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"The Watchman Carries a Summary of cAll The T^ews”
Founded 1832-100th Year ' SALISBURY, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 15, 1932 Vol. 27, No. 29 Price 2 Cents
Southern Curtails Other Shops
Wins Chairmanship
James A. Farley, New York City,
was rewarded for the winning fight
he made as pre-convention manager
for Roosevelt by being elected Oiair
man of the Democratic National
Committee to conduct the party cam
| Good j
« ■* i
{The Progressive)
Tax the people, tax with care, <
Tax to help the multimillionaire.
Tax the farmer, tax his fowl,
Tax the dog, and tax his howl.
Tax the hen and tax her egg
And let the bloomin’ mudsill beg.
Tax the pig and tax his squeal,
Tax his boots, run down at heel;
Tax his horses, tax his lands,
Tax the blisters on his hands.
Tax his plow and tax his clothes,
Tax the rag that wipes his nose;
Tax his house and tax his bed,
Tax the bald spot on his head.
Tax the ox, and tax the ass,
Tax his "Henry,” tax his gas;
Tax the road that he must pass,
And make him travel o’er the grass.
Tax his cow, and tax his calf,
Tax him if he dares to laugh;
He is just a common man,
So tax the cuss just all you can, x
Tax the laborer—be discreet—
Tax him walking on the street.
Tax his bread and tax his meat;
Tax the shoes clear off his feet.
Tax the pay roll, tax the sale,
Tax his hard-earned paper kale;
1 ax nis pipe ana ta*. uu ouiuiw
Teach him government is no joke.
Tax his coffins—tax their shrouds,
Tax their souls beyond the clouds.
Tax the farmer, tax his flocks:
Tax the servants, tax their socks.
Tax the living, tax the dead;
Tax the unborn, ere they’re fed.
Tax the water, tax the air—
Tax the sunlight if you dare.
Tax them all, and tax them well.
Tax them to the gates of hell!,
But close your eyes so you can t see.
The coupon-clipper go tax free!
—H. A. Cootsch.
A liar is a husband who
Swears he still can be cheerful,
While ’bout his faults his loving wife
Is giving him an earful!
Miss Pert—Do you think lipsticks
carry microbes, Miss Prim?
Miss Prim (severely)—I consider
those who carry lipsticks mere mi
"I’ll print a kiss upon your lips,”
Said William to Miss Flora Fess;
"No chance!” called father, who had
"It’s too late now to go to press.’
- Boy Friend: "I have some great news
foe you—I’m going to marry your
Little Johnnie: “Humph! That may
be news to you!”
General Condition Thru
out The Country Have
Forced Many Roads To
Reduce Trains And
Working Hours To Meet
Current Expenses.
Understand Bulk Of Re
duced Appropriations
Will Come To Spencer
Shops; Force To Be In
creased If Possible.
Reports reached The Watchman
late Thursday night that all the shops
af the Southern railway had been
alaced on a running repair basis and
hat all major repairs were to be made
it Spencer, N. C.
Since the shop forces have been cut
o 4 days Spencer and Knoxville have
ecome the leading shops of the sys
em and will maintain the present
orce of men working 4 days to the
Of recent date the forces at Spen
;er have been increased. During this
nonth machinists, boilermakers, elec
:ricians and helpers have been added
:o the force at Spencer. These men
lave been brought to Spencer from
ither shops on the Southern system,
where shops have been cut to running
repair forces.
Recently the railroads of the coun
try have been in bad shape and have
cut their forces in an effort to meet
current expenses. Curtailment of trains
have been noted in the western states.
The Southern Pacific now has only
me train operating between New Or
leans and San Francisco. This is the
Sunset Limited and it now leaves New
Orleans at night in place of its form
er morning schedule.
The M. and O. railroad is now in
the hands of receivers and many of
the smaller roads over the country are
on the verge of bankruptcy.
It is understood that the Pennsyl
vania Railway will purchase the Sea
board Air Line.
A large proportion of the savings
gained by the Southern adopting a
four day schedule have been received
at Spencer and unless unexpected con
ditions confront the local Spencer
shops will maintain the present force.
Second Ballot Bill
Will Rogers, cowboy humorist,,
doubts the correctness . of “second
guess being best.” On the second
ballot at the Democratic convention.
. Oklahoma switched its 22 votes from
Murray to Rogers—“and still I didn’t
win out,” says Rogers.
Kiwanis President
Carl E. Endicott, Huntingdon,
Ind., was elected president of the
Kiwanis-International at the 16th
annual convention, held at Detroit,
Engagement Announced
The parents- of Mrs. Catherine
Cramer, Ardmore, Pa., announce her
engagement to Dr. James Rowland
Angell, president of Yale university,
the wedding date to be announced
Saving Of $21,000
Effected By City
During Past Year
s' i ■ ■ ■ - "
The city of Salisbury effected a total saving of “$21,441.49 for the fiscal
^ear 1931-32 as compared to the expenditures for the previous year, 1930-31. ,
Following is a comparison of the budgets for the two years:
1930-31 1931-32
General Fund _$178,962.86 $170,939.00
Water Fund _ 93,117.72 169,900.00
Debt Service Fund _ 293,730.2$ 299,193.58
Schools _ 90,000.00 90,000.00
TOTAL _$635,810.83 $726,032.58
The $90,221.75 increase in the budget for the 1931-32 period was due to
the fact that $75,000.00 of long term water bonds matured on October 1,
1931, requiring the water department budget to be increased, as no sinking
fund had been provided to retire the bonds. Hence the net increase of $90,
221.75 in expenditures for the year 193 1-32.
In spite of the increase in the budget for the year 193 1-32, the general fund
was reduced by $8,023.86. A further saving of $13,417.93 was effected in
the administration of the general fund as follows. The appropriation for the
year in the general fund was $170,039.00 of which only $157,521.07 was
spent leaving a balance of $13,417.93.
According to Mayor B. V. Hedrick, the city budget will be made up at an
early date and all municipal operating expenses will be reduced.
Small Decrease In
Use Of Gasoline
While the 48 states and district of
Columbia were consuming 15,408,
000,000 gallons of gasoline and re
ceiving $36,397,45 8 in gasoline tax
during the calendar year 1531, North
Carolina consumed 249,609,024 gal
lons subject to tax and received in
taxes on it $14,024,303, after all de
ductable refunds had been made, the
current issue of Public Roads, pub
lished by the United States Bureau of
Public Roads, shows.
North Carolina with 11 other states,
showed a decrease in gallons of gaso
line'taxable in 1931, as compared with
1930, but the decrease was negligible,
only four-tenths of one per cent. This
state was 16th in the 48 in number of
gallons consumed and 13 th in among
of tax received from it in 1931. Only
four states had a 6-cent rate, includ
ing North Carolina, which increased
from five cents April 1, and only two
had a 7-cent rate. One had a 5 1-2
cent rate; 10 a. 5-cent rate; 16 a 4
cent rate; 11 a 3-cent rate, and five,
including the District of Columbia,
had a 2-cent rate. Twelve states in
creased rates in .1931
The same publication shows that
North Carolina had, as of May 31,
completed Federal Aid highways of
2,222.8 miles; had under construction
76.1 miles, estimated total cost. $l,
-386,104.89, of which $670,155.41 was
Federal Aid; had 16.1 additional miles
approved for construction at a cost
of $338,402.82, of which $169,201.
39 was allotted from Federal Aid. This
State had available for new projects
$3,710,893.71 more in Federal Aid.
Diamond Mills
To Begin Work
Next Monday .
The Diamond Cert ton Mills, pur
chased recently by Rowan Cotton
Mills, will resume work Monday, ac
cording to an announcement Thurs
day by Arthur E. Davis, general man
Resumption of work by this mill
will give employment to approximate
ly 50 persons.
Recently an addition was added to
the mill and approximately $50,000
in new machinery installed.
Rev. James A. Ivey, West Asheville,
was at Ridgecrest, chosen president of
the B. Y. P. U. in North Carolina.
Cooleemee won -first-prize for general
excellence, Mars Hill for college lead
ership, Hickory for- pity union first
place, and Gaston county for associa
tional leadership.
Citizens Also Protest
Scheduled Game Be
tween Durham And Sal
isbury Basball Clubs
Sundfuy Afternoon.
Indications Are That
Plans Will Go Forward
For Staging Sunday
Baseball Event At Maple
Grove Park.
There’ll be no Sunday baseball in
Rowan county if there is any way
under the law to stop it, according to
Sheriff Cal Miller, who so advised The
Watchman Thursday night.
This statement was made by Sheriff
Miller when advised that the Durham
club of the Piedmont league and the
Salisbury club of the Granite Belt
league would stage a game Sunday af
ternoon at Maple Grove Park, with
an admission charge of twenty-five
cents per person. e
Sheriff Miller did not divulge by
what method the scheduled game
would be prevented, but intimated
that warrants would be issued or an
injunction served prior to the begin
ning of the game.
County authorities were deluged
Thursday with protests against the
baseball game scheduled at Maple
Grove park Sunday afternoon between
the Durham Piedmont league club and
the Salisbury club of the Granite Belt
Two methods to prevent the game
were advanced:
1. Injunction.
2. Intervention by police authori
Consolidated Statutes, section 395 5,
provides, among other things, that no
game or sport shall be indulged in on
An indictment may also be brought
under the common law, charging all
participants with a misdemeanor. This
matter has been tested and ruled on by
the supreme court in 91 N. C. 650.
* The only way Sunday baseball would
be legal in Rowan county would be by
special act of the legislature, it was
pointed out by Solicitor J. A. Dunn
when interviewed by a representative
of The Watchman.
The game is scheduled to be played
at Maple Grove park, beginning at
3:30 Sunday aftermxjji.
Announcement that the game had
been scheduled was made Thursday by
Walter McCanless, owner of Maple
Grove park.
.- ■ V" ,i i ■ -i ■ , ..
Brains and Speed
In high school graduate robe, Gene
Venzke .of Pottstown, Pa., does not
impress observers as being the United
States’ foremost mile runner and
“hope” in the Olympic games. With
V.his speed he also has brains, winning
a $2,000 college course for best schol
arship, character and leadership.
A Victory Smile
Mrs. Charles H. Sabin, New York
President of the Woman’s Organiza
tion for National Prohibition Re
form, who went before both political
conventions battling for a repeal
' —.
News Briefs]
A guard of 40 soldiers and many
civilians were killed in the explosion
of an ammunition depot on the out
skirts of Nanking, Chinese capital.
Two holdup men took $1,000 in
collections away from two chain groc
ery officers at Greensboro and are yet
Injuries sustained in an auto wreck
on May 20 near Burgaw, were fatal
to Dan M. Jolly, Kenansville, judge
of the Duplin county court.
A $13,500 verdict was given at
Winston-Salem for Mirs. Alexandria
Hankins who sued her father-in-law,
J. R. Hankins in a sensational case for
$150,000 for alienation of her hus
band’s affections.
Lois Lee Thompson, 15, Greensboro,
was killed and two companions badly
hurt in the overturning of a roadster
driven by her. Clara Wise, 16, of
Nag’s Head, was instantly killed in
the overturning of a car south of Nor
folk, Va.
Lola Franklin, Madison county, sur
rendered to officers after being sought
for the killing from ambush of "Son”
Landers. Franklin was suspected of the
crime when his cane was found near
the spot from which the fatal shot
was fired.
Floyd Huffman and Ira Heffner; of
Catawba county, have been arrested
on manslaughter charges in connec
tion with the death of Carl Wine
bar ger of Conover after an automo
bile wreck.
C. C. Coddington, Jr., 18, son of
the late leading Charlotte automobile
distributor, died instantly, when he
dived from a boat into shallow water
of an Oslow county pond and broke
his neck.
A curtailment of fully $7,000,000
in state government costs for the com
ing year, is asked by Treasurer John
P. Stedman in a letter to the gover
nor to escape suspension, of salary and
current expense payments. Cut of 20
to 25 per cent in pay of state em
ployes is forecast.

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