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srrase March 3rd, 1S79.
Salisbury, N.C. Oct. 17, 1917
As will be noticed elsewhere in
this paper, President Wilson has
named next Wednesday, October
24th. as Liberty Day. It is a
o-reat privilege for us all to car
ry out the president's suggestion
in full.
While discussing the fuel
question wouldn't it be wise to
determine how come the citi
zen's of China Grove can have
coal delivered for $6 75 per ton
while Salisburians are forced to
pay $8.00 and over.
Attention is called to an article
in this paper from A W McAl-
ister, the United States Fuel ad
ministrator for this Stale, rela
tive to municipalities furnishing
wood to the consumer at cost
it seems to us xnat tms is a
splendid idea and the sugges
tions which he mattes are very
timely and worthy oi serious
consideration. The coal and
'wood supply for Salisbury is al
ready snort ana many are now
in need. Salisbury could-hardly
do anything1 that would be of
r.itizeria. t
With this idea in view a co re
mittee has been formed to pro
ceed with this work. The cons
ul it tee consists of Stahle- Linn,
Eq., chairman, J M McQorckte
and P N Peacock, A meetitsg
of the alderman will I e held to
morrow night, when no doul)t
complete arrangements fr
carrying out the- suggestions
x'v McAlister will be made. f5
The People's AgriculturJ
Fair which will open here Mfcyi
day and . continue till FruTny
night will deserve the liberal
patronage of the public. Any
thing to become permanent must
secure revenue sufficient to main
tain it. A fair secures its reve'
nue by means of the patronagerof
the public and no ona. will dtijy
that a fair is a good thing in a
hundred different ways. Rowan
has been striving in an up hill
struggle to hold a fair worthy of
the grand old county, with more
or less success. Of course mis
takes have been made, but not of
such nature as to condemn the
whole enterprise. The exhibits
have been excellent, especially
the agricultural, and,' time
has the price of admission been
such that patrons did not get
two or three values for their
money. It is easy to find lault
but it is quite another matter to
produce ' something bettei If
only those who are faultless stay
away, the fair will get the liber
al patronage it deserves.
..This, is the one chance for a
day' outing ihis-fall, Take a dav
of? and meet your friends at. the
! fair.
It is said that, a call is to be
made this week to get some
folks together to form a club to
do what they can for Walter
Murphy, to help Mr Murphy
get the Democratic nomination
from this district for Congress.
Of course real Democrats who
want to nominated winner and
do something for the peoples and
the nation, will not allow them -selves
to be tied down to any
particular candidate this early
in the game. Mr '-'urphy has
been wanting to satisfy his per
sonal ambitiou in this particular
for several years, but has just
now been able to discover an
issue to go before the people
with, which in reality is merely
a blind, a pretense. It is said we
must have some one from ihis
district who will 'be in harmony
with the administration, this is
autocracy. What is needed is
some one to be in harmony with
the peop'e which w uld b? de
mocracy. Mr Murphy would
be about as much in harmony
with the administration on,:the
bone dry proposition- and other
prohibition ineasmys as a fish
out of water. If elected to Con
gress Mr urphy s main -j b
would be in the cloak ro m tell
ing smutty yarns and playing
i-ds. Sensible people do not
e ct a winner from a, crowd
composed of oue and that a bad
If your children are subject to
croup get abottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, and when the at
tack comes on be careful to. fol
low the plain printed directions.
You will be surprised at .he
quick relief which it affords.
r-.i m ' t :k
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Set Ready to Attend Every Day- Brinj in. yo&is exhibits. Early, iiostday, the 22d.
Best Agricultural Exhibits ever known in Rowan Coun; Every Department wii! full ami eomph fe, bann ing
Agriculture, Canning CJub Work, Household and Pantry-' departments. SpSendi l Exhibits of Live Htuek a?iJ uUry
Public Sale of Shetland Pnoies and Thoroughbred Hogs, Thursday, October th3 23th.
r - m ummmmm ,IM,in nrJL1LJUJL;,
.3 S L " ji
Acrobatic, Gymnastic, Contortionistji. Tight Wire, Equilibrist, Shetland Po
nies for the Children to Ride. Glnd Musical Concert Day arxd Night.
Shows amd Midway Complete, including rnlerry-o-Honnd. Ferris h&eh Monkey Sdedwo Ho-
ior urome- irre seiows spitier att?iB Min.eic onow ana itsany rreaiC;
Most Exciting Races ever put on our Tracks. Races for Fem Horses, Trotters and Pacers," Mule and
Races, Motor Cycle and Automobile places, Hay Loading Contest and ;Racc.
1 II
rs(i Iunning
jig Voofe ofi Gentaine IP3feoL-ajio & JBas:
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