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These are the first photographs to arrive from Berlin showing the soldiers and workmen in control -of the Kovern
ment. The main picture shows Philipp Schfcidemann at the statue of Bismarck proclaiming the German reoublic The
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President Wilson and President Poincare are here seen driving through
the thronged streets of Paris to the house of Prince Murat.
A recent photograph of the British auxiliary patrol collecting mines that
.had been washed ashore by gales. The task of collecting all the mines that
were laid during the war and clearing the seas of these mines is extremely
dangerous, and is but one of the tasks that must be accomplished by the
British navy.
swiuicra auu sauors naunnng the red
Now that censorship has been eliminated, it is possible to reveal details
of this American flying boat, the largest in the world. The machine was built
for the navy by Glenn H. Curtiss and some of its amazing dimensions are as
follows : The span of the upper wing from tip to tip is 126 feet ; the depth of the
wings, 12 feet; the gap between the upper and lower planes, 12 feet, and the
length from the propeller to tail, 70 feet. The boat, known as the Curtiss
N. C. I., can carry sufficient gasoline and oil tfi stay aloft for 13 hours and
travel at tne rate or 80 miles an
tration also shows Commander H. E. Richardson, the designer of the machine ' !' Paymen,ts ,to the treasurer rep
and its nilot on a rpmnrkahip trial Hn "i rt3?eU. funds derived from the follow
Wfitern Npwnanr linion t
$ I f.ftn. - .5 . .... i
flag and ready with their rifles.
hour, carrying 50 passengers. The Illus
A photograph of Secretary of War
Newton Baker pinning the Distin
guished Service Cross on General
March, chief of staff. General Pershing
recommended this decoration for Gen
eral March for his valiant service , as
chief of the artillery In France for
TTI A A . i . ,1 Xl ,
the First American army and then as
chief of staff in this country.
Luminous Bacteria.
There is a striking article in' Knowl
edge on luminous bacteria. Mr. Bar
nard, who whites the article, Includes
careful directions as to how the light
producing bacteria may be obtained
and grown. These bacteria emit light
that is produced entirely by themselves
altogether independently of any ex
traneous light source; in fact, they
grow and produce light better if kept
entirely in the dark. -Their efficiency
as light producers is extremely high,
and were it possible to carry out on
a commercial scale the process of light
production as it occurs in bacteria a
tremendous step forward, would be tak
en. The. natural habitat of these or
ganisms seems to be almost exclusive
ly sea water, or at least Water such
as is found in estuaries where an ap
preciable quantity of saline matter; is
present. The most-easily produced
organisms of this group Is the photo
bacterium pliosphorescens. It may be
obtained from a dead herring or mack'
$633,528.80 TURNED
Dojjs and Happenings That Mark
thS Progress of North Carolina Peo
,PJ, fathered Around the State
Fr the two year period ending No
vember 30, 1918, Col. J. Bryan Grimes,
secretary of state, has turned over to
the state treasury a total of $833,528.80
in es Md taxes according to his bi
Unjal report prepared for the .Gover
nor.';ind the General Assembly.
Tke largest item in the list, by all
"Odds,; of course, is the revenue obtain
ed tvpm automobile registration total
ling -321,776.03 in 1917 and $422,709.76
in.L8, representing the automobiles
jtandhotor vehicles in operation dur
ing ffcat time.
Af'ihe end of the automobile year,
June30, 1917, there were 39,809 auto
mobiles registered, 1,401 motorcycles,
and 407 dealers. At the same period
in 1$$8 there were 62,072 automobiles
registered, 1,432 motorcycles and 601
deaths. There have been registered
at tj close of the fiscal year, Novem
ber, 1918, a total of 72,313 automo
bileepresenting an increase of more
thanlO.OOO over the total registered
fr 5yhe year which ended June 30,
The payments to the treasurer rep-
ing sources:
1917 1918
$321,776.03 $422,709.76
&5.329.80 23.C24.50
5.145.00 5,142.00
1,354.00 1.223.00
3,293.86 2,776.95
1,463.65 536.69
654.00 229.00
5,387.23 4,728.08
389.25 404.05
241.74 114.47
103.10 21.60
61.50 49.70
8.80 7.10
4,138.54 2,625.45
Corporation tax
Foreign corpora
sea ...
Corporation fees
Genial fees
A Seals ;
gSuprme court
cjfl u
Lawand Jour
nal Miscellaneous ..
Trad marks . .
Land?grants fees
I Landrants ....
T0?ll ........$369,346.50 4fii185!3rt
, --"
. . m f
Farrrt Lands for Soldiers.
Atpecial from Washington says:
' "Theie is lots of talk about the plans
of thjdepartments of the interior and
labogslo settle the returning soldiers
on., Hf&ds that are rlow unused, ks has
benreported beffore, agents, are at
wlkin Southern states, locating
tVW's of tillable soil- Tne investi
gavoand. inspection service is now
gofinto North and South Carolina
wi0t Agents to list unoccupied usable
farn' "lands by county, township and
sectioja, giving the nearest market and
nearest postoffice address, and fur
ther, Identifying the land by the name
of th" owner. This will be supple
ment by statements covering the
entit'ifcounty, as to the general topog
raph nature of the soil, etc. 'This
inlorjktion will then be in the de
paijirnt of labor so that the return
ingjsier or any other person seeking
emplc&ment through the land will be
able locate definitely where these
unoccupied .lands are.
NorthtCarolina Gaining.
MaSf W. A. Graham, commissioner
of agulture, Is rejoicing over North
Carotid's splendid stride the past year
in',tl$ng seventh place among the
states f the Union in the matter of
the n)iey value of farm crops. Her
record is hown toy the government re
port; jt out, to be $537,450,000, there
bai riV ivi 1 V fftx sdAtM in nil tha rnnntrv
with h?her records. This does not in-
tt xbu innurr i ccuixia. x ills uwa UOL lu-
elude '4$te value of the truck crops or
such Deducts as soja beans and num
bers if4the oiier special croDS that
North ,rolina has developed the past
years 'fvery considerable scale.
Accid.elftt or Suicide.
. 3 r rv.
Murray G. Toye, employed in the
mehaxftcal department of Edwards &
Broughfon, died in Rex Hospital as a
result 4f -a bullet "wound in his left
tem l34 He never regained conscious
nest lithe manner in which the wound
wasfciiiiflicted has not been determined
toy Injpolice. Rumors in circulation
wer c the effect, that he committed
suicide hut members of the family lat-
er denied that he killed himself inten-
tion&Uy? and stated to friends that he
was 'accidentally 'shot while cleaning
his pistol.
In hard of Receiver.
Wt.fS. M. Broughton has been ap
poinfereceiver for the stores operat
ed. by5 J. E, Befarah in Raleigh, the
Princfss, 112 rayetteville street; The
Specially Shop, 125 Fayetteville street,
and (the; Raleigh Bargain House on
'Martin Street, the latter doing a whole
sale jolibing business. Mr. Broughton
was appointed receiver by Judge Con
nor at SWilson, pending the outcome
of bankruptcy proceedings. Mr. J. L.
Emtnanjiel was appointed general
manager by Mr. Broughton and the
toresiill continue to operate.
. i
Retiring Boards Thanked. -
"The country can never compensate
you for the sacrifices you have made,"
writes Gov. T. W. Bickett to exemp
tion board officials , in Uhanking them
for the services rendered during the
period of "the emergency. The letter
is a final word of thanks' from the gov
ernor prior to an anticipated early
release of all the board of the state..
"You are now approaching the end
of .your labors," writes the gpvernor.
"and common justice requires: me to
bear testimony to the character of
service .you have rendered your coun
try in the greatest crisis of its his.
tory. ' :
Government Land Purchases.
Under the Weeks law,. the national
forest reservation commission has
purchased 'in the Appalachian moun
tains 6t the south and the "White
mountains of New England 1,132,793
acres up to June 30, 1918. In addition,
509,011.31 acres have been approved
for pu'rchase. '
The North Carolina purchase areas
Acres. Sum Paid.
. . 13,107.18 $ 26,428.28
. . 9,455.66 109,241.24
. . 13,319.29 66,596.45
'. . 12,629.50 25,000.38
. . 16,949.97 84,083.18
... 1,370.20 9,614.47
. . 35,102.08 253,217.45
Avery ...
Buncombe .
Buncombe .
Burke . . .
Henderson .
Jackson . .
McDowell. .
Macon ? . .
Macon ...
Swain. . . .
Yancey . . .
31 712.70 , 298,307.86
30,552.33 241,337.63
2,303.50 13,564.37
46775.45 223.456.76
10,481.45 113,793.00
.223,759.20, $1,464,641.07
Cotton Ginned in State.
Washington (Special). Director S.
L. Rogers, of the census, department
of commerce .announces the report of
cotton ginned by counties, in North
Carolina, for the crops of 1918 and
1917. The quantities ar"e in running
bales, counting round as half, bales,
and not including linters.
The report follows:
County. -The
state ....
Alexander . . .
Anson .....
Beaufort . . . .'
Bertie ......
Bladen . . . .. ,
Cabarrus . . . .
Carteret . . . .
1918 1917.
648.515 482,525
1,010 454
21,298 17,862
8,199 .4,342
8,389 6,462
- 8,220 6,279
8,752 5,618
1,531 992
1,692 1,093
6 029 3,014
5,613 3,838
3,844 2,250
20,025 13,004
6,204 6,626
4,309 3,112
16,094 11,897
1.068 634
1,176 671
10,312 6,296
381 296
23,320 15,137
12,477 8,178
6,311 4,158
3,175 2,603
6,608 5,178
25,205 16,057
21 469 16,249
2,782 "2,077
14,459 11,219
8.149 4,421.
37,525 29,251
4,414 2,784
5,257 3,605
10,581 7,437
5,145 3.084
6,941 4,646
18,149 13,029
3,745 2,505
2 788 . 1,721
17,536 -V 14.795
13,509' 8,994
4,141 3,505
766 659
3,328 1.922
2,090 2,243
2,531 ' 1,513
. 3,501 3,062
17,717 13,298
12,847 9,348
51,678 43,718
5,581 3,782
7 458 4,638
20,776 15,764
28,267 25,589
4,262 3,661
19,434 15,417
3,908 3,307
17,918 14;464
8,282 7,332
2 393 1;310
25,138 18.415 j
18,739 14,227 .
4.069 3,431
Catawba . . . .
Chatham . . . ,
Chowan . . . . ,
Cleveland. . . . ,
Columbus .
Craven . . . I . ,
Cumberland. . ,
Davidson. . . . . ,
Davie. . . ... ,
Duplin ,
Durham ,
Edgecombe . . . ,
Gaston . . . . ,
Gates v . . . . ,
Greene. . . . . ,
Halifax . . . . ,
Harnett . .
Hertford . . ,
Johnston ......
Jones ,
Lee .......
Lenoir. . . . . ,
Lincoln . . . . ,
Mecklenburg. . . ,
Montgomery., . ,
Nash ......
Northampton . . ,
Onslow . . . . ,
Orange . . . . ,
Pamlico . . . . ,
Pasquotank. . . ,
Pender ... . ,
Perquimans . . ,
Pitt. . . .
Richmond. . . ,
Robeson ......
Rutherford. . . ,
Sampson -......
Scotland. . . I ,
Stanly . . ... . ,
Washington . .
Wayne . . . . ,
Wilson . . . . .
All other . . . .
Some New Corporations.
- Certificates of incorporation were
filed' in the office of the' secretary of
state for the following corporations:
Farmers Ginnery, Inc., of Laurel
Hill, with $50,000 authorized capital
and $15,C00 subscribed. The incorpo
rators are J. D. McDonald, J. M. Pat
terson and Edwin Morgan, all of Lau
rel Hill.
' Liberty Savings Bank, of Wilming
ton,' with $25,000 authorized capital
and $25 000 subscribed. The incorpo
rators are Ralph Harrett, J. C. Rourk.
and W. L. Gore, all of Wilmington.
Saved $8,024 in Food;
Des-rite the fact that the epidemic
of influenza made it very hard to car
ry on a rat-killing contest in Ruth
erford county, Mr. C. C. Proffitt, coun
ty agent, reports that the boys and
girls in his county did kill a total of !
4,012 food eaters during the contest
which he recently conducted. Author
ities of the agricultural extension ser
vice at Raleigh figure that a single rat
will destroy 2 worth of food in a
year. According to this, , Rutherford
county has saved $8,024 worth of ifood
by the simple elimination of 4,012 rats.
Have you ever stopped to reason why
it is that so many products that are ex-
j kensively. advertised, all at once drop out
I of -sight and are o.on:."forgotten? The
(reason is plain the article did not fulfij
the promises of the manufacturer. This
ipplies more particularly to a medicine.
A medicinal; , preparation that has real
surative value almost sells itself, as like
in endless chain - system the remedy- is
recommended by those .who have' been
benefited,' to those who are ill need of it.
,A prominent druggist says, "Take for
example ' Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a
preparation I have sold for many years
ind never hesitate, to recommend, for in
ilmost every case it shows excellent re
sults, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy that I know of
has so large a sale." s
According to sworn statements and
rerified testimony of thousands who have
used the preparation, the success of Dr.
Kilmers' Swamp-Root is due to the fact
that so many people claim, it fulfills al
most every wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailments, corrects ur
inary troubles and neutralizes the uric
acid which causes rheumatism.
You may receive a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root by Parcel Post. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., and
enclose ten cents; also mention this paper.
Large and medium size , bottles for salt
it all drug stores. Adv.
Excessive Exercise.
"No," confessed Aunt Fretty, "my
risit to Kansas City didn't do me the
?ood I expected it to. My niece and
the folks were real kind to me and
lid everything in the world that, any
body could do to make me comfort
ible. But it seemed like I couldn't
?et rested at all, somehow. You see,
:hey live on a pretty busy street and
Jie house Is right close up to the side
walk, and, I guess likely, running to
:he window every time I heard some
body going by gave me more exercise
:han was really good for me." Kan
sas City Star.
It is not always common sense that
rounts sometimes it's the uncommon
Backache ?
Rheamatism ?
Those of us who are past middle age
are prone to eat 'too much meat and in
consequence deposit lime-salts in the
arteries, veins and joints. We often
suffer from twinges of rheumatism or
lumbago, sometimes-from gout, swollen
hands or feet. There is no longer the
slightest need of this, however, as the
new prescription, Anuric," is bound
to give immediate results as it is many
times more potent than lithia, in ridding
the impoverished blodd of its poisons
by way of the kidneys. It can be ob
tained at almost any drug store, by
simply asking for "Anuric" for kidneys
or backache. It will overcome such
conditions as rheumatism, dropsical
swellings, cold extremities, scalding and
burning urine and sleeplessness due to
constant arising from bed at night.
Send to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y., for a 10c. trial package.
Fredericksburg, Va. "I suffered with kidney
trouble for about four months. I would have
pains across my kidneys and lumbago, and when
I would stoop over I could scarcely straighten up.
Then at times it was impossible for me to stoop
at all, and I became so bad that I was almost
down and out, when I saw An uric advertised and
decided to give it atrial. It was only necessary
for me to take one bottle to completely cure me
and I have not felt the slightest trace of kidney
trouble since. I recommend Ahuric to all those
Suffering with backache or kidney ailments of
any eort." L. R. Smith, 300 D Street.
Will reduce Inflamed, Strained,
Swollen Tendons, Ligaments,
or Muscles. Stops the lamenessand
pain from a Splint, Side Bone oi
Bone Spavin. No blister, no haij
gone and horse can be used. $2. 56 i
ottle at druggists or delivered. De
scribe your case for special instruc
lions and interesting horse Book 2 R Free
ABS0RBINE, JRM the antiseptic liniment fo
mankind, reduces Strained, Torn Liga
menta. Swollen Glands. Veins or Muscles
Heals Cuts. Sores. Ulcers. Allay pain. Pria
IL2S a bottle at deafen or delivered, Book "ErUence" fret
ft. F. YOUNG, P. D. F,a10 Turpi! Stmt, Sprtafflild, Hut
Babies Smile
when stomachs do their
work and bowels more naturally.
Fretful, crying babies need
Tl bf astV asi CUdWt Ratalatar
to make the stomach diceat food,
and bowels to more at they
should. Contains no alcohol.
harmful intrrMiMitn. If
At your drmggitt
Itching Rashes
1 Soothed 1
With Cuticura
All drnggista I Soap 25, Ointment 25450. Talcum 2&
Sample each free ot "Cgtacnra, Drpt. E. Boatea."
Is annoying' and harmful. Xleliere throat
irritation, tickling and get rid of coughs
colds and hoarseness at o0oe by taking

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