Cotton Income Higher On Less Acreage Return Double That Of 1932 Phillips Finds Mecklen burgers Receiving More On Third Less Acreage Charlotte.—The farmers of Mecklenburg county this fall will receive double the amount of money for their cotton produced on a third less acres than were devoted to cot ton in 1932, Oscar H. Phillips, Mecklenburg farm agent, pointed out in developing his theme that the Bankhead cotton control act has saved the: farmers of the south and with them the entire economic structure of the south. "Mecklenburg farmers will re ceive approximately $1,300,000 for their 1934 cotton,” said Mr. Phillips, "as against $650,000 in 1932. The cotton has been raised on about 23,000 acres, where in 1932 it took 35,000 acres to grow a crop that brought in just half the amount this crop is bringing. "The money cotton is bringing is not the only thing of advantage, either. Look at those 12,000 acres released for other crops and for general improvement of the land.” Mr. Phillips declared virtually all the farmers are delighted with the way the cotton program is working out, although he admitted there are some disgruntled cotton growers who have charged that' the plan is now being improperly administered. "Of course, there are some things that must be worked out and of course some mistakes will be made in carrying out a program of this sjze,” he declared, "but the pro gram is being administered fairly and absolutely without regard to a man’s politics, color, religion or anything else, just as fairly as I know how to have it administered. As far as I know, no partiality hasj been shown, certainly none inten tionally, and if mistakes have been! made they can be and will be ad justed.” Had no cotton production con trol law been passed, the south • would now be in the very depths of despair, the farm agent declared. "There would have been a large crop and the price would have been very low, probably lower than the 5 1-2 cents it had dropped to under the Hoover administration,” said he. "In fact, there may have been no price at all, no demand for cot ton because of the huge over-pro duction. But things are decidedly different since the farmers got to gether and asked the government to help them work out a control plan. | After all, it was the farmers who J did it. They made their allotments, \ set up their plan. The government simply aided them. And it has ab-' solutely saved the southern farmers! md with them the whole economic ■ structure.” -• - In 1932 he pointed out, cotton svas bringing about $30 a bale and seed about $5. Now it is bringing $75 and upward, and since it was raised on less acreage, the 1934 crop was produced at considerably less expense. On top of that, land not used for cotton is bringing in other revenues or is being improv ed, he pointed out. Richberg On Job WASHINGTON . . . Donald Rich berg (above), Director of the In dustrial Recovery Board, is the man around whom the administration of the NRA now swings as General Hugh Johnson definitely stepped (out, on October 15. gHBHB53ES’3BMBHBG3EMaHEBaaMEMgHEHBH3HBHBHEMaHBHB&SaHBKa; | THE MONEY SPENT WITH US STAYS IN ROWAN CO " « M Hj KSKSKEKSM j|' S1 You are invited to visit our s( Showrooms where you will |» find the largest assortment i| of finished work in the Hi gj» State, and also our Studio 55 where you will find hund- j| reds of the latest and most S modern memorial designs to g j select from. ; us' I si 1 THE OLDEST, LARGEST AND BEST s » I 25 &3 1 Salisbury Marble & Granite Company | S B s Kj "Manufacturers of Memorials That Last Till Everlasting” ^ 2* ^ 1305 South Main Street Phone 3 59 p I SALISBURY, N. C. 1 B ' E lEBBBBBBBBHBBBBBBSBBBEBBBEBEBEBBBBBBBBBaBBBEBEBEBB Do they torture you by day? Keep you awake at night? I Whaf is it that keeps hospitals open and doctors I What is it that makes your face wrinkled and I makes you feel old? NERVES I Nine times ottt of ten it’s NERVES that make you I restless, worried, haggard. jHBWpgpep^ Do they make you Cranky, I Sk A Blue-give you Nervous indi - gestion, Nervous Headache? When nerves are over-taxed, you worry over trifles, find it hard to concentrate, can’t sit still. Nerve Strain brings on Headache. Nervous people often suffer from Indigestion. There may be absolutely nothing wrong with the organs of digestion,, but the Nerves are not on the job to make the organs do their work properly. Do they inierefere with your B ^ [CJA ^ij^T^Fwork; ruin your pleasure; drive away your friends? You’re cheating yourself and the man who pays you if you work when your NERVES are not normal. You can’t have a good time when you are nervous. You can’t make or keep friends when you are keyed up and irritable. You may excuse your self, but to others you are just a plain crank. Quiet your nerve* with ' Will Demand Enforcement Of The “Dry” Laws W. C. T. U. Calls For Courage In Enforcement Temperance Education Among Young People And Memb e r s h i p Campaign Planned A demand for enforcement of prohibition laws by officers, tem perance education among young people and a membership campaign among adults will feature the work of the Women’s Christian Temper ance union in North Carolina dur ing the coming year, according to Mrs. W. B. Lindsay, state president presiding at the state convention in Raleigh. "Courage was the keynote of the convention,” said Mrs. Lindsay, "and our members are returning to their respective homes with the determination to go forward. Thev have accepted the challenge to work for a sentiment of total ab ■ stinence as well as the sentiment of keeping the temptation of liquor away from people.” Mrs. Lindsay stated that the Ral eigh convention was most satis factory, with an attendance of about 100 women and addresses by outstanding speakers. Statesville was selected for the 193 5 conven tion. Rockwell News The farmers of this vicinity are busy preparing land and seeding grain. The Baptist association meeting which was held at the Baptist church at Rockwell some days, was well attended by members of the association in Rowan county. Ray Kluttz, who operates a clov er threasher, threashed lespedeza in the Organ church vicinity the past week. Splendid yields were report ed by those having clover threashed. The work of widening the high-; way in Rockwell is finished and it j helps the appearance of the high way through the town and is also beneficial to travel. James Holshouser, of near Rock well, is having his home painted. j The fourth quarterly meeting of the Gold Hill charge was held at the Rockwell M. E. church last Sunday night. Clyde Barrier, who operates seed cleaning machinery in Rockwell is kept busy cleaning seed at this sea son of the year. Members of the Epworth League of the M. E. church held a social at the home of James Kale Saturday night. All present report a fine time. The Rockwell Roller Mills com pany are doing a splendid business making flour and grinding feeds of various kinds. We haven’t many supermen, but a considerable number think they are when they get behind an auto mobile wheel. The experts tell us how to do exercises to strengthen the lungs, but the political orators don’t seem to need such training. Scenes As Federal Court Grinds Insull Grist ,_* _ ^ CHICAGO , . . Above are eourtroom photos in the Insull ease as the federal prosecution centers its fire on Samuel Insull and his son, Samuel Insull, Jr., (left), on the charges of using the mails to defraud investors through the sale of stock. At the right is Federal Judge, James H. Wilkinson, who is presiding over the trial of the Insulls and 16 co-defendants. _ " “ - Judge dlaps Two-Bit Fine On Defendant Wilson.—"I’ll have to fine you as an example to others,” remark ed Judge Meekins in federal court j here when John Heath of Wilson was arraigned for owning, trans porting and selling liquor. "How much have you got?’’ in quired the court of sheepish John. "Forty five cents is all I have in the world,” responded Heath, j "All right, I’ll fine you a quarter1 and you’ll have 20 cents left,” the judge said. Heath paid and hot-footed it out of the courtroom. The philosophers have argued for a generation that the American people should spend more time in their homes, but they were unable to accomplish anything whatever along that line, until the depression came along and forced people to stay at home. I The world rejoices in wireless communication, but it looks in vain for wireless politics. I Feels a Lot Better * i When Black-Draught Relieves Constipation i From many states come reports ■ like the following from Mr. W. M. Henderson, of Jasper, Fla: “I have been taking Thedford’s Black Draught twenty years. I take It for constipation that gives me a dull, tired, aching feeling, and I have headache, too. Black-Draught relieves me of this trouble, After a few doses, I feel as good as new. I keep it in my home. I have a big family. When one of us is ail ing (from constipation), we take Black-Draught and almost always feel a lot better. It has been worth its weight in gold to my family.” ... Sold in 254 packages. “Children like the Syrup.” ^"i I SUMMER TIME IS BUS TIME FARES are the LOWEST in HISTORY COOL! COMFORTABLE! SAFE! FARES FROM SALISBURY: One Round Way Trip Norfolk, Ya. _$5.05 $9.10 Richmond, Va._ 3.85 6.95 Washington, D. C. 4.80 8.65 New York, N. Y._. 9.20 16.60 Atlanta, Ga._5.10 9.20 Birmingham, Ala. 6.50 11.70 Memphis, Tenn._9.65 17.40 Miami, Fla. _12.50 22.50 One Round Way Trip Charlotte_.70 $1.30 Concord _.40 .75 Lexington _ .25 .50 High Point_.55 1.00 Greensboro_.80 1.45 Burlington _ 1.20 2.20 Durham_ 1.70 3.10 Raleigh _ 2.20 4.00 rou can t atrora to use your car while rares are so low. C A \7ET Wear and tear on your nerves " Wear and tear on your car. CAROLINA COACH CO. SALISBURY CHINA GROVE Union Bus Station—Phone 1751 Cline Hotel Girl Accuses Her Ex-Sweetie Of Stealing Wrist Watch Mocksville. — In surroundings hardly conductive to romance, the love that once flamed between Guy Beck and Miss Myrtle Griffith sputtered and went out completely in Squire T. I. Caudell’s court here. As a result, Beck faces trial at the March term of Davie superior court on charges of stealing his former sweetheart’s wristr^watch. Miss Griffith alleges that last March, when they were "keeping company”, Beck gave her a neck lace as a token of his love and that she gave him her wrist watch. All went along fine for a while; then there was a spat; then they stopped keeping company. Miss Griffith said she returned the necklace, but Beck did not re turn the watch when asked to do so. A claim and delivery proceed ing was instituted to recover the watch, which could not be found, and as a consequence a criminal ac tion was started, charging Beck with larceny. Attorney for the defendant mov ed for a dismissal on the grounds there was no evidence to show the watch was stolen, that it had been given to Beck, but Squire Caudell declined to grant the motion. He bound the defendant over under cash bond of $100. -- CP* ALL KINDS LEADING~BRANDS OF BEER BLACKWELDER'S 209 S. 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