North Carolina Newspapers

1 Rn!leweer??dSOn.,S Llver Tone" Wil1 6ive Y" the Best Liver
ana Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had Doesn't Make You Sicki
Stop using calomel! It makes you
ick. Don't lose a day's work. If you
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti
pated, listen to me!
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes-necrosis of the bones.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile, crashes into it, breaking
it up. This is when you feel that aw
ful nausea and cramping. If you feel
"all knocked out," if your liver is tor
pid and bowels constipated or you
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee Go to any
drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone. Take a
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It.
Nature warns you when the track of
health ia not clear. Kidney and bladder
troubles cause many annoying symptoms
and great inconvenience both day and
Unhealthy kidneys may cause lumbago,
rheumatism, catarrh of the bladder, pain
or dull ache in the back, joints or mus
cles, at times have headache or indiges
tion, as time passes yu may have a sal
low complexion, puffy or dark circles
under the eyes, sometimes feel as though
you had heart trouble, may have plenty
of ambition but no strength, get weak
and lose flesh.
If such conditions are permitted to
continue, serious results may be expect
ed; Kidney Trouble in its very worst
form may steal upon you.
Prevalency of Kidney Disease.
Host people do not realize the alarm-
SPECIAL NOTE You may obtain a sample size bottle of Swamp-Root by enclosing
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. This gives you the opportunity
to proye the remarkable merit of this medicine. They will also send you a book of
valuable information, containing many of the thousands of grateful letters received
from men and women who say they found Swamp-Root to be just the remedy needed
in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and success of Swamp-Root are so
well known that our readers are advised to send for a sample size bottle. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing be sure and mention this paper.
Lapse of Memory.
Lawyer You'll have to sign your
maiden name to this document, madam.
Mrs. Casey Shure we've been mar
ried so long that Oi've forgot it in
tirely. Phwat was it, Pat?
Mr. Casey Begorra, Oi used t' he
so attintive t' jure cousin Kate, Oi'm
forgettin' mesilf phwich one of yez Oi
t No foolishness! Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
It's like magic! j
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns or
any kind of a corn, can harmlessly be
lifted right out with tie fingers if you
apply upon the corn a few drops of
freezone, says a. Cincinnati authority.
For little cost one can get a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet of
every corn or callus without pain.
This simple drug dries the moment
it Is-applied and does not even irri
tate the surrounding skin while ap
plying it or afterwards.
This announcement will interest
many of our readers. If your druggist
hasn't any freezone tell him to surely
get a small bottle for you from his
wholesale drug house. adv.
The man who publishes the fact that
he takes himself seriously is inviting
the derisive ha-ha!
Dr. Peery'a "Dead Shot" not only expels
Worrna or Tapeworm but cleans out the
mucua In which they breed and tones up
the digestion. One dose sufficient. Adv.
A. Laf ranee of Ottawa, Ontario, has
six sons in the British army.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription makes
weak women strong, sick women welL no
alcohol. Sold in tablets or liquid. Adv.
The United States in 1915 produced
550.055 tons of lead.
A Digestive Laxative
Lax-Fos is not a secret or Patent Medi
cine but is composed of the following old
fashioned roots and herbs:
In Lax-Fos the Cascara is improved by
the addition of these digestive ingredients
making it better than ordinary Cascara,
and thus the combination acts not onlv as a
stimulating laxative 3 ad cathartic but also
as a digestive and liver tonic. - Syrup laxa
tives are weak, but Lax-Fos combines
strength with palatable, aromatic taste and
does not gripe or disturb the stomach. One
bottle will prove Lax-Fos is invaluable for
Constipation, Indigestion or Torpid Liver.
Price 50c.
Money b:ick without question
if HUNT'S "URE fails in the
treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA,
Itching skin diseases. Price
60e at druggists, or direct from
k. B. (tcharis Ktillclne Co. , Shcmaa,Tei
We also do highest ila.o
jigu Prices aud Catalogue upon request!
wt S. Galeski Optical Co., Richmond, Va.
"R0USHonlUTS"Lnce.B ,B
outdoors. 16c and s
spoonful and if it doesn't straighten
you right up and make you feel line
and vigorous I want you to go back to
the store and get your money. Dod
son's Liver Tone is destroying the
sale, of calomel because it is real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, therefore
it cannot salivate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of.
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which is clogging your
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone will keep your entire fam
ily feeling fine for months. . Give it to
your children. It is harmless ; doesn't
gripe and they like its pleasant taste.
ing increase and remarkable prevaleney
of kidney disease. While kidney dis
orders are among the most common dis
eases that prevail, they are almost the
last recognized by patients, who usually
content themselves zvith doctoring the
effects, while the original disease may
constantly undermine the 6ystem.
If you feel that your kidneys are the
cause of your sickness or run down con
dition, try taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the famous kidney, liver and blad
der remedy, because as soon as your kid
neys improve, they will help the other
organs to health.
If you are already convinced that
Swamp-Root is what you need, you can
purchase the regular fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles at all drug stores.
Don't make any mistake but remember
the name, Dr.' 'Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
and the address, Binghamton, N. Y., which
you will find on every bottle.
Quite at Home.
"Is Mr. Jones at home?"
J!Yes, sir. You'll find him
club." Passing Show.
at the
i To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
! Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
' TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
j what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
, Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
i Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. 50 cents.
The Speechless Wives.
"What are the wild waves saying?'
murmured the woman, as she stood on
the silver lining of the mighty main.
"Nothing, Maria." replied the man,
hoarsely ; "they are like some, people
we know. They make a great deal of
noise, but don't say anything."
Few persons -can be sick who use
Green's August Flower. It has been 1
used for all ailments that are caused
by a disordered stomach and innctive
liver, such as sick headache, constipa
tion, sour stomach, nervous indiees
tion, fermentation of food, palpitation
of the heart from gases created in
the stomach, pains in the stomach, and
many other organic disturbances.
August Flower is a gentle laxative,
regulates digestion, both in the stom
ach and intestines, cleans and sweet
ens the stomach and whole alimentary
canal, and stimulates the liver to se-
crete the bile and impurities from the
hlood. Trv it. Two doses will relieve
' you. Used for fifty years in every
j town and hamlet in the United States
and In all civilized countries. Adv.
Sparrow Plague in England.
English farmers have appealed to
the government to allow them to use
poisoned wheat to destroy the spar
row pest. Fifty years ago the farm
ers were free to combat the sparrow
with poisoned wheat, but the practice
is now forbidden by law. The theory
was that game of all sorts might eat
the poison intended for the sparrows.
The farmers ask that they be allowed
to use the poison only during Decem
ber, January and February, when
these birds swarm to their lands in
search of food.
Make It Thick, Glossy, Wavy, Luxur
iant and Remove Dandruff Reai
Surprise for You.
Your hair becomes light, wavy, fluf
fy, abundant and appears as soft, lus
trous and beautiful as a young girl's
after a "'Danderine hair cleanse." Just
try this moisten a cloth with a little
Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. This will cleanse
the hair of dust, dirt and excessive oil
and in just a few moments you have
doubled the beauty of your hair.
Besides beautifying the hair at once,
Danderine dissolves every particle of
dandruff; cleanses, purines and invig
orates the scalp, forever stopping itch
ing and falling hair.
But what will please you most will
be after a few weeks' use when you
will actually see new hall? fine and
downy at first yes but really new
hair growing all oyer the scalp. If
you care for pretty, soft hair and lots
of it, surely get a 25 cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danflerine from any store
and just try it. Adv.
In Cuba tobacco is planted,
and gathered in 90 days.
Exposition and Conference to Be Held
In Wilmington is Attracting Much
Attention in State.
Wilmington. The live stock exposi
tion and conference to be held here
March 28-29, promises to be of equal
Interest and importance to farmers in
eastern South Carolina by reason of
the fact that the object of this mat
ter is to stimulate the deevlopment of
the live stock industry in the coastal
plain section. The sessions will be
devoted to practical discussions and
there will be an exhibit of pure bred
cattle, hogs and sheep.
The United States department of
agriculture appreciating the signifi
cance of this meeting to the people of
the two Carolinas, has designated the
following officials of the bureau of
animal husbandry to attend and ad
dress the conference: Dr. W. K.
Lewis, inspector in charge of Uck
eradication for South Carolina; George
E. Rommel, chief, animal husbandry
division, beef cattle; Fred R. Marshall,
senior animal husbandman, sheep; A.
J. Reed, dairying; Dr. F. D. Owen,
hog cholera, and Dr. E. P. Yager, in
spector in charge of tick eradication
for North . Carolina. The experiment
station and extension service will be
represented by Prof. B. W. Kilgore,
Dan T. Gray and R. S. Curtis.
A large attendance is expected. The
meeting is being extensively advert
tised and 6,000 invitations have been
sent out to farmers, bankers, land
owners and business men in the two
Carolinas. In addition to this, the
railroads have made special rates for
the occasion in North Carolina as well
as eastern South Carolina.
North Caro'lina Statistics.
Washington. North Carolina's pop
ulation was 2,339,000, and the value of
products of her industries $289,411,987
in 1914, according to the census of
manufactures made in that year by
the United States Bureau of Census
and just made public here in pamph
let form. The value of her products
increased 33.6 per cent in the five
year period. Persons engaged in in
dustry in the stat numbered 151,335,
an increase of 13.4 per cent, and wages
and salaries amounted to $56,282,679.
an increase of 36.4 per cnt. Capital
invested was $253,841,808 in 5,507
establishments of all' kinds. Capital
increased 16.9 per cent and the num
ber of establishments 11.7 per cent.
Materials used in manufactures
amounted to $169,941,971, an increase
of .39.5 per cent, and value added by
manufacture was $119,470,016, an in
crease of 26 per cent over 1909.
There were 10 cities each having a
population in 1914 of more than 10,
000 inhabitants. They were: Ashe
ville, Charlotte, Durham. Greensboro,
High Point, New Bern, Raleigh, Rocky
Mount, Wilmington and Winston
Salem. These cities, whose aggregate
population in that year formed 8.9 per
cent of the estimated total population
of North Carolina, reported 34.9 per
cent of the state's manufactured pro
ducts. "In total population," says the re
port, "North Carolina ranked six
teenth amdhg the states in 1910; and
in density of population it ranked
twentieth, with 45.3 inhabitants per
square mille, the corresponding figure
for 1900 being 38.9."
Hardware Men Meet in June.
Wilmington. The hardware men
of the Carolinas will be in session at
Wrightsville Beach June 19-21 inclu
sive, it was announced at a luncheon
of the Rotary Club, this making no
less than 10 conventions that are al
ready booked for the beach this Sum
mer. There were other cities and
other resorts in the race for the honor
of entertaining the hammer and saw
dealers but none had anything quite
so attractive to offer as this city,
hence the decision to come here. Over
300 men from the two states, members
of the Hardware Association, will be
in attendance on the meeting.
Choose Dates For Catawba Fair.
Hickory. September 25, 26. 27, and
28 have been chosen as the days on
which the Catawba Fair will be held
at Hickory this year. County Agent
Mask is going to organize a number
of community fairs in different sec
tions of the county to be held just
prior' to the fair at Hickory and these
are calculated to arouse more than
ordinary interest in the big event.
A branch society of the AmiKcan
Red Cross has been organized at Hick
ory. Aldermen of Gastonia voted an ap
propriation of $600 for up-keep of the
Twenty elk, the forerunners of the
immense herds that are to graze in
the Pisgah National Forest in the
natural course of events, arrived in
Asheville and were unloaded and trans
ferred to their new home in the Pis
gah Forest.
Three cars of sweet potatoes were
shipped from Hickory to Cincinnati
and one car to Chattanooga. The
tubers will bring from $3 to $3.75 a
crate of three bushels.
The heirs of George Richardson, a
native Union county man, are bein
sought to obtain $35 and interest from
the 31st day of March. 1861, trum the
United States government. TITis is
an amount due said Richardson for
services as a mail carrier rendered
for the quarter ending on the date
named above and provision has been
made for its payment.
Plans have been perfected by the
Durham County Dental Society for
entertaining 300 delegates,, expected
for the 1917 convention of the North
Carolina Dental Society scheduled to
meet in Durham June 27, 28 and 29.
Charlotte is making an effort to se
cure the 101S annual convention of the
Tri-State Water and Light Associa
tion. Ex-Sheriff F. C. Berry of Burke
county, was severely injured by being
ing thrown from his buggy, when, ow
ing to some, part of the harness break
ing, his spirited horse, "Black Beau
ty," became uncontrollable.
Lady Became a Nervous Wreck
From Three Years Suffering
With Head. Says Cardui
Made Her Well.
Texas City, Tex. In an interesting
statement, Mrs. G. H. Schill, of tills
town, says : "For three years I suf
fered untold agony with my head. I
was unable to do any of my work. I
Just wanted to sleep all the time, for
that was the only ease I could get,
when I was asleep. I became a ner
vous wreck just from, the awful suf
fering with my head.
"I was so nervous that the least
noise wouT"d make me jump out of my
bed. I had no energy, and was un
able to do anything. My son. a young
boy, had to do all my household
"I was not able to do anything until
I took Cardui. I took three bottles In
all, and it surely cured me of those
awful headaches. That has been three
years ago, and I know the cure is per
manent, for I have never had any
headache since taking Cardui. . . .
Nothing relieved me until I took
Cardui. It did wonders for me.
Three bottles of it did more for me
than all the medicine or doctor's
treatments, or baths I ever took."
Try Cardui for your troubles It
should do for you what it has done for
so many thousands of other women.
Begin taking Cardui today. Adv.
His One Thought.
"Now York waiters," said Dr. W. W.
Campbell, director of the Lick observa
tory, during the sixty-ninth session of
the Association for the Advancement
of Science, "think too little about good
service and too much about gouging
you out of an enormous gratuity.
"I had a very typical experience
with a waiter in a Fifth. avenue res
taurant the other day.
" 'Got any celery?' I said to him.
"He gave a great start. Then he
bent down and whispered in my ear:
"'No, sir. Ye got to rely entirely
on yer tips here.' "
No sick headache, biliousness,
bad taste or constipation
by morning.
Get a 10-cent box.
Are you keeping your bowels, liver,
and stomach clean, pure and fresh
with Cascarets, or merely forcing a
passageway every few days with i
Salts, .Cathartic Pills, Castor Oil or
Purgative Waters?
Stop having a bowel wash-day. Let
Cascarets thoroughly cleanse and reg
ulate the stomach, remove the sour
and fermenting food and foul gases,
take the excess bile from the live
and carry out of the system all the
constipated waste matter and poisons
in the bowels.
A Cascaret to-night will make you
feel great by morning. They work
while you sleep never gripe, sicken
of cause any inconvenience, and cost
only 10 cents a box from your store.
Millions of men and 'Women take a
Cascaret now and then and never
have Headache, Biliousness, Coated
Tongue, Indigestion, Sour Stomach or
Constipation. Adv.
New Conception of "Cultivation."
Cultivation a generation ago meant
acquaintance with letters and fine
arts, and some knowledge of at least
two languages and literatures, and of
history. The term "cultivation" is now
much more inclusive. It includes
elementary knowledge of the sciences,
and it ranks high the subjects of his-
tory, government, and ecnon.ics.
Charles W. Eliot, in the Atlantic.
While You Sleep With Cuticura Soap j towns. The choosing of a manager for
and Ointment Trial Free. ! Bristol for a term of three years prom-
ises that the plan is to be given a fair
On retiring, gently smear the face j test which it should have if any com
with Cuticura Ointment, wash off in i parison that will be satisfying is to be
five minutes with Cuticura Soap and
hot water, and continue bathing a few
minutes with the Soap. The influence
of this treatment on the pores extends
through the night.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard. Cuticura, Kept. L,
Boston, Sold everywhere. Adv.
Strong Proof.
She They must be engaged. That's
her fourth dance with him this eve
ning. He That's no si en.
She Isn't it? You don't know how
she dances.
Now Ja 11) e Time to Get Rid of These
Ugly Spota.
There's no longer the slightest need of
feeling ashamed of your freckles, as the
prescription o'.hlne double strength Is
guaranteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othlne double
strength from your druggist, and apply a
little of it night and morning and you
should soon see that even the worst freckles
have begun to disappear, while the lighter
ones have vanished cntirrly. It is seldom
that more than one ounce is needed to com
pletely clear the akin and gsin a beautiful
clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for the double strength
othlne, as this is sold under guarantee of
money back if it falls to remove freckles.
Utilizing Dust.
L'ust that collects in glass factories
la collected and oast into paving
blocks by a Berlin inventor.
Sore Eyes, Blood-Shot Eyes, Watery Eyea,
Btlcky Eyes, all healed promptly with night
ly applications of Roman Eye Balsam. Adv.
Turkey has put bakeries under gov
eminent rule.
Part That la Roofed May Easily Be
Converted Into Sun Parlor During
the Winter Months.
A good wide piazza. or porch adds
greatly to the comfort and beauty of
most any home. In order to serve the
best purpose it should be wide and
built around several sides of the house.
This will Insure a cool, shady spot to
hang the hammock on a hot summer
day for rest and reading. A piazza
should be at least seven feet wide and
may be as deep as 12 feet. It is not
necessary to have all the piazza cov
ered with a roof. . It is a good idea I
to have the part which is to be roofed
over so constructed that by the erec
tion of glass sides a sun porch can be
provided for winter use. In the win
ter a piazza which is entirely roofed
tends to shut off light from the first
floor. For this reason the piazza roof
should be high, extending to the bot
tom of the second floor windows.
In. the summer the piazza may be
covered with an awning, or a vine
trellis, which on nights when there is
little air stirring does away with the
feeling of closeness otherwise occa
sioned. It is a good time to be fore
sighted when ordering the piazza to
tell the architect that it should be
maue so as to be screened for the
warm season. A fine piazza is some
times a discomfort from the presence
of flies or a swarm of mosquitoes or
For a bungalow or summer cottage
near the salt water screens made of
copper wire are best as they corrode
less from contact with the sea breezes.
Ordinary black screens should be
painted two months before they are
Intended to be put in use so that the
paint may have time to harden. When
windows are put up in the winter
the window sashes should be
painted with black paint over the red
wash which is put op in the fac
tory and has little preservative qual
ity ill it.
California City Adopts Unique Plan to
Raise Standard of Cleanliness in
Residences and Business Houses.
The city of Alameda, Cal., has adopt- I
! ed a unique plan to raise the standard
! of cleanliness in residences and busi
j ness houses. In future the sanitary
! condition of the various premises is to
i be shown by placards bearing the in
J scriptions "Clean," "Dirty" or "Filthy."
; Those places which do not satisfy the
board of health will be placarded as
dirty or filthy until they comply with
the demands of the authorities.
This action was decided upon by the
board of health, which appointed a
committee to post the placards and to
care for the general health of the city.
The board of health intends to inspect
not only the business houses but also
the private residences of the xuty and
to affix the placards to every house in'
the city. Those residences which can
be designated as "clean" will not be
placarded, but those in which sanitary
conditions are disregarded will be des
ignated as "dirty" or "filthy" until the
house owners remedy the conditions,
upon which the placards will be re
moved, j
As the board of health has arbitrary )
powers under the city charter, the pla- j
cards must remain on the house or
places of business until the board is
j satisfied that the conditions therein
j are sanitary. If any householder tears
i down the placards, the extreme peu
! alty of the law can be enforced.
Bristol Has City Manager.
The adoption of a city manager by
the town of Bristol, Tenn., wth a
population of about 10,000, may not be
of the- highest importance from a po-
! litical viewpoint except for one reason
j jt adds to the evidence that the city
i manager Idea is spreading, leaving the
j inference almost a certainty that it is
i a question of time only until adminis
i tration by city manager is taken up by
the biggest cities as well as the smaller
maue Denveen tne town s oin political
system and the new. Unless a man
ager is allowed the necessary time to
work reforms and present results, the
handicap would probably be too heavy
and in case of failure would register
a mark against the city manager un
justly. Shade for Pennsylvania Highways.
The Pennsylvania state department
of forestry and the state highway de
partment have completed arrangements
for co-operation in planting shade trees
and fruit trees along the state high
ways. The trees will be grown from
seed by the forestry department in its
nurseries, transplanted in areas set
aside for the purpose, then turned over
to the highway department when they
have attained suitable size. Good
roads organizations will also assist in
the planting at that time. The spe
cies already transplanted are Scotch,
white and pitch pines, Norway spruce,
Douglas fir, sugar maple, white ash,
white elm, black cherry, honey locut
and European larch.
"Clean-Up Boosters" Organize.
A "Society of Clean-up Boosters" has
been formed in Philadelphia There
are no dues, no fees, no fines, no ex
pense of any kind for members. They
sign a pledge: "I will be a Clean-up
Booster and help keep rny city clean."
In return they receive a tag to hang
on the front porch, reading: T Help
Keep My City Clean." This is sent
free by the city highway bureau.
An electric heating pad has been in
vented that can be fastened under the
carpet in a room.
Keep It
Ward off attacks of grip,
colds and indigestion by timely
medication with the thoroughly test
ed and reliable remedy of the Ameri
can household
It's better to be safe than sorry.
Many a loot spell of distressing; sickness
might hava been nrevented if this Droved
remedy had been resorted to In the first
states. Any article that has been Hficiently
aaed for Dearly half a century haa proved II
Us value. Tablet torn if you desire lull
$3 $3.50 $4 $4.50 $5 $6 $7 & $8 tJBSftmm
Save Money by Wearing W. L. Douglas
shoes. For sale by over 9000 shoe dealers.
The Best Known Shoes in the World.
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price is stamped on the bot
tom of all shoes at she factory. The value is guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high prices for inferior shoes. The
retail prices are the same everywhere. They cost no more in San
Francisco than they do in New York. They are always worth the
price paid for them.
' I 'he quality of W. L. Douglas product is guaranteed by more
J- than 40 years experience in making fine shoes. The smart
styles are the leaders in the Fashion Centres of America.
They are made in a well-eauipped factory at Brockton, Mass.,
by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and
supervision or experienced men, all working
determination to make the best shoes for the
can buy.
Ask your shoe dealer for W. I Douglas shoes. If be can
not supply 70a with the kind you want, take no other
make. Write for interesting; booklet explaining; how to
ret shoes of the highest standard of quality for the price,
by return mail, nostaare free.
LOOK FOR W. L. Douglas lAA?.
stamped on the bottom.
The United States coast guard in
lOlp saved 1,507 lives.
A woman may make a fool of almost
any man if nature doesn't get the
start of her.
The Quinine That Doea Not Affect The Head
Because of ita tonic and laxatlre effect, Lazatiye
Bromo Quinine can be taken by anyone without
causing nervousness or ringing in the head. Tnr
1 only one "Bromo Quinine."- H. W. GEOVH'8
signature it on each box. 360.
Their Status.
"I see they are suspending juries in
"Then they'll be hung juries, won't
Obstinate attacks of Piles are relieved
and the difficult stools which accompany
them are softened through the use of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. Send for
trial box to 372 Pearl St., New York. Adv.
Her Proof.
"I've brought back those eggs you
gave me this morning," said the new
bride, as she began to take the articles
in question from her basket. "They're
duck eggs."
"Duck eggs!" sneered the grocery
boss. "You're mistaken, ma'am. I
don't never sell no duck eggs."
"But I tested them," triumphed the
matrimonial novice. ' "I dropped them
into water and they floated." Judge.
'California Syrup of Figs" can't
harm tender stomach,
liver and bowels.
Every mother realizes, after giving
her children "California Syrup of
Figs" that this is their ideal laxative,
because they love its pleasant taste
and it thoroughly cleanses the tender
little stomach, liver and bowels with
out griping.
When cross, irritable, feverish, or
breath is bad, stomach sour, look at
the tongue, mother! If coated, give a
teaspoonful of this -harmless "fruit
laxative," and in a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of the bow
els, and you have a well, playful child
again. When its little system is full
of cold, throat sore, has stomach-ache,
diarrhoea, indigestion, colic remem
ber, a good "inside cleaning" should
always be the first treatment given.
Millions of mothers keep "California
Syrup of Figs" handy; they know a
teaspoonful today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Ask at the store for a 50
cent bottle of "California Syrup of
Figs," which has directions for babies,
children of all ages and grown-ups
printed on the bottle. Adv.
auto imports.
imposes a tariff on
Died of Premature
Old Age!
(BY V. M. PIERCE, M. D.)
How many times we hear of compara
tively young persons passing away
when they should have lived to be 70 or
80 years of age. This fatal work is .usu
ally attributed to the kidneys, as, when
the kidneys degenerate, it causes auto
intoxication. The more injurious the
poisons passing thru the kidneys, the
Quicker will those noble organs be de
generated, and the sooner they decay.
To prevent premature old age and
promote long life, lighten the work of
the kidneys by drinking plenty of pure
water all day long, and occasionally tak
ing Anuric (double strength) before
meals. This can be obtained at drug
stores. Anuric will overcome such con
ditions as rheumatism, dropsical swell
ings, cold extremities, scalding and
burning urine and sleeplessness due to
constant arising.
with an honest
price that money
Boys' Shoes
Best In the World
U A.
$3.00 $2.50 & $00
President t W.I Douglas Shoe Co.,
186 Spark St., Brockton, Mass.
lump PmUt has iura. or if not he should.
cIsk turn or writs us quarts tus nam
"My boat was arrested by the in
coming tide."
"Then I. suppose you baled her out."
The most successful employer is the
one who recognizes fidelity on the pay
Rest Those Worn Nerves
Don't give up. When you (eel all
unstrung; when family cares seem too
hard to bear, and backache, dizzy head
aches, queer pains and irregular action
of the kidneys and bladder may mystify
you, remember that uch troubles often
come from weak kidneys and it, may be
that you only need Doan's Kidney Pills
to make you well. When the kidneys
are weak there's danger of dropsy,
gravel and Bright's disease. Don't de
lay. Start using Doan's now.
50at all Stores
FosletvMilburn Co. Prop. BuffaIo,TJ-Y. I
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cure
fail. Purely vegeta
ble act surely
but gently on
the hver.
Stop after
dinner dis
tresscure 1
improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep
and Hogs. Contains Cop
peras for Worms, Sulphur
for the Blood, Saltpeter
for the Kidneys, Nux
Vonaica.aTonic.and Pure
Dairy Salt. Used by Vet
erinarians 12 years. Mo
Dosing. Drop Brick in
feed:hox. Ask yourdealer
for blackman's or write
W. N. U., CHARLOTTE, NO. 12-1917.
A West Virginia Woman Speaks
Volga, W. Va. "Golden Medical Dis-.
covery proved so
beneficial in my
past state of ill
health that I was
glad to try Anuric,
the new discovery
of Dr. Pierce. I
was in a delicate
condition and suf
fered from many
discomforts. I
ached all over, was
constipated, had indigestion, was ex
tremely nervous; another discomfort
was shifting rheumatism, som'ething I
had had for years. At that time it was
in my hips and lower limbs. I took
the Anuric Tablets according to direc
tions, and caii say, and speak in the
bounds of truth, that I have not had
rheumatism since. I have no indiges
tion and am not constipated. The re
lief could not be more satisfactory."
M Z r
m mm itti sr i
M I I i t .rv I
II "Si-
Sold for 47 yean. Fcr
flaIana,CbJIs& FeTer.
Also a Fine General
Strengthening Tonk.
SOc and $1.00 at til
Drug Sura.

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