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The Carolina Watchman
"The Watchman Carries a Summary of <-All The ~N(ws”
$122,704,86 lPaid Into Tyjisury
During May, June And July
Over Five Million Bottles of Beer
Sold In North Carolina
North Carolinians consumed
legally 178,442 gallons and 5,581,
161 bottles of beer in May and
June, the first two months of legal
3.2 beer, figures compiled in the
office of Commissioner of Revenue
A. J. Maxwell showed.
Also, it is indicated that the con
sumption in the second month was
some less than in the first, bottles
in May reaching 3,418,121 and
dropping to 2,163,040 in June,
which was partly offset by the in
crease in barrel beer from 77,260
gallons in May to 101,272 gallons
in June, indicating the increasing
number of places at which beer
frotn beer and wine up to August
1 was $122,704.86 of which $72,
089.86 was the consumption or
volume tax for May and June, and
the balance of $50,615 was from
retailers, wholesalers, salesmen and
train dealers for May, June and
July. Of this, retailers paid $22,
977.50, wholesaler | distributors
021,900, salesmen $4,437.50, andj
dealers on trains, $300.
2,2>y Dealers ucensed
Retail dealers in the state have
reached 2,239 in number, while
there are 146 wholesale distribu
tors, 293 salesmen and three deal
ers on trains.
The state tax for retailers is $5,
but 10 per cent is added to each
additional place operated by one
i jf^ganization. Under this chain
f \ arrangement, the A & P has 149
stores licensed, paying $79 for the
last one, and Pendfer’s has 133
places, paying $71 for the last one.
The county tax is $25 flat, while
- the city license is $ 10 for on prem
ises consumption and $15 for on
premises, the chain store tax pro
gressing at 10 per cent increase for
each store.
Clay Is Dry
A resident of Clay county can
not buy beer or wine legally in his
home county, for there is no licens
ed retailer there. Greene has one;
Graham, Hyde, Stokes and Tyrrell
have two each; Alexander, Alle
ghany, Davie, Hoke, Jones, Pender,
Perquimans and Polk have three
each; Mitchell, Onslow, Pamlico
and Yancey four each; Ashe.
Montgomery, Transylvania and
Yadkin, five.
Mecklenburg leads with 173,
Guilford coming second with 160;
Forsyth has 127, Wake 103, Dur
ham 100, Buncombe 96, New Han
over 76, Rockingham 5 8 and Row
an 57.
Mecklenburg county has 173 li
censed beer places, from which the
state gets a minimum of $865 a
year from license only, the county
gets $4,325 and the cities or towns
get a minimum of $10 a year for
each place.
Sheriff Thomas B. Bash, of Kan
sas City, went with his folks to a
lawn party, but he took a riot gun]
along with him and! on the return’
he saw a car of gangsters shooting
down a fugitive on the street. Bash]
brought his gun into play, slew
two of the murderers and captur
ed a third.
I plow the green fields
Up and down,
And turn them o’er
A golden brown.
I whistle gayly
With yonder
And ponder
In my heart on the futility
Of more gold.
With all this wealth around me—
My health, my joy
Without alloy.
From sun up
’Til sun down
I see new beauty
In the ground
As up and down
The fields I go,
In the West a star has set,
Dear God, my thanks, lest I for
I often sit and medit8
Upon the scurvy trick of f8
That keeps me still a celib8
Oh, what a st8!
My 40tude is not so gr8
It cannot w8.
Oh, F8 be9! Be4 2 L8
Relieve my awful single st8
We’ll oscul8.
Reporter—"What is the pro
fessor’s research work?”
Professor’s housekeeper—"It con
sists principally of hunting for his
Girl student—"We had a vot-l
ing contest to decide which was'
the prettiest girl in our school of
Friend—"How did it turn out?”
Girl—"It couldn’t be decided as
the count showed there were 140
different girls voted for.’’
Undoubtedly there is something
wrong with this 3.2 product when,
after 60 days of it, nobody tries to
sing "Good-Night Ladies,” or step
through a coal chute backward.
"Does bigamy mean that a man
has one wife too many?”
"Not necessarily, my son. A
man can have one wife too many
and still not be a bigamist.”
She—How’s your companionate
marriage coming on?
He—Not so good. I lost my
wife’s address.
ALWAYS .ithere are scavenger
birds in the grain and stock mar
kets who can only hear the arri;>n
"Scribbles is a free thinker, isn’t
"Well, no editor will give him
anything for his thoughts.”
REPORT has it resort hotels are
garnering a harvest. Harvest hands
are in evidence wherever there are
Friend—"I met your husband
today and he was telling me he
is in love with his work.”
Wife—"Is that so? I must drop
around to his office and see about
Miss Neverstop, seating herself
between two serious minded men.
exclaimed—"A rose between two
"No,” replied one, "say rather a
tongue sandwich.”
Higher Prices Seen
For Autumn Goods
Persons buying goods from the
shelves of retail stores will pay
from 25 to 60 per cent more mon
ey for a given article on all new
fall stuff it was announced here
"Already Salisbury merchants
have been criticized for raising
prices,” one merchant said. "It is a
matter that they cannot control,
the goods are day by day represent
ing a greater investment for the
In this connection attention was
called to the special process tax
that has been placed on all textile
goods, including those goods al
ready on the shelves of stores and
in warehouses.
This process tax runs around
four and a half cents to the pound
^ textiles. It has to be paid by
August 31.
In addition the stores answering
the request of'President Roosevelt
and coming in under codes are hav
ing to pay higher salaries and em
ploy more workers, »U of which
Carlos M. de Cespedes took the
oath of office as president of Cuba
on Sunday following the abdication
and flight to Nassau on Saturday
of President Gerardo Machado.
Machado quit on demands of the
army after resisting for weeks a
general demand that he give up the
post. Rioting mobs on Saturday
and Sunday killed 30 or more of
his supporters, wounded many
others, damaged the presidential
palace. Five U. S. warships pro
ceeded to Havana to protect A
Abolition of the prohibition en
forcement bureau was madle last
week by the justice department,
600 dry workers were fired and 1,
800 were transferred into the de
partment investigation bureau.
Major A. V. Dalrymple, chie;f of
the enforcement bureau, lost his
Beard Will
Preside Over
Legion Meet
State Convention Meets Today at
Wrightsville; Flag Escort to
Compete for Honors.
Bryce P. Beard, state commander
of the American Legion, will pre
side over the annual state conven
tion which meets in Wrightsville
Beach today for a two day session.!
Quite a number of veterans from1
Rowan county, including the1
Samuel C. Hart memorial flag es
cort and drill team, left Thursday
to attend the convention.
Miss Gertrude Thompson, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Thomp
son, of this city, who was recent
ly chosen as "Miss Salisbury” has
also gone to Wrightsyijle to com
pete in the state, cot .eat for "Miss
Irish Queen
Miss Mae Murphy, who ruled
at Irish day celebrations at A
Century of Progress—the Chi
cago World’s Fair. In addition
to being Irish Queen, she is one
of the lecturers at the Firestooo
exhibit at die Fair.
Patrol Stops Over 1,100
Autos During The Month
Automobiles which, is placed in
parade formation, would form a
line approximately ten miles long,
were stopped by the D district state
highway patrolmen in the month of
July* according to the monthly
report released at headquarters by
Lieutenant L. R. Fisher.
From the cars stopped 142 driv
ers were taken under arrest for
traffic violations). Tickets were
issued to 317 others. Official
warnings were issued to 646 oth
ers. Sentences of nine and a half
months were imposed on defend
ants in court, and a total of $3,
449.06 went into the public treas
ury from one* channel or another.
In their month’s work the pa
trolmen were on duty 3,563 hours
and traveled 26,391 miles. They
used 748 gallons of gasoline and
'296 pints of motor oil.
Arrests were made ijbr faulty
lghts, no license, drunken driving,
reckless driving, minors driving,
speeding, no registration cards, hog
ging the road, slow driving and
other lesser offenses.
The patrol investigated nineteen
accidents in which 3J persons were
injured and five killed. Courtesies
were extended to 88 cars having
road trouble.
. Two automobiles were recovered
from thieves. Fifteen trucks were
weighed and six of these were found
to be overloaded. The patrolmen
attended sixteen celebrations to
handle traffic and seventeen funer-j
[als for the same reason. A total
'of 2,187 violations were reported!
land 2,073 cars were stopped on the!
— — i ■ i. ■ ■ i. 't
Lucky Dog at Chicago’s World’s Fair
“These days are certainly ‘dog days’ when
there is company like this!" says the Victor Talk
ing Dog in the RCA-Victor exhibit in the Radio
and Communications Building at the Chicago
World’s Fair—A C< nturv t>i __4„e ]
Raleigh (left) is wliistling into the dog's micro
phone - to make him talk to her, while Lucille
Bredin (left) and Dorothy Morgan listen.
Three negro children died in a
tenant house on the Rankin farm
in Cabarrus county as result of
eating bread in which poison had
accidently been mixed. Eleven
members of the family were af
Killed by being thrown from an
automobile, ruled a Scotland coun
ty coroner’s jury, after viewing the
body of Mrs. John H. Woodward,
32, farmer’s wife, found lying on
a highway nine miles west of Laur
inburg. Woodward said his wife
frequently left home at night, de
clared he did1 not know with whom
she was.
A. L. Payne, Jr., of the Forsyth
county board, was chosen by the
state body of county commission
ers and county accountants as pre
sident for the year. The meeting
was at Wrightsville beach.
Oscar F. Adkins, sheriff of Me
Dowell county, was elected presi
dent of the North Carolina Sheriffs
association, concluding 'the annual
meeting .at Asheville. Elizabeth
City gets the 1934 convention.
Briar Rush, Durham liquor run
ner was shot in the heart and in
stantly killed by Deputy Sheriff L.
L. Morgan, as Rush zigzagged his
car at 5 5 miles an hour over a
highway trying to shake Morgan
from the running board. Deputies
had surprised Rush and a compan
ion shooting dice near their liquor
laden cars.
The greatest mass air flight in
history ended with General Italo
Balbo leading 23 planes to a land
ing near Rome after circling half
the globe in flight to Chicago and
return. In a great ovation at Rome,
Sunday, the airmen were decorat
... Three negroes held, for the slay
ing of a white woman were seized
by an Alabama mob near Tuscal
oosa, as officers attempted to spirit
them away to safety in another
county. The bodies of two, rid
dled with bullets, were found later
in the day.
The body of “Pete” Maydanis,
nine, son of an Oxford cafe oper
ator, was found at the bottom of a
railroad gondola car, loaded with
rock. Just how the tragedy oc-1
curred is not known.
A lawn party in Forsyth county
was turned into a scene of terror,
when J. M. Bray, 40, started shoot-j
ing promiscuously with Ja fisjtotl
Leslie Tuttle, 14, was shot near the
heart and died instantly. Bray is
held for murder. |
1933 Laws
Draw Fire
Over State
Believe Governor Ehringhaus Is
Considering Calling Solons
Revision Of Tax Laws And
Teachers Salaries Sought
A special session of the North
Carolina legislature may be called
by Governor Ehringhaus in ithe
near future, according to reports
emanating out of Raleigh this
week. —
If the special session is called, it
would have a two-fold purpose, its
is stated:
1. Revision of some of the tax
laws passed this spring, including
the unpopular sales tax.
2. Modification of the present
school teachers salary scale in order
that it would be more in' harmony
with the present increase in salaries
provided for in the blanket code of
the president.
Much criticism has been voiced
tin opposition to the above meas
ures and in the minds of the aver
age citizen, certain modifications
are necessary. .i.
I his report is unbmcial but it is
known that the governor has been
requested to call a special session
and that he has ha<f the matter
under consideration. Just what
Mr. Ehringhaus’ attitude is toward
a special session is unknown.
“Real” War Daughter
Is Living In Georgia
Columbia — Revolutionary war
payroll records here enabled a 97
year old Georgia woman to prove
her claim to being one of the few
"real daughters’’ of the American
Revolution still living.
The records were found by A.
S. Salley, secretary* »f the state
historical commission, who was
advised by the 'historian of the
Georgia D. A. R. that a daughter
of a South Carolina soldier in the
War for Independence was living
in thit state.
The name of the father >w(a*
given as Loami Brown. Searching
old documents in his files, Mr.
Salley found where Browti* wa^
paid five pounds, 15 shillings for
duty with the South Carolina mili
tia in 1782.
Over 4,000 American Legpon
naries of the state are to attend
the department convention open
ing in Wilmington on Friday and
lasting three days.
James Latham, 42, of near Wash
ington, N. C., was fatally crushed
When the drive shaft of his lumber
laden truck dropped down against
a railroad track, halting the truck
suddenly and catapulating the
lumber against Latham’s body.
..— "■■■■■- " " 1 1 ' ' m ■■■" 1
Do You Know The Answer?
.Turn to page five for answers
1. In building a vessel what is
the first operation?
2. Which President of the U.
S. lived longest?
3. What is a buoy?
4. Has the U. S. a diplomatic
representative at the Vatican?
5. Where is there a famous
building known as the Doge’s Pal
6. What is the Cable Ac.."
7. Who originated the Keeley
8. What kind of acid does milk
9. What quality of a body
causes it to float in a liquid?
10. Of what race are the Marx

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