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Morning Herald Purchases Equipment
Heavy Voting
Is Forecast
For Primary
Over Thousand New Re
gistrants Place Names
On Books, Indicating
Spirited Contest. Mon.
Predict Hedrick
Will Lead Ticket
With only two week days left
—today and Saturday—before
the Municipal primary Monday,
May the 26, indications are that
a record vote will be recorded.
Over one thousand new names
have been put on the books and
heavy balloting is forecast.
Following is a list of the 11
candidates seeking nomination:
B. V- Hedrick
H. W. Davis
H. E. Withers
W. H. Hardin
C. F. Raney
D. C. Dungan
U. Ray Miller
Dan Nicholas
Clarence Summers
Reid Goodson
Cliff Owen
Following is a list of the re
gistrars for the four city wards:
West Ward, Murray Smith
North Ward, Lewis Miller
South Ward, E. F. Wedding
East Ward, Allen Hartman.
Nomination will be equivalent
to election, as no opposition
party has filed a ticket.
The election will be held May
4, considered in this instance a
mere formality, but required by
Five councilmen will be elect
ed, and one of this group will
be chosen mayor. It is recalled
that two years ago B. V. Hed
rick lead the ticket in both the
primary and general election,
Lut C. F. Raney, low man, was
elevated to the mayorship. Cus
tom and tradition, theretofore,
however, had always called for
the election of high man as
Political leaders forecast that
Mr. Hedrick will again lead the
ticket in the primary and gen
eral election.
Property Is Leased
The Montgomery-Ward com
pany has completed negotiations
for a 20-year lease on a part of
the Empire hotel property and
will move from its present loca
tion on North Cain street to the
new place on South Main in a
few months.
About $250,000 is involved in
the deal, it is stated, of which
$100,000 will be spent in reno
p vating and remodeling the build
ing. Three floors and a full
size basement will afford 32,000
square feet of merchandising
space, and will give Salisbury
one of the largest stores of the
concern in the State.
The excellent location of Sal
isbury and its increasing impor
tance as a retail center, togeth
er with the steady growth of the
company’s business here, neces
sitated new quarters, it is an
All Women on Town Council
BROOKLAND, Ark. . . . The hand that rocks the cradle rules this
town. These five wom^n polled 82 per cent of the vote against mascu
line opposition in the election for aldermen. As an all-feminine town j
council, they will now select a marshal and other appointive officials.
Farmers Paid
Tar Heels Receive Huge
Sum For Participating In
Soil Conservation Plans
Raleigh.—Agriculture experts
"t N. C. State college said North
Carolina farmers had received
59,516,070.60 to date for parti
ipating in the soil conservation
| >rogram during 1936.
The sum, Dean I- O. Schaub
f the college said, has been
paid to 157,595 Tar Heel land
owners and tenants.
Pitt c unty, with $434,174.60
paid to 4,631 farmers, received
the largest amount from the
Federal government for replac
ing soil depleting with soil con
serving crops. Cleveland county
farmers received $371,950.71;
Edgecombe, $313,293.89; John
ston $387,921.24; Nash, $366,
521.24; Robeson, $307,138.02;
j Wilson, $324,676.39; Greene,
;$244,166.30; Harnett, $246,774.
64; Sampson, $203,031.82;
Jnion, $229,705.89; Wake, $247,
742.40, and Wayne, $239,105.12.
Duplin, Franklin, Gaston,
Granville, Halifax, Hoke, Ire
dell, Lenoir, Lincoln, Martin,
Mecklenburg, Northampton, Ro
wan, Rockingham, Rutherford,
Scotland, Stokes, Surry, Warren
and Yadkin counties each have
■ been paid more than $100,000.
; Tokyo.—The outlook for Pre
mier General Senjuro Hayashi’s
cabinet in the coming general
election became darker as the
Kokumin Domei, a minor party
hitherto supporting the cabinet,
announced it would join forces
with the major parties opposing
i __
I Hollywood, Calif. — Robert
Taylor, Luise Rainer, Robert
Montgomery, and Clark Gable,
among the top notch American
film players, are scheduled to go
to London this summer to star
in British-made films.
Lawyers Of State
Back Supreme
The lawyers of North Caro
ina are strongly against the
resident’s court enlargement ac
cording to a poll of the American
Bar Association which has been
placed before the Senate Judici
ary Committee. However, the
percentage favoring the plan is
higher in North Carolina than in
any other state with one excep
tion, Mississippi.
The poll showed that in the
nation as a whole the lawyers an
swering the poll stood about four
to one against the President’s
plan, while in North Carolina the
ratio was two to one. In each
nstance non-members showed a
higher proportion for the Presi
dent’s plan than did members of
he association.
In the country 11,770 non
members and 2,563 members—a
total of 14,333—favored the Pre
sident’s proposal, while 40,021
non-members and 15,132 mem
bers—a total of 56,153—opposed
the proposal.
In North Carolina 242 non
members and 28 members voted
for the President’s proposal, mak
ng a total of 270, while^572—-45
ion-members and 147 members—
voted againsf it.
The only state with a higher
percentage for the President’s
proposal was Mississippi, where
the total vote was 190 for and
271 against.
Negro At Salisbury
Is Killed In Wreck
Calvin Gooding, negro cook at
county jail, was instantly killed
Monday night when an automo
bile in which he was an occu
pant turned over four times on
Jhe Albemarle highway near
here after sideswiping another
car. ' James Colmer, another
negro, suffered a broken collar
bone and possible internal in
juries. Two negro women were
only bruised and lacerated.
4 Linotypes
Press, Ludlow
Elrod Bought
Publishers Plan to Begin
Publication Within Sixty
Days, It Is Announced
Press Will Print
30,000 An Hour
Purchase of four linotype ma
chines, a rotary press, Ludlow
machine, an Elrod, as well as a
large quantity of type, furni
ture, cabinets and other equip
ment for the Salisbury Morn
ing Herald, the City’s new daily
morning newspaper to be pub
lished here in the near future,
has been announced by B. V.
Hedrick and E. \\ . G. Huff
Included in the battery of
linotype machines is one “Blue
Streak,” the latest machine
manufactured by Mergenthaler
Linotype Company, .and .1s the
last word in linotype equipment,
the machine carryirfg six maga
zines and six auxiliaries.
The rotary press has a capa
city of printing 30,000 copies of
the paper per hour and is equip
ped with all necessary stereotype
.and auxiliary machinery
The Ludlow' machine enables
a newspaper to cast almost any
kind, variety or size of type, and
is especially designed to provide
a larger quantity and wider as
sortment of type for advertise
The Elrod machine keeps the
newspaper plant supplied with
leads, slugs, spaces, column rules,
The publishers hope to begin
publication of the Salisbury
Morning Herald within sixty
days, it was announced.
Mayor Fowler
Is Renominated
By Large Vote
Results of Spencer’s Demo
cratic primary Tuesday follow:
Mayor T. P. Fowler was re
nominated by a handsome ma
jority over his only opponent
Ralph Simmerson. Fowler re
ceived 652 to 369 for Simmer
The six aldermen nominated,
are as follows:
David C. Miller . 799
C. P. Huffine . 730
J. E. Connell . 726
C. R. Withers . 561
W. L- Roderick . 681
J. M. Burton . 504
Four unsuccessful candidates
for aldermen received the fol
ilowing vote:
B. A. Burdette . 386
J. L. Brooks . 383
T: M. Ogden . 355
K. E. Butler . 350
The general election will be
held May 4th. Nomination,
however, is considered equiva
lent to election, as no opposing
ticket has made its appearance.
London.—Evelyn Waugh, Bri
tish novelSst and satirist^, was
imarried to Miss Laura Herbert,
.cousin of Lord Carnarvon, noted
sportsman- Waugh is 33 and the
bride 20. They were married in
1 he Church of the Assumption. |
Baby Genius
BONNE TERRE, Mo. . . . Only 28
months old but smarter than most
grown-ups. Little Mary Christine
Dunn has a vocabulary of 3,800
words and the intelligence rating
of a genius. •
Big Gains
Reported In
Home Furnishings
For First Quarter Of Year
FHA Insured Loans
Showed Increase Of 64
Per Cent Over Total
For 1936 Period
Washington.—Large gains in
the volume of home financing
under the Federal Housing ad
ministration were recorded dur
ing the first quarter of 1937,
Administrator Stewart McDon
ald announced.
During January, February,
and March of this year, mort
gages accepted for insurance by
the Federal Housing administra
tion totaled $102,997,500, an in
crease of 64 per cent over the
corresponding period of 1936.
In March, the gain was es-l
oecially large nearly doubling the
figures for the same month of
last year. A total of $43,790,
c50 in mortgages accepted for
insurance were reported during
the month a gain of 98-8 per
cent over March 1936. The vo*
lume of mortgages accepted for
insurance during March were
larger than for any month in
die records of the Federal Hous
ing administration with the ex
ception of June and October,
1936. This was considered sig
nificant in view of the fact that
Tune and October are usually
the peak building months of the
The rising residential build
ings volume is further empha
sized by the fact that 59 per
:ent of the mortgages accepted
for insurance during the period
were for newly constructed
These figures bear out ear
lier predictions by the Federal
Housing administration of ac
:elerated activity in home con
struction and financing during
the year 1937. Whether this
upward momentum can be main
tained, however, Administrator
McDonald said, depends entire
ly upon whether costs of build
ing materials rise precipitately
from this point.
Gross business transacted by
the Federal Housing administra
(Contiued on Page 4)
B. V. Hedrick Applies
To Communications
Corns. For Permit
400 Foot Tower And Granite Stone Building
Will Be Erected To House Studio,
Equipment, and Technical Experts
Plan IGQO'Watt Station
Application for a permit to operate a 1000 watt
radio broadcast station in Salisbury has been filed
with the Federal Communications Commission in
Washington by B. V. Hedrick- it was announced this
The broadcast station will necessitate the erec
tion of a steel tower 400 feet in height. This tower
will be similar in construction to the one already
erected near Milford Hills for the State Highway
Patrol, except it will be approximately 87 feet
Mr. Hedrick plans to erect an elegant granite
stone building which will be used to house the two
studios, transmitting equipment and provide ac
commodations for the residences of the technical
operators. The building is to be purposely designed
in such a manner that the public will have ready
access to closely observe not only the actual broad
casting in the studios but also the radio transmitter
in actual operation.
This project has been under consideration for
several months and elaborate tests are continuing
to be mac’e to ascertain the most suitable location of
the transmitter. These tests indicate that one of
the most suitable locations to be found in Rowan
county is near Grant’s Creek, between the Statesville
and Lincolnton roads, on the farm of B. V. Hedrick.
This location, it is stated by technical engineers, is
ideal, due to the character of the soil and power and
telephone facilities.
ii is noi generally reauzea now important tne
type of soil is to a radio station, and such a location
which has been selected can easily result in a 1000
watt station having the power to cover areas equal
to a station of ten times that power.
Salisbury, it is pointed out, is an ideal location
for a regional radio broadcast station due to the fact
that in a radius of 50 miles there is a population of
approximately 800,000, exceeding any other center
in the state, and probably in the entire South, by a
considerable per cent.
The value of a high powered radio broadcast
station to a community is definitely realized, and
Salisbury is indeed fortunate in having been selected
by Mr. Hedrick for the location of a radio station
which will continually advertise Salisbury and
Rowan County to the state and nation.
Mr. Hedrick’s intention is to provide a broad
cast station with the very latest equipment and the
very best that can be bought and to subscribe to
the very highest type of radio service so that the
programs provided will be of the highest order.
A radio broadcast station will undoubtedly
mark the beginning of a new era in Salisbury’s
Physician Fined
Dr- F. O. Glover, local phy
sician, entered a plea of nolo
contendre in Federal court here
Qn a charge of violation of the
Harrison narcotic act and was
fined $500 and placed on pro
bation for three years by Judge
Johnson J. Hayes. Seven pur-;
chases by Federal men were the
basis of the charge, it was stated
in court by an investigator.
Melvin Purvis To
Wed Miss Jarratt
April 29th
Los Angeles.—Gangster John
Dillinger’s killer, Melvin Purvis,
said he would marry Janice
Jarratt, screen actress and mo
del, in San Antonio, Texas,
April 29. Purvis former De
partment of Justice agent, left
today by airplane for San Antio,
Miss Jarratts’ home, to meet his

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