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A Home Newapape? Published in the Interest of the People and for Governmental Affairs.
The Nature, Terms, Special fldvantases and
Desirability of Liberty Loan Bonds.
There are two kinds of Liberty
Loan Bonds. Bearer Bonds are
to be issued in denominations of
$50, $100, $500, $1,000. These
Bearer Bonds, which are made
payable to bearer, have interest
coupons attached which are de
tached by the holder when the
interest installments they repre
sent are due and can be cashed at
any bank the' same as a United
States Treasury note.
Registered bonds are to be is
sued, which are registered as to
both principal and interest, in
denominations of $100, $500, 31,
000. $5,000, $10,(!00, $50 000, and
.$100,000; checks for the amount
of interest due will be maiied out
semi-annually to the holders of
these regis terered bonds.
Liberty L)an Bonds of the first
issue of $2,000 000. c00 are to bear
date of June 15, 1917, and to rut:
for thirty years, excf p that the
Government reserves the riuht
to pay them fifteen year after
date. If this rhihi is not exer
cised b,y the Government fifteen
years from ihe date, the bends
will ruin the full thirty years.
These bonds bear interest at
7Yi per cent per annum arid the
interest is payable semi-annually
on the fifteenth day of December
and the fifteenth day of June in
each year.
One especial advantage no oth
er bonds, National State, munici
pal, or corporate, have is that if
the United States during the
continuance, of this war shall is
sue other bonds at a higher rate
of 'interest, the holders of these
Liberty bonds have the riirbt to
exchange their Liberty bonds for
bonds bearing the higher ra.o
of interest, dollar for dollar.
N,Tbey are nontaxable. If your
city, county, and State taxes are
three mills on the dollar, a not
unusual "tax, these bonds are
equivalent to ordinary corporate
bonds or other investments bear
ing b per cent.
In addition, no Federal tax
which wai conditions may later
make necessary will affect these
bonds. The only tax these bonds
are subject to is the inheritance
tax, which applies to all prop
erty of all kinds whatsoever.
Blank forms of application for
the purchase of these bonds can
be obtained from the Treasury
Deparmeut, any Federal Reserve
Bank, any National State or pri
vate bank, any express office and
any post . office in the United
States. Any bank or postmaster
will aid applicant in filling out
his blank and the other acts nec
essary to obtain these bonds
It is not necessary to advertise
these bonds to sell the whole is
sue but it is earnestly desired
that this loan shall be a popular
loan, a loan by and from the peo
pie at large of the United tates
and not alone from banks, trust
companies and fittanciers. To
that end bonds are to be issued in
small denominations and subscri
bers for small amounts are to be
supplied before the subscribers
for large amounts are granted
their full subscription
For Your Child's Cough.
Here's a pleasant cough syrup
that every child likes to take, Dr.
Bell's Pine-Taj? Honey. If your
child has a deep hacking cough
that worries you give him Dr.
Bell's Pine Tar Honey, the Tooth
ing JHne balsams reliev the
cough, . loosens the phleg . and
heals the irritated tissue? Get
bottle' to-day at your druggists
" Q,n" start treatment at once. 25c.
GonfederatG Veterans to Washington for the
First Time.
Atlanta, Ga., May 16 Plans
for handling the thousands of
visitors from the South who will
attend the annual reunion of the
Uuited Confederate Veterans at
Washington, D. C.. on June 4th
to 8th inclusive, were made at a
conference of officers of the op
erating av.d passenger traffic de
partments of iu-'j Soucern Raii
way System in Ah an sit Monday
and Tuesday.
Arrangements were perfected
t the conference for the opera
tion of between forty and fifty
special trains to Washington in
addition to extra equipment and
axtra sections on the regular
passenger tra'us. For the re
union a special organization will
be formed by the Southern at
Washington to assist the veter
ans and their friends in making
arrangements for return trips,
A large number of expert pass
enger men will be assigned for
this purpose. Special operating
and mechanical forces will be de
tailed to assure the prompt
movement of trains and special
p iice protection will be prc
v.ded. That this l-miniou, which is the
first, to be heid at the nntiona
.capital, will "Uicct larger crowds
than have assembled at any pre
vious reunion, ard that the war
activities will any way i in
terfere with the program already
arranged, was the view express
ed bv Passenger Traffic Manager
W H Tayloe. The appearance of
the old veterans at Washington
is expected to stimulate patriot
ism and thus help the present
Roaa to Happiness. K
Be aimable, cheerful and good
natured and you are much more
likely to be happy. You will
find this difficult, if not impossi
ble, however, when you are con
stantly tmubied with constipation
Take Chamberlain's Tablets and
get rid of that and it will be
easy. These tablets not only
move the bowels, but improev
the appetite and strengthen the
Spread Salt on Streets to Lessen DnstEyil.
Common course salt, when
properly applied to dirt roads,
quite su:ceLStuiIy allays oust
during the dry months of sum
mer. The scheme has been tried 1
in many places, and among them
the little viilage of Belleville, Pa.
where it obviates the seed of
street spinkling. At this parti
cular town the salt is scattered
over the road surface with the
aid of a lime spreader The nat
ural affinity of calcium chloride,
which is present in salt, for
moisture keeps the village thor
oughfares fairly free from dust
even during very dry periods
The material is applied at inter
vals of about six weeks at a com
parativeiy low, cost, io obtain
I good results, however it is neces
sary that the salt should have an
opportunity to become thorough
ly mixed with the dirt before en
countering a heavy rain. From
the June Popular Mechanics
v agazine.
Best Remedy for Whoops Coush.
"Last winter when my little
boy had the whooping cough I
g-ave him Chamberlains, Coug-h
Remedy," writes Mrs. J B Rob-
erts. Eact St. Louis. 111." It kept
his couth loose and relieved him
of those dreadful coughing spells,
It is the on! v cou h medicine I
keep in ti c ho'-ise .Decause I have
the most confidence in it. This
remedy is also god for colds and
Sweet Potatoes as Well as Corn May be
Planted as Late as July.
West Raleigh, N. C,
May 6, 1917.
For a week I have tried to find
time to write an article urging
the farmers to plant heavily of
sweet potatoes. If the war con
tinues for another year the pro
duction of human food crops will
be a serious problem not only in
the South but throughout the
world. The West as well as the
Northwest has annually been
supplying the South with hun
dreds of millions of dollars
worth of food necessities to feed
toe people of the South, The
enormous quantities of food that
the United States have been
shipping to Europe must con
tinue, and hardships are inevita
bly coming if the war continues
six months longer. There is no
crop grown in the South that will
furnish as much food value per
acre or so cheaply as will the
sweet potato. A dollar's worth
of sweet potatoes used as human
food has practically double the
food value of a dollar's worth of
wheat and corn. An acre of av
erage land in sweet potatoes will
produce more food than two
acres of corn and more than four
acres of wheat in the cotton belt.
Sweet potatoes may be planted
as late as July and yield twice as
much human food as corn on
land of average fertility. It is
the most important crop that the
South can now grow, and there
remains May, June and a part of
July in which this crop may be
The sweet potato has a higher
food value than the Irish potato,
and it is now too late to plant the
latter with any assurance of suc
cess, and then there is practical
ly no seed available. There is
ample sweet potato seed availa
ble, and a bushel of sweet pota
toes will produce plants enough
t) plant from six to ten times as
much land as a bushel of Irish.
An acre of land that will pro
duce 15 or 20 bushels of corn, 8
to 12 bushels of wheat, or 150 to
200 pounds of lint cotton will
produce 50. and may produce 80,
or 1C0 bushels of sweet potatoes.
depending upon the good prepa.
tion of the soil and good fertili
zers. No crop will yield so much
per acre of so high a food value
on so poor land as will this high
ly nutritious root crop. Sweet
potatoes may follow the various
early truck and farm crops har
vested in May and June, such as
cabbage, Irish potatoes, etc.,
small grain, crimson clover, etc
In view of the scarcity of pot
ash I would recommend for
sweet potatoes between 6 ;0 and
1.200 Dounds of a fertilizer ana
lvzinff 8 to 10 Der- cent of
phosphoric acid and 2 to 4
and 2 to
J. n
per cent of nitrogen. On
very thin land I would use
the higher per cent of nitrogen,
and on better land the lower per
oent. C. L. Newman, M. S.
Prof, of Agriculture.
Muscle Soreness Relieved j
Usual work, bending and lift
ing or strenuous exercise is a
strain on the muscles, they be
come sore and stiff, you are crip
pled and in pain. Sloan's Lini
ment brings you quick relief,
easy to apply, it penetrates with
out rubbing and drives out the
soreness A clear liquid, cleaner
j than mussy plasters or ointments
it does not stain the skin or clog
the pores. Always have a bottle
handy for the puns, aches of
rheumatism, gout, lumbago and
grippe bruises, stiffness, back
ache and all external pain. At
your druggists, 25c.
Doctrine of Union of Church and State to be
Revived Whenever and Wherever Possible.
The Menace:
On April 15th The Menace
nublished an extended article on
h i -fi, J
Bay State Constitutional Conven
tion. That this article showing
how to make Massachusetts
"safe for democracy," was a veri
table bomb shell thrown into the
camp of Cardinal O'Connell and
his Roman Catholic Political
Machine, is clearly in evidence.
Excepting the Christian Scien
ce Daily Monitor, the Massa
chusetts daily press respected
Rome's Index in a manner that
promised great things for the
cardinal's machine. Rome ex
pected to secure an overwhelm
ing majority of subservient can
didates who would oppose per
mitting the citizens of Massa
chusetts .to enjoy the funda
mental rights of a democratic
state that of voting on the
anti sectarian Constitutional
Amendment, which has no
other purpose than to take
religion cut of politics and
render it impossible for any
church to loot the public
treasury for sectarian institu
tions. This great and vital issue, if
permitted to be freely discussed
in theaily press, would ere this,
have been submitted to the peo
ple of Massachusetts. It is fav
ored by all persons who favor
our Federal Constitution's doc
trine of absolute divorce of
chufch and state; by all persons
who wish to preserve the integ- j
rity of the great principle that
no special favors are to be shown
to any church or faith. It is fa
vored bv all patriots who do not
wish to see the public treasury
looted in the interest of any re
ligous denomination. But it is
opposed by the sinister Roman
Catholic Political Machine in
the same spirit that Rome oppos
es freedom of speech and press,
and all questions which run
counter to its plan for substitut
ing the papal for the democratic
theory of government.
Hence Rome for years-has striv
en to censor this question, and
seldom has the pa pal Index been
more shamefully in evidence
than in regard to this very ques
tion in the state of iMassachusetts.
The Christian Science Monitor
has been the one honorable ex
ception in the daily press of the
Bay State a press so dominated
by the papal political machine
that this great fundamental, vit
al, political, non-religous issue
1 has been resolutely denied a full
and free discussion.
Kome can be depended upon
to vote as the machine directs
' Her vote is practically a unit on
mill i
j an questions in wnicn tne hier
archy is deeply interested. So
all went well till Menace No. 314
reached Massachusetts, urging
patriots to consult the Advisory
Committee at Room 303, Tre
mont Temple, for information
in regard to candidates who
could be relied upon. Of the six-
een candidates-at-large there
were only eight whose known po
sition was sufficiently satisfac
tory to make our committee feel
it was wise to support them. Of
these eight, sihave been elected,
while information given for local
candidates all over the state has
resulted in the election of a large
number of candidates who are
resolutely m favor of this anti-
sectarian amendment.
Quite as .. significant was the
success of candidates Cardinal
O' Connell had put on the Index
Black List, as here out of seven
teen candidates which he pla-
carded in his organ as bigots
which Catholics should oppose,
ten were elected.
The Pilot's consternation at
the interference with the "con
spiracy of silence" by the Men
1 ace's broadside found voice in its
editorial leader of April 28th, in
which the cardinal thus attacks
one of the greatest and most fun
damental positions and theories
that has been held by our nation
and various commonwealths
from the foundation of our repub
lic that of keeping religion
and politics separate and giving
no special privileges to any re
ligous body. The anti sectarian
amendment, it will be remem
bered, is nothing more or less
than an amendment designed to
take religion out of politics bj
denying to any church the right
or the power to loot the public
treasury for sectarian purposes.
The proposed amendment readt
as follows:
No law shall be passed respect
ing an establishment of reiigior
or prohibiting the free exercis
thereof. nor shall the state
county, city. town, village oi
other civil division use its prop
erty or cred it orany money raised
by taxation - or otherwise oi
authorize either to be used for
the purpose "of founding, main
taining or aiding by appropria
tion, payment for."services. expen
ses, or in any other manner, any
church, religous denomination
or religous society, or any insti
tution, school-society or under
undertak'ing which is wholly or
in part under sectarian or ecclesi
astical control.
It is with- -refrence , to. .the
amendment that the cardinals
official organ says;
For some years a
coterie of
bigots ;have stormed
the state
bouse demanding the
of measures that are aimed only
at thetare rights of Catholics.
Here is a bold and brazen dec
laration claiming the right of
the Catholic church to loot the
public treasury. The cardinal's
organ further says:
Catholics do well at this time
to find out the record of men
who seek the election as dele
gates to the convention. In an-
other colilm we print a list or
candidates, who as legislators
have voted for the so called anti-
Catholic measures. Catholics
snouiu Keep laesi names in
, ..11 1 j.i i
mind and show them that they
will not tolerate insults from
public servants.
A.s above mentioned, ten of the
seventeen candidates referred to
in the above black list, were tri
umphantly elected in spite of
Rome's bringing religion into
politics and denounouncing the
proposed amendment, whose
only purpose would be to take
ecclesiasticism out of politics.
Rome with her greedy eyes, is
looking forward to the day when
she can loot the public treasury
for her sectarian institutions.
She wishes to get her hands in
to the treasury so as to receive
funds for those nurseries of sec
tarianism and religous bigotry
the parochial schools She hates
the public schools with a bitter
hatred because they foster love of
our liberal democracy and loyalty
to the Constitution of the United
States with its guarantee of free
dom of speech, press and assem.
bly. How Rome and her paro
chial schools hate freedom of
speech was typically illustrated' King's New Life Pills at your
in the Haverhill riot, and is ?.Isodruffists' 25c
e cquntly in evidence in :he pa-: '
pal censorship in :be daily Massa-1 When you find that you are
casetts pape-s m funeuUl I bound to have a new corn
... A . I planter, why not fgo halves
questions, like thj anti-sectarian ith t neighbor of -yours and
amendment wnicn nome
not wish discussed.
Can Food at Home.
. Vast amounts of edible corn,
tomatoes, pickles, strimg. beans,
pumpkins, apples, peaches, grapes
and other fruits and vegetables
are allowed to rot on the ground
each year in this county. The
average family with a garden
is supplied so bountifully dur
ing the season that long before
the first killing frost comes waste
begins. In the country . and
country towns especially, there
is little or no profitable market
for the overproduction. This
year not a pound of vegetable
food jcapable of being saved, by
drying or canning or preserving,
should be allowed to spoil. The
boys can render splendid service
by care of the gaTden and gath
ering the produce, and the girls
can do their part . in preparing
and canning. The process of
booking for canning is not diffi
cult to learn, nor Joo exhausting
co perform, and this year we
should put upon our shelves for
iext winter's consumption mil
lions upon millions of quarts of
;anned food. This will release
1 4 .
ui equal amount, which other
wise would be taken from the
mtput of the big canneries' and
which can go to feed our own
Army and Navy cr be shipped a
broad to starving Kurope. No
boy or girl need wait until he or
sne is older in order to do some
great thing. If only 5,000,000
families can an extra 100 jars
each, the result will be 5,000,000
000 jars more than last year, and
that is anything but a small ac
complishment. Don't let a pound
to food go to waste this year.
Those of, us who are not already
thrifty must learn to become so
and once the habit is formed, the
results are so surprising and sat
isfying it becomes a pleasure. H
H Windsor, in the June Popular
Mechanics Magazine.
Don't Let Your Conzh Han? on.
A cough that racks and weak
ens is dangerous, it undermines
your health and thrives on neg
lect. Relieve it at once with Dr
iving's New Discovery. The
soothing balsam remedy heals
the throat., loosens the phlegm,
its antiseptic properties kill the
germ and the cold is, quickly
broken up. Children and grown
ups alike find Dr. King s New
Discovery pleasant to take as
well as effective. Have a bottle
handy in your medicine chest fol
grippe, croup and all bronchiar
affections. At druggisls, 50c.
If you haven't already arrang
ed to let your boy have a piece
of land that is all his own this
year, do it at once. Let the
money he makes on it be his own
even though it be with the un
derstanding that he is to buy his
own clothes and obtain his spend
ing money from this source. . It
will develop in him invaluable
business ability and increase his
admiration and respect for you.
The Progressive Farmer.
Clear Away the Waste.
Bowel regularity is the secret
of good health, bright eyes clear
complexions, and Dr. King's New
Life Pills are a mild and gentle
laxative that regulates the bowels
and relieves the congested intes
tines by removing the accumulat
ed wastes without griping. Take
a pill before retiring and. that
heavy head, that dull spring fever
feeling disappears. Get Dr.
pUt the rest of the money in the
bank? The Progressive Farmer .

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