North Carolina Finances Are In Good Shape September 30 Balance Is $12,985,654 The General Fund Shows Credit Of $2,273,536; Best Condition In Months Raleigh.—The state of North! Carolina had a net cash balance in! its treasury on September 30 of i $12,985,654.67 and with its gen eral fund showing a credit of $2, 273,5 36.09 was n the best financial condtion it had been in months. An overdraft of $93,998.13 which eristed in the general fund on September 1 was wiped out when receipts for the month ag gregated $3,680,361.18 compared, with expenditures of only $1,312,-| 826.96, the monthly combined) statement of the auditor and treas-, urer showed. The general fund has shown an | overdraft each month of the cur rent fiscal year up to September 1; and it reflected a deficit in almost each month last fiscal year. When I the 1934-3 5 fiscal period opened on July 1, an overdraft of $2,601,-' 372.28 was inherited from the 1933-34 period. ijenerai tuna receipts ror tnree; months of the 1934-3 5 period ag gregated $20,622,345.28 and dis bursements ran to $ 15,747,436.91 but the overdraft brought forward! had to be taken care of. In the highway fund, September receipts were $4,415,129.21 com pared with expenditures of $3, 5 01,674.93 and with a previous balance of $8,471,299.33 pushedj the highway balance to $9,3 84,-1 753.61 on the last day of the month. In the first three months of the current fiscal year, the highway fund received $ 12,603,93 9.69 to add to a balance on July 1 of $12,-1 179,564.21. Warrant disbursements; for the three months aggregated $15,398,750.29. On September 3 0 the state had, I a funded debt of S174,1 5 6,000. ji Included were $99,704,000 worth l of highway bonds and $5 5,129,000 ] worth of general fund bonds. People don’t seem to object to getting bills, provided they don’t have to pay them. £ady Says She Took CARDUI for Cramps; Was Soon Relieved Women who suffer as she did j will be interested In the experience of Mrs. Maude Crafton, of Belle ville, 111., who writes: “For several years, I suffered from irregular trouble and cramping. There would be days when I would have to stay in bed. I would get so nervous, I was miserable. My aunt told me to try Cardui. She believed It would build me up, regulate me and ; help the nervous trouble. I knew after taking half a bottle of Cardui ' that I was better. I kept on taking Cardui and found It was doing me 1 a world of good. I am In good health, which means a lot to me." . . . Thousands of women testify Cardui benefited them. If It does not benefit YOU, consult a physi cian. ... Price $1. Killed By Truck At Spencer Mon. Benjamin J. Swinson, 29-year old Charlotte native who served in the United States navy during the World war and later with the merchant marine, came home from the sea to meet death Monday morning to swing a ride near Spencer. Amos McLendon, negro driver for John Hardison of Wadesboro, told officers that as he was ascend ing a small hill, with the truck in second gear, he noted a man sitting by the side of the road. When the truck came opposite, the man arose and attempted to board the truck, but lost his footing, and fell be neath the wheels of a trailer. The wheels passed over his head, crush ing him and inflicting other injuries and death was immediate. Officers who investigated the ac cident held that no blame was at tached to the driver, and he was released. Coroner Dr. Walter L. Tatum said a quantity of narcotics were found in his possession and these are being held for Inspector Lanning of the U. S. narcotic di vision. Preliminary identification of Swinson was made from papers in his pockets which gave his name, age and address originally, and showed discharges from foreign ships. He had about 65 cents in money. Positive identification was made by a brother, J. H. Swinson, who lives with their father, Benjamin J. Swinson, at 2106 East Fifth street, Charlotte; and by a sister, Mrs. R. M. Paul, of 600 Lakewood avenue, Charlotte. Laxative Danger In Appendicitis Rochester, Minn.—Dr. C. W. Mayo, world-famous physician and surgeon of the Mayo Clinic here, aas asked druggists to aid in re-! lucing the mortality rate caused >V appendicitis by warning custo ners that laxatives should not be aken for abdominal distress or >ain. Dr. Mayo said that acute appen iicitis claims 2 5,000 lives in the United States and Canada each >'ear and that the mortality rate seems to be increasing. Potato Grower Raises 442 Bushels To Acre I Pittsburgh.—Pennsylvania pota to growers used to consider 400 sushels of potatoes to the acre something more than a perfect :rop, but now they have a new nark to shoot at. Edward N. shenot has produced the record yield of 442.8 bushels on his farm it suburban Weford. County Farm Agent Henry R. Eby and Prof. L. T. Denniston, potato specialist of Pennsylvania State College, have certified the yield- Allegheny county’s pre vious record crop was 370 bushels :o the acre recorded by Andrew 97ood, of Gibsonia, last year. tflCLBA Cleansing Cream Beauty’s Foundation Your face must be clean to be beautiful. It’s the foundation of everything. Melba Skin Cleanser is exactly adapted to your type of skin. It goes into the pores more thoroughly and gets the dirt out best. It leaves the skin soft, exquisitely smooth and never enlarges delicate pores. If your dealer cannot supply you, send us his name. PARFUMERIE MELBA • 580 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, N. Y. IlnTAeMEEKS NEWS I BOY KING — Eleven-year I old Peter, new boy king of | Jugoslavia, and his grand 1 mother, Queen Marie of \ Roumanla. He will rule his Lturbulent kingdom under a regency during his boy m-•— hood. - FORUM SPEAKER—P. W. Litch field, president of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., who will be the principal speaker on the Forum of Liberty program over the Columbia network on Nov. 1. He is one of a number of the country’s leading Industrialists who will be heard In the series. j ROAD TO PROGRESS — "To achieve progress," declares Al fred P. Sloan, Jr., President of General Motors, "we must en courage.constructive effort, stim ulate the exercise of initiative, and establish confidence in the belief that constructive perform ance justifies the opportunity of reasonable reward.” His views are published in The American Magazine. rwiirf vwi * « unmu-viviu iamc id used in the creation of this stunning eve ning ensemble worn by Miriam Hopkins, picture star. The tailored motif so new in formal evening wear is reflected in the bodice and in the treatment of the Jacket. STORK DERBY WINNER? — Mrs. Mathew Kenny, 31, of To ronto. who hopes to win the $500, 000 bequest open to the woman giving birth to the largest num ber of children between 1926 and 1936. Mrs. Kenny Is the mother of 13 children, <en of them born since 1926 ap d is assured by medical authorities that she wti give birth to twin-- - SAVED FROM KIDNAPERS - Mrs. Mice Stoll. Louisville social leader, vho was returned safely to her home >y Federal agents after she had pent days In the hands of her kid apers. Fifty thousand dollars had been demanded for her return. 3EAUTY AND INDUSTRY — They go in for beauty contests in Central America, too. Senori ‘a Guisela Kepfer, society belle of Guatemala, who as Miss At vater Kent was chosen the nost beautiful representative of Commerce in the Guatemalan Republic where American made 'adlos as well as American pro grams are popular. Price Boost Sought In Increased Production Speed Output In Industries NRA Seeks Jump In Em ployment, Espec i a 1 ly Among The White Collar Jobless Washington.—NRA’s new gov ernors are crystallizing a policy of increasing industrial production as a definite program for bringing the higher price level desired by Presi dent Roosevelt and for boosting employment, especially among the white collar jobless. Blue Eagle code problems are be ing approached from the view-' point of speeding the output of basic materials and their fabrica tion into finished commodities. The: whole plan probably will be taken1 to the White House soon together with an exhaustive report now be ing prepared for the President on the status of the 700-code struc-' ture. j What the new goal may mean' to price fixing and the shorter, work week still is undetermined, j The board’s present tendency is to leave the questions flexible for separate handling in the different industries. In approaching the recovery law’s administration from the an gle of accelerating production, NRA’s rulers are known to be en couraged by the business picture disclosed in confidential figures of the national income, compiled month by month. For the latest month available— August—the national income was reported on NRA records at $4, 512,000,000. This compared with a July peak of $4,5 56,000,000, a low in March, 1933, of $3,5 84, 000 and a 1929 monthly average of $6,964,000,000. Ickes Studying Parkway Brief North Carolina And Ten nessee Submit Written Arguments For Route Washington—Briefs submitted by North Carolina and Tennessee in their contention that the Great Smoky Mountains National park way be located in their respective states will be studied by Secretary Ickes on his trip west, and a de cision may be expected after his re turn November 8, it was indicated it his press conference. The secretary has not yet de cided as to whether he will view the proposed routes on an inspection tour before making his decision, al though- he had made it known he would like to. At the time of the hearing here he said he "might and' might not.” Just what the decision on the route may be, of course, is not known. It is felt here, however that some sort of compromise route, satisfactory to both states, may be the politic decision, since it is felt that it will be necessary to ask congress for more money to complete the parkway than the $16,000,000 already set aside. The proposed "loop route” un der which the parkway would split at Grandfather mountain, one route following down by Mount Mitchell, Asheville and Little Swit zerland, and the other swinging westward to enter the park at Gat linburg, Tenn., may be revised to effect this compromise. i NOW! GENUINE BAYER ASPIRIN AT DRASTICALLY REDUCED PRICES! i I_Big Price Cut on Bayer Aspirin !_^ | NOW—Pay Less and Get Real BAYER Aspirin! So as to put the reliability and quick action of Genuine Bayer Aspirin within the reach of everyone, the price you pay has been drastically cut. Cut so low that nobody need ever again accept an unknown prep aration in place of real BAYER Aspirin. 15c Now For 12 25c Now For 24 For instance, the pocket tins of 12 ieal Bayer Tablets have been cut lo 15c. The popular 24 tablet bottles have been cut to 25c. i And the big, family size, 100 tablet bottles have again been ■ reduced. I So—Always Say “Bayer” ! W'hen You Buy These new low prices make it a j folly to accept unknown brands in I order to save a few cents. So—never ask for Bayer Aspirin by.the name “aspirin” alone when you buy, but always say B-A-Y-E-H ; ASPIRIN and see that you get it. ' ALWAYS SAY “BAYER ASPIRIN” NOW WHEN YOU BUY j Kistler And Bride Killed In Accident Morganton—J. Frederick Kist ler prominent young Morgantor civic leader and aviation enthus siast, and his bride of a month were fatally injured at 5:30 o’clock Sunday when the airplane in whicl they were flying at the Morgantor airport crashed headlong to the ground. Mrs. Kistler was probably killed instantly, being pronounced dead upon arrival at Grace hospital Mr. Kistler, who was piloting the plane from the rear cockpit while his bride occupied the front seat died at 7:25 o’clock without evei regaining consciousness. Stanly County Farmer Is Shot By Neighbor Albemarle.—Paul Barbee, pro minent farmer of the Barbee Grove section of western Stanly, was shot in the legs Sunday afternoon with a shotgun in the hands of Ben Hathcock, a neighbor. About 150 shot entered Barbee’s legs near the knees, and he was brought to Al bemarle for hospital treatment, i Liquor is alleged to have been the cause of the shooting, j Another shooting occured in the same vicinity Sunday afternoon when George Thomas was shot through the hand with a revolver by Willian Thomas. The latter two were, negroes. When YOU feel dispirited or “low,” smoke a Camel. Smok ing Camels produces a return of your own natural, vibrant energy. Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS than any ether pop ular brand of cigarette. They never upset healthy nerves. QUICK RELIEF for stuffy head 'Boy! I can breathe now!” JUST A FEW OtOPS UP EACH HOSTtll two aiaea, 301...5©^ HELPS PREVENT many colds L. Councill Powles Funeral Director and Embalmer CONFIDENCE—A QUALITY BORNE OF SERVICE j Phone 282 Rockwell, N. C. Let Us "TUNE-UP" you* 4 I Ym, only $2.00 for a complete $A check-up of your radio! Guar- £ anteed repairs on any make, any model, any year! Phone for quick, expert service! Day Phone 808 Residence Phone 1578-J Arcade Bldg. West Innes St, RADIO SERVICE SHOP R. E. MILLER, Mgr. Salisbury, N. C. FOUR-FIFTHS OF YOUR COAL DOLLAR GOES TO LABOR— NO OTHER FUEL DOES MORE We appreciate your coal order. Our employees appreciate it. Every ton of coal you buy contributes to the welfare and pros perity of many others. j One hundred and fifty-eight (158) persons were employed in mining, transporting and delivering coal to your bin—we are all grateful for your business. | JONES ICE COMPANY Owned and Operated by Home Folks_PHONE 203 IN THE MIDST of all Government Buildings Within a radius of one mile of Hotel Continental are located twenty of the most important govern ment buildings The Union Station is just a block and a half away Every room has an outside exposure. Excellent food in coffee shop and dining room with moderate, fixed price meals. HOTEL CONTI N ErNTAL RATES with BATH $2?° to 55.°0 Sinqlc $4°°to$700 Double without hath ‘2 '2i0 tingle • *JL ;J.5u double • C J COOK Manager rcvw/fWS m m wgm m mm

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