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A Home Newapapnr Published in the Interest of the People and for Governmental Affaire.
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GO ON TuUR VACATION PREPARED, j Dates far Family Re-U. i and Other Gath-
SC. 11 h!3b!3 hbmiatian teng W.t Ju;L5th Dl Reunion. Lan-
ls h Far tef Bliss ami him?. Oak. ;dis.
Everybody going on counn y July 26th, Lltakvr Township S
t.ipor to the woods ihis summer : S Convention. Shi '.oh Reformed
should leno'.v wiiat to do for in- j Church, j'aith.
sect '.ites. es- eoiaUv Miose- whoj August, 1st. S. ire wait Pless
inr,nl CHiu . n ; oat liesides. u'r : y.-t . Keujiion. Mt," Hope
ml 'a b vinntr to !now if :-u Ji, si reh.
stay a vmio. The m-s o-m-j August 2nd. Winecoff Ren
in m b"es or stings are those of I riion. Center Grove OiiUrcii, mar
fie hie wasp, yellow jacket. ' KVM.ins.;)o!U.
spider, horsrfiv,
bug or caiger
ci low :r . ret
iL:h, m.vsquito
and bedbug.
In ctse or a sling of atiy kind,
the first tiling to do, of course,
is to remove ihe snug. This. can
best be done with the point oi a
laiite ( r needle but care should
. be taken not to break the skin
for fear'of infection. Then the
next best thiug. perhaps, ts to
apply ammonia water to tlie af
fee ted parts.
In case of bites as well as of
stings, when the sling is'reiiioved,
as a rule a paste of common bak
ing soda applied to the efVcted
parts or those bathed in ainr.ionia
water is all that is necc sary
Where the poisonous effect is se
vere, however, send for a d.-ctor
In the meantime, the ::tieut
should lie down and keep q :ict.
An application of a tiity per
cent solution of a saturate solu
tion of potassium perman:. nate
which you get at the drug .sre
is very efficient for insect po sons
and for the poisons of pi ants,
too. such as poison ivy atu; su
mach. In planning your or
outing, include one or mo; of
these remedies in the lis, of sir-.-parationsi
. J
The best thing 1o do about
poisoning from poison oak is to
prevent it.
Wear gloves or go-
mg wucic it duu K p n iuus
ji !
from tace and nose. If, however
you get the poisoning-. w;-sh it
off as-soon possible with s'rong
soap and water. If you are in
thewoods and soap is not availa
ble, use fine Sand or mud and
rub vigorously in order to remove
the oily-like substance. If soap
and water or strong soap suds
do not check the irritation use
baking- soda in water or paint
the affected parts with a solu
tion of potassium permanganate
(1 to 2,00'), For this treat Tien t.
it will be well to call in a doctor.
Women Give Oat.
Housework is hard enough
when healthy. Every Saltebiuy.
woman who is having back iche,
blue and nervous spells,, dizzy
headaches and kidney or bladder
troubles, be glad to heed tbis
Salisbury woman's experience,
Mrs M A Winecoff, 331 E Kerr
St, says: "xMy back ached so
much I could haidlv drag myself
around and mornings I could
hardly geWJut of bed. My kid
neys were in bad shape. My
nerves were all unstrung and I
suffered from headaches and of
ten telt as tnough I would lose
my reason. I tried many medi
cines but nothing seemed to do
me any good until I got D'jan's
Kidney Pills at the People's
Drag Co. and took, them They
relieved me from the first and
I continued taking them jntil
iny back didn't ache and my kid
neys caused me no trouble."
Price 60c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the
same "that Mrs Winecoff had.
Foster-Milburn Co Mfgrs..
Buffato, N Y.
Whenever Yo Need a General Tonic
The Old Standard Grove's Tfsteless'.rangements.
emu Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because it contains the
wellknown tonic properties of QUI NINE
and IRON. It acts on the Uver, Drives
out Malaria, Enriches, the Blood and
Builds US the Whole System 50 cents '
"r w waote oystem. ou cents.
August 2nd. Farmers' Insti
tute, Mt.U.'la.
August 2nd, Farmers' Insti
tute Miranda School House.
August 2nd, Nazareth Home
Picnie, Crescent.
August 3rd, Morgan Town,
sliip Sunday School Convetion.
August 3 5, Norlhern Confer
ence Lutheran Church, Gibson-
Aughsi Gth, Salisbury Town
ship Sunday School Convention,
ilavon Lutheran Church.
August 7th, Locke Township
Suidav School Association, Sa
lem E, L. church.
August 9th, Overcash Re
uni n, Euochville, .
August 9th, Farmers' insti
tuio, China Grove,
August 9 lb. Farmers' Insti
tute, 0:tk Grove School House.
August lOth, Gold Hill Town
.ship Sunday School Conventiou
and Institute, Organ Church.
Augirst 14t4i, Fisher Reuuion,
residence of . Samuel R Fisher,
C rus county.
August 15th, Scotch-Irish S
S v.uventio!i, R C Current's
August I7ih, Cliina Grove S
-Qlui T,eitt-b.U , E Ufineaw:. E. L
Auirust 25 t-h. The Provident
Tnv.f . r()n,on!inri ftnH rc,;.
tme gt peters Church.
Wester Forecast for July.
From 4 . o 11, ciuaigeable mild
with thunder showers, locally
some cool along. .
From 11 to 18, wind, rain, by
short storms, local 'y around.
From 18 to 27, rainey, if wind
is southwest at 8 to 10 p. m., the
18th, slight hail locally around,
if east cool rain storms.
. From 27 to August 3rd, fair
and clear rendering some dry.
July sli:jws some hot, arid
thunder storms a!ong, pending
some haii in localities around,
and storms from 11 to 18, ihe
days of rainfall is not known by
me, no man knows the day to
rain out God, only.
Henry Reijj
K. No. 3, Salisbury,' N
Second Annual Fisher Re-Union.
The programme of the second
annual Fisher re-union to be held
Friday August 14, 1917 at the
residence of Samuel R Fisher of
Cabarrus County, three miles
south of Lowerstone church, at
10 A. M, is as follows:
Called to order by President
William Fisher.
Devotional exercises by Rev.
J A Koons.
Opening remarks by President
History of the Fisher family
by Rev Henry Fisher and J L
A ddress by Dr J M Lyerly.
Dinner, recess for two hours.
2 P M, Family re-union, Rev
C P Fisher and Jno D A Fisher
Short talks by others.
. Election of officers and appoint
ment of committees- 4
Every body is invited to come
and bring well filled baskets
G A Fisher, GS Kiuttz, T S
Fisher are the committee on ar-
Plies Cured in 6 to 1 4 Days
Your4 druggist will refund money if PAZO
ointment fails to cure e ay case ef itching.
BlinJ. Bleeding orProtrudins Files a 6 to 14 day.
The fa8t application 8 Ea5e and BesL 50c.
M Ton Host RedsteT Nov Dolor the Absent
Voters' Law. cannot Register by ifcj
Under date of July 21st, W E
Wusdn, secrntary of the North
Carolina Council of Defence
sends out the following. informa
tion on the subiect: Please
permit, me through your paper
to call the attention or your
renders to tho' iaw en cted
at the last session of the Geri
eral Assembly which perinils;
absent electors to vote. . '
Soldies in the National Guar,d,
all men who are called to service
under the selective draft, and
any other voters who may be
absent from their home voting
plicosat the time of the next
primary election in May, 191S,
or at the general election in No
vember thereafter should by all
means see to it now that their
names are entered on Absent
Voters' Registration Book, unless
their names are already on the
regular registration books, .
The chairman of the county
board of elections in each courty
is the registrar for all su2h vo
ers who wish to register, XThJe
sheriff cr any county officer will,
upon request, furnish his name
and address
If a voter is now registered,
he will be entiled to vote by mail
if away from home at the time of
the primary or the general elec
tion, but there is no provision in
the .'aw for registration by mail,
Theie is no fee for this regis
tration and every voter whose
name is not now on the registra-
b oks, who may be absent, owes
the duty, both to ;-himselffb),-t3lhat. they are grouped rather
his State to regis tr and register
now, for unless he does so regis
ter in person before going away,
he will not be permitted to vote
by mail, and, if away from home,
wi l.thus bse his vote.
This law was enacted primari
ly for the benefit of our soldiers,
and it is hoped that they will
avail themselves of its privil
eges. Are you one of Them?
There are a great many people
who would be very much bene
fited by taking Chamberlain's
Tablets for a weak disordered i
stomach. Are you one of them?
Mrs M R Sea.l, Bald winsville,
N Y, relates her experience in
the use of these tablets:- I had
a bad spell with my stomach
about six months ago, and was
troubled for iwo or three weeks
with gas and severe pains in the
pu of my stomach. Our druggist
advised me to take Chamberlain's
Tablets. I took a bottle home
and the first dose relieved me
wonderfully, and I kept on
taking them until I was cured."
These tablets do not releive pain
but after the pais has been re
leived may preyent its recurrence.
Salisbury's Military Organization Gets Ready
for Camp.
The Salisbury military organ
ization known as the 4th Compa
ny Coast Artillery 'Corps, North
Carolina National Guard- entered
the government service today at
ten o'clock and ate their first
army rations at noon. The men
will be quartered in the armory
on the third floor of the Wash
ington building, will eat in the
vacant store room opposite the
old court house and those who
reside here will be permitted to
sleep at home. This arrange
ment will continue for about two
weeks, and then the company
will leave for "summers else."
The Quinine That Does Not Affect Ths Head
SSSSlvfi!,18 tonic and laativ effect. AXA-!
T1VB BP.OMO QUININE is better than Mdintrv
Qninine act cause nervousness nor by Some Other pOVVer as
iiui-u k m neaa. Kcmeinber Hie lull name and n - " i'. :.,
look for the signature of E. W. GHOV& 25c ' iat Lrila:U.
Statistical Reports Indict Southern Ireland,
Papal Pint Sliows Germany's Hand.
The Menace.
An indication of true condi
tions in Ireland is fouad in an
article which appeared in the
Belfast Evening Telegram of
April 11th.
In recruits to the new armies
Uliter has contributed 59,000
while the combined total of the
other three provinces is only 51,-
700. The percentage of males
of "military age who have recruit
ed are: Ulster, 33.8; Leinster (in
cluding Dublin), 17.7; aad Mun-
ster, 11 7; and Connaught, 4.9.
The above statistical report
together with relative matters
commented upon by the Protes
tant Alliance Magazine of Eng
land in its tssue for June as fol
lows; As regards the War Loan, we
read that "the city of Belfast
contributed 25,000,000 and Ul
ster 85 per cent of the total rais
ed in Ireland for this purpose. '
It has been sometimes alleged
that the Protestants in the
South and West of Ireland re
ceive fair, or even generous treat
merit from the Romanists in the
matter of election as county
councillors. Well, let the fi-
ures speak and the public judge.
In Connaught there are 23,273
Protestants, but they have not
a single representative on the
county council.
In Munster, though they num.
ber 60,715; they are entirely un
represented. In Leinster, owing to the fact
largely in a few places, they
have secured twelve sea-s,. but
this representation is utterly in
adequate, as the Protestant pop
ulation of that province is 107,
230. Thus outside Ulste- there
are only twelve Protestant county
councillors, while the Rebanish
members are 789.
This shows a deliberate policy
on the part of the latter to ex
clude Protestants from all parti
cipation in local govrment,
not withstanding their relatively
large contributions to the rates.
"No taxation without represent-
j ation" is supposed to be a funda
mental principle of dem jcracy,
but in three fourths of' Ireland
well to-do ratepayers have no in
fluence in the expenditure of the
rates, soley because of sectarian
The subservient and unthink
ing pfhcials in this country who
believe that papal support in Ire
land and in America depends on
their interference with the ques
tion of Home Rule for Ireland, a
matter which concerns England
only, can certainly gain some
enlightment from the above.
Do our congressman and sena
tors in this country want to put
Protestant Ulster under this
same yoke, which in all proba
bility would cripple her efficiency
in this world war? Little won
der England wants to keep Ulster
jree from papal domination when
ia contrast with the rest of Ire
land it is doing so much to ad
vance the interest of the entente
Further evidence as to just
what kind of a move this
move for Irish freedom
is, is. -set forth very clearly
in an editorial contained in the
Boston Transcript issue for July
A; republic in Ireland could only
exist on the basis of England's
complete conquest, on land and
sea by the Germans: for Irish in
dependence of England could be
maintained onl v bv ftermnv or
dPC -y -Y ftnUV Or
strong- as
Let us see what the situation
is. Great Britain and England
lie side by side. They a rei sep
arate but closely neighbored por
tions of the same island group
Their lands are on opposite
sides of the North Channel, are
only twenty-five miles apart.
The western shores of Euglarsr
and Scotland make a bend which
strategically-holds Ireland wi;h
in its lines, and at the same tirat
.presents Ireland as a
cattfile sticking. into Grt
Britian. Great Britain's sea
road to the world lies past Ire
land's door; in fact
is .Lnglands Atlantic door.
Ireland completely blankets
the English coast. It i
it were independent and un
friendly, or if it were nominally
independent and leagued with
an unfriendly power, England
Scotland would be but a pawn it
Europe's game. If England
ships could not ride in their owr
harbor at Queanstown, the
might as well keep off the seas
altogether. Now this is the ven
thing no doubt thai
Darrdl Figgis and his fel
low Sinn Feiners would like U
see: but the question is; How dc
they expect ever to bring it a-
bout, so long as there is an ounce
of strength left in ttiP Rn'tUcV.
The population of Eng-land,
Scotland and Wales is 41,689 384
that of Ireland is ,4,375,54
including Ulster. The disparity
of streng-th and resource is vast
ly greater than that of popu
lation. Great Britai
sormous navy Ireland not
a ship. Great Britam haa an im
merif.e army Ireland soarce a
single musket. Nothing- ever
more impossible to England was
ever suggested than the iude
dependence of Ireland and noth
ing was ever more Quixotic than
the suggestion that Ireland will
be able to gain complete indepen
dence alone. For the fact that
the' must always have some po-
litical connection with England
Irishmen have only the Almighty
to thank, who placed their small
er and poorer island in the physi
cai armsota greater and nr.hpr
his being indisputably the
case, the onlv nossihlp vnro fv
Mr Darrell's entirely independent
Irisrf republic in two years or in
two hundred years, restsV upon
tiie overthrow of England and is
whet makes an agitation for in
dependence now a hostile and a
warlike act, a German act, a-
gainst Great Britain. It is
what makes the advocacy of in
dependence for Ireland just now
in the United Statoe
fc. (-4. k V. O
a proceeding of a warlike
nature against a country with
which the United States is
It is consequently a very mis
chievous agitation, from Ameri
ca's point of view and any indul
gence in it on the part of Ameri
can citizens gives a measure of
their loyalty, or lack of loyalty,
to this country, and shows us
that they are willing to this
which is distinctly on the side of
our enemy. Germany.
From the showing it seems
clear that those "Friends of Irish
Freedom" in this country who
are demanding '-Freedom for
Ireland nw, are steering a
course as directly in opposition
to the allied cause, the settle
ment of which in accordance
with their views, would without
doubt be a calamity to the en
tente government and as unjust
to Ulster as it is in accordance
with the program Germativ
would direct were sh given fiee
range to do so.
ro Have Big Rally and Business Session With
Ufrrty Local Joiy 27-28.
The program of the Rowan
County Farmers' Union
v w
with Liberty Local F, & & C. U.
of A., 10 miles east of Salisbury.
Friday and Saturday, July 27-28,
is as follows:
Meeting called to order, by
county president, F B Brown, at
10:30 a m,
Devotional exercises, by couuty
i x
I Address of welcome by Rev R
Response by S A Earnhardt.
Roll call of officers.
Roll call of locals, and seating
)f delegates. (Each local is ex
pected to make a brief report of
she work done).
Reading of minutes of previous
Appointing of committees, an
touncements. Dimaer.
1:30 p. m. Meeting open for
Reporc of secretary-treasurer.
Report of county business
Unfinished business.
New business.
Report of executive committee.
Report of resolution commit
tee." Report of committee on good
if the order.
Meeting opens at 10 o'clock
a. m, . '
Address by Miss Lida Olive,
home demonstration agent, Row
atr Cou nty . Su bject, "Conserve
ation of Foods."
11:30. Address by Dr. H Q
Alexander, president of North
Carolina Farmers' Union.
Presentation of banner to Ban
ner Local in Rowan County.
Saturday will be a public day
and the public is cordially in
vited to come out and hear these
speakers, both of which will oe
for you who till the soil.
F. B. Brown, Pres.
A, L. Kluttz, Sec-Treas.
Cuase of Despondency.
Despondency is often caused
by indigestion and constipation
and quickly disappears when
Chamberlain's Tablets are taken.
These Tablets strengthen the
digestion and move the bowels.
District Exemption Boards Named.
Raleigh, July 23. Governor
Bickett today announced tho ap
pointment of the district exemp
tion boards for Eastern and
Western North Carolina districts
and notified these members that
Thursday the Eastern board
would meet at Raleigh and the
Western board at Statesville.
Each board will consist of five
members and include a laborer,
a farmer, a lawyer, a business
man and a physician. Those
appointed members of the .West
ern board are: .
O R Jarret, of Asheyille; W B
Gibson, of Statesville; R B Red
win, of Monre; W N Reynolds,
of Winston-Salem, and Dr. John
W Long, of Greensboro.
Doing Good.
Few medicines have met with
more favor or accomplished more
good than Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy. John
F Jantzen, Delemeny, Sask.,
says of it, "I have used Cham
berlain's Colic and Diarrhoea Re
medy myself and in my family,
and can recommend it
as hairier
an exceptionally fine prepara.-

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