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of interest to
EaHts B Putmau, who ai
one time mou keyed with
type and prases in this oliip
now a member of the 4th ('...
C A 0, located at Fort Cat,
well, was a Salisbury visitor
lust week and came in to
sh?ke bauds. Hh carre to
tfalisbury too see his sister,
Miss Margaret, who has bteb
quite ill at the hospital fo?
several weeks. Walter Ran
kin, also a member of the
company was hee a iw
days lastv week to v'eit hie
relatives. The boys of this
company are reported to be
in good health and are get
ting alon nicely.
Wade Bost, an employee of
the iSpeecer shops, -while re
luroing hme from his work
Saturday eveuiug broke hit?
left leg-near tne ankle by
elippiuj off a fuot log while
trying to tops oue at Graut
(jreek near the Mocksville
road He lemairied in the
water until his cries brougut
hlp. He was brought U
Salisbury and after beiug
givn attention by a doctor
he was taken to a sanator
ium. A pathfiuder car .will
leave Wastiiuufton, D C, on
October 30th, to lay out the
Baukhead highway which
wilt exteud o Atlanta. e
party will pas through S. ??s
bury and efforts are b '.jg
ma le to have the road e roe
by way of Salisbury.
zaa held iii Salisbury Oct
tober 10-13, cleared 78 50
d vided as follows: Sa is
buiy S525,Chin ttrove S5,
South RiVer $78, Graii te
Quarry 69 85 and .Rockwell
$31.65 This money will in
used byeacii branch to pur
$hase material to mike gar
ments, bandages, etc.. for toe
comfort of the polder boy v.
'Ibere was a meeting of th
Red Cross at the old court
house when plaus were e.ut
o:i loot to greatly increase Us
The Patterson Manuf?".l
uruig Company of 01 -ua
Grove has purchased $14 00
th of Liberty Loan Bo ds
That's comiug some
China Grove
a PrHahvteiaTi eniiren ,:as
jut been organized at B
wit h a membership of fifV
. 1
Tndnv will orobably be
the big day of the fair
Mnnv7 iifAhfl business nou.e
of the city will close s ) i at
all may havtj au opportu it
to atteud; The schools
close also and the sciuoi j
children will attend i: a
body. The fair manare
having generously agreed to
admit them free wheu acc oi
panied by their teachers
Four carloads more of in
termed Germans passed
through Saltsbury Saturday
en route for the detenuon
camp at Hot Spriugs.
Friday will be Negro day
at the Fair and a large lo of
excellent exhibits are expect
ed to be displayed.
CMC Barger, who has
been tax collector for St Us
bury township duriug .he
past four years settled rlth
the county commissioners at
tho regular meetiug of 'his
month, this office having
been abolished fcy the legis
latum '
Somo Excellent Exhibits, Plenty ef Shows
and a Good Time for All.
The editor visited the fair yes
terday and found things taking
on shape for a lot of fine exhib
its and a successful fair should
the weather permit Every
thing was oh the move and ex
aibttors were getting- their arti
cles on tables and shelves and
walls to show to them advan
agely. Among the fine booths
were the following;
Corporal Wilson of your Uncle
Sam's army, has a lot of interest
ing pictures and advertisements
display and stands niady to fur
nish any information tiesirod.
L W Safrit of Crescent, has a
fine exhibit of farm and garden
produce and is expecting to carry
off a big prize.
Charlie Yost ahd V L Yost of
St Paul neighborhood, have
fine general farm exhibits.
Mrs J A Missenheimer of the
Summer neighborhood has a
general farm exhibit.
P J, Cress of the Grace Church
neighborhood is also contesting
for a big prize.
The mulberry Local of the St.
Paul' neighborhood is doing it
self proud with a 'general exhibit.
The Center girls Canning
Olub of western Rowan" has a
most excellent exhibit of beauti
f ully canned fruits and vegetables
that certainly look tempting.
Belk Harry has a fine mercan
tile exhibit.
The Rouzer Garage occupies a
booth that is interesting to auto
mobile owners.
W D Hartman of tho Dixie Pur-
niture Company hus s dice booth.
W F Ave?, he ncriorcycle
and VictroJa man, i;a a nice line
of goods on dtepl.xy.
The Farm Life Schools of
Chiua Grove has a verv nice ex
hibit of farm products and
specimens of its work which is in
harge of Prof, and Mrs C E
il er.
The fancy work certainly
skows the great skill of the
ladies from all sections of the
county and is beautifully deco
ated. !
The eats department makes
one hungry. Here we find the
finest specimens of bread, cakes,
pies, canned fruits, vegetables,
preservee, jams, butters, etc.
The educational department is
full of interesting exhibits of
class workj penmanship, draw
ings, pictures compositions, etc
These are from various schools
in the county, China Grove,
Spencer Salisbury and other
These fine ihing3 brought to
gether will interest all progressiv
citizens and need to be seen to be
fully appreciated. Besides these
there are many other attractions.
The races the siock exhibits and
numerous other articles. Make
it a point to go to the fair and
thus broaden your own view
of the county's resources! ' and
help make the fair a worthy and
permanent thing.
A large shipment of can
ned goods, a donation from
the members of the Birst
Frepbyterian chinch, will be
shipped to the Barium orphanage this
week There is about 1000
quarts in the lot which will
do much toward feeding the
children there thin winter.
A Bi? Raddish,
W L Ludwick, one of the best
truck and general farmers in
Rowan, has a raddish on exhibi
tion at Eagle & Sloop's that
weighs five pounds. He also
had a pumpkin vine that pro
duced seventeen
three of wnidh weighed forty-
seven pound? ach. Now Venus.
r - ;t0r prizes. The China Grove
$5.00 a day theriaK Terorreens, j sch -is are doin- a good work
Roots and Herbs. 10c brings and have carried off .their share
book and war prices. Particulars of tha piizes heretofore and ex
free Botanical-107-West Hav- pec t to do as much on this oc
en. Conn. . . cassion.
Mrs J C Pennington, a well
known anr highly esteemed
woman, died at h -rhomein
Spencer. Tivslay evening,
October 16th. aftr a long ill
ness The funeral was held
from the residence Friday
afhaaoou. She leaves a hus
bnd, a daughter and two
youuK eons. She as Miesi
E'. ta Earp before marriage.
"''1 mud Sifferd died af
bin hoiue nere Salem Church
in Locks township Friday,
October 12th, after several
weeks illness, he being seyeral
months over 78 years old.
The funeral was beld from
Salem Lutheran church
Satniday following. His wife
who was MifS Mary Aun
Elizabeth Menius preceded
bin -o the grave in March
j 89 Ou brother, Daniel
A atfferd. five sons, EM,
ST, w L, L W, and V S,
Kifftrd, and three daughters.
Mi W. G Honeycutt
iV rs Luther Safrit and Mrs
Ross Cress, survive, also
a second . wif. Mr Sifferd
was a loyal member of Salem
K L Church, a faithful
Christian, a good citizen,- a
brave Confederate, soldier
and a true . friend He was
well kaowu throughout the
coup's and hi many frieud
viP ; ?rot to leaiii of his
J iok wb( Hv.-d in East
Sa3iibu'y some veaM ago, but
later moved to Cb uehland.
Davie County, died last
Friday from the effects ot
hart disease. He was prob
ably 50 years oM and was a
member of Wiuonji Council,
Jr () U A M, of th;s city and
a number of the members at
tended his funeral wnd inter
ment at Churchland Satur
Annual lea Cream Sficial
Each family in the parish is
as3est:i one dollar for the annual
ice cream social, ano one is
exempt from this assessment.
Refusal to remit cash for enclos
ed ticket, which admits entire
fan;iW, will be ielt as a positive
act of disrespect ind discourtesy
to me personally K.ndly make
cash return not later than Wed
nesdav, July lah, to Father
Kilkenny. '
The above is the contents of
notice sent out to his r arishioners
by Priest Kilkenny, ot Monett,
This is a little bit oat- of sea
son just now, and the mention of
ice cream may bring- shivers to
our readers, but the c.ird has just
reached us and it is too erood to
pass up. The point is that the
dupes that adhere to Rome must
ccme down with the cash. To
fail to do so is an insult to the
priest and one that calls for
humiliation and embarrassment
if uot excommunicato n and dam
nation. The question ot wheth
er you are rich or poor does not
enter into the cae in the least,
the priest wants the coin, and
they are going to connect with it
just ao long as you are. easy
enough to stand for their impud
ence. Catch on? The Menace.
Ths China GroYB Schools Taks Part.
The Chiia Gove Public
schools and the Rowan Farm
Lifo sciiool of China Grove
have exhibits at trie fair in Salis
J bury rhls week and wiu contest
Pre sited at Union E. L. Church, . Rowan
County J. C, October 21,1917.
A cafttata for the celebration
of the 4:M0th anniversary of Luth
er's naipg the 95 theses to the
irate olCthe cathedral at Witten
berg. October '3.1, 1517.
Mnr'invLuther, Carl Hammer.
Phillip Mclanchth.-n, Luther s
Co Worker, John Barrinjjfer
John TtEel, Papal agent for the
sale Ci indulgences, Richard M
The Captain of the Gnaid, Hen
ry Kejler. ,
SnipertSr Charles Fifth. Armon
Jrinces:fayorable tp the Kefor-
Philip, Duke of Hesse, Charles
;Frk. -;.
George, Markgraf of Branden-j
bury, Roy Agner.
Job n," Elector of Saxony, Hart
man Ijeonard.
Catherine Von Bora Amelia Sie
in unn escaped nuns, Lucy
Krnl.and Addie Lyerly,
Gretch.a child, Melanchtaon's
daughter, Ella May Ljerly.
Margaret Ludwick, Jessie Maha
Anna fjrmaun. Mary Walton.
Emprei. Isabella, wife Fifth,
Ladies uf the Court, Blanch Peel
er, Lviud Walton, Ruth Leon
.ard, tosa' Black well
Scenel: A street in Witten-
berg, iff'tront of the cathedral.
SceneII: A room in Luther's
nouse. ,
SctnvIIL The, imperial court
at AoRsburg.
was wrhien by Caii
well- known in Salis
burv av ednor and publisher oi
the aiburv Daily un, ar . Ua
been pi.iahed in full by .n pub
ncation - board ot the L,utaeran
church, ftvhich is indicative f its
THe jtrcsentation was a success
in eer'way and a largre c"Owd
attended and enjoyed the c lter-
- -
Second Lfety Loan Facts.
1 Mvr thau 99 per cent of
the pple of he Uuited
States wan iuvest in the Sec
ond Liberty 'Loan 4 per
iWdiMi'nit heing in any
way a6fr :id by their taxable
2 it.-? rse.vv ave exempt
from afl utate and lotal axes
5 ii-! income irom tnt
new 4$er crut Liberty Budh
is Fult t ou'y to nrtax-8
4 taxH.s t evie,v oly
on incolne- in excels ot'$ . COO
5 Qui of a tot.l n rrla-
m '-
Un)tea tatee oi ly 400,000
ner oiis La d income ta ;es ii
1916 'ff
Gwmv 24t5 uuj p -sjnp
(aid tturtaxs
714000 face value of. new
4 ner pnt Lih r'yBonds ar
exempt, from all taxes what
soever; preeeut and f ut ure.
8 Aii individual may own
provifiQf? lie hsL? no other
capitail $130 QC0 Liberty Loan
4s andpay ho tax a
9 llie jncom&.oi au ium
viduaj) from Liberty Loan
Bondlproviding he has no
other -riicom ia exempt up 1o
$50C0 rgprents-thje 4 percent
i-h .... k A f o fano
iuioiD?si uu uuu iii yjL " "
Value Jof $125,000 exempt
'1, . -, .
Irom ail normal Taxes ana
$200 represents .tlifi interest
at 4 pe-r cent on bonds Cf
face value C)t' S5. 00 t-xempted
U taxes (Paragraph
Li "j-- r ii
.ibetiy Loan Act.
4 - -
Wht nevr You Need a General Tonic
Tlie i) Standard Groves TasteleSs
lii'-lijnie is equally valuable as a
Take Give's.
General Tonic because it contains the
wel1. knon tonic properties of QUININE
and IRG3SJ. It acts on the Liver, Drives
out Malaria. Enriches the Biood and
k beneficial to teeth
jkp and stomach is
JM best for childreru11
m f massages and,
fsp strengthens
'J the gums
f 1 1 1 keeps teeth
I "CMzv 1 j clean and
even; breath sweet.
?SN!v mear I aids appetite
I and digestion.
hk i The .
I Flavor
Lern to admire rightly and you will learn to purchase wisely.
Pt jpie of rofirjed taste admire our jewelry most because real jew
elry ctrt appeals to them as oniv
Wie jewel rv buying begins with
provides jewelry ot artistic and
tnan tne outsuie coat.
To know if our prices are low,
China Grove,
witli good oil liniment. That's
j the surel way to stop them.
ii' e best rubbing liniment isjj
Good f :? ihc Ailments of
Ko-ses, i .Idbs, Cattle, Etc.
QoodfT rati? own Aches,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Btirns, Etc.
25c 50c $i. At all Dealers.
Jno. R. Brown, Opt, D,,
Headaches, Nervousness, Neu
ralgia. Dizziness, Nausea, and
Many Other Nervous Disor
ders' Due to Eye Strain Posi
tively Relieved.
No. 66
for malaria or chills & fever.
Fe or six doses will bretJc any case, and
if taken then a tonic the Fever will nd
return. It acts on the liver bettor thaa
Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25
Write the Pennsylvania Lumber
, prices for mixed oak cros,s ties, in
eluding beech, birch and rndple.
2 We also buy white, post or
' (uuuuiaiu van v-i wo j
I. - alr hlmhpr.1() ,7 4t
Will CUT6 Rblimatism, Neil I
ralgia. Headaches, Cramps, Lohc i
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns. Old
Sores,-letter. King-Wonn, Ho
zema. etc. AiiliseDtic Anodvn,
used internally or euefuaiiy. 25c
real art of any kind does
your selection of a store which
intrinsic value extending deeper
compare them with values as high.
North. Carolina.
The Watchman is somewhat in
a bad way this week owing" to the
bad mail and express service and
lack of competent help, but will
make good all shortcomings.
J. Montague
familiarly Known as
"Monty boy," young,
easy-going banK cash
ier, darling of society,
interested in socKs and
.necKties. Two hours
later tHis same indrvid'
uaJ is plain JohnM.Smith,
fugitive from Justice,
charged with murder,
hiding in a freight car,
beating his way to se
curity. A swifter metamorphosis
than that which trans
forms this character
would be hard to imag
ine or a better story than
that in which he appears
hard to find.
JHg Real
is interesting right from
the beginning.ingenious,
swift -moving and with
plenty cf exciting mo
ments! It is one of the
best pieces of fiction
ever written by that
popular writer,
Francis Lpnde
Our New Serial Be
Sure to Read It
Builds i$ the Whole System. 60 cents.
"-rV .

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