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Lovefeast Urged For New City Council
Ask United
Front For
The Future
5 Strong Men
Are dominated
Holmes, Davis, Hedyick, Raney,
McCanless Led Ticket
General Municipal Election Will
Be Tuesday, May Second
U. Ray Miller Ran Sixth High
In Primary
Looking to the best interests of
the city, numerous citizens, fol
lowing closely on the heels of the
Democratic primary Monday, have
expressed themselves as anticipat
ing 100 per cent cooperation and
harmonious action by and between
the newly nominated council.
Declaring that all differences of
opinions and controversies that
might have existed in the past,
should be placed in tne discard anu
a united council should tackle the
problems of the city in the future,
one merchant urged the nominees
to hold a "get-together” executive
session and begin the new admin
istration and fiscal year with a
united front. Others expressed
similar opinions.
The general municipal election
will be held Tuesday, May 2. The
nominees selected in the primary
Monday are unopposed and the
election Tuesday is considered
more or less a matter of form.
No opposition is anticipated.
Approximately 3,000 votes were
cast Monday. Holmes, Davis, Hed
rick, Raney and McCanless were
nominated. U- Ray Miller ran six
The vote follows:
Barker _ 610
Carter _ 666
Davis - 1380
Hartman _ 231
Hedrick -- 1186
Hennessee - 449
Herrington _ 443
Holmes _—-- 1468
Ingle _ 369
Jordan _____ 79
Marsh _ 638'
Martin - 543
McCanless_:- 887
Miller _ 698
Murdoch ___ 446
Raney _ 115 8
Rouzer _491
Rusher _—.- 340
Shaver - 690
Taylor _ 306
Vogler _ 259
Nine Months
Term For East
Spencer Schools
A nine months school term is
assured the town of East Spencer,
according to an announcement this
week by Dr. T. W. Seay, chairman
of the board.
This long term has been made
possible, it is stated, by the full
cooperation of the school board
and the board of aldermen.
It is believed the East Spencer
schools* will be the only ones in
the county to complete nine mon
ths this year.
Kansas City.—Thieves stole 144
saw puzzles from an automo
bile belonging to Blanche' Bullock,
yales agent, here.
'£Qi v>,
S. L. Stark, of Pittsburgh, Pa., ts
held in Wake county jail, as the al
leged leader of a gang smuggling
liquor into many Carolina towns.
Stark is said to have recently
jumped a $10,000 bond at Floren
ce, S. C., and also to be wanted in
Wilmington in connection with
smuggled liquor\ seized there re
While two Raleigh policemen
looked on powerless to stop the
sudden action, S. Fi Hoverstock
fired a pistol ball through his head
and died a few minutes later. His
wife had called the officers after a
domestic row. When he saw the
police he at once fired the suicidal
President Roosevelt has named
Breckinridge Long, of Missouri, as
United States ambassador to Italy.
He was assistant secretary of state
in the Wilson administration.
Sumner Welles, of Maryland,
was named as ambassador to Cub;’.
He had only recently been made
assistant secretary of state.
$900,000,000 IN GOLD
It is estimated that $900,000,000
in gold and gold certificates is still
being hoarded in the United States
although some $50,000,000 per
week is being returned. By presi
dential order all gold and certifi
cates must be deposited with the
government by May 1.
Two cars were in headon col
lision a mile west of Cherryville. J.
Walter Lindsey, 36, of Bostic, was
instantly killed and seven men
were injured, one critically.
Apparently deranged over an old
dispute about a farm boundary, C.
Z. Putnam, 66, of near Lincoln
ton, grabbed his shotgun, went to a
neighbor’s house and there slew
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dellinger-, re
turned home to get his pistol and
with it blew out his own brains in
a woodland near his home.
Jess Wilkes, of near Maxton, was
trapped in his car when it left a
bridge over Lumber river near
Pembroke last week and landed in
deep water. A passenger swam out
of an open window to safety but
Wilkes was drowned.
- Clem Collins’ plea of second de
gree murder was accepted in Anson
county Superior court last week
and Collins was sentenced to 25
years in state’s prison for the un
proved killing of Martin Dawkins,
; his brother-in-law, early in Febru
The Macon, world’s largest diri
gible and sister to the ill-fated Ak
ron, went on a 13-hour test flight
from Akron, Ohio, and met pre
liminary requirement of naval
authorities in convincing fashion.
Mrs. J. L. Leonard returned to
her Rocky Mount home from a
trip to Baltimore. She was met at
the door by her husband who ac
cused her of traveling with another
man, fired two shots into her body,
and walked into the yard and killed
himself with a bullet through the
brain. She is given a scant chance
to recover.
Hyde Park Favored As The Summer Capitol |
The summer capitol of the United
States this year will likely be at the
New York resident' of President
Roosevelt at Hyde Park, which is
shown above. Such is the report from
Washington where great uncertainty
prevails as to when Congress will end
its work on immediate legislation.
Reports from the White House also
tell of the President’s plan for a
week’s cruise on the 45-footer,
• ‘ Amber J ack II ’ ’, with only his four
sons as shipmates. It is thought the
cruise will be up the Maine coast for
a short stay at the Roosevelt home
there. Below, the President and Mrs.
Roosevelt off for a short week-end
N, _ Jp
_'irectors Plan New Bank
Meeting in special session in
Greensboro ,the directors of the
North Carolina Bank and Trust
company adopted "a plan for re
organizing the North Carolina
Bank and Trust by organizing a
new bank,” President- N. S. Cal
houn stated at the conclusion of
the meeting.
"As previously stated,” Mr.
Calhoun remarked, "the common
stock of the new bank will be
purchased by the stockholders of
the old bank, and the Reconstruc
tion Finance" corporation will be
asked to take the preferred stock.
"Since the last meeting of tl e
directors discussions have been
conducted with the Reconstruc
tion Finance corporation and the
state commissioner of banks, and
the plan adopted today by the dir
ectors of the North Carolina Bank
and Trust company will now1 be
submitted for the approval of the
commissioner of banks, and when
so approved, will be immediately
given in detail to iall depositors
and stockholders.’’
The plan has already been ten
tatively approved by Gtyrney P.
Hood, state commissioner of
In Salesgirl Ranks
-’"TTnjMf- —
Anna Curtis oau, aaugnter oi
President and Mrs. Roosevelt, joined
the ranks of sales girls last week,
selling frocks in a N. Y. department
store for the benefit of a children’s
Delegates of the Socialist party
in North Carolina met in Greens
boro to elect W. C. Couch, of
Durham, state chairman, Alton A.
: Lawrence, Chapel Hill, secretary,
;and name an executive committee.
Asks Kingfish Removal
.Former Governor John M. Parker,
of Louisiana heads a group of his
state’s citizens which has filed
charges with the U. 8. Senate asking
the removal of Senator Huey (King
fish) Long on the grounds of personal
dishonesty, corruption etc. etc.
Canada, the last important unit
of the British empire to remain
technically on the gold standard,
April 24th, announced that it had
'halted” the redemption of domin
ion notes in gold.
Seventy-One Seek Beer
Licenses In Rowan County
Seventy-one formal applications
for county license to retail beer
and light wines had been filed with
W. D. Kizziah, clerk for the board
of county commissioners late
Thursday, and the licenses are ex
pected to be granted before May 1
when the sale becomes legal in
North Carolina.
The list of applications follows:
J. S. Webster, Lunch Roorit:
Pay Cash Grocery Company.
Yadkin Soda Shop.
L. A. Plyler, Filling Station.
T. D. Green. \
Mike Thomas.
Yadkin Ffotel.
Glover’s Dutch Lunch.
Sanitary Lunch.
Nick P. Nicholas.
Empire Hoitel Coffee Shoppe,
College Inn.
New York Hotel and Cafe.
Tom Vreneco, Cafe.
Piedmont Cafe.
The Great- Atlantic & Pacific
Tea Company.
Dry’s Cash Market.
G. Murray Smith Sandwich Shop
Pete Boulus.
Five Point Cafe.
K. George, Sandwich Shop and
Gus Erneston, Cafe.
Poole Cigar Store.
Bi-tha-Way Barbecue Stand.
The Smoke Shop.
Brookdale Golf Course.
Tom Nassar’s "Place.
Charles Lentz. 1
Jack’s Sandwich Shop.
J. S. Blackwelder, Restaurant.
Union Confectionary.
Saleeby Candy Company.
Meadow Park.
W. F. Gioughenour, Lunch
Ketner’s Cash Market.
Pender’s Store No. 214.
Pender’s Store No. 181.
H. - K. Kepley, Barbecue and
Milford Service Station, No. 10
A. H. Peeler, Route No. 80.
B. C. Sowers, Salisbury-China
Srove Highway.
Elliott’s Store, Old Mocksville
R. M. Hall, Lunch Room, High
vay No. 15.
E. L. Lowery Grocery Co. Dix
The Great Atlantic & Pacific
rea Company.
Lee Ketchie, E. Spencer.
Continued on page five
1. As soon as you learn that the
citizens have decided that they’d
rather have the affairs of the town
looked after by some of the other
candidates, call up the florist and
tell him to send around one of his
prettiest corsages for the wife.
Give the children § dollar apiece,
and tell them that their old' Dad
never took any loss with a long
face and with tightening fingers
on his pocketbook.
2. Call up a brewer in one of
the brewing states and tell him to
ship down five barrels of beer on
May 1st. Then go to bed and
dream about the beer. You’ll feel
better by morning.
3. Get up early Sunday morning,
take a hot bath, shave, put on that
suit of clothes you had cleaned and
pressed earlier in the week when
you knew you would be elected,
and go to church.
4. Write a check for your
church pledge for the entire year
and nut it in the niate.
5. When your friends tell you
they are certainly sorry you
■weren’t elected, ask them point
blank if they voted for you. Watch
their faces and you’ll know why
you were defeated.
6. When your acquaintances be
gin to express sympathy, tell them
that the people are not interested
in electing men who are real exe
cutives, and for that reason you
came out at the small end of the
7. Keep smiling.
"The doctor told my wife she
must take exercise,” Simpson told
his friend.
"And is she following his ad
vice?” asked the friend.
Simpson grimaced.
"Yes, if jumping to conclusions
and running up bills can be called
Hubby—Did you have a pleas
ant day?
Wifey—No. Mrs. Smith and
Mrs. Brown both came—and then
they left together. I had a lot of
things I wanted to tell Mrs. Smith
about Mrs. Brown and a lot of
more I wanted to tell Mrs. Brown
about Mrs. Smith—and of course I
couldn’t say a word.
A man was praising his wife, as
all men ought to do on the proper
occasions. "She’s as womanly a wo
man as ever was,’’ he said. "But she
can hammer nails like lightning.”
"That’s remarkable,” said a list
"Yes, sir,” said the first speaker,
"you know lightning never strikes
twice in the same place.”
A Chicago man phoned to a the
atre and asked: "Can you reserve
me a box for two?”
A puzzled answer came back
from the other end of the line:
"We don’t have any boxes for
"Isn’t this the theatre?” he ask
ed crossly.
"Why, no,” responded the one:
"You are talking to an undertak
Boston Man—I understand the
two candidates carried on quite an
epistolary bombardment.
- Westerner—No, they didn’t use
no pistols; they just writ letters
back and forth.
"This deaf man was brought up
for trial and the judge let him
"Well, the law says that you
can’t convict a man without a
Thirsty Thousands
Will Drink Again
Many Places To Dispense Stuff
Fear Delay In Licenses May Hold
Up Sales
May Establish Brewery In
Clamoring thousands—every
where—with money to spend and
willing to spend—are anxious and
expectant for the end of the dry
drouth effective since 1908 and
are eagerly awaiting the return ot
that foamy, amber, and kick-pro
viding-legal 3.2 beverage—BEER
—which will be sold in this city
and county beginning &E 12.01
.Monday morning. May 1.
I Austere business folk—men and
women—tired laborers and work
men—office employes, student*;—
the rich and the poor, whose pal
ates have been parched for a taste
(of real American-made beer these
(long 2 5 years since North Carolina
went dry, are expected to join in
the carnival spirit and participate
in the beer-drinking parties at the
break of May 1.
"As good as the old stuff, if not
better” is the pre-arrival dope.
A real stampede is forecast.
Scores have already applied for
licenses to sell the beer in Salis
bury and Rowan county. It is
estimated over 100 will obtain
licenses to sell the beverage in the,
city and county.
There has also been some talk
of the possibility of establishing a
brewery in Salisbury in the near
future. Reports to this effect,
however, could not be confirmed
Many midnight parties have
been planned for midnight Sun
day night. As the clock ticks off
12.01, the parties will begin to
click and beer will again be a legal
commodity in Salisbury and Row
an countv.
There will be very little 5 -cent
beer. Ten cents a glass of 10
ounce will be the average price
With the demand for beer will
also be the demand for pretzels,
cheese, boned herring, olives, cav
iar, black bread and liverwurst—
the general fixings that go to make
a beer party "as of the days of
yore.” Little demand for wine is
anticipated at first.
Among those selling beer and
wines will be: hotels, cafes, rest
aurants, sandwich^ shops, drug
stores, grocery stores, beverage
makers, etc.
Much confusion exists as to the
exact regulations, state and nation
al, that will govern the sale of the
new: beverage; also, as to the a
mount of the tax to be paid to
the different political subdivisions.
Fear is felt as to possible delay
on account of the difficulty in ob
taining definite regulations.
Licenses win oe issued, it is
stated, by the city, state and na
tion. Each will also levy a tax.
Under presidential orders army
engineers have started a survey of
the thousands of acres required fof
the Gove creek dam on the Clinch
river, which is a big unit in the
proposed Tennessee river valley de
velopment centering about Muscle

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