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Wudff onloyernmental Affairs.
SAtKlBURY, H. C, 3&V2Efc40lt. . TO. H. STEWART, El. Ai) BOf.
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Cich Attention Given to Children Without
. S$seial Information Concerning Teachings.
The Program for the Red path
Ohautauqua "which opens here
today with many attractive fea
tures, and including much time
given to children's hours, is as
Wednesday afternoon May 2nd.
Introductory Exercises.
Concert, The Bohemian-Orchestra.
Children's Hour, in charge of
Children's Worker.
Admission 35c, children 15c.
Wednesday night.
Concert, The Bohemian Or
chestra. Lecture, America and the
World of Tomorrow. Dr.
Martin D Hardin of Chicago.
Moving Pictures,
Admission 50c children 25c
Thursday' morning, May 3rd,
Children's Hour.
Community Singing,
Admission 25c, children 15c.
Thursday afternoon.
Concert, Beulah Buck La
dies Quartet.
Admission 35c, children 15c
Thursday gight;
ConcervSeulah Buck Ladies'
Lecture, An Analysis of Suc
cess and Failure, Har? L
Fogleman of New York City.
Amissioft 35c, children 15c.
Friday morning, May 4th.
Children's Hour.
Community Singing,
Admission 25c, children 15c.
Friday afternoon.
Concert, Members of the Ora-
Lecture. Moonshine; B Mc
Donald of Newark, O.
Admission 50c, children 25c.
iFriday night.
Concert, The Oratorio Artists.
Moving Pictures .
. Admission 50c, children 2oc.
Saturday morning, May 5th.
Children' Hour.
Community Singing.
Admission 25c, children 15c.
Saturday afternoon,
Concert, Antonio Sala, Spanish
Cellist and Assisting Artists
Indian Songs and Legends,
The Indian Princess Watah
waso The Great
SINCE the days when we followed
our first circus parade, to tfie
" pulse-stirriifg strains of te uni
formed band sitting aloft hi their
Silded, palatial wagon drawn by pranc
ing horses, we have never qr.iie lost
the mcgic thrill which always returns
when we hear the rousing strains of a
good band.
! trl L " "
Admission 50c, children 25c,
Saturday night -Concer
t, The Sala Trio
Indian Songs, Legends, aud
Dances, Princess Watah
waso .
Lecture, The Passion , Play,
Fraulein Marie Mayor of
Moving Pictures
Admission 50c children 25c,
Monday morning, May 7tjh
Children's Hour
Community -Singing
Admission 25c, children 15c
Monday afternoon
Choral and Orchestral Pro
gram 'Gilbert and Sullivan
Opera Company
Admission 50c, children 25c
Monday night
The Mikado, Gilbert and Sulli
van's Famous Light Opera,
(Complete Production by
Company of 3', Including
Moving Pictures
Admission. 75c, children 35c
Tuesday morning, May 8th
Children's "Hour
Community Singing
Admission 25c, children 1
Tuesday afternoon i
Lecture, How to Meet the
High Cost of Living, George
L McNutt Of New York City
Admission 35r children 15c
Tuesday night
Mother Gooe Festival, In
Charge of . Children Worker
Lecture, Let the People Know,
Cogresswoman Jeannette
Rankin of Montana5, (Subject
to Congressional Duties)
Moving, Pictures
.Admission 50c, children 25c
Community- Singing
Wednesday afternoon.
Grand Concert, Creatore's
Band 5
Admission 50c. Children 25c,
Wednesday night .
Grand Concert Creatore's
Band, Led by the Great Cre
atore himself
Moving Pictures
Admission 75c, children 35c.
Guisepe will direct Creatore's
Band at the Evening Concert
Piles Cured-in 6 t & 4 Days
Vour druearif t will refund-on
if PAzcr
OINTMENT fails to cm- itrvcasfi of Itchinsr
The first application vives Ease Rest. 50c
Creators is one of the greatest band
leaders our couutry, has ever known.
When the well known Italian leader
first came to--this country, he was a
veritable sensation. Dramatic, pic-,
turesquc in tis directing", and cycltmic
in -his intensity and a revelation of
musical energy, he v. as a marvel of
emotional possibilities. He quickly be
Wednesday mornm, Jfa 9thi .
He is men to Wt&zfofc? ar.nD O
swer Falsi Prefcj
New Yorir, April 26. A man
described as Walter G NeirniSO,
"stock promoter,' wasarrcsfcd
today in a stock brbkerage oitda,
at 80 Broadway, on warrant
sued in Washington, stating a)t:
he was under indictment
on a charge of larceny. No
er details were supplied.
locked up at police heaqiiart
to await the Washington poLo
The prisoner said his arrealJi
sons in vy asmngcon wisiieu utc
to give information poncernin
Washington officials.
Washington, April 28v WalSl
George Newman of (old Hill aid
New York, was brought here tc
day by deputy United; State!
marshals to answer a charge Of
false pretense preferred against
him by Charles H Martin, Sena
tor Overman's secretary. New"5
man has already been indicte
by a grand jury in the District
of Columbia. (
W r. Newman spent most oj.tjje
day in Marshal Splain's, ofnea
trying to obtain bail. Up to noon,
the time government offices close
on Saturdays, he had not been
successful, though his nephew
W C Jones of Richmond, hadTt
rived in the city an4 ..probably
w ill be able to secure the proper
amount. .'
It will be remembered
.Newman came into prom;
the last time while boosting
Hill stocks in Washington. ' Jit.
number of United States sen-
bought large- amounts ?of Mr
Newmans interests. The stock
went up from , something like 2
cents a share to approximately
one dollar.
Then a New York newspaper
discovered that Newman was
writing letters on United States
stationery. An investigation by
the senate was ordered anji with
in a few days the bottom had
fallen out of the Gold Hill stocks.
It was while Newman was
boosting his stocks, that Martin
bocame acquainted with him;
IN e Will an Was a Welcome Caller
and His Band
eventti Day
came the rage. Creatore's genius lay,
not -only in his Singular ability to im
part to his men the ocmtagioo of his
vivid emotions, .but lsb in his unusual
mastery of instromeniation.
Erom;the shrill call of the cornet to
the thunderous roar of the ketttedrums
every instrument is in perfect harmony.
Some one has rightly styled the result
v Bowel t 3l4rltt is the ?sie cret
ci tjoo4 Uealtbt?f bright eyes t&T
iccpiwfcitnd?Dr. Kg2aUfw
Itiattve that frnlatcs the bowels
kt relieves iragedted itrtes
tines byaartwj the acenmntat
a, pill before retttinff, aod.taatf
h,thati2! spring: fewr
feelmff lisappg Get t Dr.
jdruggiati 25e
on almost a dozen or more sea-
ators the most of wjaqrn boogh
stock -in the Gold BiU
f Jar tin alleges that Neivmaft ob
tained $1,000 under e frch
inse, The case wWiestljr
ed hy the W asiungton, autnpri
Inland ah indictment returned
by the grand jurv about a month
in con versatipn wtttv S
News correspondent Ht.
man sai44hat he had donethr
ing wrong and tbat be would in
table to prove his innocence
A preliminary hearing wU be.
given Newman Monday -when the
(amount tf. bond required by the
district attorney will be fixed.;
These is more Catarrh in this.
Section of the country than ; all
diner diseases puf together, ant;
-S ' m
tor rears it was supposed to be
curable. Doctors prescribed
local remedies, and bv constantlv
faiiog to cure wlh local treaVil
r Z -
meti pronounced it incur
Carrh is a local disease, atly J
Catarrh Medknne ,maimacCttre44
by F J Cheney & (Tbjfedf
is a const! tut tonal remedy-; is
taken interftjlly , ,an4 .aeS:W
the Blood on the ; muecfaiVi'Sinu
faces of the System. On Hull. 1
dred Dollar34-eward.ts offered ior
any case that Ball's Catarrfr
Medicine fails to care. Send , for
cirCalaad wimiai,
circulars and testimonial free.,
F J CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
Sold by Druggists, 75c..
Hall's Family Pills for con-
of y the
as a "Sublime Festival at Cnrmoaj."
Wilt Be r- Htere-
Clasaie and popular txpxfr sike fertef is Um Boston 0 the atidience
thrilia of delight t tef The prosed tte Creatore
program is sufficients frt to pteaoe !d beta caHMdt Ji4ilf doeenf times,
the diYersiflS3' tjiiX the crest' he get .taaj-toietnOT and repeated
crowds which tua ttf bear tins The 8tar Spieled Banner with an
ceiebrsted .wder tSeece Ote ciimsx scccwpewlmeot ;tft. mosicai. fireworks
the audience reaches high pitch g that sent everytdy home in an exalteti
enthnsissa. state e, nroUtelstioa,?, j Creatore s
Hmm tiJh Ssitk ti ffla JirpS War.
Atlanta, Oa , April 28 Gif -ford
Pinchot, former head of the
national forestry service told an
audience'at the econd Baptist
church here tonjtgiit that if the
war lasted for more than a year
'it would be won by the men who
piow-the soil pf the south.'
Jf the south is made self-sus
taining,' ht centiqued 'so that the
S700,000,00d worth of foodstuffs
which yearly bfve to be sent
here for your people, can be sent
to the allies who are actually
fighting abroad, tewl be
settled.4 ,
: Speaking hf effects of the
.war upon American views he de
glared it had 'opened! ouzl mind
to many things to which we were
blind. ! .
; 'For instance he said, France
in our minds has 'always appear
fd as a nation demoted to frivoli
iy. Today France stands out
hefore the wprld; a& the most
efficient nation in khe world.
'Because of qur histories
unfortunately, George the Third
l is still alive and we fail to realize
the good - character of EngUnd
today. England through hei
great fleet, his heen the means
ol.pnr safety, through her army,
ajs she is mjitress of the seas we
fNp ris ihe time to get rid of i
ypur. rieuiujusm, x on wui nna
4amblai,S; Liniment a great
help, . The relie mm l
3biinciL;No. :
0; U.;A. IIZ of this dtyl
issned .ftuv urgent appeal to
order to do all in their power
uphold the president and flag
our country in the crisis now
ccfcfrantmj the ration. In clos
- -j- r- ,
jjliif say j;!tKememberthat our
17; TSS i 1
t1 pabUb schools and
oux homes."
f .1taln'if Csef m fct The Hsfr"
ae of it tost atxl iaative effect;
m isyoaco yuuuntt better tban ordmr aoM sot ve nervoataes oof
tta -It hMk tenbex the foU name and
"At the tb& .fe0 oi Ui Tconcerts."
Resolethns of Appreciation.
Rockwell, N. C, April 27.
At a meeting of the joint con
sistory of the Faith charge of the
Reformed church on April 15th,
1917, the following resolution
was unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That we, the mem
bers of the joint consistory of
the Faith charge, hereby express
our appreciation to Rev. Welker,
our pastor, and his wife, for
their untiring interest and devo
tion to the, needs and necessities
of the spiritual welfare of eur
people, and we hope that the in
terests of both pastor and people
may so blend and harmdnize in
the future that the result may
be many years of useful service
and sacrifice for the Master to
the end that our people may be
constrained to follow more close-
ly in the footsteps of t;the meek
4ndthe lowly Jesus, and may
the All Seeing Eye ever watch
over and direct them until their
labors on earth have been com
pleted, and they have been called
hence, where labor ceases and
joy is forever more.
: At no time since the formation
of the Faith charge hasr harmony
ejxisted between pastor and peo
ple as it exists at this time and
we trust that it in a v continue
f6r time to come.
By order of the joint Con
L. M. HoLiSHUser, Sec'y.
- -4-
For Yonr Child's Cough.
I Here's a pleasant cough sy ru p
that every ckild likes to take, Dr.
f Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. If your
chnd has a deep hacking cough
cell's i'me Tar-HOney, the sooth v
Pe balsams relieve the
cough, loosens the phlegm and
heiIs tne irritated tissues. Get
a bottle to-day at your druggists
and start treatment at once. 25c.
jThe clofeing exercises of the
Mt; Ulla school began Sun
day-afternoon with the bac
calaureate sermon by Rev
LA Falls of Moresville, and
closes this evening with a
plky entitled "Tomskin'a Hir
ed Man." v
appearance at the Panama Exposition
proved s similar sensation.
Creatore and his band come here on
the seventh day of the big Bedpath
3hautaaqna program.
Creatore will direct his band only at
the evening performance. The concert
of the afternoon will be led by the
sistant director.

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