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War Pressnts Stalemate, Na Dedsltn Before
1919, Says Congressman McCermick.
'The Germans are not win
ning the, war."
"Neither are we,"
That is the statement of Me
dilli McCormick, member oi
Congress from Illinois, who has
just returned from a visit to the
European war zone Continuing
Mr McCormick said: '
"The war presents a stale
mite from which we are unahle to
extricate ourselves, because of
the collapse of Russia and the
unreadiness of the United
StateV No where in Europe did
I.find an informed - soldier or
public man who believed that a
military decision could be achie
ved before 19 19. When the
- 'United States might add effec-
tively to pressure on the Centra
empires. There is practically
no hope that Russia can be ise
ful during 1918. Russia is ho
disordered that she cannot
make war. Happily, in all pro
bability neither can she make
' "The resources of the Centr.'-.l
powers have, been energetically
spent. They are bleeding i-rri-
)ljly put tuey act with gr -.ter,
unity skill tha,n their e
. ; mies; ? hus, they made a seem
Higly uppessfiil 'drlS into Italy.
The real objoct of their : tU
cal foray into V enetia was r rt
"ly tp make cam oullage, to ct i; : eal
their losses -" from Verdi . to
r; Pass0h6ftdal4 and parti y to
provide rvbiutionin Italy. -
4 -The. Italians were uder
guaneddeither hadtbey rim-
iiition, But even so they v jld
not have! been driven
' deoauched by the spy sy - rem
of Germany, had not thrown
down their arms.
'The French and British
have moderate prepondrous
in guns, and man for man they
out tight the Germans.." While
there are still excellent Ger jaafT
divisions in Pianders, there was
- an appreciable dimuhition ir the
mgrale and the physical quality
of the German troops on the
French and Brittisb fronts
"The issue of this war will
ba decided in Washington, and
by the furnaces of . America
The splendid little! A.mevican
'army which has already cr'- sed
the sea rendered a great service
when the echo of the tirst
American feet on the sou of
France carried to every ju6me
the promise that that str ngth
4 and still more toe industrial ge
?nius of America would I ring
succor to France,
"France is fighting will- he
:;' : roic and dogged courage. Her
, ' steady, thoughtful soldiery are
"ready to spend their blood and
r to die, in the belief that Araeri-
V ca will -forge the weapons to win
the war.
As we glow older and les?. ac
tive, less and less food is rec 'Aired
to meet the demands of our bod
ies. If toov much is habitually
taken, the stomach will lebel
When aman reaches the adv need
age of 85 or 90, you will fiml that
he is a light eater. Be as care
ful as you will, however, you
will occasionally eat more than
-nm cViniiiil nnr. will tppI thp need
jrwi -
of Chamberlain's Tablets t" cor -
rect the disorder. These ' inets
do hot contain pepsin , but Uhe period when the soldiers and
strengthens the stomach aud en-i sailors are learniog the details of
"bles it to perform its fmutions this law, the Government auto
aturally. They also cause a;maticaily insures each man and
gentle movement, of the bowels. - woman, cdmmissioned or enlisted
U--JJ V.'-j'.'J ' ,'.'.A .. . -r
Tne Gonernment has Made Gsnsious Provi
sions for all Enlisted Men and Dependants
The Secretary of the Treasury.
To the officers, and enlisted men
and women of the army atfd
navy of the United States and
their relatives:
The Secretary of the Treasury
through the Bureau of War Risk
Insurance, has been charged
with the administration of the
War Insurance Law enacted by
the Congress as a measure of
justice to the men and women
who have been called to give
their lives, if need be. in the ser
vice of their country.
I wish to acquaint you with
the benefits and privileges which
vour Government has placed at
your disposal. It is essential
hat you and your families at
home should know of your and
their rights under this law in or
der that, full advantage may be
taken of them.
To care tor the wife and child
ren of- the enlisted man during
'us service, the War Insurance
Uw compels him to contribute
ip to one half of his pay for
their support. The Government
on application, will generously
add to this 'an allowance of from
5 to $50 a'month, according to
ihe size of the family. Moreover
it the enlisted man will make
some further provisions himself
for.a dependent parent, brother,
sister, or grandchild, they may
be included, in the Government
If, as a result of injuries in
curred or disease contracted in
the line of duty, an officer or en
listed man or an Army or Navy
sion is made for compensation of
from, 30 10 $100 a month to him,
and, should he die, compensation
of from $20 to $75 a month will
be paid to his wife, his child, or
his widowed mother.
In order, however, fully to pro
tect each person ana family, Con
gress has made it possible for ev
ery soldier, sailor, snd nurse to
obtain life and total-disability
insurance. This insurance, ap
plies to injuries received while
he or she is in the service or af
ter he or ahe shall have left it.
Exposure to the extra dangers
of war makes the coit of life, in
surance in private life insurance
companies prohibitive. It was
therefore, a plain duty and obli
gation for the Government to as
sume the risk of ins,urnghun
dreds of thousands of our soldiers
and sailors who are making the
supreme sacrifice. Under this
law, every soldier and sailor and
nurse, commissioned and enlisted
and of any age, has the right,
between now and February 12
1918. to take out life and total-
disability insurance up to.$10,000
at very low cost, with the Gov
ernment without medical examr
inatibn. This right is purely
optional. The soldiers and sail
ors are not compelled tovtake in
surance, but if they desire to ex
ercise the right, they must do so
Oefore the 12th of Februrary,
1918. The cost ranges from 65
cents monthly, at the age of 21
to $1 20 monthly at the age of
51, for each $1,000 of insurance.
This is a small charge on a man's
pay small in proportion to the'
benefits it may bring. - The pre
miums will be deducted from his
- If 1. AOIi-ao 4 title iT-ti M o .
ra,f' - . '.
ting trouble on his part., v.
j To provide adequate protection
' until Februrary 12, 1918, during
The Western N: h. Conference j &l ;;WS WMm
which has iust adjourned: at 1 M hTfrttf
Asheville made the fallowing ap
pointments for the Salisbury
District: "
" J C Rowe, presiding elder.
Albemarle, Central J E Grav,
C M Gentry, supply; Fir si
Street, W I Hughes; Albemarle
circuit. H P Starr, supply; Ba
din, J E B' Houser; Bethel J T
Stover; China Grove, W S
Hales; Concord, Central, Z Paris;
Ep worth Centre, A ,fe Rapei ;
Kerr street, J W Strider; Fores
Hill, R M Taylor, Westford and
Harmony, AP Bran tier, supply.
Concord Circuit, P L Shore;
Cotton ville, J G 8ro Arn, supply.
Gold Hill, EJ M Averette; Kan
napolis station, G W Vicks, Kan
napolis circuit, RL Foibis:
ifbunt Pleasant, ' G Stamper:
New London S E Richardson,
Norwood Randall. J A Bowles;
Oaksboro-Loves, J J Eades; Sa
lem circuit, A , L Coburn, sup f
ply ;Salisbury, First church, T
A Lambeth; Park Avenue, S M
Short: South Maine, P W 'Tuck
er; A S Whisher, supply: Salis
bury circuit; R C Kisk; Spencer
Central, C M Pic eriS: East
Soencer and North Main, R K
Brady: Woodleai, E J Poe: agent
superanuate fund, J'P Rqdgers
assistant Sunday school secre
tary, W R Shelton.
Monroe was selected as the
place of meeting for next year,
Whenever You Need a Ceseral Tome
Take irxove's. ,
The Cld Standard Grove's Tasteless
Tonic i3 eatillv valixable as a
Generl Tome oecuse iz coniains iae
well fcnowsa tonic pre isertit's 'of QU1NIN13
?rJL IRON. It acts on fcuwer, urives
out Milam, Em;:.: r- Q Blood e-d
BuiiSs -en the Wi.ola .. t.;2i., 60 cects,;!
in the military service of the r
United States. It pays the nian j
j5'25 a month duria . total pt-i--
msiiect disability : ii he dies'j .
within 20 years, it. p.-i.ys the rest ; l
of 240 mouthlj installments of So?
$25 each to his wife, child, or
widowed mother.
I desire to call th ; provisions j un lai '.i. o ' itn o-f 4,Ti Sec
of this just and generous law to u) LntiuT ;" i -hf v 0, ve
to' the attention of our officers ! rue VAoer. . Is k U-ifjt; did twery
and enlisted tae i and women so.hhiniu hvjr n
that they may not br: deprived of
their rights throu-rli lack of
knovledge. Full ii-forma t i o n
may be obtained from the Bureau
of War Risk Insurance of the
Treasury Department, Washing
ton, D. 0. - I earnestly urge that
the officers of the Aroiy and Na
vy give to the men under their
command all possible aid in help
ing them to unclerst-aud fully the
benefits that this insurance may
bring to their families and the
small cost at which it may be ob
tained .
: This is the grsatcut measure of
protection to its fighting forces
by any nation in the history of
the world. It is net charity; it
is simply justice to the enlisted
men and women and to their lov
ed ones at home, ar.d each, and
every one of them should prompt
ly take the benefits of this great
W G.. 'cAdoo.
Secretary of ihz Treasury.
M. P. 0. StDGhel! Tells Bw Sha Cured bar
oSfi 3s 2 COld.
"When my- son Ellis, was sick.
with a cold laVt winter I gave
him Chamberlain's Cousrh Remen :
dy. It helped him at once and!a v.r M bl hen m the
quickly broke up his cold," writes
Mrs P; O StUchell, Homer - City
Pa. This remedy has been in
Use foe many yeas. Its good
qualities hav
tre been fully proven
Dusand of people.- It
nd safe to take.
by many thou
is "pleasant and safe to take
of hlmMiAuyrs v'j) ..viETS
Qlii&Mm- Htrefe; .ioriitbriuiJi: and.
VUtnreMH.-iiW! ( r J VvllJi Ills fi,V.H'lfr
?f mum. .fs-tiruisr m cou torm
. w ffi-U wUiioii,... ' lujt-iJtQ'f
ou -fi" Vicceiary for Judg
Ki. f y - d iy l ac ke r t
ja:jf u.iie Oi thfiir jf meotin
il tV, OisH Vi;i'7 lli a
vmh wlvW-Ued. dale Jjhs
'a'if -'.v . his : AviHingurss
deer ,j s 1 1 vvishns. ' :
' Fdfd lieD.U-fckstmriSYble Jec
tur!; J !ice exposures of Ro
'iftJV'cLM p reached from Bi
M'd fbsf, after ha'vij.i? a" ccu-Jjf-d
for t-he same tudi-'
Oii-'sil? m tifteun days -"experi-
-,ioi p fsssan?- ui shush
. - jtt 1 1 tJ j : Lilt litV'P
'ui lrr.rd'M i u.-iV ij it 'for four
i ucfi Jx" i mjv wh'f acted as'tik
l Nil
. "f Trr'Tn- i?i " denying
Uf-Xl to a rr Ainei i-
.'.J-.H Of!'.
'of li
ry -ho :1 n '.a cttv
tor r H-n incksdn Ind evt-ii had
'Ti-t --c.-' of
In -.r ' ! ''!"! ?vd. t--o!
e ;iTid her
- : f-o.i(
rfrT t Mi.
1 ' '
) A
1 ! 3ye
- r " f.
j m
r. !:': ' .
.a-P sV vii'Viol'iiv to h'-ve
j i!f i -J -
j aUojUts, ivi :
: co.ii'ut j r ri 'v !
tCi! Lilld
fro veiiv-.iu '
sui tfriinjj- i t
. ; :j'-'r t:'l Of
: i hoi-c v.dio
Ui? iii)!ittt If tiiis
'.. staVu'.d" sit
A.!i' ix -
i vjie U-
ix'ri ) - ici a
n :r; of UoilH
of rt-:ii.ou.
. lOI i.'.
h tom a.f;d .'iiliiW her uniions
o (-ceed Uijc'iailengd. Rom-
s tfi m w i s idi a si o p i i i g
iioitLat,.- , apprt;.tching
ui('4her a'v:i.K?nh5g and vviiev
thi, a wik 1 1 C'';iii:is . tli renc
!iiot,wiIl b doubly eUtieliye.
i! m '
srrfe G.Jt B Hast Spera Boy.
rnb n hi v t h e :il rs N or t
. ' rro
L'ance hSuu cJiiled in tnUie in'
vfes ,-tsse .lar of Fst !
' hntile
". t-
frfept in IT
- .m!
T-tl? trunk .v
eft.lrv his sister
lifKast 'S)v-nc?
tiis remans r-u
ifFrauee SergeaitH B.lir. was,
v .
arrsy in the Philippines aj
, jj.-.-
Ctf lethorpe and was a vciuffteer
fthe Canadian company. H
id been in the service of t.he
'father r Railway prior to ;his
' $aoe'ctioo wiih the Canadian
! my.
-bum - . -un -u-t- j
Ajome , wiitdnws are being
chiefs are much in diand
t lie Ivoh i
oij a - cold ui-iH
tl ' :!,rV:t.!h
:u d
we1; know
' In :
1 ii- y are
y can be
irey are
t-r t-i
vxr mors t;; ;
to consider the ra
Colds are most
come wiUM-ut
lh!U- t ra
j-'-'v.- Jit!!
danger 'is r:re:m the wa$;
1 -tv ,
S'-'S Jii.O :
vor-t" of
:ia - ii hs'tit-.d a9
-I i iV-Vt -r, and
rr'.'-ni' po?
itV; kj ;?n -f lit"
l -; U'c f c-
vd:i.hty nv.--;pi?'de
readily ai
Ir viil ? -
t;ui d
i i
i 1 1
j oi
Otli.i.'Oi- TOO
the : rsu r
you i1. n , bU-e
d vv-j ope
('j , i ; ?
a a coi
fit c' .
HVrTy IT!('
:g . i mi i. .i
V ilrll
kr p .aw.a
fr.;'n piacHs w;i-r-
, II i. v. (I i"M
any L'';m 'li'-stot4
airi -shnn i - a
with tho:n,
mouth an i nctr wrU;;
you have fevir oi! auhes
bod a ltd ttcs y t e uiif ij
! ; i
an:.osd yi
nexi day.
A "man
i)f U. b
his i.aim-
, :--iV. ih-
i '" i -
i .
JL i
t he 1
; the
i ;
" to
m-hilt , v k
j ,.t-i
and piac -
sheriff fu
un-rMonday .-and t 'ck In:
i tO ldiaTiVvUrt vyh;-r. I Wa
i : 5, ..
j givviil a u-r:i ' :t u -.c.t v.
J Otttef NU'tler i. -ai -1 irbm
p - v;. V', v; ,.i.M. " ,
t on eap .h.r oitUt:ry prW'Ouer.
tl a r.' v w -i!-! Pld
i.v Uis Ocitv r at the camp.
IS'Siemis .ISixiBi:.ii! ttrtoilS''ll,
ths Germans is 1&8 S3me. U .
' The KeTGsiocge A Crinimen
pastor of St Peter's.; Catholic
c lurch, Iaewistowh,. :'Y. ,.. in a
I -tier to BecreraTy of War BaSer
v?s. ho has facts to snoW; that
.iueral 3eil,intn addres.silo'iie
idier iu training at the Port ;
itigra training camp which" is.
viihin Pother jCJrimnieu's Parish
id drat "Th4 .Oer may's. ' iikex
"i JesH.ji.eJieves : tliat ' tha
j v iu 'Vltitj "niean-s-.-" .
The abov.a taken fro m .the
: N o vvs, , oi New YoVk. Usu e :
ltvjjU'iHr ! 5,; w is father
:: .,ti' in. arriving but Ji't-elj-s; us a
ery interesting atorjrV ..Iiis;
ied.;e: s to say
.'itauii;iiS liidi very extended'
jiir.ieii-Jo r , iiakii.r. ; about
r 'in : ti- i h ' I (ir very grav;.';-
;;:?;u!iHU ( ,.:.u
lieu; :li Heli
had evidently
yki showing hovy Jesuits have
atu x'
ihti Gc-r -
.i i"; hi i2iM i',y
v..-'.'. ; ir
ni:l y
t-i- - -H ' V' :ii J v.r- :''. ' .;Tr -
1 r ::,-.'.i-y- ;. ? t-h. ' ui'rj mo.V
tr-.o woiid't most conspicious
r.u:,- -aw to d-tv The. German
y S'.;MA' of w ;s k: ?r-r a rKl I Jit:
, . .y h Mfi :-i -'xarK! ig are .so
.;-;u--abiy ai'pted V ach other
:',..! ijvwx !'o -!;:s .closer
.:":.;-..: v. , ;- j-rot'S Oil.
rum Hilt ot
- I' '
.lU-staace oi it.
i Ll 3
I version of tha . 3rown
pr'iliCe to Th'" T)fa'ri "failh i ti
fin;-. -Tae Gerhich ivi-ifefues
:,ftw ) a.uMUior example.-'" And
he p i. ai atroiiipt; to bring peao
before dviiK.'Ciaey ruseats di-5-?ir.o
rig;."t?sai1s another. All t,f
of til - :-.,at.etne:its am
sufiicient.remarffs V
i miiu: ut: stick like burs in the
! me aiijy f the people but each
I sti?)j.;i :l has been treated ;as the
.ccussson "aiTr.nrect ou prior
occasions VVe mely meutio:i
ii5 tn to .-dinvv that. General Bell
has. plont-y nf iilcnce. 1 he
A- hil alt of sirrt sup
;.;.v.,;-4 loretvira th ink fit our
ii s' 1 t " ramvinber th
v v : .:. -;;i-, o.f Gfii in our
f.ryd iy lit'?,. tht: ppoachiug
d .v t thaiilKgiviitg ought to
cauttf all :f us to think morti
sriou- ly upon t nr ' raauy
biasing nd bo w our heads
in grat f .il praise. ;
To thhk of all the years
: -5:1 ;d us. and ti?y fortunes
Thai xV'n', orp, to know be
prs arid i'o'ree th years
1 iy !ni!e caure for a
. H lit ( 1
ilh or.i u imtry t wnr
ir tm.-ch-'tietff :ho'"ild be
i K ih.J aud ihsjufc'ts mount
- h:?s 'Y the ,arativo
1 ' i- -vhiiui it (ur?; To
U:i;ih nf -hi ?ufftjr:ng endur
i -ii : .v "at war and to
! ; f; . - i-.iti iy to tide time
i ?-oTO'r' ;: :d grit have bariy
! come lontt eho.ut to yit w
s 4-1... -
- 1 ui i xunur, v.'iiu u s c -
I tain iin, i ns batik (rod
, our-people r i
an i 1
a d;
v Mlsiii?
p. ! la fctoi ;. rflUWi
. . .-

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