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The Oldest Newspaper Published In North Carolina
The Carolina Watchman
"The Watchman Carries a Summary of ^All The News” '
Books Open To Voters October 8th.
November 7
Gen. Election
Chairman Gregory
Explains The Law
Registration For General Election
Will Continue Three Weeks,
Election Board Chairman Says.
Laws Regulating Eligibility To Vote
Are Outlined; Heavy Vote In
This County Is Anticipated
Registration books will be opened
Saturday, October 8, and will close
Saturday, October 29, and all per
sons who have not registered but are
eligible or will becomfc eligible to
vote in the general election Novem
ber 8 will have an opportunity to
place their names on the books, E.
C. Gregory, chairman of the county
board of elections, announced yes
Any person whose twenty-first
birthday is on or before November
->, the day ' aftei tfac -ciectsort, will be' «
eligible to cast his ballot in tlie gen
eral election, Chairman Gregory
said, because on his birthday he is
beginning his twenty-second year.
He is considered 21 years old and eli
gible to exercise his suffrage, there
fore, on election day.
In the same way, said Mr. Gregory,
any person who in/ any other way
may become eligible, for instance, by
completing the legal residence period
required before being allowed to
vote, will be allowed to register. In
event the registration books close
before eligible, he may register when
he goes to the polls election day by
explaining the situation to the regis
trar at his box, said the chairman.
The Reidsville Wholesale Grocery
company was broken into Tuesday
night and 86,000 cigarettes were
stolen. Cigarette thefts are now
' common, police report. The thieves
break seals on box cars and throw
out to confederates large cases of
goods. These are collected and
"bootlegged” among the rural stores
at prices far below market value.
Sun’s Total Eclipse
Here is the perfect picture of the
sun’s eclipse on August 31 which
so many hundreds of the world’s
greatest scientists failed to get due
to clouded skies. This unobstructed
view was had at Alfred, Maine. The
picture was taken at the second of
total eclipse, howing the magnificent
Great Law Honor
Mrs. Dora Shaw Hoffner, Los
Angeles, graduate in law only 5 year*
ago, is the new international president
of Phi Delta, legal sorority, elected
at the Kansas City Convention. j
Succeeds Walker
lawyer, assemblyman and judge, is
- the new mayor of New York City ...
being next in line upon the resigna
tion of Mayor James J. Walker who
bolted the Roosevelt hearing on re
moval charges.
k *
The man who puts only big apples
on top.
The man who always sees happi
ness in another town.
The man who believes everyone
else is crooked.
The man who thinks the world
owes him a living.
The boy who knows more than his
The girl who can "take care of
Any man who tries to match wits
with God.
Look before you cheat.
Procrastination is the sign of the
If at first you did not win, date,
date and date again. .
All are not girls that giggle.
He who hesitates is the boss.
A miss is as good as her environ
Love suppereth long and he that
dines her must pay the pieman.
. i
Johnnie: Have a big time at No
gales, Joe?
Joe: Pretty good, but I had some
trouble with one of those two bit slot
machines in front of one of the sa
Johnnie: Yeah?
Joe: Yeah. You usually put a quar
ter in one and get some money out,
but I put a slug in one of the dam
ned things and the manager came out.
"Yes,” said the boastful young
man, “my family can trace its an
cestry back to William the Conquer
"I* suppose,” sneered his friend,
"you’ll be telling us that your an
cestors were in the Ark with Noah?”
"Certainly not,” said the boaster.
’’My people had a boat of their own.”
Sign in a local merchant’s show
window: No business as usual.
"How was your date?”
“Fair to meddlin’.”
_'Miss America Favorite_
All Philadelphia is backing Miss M
Roslyn Schultz, 17, high-school girl, a
to win the 1932 Miss America title a
and national beauty contest at Wild- M
wood, N. f. Miss Roslyn eliminated Jj
31 rivals-w the Quakertown finals. |;9
Farm Holiday Vigilants
These three Farm Holiday strikers who were picketing the roads out
side Omaha, Neb., to see that no foodstuff reached market in a 30 day strike,
staged the above burlesque, calling it the “Spirit of 1932.”
Attain Highest Speed Of All Humans
*■ ',, rtj8pB8wwgrwlu. ^ .
■ jMWBSgy1" ^gjgwBBbfa.
Major Jimmy Doolittle, left, and Jimmy Haizlip, right, meet at
Cleveland air races the day after both had set two new world air marks.. ..
Jimmy Doolittle attained a speed of 293 miles per hour, (unofficially) m
his Gee-Bee Bumble-Bee plane . . . new world record, while Haizlip set a
new coast to coast record of 10 hrs., 19 mins., 4-5 sc’ds .. . thus clipping 5/
minutes off Doolittle’s former record.
An early Friday fire gutted two
upper stories of the Lafayette hotel
at Fayetteville with a loss of $50,000
there was insurance coverage.
Forty were killed and over 70 in
jured in the explosion of the boilers
of a labor ferry in the East river at
Nec York on Friday. The boat had
just started to take laborers to an
island where a new\ penitentiary is
being built. Mangled bodies were
tossed all directions.
'S- v K7 \ v?\
, , V ' : \
x- .XVs n
$200,000,000 EMPLOYMENT
The president last week ordered a
$200,000,000 increase in federal
funds for construction projects, as
Using a shotgun, Eldon Keyes, 20,
killed his wife and himself at Mar
tinsville, Va., Saturday. He was be
ing sought for arrest for threatening
his wife. "
f * A
I Wanamaker's New Bride |
The new Mrs. John W. Wanamaker
Jr., wife of the grandson of the
famous merchant, who was married
at Reno, Nev. immediately after thc
granting of a divorce to Wanamaker
Knows No Depression
..■ I
William (Billy) Snelling, 11, .of
Allentown, Pa., came into possession
of a chemical set and he went into
the basement to experiment. . .He
came out later with a high-grade
blue-black permanent ink. Now he is
making it and selling it at a profit
r ■
News Briefs
The N. C. Association of Registers
of Deeds was formed at Chapel Hill
Saturday, with R. H. Wharton, Guil
ford register, made president.
G. A. Garrison, 3 5, Charlotte, was
killed Friday night near Oxford in
collision of his truck with an auto
Lisdsey Davis, 10, died in Burlington
Saturday morning, from Thursday
night injuries inflicted by a hit and
run driver. On Saturday morning
at Morganton a light roadster crash
ed into a tree instantly killing Ethel
Ennis, 17, and seriously injuring Elsie
Chinese bandits wrecked a train
near Harbin, Manchuria, Saturday
night, killing 100, and injuring 500.
Numerous passengers were robbed,
and several were kidnapped for ran
State Democratic headquarters
were opened in Raleigh, Monday by
Chairman J. Wallace Wishborne. In
the office will be Mrs. Nathan O’Ber
ry vice-chairman, and John B. Hill
Dixie McGlohon, charged with
embezzling $1,700 from the Nation
al Bank of Ayden, of which he was
cashier before he suddenly left last
March, has been arrested in. New
York and is being held for federal
Highway patrolmen cleared the
gates to a Thomasville chair plant
with tear bombs, Saturday morning,
when strikers tried to prevent en
trance of a truck. A child was
slightly injured by one of the bombs.
At midday rocks were hurled at an
auto irt-which mill officials were tak
ing three workmen from the plant.
Twrt were arrested by patrolmen.
Business Is
Picking Up
On Southern
Idle Engines
Are Repaired
Four Locomotives, After Being Re
conditioned At Spencer, Sent
To Columbia For Service
Additional Men Have Been But On
In The Mechanical Department
To Push Repairs
A steady increase in employment
at the Southern shops at Spencer has
been taking place the past severeal
weeks it is reported.
More men are now employed in
several departments than at any time
in the past several years. -
-For the past three weeks, business
has shown a definite upturn for the
better and additional forces have
been called back to handle this in
A number of workers, who have
been! in forced idleness for the past ^
noted in the mechanical department,
it was reported, where mechanical re
pairs are made on locomotives and
rolling stock.
Some of the locomotives that have
been unused for many months, have
been repaired, put in running condi
tion and sent to Columbia, S. C.
Four engines were taken to Columbia
last week.
H. C. Trexler, master mechanic,
is in charge of the mechanical de
partment of the Southern Railway at
Spencer; J. D. Goodlow, storehouse
department; G. L. Yingling, transfer
department, and C. V. Kirkman,
transportation department.
Jesse Pridgen, SO, died at Kelly,
Bladen county, Friday 'night, eight
minutes after he had been cut
through the heart by Waymon Pet
erson, 21. Pridgen had just forbid
den Peterson to pay further court to
Pridgen’s ^daughter. Peterson is heU!
for murder.
Clay Fogleman was convicted of
first degree murder of W. J. Carter,
on May 8, near Spray, by a jury at
Wentworth on Friday. He is also
accused of killing Officer J. A. Rob
ertson, at Spray. He will die in the
electric chair.
Max Schmeling, German heavy
weight and former world champion,
returns to the U< S. for a battle with
Mickey Walker, his first start since (
losifig the title to Jack Sharkey of
Boston. Max thinks he can regain his

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