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ErtrjMj in lbs Ciuaty Invited, Bis Pafade,
Good Speeches and Two Bands at Music.
Salisbury id to have a big
patriotic rally and farewwJi
for the soldiers who wil soon
lea e for a i'aiuiug camp to
pu'e.lo auve ihd . count! y
during the war with GeJ uiai
The patriotic citizens have
arranged for a big parade,
plenty of muic sun e txceK
lent aua timely- addresses, a
barbecue, religious service
ad tiio presenlatiou of a
1e.?famnt and useful articles
to each me ber of I lie Salis
bury 'company. 1 his is a
Work in wli ch every one can
and should tak part.
The exerc Ses will begin
w th a pa adr; consisting of
Hi- military, tw. haudsali the
mtsu of Kowau who havn- re
gitrredare nquedted tu join,
ti e fire-department, c.ty offi
cials, and ladies of the Rtd
Cros work iooin. At a
meeting of the Knights of
Pythias Monday night they
decided to attend in a body
and the committ m iuvites all
civil fraternal and patotic
bodies to take part in the
The route of the parade
begins at the court house
thence up Main to B-mk,
10 inter march to Iunes,
theucd down West Innes to
to Jackson thence up South
Jackson to the tabernacl
where the exercises of the day
will take place. And muh
will be furnished by th
bands. Gov W T Bickett,
Senator L elS Overman and
others will make lalks md
Mrs Lyman Cotton will pre-"
sent each soldier with a vork
bag containing a testament
and oth r articles useful in
camp life. After the exer
cises the members of the local
company will be given a bar
becue and the day will dose
with a religious service at
the first Presbyterian church,
beginning at 8 o'clock, for
which a suitable program ban
ben arfanged.
The committee of rrraige
ments appointed by Mayor
Woodson, coueists of A H
Suider chairman, W B S: rag
ham, A W Tucker. J D Carrol
J F Miller, W M Ruth Mes
dames M C 0-en J D Nor
woood E C Gregory and Ly
man Cotton.
Come and help give the
soldiers a-htarty farewell
and let them know that they
have the good wishes aLd
earnest coperation c f all our
people it will be a pnite com
fort to. them id menototi"us
camp iife tofol'ow.
A Good Riddance. "
President Wilson did the right
thing in getting: rid of both Gen.
Goelhals and Chairman Denman
whose bickerings about the man
agement of the shipbuilding pro
gramme had become a public nu
isance. Evidently both were to
blame in some -measure for the
quarrel and the delay in the most
important work, and it was ap
parent, as the President decided,
that the trouble could not be eli
minated so long as either of them
remained on the job
Gen Goethals has bulked large
in the puclic eye as the builder
of the Panama Canal. He maj
not deserve all the credit that is
given him for that job, but some
men who make. a success in one
instance fail in another. Soon
after Gen. Gcethals' appointment
as manager of the shipbuilding
programme he was wined and
dined by members of the steel,
corporation, and this was follow
ed by his announcement that no
wooden ships would be built, but
all would be constructed of steel
Then followed the disclosure bv
Chairman Denman that Goethals
had agreed to pay a price for
steel nearly double that paid by
the navy. This revelation
caused a good manny people to
question Goethals' capacity as a
business man and his disregard
of the proprieties was evident.
Then, too, he appeared to think
he should have a free hand and
go ahead without consulting the
shipping board Chairman Den
man naturally resented this and
it was impossible for the work to
go on with both- men on" tie job.
Statesville Landmark
Cardinal Opposes Prohibition, Centers Wftir
Hoover, Mm the Support of Romanists
The Menace.
The Washington D C Times,
for Tuesday, June 26th, con
tained an article three columns
wide aud 19 inches long, set in
large type; extremely large in
fact, in which Cardinal GibboniJ
is quoted as follows:
I do not believe in national pro
hibition of light wines and beer.
and am of the opinion that such
a law could not be enforced.
I am opposed, the Cardinal,
continued, to any state wide or
nation-wide prohibition measure.
A law of this kind interferes
with the personal liberty and
rights of the people and creates
hypocrisy on the part of the pub
If the people of any particular
country district find conditions
such that to have local option
would mean the betterment of
the community, then thej
should close the saloons in that
district. But when it comes to
having prohibition in large
cities it is a bad thing. Pro
hibition in any of the large cities
is practicalfy impossible for en
forcement however far-reaching
the attempts are to carry out the
law, notwithstanding reports
that the law has been carried
out successfully in certain loca
The uninitiated might believe
that this big three column display
of the cardinal's mouthings is a
fete of journalism due to the ed -itor's
fits brought on by brood-
Women Give Out,
Housework is hard enough
when healthy. Every Salisbury
a oman who is having backache,
blue and nervous spells, dizzy
headaches and kidney or bladder
troubles, be glad to heed this
Salisbury woman's experience,
Mrs M A Winecoff, 331 E Kerr
St, says: "My back ached so
much I could hardly drag myself
around and mornings I could
hardly get out of bed. My kid
neys were in bad shape. My
nerves were all unstrung and I
suffered from headaches-and of
ten telt as tnough I would lose
my reason. I tried many medi
cines but nothing seemed to do
me any good until I got Doan's
Kidney Pills at the People's
Drug Co. and took them. They
relieved me from the first and
I continued taking them until
my back didn't ache and my kid
neys caused me no trouble."
m Price 60c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the
same that Vrs Winecoff had.
Foster-Milburn Co Mfgrs
Buffato, NY.
Are yon ene of Them?
There are a great many people
wno would be very much bene
fited by taking Chamberlain's
Tablets tor a weak disordered
stomach. Are you one of them?
Mrs M R Searl, Baldwinsville,
N Y, relates her experience in
the use, of these tablets: I had
a bad spell with my stomach
about six months a&ro. and was
troubled for two or three weeks
with gas and severe pains in the
puof my stomach. Our druggist
advised me to take Chamberlain's
Tablets. I took a bottle home
and the first dose relieved me
. wonderfully, and I kept on
taking them until I was cured."
These tablets do not releive pain
but after the pain has been re
ceived may preyent its recurrence.
Weather Forecast for August, 1917.
From 3 to 9, fair, clear, rain
southwest, pending dry east.
From 9 to 17 fair with slight
changeable and mild threatnings,
rain northwest. Still dry some
From 17 to 25, warm thunder
rains with slight storms along.
From 25 to September 1st..
rains slight storms, but heavy
storms northwest. Sonw mni
and hot.
August shows some wet from
17th to September 1st., and hot
all along by scales of moon
changes. As you note I give
boundaries to expect rains in the
above sections. August shows
some dry.
Crops may suffer for 15 or 20
days, for rain, younar corn esner-
(ially. Rain is not shown to me
until aner ine lin, wnen iresh
ets are expected.
Hbnry Reid., R 3, Box 167,
Salisbury, N C.
ing over the "miseries of a dry
nation as a result of war legis
lation; "but, this same article
treated in the same way, appear
ed in the Washington Post and
it also appeared in the Evening
Sun of Baltimore and it is hardly
likely that these three editors
suffered convulsions such as to
result in excatly the same kind of
publicity being given this matter.
The article referred to bears
all the gear marks of either an
advertisement or an article given
special prominence through fear
of a loss of patronage. The ob
ject of the editor in printing this
statement, however, is of
secondary moment. The one
vital fact is that Cardinal Gibbons
is a friend to rum.
We have often heard the ex
pression ''Rome, rum and ruin."
We have Rome and rum in the
article referred to and if the
cardinal and the liquor interests
arc allowed to run the country
and divert the nation's food sup
ply into liquor channels when
three fourths of the world is at
war and crying for food, we may
have and opportunity to deserve
The cardinal, it . would seem
is determined to impress upon
the public arid the goverment
his ability to handle the Catholic
church throughout the country
and to line them up for whole
sale patriotism on the one hand
while pledging them as the op
ponents to legislation which
many staunch patriots believe is
necessary to the welfare of the
country; namely, legislation
that will prevent food stuff be
ing consumed in the manufac
ture of liquors.
We find in these same articles
this further remark as to the
The cardinal has just conclud
ed a long conference with Her
bert C Hoover on the food situa
tion and had promised the gov
ernment's food administrator his
hearty co-operation personally
and through the Catholic church
es of the country.
Principal Differences About the Food Measure
iiay pass this week.
The food control bill was sent
to conference of the House Wed
nesday with blanket amendments.
The conferees held their meeting
yesterday but it probably will be
at least a week before it is ready.
Blocked in sending the measure
to conference Tuesday by the ef
fort of Republican Leader Mann
ioft a separate vote on the amend
ment creating a congressional
war expenditures committee, the
Democrats brought in a special
rule to force action. Thirty-one
Republicans joined in supporting
B'niOtlOn Shutting off dphnt and
j O
Mr ann's opposition collasped.
The principal conference doubt
less will center around the Senate
amendments for the war expen
ditures congressional committee.
to s tood control board of three
L members, for a $2 minimum price
roE Whe,at and to permit continu
autre ui me use oi ioodstutts in
thnanufacture of light wines
ffipview of President Wilson's
announced opposicion to the war
expieaiditures committee,
hejkfiaintains would embarrass
him in the condnrf nf tVia nr
4; . - w vu, nai
administration leaders are certain
tnatjthey can eliminate it. The
proposal to have three food com-
ujiaiuucis instead or one oroba-
btyill lead to a very stubborn
;f S, since the President's desire
at? it be stricken out to e-ive
ixerpert Hoover a free hand has
mat?y opponents in both houses
Ideations are that the Senate
prtobition provisions may be
greyly strengthened. At least
fivei)f seven Senate conferees are
satfito favor personally a bone-
dryj country and Chairman Lever
has; -promised the prohibition re
presntatives that he will t ndeav
or Mretain the bone dry l?lan for
wnicn the House voted.
Whether the $2-a-bushel min
imijri price for wheat will remain
in the bill is entirely problemati
cal!,; f The House conferees will
mak a hard fight against it.
Distoia? Accident In Albemarle Monday.
Stanley Enterprise,
Blautou the lOyear old
son of Elijah Cooper, of Forth
er, was killed, Mr Cooper
nimselt, paiufully injured.
and Grady Cooper, an older
son, badly bruiled, as the re
luit oi a run away accident
on Main street, here on Mon
Various reports have been
given ot the runaway but
the essential facts aeera to
be as follows:
Mr Cooper and the two
boys were in a buggy and driv
mgdown the street from Mor
row Bros. & H rtai n I Vim
- m-m vv IXA
pany's Ftore toward fSoutben
depot, when one of the hold
ing-back straps to the har
ness came loosrt. The horst
somewhat frightene 1 by this
was entirely unnerved when
the auto truck of Raymond
feriankle, grocer, was backed
toward the center of tbe
street. The horse then b
6au iv iuu at ueaaiong pace
down the street, turning in
toward the depot. The bust
gy wheels struck the station
with tremendous imnact.
throwing Mr Cooper and tbe
boys violently against the
'1 he bruised and bleedinc
trio were quickly picked no
and carried to Hall's Phar
macy, where Doctors Hall
and Andersou looked after
their wounds as best they
ftiaiegf Despondency.
Depondency is often caused
by indigestion and constipation
and; quickly disappears when
Chamberlain's Tablets are taken.
Thg Tablets strengthen the
ion and move the bowels.
the above, when tatpn
in cdnection with that sweeping
pledge made by Rome's priests,
etcfif the loyalty of the Ro-
mahlpatholic church in tLe pre
sent)! crisis it seems apoarent
thapome's agents in thte coun
try ant the goverment to under
standi that Roman Catholics are
f $2nj PuPPets ready and will
ingid eager to jump' in any di
recin their overlords desire
Moreover to emphasize the fact
eachquestion must carry its in
divi&al pledge of loyalty. On
theirlher hand they have been
trying to convince the public
ever ince The Menace began its
campaign against the aggres
sionsof the Roman Catholic hier
arcH and its minions, that no
Catholic owes obedience to the
JpPpr any of his representa
tivesrexcept in spiritual matters.
If; othing more The Menace
anats millions of friends are in
debti to the cardinal and his
associates for having so eloquent
ly stamped the lie on their as
sertions that the laity owes them
no oldience in matters temporal
and ;or having come out in the
openand admitted that on them
or thjough them, or in them is
fouhjfej the key to tbe actions of
Catholicism in America.
i '
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Medicine.
TT 111 n , .
nan s oatarrh Medicine has
been taken by catarrh sufferers
for the past thirty five years and
has become know nas the most
reliable remedy for Catarrh.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts
thrusthe Blood and healing the
uiscttse portions.
Atter you have taken Hall's
Catarrh Medicine for a short
time you will see a great im
provement in your general final th
Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine at once and get rid of
catarrh. end for testimonials
F J CHENEY & CO, Toledo,
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
kniz aud Lingie Re-union.
The Lentz and Lingle reunion
will be held Tuesday, Aug 14th,
at Fulton Heights, Salisbury, N
C. A grand time is expected.
Programes will be out in a few
days. This July 28th, 1917.
J C Linger, vice president.
Karl A Lentz, secretary.
Hifltaiy News.
There was a meeting: of the
Salisbury Chapter of the Ameri-
r i
can- xs-ea across last week and
among the important work trans
acted was a motion to see that
an entertainment be provided for
the members of the 4th Co. C A C
before they leave, and another
motion was to the effect that a
religious service be held for their
benefit on the Sunday afternoon
previous to their departure.
A phonograph has been our
chased for the company and was
paid for by contributions from pa
triotic citizens.
Douglass Collins, son of Geo R
Collins, has successfully stood
tne examination for service in
the aviation corps, has been ac
cepted and will soon he in train
ing for his duties.
ro be Held at tbe OrptmiGresctat, ii
mis wflflijr lomorrtw. Tie frtsraa.
The Eleventh Annivers
aay cf Nazareth Orphan7
aome, the orphanage of the
Keformed chuurch in North
-aroiina, will be held at the
rphanage at Orescent, this
county, and DreDaration '
made to entertain a large
3rowd. In the past ths
occasions have drawn several
'tiousand people and this
year ,is expacted to break all
)thers in attend Anna
xeroses will beam at n
clockin the auditorium of
ne boy's building and ther
!ill be out door sports and a
Jig dinner as well as music.
Kev. J M LLyerly is mroU
; leut of the board of mana
prsofthe institnti nn onH
vhv VV B Werner is suDerin-
end -in of the orrhanai?fl
md Mrs Werner is matron
Caere are now quite a num.
er of children being cared
xor at the home and the pros
iieeds derived from the anni
versary gathering and picnic
are to be devoted to the in
stitution. The program for the day is
as follows:
The anniversary address
w Vbe delivered by Rev. J L
Murphy, DD, of Hickory.
- Invocation, Dr A D Wofh,
ger, Greersboro.
Hymn led by Rev JDA.u
drew, Newton, N C.
ocripture lesson. Rev W (
Lyerly, Mt. Pleasant.
i rayer, R-jv Shuford PhhU
er, Charlotte.
Music, Quartette directed
by RevC C Wagoner, Sali
Anniversary Address, Rev
J uFPhy D D Hickory.
Offering in charge of Rev
J U Leonard, Lexington
Solo, Mrs Shuford. Hick
ory. Address to Superintendent
elect, Rev W W Rowe, New
ton. Address by Superintends
ent elect, Rev W B Werner
Crescent. '
Induction of Superintends
ent into office by the presN
dent of the Board, Rev J M L
Prayer, Rev J H Keller,
China Grove.
Benediction, RhvCC Wag
oner. Salisbury.
Music by band, during
which the board of managers
will lead the procession of
visiting ministers and the
orphans from girl's cottage to
the stage in the giove.
Piaver, J A Palmer.
You're welcome, if y0n
Keep Right Still. y
"Song of the Rnoir
eight smallest boyg.
4 'In Grandma's no
eight smallest girls.
Motion Son ur. "T
John," eight boys.
Drill, -The Star of Lib
erty," seven girls.
"A Bunch of Firecrack.
ers " ten bovn
Pan tomine. 4 'ISTa ro
God to Thee, "six girls.
. "The Little Soldier
Red CroBS Maid." hov
..Mil, ;4The Defenders of
the U S A, twelve largest
Ribbon Drill, Twelve larg
est girls.
Closincr prayer and bene
diction , Kev J A Koons.
1 Band Concert.

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