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pina scons bicnt
Miss Mary Stirewalt . has-been
elected principal of the school
at Wnitevjlle, N C, and has gone
tUere to teach school this win
ter. Mr and Mrs D W Sides of
Kpnnapolis, visited their daught
er, Mrs D C Peeler, Saturday
night, October 13th.
J O Yates raised a Dumi
liJUU ' If CilgUlS U1UJ UHC V UliVA ijl .
Who can beat that?
Venus vrent to a corn shuck
ing at' Charley t Earnhardt's.
A a.e crowd was thtsr we
ci.uuted one hundred and four
at the corn pile shuc'iing corn;
and thera was forty or fifty at
ihe house and around We all
got a . fine supper. Mr
Earnhardt made mora, than his
t'rocorn cribs will hold. The
taole was 17 steps long.
Pinkney Ludwick showed us a
hf'n ef7g. just in the shape of a
small gourd, that one of his
hens laid.
Venus met Mr and Mrs L J
Overcash of near Mill Bridge,
in Salisbury Saturday. They
say ti;at they read Venus's items
regularly. They are good farm
ers and bring produce sto Salis
b j vy markets for sale. We expect
to visit them some time and get
some of tiieir good rations as
Mrs Overcast! is a mighty good
We met Lum Sowers in Salis
bury Saturday. He came over
in' his automobile with jais boys
He is the man that entertained
us at the big Daniel Boo i cele
bration some years ago when
took over a big two horse
load of old time relics to put in
the Daniel Boon cabin for the
occasion. Mr Sowers came
after us nd the relics and
brojgln us back ail free of
f'lage and we furnished our
fi ie collection free. That's the
the way tu do to make a nice
r and Mrs Murry Peeler and
family spent Saturday night
at Mi's Peeler's parents, Mr and
Mrs J A Peeler, in Faith.
A Davidson county man in
Salisbury Saturday told us he
hud an old timo pepper box
pistol that he was going to sell
iia for cur collections.
T.J in B'arger has bought a
dw automobile. He lives
i ai Faith on a fine farm of his
We mat all threo of the pret
ty fat ttflepone givls of Granite
Qjir?y in Salisbury Saturday
at a li ve and ten cent store trad
ing with a mighty pretty girl
clerk. Thoy told us her name
arid we found out she was a
daughter of one of our old school
mates. Her name is Miss Mar
gie ICetchie. How times (do
change and the young people do
grow up.
Misses Geneva and Alma Hess
and Flora Brown were visifinn '
id. Hhiiia Grove over Saturday
and Sunday.
Irand MrsR Williams and
family took an automobile trip
to Kannapolis and took dinner
with Mr and Mrs Baxter Mc
Corabs Sunday.
Mii3 Letha iPeeler is visiting
zA John Efird's near China
Hihii Blanche Ward of China
Grove visited her parents Sat
urday was accompanied by
Mis Ma gar et Wilhelrn.
j!isa Pearl Fisher has gone
f. ;S hol ah Mt Pleasant Semi
nary thi3 year. She !,s;tys she
likes it tine.
Miss Lena Moose, who was
te aching in the high school at
Fi'i'wi1., L; s accepted a position
-in the seminary at Mt Pleas
ant. i?s Soi3ha Moosq, a sister of
Professor D W Moose, will teach
in ','ie public school at Faith this
We visited at Daniel Hart
pjan's at Chestnut Hill and saw
him grinding new corn on his 1
corn mill. He makes shch good )
bread meal that his customers
come miles for his meal.
Rev W B Werner, Supt. of
the Nazareth Orphans' home
near Faith, is doing a good work
and every thing is growing and
prospering under his care.
Who wants to buy a pet squlr
rel? There are t wo here for
Who wants to buy one dozen
young chickens? They icjii be
delivered to you any time.
J T Wyatt huy.s all the old
zinc jar tops he can gel at his
store in Faith. Venus.
jbraniiS Quarrymen Visit Salisbury. -
IXtt VV H(i u a y ' wen ' y
eigiitxiTiHii frcm vririo- r parts
of thecountry. lartrly from
NwHartip?hirj and Vei men!,
representing t lie granU in
rhistry, aceomrauied by a
number of lady frier ds, scent
the day in Salisbury Thy
were shown over the city,
th granite quarries, eutt n
fields, gin factory antl were
bthfcrwie highly entertaiued
by local quarry m.tu,
They jvere dined at noon
and in the evening when
Mayor VV. H u'ood?on and
A. H. Price, Eeq, made talks?,
of welcome.
The party wan en route to
attend a convention in the
interest of their buines and
ritpped here, to ?ee the fin
Rowan granite at hot baud
EVirs. Smith Recommends Ciiambsriain's Tab
lets. "I have had more or less stom
ach troub'e for eight or ten
years" writes Mrs G H Smith,
Brewer ton, N. Y. ''When suf
fering from attacks of indigestion
and after eating, one or two
of Chamberlain's Tablets have
always relieved me. I have also
found them a pleasant laxative '
These tablets tone up the stotn
ach and enable it to perform its
Junctions naturally. 11 you are
troubled with indigestion give
them a trial, get well and stav
Weather Forecast for October, 1917. "
Fioni 7 to 15, fair, clear,
some chaug able, mild with
thunder, rain followed by
cold wave with first alor-f?
From 15 to 23. raiu aud if
wind is tiorth-east at from 8
to 10?" mou tbtt15tb, cold
rain with snow north. Froiu
?3 to 30, cool flight equiLrx
windstorm aud cool wave.
From 30 to Nov 6, fair nnd
frosj, wi!h rain, thr;at:ug
sdovv heu cold wave is ex
pected. October shews cold wave
alnug, with tquitiox, some
ftarm a:d some cool along.
Notrf all weather mentioned
in forecast, does not mean
rain every day, but note the
expecting in sections, from l
to 3 or 4 days rain s above
Henry Keid, R 3, Box 167
Salisbury, N (J.
The Entertainment Last Monday Evening.
TheRobRy Quartette, the
first of the five entertainments to
be given China Grove under the
hus pices of the Redpath Lyceum
Coarse, gtive an entertainment
there Monday evening and the
large audience present was high
ly pleased. Other entertain
ments of equal merit will be
jziven there during the fall and
winter and those who have not
yet secured season tickets
would do well to do so at once,
as only a few remain unsold.
What is LAX-FOS
A Digestive Liquid Laxative, Cathartic
and Liver Tonic. Contains Cascara Bark,
Blue Flag Root, Rhubarb Root, Black
Root, May Apple Root, Senna Leaves and
Pepsin. Combines strength with pala
table aromatic taste. Does not gripe, 50c
Tc5 The F&pit?p
We will give you 4olbs of Su
preme flour and 12lbs of bran
for your bushel of good wheat.
Ludwick milling Co.,
'Phone 137 Salisbury, N C.
9 19 tf .
Philadelphia, Pa. "One ye$$: ago I
was very sick and I suffered wftth pains
in my side and back
until I nearly went
crazy. 1 cent to
differentdo3ors and
they all saf I haS
female trofjgrte and
would" not yet any
relief nntilM trould
he operatetft on. I
had suffered forf our
years befre this I
time,butlpptget- Hmd back. I learned of the ma
ting; worse Me more , n...... r.. ,
medidne I took. Every monf since I
was a young girl I had suffed with
cramps in my sides at periodsj&d was
rfi'pv rpoiilar T saw vnnr aiTverbsa-
"? r,oTOCr,nr. tvltnr
of a woman who had been sap from
wi operation and this ctareMBS un-
pressed on my mind. The doegor naa
given me only two more dayslf) mate
m n 7 mind so I sent my husba to the
crug store at once for a bottlefj Lydia
E. i'i:.kham's Vegetable Compcfijid, and
believe me, I soon noticed a ch&nge and
when I had finished the thirdfbottle I
was cured and never felttttrpgrant
you the privilege to publish nw letter
Ll am only too glad to let otheVwomen
IGAL, 3432 Kartville Street, P1a., Pa.
400 Typewrirs
ilv nn 1 nut rnntiAnfl nrith aarh - mliinO I
I yV nd repair pBrts for all akes of
l ypew riters. EMPIRE TYPEFOuN D- j
KX, bUALU, l. x- ii-i-ijsi pr..
EMUtOr'S KOllCfi v
Hivingthisday duly qualified asgxecutor
of the Last Will and Tentementof&Trs Fan
nie. E Swicegood, deceased, this M;4o notify
all persons having elaiins said estate to pre
sent the same, duly venheoV to' a under-
sinneti on or before the loth day oWctobec.
191G or this notice will be pleadedn bar of
their recovery, All persons inciebtKl to said
estate are requested to cail and settle wuh
.i . i : l
me untiereigueu. ;
Thumas L Swicegood. eSfecutor,
CooleenSe. N. C.
North Carolina,
Kowan county. In Eowan Cofjtty Court
Snider & Company . "
V8 I
E F Carter and N A -"otrcE
Gregg, trading as . If
larter A Gregg Supply o J .
The defendants above named ill take,
notice that summons in the abuv entitled
iction was issued against said (ifei:anls
i.ii the 3rd of October, 1917, frot Rowan
Count v ourt, to recover the SufSlof Two
Hundlred Twenty nineDollars andTwenty
(.. ems ($229.20) by account, which; fniiiwuons
is made returnable before-said crt :tt the
.Court House in Salisburv, N. C onjfNovem-
bt-i 1917, at 9.30 . M l
The defendants will also take. rgUce that
a Warrant of Attachemeut wn issued
by said court due November 5, 19i& against
she property of said dferidans. wfech war
ratii is returnable before ?aid cof it at the
time and place above named for tjje return
ot siMuir.ons when and whe"c the d pendants
are required to" appear and aiiswer or
demur to the complaint, or the ihfcliiif tle
niaded will be granted . fl
J. Feaxk McCtrBiNs,
Clerk Rowa County
John L Rendlenian, Attorney.
North Carolina
R iwar Uoanty
A H Wevtz j
0 S Reams )
In Rowan County
C S Reams will tako nctico Jfeat an
action entit)pd as alove, ha. betu
C"mmnf!ced in Roan roniitj court to
recopr the surh of. -ur hundred Uol
lur (!?100 00) as damages lor.fbrpach
of eon tract for failure to con- vw sitd.
ral encate in accordance- r.-ifjh the
writtei. contrast, ani the said ri fend
fint will further take notico thal!M- it
required to appeu at Rowtwj' ounty
c urt, the samo tr be held on (ctr-b
9, 1917, at the court h nn1 t said
county, in anid. State, at, 9:80 tn anc
artsvver or demu. t. th comp??ln; in
sii(j net jn, or the plaintiff y. iljnnply
m th" a urt for t: e relief demanded
in said c-'ir. plaint.'
This, September 6. 19I7-'-' K
J Frank Mc!uft0lNS .
Clert Superiority urt.
Jo3:n L Kendlemai, attorney-. -3.
Executor's Kettce
The undersigned, having quailed s
executor of the estate of L ' J Dani, de
ceased, this is to notify all personswAaving
claims against the estate of the sr?d de
reseij to present the same to ihc'jinder
signed duly verified on or before tfrer J 2th
day of Jul?. 1918 or. this notice 'ill be
plead in bar of their recovery. Jj-
All persons indebted to the sailesiate
wil' please make immediate pavmeri
July 9. 1917. m
J M Dancy, Exeru or tf L Janey,
d f ceased, Mooresvi lie, R FItJv I V
Z-.-b V Turlington, attcrney.
Holi?? to IMlssv.
Hf;viiK qaalified as pdrtinistrnt upon
(he tftute of W A Ramsey dMexi.
r.o-ice is hereby .siven to all person vh
claims against paid estate to present ;.e
rm e to tho undersigned on or befn-
21, 10! 8, or tnis notice will be, pieced in
t ir ot t; tir recovery,
n v person indebted to ihe esjfiye will
cil and settls wilh the underh?ied at
ThisSfplember, 21,1917. ' M "
Mrs Weston Lapps Ham?
Bismark Capps, Aiij.
Many A Salisbury Rsadsr Will l)8 Interested.
When people read , about the
cures made by a medicine endors
ed frqm far away, is it surpris
ing that they wonder if the state
ments are true?- Bur when thv
read of cases right here at home
positive proof is within ihoir
reach, for clse investigation is
, an easy matter, liead Saiibury
endorsement T's Kulnev
Mrs T Robinson 122 E
K vr r
I had
iim Os
at., baliaburv. says
rheumatic twinges in toy
!fc 01 Lroan h tMuny k.iis
through my friends and I used
f nem D's lived up ' to t h-
CiUims muoe for them. When-
lever I Jiave noticed my Kidneys
Uae least out of order since or
mY hack has been weak or. larae
I have tu ken a lew dose - of
Do an 's Kidney Pills and they re-
Reived me. "
Price 60c. at all dealers
Dot simpJy ask f()r a k,dney
remedy-Set Doan's Kidny Pills
47 . . 0 , r -Y
the same that Mrs Robinson uses
Poster-Vilburn Co, ? .'fgrs, Buf-
falo, N. Y
Mortgage Sals of Real Estate
'"onge .r,.sl aeeu regis-trea in nook 20
page reiter'fl Uttice ol Iredell County
and aI?o in th Kegister's Office of Powmi
i -
County in Book 57 page 74, executed by
M L 0verca8h to R L Wright, Trustee
J default h win;j been made in the payment
0f principal and interest, the holder of the
noto havinsr demandpd fnrAolnanro tu.
1 - w VIVtlMI V IIIV 1J
dersigned will sell, at public auction, to the
Lightest bidder for cash, at the court house
d. ,or in the Town of Salisbury, at 12 o'clock
M 0n October 3lst 1917. loth of the traoia
described below, first Hemratvlr snd thn
together, and will also sell at the Court
bouse door in Statesville at 12 o'clock M.
I '
I on the
the nainta trac!. e following describ
I oil rfll utnlio
First Tract: In Coddl-e Creek Township,
adjoining tlie lunds of Whiston Mnllon,
tock ilcKnight, and oiheis, and beginning
at a Hickory, Meilon's coron, r, thence
with ibis line W. 70 pedes o P. o ' N.
Johnstor.'f" corner, thence wiih his line iC.
21 E 2o poles to Mulfterry; thence 8 20
E. 14 poles to a Sweetgnm; tnence S. 20 E.
133 poles to a ?t;ike, tor er of 5; thence
with snU lot E. 92 poies to a stake; thence
S. 5 E 29 poles to a stake at the corner of
the barn lot, thence N. 75 E. 31 poles to a
stake; thence N. 20 K. 16 poles to a stake,
'.hnce S 78 E. 4o poles to a stflkc corner
of No. !; thdhce with said lot N. 52 poles
to a stake, G. . MeKnight's line; thence
with his line 123 poles to a stone; thence N
12 poles to the beginning, containing cix'
ty ((i0) acres. See deed Book 25 page 465
The above tract is in Ired !1 onnty.
Second Trad; In Kowan Countj, on
Cod'dle Creek, adjoining the lansof Locke
McKnight, Dan F:sher an-J others, and al
beginning at a stone, G. G. MeKnight's
corner; thence with his line N. IS VV. 60A
'poles to a W, O ; thonce W. 27 poies to the
creek; th?iieo down the creek 38 poles to
i Swee'gum stump; thence S. 83 E. 33
pole; to l!)e beginning, containing Bix (6)
Terms of sale cash.
This h'vptember 25, 1917.
R Lee Wright, trustee.
rr-.-vJ., 11.
If s I e
lie carries a full linn of Bigi
Grade Groctrifid at
rery low price?.
hnys all kinds of Prcduc
ChicKeiis Kgps, liacoD, aud
..vegetables. See him
Headquarters for Walking
Medicine Co.
'Phone 57.
119 W. Inniss St.
C.0W For S?IC. A veiy fine fresh
i itlkcow. Apply to T E Webb
R 8 Salisbury, N C. .
The Pbcpies Mm Bank
- SAIJS3URY. N. C- ,
Dees n rener nkit:g business and cor
d i a 1 1. ? lnviU f vtr account.
' WF p-y I PR CtrT interest j
ever tliree uiiJis in our giVinLP denart- '
mer: 1 ?
Pron fi-ii"wf ?md confidential attend
tioi -iven 10 u; bu-'iiies eutrnsted to us 2
N B. Man, VV.T. Bnsby, f
J rident. Cashier.
J. D. Nor?oot John McenJ. sh. I
Vice-Piuent. Asst. Cashier. I
D. L. Gaskill Xiem Pttmut.
r . , " - t T
W 10 Years of Sa?5i
Ira r-
The first savings banK
in the United States
was opened in 1816.
, There were then 246
banKs in the United
States. Today this
country is served by
27,062, banKs whose
combined resources
are nearly 28 billion
Thrift has done that
much in one century
but there is much
greater worK for thrift
to do.
Help yourself by becoming inde
pendent Help the country by
helping yourself.
One Dollar Starts an Account!
We carry in eto.k or make to order any kind of medal
or rings cf the very !at-pt styles in solid gold. and triiarrr
tee our prices. We also do the finest watch and jmwN'j
repairing that can be none and every j b ia fully guaran
teed. We carry the largest line of Watehep, Diamonds, ud
Jewelry in !Mortl?"(.Jarolinn .-. Sew us for reliable good?,
i o M IS R EP KES E Ni A T ION 8.
allace.HIdg . Salisbury, N' C. ;
A Fti!) Line ot , General M chamlifct
Constautly On lijuui
FOOT REST HOSIERY whether it's appearance
you want iu besiery or "vhe?? hr i1 war yon will ge?
it if you gr.i Foot Rent." Awi th p too ie an endure
merit to most of us. Y.u'il SAVE MONEY.
Fall and winter goodn, heavy weight uisdnvwt
for men and women, aler, Drp G?od- Shoen. Pantr,
Overall Hats, Notions, ( Crockery, Tinware, etc..
I have a well selected stock of s-.taplt- ,a -f fnc
groceries, country'-prod ce, feed fi;uli, etc. When it;
need c tne to tve me.
Far, iiit? are invited to make my place hadQuaiv
ters while in the city. Very truly,
'Phone 39
An Ambition and a Record ;
needi of the South are identical with the'needi
of the Southern Rail v ay: the growth and success of one means
tb upbuilding of the other. ft '
The Southern Railway asks no favors no special privilege not
accorded to others.
The ambition of the Southern Railway Company is to see that
unity of interest that i bora c f c-ope ration between the public and
the railroads ; to see perfected that fair and f rank policy in the manage
ment of raiboac' which invites the confidence of governmental
ageiiciess to reslize that libera ih:' cf uearmeht which will enable it
to obtain the add:icual capital needed fcr the acquisition of better and
enlarged facilities incident to' the demand for increased and better '
service; and. finally
To take it niche in the, bodv pol!:ic cf the Sontb alongside of
Other great industries, with "no inrc. but with equal liberties, equal
lights and equal opportunities.
Ihe Southern
it 1
W fit. 9 i
103 S. Main St Salisbury, N. C.
Serves the South,?

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