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Wm. H.
l - -
. Iq Entlanfc France, Jteia andltaly Smeld-
tpl Damocracy Awakes with a mm.
President Wilson s distinctly
great address to congress sum
moning America to joih in the
life and death ''grapple between
democracy will live in the history
of the world as one of the great-:
est state oaoers ever , given to
' Never ha a single utterance
so thrilled, inspired arid uplifted
the democratic millions of earth
as this utterance, which nobly
voiced the higher idealism of - the
Declaration of Independence and
the profoundest sentiments bt our
. Nowhere was the address' re
ceived with wilder enthusiasm
than at Petrograd, the recent
seat ofautocracy only equalled in
its insolen,t assumption of divine
right by the pretentions of the
sovereign on the.Tiber, the kaisei
and the sultan of Turkey. Here
soljpiers and civilians "gathered
in-the meeting place of the Duma
to. listen to "President": Wilson's
message which was read and ex
plained, amid profound and al
most breathless silence folic wed
by the wildest bursts of deafen
ing applause tha,t had ever been
heard in Petrograd, that ancient
seat of despotism. - I'his popular
enthusiasm :, wjsich knew no
bounds, showed how the new-
- born Democacy of Russia was.
drawing wisdom and inspira tion
from the latest voicing of ,the
zjjsnititm aemocracvreverr n?3 e
. i&SH. ier daTS-Wh eJ o tmresse t
tons of Europe drew inspiration
and new hopt from the Declara
tion of Independence.
: In Rome the Freemasons who
are high in the councils of the
liberal govermeht, and the s ;ni
pathetiomasses who revere the
name and the message : of Liaz
zini, held great meetings marked
by unbounded enthusiasim.
Lloyed George, the , prime
minister of ISngland, splendidly
characterized three phrases of
thfc great speech in the folk ;ving
words vibrant with the ism
of world democracy:
The glowing phrases ot , the
president s noble deliverance, il
ia mine .the, horizon, and make
clearer than ever the goa we
are.striviug to reaclr . . -There: are
three phrases which will tand
out-fofever in . the history or this
crusade. The first is lha: ' the
worid must be safe for democ
racy." The hex t, ."tne o :iace
to" peace and' freedbai lies in the
- - .1
existence of autocratic! v
menls backed by Organizec force
which is controlled wbol. by
frtheir 'ill and nor by -the of
Atheireoplev'' And the cruwn
ing phrase is tfeai'in ' whit, i h
declares that 44a steadfast icert
;for peace can ne ver be rtain
taired except by the partnership
of democratic' nations."
v The feelings of the v r.reTic'h
people eire th us voiced bv Le
'Temps of Paris:
; When the -starry, banner of the
Union will be untuned on our
battlefields it will be some'ung
more- th4ri ' tnilitary , nayrf or
rinancial ' co-operation, it w..l be
the verdict bt the cbtiscictice of
the human race before- th-.. tn-
, bunal of h istory.
' lh litk-e manner the - London
Daily News voices EJng-rutrd's
senilmentsr ' - ;
lh this great utteranc - we
... .screm to heir at last the auit'.entic
voice' of humanity statin'; the
issue, pronouncing , iun . nenu
and'"a wakening the eosciet - p
the world to 'the mighty, ufrig
at stake' . 'r . , '' ;
Tbg tbndon Star call the
( presiaeni tne. secong. jjidcqi n .ana
Sunday-School Centennial Day.
A national observance of the
One Hundredth -Anniversary of
organized Sunday-school work in
America is being1 .arranged for
Sunday, May 6th, 1917. - Every
Sunday school n the country is
invited to participate - in this
important event, which is intend
ded not o.ily to commemorate
and celebrate the beginning (in
May, 1817) of that great con
structive work which has been
such a potent factor in the de
velopment of our, nation, but also
to promote greater interest and
cooperation in . future Sunday
sch'ool work throughout the coun
try Complete, .'attractive programs
for Sunda--school Centennial
Day in pamphlet form, including
songs (words and music), will be
issued by the. American Sunday
school Union, will be furnished
free to all Sunday schools, upon
requests in the quantity required.
Superintendents and other Sunday-school,
representatives are in
vited; to secure fuli information
as soon as possible regarding
these, programs and the use
thereof. Ali communicaions
should be addressed to the v An
niversary Committee, 1316 Chest'
out Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Rheumatic Pains
"I have used Chamberlain's
Liniment for pains in the chest
and lameness of the .shoulders
due to rbeumatisnii and am pleas-
ediia a v ib i4t 4fe Msk fteyer
ve rhe prc
m- S. N. Finch, Batavia, N. Y.
- r
same lofty, broad and magnifi-
ent embodiment of democracy
that characterized the martyred
resident's great inaugurals. It
s nd: . '" -
A second Lincoln; a Lincoln
inaugural. In these simple words
our emotions hod expression as
we" read the majestic closing
words of Preient . Wilson's mes-
sage ..we are not asnamea to
say that these words are destined
to echo through the ages and to
be read by - free-men with great
ful hearts. 'They QU our eyes
with tears of pride and gratitude
Here and n:w1he future of hU
nlanity is shaped and
moulded for all lime.
Tne Dec'urationof Independ-
ence, tne ircrewou message oi
Washmgiot Lincoln's Gettys
burg address and this great state
paper will -irj icejb'-oughout the
ages the Juals, "he aspirations,
the loftj drea ? s and the sincere
purpose o: ltv? 1 Democra9y here
andeyery;whete no w and forever.
Catairhal'Pa&fn Hsnal be Cured; ' '
oy local appjications, as .they
: an not reach the diseased portion
of the ear. 1 here is only one
way to'care catarrhal deafness,
and that is by a constitutional
remedy. Catarrhal Deafness is
ausedby inflamed condition
of the mucous lining of theEust-
achiVn.,Tube. When. this tube
is inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfsct hearing, and
when it is putirely closed, Deaf
ness i? the result Unless the
in flamm a ti 0 n "c-n1 be reduced arid
this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be de
stroyed for ever. Many cases of
deafness are caused by catarrh,
wbich-is an infianied condition
of the,. muecus .surfaces.. Hall's
Catarrh Medicine acts through
the blood on the mucous surfaces
of the' system;"' " -
We will 'ive One Hundred Dol
lars f or, any- case of Gatarxhal
Deafnes that cannot be oured by
Halt's Catarrh Medicine." Cir
cularsree. A.U Druggists, 75c. .
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
My country, 'tis of thee, v
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing; ,
Land where my fathers died",
Land of the Pilgrims' pridev
From every mountain side- -'
Let freedom ring! ! :!
Let music swell the breeze, ;
And ring from alMhe&i;
Sweet freedom's song-
Let: mortal tongues awai;!
Let all that breathe parc
Let rocksj their silence breafe,
The sound prolongw '.-r
Out father's Godl to thee.
Adthor of liberty! ?
To thee I sing; - JJv
Long may our land be bdrigh,
With freedom's holy light s ;
Protect us by thy might v..
Great God our King,
Stop Left Oyer Coughs.
Dr. Bell's Pine-Taf -Honey
will stop, that hacking cough
that lingers from January v The
soothing pine balsam lbsens the
phlegm heais the irritated mem
brane,. Ihe glycerine relieves the
eci d inffng- ?u?5 JL 13
uaugcruus. ux. ieu s iine-1 ar-
tioney is antiseptic ana pieasent
to take, benefits, young and old,
get it at your druggist to-day.'
v ormula on the bottle. 25. c
We Police Help.
Carrol Scobeyl 15; Kdith Zig
ler 15: and Margaret Paddillo
19; escaped from the House of
ihe Good Shepherd yesterday.
Within two hours they were in
the matron's quarters of the city
jail, waiting for the officials of
the home to take them back..
oo says a Denver, uoio., paper
of recent date We are inform
ed that the Denver police force.
is more than 60 per cent Rom
an Catholic, which accounts for
the readiness with which it aids
in the recapture of runaways
from the pope's prisons.
It is saidvajso t kt more than
400 girls are incarcerated . in
these '.'charily" . slaves pens of
Denver, the:buildihgs and prop
erties;of . w,Jiich are" valued at
$200,000 'but' ipay Jiof tax while
several auto-, trucks patrol the.
city reguljafjjjr gatherihg up I the
1 iundry wprwhic&iJhe imprison 'j
ed girlMo forlth profit olf ' .the .
pbpe'-njff'.ftiseavepriestsV- j
It is'.a, vVqngetfuT. charity which j
repuires. policemen to -impose : its
.benefits rtipbn uwiiltog'benefi
ciaties'; and ay et more"..jtnarvel
ous exhibition of charity t6vsee
those it benefits- (?) trying to
espape its benef actn . Are the
American people - blind,
deaf and dumb, or are they or
has Rome , merely succeeded,
through her censorship to lull
them to slqep in the dark as to
her prisons where child slaves
enrich the master grafters of the
centuries. The Menace
Clear Your Skin in Spring.
Spring house cleaning means
Cleaning insidV'and outside. Dull
pimply skin is an aitermath of
.winter inactivity. Flush your in
testines with a mile laxative and
clean out the accumulated wastes
easy to take, they do hot ripe.
Dr. King's' New Life-Pills will
clear your complexion ajad brijgh
ten your eye. Try,jDn King-'s
New Ivife Pills tb night and throw
off the sluggish winter -spell. At
Georgia Veterans M Awake. . .
The- Gbn federate. Veterans of
Georgia will hold a memorial eel -
ebratiou ai .Mucoi,;Ga.; on April
on.t --'a ii- iu ...
Jae delivered vc great patriotic ad-' ;
dress by'J. Govtloit Jones, mayor.
of Condele, Ga. , and one of the
ablest lawyers in'the state. It
seems that the Daughters of the
Confederacy arranged for a me
morral celebration at the same
place, and on the arae date., and
made the mistake of Mnviting, as
the speaker of the day, Benjamin
Kelley, a rank Roman.. Catholic
and a man who could uot possibly
have any heartfelt interest in a
public, patriotic demonstration
of the- character in question.
This .made it necessary for the
old Vets', to arrange a dilf erent
meeting, at which they expect to
-have an -old-time barbecue and a
great speech by Mr. Jones as
above stated.
The Old Siar.cari p.fjcisl r.irea;;:hcti',rj. t - .
M&laria.tnricfaesthctilobd.and tiuiidy iiy tii t?
tem. A true tonic. Vor adults aod cUiiJi en Siic
1 its
lias Princess Waiahwaso,
I ill
Coining Here on the Big Redpath Chaataugua
PPSSSKifwr" v' 11 '"Kt0 mmm '' lit;..
Photo by Matzene, Cliicago.
S a mosseiisrer from a denartins:
tiful Watahvi-aso ("Biljjlit Star,") Princess of the Penobscot tribe and flower of one of the' .last -famlllei. of-.,
unmixed Indian blood. Longfellow's artful story of "Minnehaha," with its wondrous colorings and its tale
of love and -sorrow, revealed. much of ' the beauty of the aboriginal life and character, but it has remained for
,this modern singer of the songs of her fathers to bring their message to this later generation. ' 5 "M T '
'Her Indian chief tain, father, true to racial traditions, established and kept his family intact at theirtribal is
land home at Oldtown, near the coast of Maine. Far from, resisting those Influences which he knew ' would .at
tract his people away from the old life, he welcomed them, he himself laboring incessantly' for that education and
equipment "which later brought' him wide prominence and membership In the legislature of the Pine Tree 7 State.
,Then, one by one, came pale faced "Hiawathas" and carried off Watahw.aso's sisters, and their children and tbeir
children's chifdren, Americans all, will gather to retell the fast fading stories of their fathers.
...In later years invading hunters sought out. the Penobscot tribesmen to guide them through the Northern wilds'
and paddle their' canoes through the treacherous waters while the women remainingin the tepees wove the gor
geous baskets and beaded the buckskin garments. Watahwaso's father was now a recognized authority in Indian
history,; and folk lore and a speaker of distinct charm and more and more. was called to speak in public Often ac
comiiailying him was his little princess, charming and demure, who with-remarkable skill sang the tribal songs and
thahts and gracefully danced the ceremonial Indian dances. Up to this time her only tutors had been Sisters of ;
"Mercy ih their.' Indian school. '-.; . . - e ; ' ''
; A" professor from Cambridge, inquiring among the Penobscots for information concerning an ancestor whom-'
that tribe had taken prisoner in the French and v Indian war, discovered that Watahwaso's ancestors had befriend-,
ed his relative, . the prisoner. "In gratitude for ttis and in appreciation of the remarkable talent, displayed by the
little princess he arranged for her schooling at Canrrldi,,'. tacludhig' .study" with, masters in musical art
vTh'us she has come to her own, an artist supreme ' i$ 'the portrayal Of Indian 'lore and in the intcrpj Ptniion of -Indian
music. - . - ." ' -
I Love of Country.
Breathes there the man with soul
- so dead
f Who never to himself hath said,
ims is my own, my native lanai
v nusc ueart nam ne er wnnin
him burned,
As home his footsteps
he hath
From wandering on a
; strand?
If such there breathe, go mark
him well!
'For him no minstrel raptures
swell; -n -
High though his titles, pioud
his name; r
Boundless his wealth as ish can
Despitet hose titles, power and
Fhe wretch, concentred all in self
Living, shall forfeit fair reknown
And doubly dying shall go down
To the vile dust from whence he
Unwept, unhonored, and un
sung. Sir Walter Scott.
Tn f!iir m fVlrl in Hua nv
Take iativb'bromo Quinine, it Btops the J
Coueh and Headache, and works off the Cold
Druggists-refund money if it fails to carer
S. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 25c
race noble, nlcturesaue, yet little understood cornea charmine and beau
Ugats for Idiseing Xostallsdi.
Candis, :;votie of "the tnpst'
prOsjperous Rowan county towns,
is to Jhave a system of electric
J fghts. A plant is , being built .
anbwill be completed in a few
weeks time and; the lights for
streets nd homes will be turned
on. ' ' -. ' 'i.
The plant is being built by-the
town; but the current will be
bought from the Southern powe
company,; Land is has no light
plant and the streets have not
been lighted at all;, and private
homes have depended on the old
lamp. It is thought , the, new
system will be in operation with
in the next thirty days.
Nature Cures, The Doctor Takes t&e Fee.
There is an - old saying that
? 'Nature cures, the doctor, takes
the fee," but as, everyone know
3 bu can help Nature very mutfi
and thereby enable it to effect' a
cure in much less time than is
usually required. This is par
ticulary true of colds. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy relieves tn
lungs, liquifies the tougfe f rdncus
and aids in its exoectOriatkmr.
Iays the cough and aidsrNatwrc
in restoring the
system to a
healthy condition.
-: . eooni2e tn tb e mes age th e
druggists, 25c. '
. vk ' - a .- - --- - . - - . : . .- . .. ,- J
. ...V, .. , - J - I , - , ' . - .
" 1 1 .- - -- ' '' : '- : . ' .-' - 2 mi" ,' - -i.r

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