Kannapolis School Destroyed By Fire Fire which is said to have origi nated in a trash chute destroyed the Cannon high school building Wednesday afternoon. Authorities estimated the total loss at $9f ,000 Discovreed in the north end of th< building about 20 minutes aftei classes had been dismissed, the blaze spread rapidly. Fed by chemical; from jhe science laboratory, flame; soon enveloped all three floors ol the building. Four rm)?e"pages'~of comics ir colors. Now the bright, breezy 16-PAGE COMIC WEEKLY, with 30 or MORE COMICS eacl week in the BALTIMORE SUN DAY AMERICAN. Make sureol your copy. Report of the Condition ot the Bank of China Grove at China Grove, North Carolina tc the Commissioner of Banks at. th< close of business on the 30th da) ■of December 1933. RESOURCES Cash, Checks for clearing and Transient Items_$ 11,797.53 Due from Approved De pository Banks_110,109.11 United States Bonds, Notes, Etc_ 10,500.01 North Carolina State Bonds, Etc._ 13,536.0( North Carolina Political Subdivision Bonds and _ Notes_ 14,400.01 Other Stocks and Bonds 1,5 00.01 Loans and Discounts— Other _ 181,759.31 Banking House and Site 4,240.01 Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment_ 1,970.01 Other Real Estate_ 2,500.01 Due from approved Banks on certificate of Deposit_ 10,000.01 local rvcsourccs-^o4,ui.7j LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Demand Deposits—Due Public Officials-$ 4,095.3; Demand Deposits—Due Others _4 3 2,3 3 8.1' Cashiers Checks, Certified Checks and Dividend Checks _ 2,319.3) Accrued Interest Due De positors _ 2.500.0C Time Certificates of De posit—Due Public Offi cials _ 7.000.0C Time Certificates of De posit—Due Others_ 165,506.5/ Savings Deposits—Due Others _ 8,927.01 STATE OF NOR 1 H CAROLINA County of Rowan, ss: C. C. Graham, Cashier, J. I Cooper, Director, F. R. Graharr Director, and Me. L. Ritchie Direc tor of the above named bank, eac personally appeared before me thi day, and, being duly sworn eac' for himself, says that the forego ing report is true to the best of hi knowledge and belief. C. C. GRAHAM, Cashier Me. L. RITCHIE, Director J. F. COOPER, Director F. R. GRAHAM, Director Sworn to and subscribed befor me this the 10th day of Januar) 1934. J. E. CORRELL, Notary Public My commission expires 2-13-1934 Total Liabilities-$322,686.4: Capital Stock-Common $25,000.0< Surplus—Unappropriated 12,500.01 Undivided Profits- 1,325.5: Reserve for Depreciation Fixed Properties -: 600.01 Total Capital_$ 39,425.5: Total Liabilities and Capital —_$362,111.9 FARABEE BROS. CLEANING AND DYING WORKS 122 E. INNES ST. Ring 243 for the best Cleaners in town. It costs you no more; Ladies’ Dresses, plain-70c Men’s Suits-70c / Musical Comedy At Spencer Hi February 2 A Musical Comedy Revue, fea turing "Smoke” Johnsdn and his cast of 60 talented people will be produced at the Spencer High School auditorium, Friday, February 2. The season’s greatest musical hits with "Smoke” Johnson and his cast will provide two hours of real entertainment for all present. "Smoke” has just returned from Concord whpre in connection with the Lion’s club of that city he pro duced a record breaking show. N. C. Cigarettes Pushing Tax Up Increase of nearly six million dol lars in internal revenue collections in North Carolina, largely the cig arette tax, is shown for the last six months of the calendar year just ended, as compared with collections for the same period in 1932, Charles H. Robertson, collector for the North Carolina district reports. During the past six months, the half of the fiscal year, collections reached $120,066,508.35, an in crease of $25,927,899.29 over the $94,138,619.06 cdllected in the last six months of 1932. More than one-third of this was shown for December, last month of the year, in which collections reached $24, 8899,515.88, as compared with col lections of $14,259,896.61 for De cember, 1932, a gain-of $10,639, 619.37. Since practically all of this is to bacco tax, and largely on cigarettes, the huge gain is indicative of a great improvement in the tobacco industry, confined largely to Wins ton-Salem, Durham and Reidsville. PROGENY TESTING ^ For ages, men and' animals have been judged by their ancestors. A long pedigree was a guarantee of excellence. Now, there is a tendency to say, "I don’t care so much about your father. What I want tj know is —What kind of marks is your son getting in school?” At least, this is the test that is j now being applied to animals to be _j .. 1_j* . ... . t. • | WJVU JLVS1 UlkkUUkg puipuava- lk JO it sensible point of view. If you are breeding chickens to produce heavy egg-layers, the records of their off-spring form the best evidence ! of your flock’s value. I Data of this kind is particularly , useful in the case of males, for males have just as much influence as females on the quality of their * progeny, and the descendants of a " male breeder are always much more ■ numerous than the descendants of any single female. It not infre quently happens that males of good 1 pedigree are found actually to be of low value as breeders when accu t rately appraised by progeny testing A great deal of careful detail work is necessary in carrying out . progeny testing. All breeders and I chicks must be identified by band ! ing, the mating that produces each jegg must be known, the hens must hbe trap-nested, and each egg njust s be marked. V Then records must be kept of the - history of each egg and of the s' chick it produces, with special re i ference to the egg production of each female kept for that purpose. The necessary blanks for the* pur pose are published by most of the state agricultural colleges and by the U. S. Department of Agricul ture. e Properly kept, these records will show just what kind of off-spring can-be “expected from each mating. This method of breeding is un . questionably the best that has so far been devised for improving breeds * and developing animals along any I desired lines. While chiefly of interest to the expert breeder, it is bound in time to affect the wohle poultry indus try and should tend to reduce some of the present hazards of the busi , ness. Certainly the buyer of eggs or live birds from progeny-tested ; flocks should be able to figure his own returns with greater confi dence. Progeny-testing methods are be ing increasingly used by breeders and many of them are featuring 1 this fact. $ Statewide Checker Contests Announced Checker contests on an elaborate scale, commencing in local fertilizer stores and finishing with a play off of sectional winners at the State Capital, have just been an nounced by the Barrett Company, distributor of Arcadian, the Ameri can-made nitrate of soda. Valu able medals and fertilizer will be awarded as prizes. The play is opens to farmers and agricultural folks only, it was dis closed. Elimination games will be conducted in local fertilizer stores during January, store winners to qualify as cpntestants in the county play-offs which will be held soon. Sectional and State tournaments will follow. - "There are no obligations or ctnnoc offorltorl1 tn tliAco AAntAcfe” O ' it was stated by a Barrett repre sentative. "This is merely the company’s way of encouraging farmers to become better acquaint ed with the high quality American product which Arcadian nitrate of soda <<as proven itself to be.” Here is a real opportunity for players with local reputations to sharpen up their game and go out after bigger things. There should be plenty of good fun and excite ments in store for those who like the game. Further details can be obtained by calling.at any of the local fer tilizer stores. BABE RUT El WANTS BAT TO MEET KIDNAPERS Babe Ruth was incredulous, then slightly perturbed when he learned that he was vaguely listed as a kid naping prospect in the archives of Verne Sankey, fugitive mid-west kidnaper. "Well, I sure hope they get that guy,” he said. "I never got any letters from him or anything but I don’t want him coming my way unless I can get my hands on a bat. "Say, he’s liable to give some other fellows bad ideas.” The Babe scaled in at 23 5 pounds and stands considerably over six feet tall. Fie is not considered ex actly a tractable kidnaping pros pect. TO EXHUME BODY The body of Leoda Childress, 18 year-old Wilkes county girl found mysteriously shot to death at the home of her foster parents some days ago, will be exhumed, Solicitot John R. Jones, has announced. This course had been decided upon tc trace the course of the bullet which ended the girl’s life. ^ Meanwhile, Andrew Smoot, 27-year-old textile worker of Schoolfield, Va., charged with the murder, clings to his pre vious story that he was asleep in his father's home when the girl was killed. Turkeys, Shirts And Dress Stolen Mr. Samuel E. Sloop, well-known farmer of the Miranda neighborhood of Rowan county whose home is located near highway No. 150 was shy on turkey at Christmas. Some thrifty purloiners visited his farm a few nights before Christmas and stole four of his fine turkeys, and passing by a clothes line in' the back yard, took therefrom four shirts and a dress. Wash day was rather cloucfy and damp, hence the clothes did not dry out sufficiently to "take in’’ and were left to the temptation of the thieves. Mr. Sloop was awakened by the noise of the fosvls on the premises and reached the front of the house just in time to see two men emerge from the side of the road and enter an automobile and drive away. Mr. Sloop said a gun was not handy, at the time he saw the car leave, or a pot-shot may have been taken. Moral: Don’t raise turkeys too close to the highway unless they are securely housed at night, and don’t [leave clothes on the line after dark. —Mooresville Enterprise. |PWA Allotments | For North Carolina i Washington—The Public Works administration has made an allot ■ ment of $103,000 to North Caro lina for buildings and beaches in twenty localities along the coast, j Southern Pines received $42,000 I from the Public Works administra tion for water improvements, Shel | by, $11,0000 to construct a two | story and basement addition to the existing high school building for negro pupils. Fayetteville, $20,000 for water meters. j The university board of trustees received $14,000 for the completion of State college stadium at Releigh. LOWER GASOLINE PRICES j The Standard Oil company an nounces a reduced price of 1.2 cents per gallon at service sta tions everywhere except in Dela ware. the revised price now beine iii -effect. It is the first general price change made by the company since September 8, 1933. Other companies will in all probability follow the same course. MOCKSVTLLE WOMAN TRIES SUICIDE . Mrs. Wilma Lanier slashed her wrists at her home in Mocksville, in an attempt to commit suicide. She is 24, and a member of one of Davie county’s prominent families. It is reported that she has been de spondent since the accidental death of her husband, T. B. I.anier, on December 18. 'Arteries in both hands had been severed and Mrs. Lanier was unconscious when found from loss of blood. Warren On Gold |‘ Prof. Geo. F. Warren (above), Cornell University, monetary adviser to President Roosevelt, stat^ -that in his opinion we cannot retuili to a i metallic standard now . . . unless protected by some kind of a “safety valve. ’ ’ DENIED LIBERTY IN SEARS PLOT Philadelphia—Reduction of his $10,000 bail was denied to William F. Schultze, who admitted sending threatening lettters to Lesing J. Rosenwald, millionaire philanthrop ist and board chairman of Sears Roebuck & Co. 1 Judge Francis Shunk Brown, I Jr., denied a writ of habeas cor Ipus to reduce the bond. Immediately after the argument on the bail reduction motion Schul tze was returned to Moyaxensing prison to await trial because he is unable to provide the bail. He was arrested last December after numerous letters signed ’’Twenty Thieves,” demanding $3 0,000, had been received by Rosenwald. DESPERADO DIES Wilbur Underhill, hit by 13 bul lets in a gunfight with officers to avoid arrest, lingering for days in the hospital at the state prison at McAlestcr, Okla., died from his wounds. He was the terror of three states, and a desperado of daring type. Most, of his gang ! has been rounded up, either cap tured or killed. His wife is among ! the number under arrest. j NOVEMBER FOREST FIRES j North Carolina had 452 forest fires in November, 3 5 more than high reported for March of last year. The fire menace was in creased by the very dry conditions 'prevailing in the state throughout the fall months. GIRL SHOOTS HER FATHER Lucille Johnson, 23, has admit ted to officers that she shot her father Walter Johnson, 45 lum berman of Darlington county, S. C., through the mouth with a pis tol while he was asleep. Domes tic infelicity is the only motive surmised in the case. 1. Frazil. 2. New York City. 3. Ha;i-, 4. Caspian Sea. 5. Only for retired officers. 6. St. Paul and Minneapolis. 7. Great prince (from the Chinese). 8. Minnehaha. 9. John Tyler. 10. Alaska. "Poppa! What makes people walk in their sleep?” "Twin’ beds, my son!" Get Real Relief From Monthly Pains SEVERE monthly suffering Is a sign of warning. If you are having aches and pains every month, heed the WARNING. See what is wrong. Treat the CAUSE of the trouble. When womanly aches and pains are due to a weak, run-down condi tion, take CARDUI. It has been used by women for over 50 years. It is a purely vegetable medicine and it cannot harm you. Thousands of women have said that when they had built up their strength with the help of Cardui, real relief was obtained and their general health and feeling of well-being improved. * If you suffer this way, try Cardui, which you can get at the drug store. NORTH CAROLINA ROWAK COUNTY IN THE ROWAN COUNTY COURT J. H. McKENZIE, Administrator of the Estate of (MISS) MARY F. SEYMOUR, Plaintiff, . vs. The Gate City Building & Loan Association, Edward P. Seymour and Beatrice H. Wilson, Executors under the will of (Miss) Mary F. Seymour and George L. Smith, , Defendants. NOTICE OF SUMMONS The defendants, Edward P. Sey-j mour, Beatrice H. Wilson and i George L. Smith will take notice that a summons in the above en titled action was issued against said defendant on the 10th day of Janu ary, 1934, for the sum of $1,000, 00, together with $4$-.00 interest and interest from August 1, 1933 until paid due said plaintiff as ad ministrator of the estate of Mary F. Seymour by reason of a contract between the Gate City Building & loan Association and the late Mary F. Seymour, and that they be re quired,to appear before the Clerk of the Superior Court at his office in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, on the 14th day of Feb ruary, 1934, or within thirty days thereafter and answer or demur to < the complaint filed by the plain- < tiff, or the relief herein prayed for will be granted. Dated this 10th day of January, 1 1934. B. D. McCUBBINS, Clerk Superior Court, Rowan ! County. Woodson & Woodson, Attorneys. Jan. 12—Feb. 2. ---------- NORTH CAROLINA, ROWAN, COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT < PEARL BROOKS, Plaintiff VS JAMES.BROOKS, Defendant NOTICE OF SUMMONS The defendant above will take ' notice that an action entitled as i above has been commenced in the Superior Court of Rowan Coiunty ! for the purpose of obtaining an ab- i solute divorce from him upon the : grounds of two successive years of separation as provided by law; that said defendant will further take no tice that he is -required to appear before the Clerk of the Superior ’ Court of Rowan County at. his of tice in the Courthcnise in the City of Salisbury, North Carolina, on the 12th day of Feb., 1934, or within thirty days thereafter, and rnswer or demur to the complain^ in said action or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief de manded' in said complaint. This the 11th day of January, 1934. B. D. McCUBBINS, Clerk of the Superior Court. Jan. 12—Feb. 2. lx wiv i it wvhajjLUNA ROWAN COUNTY IN THE SUPERIOR COURT MRS. C. M. LYERLY VS A. A. LYERLY NOTICE OF SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION The defendant A. A. Lyerly, will take notice that the plaintiff has commenced the above entitled cause of action against him for the purpose of obtaining an absolute di vorce from the bonds of matrimony upon the grounds of five years separation and that he is required to appear before the Clerk of Su perior Court at his office in Salis bury, Rowan County, North Caro lina on the 15 th day of February 1934 or within thirty days there after and answer or demurer to the complaint filed by the plaintiff, or the relief prayed for will ’ be granted. Dated this the 10th day of Janu ary 1934. B. D. McCUBBINS, Clerk of Superior Court. C. P. Barringer, Atty. Jan. 12—Feb. 2. MORTGAGE SALE Pursuant to the provisions con tained in a Mortgage Trust Deed Registered in Book 76 page 137 also | a second Mortgage Trust Deed 'Registered in Book 91 page 179 {made by M. A. Kluttz and wife, Alice E. Kluttz for the protection and benefit of the holder of the Mortgage Notes therein secured on the 25 th day of May 1921 and on the 22nd day of November. 1974 ■especttvely, default having been nade in the payment of the debts, vhich said Mortgages were given :o secure, the Trustee in said Mort gages having died, the undersigned vas appointed substitute Trustee md will sell at public sale for cash, it the Court House Door in Salis bury, N. C., at 12 o’clock M. on :ne 12 th day of-February next* nr ollowing property: Beginning at a stone at sign of Hand and runs thence N. 3% ]). ^est 25.85 chains to a stone, Bos aan’s corner on Rtchie’s line; hence South 14 D West 2 chains :o a stone, Ritchie’s corner; thence 'bJorth 61 D. West 36.88 chains to i stone; thence South Vs D. West 19.10 chains to a stone, Josey’s :orner; thence South 89 D. East 2 .hains to a stone; thence South 3a 3. West 23.7.9 chains to a stone; hence South 89 D. East 27.83 :hains to a stone, Menius’ corner; hence North 50 D. East 8 chains ;o a stone, Menius’ corner; thence south 31 D.. East 3.20 chains to a ■’ersimmon, corner of Schoolhonse or: thence North 59 D. East 42 inks to a stone, Menius’ corner; hence South 40 D. "East 4.37 ■ hains to a stone’ on flip nl<4 Imp* hence South 89 D. East 29.31 :hains to the beginning and con aining 195 acres more or less. Excepting, however, 4 Vi acres old off by the Grantor on January h 1929 to Adam A. Brown and vife, ^Bessie May Brown said Deed ecorded in Book 205 page 230. Conveyed by the said M. A. Outtz and wife, Alice E. Kluttz. o satisfy the debts provided for in aid Mortgages. This the 11th day of January, 1934. C. C. GRAHAM, ' Substituted Trustee, i. G. Furr, Attorney. Ian. 12—Feb. 9. LOW PRICED USED C^RS AND TRUCKS A fine selection of used cars and trucks LOOK THESE OVER ’29 CHEVROLET COUPE (2) ’31 FORD SPORT ROADSTER ’30 FORD ROADSTER i ’28 DODGE SEDAN ’3J FORD COACH I ! ’33 CHEVROLET 1% ton Truck j ’29 FORD 1 % TON TRUCK ’29 FORD % TON TRUCK DODGE TRUCK ! 'FORD Model "T” Truck Raney-CKne Meter Ce. i main maw iwoNi m UNUSUAL FACTS REVEALED by “Movie f; Jtlight” £DMUND LOWS ^ NINETEEN l ~ ~ ' HARRIETTS LAKE ENTERED TfJZ, h1°V,ES COLUMP>/A PICTURES Al,iPD HEP TD CHANGE HER NAME. SUEOlD SO taking THE name OFr ANN SOtHERN OUT OE TRIBUTE 7Q THE (jKEA T ACTOR' E. H SOTHERN. THE SWuDHH EXTRAS IN "LETS FALL IN LOVE'DlS ~ APPROVED OF the COS TUMES PROVIDED for THEM AND FURNISHED their OWN SEVERAL v COSTUMES WERE TWO > CENTURIES OLD / WHITE HAIR DOES NOT PHOTOGRAPH AS WHITE in THE MOVIES. TO OBTAIN A WHITE HAIR EETECT the PERFORMERS TINT 7HEIR HAIR. &REEN IS A FAVORITE COLOR !

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