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A Home Newapaper Pabliehed in the Interest of the People and for Governmental Affairs.
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Eaard ef County Commissioners Held Two
Day Sossian and Transact Business.
The board of county commis
sioners met in regular monthly
session Monday and Tuesday
with Chairman J S Hall presid
ing and all member being pres
ent. The following business
was transacted:
Ordered that petition relative
to Baxter Daniels be a2cepted
and he be sent to the Caswell
training: school at Kinston at the
expense t of the State.
Ordered that, certain taxes
paid by the Allman shows in
East Spencer be refunded to the!
firemen of Bast Spencer.
It was ordered that the matter
of the road by. M A J Bost's and
Rbbt Thompson's be deferred.
Ordered that CMC Barjrer be
given 30 days more in advertis
ing for taxes.
It was ordered that camp No.
3 when through on the Sherrill's
Pord road go to Bringle's Ford
Ordered t lat the Colored Me
morial Association be allowed the
use of the superior court room
on May 30th.
It was ordered that the county
line be established between Ca
barrus and Rowan counties and
that Cabarrus be asked to pay
half of the expense.
. Ordered that Messrs Gi'ay
and Patterson go to Kannapolis
and establish a temporary coun
ty: line for the benefit of the tax
listers in the event the county
surveyor has not Bad the time to
It was ordered that the matter
Vof Back Creek and Bear Poplar
road be deferred until next meet
ing of the board and that Mr.
Knox and Dr. Brown be prese t
at said meeting.
It was ordered that Rowan
county give $400 and Rowan
eounty school board give $400 to
the Home Demonstration Work
and that Chairman J S Hall meet
and confer with the Farmers
Union relative to the purchase of
a Ford roadster for use of home
Ordered that the following re
port be adopted: That T H Knox
property be condemned and road
DUt on survey; that survey at
crossing near Mr. Goodman's be
used; that the road be left on old
roadbed near Mr. Goodman's
barn lot; that extra width only
be taken from the Sherrill prop-
erty, and that till be made on
north side of raftroad near Mt.
Ulla station.
' It was ordored that the follow
inar resolution be adopted. It
appearing to the board that the
sum of $50,000 is required to de
. fray the necessary expenses of
the county, the following resolu
tion is adopted:
Be it resolved, by the board of
commissioners of Rowan county
that the chairman and clerk of
this board be authorized to bor
row the sum of $50,000 to meet
the necessary expenses of the
county, and to execute the notes
of the county payable as follows:
$10,000 Nov. 7, 1917; $10,000 Nov.
7, 1917; $10,000 Nov. 7, 1917; $5,
000 Nov 7. 1917; $5,000 Nov, 7,
1917; $5,000 Nov. 7, 1917; $5,000
Nov 7, 1917; said notes to be
dated on the day of their issu
ance, to bear interest at the rate
ot per cent per annum.
. Be it further resolveo that
said notes shall be paid at of
the proceeds of the colle 1 on of
taxes heretofore levied o to be
leVied during the current ypar.
Be it further resolved, that
said chairman and clerk be au
thorised to negotiate the sale of
;aid;ubt88 and deliver them to
the purchaser thereof at their
bid price.
Commissioners votiug in favor
of the resolution were J S Hall,
C J Fleming, B E Gray and W
Kester. Those voting in opposi
tion to same were R A Riiney,
h A Kesler, F D Patterson.
It was ordered that J C Dea
ton go to Greensboro and see if
any arrangements can be made
to place Mrs Hodge, a woman in
peculiar circumstances, in a
good suitable home.
Ordered that the Gold Hill and
Piney road matter be deferred;.
Overman & Co,, were awarded
contract to furnish supplies for
the county gangs, wdrk house
and county home for the month
of May.
Ordered that the order passed
relative to CMC Barger in re
gard to advertising of taxes be
It was ordered that th dis
tricts repairjforcs be kept as at
present and same to be financed
so as to get satisfactory results.
Ordered that Supt. Thomason
confer with the attorney and act
on certain trouble on; road to
Mr. Kluttz's.
Ordered that Supt. Thomason
use camp No. U in building the
road and putting up road mark,
Ordered that Supt. Thomason
put in frqnof Ijomes
public- roaoff ne ..vtmns&i
A-- ' J- J
It was ordered. tbafcEo
count v par the railroad fare
any Confederate veteran to
Washington and return in case
he is not abla to do so and that
send moiiey for face tax . Wahing
ton and re&um be handled
through Clerk McCubbins and
A H Boyden.
Ordered that Supt. Thomason
with Commissioner Fleming to
look over road near Cleveland,
It was ordered ttiat a road be
built from Baker's brancn near
Kannapolis around the bill by
Pethel's store to the county line,
It was ordered that the follow
ing resolution be adopted: Or
dered that Mr. Stabler be allow
ed$l5a month from July 1st,
to October 1st, 1917, as increase
Ordered that the matter of
buying a truck be deferred,
It was ordered by the board
that the construction of Salisbu
ry be deferred and that said ave
nue be repaired at once by Supt.
Thomason; Those voiiug for
said resolution were Messrs.
Gray, Kesler, Rainey and Pat
terson; voting against the reso
lution, Messrs. Fleming and
The following resolution was
Resolved, tLat the Salisbury
and Spercer Railway Company
is hereby granted permission to
lay gas mates on the side of the
public highway from Spencer to
the toll oridge at the Yadkin
river, location of mains . to ;be
given said company by the coun
ty engineer in writing, upon con
dition that the public .highway
be not obstructed, and upon fur
ther condition that so much
thereof as is required for the
said g&s main is to be placed in
the same condition as the public
highway now is. If it becomes
necessary for the said company
to make any further connection
or repairs to saia main or con
nections the saii company shall
replace, tho roadway so disturbed
in the same 'condition as found
at the time oi s-.iu repairs or
constructions, upon being given
authority to do so by the board.
rhe foHow?.ng r solution was
adopted by the bo?rd of county
commissioners, ;-. having been
passed by the,, county farmers'
j Resolved 1st, That the Rowan
County Farmers' Union believes
that there should be a board of
agriculture in Rowan county to
make plans for the development
the agricultural interests of the
Resolved 2nd, That this board
be composed of the chairman of
the board of county commission
ers, the chairman of the school
commissioners of the county,
the county superintendent of
schools, the president of the
County Farmers1 Union, the
president of the Chamber of
Commerce, the president of the
Connty Farm Women's Club,
the president of the Woman's
Civic League of Salisbury, the
County Farm Demonstator and
two members from each town
ship by the above designated di
rectors. Resolved 3rd, That this pro
posed board serve without finan
cial compensation.
Several other matters were
disposed of, including allowences
to out of door poor, and tne
meeting adjourned.
Muscle Soreness Relieved.
Usual work, bending and lift
ing or strenuous exercise is a
strain on the muscles, they be
come sore and L.tiff, you are crip
pled and in pain. Sloans Lini
tnent brings you quick relief,
i-eay. to apply, it penetrates with-
i jit . a A
out ruDDing ana anves out tne
soreness. A clear liquid, cleaner
than inus9y plasters or ointments
it does not stain the skin or clog
the pores. Always have a bottle
handy for tte - pains aches i
rheumatism, gout lumbago and
irrippe, bruises, stiffness, back
ache and all external pain
your druggists, 25c.
Weather Forecast for May.
From 6 to 13, rainy if wind is
southwest at from 8 to 10 P M
the 6th cool and if Northwest
hail around and stormy.
From 13 to 20 fair and change
able along with threatnings, cool.
From 20 to 28, fair with threat
ning local rains, standing around
some cool. From 28 to June 5th,
fair and clear with local threat
nings to rain.
May shows some warm,
some cool, rendering hail, from
16 to 13th, around if wind is as
above stated at those hours.
Rain first and last of month
Henry Ried
Let Stock Have Salt Near All the Time.
It is customary to salt the cat
tle once every week, or every two
or three weeks, while they are on
pasture. In the way it is don :
probably the salt does the cattle
as much harm as good; but there
is one advantage in the practice,
it means that the cattle get a lit
tle attention at this time and any
sick or injured animals are at
tended to. But cattle should not
take all the aalt they need for
weeks at one time- The owner
does uot eat his "greens" today
and his salt next week- Salt
should be kept under a shelter
where the cattle can eat what
and when they want it. The
Progressive Farmer.
Best Remedy for Whooping Coagh.
"Last winter when my
boy had the whooping cough
gave him Chamberlains, Cough
Rinnedy," writes Mrs. J B Rob
erts, East St. Louis, 111. It kept
his coiigh loose and 'relieved him
of those dreadful coughing spells.
It is the only cough medicire I
'eep in the house because I have
he most confidence in it. This
remedy is also good for colds and
j croup.
Suit Filed by Rowan Woman Atainst Execu
tors of Estate of Late Philip Sowers.
The Lexington Dispatch of last
week had the following interest
ing story of a suit instituted by
Mrs. Minnie C Sowers, of Row
an, against the executors of the
late Philip Sowers:
44 Mrs. Minnie C Sowers, widow
of the late Jacob C Sowers, of
Rowan county, has filed suit for
$50,000 against H H Hedrickand
Philip J Sowers, executors of
the late Philip Sowers. The suit
is brought by Mrs. Sowers as
the representative of her eight
year old son, Philip Sowers, Jr.,
to whom was bequeathed a thou
sand acres of land the old home
of the deceased on the banks of
the Yadkin river in Rowan coun
ty. She aliegeTuTbrcomplaint
that half this amount is the dif
ference in the value of the estates
parceled out to the four heirs by
the will of the deceased. The
complaint, it is understood, fur
ther alleges that the will is a vio
lation of a contract made 21 years
asro between her lale husband
and his father, whereby the son
was to be given all 'fcthe Rowan
properties of Philip Sowers,
upon condition that the son pay
the debts then outstanding
aganst the "properties. It is con
tended that Jacob Sowers paid
$25,000 of these.
"In the will of Philip Sowers
the lands in Davidson are given
to the three living children and
117 acres near Spencer was be
queathed in fee simple to Mrs.
reoP Hedrick, the only daugh
ter. This was th only portion
of the lands given in fee simple.
The personality was devised to
all equally. The case will likely
be fought out around the com
parative values of the various
lands, their locations and fertili
ty and question as to whether
the deceased son actually paid
the debts of the deceased father.
Quite a number of interesting
questions are involved. The will
which leaves the home place to
the minor heir specifies that no
timber except for upkeep and
use on the place shall be cut and
sold during the minority of PhiUp
Sowers, Jr, To his mother is
left $200 per year so long as she
remains a widow.
''The case will likely come up
at fall term of Rowan Superior
court. Clement and Clement
and probably several other mem
bers of the Rowan bar will rep
resent the plaintiff. Emery E.
Raper, of Lexington, and Linn &
Linn and R Lee Wright, of Salis
bury, have been retained by the
executors. The defense has not
yet filed its answer to the com-
plaiiit, which was filed in Salis
bury last week."
Get Rid of Your Rheumatism.
Now is the time to sret rid of
your rheumatism. You will find
Chamberlain s Liniment a great
help. The relief which it affords
is alone worth many times its
i ne wise tarmer tnis spring
will take every possible precau
tion to insure getting good
stands of all crops planted, since
a defective stand is . a very cer-
tion means of reducing- yields
and lowering profits. In get
ting stands good seed and thor
ough preparion making firm,
mellow, clod tree seed bed are
of first importance. With cot
ton, especial care should be exer
cised not wo get the seed too deep
Where the rund is moist, half j
an inch of dirt on the seed will l
t 1 t m : . , . I
dc pieny i nen use tne narrow
to break any crusts formed by
beating rains. The Progressive
A List of the Officials, Ladies and Gentle
men Compote Rowan's New Organization
The following is the plans, ob
jects and list of nsmes of Row
an's new organization to be
known as a board of agriculture,
but after reading the objects it
would be more properly named if
called the Rowan Meddler's As
sociation. This is somewhat of
a 4 'Lord High Chancellor of the
First Floor Front" affair without
authority, and r many of the
names iouna below will be sur
prised to learn of the . greatness
heaped upon them, V It is rio
known how many are interested
in the matter, or just bow many
named will serve. Ifcis said this is
the result of a uniod of the Cham
ber of Commerce, the name of
which is about all tnat remains,
and the Farmers' Union.
The directors are: J S Hall,
Chairman Board County Com
missioners, b a Krown f resident
Farmers Union; H A Rouzer,
President Chamber of Commerce;
S Stabler, Countv Demonstra
tion Agent; T D Brown, County
Food Conservation Commission;
Prof. R G Kizer, Superintendent
County Schools; M Mc-
Corkle, Chairman'Board Educa
tion; Mrs. F J Murdoch, Presi
dent Civic League; Miss Annie
Krider, President Farm Woman's
The Board will have, among
other things, the following ob-
jects in view:
1 County development gener
ally - -VC
2 Better system markets - and
3 Farm and home demonstra
tion work, i;
4 More farm labor and hand
ling same.
5 Production of food and fead
for home consumption first and
cotton for surplus.
6 More and better gardens.
7 Better seeds.
Better knowledge of food val-
9 Better farms and farm homes
10 Solving problems that ef
fect farmers and business men
The following townships and
towns representatives were ap
pointed by the Board, who will
assist in promulgating the work
throughout the county:
Jos. W Miller, Richfield R 2.
Mrs. Milas A Arey, Richfield
R 2.
A L Kluttz, Salisbury R 6.
Mrs. P A D. feeler,, Salisbury
r 6. ...
L W Safrit, Salisbury R 3. .
Mrs, Joseph T ' Riderihour,
W P Sloop, Salisbury' R 2.
Miss Pearle Julian, Salisbury,
R 8.
J B Lingle, Salisbury, R 7,
Miss Lillian Miller, Salisbury,
R 2.
Rev J H Keller, China Grove.
Mrs. Chas. E Miller, China
O L Heilig, China Grove R 2.
Mrs John Efird, China Grove.
J S McCorkle, China Grove
R 2.
Mrs. J S Caldwell, Mt. Ulla,
R 1.
W D Graham, Mt. Ulla R 1.
Miss Brook Umburger, Mt.
C H Frieze, Salisbury, R 1.
D B Efird, Salisbury.
Miss Ethel Tatum, Salisbury
R 1
Miss Mary Chilson, Salisbury,
R 4.
W H Woodson, Salisbury.
C M Henderlite, Salisbury.
Mrs-M O Linton.' Salisbury.
Mrs M J Ragland, Salisbury.
Miss Susie Whitehead. Salis
bury. -
Convict Gamps Inspects!, Wcst l:.:: R:
road Grassing Glassti is His.
The grand jury for the May
term of Rowan countyr Superior
court rendered the following re
port: To the Hon. M.H Justice, Judge
Presiding :
We your Grand Jurors for the
May Term Superior eonrt beg
leave to report that we have act
ed on all bills presented to us.
We visited the jail and found it
in a very satisfactory condition,
with one exception, we reccom
mend that the interior of the jail
be repainted at once.
The Sheriff's, Register of
Deeds', Treasurer's audAuditor's
offices were , visited and each
found to bekept.iti the usual neat
attractive way, and so far as we
were able to 'judge, .all c-
COUOra atkfl' orwikl wr nmtvr
. . ' - - w f J
aud accurately kept.
The Work House was also vis
ited, aud found in a clean aud
sanitary conditioa.
The County Home had the
eareful attention of the commit-
tee and was found to be sanitary
and the preniises were-nice and
We recommend the roof of the
cook room be repaired at the ear
liest possible time.
We visited Camp No. I by
committee and found 21 prisoners
5 white and 16 t:olore all beins
properly cared for, Waiso found ;
it mmcs at tnrsxamp-'airxK goba
also find i9ttiea
all in good working order.
We find a dangerous -piece of
road, and railroad crossing, ou
Innes street near M.I Jackson's,
home, and we Teconimetid- that
the city authorities be required
to remedy same at once.
Respectfully submitted.
J F. McKnighx,
Foreman of the Grand Jury.
The plain truth is that the
Southern farmer must, because
of the ever rising prices in large
measure go without the food
stuffs he does not raise. Corn is
locally quoted now at $1.60 a
bushel and oats at"90 cents, and
$2 corn, 11-25 oats and $40 hay
within six months need not sur-
prise anyone. Wheat has passed
$2 a bushei and may go to $3:
hogs are $16 a hundred on foot.
ana may go to $20 or even $25,
People who have to buy their
foods tuffis are already suffering.
and the situation will get worse
before it gets better. "Food,
Feed and Fertility First" ahbtftd
be the watchword. Have you
made it yours? The Progessive
74&oe?er You Need a General 7V3
Take Grove's
Th Old Standard Groyes Tkstts
JftfU Tonic ir equally -valuable. f,
Tonic because it'contaln ttsj
v J iUJown tonic propM of QDINr
dtON. It actsontbeliTWJJtS
t, aularia, Enriches tWBWodrcfc I
S t! Wboi Svstem-n aoenr .
W H Burton, Spencer. -Mrs.
O C Godfrey, Spences
C E Fespermani EaatSjpncer.
B S Krider, Mt. VVh2ft
Mrs. G F Houck,vMtXJlii.
R 2. . . '-.
C A Brown, Clevland. 's'
Mrs. S K Carson. -Elmwcfed.
Henry Turttereievelaa'3.
Mrs R C Currenoomta : '
D L Neelt Wobdleaf.- ' 1
Miss Mary Bailey Woodleaf.
A full meeting of ; tixis ! Board
and County Representatives :was
held Tuesday, May 15 10 oV
clock a. m., in the;.Ol CoUrV
House, and some de&$te, mo
tion on above Hneja may he taktiu
tnircamov V -' ;:M.
,-. St1

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