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3 .
Bonds Now on Sale. Will Bear 4 per Cent.
Interest, for Cash or Installments.
The btnde of the second
issue of the Liberty Loan are
to b issued under the act' of
Cougess apprvod hy tbe
President Sertiinber 24, 1917
.The. amount of the isue,
will be $3 000,0 0,000 or m- re
$3 000 000 000 will be offered,
and the right is reserve : to
allot bonds in excels ot tbat
to the extent of 'one-halt of
the oversubscription. That
is, if $5,0X1,000, 000 is sub
scribed the right is reseived
to issue $1,000,000 000 more
than the S3 000,000 000.
The bonds will b- offerer)
for sale on October 1, 1917.
and subscriptions will be re
ceived until the eh se ot the
bu-iness day of Ocorvr 27,
The 'bond -will bear dutn
November '5, 1917, and will
mature November 15, 1942
Bat the Goervnmeut -reserves
the right to call in atiH pay
the bons in full, - with &c
crued inerest, any time at': er
10 years after their d alt.
The bonds are. converrihle
gold bonds .and. hear 4 -ei
cent anuual iuterest, ti e in
terest hing payable seiiii n
noally on May 15 and Mo
ve fiber 15 of each year.
The bonds are -exempt,
both as to principal r-ad
interest-, f rouau a 11 taxaii on
now or hereafter i m posec;" by
the Uni ted tat es, -an y 8 t a t e,
or any pth er poseesi otn o f
the United Stares or by miy
local tlxing authority, ex . p
a 03tatrt or iuhnritanc tux
es,. ; and r gradmted a di -tional
income taxe, comm u
ly know a as surtaxe?, nd
excess-profits and war-profits
taxes now or hereafter un
posed. They are not 'liable
to the ordiuary Frder5' in
come tax
The interest on an amount
of bonds the principal : of
which does not exceed $5 00,
owned by any indivifiual,
partnership, association or
corporation, are ' f xeai tjd
fro m h e taxes pro v id ed for
in clause above.
The r ig ht i s gi veil to bidd
ers of the bonds to exch.
them for bonds beariiu ,a
higher rate of interest if my
suh shall later be issued by
the United States before the
termination of the var
This conversion privilege
must be exercised, if at all,
within six months after the
issuance of such high-rate
' The second issue of U'jer
ty I oan Bonds will be of Vwn
kinds, registered and cou on .
The regislered bond vill
be registered at the Tre?, ary
in the names of their ov. ;ers
and will be of the deuor; na
tions of $50, $100, $5 00,
$10,000, and $100 00.
Checks for the inWe- On
tbesebonds will be nu led
from the Treasury tc the
owners each Bamiaunna) in
terest date.
The coupon bonds wil be
payable to bearer and vill
have coupons attached "lor
tbe iuterst. They will ; o in
denominations rf $50, 100,
500, $l,r00, $5,000. and 0 -OO.
The coupons cat; be
gashed like a Government
cbrck at any bank.
The coupon bonds of - this
loan will have only four cou
pons attached, representing
the semiauual iuterest for
two yaers. Between Novem
her 15, 1919, and May 15,
19:0- . the holders of coupon
bonds must exchange their
bonds -for new borate having
full sets of coupons. These
temporary boi ds are issued
because the work of engrav
ing so many bonds withsol
large a number of coupons
attaihed can not be com
p-eied within a reasonable
time or delivery.
Bonds of the Second Liber
ty Loan can be purchased by
filling out an application
blank made on the form pre
scribed by the Secretary of
the Treasury, which can be
obtained from any bank or
Liberty.- Loan committee, and
sending U or having it sent to
tlie '1 reasury of the United
States or auy Federal Reserve
Bank or bianch accompanied
by the. payment vi 2 per cent
of the a:T'.ouut "f bonds ap
plied fo-
T.heirt? applications must
reach the Trea'iry Depart
meuy' a Federal Reserve
Bjiiik or branch thereof, or
?ome hicorpornted or trust
company in the Uaited States
on or before the close of buss
inessOi-tcrbtir 27, 1917. Prac
tica I lyr v:ry bank in the
XJpj ted States wil1 willingly
receive these applications
and handle the whole trans
;u turn of the purchase of
hond'- for any subsciber.
A purchaser may pay in
full toi his builds at the time
of making his application or,
it he o pvf,r, he can take
ad van tag 3 of the instalment
plan - nd pay 2 percent on
application, IS pe cent on
November 15, 19I7,1 4o per
cent on December 15. 1917,
and the rein lining 4o per
ceuori-Jnnuary 15, 1918.
Although ? far as thr?
Governmen is concerned the
purbhase pric'for the bonds
must he paid asaboe, nearly
every bank in the country
will make arrangmnts by
which LUjtrty Loan Bous
can b ? paid nu an installment
plan 1 l'oviding ior weekly or
monthty payments, and a
great many employers will
make the sme arrangments
tor their employees.
Pay ment be made to the
TreaS n r y D e pa r t m en t 0 r 1 0
any one of the Federal Re
serve Banks, but purchasers
are urged 'to make their pay
ments to the banks or ether
agencies with whom they
p'aced their subscriptions.
U is believed that the Sec
ond Liberty Lomi, like the
first" issue of Liberty Loan
Bond, will bh heavily over :
subscribed, burner' mattej
how largely oversubscribed,
the policy of distributing
thet-e bonds as widely as pos
sibie among the people of the
country will be f jilowed. and
every subscriber to an
arrouut not greater than $1,
000 is sure to recei ve tti9 bond
or boutis snsCiibe.i for.
Drivss Out iVIaiaria, Bnilds Up System
The CId ( aodbid veneral 'iren&thenine tonic.
GROVE'S TZItUSsa chi.I lou i C, drives out
mujiu seacrai 7-rnsvnenine ionic.
tern. A true tonic. For adults aad children. 60c
fijpropristei $100 to Peoples Fair flsso. for
furicoliure and Education.
The board of county commis
sioners met in regular monthly
session in their room at the court
house October 1st . and 2nd, with
all members present and transact
ed the fallowing business: j
Ordered that Thos. Kerr ,be
givsn $3 a month out of outside'
poor fund, same be paid to W A;
Lucky, Jr.
Will JDuck worth was ordered
discontinued from the list of out
side poor,
It was ordered that Mrs Lee
Freeze be given $5 for the month
of October. . '
Ordered that Henry B Bost .be
dismissed from the county home.
The .board ordered that Mr
Thomason, road superintendent
make any changes he deems nec
essary on road survey from China
Grove to the Fisher mill place.
Ordered -that no change bee
made in survey of Ebenezer road.
It was ordered that work on
the Sherrill ford road be contin
ued and W W Miller be summon-fe
ed to annear before the hoarn1 flier"
Qrst Monday in November andKbfln' for certain1 lhese men
show reason why the original fld "ot. ,n ? sense "present
survey of said road should not be fcthf.Cst or .deeeQt thiaff
used across his farm. . ?hoSQ authority of uubrok-
It was ordered that Undertaker pn Sion does Pope Pius X.,
Summersett use his own discre-Pe?' lalm is possession as
tion as to the burial of county FIIol? See? Fiure that out if
subjects, ' fjoucan. If you have a priest in
It was'ordered that the build-ourJ tomi' or archbishop, or
ii'g af the South River and fsom-:member of the hierarchJ
Woodleaf road be deferred. 'f hp can Prove that black is
Ordered that Mr Raney and f3Uc and tbat ad ood-let
Supt. Thomason look after the 1 how autho"ty can be
soiling of the Salisbury and A! tnandcd down if the Holy Ghosts
Pleastant road. goever conferred it on them. Je-
It was ordered that the Cres--f us someh.ow argued that a cor
cetft load be built while the campruPl lrce cu,d not bear good
is down in that section. -fruit, so that during the time
Ordered that the Old Shefrill?these base men were occupying
ford road from the Wilkesborothe chair at. the Vatican the Ro
road to the new Sherrill fordPian atuolic church was with
road at Lingle's gin be deferrrd.i0ut a PPe and when you deprive
The board ordered that thethe organization of a pope you
People's Agricultural Fair belhdVe taken the life out of the
given $1C0 for agricultural andbody and lhere is a corpse and
educational purposes. jit certainly stunk.
It was ordered that the sand-f But m-il?d 'ou reader, if people
ing of the Krider school housecin believe and accept the pope
and Cleveland roads'be deferred.. and a11 the claims made for the
The Salisbury township tax?Romaa Catholic church, under
collector's time having expired such conditions, tbs t is no affair
and it.becotning the duty of theot our Our conr n ion is thai
hio-h Kherriff to do this wort ifthis Roman Catholic shall not
connection with his other work,lbe ma?e a slate church with all
the board ordered" that the sheriff i:thdt tKe PPe wants.
be given 125 a mouth for said
n:onths of October and November,!
1917. t -
The following men werejl
ber term of Rowan Superior r . ' Pe Jonn x' -arged
court: with treason; died in prison.
First week: UG Wilson, 3 Af 3f . PoPe Silverius. Put to
Foster, H RSeaford h R Emery, tdeathlor treason.
C E clntre, WS- Porter, " J hf 555- Pope Pelagius I. Accus
Morris, J A Wiley, 2eb Good-pd poisoningr his predeccessor.
man, H F Miller, D C Livengoojd. ' 604 PoPe Sabininus. A.vari
J C Arey, G C Eagk, FrontzJclous an cruel
Foutz, JR Beaver, C A McCallrt 607- PoPe Boniface III. First
C D Pcwlas, Fred Sides,. Walter calied "Pope;" titled bestowed on
Rodgers, P M Shulenberger, F.fbirn b the blood-thirsty usurper.
N McCubbins, G H Trexler, JoeEmPero phocas.
Davis, R H Walker, F M Glover, 7(jS; Pope Stepen IV. A
J W Trctt, H C Norman, j' cbloodV tjrant of the worst char
Kiuttz, John A Morgan, S c'Hill, iacter- (See Draper s "History of
A J Mahaley, John W Fraley, f11!1611601,11 development in , Eu
Kerr Rufty, J F Heilig, M MiPPe'") -Smith,
Ney Kcsler. J 816 Pope Pascal I. Of very
. Second week,
L C Bassinsrer. J
a iit-,ur
H A Lverly, L V Goodman,' Levi
Trexler,. M L Gantt, t J Maha-resPects-v :
ley, L A M'iller, J A Hart, I Gf 855 Popess Joan. Woman:
Ledwell, T Gillespie, R L Hols4of bad character. (See Platina.
houser, A Luther Miller, E H QtoViiq" a mh eauoi.i u
Woodson. E D McCall, J C- . , " f . several other Roman
Myers, H H Davis, Solomon f;1S I" sto"ans
Wagoner. A P Miller, J .JQ' 8o6-, Popes Benedict III. and
leaver, JL Lyerly, J Cline,Anastasius fighting for tbe.pon
Koiiicr A Safrit. , ttificate. - v :
-.lJL I &58. Pope Nicholas t Accused
To Cure a CoM in One Day. by his bishops of tyrany and
. ism LAXATIVE BROMO ou nine. It ston th
Cough and Headache and -oxks off .the Cold?.
i site i.AAATivu bromo Quiame. It stops the
urugrgisrs reiuna money it it tans to cnre.M'
. W. GROVE'S sixnature on each box. 30c.,
W it is Passible to Give Things Sacred
t Nomas and then Drag to Vilest Depths.
MThc Menace,
fcfc: TTlt t- i
ine ivienace nas no disposition
mo make black any darker than it
s,.or the bad worse than history
warrants. If The Menace said
pi ere were, bad popes' the reader
Jnight say it was prejudiced.
iTo avoia misunderstanding and
jjo let the truth hold the reader's
interest. The Menace publishes
a list of bad popes, according to
Uatbolic historians The Menace
renows how bard it will be for
ome of its readers to understand
Jjcw it is possible-for the viceerer-
ipnts of the Christ, on earth, to be
-as bad as presented, but it is even
Hp and only part of their vileness
Iwe may presume, -came to the
uiowledge of the public.
Readers of The iv'enace neld
Miot doubt this catalog of crimin
al men for it is true, and terribly
flrue. What bearing-, then, does
this iist of base men have on the
claims of the hierarchv? It
looks to a man who has studied
titles that there is a break in the
BAD POPE;s and a lot of them.
498. Pope Symmachus. Bad
5U- PPe Hormsidas. Cruel
Ebad morals,
and exceedlnglv
w -
827 : Gregory IV.
Bad in all
.rr.rc ,
S7v pnna i
' v J
ohn VIII. Very
Two Floods In September, Crops Short
Good Neighbors and Plenty of Wild Game
Garland, N. C , Oc. 3rd, 1917.
Mr Editor: It has been quite v
while since ! reported to your
. 1 r-. t .
readers. eo by your permis
sion I will give them a few items
from thispsrt of the moral vine
yard. Well, I have two floods It
report this ti ma, only two weeksr
apart. One on the 15th of Sep
tember and the other on the
30th of the same month. It is a
record breaker. The oldest cit
izens say there has never beer
anythinglibe this before in their
recollection. We live near the
forks of the two rivers, Cobarie
and Six Runs, and when the
both commence overflowing
their banks and spreading out
over this flat country it looks
like an ocean sue enough. 1
heard an owl the other nibi
that seemed to me to say whoo-ee-ee.
It seem- d to e press it
about right in regard to tht
spread of the waler which v;!f
about two miles wide. "-.Da rim.
the first flo d, the w-.tter in ou
yard was two and one half fe
deep, and th List fl-d th
water was ab-.jut -t wo fem -docj
in the yard. Our neighbor.'
were good enough to come ir
their boats to render us any as
sistance they could. It looked
right odd to see them rowing
their boats up to our sLeps. Tin
vited them to hitch and come in.
There isnothing equal to in hav
iagaieighbors that are ever ready
to lead a helping hand in time of
need This country can't it
beat for true, and loyal, and hos
bad. (See Baronius.)
,882. Pope Martin II. Died
from horrib'e disease bought on
from his. impurity, (See Piati
na.) 891. Formosus I. Caused the.
death-of half th people of Rome
by ais constant quarrels.
896. Pope Stephen VIL Was
strangled because of his wicked
ness. (See Baronius.).
897 to 9f.3 Pope Romanus.
Theodore L, and John IX each
"rescind and abrogate" the de
crees of the immediate predeces
909 to 9,63. Popes Sergius III,
and Popes John XT, XII, and
XIII. ro infamous-v vi'e, thai
the tory.of their lives never ap
pears in pnnt (See Cardinal
Baronius )
yc-t. Pone I..eoVIII. Caught
in adultery and killed by the wo
tnau's husbana.
665. Pcpe Benedict strangled
because of his wickedness.
975. Pope Benedict VIII Was
murdered at a banquet in the Va
tican by sixty of the leading men
6f Rome bis guests.
yS4 Pope Boniface VII.. Died
in a debauch
9b5 Pope John XV.
; 1012 Pope Benedict Vlt
Massacred the Jews in their syna
10124 Pope John XIX Driven
from the city by the people of!
Rome for his wickedness 1
1033 Pope Benedict IX .Made
pope at age of 12, Deposed; re
stored; deposed again
1044 John XX Bought pon
tifical chair from Benedict There
are now three popes Benedict,
Sylvester and John : '.
.1073 Gregory VII One of
the greatest and 'worst of the
popes (Hilderbrand)
1099 Pope Pascale II Ty
rant and political intriguer y ;
lU)9 Pope Alexander
1198 Pope Innocent III VeryH
122 Pope Gregory IX Y as
sacres the Albigenses and sells
pitable people. These floods
h ive washed away a good many-
b ridges and destroyed a great
deal of corn, hay, cotton, sweet
potatoes, cow peas, velvet beans
and other farm products.
Many loosing about, all they had
m ide to run them for another
oar. There will be much suf
Vi'ing in consequence of these
Our hunting seasons is on
again, I have already heard
the toot of the fox hunt-H-s'
horn and the music, if you
wish' to call it such, of the hound
chasing the fox. Last hunting
season 1 had much, sport hunt
irfg. But did not get a great
variety of game. I went out
ne cold frostv morning, real
... T- 0V
eirly, up the river about a half
mile to shoot some ducks, but
just before I got to the place
where the ducks werethey saw
ne and flew. So, thinking they
possibly wouid come back, I
ilocided to wait on them. I had
iut bvn w iiting ioug before a
s:imrvl simwtid himself and
; Mi!M..'ir..-'d tf brn k. Seeming
y m bM.s.-r m. But for
ear of m iunx a nise that
)'.!: r-iifii-eu the ducks away
. wou'd no-, .-shoot. After the
squirrel disappparfd I heard a
wua lurlrev ve cinir . !if
ik i ...
i O . - w,
fo'nig through ihe bushes,
fc see it I could not to s:-tve me
So I came bme. verv much dis-
leartened with my hunt as I did
not get a single shot.
The crops generally of this
section are not considered, an
average this vear Cotton and
corn are eroinor to bo fntlr n
fourth off Sweet potatoes are
looking well, but the pea crop
is almost, a failure. The water
melon crop was not an average,,
iltiough my melons were fairly
?ood.' We had melons for near
ly three months.' We ate our
last oue yesterday, October 2nd.
One of our neighbors had i good
many volunteer melon sT, I
heard -a man say not 4ong ago
that he ha.d pulled some nice
melons that grew in the Woods.
He said it was not far from
where a saw mill had been and
nesupposed that the hands. h?u
bought sotne-melons the year
before and had a, en them near
the mill In t:nat way he account
ed for the melons growing there.
I guess I had better close be
fore my scribbling t i too long.
Bat before closing let me ,cpn
grntulate you on the improve
ment you have made on your
paper the Carolina Watchman
1 consider it the best paper I
get and especially do I enjoy
the comment on the -Sunday
school lessons by P B Fitzwater,
D. D. EF Eaton..
indulgences for any crime -
1281 Pope Martin IV. The
terrible "Sicilian Vespers" mas
sacre occured under this pope .
J 288-Pope Nicholas IV. Ori
ginated the inquisition
1294 Pope Boniface VIII
Romanist historians agree . tbat
this man was bad, and say that
he is still in Purgatory
1305 Pope Clement V Very
1316 Pope John XII One of
the worst in all respects. Sold
indulgences for every known sin
1342 Pope Clemen VI Al
most as bad as John XXII '
1362 Pope Urban. Grossly
K57s tol4l7 Ther-e were two or
three popes reigning at the same
time through ail this period the
most of them exceedingly ba,d.
f 1471 Pope Sixtus IV One of
the very worst of all popes
184 Innocent VIII Bitter
persecutor of the Vandois
. 1491 Pope Alexander VI The
infamous Borgia, whose career
is so well kr own
. 1565 Pope Pius & Ordered
assassination of Queen Elizabeth
. ,91

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