officials and the hearing
will be continued at Altoona, 43
miles from Mount Union. The
Passenger train had stopped to
discharge passengers when the
lrflght engine, with a heavy
sting or cars, behind it, suddenly
struck it. The impact split the
rear sleeping car almost in two
and telescoped the three
ahead, of it.
Winter Brines Colds to Children.
A cbilu rarely goes through
the whole winter without a old,
aud every mother sh .uld have L
reliable remedy handy. Fever
sore throat, tight chest and
croupy coughs are sure symp-
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Certain Movements of Fragile Crea
tures Produce Sounds Chrysalis
Known to Make Slight Noise.
One does not think of butterflies
as making any sounds, nor of cater
pillars as noisy creatures, yet the
careful student will find some use, for
his ears in observing the habits of
Certain species of butterflies pro
duce sound during certain move
ments. The "whip" butterfly, when
surprised, makes a noise like the
siiap of a lash, by opening and shut
ting its wingsin quick succession.
feome hibernating butterflies, when
disturbed, make a faint hissing
eonnd by slowly depressing and rais-
iiig lueir wings, ine noise thus
produced resembles that made by
blowing slowly through closed teeth..
Other sounds resemble the friction
of sandpaper.
A large number of caterpillars
maJe sound by striking the head
against the leaf on which they are
resting or by swinging the boad from
side to side, catching the mandibles
m the roughness of the leaf or on
the silken threads spun upon it. 5 It
is said that a certain kind of chrys'
alsis, when disturbed, emits a slight,
snarp chirp or clicking noise.
Little Girl, Born en the Ocean, Goes
everywhere on Barkentine of
Which Father Is Captain.
Evelyn Hansen, only seven years
pia, is the daughter of H. 0. Han
sen, captain of the barkentine James
, Johnson, iiow loading, and is here
with her father and mother and.
what's more, the barkentine isn't go-
ing to Australia without her not a
bit of it,
Evelyn is truly a daughter of the
aea, as tar as age has anything to
!do with this story. Born on the
high seas, she has spent over four
years on the water. She has Sweden
iwritten all over her face and her
yes and hair spell the samp cquik.
Evelyn knows ropes and soars
KnOWS Which IS the miZZPn arA -arViinV.
is the foremast; knows what a mudV
hook is and respects and obeys the I
iur is ne not monarcc of all
he surveys when on the high seas?
But let a hireling aboard the James
Johnson issue an order to her and
every motion from Hiao fn
, .?
"I want to put some plants in the
jtitcnen, to give it an artistic at
mosphere. What kind would you
reeomniPTid 9"
For the kitchen I would advise
some scrubby plants."
"You have made a great success
filming Shakespeare.,,
'Yes, but I think I can do better.
Now I'm going to try an orisrinal
Vl3tJm xjouisvine uouner-Journal.
Bones My wife always kisses me
when 1 get home late at night.
Jones Affection ?
Bones No; investigation.
fWhat makes you so fatP
"I eat soldier's food."
"It always goes to the front
"It's a queer language,'
"Whafs the matter now?"
call it settling up.
11 it settling up.
"Why is Benson always lookina
for trouble?"
"That's his business. He's a crim
inal lawyer."
you decided how
you are
going to vote ?"'
! "Yes," rep! the cautious citi
zen. "I dt -:ded that long ago.
Whafs keeping me busy now is de
ciding whether I won't decide to
change my mind."
Wi8i9ver Y. -i Need a Csaeral fvf'-
'.'-ice Grove's
ftm CM f:-.:iJard Giove TasSi--
Miis l.s equally vi iaa!)!o- .ft
. '"-'Missl jai2 tjca-sse it cont&u. .
slpiami :-2i-.' ' rorerti2sof yTJX?-. 3
I ii ;iS sa the JUver,
I St &alark Er,tkhes the Blood and
L3AlG9t&s Iwle System. SOpecU.
KfTT-CT JIMtDI r.,n t
-v. uu-aiKflna laud IU BKlllafl,
Inat and Confiniieiifitirfiment ef Germans
Feb. 26President WUson's
drpss to a joint session of CoW
gre'ss, asking for authority to
Place the United States in &
state of armed neutrality as &
counter to Germany's submar.
me warfare; a continuation of the
British advance against the Ger
man in France; the sinking o
Ju ard Lino steamer Laconia,
a which Americans were paa
engers, and the reeantn w
j tne ,3rtish of Kut-el-Amara, in
Mesopotamia, from the Turks
I ir-r outstanding fooM i '
che world m.r
Over a front of ir
from the region" of Gommecourt,
north of theAncre River to the
lis trice of Gupdecourt, south of
the rivor, the British have push
ed i ) ward thbit- lines to a depth
two miles, according to the'
British official communication.
Too maneuver has served to
hrow forward the right and left
vings of the British in an envel
oping move toward BapaumA
ohe German stronghold in this
oion, and to place the. British ;
:enu r at Warlencourt-BaucoiH
' - or- three miles from Bap-
Bombardments and raiding op-ei-Htiois
are still in progren
fcbe greater part of the remaini--r
,;t the frort in Prance, nck and a the Russian
ustro-Italian .heaters.
iu Mesopotamia,; the. British
iave captured from the .Tnr.ks
-ho entire line (rom SannavYat,
"r . .
to Kut-el-.rnaia. At the latter
pla'-e the Tnr have been for
ced tO -eV"'!B.a nrtoHinna U
iaptured from he British near
y a year &go-aad now are beM...
drlt fc t-;' baral8gig Tfyjgfrte?
ish cavalrv. sa tho TUtttok ,
War Office. Large captures in
men and war stores were made
y tbe Briti
iu aamituu- a rot.. fmm
Kut-el-Amara, a Turkish official
commnninatiAn oow u ".J
ment w nvMw. s
- , 6, "u
earned- out unnotified w .
au vunara june steamship
Laconia, bound from New York
to Liverpool, was torpedoed Sun
day night, presumably off the?
coast of Ireland.
Applications for the new Brit-
War l0an' T"f 7 bills and
war savings certificates amount
ed to more then 1,000,000,000
pounds, according to announce
ment by Andrew Bonar Law.
An official . report from Ger
many says that since"" the com-
mencement of the war, 4,9i.50O
L"ua VL snipping Deiongmg to
Entente and neutral nations hava
been destroyed or condemned as
prizes by the Central Powers,
Weather forecast fur
From 6 to 14. fair. witrTmn
northwest, aud threatening to
rain and snow east and cold,
From 14 to 21, fair, clear. M
with cold rains alone- and
t rom 21 to 28. snow. ri
cold, stormy. Some blizzard.
x rom 28 to March 8, frequent
showers along. Some changeable
auu consiaeraDiy cold.
February shows cold with som
stormy cold winds, snow and rains
T, "s."
Henry Rbid,
ST. No. 3. box 167, Salisbury, N.C.
to Tia DqII.
That draggy, listless. ODiiresa
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. it jmw;
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Coitsij. win inara with ipl
teret.fbs-;.. las been pro
moted from 1 eatenanbccp
mander to commander by tSj
Navy dftbaxtmeat.
. .... ' - ..M "

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