North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson Advance.
Wilson, N. C.
WILLUMR it ffOODSOS, - Editors.
Local Department,
VOL. 6.
CPUSi'ilY’SrTiiV COD’S. AXD fSirTirS.”
The Wilson Advance,
One Squaj c 3 iionths,
One Square tJ ^*-00
One Squs'^ 12 Months; ,..lo.(K)
T'lberal deductions rnaclc forlarj^r spao#
Transitiiit Advertl-'cmont^ htssrted at Tci*
Cents per line.
K. woai»*>A\ - - -
MAJK.'ii 2-l.]S7i5
l\r. Rountree & On., atrents for
I \Vliaiin s Supor-PhO-phnte. are ofTcrinj?
thiU Srjjierior Fertilizer for 400 Uis.
cotton per ton. fall on tiieiii before
the supply is exhunsled.
Only $2 ft year for ihe Advance.
BK.ST copyhi^f Ink PeneiU at Ohurcweir*.
Onion s«t», Silver Hkiii, Large Red and
BuvtiiU lops at Rc'rlaud'ft,
Fiow-r Softil ! Klowi*r Seed 1! Rowland
had just r«ciod OliX) pujif-rs,
Sing-'r. M;uue Sliotll* atul •fh'T sewing
aiaebine. need! ai oJ cts. per dozen at the
Hardware Store.
The judly ools'biated Lnuhetli’a gardojj
Sr.^'l c-’lil at K og A Moye's
{J'li’Et's '-ee'Y* e'.■ ‘.‘V;*** -aii i«i l-
•oa lor the lS«r, thrf‘* ye^ir;*. the ])eoph>
bave tried th‘in ainl kmov they »ri rcliabl
Oo to RowU and get your .supply.
R nvV: Cv'*^U‘
A ii..w.T!in'l ■srrll
frow PFto.T7>''l lltpcV- Ci '>p' wrrMnn'id-
nnt. P*mi‘ too la', tor locortion
I'lie !t»e}i>Jd MOTlKg .4s;rtiflst
iiad ItxtorJloitfsts.
ir, iimnei' '-''■ly ioiporlcd, tlieivby oxhihit-
iiig a 'i'ih', -Y^liich h'ioivs ugly, Ka miy
the d^v!.ui:-d ufticiuis.
L:.t, t” hiu.>t important part of the
n wi
nVosirs* aliMiiio.
The Gcoi Tunydar, f. liUlo but loud tem
perance suw-d, made its appearance ill tail
piacc yesterday. U i> gottin no williad-
s.,,,t7o-.,if’o!„’v.ov. i’j’yy licrcUi’ifasStsnd ust fpon We Order
c/ Moviag bstSlovc et Oisce.
It, onr n(-,t. Tn tin’ nK-.vitipi. sI'oiiM
*nvth!nf’- of a loeel nrYt’Tf' Tvanip re
xrophl thn'dr Aiu* 'o-r“spond‘nt to send
1>V V»>dn«sdftv’s inail.
f'nl E. Y--n
•T Hao. rTAWft
Eeotftl l3r3cAi.-
Thc coid-.i*t anal
of the season.
Bobiu pot pii) is liic seaiijuih'e disii j
Acftordiag to Josh I’iHiii'tS Alinina.'t tliL'
U tiie «eaaou ior plan iug caj a ior eari^
The las»t lingf'ring hope of the peach crop
wcTit giiiutnoriiig witli the i'uo»Jay iiigat
Home made flour, a »np uior family av-
tiolo aold by the suck iu qiiautirics to sui ,
at Sugg & Aiidciaun'a.
iaiim rs, who u.’-i d Rowlaml’s CI.emical
Fertil izer last yi-ar, cxpro.^s tin* belief thai
it is as good as nu-tuy of tlie liigU priceu
G llanos.
Tiamps coJithiuc prowling through ih
country much to the aimoyaiice of e\eryoi)0.
li’hteaU t>r u.iiiinbliing, ti*e cn p seem.s to
increase ni.d yeV Uicru is no way to run>
the evil.
If a young lady wi.^lies u /ouoggen:le-ii lu
to kias ner,W;iai, paperssuomd ...le uieuuon/
No Zijjcclator, n > Oijixrvtr^ out AoVANCh
as often u.s yoti please*
Faraiwrs, got ^ our low grt-und.^ in order.
Wiusii L»ciuoij,tue Fra.ii^lm propiiei,
say.s Uio Wasps a'-o Ouudn.g liieir ne*u a.,
the gnmad. \Miic.i is .% oure sjga of a Jjy
T'iie iiinv-i\‘\FU i!cu>].aper siv.adlep, i;,
t'.ki i\.'. I, Ai '.j .1 Ut..4.3t.s\ ilu* 'aul.;
imp‘.»&eu Oil it’.ir oi' viL./.-.-iis .tbo. i
t u^'O ‘ H.TeaL.jd ia eiui ioii. |
A.I.. U/. g,.’ . 1 I jal..
Tu cv.’i I Miap iK-id .-.jnousiy iuU-flvi .’.i
wU;i gariicumg i.'perawoii.s aud our iruoAeia
wao *v, re air. ua> saippiag radi.-'iics uad aau
p.-as n',ar;j- i'caay lor uie ccute i*.ro not ao
iiopeiui as “itiey to va^.‘’
Jiio. W . lilmiiii, L.sq., of the law iirm oi
Geo. VV. illomitOc ib-o.,havu.- fur Aasaviile
this Week to o.stat>l;aa a braiico thlice oi Lae
lirui in UirtL place. e crai^rai uiUie our
A-ashviile irijiuli upon th.s \uiuabiC ucce**
feioa La tiicir rauus.
“Never nntriy fur wealth.," say.-s « cu-
teinporary.— Vou arc rigm, very,“iML
lemeaiber liiai. it IS ju^t. Us easy to luvc u
girl vviio nas a biick uouse wuli a Maiuaru
rool'and a siGe«' inuLvi diYor-Ovdl as one wac)
ha.’-ii'l aii.u/iihg bu‘an auburn head and
All amiabic vtisp’oaiiivai.
T' rf Ore.-rivPk* ^nd ;
.a.,,..--’.,,. .'.M ^
•th tv>».u profeK'imo. th'’-law.
y;«T. n. A. 'Viblo, naKtor o'ri’r Af. E. '
t'dinrch i* in nt^*ivbmco on the Methodi.^t
f>ntennisl ai Ka.'i!fh.
con'^f' i>m1 ^
Tba Wii?on Ofaruua Txaa«p.'rtatioa
Compp.’.y Cigahized ?ntl put in
• {F c Zy'.S'-
sulij.'Ci. i .Mnv.-U ktiu-N-li fai;t iliat \Vii- tiiire, liiid i. chock full o! ioicrcst
soli is t!o‘ •■-'-i-t Ini'll! shiiipiiio ix'iiit on J|.g iii-iUdr. It is oirnrnil at only
rail! hirrjiiams of Wilson alone anuam am! is well worth the iiion-
ship titlin'- lies oi couon anmtully, luul; .vanress E. L. sVUey, pablUlier. !Vil-
as i.'i'fo;-; -sl.iied pay .ab i-it i'i OU.iiOU an- ; g'',,,, ^ (•_
nnaily t- tli" luUeuiui foi-ireigiit. It is a 1 y,'oi. \v, K, Camefon, one of the ablest
jiTOV.iai; h 'slness town, and has witliin
its iiulib progr.'sive business men
and 111-K"" ■*' to ho fo'iud in tlio btats.
'I'liev !.. hie ca;,jiul and the
■ ■lit to succe'sfuiy cniui.etc , paper in the m--iuov-
anc; '..nnlsboio ior the cotton jy,] cainpiilon wiieu 'Vel't.T was
'■ ei f.ufiiris sniit'lie.s. With ,,ie0n-d bio.ernnr, and to Ids Iiencliant I'.en
ei! si onilio they Onnld sooo.l'e ' ,.f tito glory of that 'ofiEuuJt
■ it I i teude is now being ..uecess in Bou'l.dde Vie.-i.iia.
drive, to tlitse couipoting is:,jeo U.'iLrne'y exposhre of Logs ijan-iss'
• C'TI’^ta’ ti’ieUs. v/u V.*''ird iiolbM'g from
' Col.
, Lcw^papcr wrhcr.s of tho CM Dominiori.
, hies iiguln cnlcrcd the jijuruaiijtic Held,
• ! having accipU'd a position on ihe editorial
■ stall'of the IVicr-.biiri^ hi I:x-Aj>fC'd. lie
L50W ilT V/4>.'S5ik:^.
Vr. .1..T Tbom.n^ h-is pThibU''d
\’pW a'ld . M 'b'le r'f>Hr»u Kx
(V)f^n I’M in Imth it wt ornnnnn.-'O 1
tUp f’npp^ »vcr Rorn. Th’s U n fb^rMp'd enm-
plim-'iit to onr Stnto. and one wn r''o
wpII proud of ATr. Thoma« is now in Mobile
j>nd. wo arc glad to lonrii is making many
Kales of the seed.
2'* •■. '
iToc-sjij-M., d corporation :\i ricii and pnv- ,
erful aUil\;. iluiinylon Sc WcLlon rail- :
road, trly  j eialiup I’.^aii M the inicrest
of li il.u. Hiid f(')' C-old.-boLo, S. }\alcigh  r
any o.h? point that can crusii ic.r? We ■
stftic bnihe facts uiul here iaihe proof:'
TifO Iduring i-. tlie Uriff on a few of
«T3*.3>o»’lr?w to
Th.8 ?8rifis.iicncy of tho I-Tow Bop^rthro
ah Estahli-ohed Fact.
Ti'.i.s is peculiarly an era of ‘hicv.- depart
ure-;." In i.oUiic.s iind reiigiuri tho nm-
lua has been raging with vlolenci, a id now
we M;e it giad'.mlly entering the commercial,
, ,,, ^ n, 1 . .1 i. 1 inieicantlie and g'luitil ludusUiMl circles.
ZolUP.M...fyhos,d.hto.t.hatpo;niUr,j^^ mUu.'i.l usnU «f ihe growing do-
!?t„Mnrd I-ori.ltziT t,s now ol tn^.Uo Uvein, and thnen
annors by Messrs Hy y; uolcoino shonUl wo hail, and ra-echo the
Co. pnvabla ^nvembor 1st. for -12.,1 lbs. i , i.,,;,..
ofcrltfon. or$.V?.M) in ir.onen’" ‘’h V'*^V t f m
at the option of the planter, Those i ont the Irngih a„ breadu. of out
wish to avail thein.selvcs of this :cmmlry. Dow n with Iraud and comipticu,
price of this excellent'yi*! d-atli to it, oyfoniiunt evils, monop-
coi'.snlt their interest ly and extortion, is the blazing emblem oi
reduction ii
bv nppiving early to Messrs Branch
IJadlev & Co.
ll.'m of
y 111 iiraiic.i
Mcsin's Jamc.'- T. ( i bb
iloUtiirc** A ‘Jn. ,i ui 5 . o. il i i
ilii ilcy Co t'o. 1‘iT I'm ilu- a\or;hi-ru vi'ieii
on Mi)iicijiy la-t in (pici^l of new goods. Ti
Advanl’M will give diie noiice of the
m.i ly pretty rhings f!ic\’ will have to ori'er
Win-n the gomJ.> airivc.
On Friilay, March Jl.-t. ccmimencing
7^ o'clock R. M. llie young g-'u'l.-mim of
the Irving Lkcri'’)' S)ci‘‘y, at their oooic
fy Hall in tlie-building of riie Wilsmi (jol-
Icgiatc Iiistituic, will (1L'CUS> ihe following
question: *\V!iic'ihas the szroater mila-
«nc-‘ over man, ium*an or m >m-y r"
'riu* public arc r‘Si'cctfully inviU'd fco a:-
M’hftt do( R thftt mean ? a Kaidniofo
drummer a.s he rmul on a n imh.-rof pihlv-
hges in front af Palm n* & Green's yi'.^tcr-
dny, “ready for sliipmcnt to Kremont, via
“Wilson Overliuid llnntc." IFc W'ould
lilte to give Jtfo. T. I’arnes’ explanation in
full, but, all the money in town could ?vt
induce UR to repeat soin.' of the words med.
The explanation however was sati.sf ictory.
‘‘Men Jtre wliat woman makes them"’ is
tile motto of OI ir erifcrprising little indghhor.
the Dailf/ Topic. Ft iivay be trde, but we
have seen so:n’e drcaiinlly poor sp *cinioi>.R
of the. maimfact.iired article, wliich reflects
badly' either upon tho nJateriai (?r tho maker.
After all tlie fuss fri'c* tife article, a pin
back i.s ii'v new fashion at all. Ue.3ioJ,
27(K) years ago .said:
"Let no fair woman tempt thy sliding
g'-iruiont.i gathered iii u' kn’ot b'e-
The manv friends of Mr. Richar,] RM-
lock will Icani wdth pain and regn t fiif^
painful c:rciim.sfa.‘ioes attem*in,g t!ie death
In accordance with an order of tho Board
of (,'onniy Commiiision''rs, Mr. B.H. Bardin
ha- tile Unc betwfum Black
'.’rrek and Or esR Kmids tfiw-.iahips. and I'cn-
dcr^^o Ins rotvor- of ihe siU'-i -. i'im line as
I '••..vbliR’ncd 0 'niUK'".' “'.t •=• wi.'-re a
path oro.-.oR t!!'; i.'ia of I>avid
id'i -b ;.v. :ii ui!.: :m.,' . i 'h . a-fT to the
.'ll.; hrihcc a'.’- -- ' . • w .• ;• a: VVm. M.
. - ' : . '.. . ... de .h;.
• P-..•lit:;.* liuc-i.slhr transfer
,,f f ■' Aip.ofyrs from ivhudc Crfc*k to
•]•.,K- ,, ; 'dv‘--rs. .loc Davis, Horiry
Bs.^r. .Jno. *V Gifl'ord.
d-rt li-Ahi'-uj. DA.y V. vi a-.
iu Raleigh. If i hal W Il-oune's .style, In.' i.-
cci'tainiy not, the man to run h Iladicril
paper at the Capita', .•ind \vp liavn no idea
that the party, or any }.Ui!'t of it wnU phiuk
uM'wn the cadi in ai'd of the enterindse.
The Siatcfeviile J.andmirk ctmios Lo n.- tin.*-
k bdih aiiow head on-and oLht'i\vi«e
»ii w.'ore -.’fD-L’
mroiis witli hook
the Icad^aj'iicle.s cliaiged by the W. & \V.; \Vo lu-,* gldfl to note the
immistakuiiU- of prefeperity in ihi^trmy
ftlauiich and able dofeudci'oi the right hi the
We are gahl Lo h-arn that the Vvuich-Toi£-
CT. t he Organ cf the cbnrch of I'nc Disciples,
will resume publlculion in Kinston at an
early 'lays
■\Ve are gbi l to know that Col. L. L.
Rclk, the f lunder of the PoIkLou Anstawn,
has resnnu'd editorial c-niirol of liiat paper,
ami will onlarg* generally improve it
at once. Col. Polk is a bold and vigorous
writer and In.s pen vvlll nia^orlally aM in the
5UCCC.SS of the Cape Fear seelioii this I'all.
Sii.ea Uio niceihig of the Ivkatc Execut.irr!
Commi’tco tlie sowing of siu-d for early
County candidates .seems to he i;i orihu’. We.
iiavc heard of w!;o 1u?t« win.-pered
in a private way ihfir v\ idingness lo serve
“the dear peojiie," but only one as yet who
opcmly announces liis I'eadni'-ss f r tlic sac
riiioiai ', Uir old fi iei'bl Beu’amin D.
Farmw .reluc.antly yield- to tiic importunare
d'.nnande of his frieiris. and -shcald he hon-
CPL (h mf'crniR of Wibon in Convention as-'
sembled. designate lilrn a.s bear r of theCoi-
oncr's banner tlirongh t!u* lo the
IMirtahs (tf, he promU'-s hi.s time and
taleiu.s lo a proper adndui.stration of tlie
d'.aics of til" i nportUiiL ufllca—'Rnh for
i »rC5'5’. W2:iIV.J
A.s per amiomiCi'inent tiic- i necral of the
late Dr. J. II. H'ln.-trad  ccurred on Sunday
hi't u( the residence of )iis halier, I). W.
Wi.isitad Esq. in Nash comny. nine miiCb
n.Tih of tln.s j.hicc . T'he day was exceed
ingly C'>I i au'.l biu.aery and Liiough maity
were doiaiiied from alte.idiiig on liiat a'.;-
e«)’iu:, y.-r uie cr-iwd iu atceada .c., uti.n*
bereu ar huusi live ii.imhvd pm-tms. 'i'iic :
I'uno'ul soiinou was preut'-hed by lue Kev. j.
D. B. Cm.! om. of the L'nivcrs.ilist c.iurc.i,
utter when iim Ma.-onlc fraieniity, under
rhe fti>pkv.' •! MoimingStar Lodge! of Nasi.-
viilo ih.' la-t -■•.i 1 t'uii ,r;i1 I'p -s nC
tile in-der over t‘0 gra\! of the departi ;l
broi.iier. . A snmpiu./ns (linnervrft.s provitled
for the entire com{>any i-y INquire ’»Vm-! i-^.,]ucuon
blead. and norhiug was left un i me by ciiuc
hbei'al aad whole-.souied gentleman to pro
mote the comfort of b'xli ioa r And
futer man of the large as.semblagepre.-ent. ;
ll.c stKi ( aid we fight under.
As a ].u>ple, iriisoii eoiinry is peenharly
reserved, unobtru.-ive, unostentaliou.s, quiet
and p( actable, and noioniy disdain Imt
have a^repuguance to any iSm-, schi-ms or
new tlepaiuires Uadl?-g oni)’ to public
notoriety. ;Thcy are. and havi> been paiienC
under aiilictim, self sacrificing and for-
beaiing, but when foibcarttuce ot-ase.s to
be a ’virtue, ibe spirit of resentment. D
qihek and' pow'erful to opposU-ion. 'I'liey
seemingly adopt a.s a motto tlie advice
of I’ohmiuo.s to I.a‘M’i‘s, “beware of?-nter-
aiico to ft q;iaiT*‘l. Vrot being in, boaric, tluil
the oi.'i>or-.ei‘mny 1>«*whi'a* ot
As a., instaiiet! of ihc above, on !• riday
last at ten niinnle.j notice, an «igau-
i/alion of bu.-incss men of the town wa.s
eiiected f'u the purpose of the
many (,>ppi'os.siuiis, WK>i,gs, injuries and,
hidignUies of a corporation, known as
liu! WilmingtoiwVi Weulon raihx^d ('uin-
j pany. wnicii b.\ every naunul lit: should
; nave exhibited low nubs \V d.-on a fruriid-
I shipa> warm and sub.stanuai as the venom
'and ualred cf the einiiiy it has pioxed
! lo tier eveiy h.UresL. The new d-.paruire
; known U.-I t.hii “VvUsm Gverhuid Trans-
I poriatio.i Company,'^ \va.s duly orgaui.sed
! and pul iu operaiion iu twelve hours
1 froi." the mctui'iit ;f its Ineeplion.—
I'ihe line exieiids fre.-m B'llscu lo Golus-
! bor«M a driiance of^ iwerfly four mlie.s ami
h;i- a sutlicieiicy of U;,k a 5 and roUing .stock
lo UMiisport ail the freight shipped to
or fj-om this point, d he merchanis ami
unujiii.icturers a>.d men Ijave
wUnout excepiion tiidor,svd ihe moseinstAt
an.d oiilei’ed U;e t-ihuinOiL of £ic-j,ut
U) Goiof:boio, via *\.oiei:catl City to
CiUjiieC' wuh i i.ii Iiue, hit mi  ui.l «.f
iriij,u( p:LM';\ at li.h (.;( pi i ij- it*
tne ncigoboiIiooti m yibi.q'rJU, ami would
tiv ai iea-l oue-rinid but for ilie un-
jU't Ui.-.crimmario.i by um r-!.ir,).il au-
Lmulttes Uj^aiii.-it lison .'.hippier.-:, Wiiicli
tiiiv .;s) trade lo it ueig i an.l G-U'i .m.jro.
A lai'ge part of liu- amnurit ritielofore
pa;d lo a loreign ooipuaiion wilii'-n.\ iv-
uniui at junl lh:U fimcii thereby added
cnouiatiun. Cl ins pu’ma.e.-n'ey,
1.0 i’ea^on to doubt. pi’i.>uiinent
laimer and caoilulbi of ihis place is reany
LoS ait i.ext week lo Keutueky,lo lunci.asc
-i,.'.!y imde.-> aduilional. Tliepre-tut capac
ity 01' fcixti'en ilouble vvagtms is ta.xod to
Liieir ULiiio-i, and uinte the fanner ami
ni'.’reiiuiiL are .-aving lliiny per cent by the
ia fiXignt the c-.impany is being
raiiroadLr 1 Gol'i.-boro and Wilsjn, and
eve ■■yiiiiifi'fjsu is in proporiioh.
Co'fjor?. ■
a B'lion to Now York fi-To per.
Froi Ge’lihoro to New York $l.o0
It,004. I
Fi::h Rdflmorc to TFilsoa 60 cts. psr
Lai-rti, \
iToni Bdtinx’i'C to Goldsboro .25 Cts .per
RokK. !
From lilioj to Briksfni $1.GS per. barrel,
IToru iim. to Goldsboro 40 Cel.'?, pur
banfil. , ■
F nan
From Uloiijoud to JFilsou iO cets. per
Vcs. !
■ tri'J to
1 l;ali| to
n'ilsnn 50 cefs, per Cwt.
Goldsboro 15 ols, per
' Goldsboro 20 ets. ‘
From I-ali.^n Vvil-on ^1,7') per ton.
" ■ " iGoldsboio "
From liih'io IFik-oii per barrel-
u u ]u Q-old.-boro 70 cts. “ “
Be it rc‘in.)|ierftd that the Goldsboro
freight pjusrjj.- IFil-ion and U transpor
ted a d'isUij'ir./f'iu-adyJour valesfariker.
Lt> h'K CO>iTlNf .t:D.)
The irttchlroir of our readet.' is eniTiestly
called to the follow mg uuvv advortisun>cnis
wliich apiAnu- fo-r the first tiiiu; in tire AD
VANCE of to day.
"Notice'’ loLitenial llovenu'e tax- ptiyers
by Ck)]. Powers, the colieetor. It would be
V. ell to have v our lionsc in order before life
dcpiities aie around.
Dr. Gravu.-i,-’ cotton planter is again offer-'
er lo tiinm-ili i no “iu‘w fangled nnt-
enine.*’but haR stood tire of time and
experience and tire funn :rs cverywhore
say Ills almost imiispen-ablc on the farm.—
Novv is tile lIiu : to supply yoiuvself.
p.ud mUKisonieiy on liie. inveSimei.t.
h'c migh: proccetl aU liOiami deluiliug
ihe ina.iy ioc.Li au»amages aiiordu».i by ihu
“lie -V dep’r.rLure," but. as lliev are so oiear
and appmeiiC lo eve^}^'^>ue, we ua.-s to the
causes liiaigave ihsu lo llic movuuiciU’and al
tlie same lime support lire ciiuige.-ligaiiusl
Mie \» uniiiigton & ^'(.hioh rufiroad,' (f
oi prc.-^sion, extortion, uiijust discrinuuation
ami jiKlignit) lo our people.
it IS no iicw’’ thing. Fur tiie past tun
years \N'ii.?un mts been an es pecial ubji cl- oi
oimitiy, .-pit,: au-tu-f-Cred of the railroad au-
tiioiiu^s. ^\hy it wiisso. we were at luss
to eoiijecture, anti now, we don't care.—
A ?m.-cinbie pig «ry of a shaiilv, fhat
th.-graecs tire name of warehouse, and would
no: be pf-rniiiied a.s av.oou .shed (.11 any
oiiie.v rahroad in ihu buiLe,is ealiud the Vi il-
sou d.'poL or W'arehouse, AiuI tiioiigh every
ollicer, from Rrusideut down has been pc-
Uuie and time again to erect a
Tu;R(lny Ii't v\».s one of thoKu hlu-iteiring,
March dayse-peci:iily -nili.'d fm' a cla-s
lire sen.'ftiioi!, aad w« l.t ! it. o'chooit
in tlie afteriuiDii the Imlls peeisd forth ihy
alarra.wliieliM fine id i.p by the boys uud
soon tije te;ui \va.s in a blaze of the must
frennird cxcltL-imnit. The boarding iioiiPO
of Mr. .Jas. Davis, formerly the Wilson Ho*
tel. we.- liii; scene of the fire, 'rhe c.''>)rTnl
rushed jiell-arell into lire bidding where
tfiey fijund !.;i up-tair- ro;in, used I’-s a bsu
nsnu for ihcboys of .Ur. Davis' fain.Jy, iii a
full blaze.' T'iic bedding was at once
removed to lire street and the tire was
Cp-'in ihiiij-f \ve a^^certained tluv? tire
room wa.v v>.]y oceuj)ietl by lire boy» wiio (guallcs.
ft'-riuin Wijiit therein during tire' d-i/ dure,and
no fire \v.^spermit:ed in five room At all.
But it wa. vy.-v evident that fire had U'cn
ntroduce;! that oav, ?;ul‘in our private
opiidon till',);; 'll the medium of a *hoi-t
•'•u.m J ip’i.
h V..4X ivieed r, narrow cRc.apo imm a
veij dhz-tnn'-; general cuiUlagra’ion, vriuoh
WH.- only avt-rted by lire probiptnes-'^ on the
WiSseia CoUej^e.—HSoIl of 5Imor —
Xlic fallowing students rec-ted fivc-
sbtihs of their lossons pei’Iecllj, aitd
rc’eived no demerits dnriifg the week
ending IMiu'ch 18th, 1570 ilisscs
Cynthia Tull, Varina Woodard, Alice
Bines, Mamie Blour.t, Manoni King,
Olivia Waters, MolUe A'ourig, Eva
Oettinger, S.aliie llurfin. idintri.'i Green,
Mary Harvey, Mary Otumady^ Katie
Wo'idard. NeUie Edgerton, Frila
Hackney, jdary Lily Kenan, Mfttlie
Noble. Miltis Reaeock, i>I.uid Barnes,
Lula Ricks. iLujUne Blount. Lul
Gay. Elfie Jones, i’'amv.e Jone'^, Lucy
Lirile, Mamie WUiinms, Hemretta
Hnlloclg AdduodialiirL Addic Uatdy,
diLimie Thigpen. Minnie Wiggins
^L’pa Bra' RoFard. Bebocc:!
'VNHggtnSi iXattie Cox.
and Lucy Reniler; Win. E. Warren.
Charles Aycdck, Sidney Alle3/, Wm.
Dukes, Howard, James R.
Tljigpen, Jr., Bardin Aycock. Jas. Wm.
Hines. Charles ,H. Latham, Jr., Willi^
Himsfi. Joseph Dauieis. Roclolph DufFy,
Jivs. ’A m. Hays. James Lipscomb,
Saimml Waters, Dred I'eacock, Jamo.g
IL Barnes, John Gardner, Herbert
Rountree. Henry E. Liggf?, Haao
G!ie»‘nutt. Vernon Moss. Wm. MurrilL
John D. Goi.L J. J. Rittmau, Thomas
Yelverton. lR>scoe Briggs, iJiloses
Farmer, Sterling UuiRn. Leinster Du%.
Frank Danlcli 'Fiihnjre Uoanie, J. M.
Z-iniub J{)hn II, AycocU. Jaincs IIii-
luird. Oscar Farmer and Alexander
hers li.aro cnnff!dyrat‘'cl to bi-ing thieves to
judgment, find rcfonii the government
lion. W. 3i. Robbins will dudiver the
Annual addreis btToro tfjo Li’ergry gocie-
tiies of tVako Forest College rfi tho June
In the Rocky Mount s'ctlon tho f.arTuers
are said to be lncrca''iii g Lire C-orn acreage
and will jfi-aut as inue'i cotton us tirey can
after getting in a full crop of the former.
"Ibir,’'.ssi'J Vrs. B-'lk;u]7, “if I hare
•iimlod, rfniers have doubly sinned; !f I :ua
gulliy of crime*; ctlicrs aiv: gmlty of double
crimes." That’s Uisbiy-s-j. Let's h.ave the
name' I
The B:;T>ii?ts of Norlb Ctti-ollna hav?
100.'lO-') member-*, while ftuil ColvTcd, 7*’0
^‘hurch *-s, and IjO 23 stu-Ionts
, for ll.o jni>.r.'=tvy are lu i.hv!r aumliiarres.
I Fitly pony."'i ;; "-s
; by two Rocky Mount-
and iiuc r-iiH day L'>( wuck. and the ..RaVZ
m. ’Vi tiiHt the dcunand for fi'hing taclr'C ha^
been firm and getive in that burgevur“iuc-^.
Raleigh has org-vii,-5‘.vl micih Insurmre.)
C'-'mi-'iiiiy cf Widen Arm-tead Jones \z Rre.s-
idcMit. Dr, G. W. Blac’Knali. trua.-uivr and
R. \V- Best, Secretary. It i:i a lire Ceiupa-
n. y and will lie known as the Southern
Umleiwvi'lturs Atsotfiatlon.
"Some cuTcrpri.dng new.spaper reporter
iias dislcovered tii. t the wiie of It. II. F'ami,
Jr., our new inhiLter lo England. U a third
co’u-in of Rrosideiit Gi'.aut. Thu next qu-s-
tiou wld bit, is the wnfo of Secretary 'Taft
remotely related to the Presiduut or any of
the Fresiuet-'l’S reljttivcsF’
The Johnston tomicr man has stHrterl a
C’iriosily shop, comm;?;icing with a mar, ny
tire name of Young J. Strichlaud, who has
a large family, n-uver w'oiU to church iu his
life, never voted, and never drank a drop of
liquor. The cur'ions part hi the last
sranzs, and a JvhnsUm county man 'vvitii it.
By a recent docUion of the Supreme
Court, the jiuigoment of the Court below
1ms been affirmed in the case of the State
agiinst Elms Powell, from Edgecombe, and
unless the Governor interfere?, his life wili
pay the penalty lor the murder of Mr, Co
hen,,it U'hitukuis. last year He will be
rcbCDtenced t;t the next TarVjro Court.
NEW AijVERtlSE.'iiiis'TS.
■p E U S O X A L .
A young gctuleman a^ecl 21 y«.ara, good
looking, of sober and in-'luftrinus habits, i
good U'bieafi..::, ungageii in a respectable
business. wUli slim c;nital but auffic.ioaS
muscle to make a g.xul support, desires lo
Krrespond with a yon-ig Ui/ oMucelU-
gencs .ami good po.FiUon In society-wUh
a view to Mntrimony^ Rhotejn-apbs and rcL
erunc;s erclungcd. Addruei “Earnceri*
lo-:;k box; 120, Wilson NL C,
U. *
Is tl'.s place to buy vonr
F A N G Y GOO i> S-.
To AitItc 10-Da I
i, ful! iiiiu anrl well a,3orte:l Stock of
L i C] T1 O X‘ s»
Cmnpriiing in part a superior
OLD KYii WiUSKF.Vfor use;
&e,, &c., &a„
The nttuntion jf families i? e=pccUIIy
called to my stock of canned good?, dried
and green fruit.q meats &e, winch are kepfe
ire:dpby regular semi-weekl)'’ arrival';.
My stock is bought from first, hamls afe
low prices lind are r.'dd accordingly--uxy'
nlotto bcUlg ‘•‘Live and iut Live"
Reurembe-r tiie place, 'Parboro St., twe
doors cast of Branch, Iladlcy & Co
r>y a tTpographiC!-,! ouiGsion 'Uie
iiami-3 cf iliasos Xacora King anf!
Haitie Bsnie.a were Oft out of last
week’.a rejici’t.
aECi'iCfr-i a.s., ysr:\vm.
By J. 0. ILv-ner, Esq. at the residence of
Mr. \V. S. Bachelor, the bride's lather, in
Nash county, ou S'aiiday ttie 12Eh ih-it,. Mf.
A. L. Barne?, a meni'rer of the Honorable
jiunuJ of C'oiitilj Cci'utn.'isdioijurs,- to Mi'.ss
Arkansas Bachelor.
The public should renrenibcr that J. R-
Clemeuls is better prepared lima escr alhiii
o dye clothing cf all kinds any color
red. At a very suiall cost 3 onrold clotliing
/.•ill bo chauged'to a fresh and fasbouRhi**
'xqjlX door to T. B. GUii-iua,,
Ob StCai' — - - - - -
Ou Friday the lOrii iasr.. .Mr. L. T. Braut-
ley. a worthy and respected eitueu of Fer
rells township, Nash County;
Consmi yom- family physician. Ho will
tell .vou there is no hettcr leuiedy known
fo!* Dyspepsia a'nd Liver Coioplaiat than
“Dr. M'ade's Liver Corrector."
|/4iri id 1 ire citi". '---' b' an.'Wi-r tlie ftlarm; j
The Bnckel fiA Compv^iiy, yet ^
;j hs reb:iL on tb.j, ocwn-iiin ,
Ii'.'il "oil 1,-r i.S'.it >--p'i-:tUi)iri
for till; noJ iuU'Uiiklily i-x. j
iiibiled, I
The lij'3 v;st-i'iH-d by liic fire was light to
Mr. I .-tvis -out tiic sc.'-i '■ 'rt' camiot .;Ji ak s«
11,'hily (J.
too,!)?.? iunl ii iu the
£Tr*a in 5;.
wood.s bu:,’.ve. are ghtd to know with le^8
di-a-ter lU-i her less fortuuftte neighbors
‘-^rt'^-b'dv day, the fire ii tha
wuud.->  i:i:o Wibon, iroin Johnston
• a iA.'.-?v‘d rspidly in aSmit'n east
fiirectio;! ^ug’.i Spring Bill towui-Iiip.—
Tire eith.'.T i unvd out cii m/irse to snppn'!-?
the IIt.v eJfneiiLhu! co:iM only ?ucC'“ed in
Fo 7*?>f5—?77e v:eather-—Fr>'lt prospects
fiUmpH—rxeUemeni Lano,nj the ne
^roes. ■ ^,
HiLLiAP.DSroN March 22nd 70.
Eds. 2idvance i
Thongli I bavo Jiot written in two
weeks yet.evt'u now,I f,ui 7,'iUioiit uiat.e*
rinllbr a nows ietter.
'‘lTig snow s’.orm of Sunday night
will retard riu'uung operations sorne-
wluit in this suction.but not to the farm
ers detriment, AS they are’«o far ad
it is a foregone conclu.sion that the
unit crop 1^ an enlirc railure,a3 no one
believes Ibat tlie hiicls could possibly
resist tiie freeze of Tuesday nigiit.
The Mumps or some other jaw-ing
complahtt has iuva'iod the i^rocincts ot
R'.,'tt!ty Aluunt and “tied up" the jaws
of most of the young folks .
■ Tiierc is great excitl^nent among
T'wo Important Di^covl■l•ics! The dUcov-
er\ of America by Colnmtrjs, and^ Dr.
FiiU'ce’s GohLn Medical Jhi-cow-yv; lire one
openiiig up io umnkma n new CDurinent,
the utirer a fnuntaiu d‘ b.enUli, wbioh i'i~
dhpensabhi to the full enjoyment oflife and
i;s bles.dngs. In response to the above
rentinreut come the unsolicited aitesiaiiou.s
of tens of titousund? of g:rar.Dfiil pa)ivuG,
who li-.ive been relieved of clm-nio aiimenl.-
U.r..'ngh iL' ia-tnunenlalit'u TTi(I^e voice?
ar- limitc-d to one locality; but fro.m every
;ity, Tillage, and hiunlet, in opr do^
in:::n. us well d? rroi'.i other clhnes, and In
like the ci‘iil'i;s''d umnmirt'f m-rny waiors,
come m.feriired and liem-ty connaendniion?.
It I-*. in C'MTihTriiaiiDU with the Hlea-'ant Ibir-
(lepnrator .'f tire
Still Downward.
If there U ft bottom tn thA cnfvrkei for
I am detarmiued so find it. and hereby pro
pose to work it out ou that Uuc. If it tako.^
me all tire Summer.
. Having just received btrge aildUiona to
ray Ge-.'.eral Stock, I am prepared to ofi'or
at rile bottoui prion. .
Heavy Grocoriea . ccd Farm snpnlioa
7cnei'?iliy embracing; standard Flonr.-i, Meal;
Bulk and Bacon SiiouMers Sldce; Can*
va«sed «nd North Carolina Hmfip Fiah^
Salt, Sugari. 'Mola»b'‘S, Cofl'ee occ., tko.
My fctcck J Family GrocerLi -nibrft're5
the purest standard gO'K!:^ of ''verv dOf’Cvitv
t.ioii. Canned Good.? in ea'l’-iii variety,
smoked mea’s dried frtur.?, Gilt edge Gv>-
slioii Buttei' i;c., Sf,c,
I range ntti'i’anc'.--? of fi):'v.dgn tongue.-,; mg eN‘i.. 1 „,,.t
^ - agent for me cele.breited
Tho largest stock in the county ombraiy
>,,iade and variety. I :iru solo
"me ceii’.breited AppIewcoJ, and
Plea-ant Run lii amL? - J Old Rye Wliiskry.?;
tliat have stood 11)0 lest of medicsil c.xpe-rU
entivo I^eilvis, the great depurator .'f tiic ; mid by tlieni proiioui.ced
Under it.*^ lieiiigh acii'.m en'.ption-t etis- iGJP.F AFtiJ OyADbLThix-ATSDc
exce.?.rive waste i.? cliDClre-d. .tlie
Brown s Biliiard iuiil wkI sample? rooms ■ titioiied
i.-^put down a-tin; U-a.iiug pleasure rchort |‘uuilding iiiat would at icu.-i protect fr-ight
■.*f tire i.jwu a ;! w. !uve no reason todmbe ' iVuiu lire weuti'er, yet llio pclhi)ns have
l)"'-inse lh--;\v; a g fi-Uow, worllVy i been answ*red only witii
Of lii? little ?on.- Frank.- which nCeui n-i |f--di-e.?s and deserves ; ttiri\ lug here on the night train
W7‘dncsday night. The litle innooent.-on-j Hi--rDmie-treat, comfortu-, are put ofi' the caWs ai a drit-anee of two
iy 3^ year? of age' was in the field wh-er' ordered, and hU sEucX is | hundred yai-ds North of the depot iu a
' a- repre.-eiiU-d. Iditcii, sonretiines knee deep in stagnant-
Tire quarterly statement of the First; water. Even the town auLhorltie-s liave
X.atiuuai Bank of Wiison, exhibiting it?' appealed in vain for the suppression of
finaiK-ia] condition, transaction.?,for the pa-H ; Ibi? dri gracefn] mii?ai;ce. If an employee
quarter, »pt»-ars tiiis isru^. w-.rrrtv:d A- tltis sfefiwv ^
fire farm hamis wer'- at work, and being
near a chunk of fire his clotlnug caught ami
wci*e burned from his body before aftsist-
Anceooiildreaclii.ini. lie lingered only a
#*w lH?(>r3 wlKna hb roIk»f.
preveniingk. cuiLUimnication to huildlngs. ' ^5,^ tliH ■ sectioa in rcguril
It spread vd'..h gi-yat lapidity ilirough the ' uiKUscfA'OreU country, from
iorcsis, wUn daiiuiging efibet to liiub'er and bvOumo no IruvcHcr rern'rns."
iu S(a)ie io'cuUties.b'n'uiiig feucos. Thi-; fire "(t, has h(?en “Oi'iitfcd" to Ihein by some
oiigiiifttcd at Ih-ulalq John.ston county.— phrophetic wise acre who has iieard
In unotitei'I'cciion of F>-,i-i[ig Hill towiis'aip. that it talneri fie.'?h in Kentucky two
on tiro pHiimtii'ii ot Mr. ^ViIey M'nlson, weeks ago. that the end of lime comes
coal-from a b:hb^>cne pit. set fire to the o'n the 2nth iusN Tl'.e negroes believe
fodder and siuuk stacks, and from it and .uvo making every necessary
tlu'iicc spread to the woenb. For si*v- j-jreparation tor tlie event.—J. 1'. H.
vral mile? lh> lire -wept throregli the foia'Sl. '
da.'iroyiiig limber and fcnc?s and w as arrest-
ed nC'iir th^ u.I Cross Roads town
In towushij) on (ho ?anio' day
tiiC fire brolv“ out.MiLhcpM:?iitatioii of .'apr.
Whitehead and laking a Seut-i ea-ierly
course raged v/ith great fury throughout j
the day aie! mght. Tire free ftcimol iiousc
for wiiile children was burned and ‘‘
building.*: of Mr. Wm. Barnes narrowly eS-' Tiie mumps is at laige
appear, . .
nerve.? afe streugtireiv.-d. .and IrealUi,- long
bairislred frnm the system, resume? lier
reign and re-estabiiM)-j.- her ms/are throne
upon lire cheek. .-Ml who have thoron,-,idy
tested i!..s vituie.? in the diseeS’ foi‘ wliiCi
it. is ivcomnn-nded nrrilo in pronouticing U
rhe groat .Medical Uiscovu-y of tire age.
Colt’s pistol is a Xortl) (JaTolina inveii-
I Tho Financial panic in Englaiul is t:ni-
I Tho Radical majority in Xc'.v Ilampsliire
Tostiii Froiii_niaii Asitiefit^
Tjbkauy on CoNour?::?.
3VAPiaxCiToN', Feh. 17. ISVnr
Wncre'ftev proof? froni tho Cmigrcs.sional
rVmting OO.ico embody tho innovations
upon Ehgii-h ortiiograiihy which Webster
intro bleed', tln-.y ate invSriithly returned
with correction? re-‘oring the e.etablij^lred
spelling; c? repre?cnted by 3Vorcester ^nd
tho usage of all great English writere.
Verv ResjiecififilT,'
Librn:'ian nf Conijrmi
■vAlUi,-i:S (JllAUKS,
Xativ-o an-,1 Imported Winca, Imported
Ales, Porter aiul Ik-cr, and AIo on a
il-a'-lhid. . , , ,
Kemi-nibcr tliat Ilarrlss’ is t.ic ri^tto for'ii'ains and prices (Jroc.-ries—ana
coud'.ict your piircliitscs aceorliii.-ely.
i0i>0 m\v subscrlbcirs evoi-y wee
noi.iiiant,-of me "iioopidb’ paj)-
SeAxamKO ibvSNKH. t4'-a y*ire.
- iire-U’aUid.'
{' ic.-tifj to fh«
1-;” TliO “.STaU
I hivjre 8 pGce,
id c-'D-mii pap-:’*-. lUu-Li-auia.. ami lUlorl wiili
clia.-iiiiire'su^rii'^.. Ulo«. ire-eui--, wit, hum r,.aid
ti-i-.-e c-(jiuu!U.' (liivouul to us • iresuos t -.iner 01
fc'-lre-o-n-oiT timv, Jr i.s a ••limn'y triMul.' and a
c. inVi-re Uiniiv eap-r U
DANNr.K for TIiom) an* %; oitch. sre*
are'Bc-auues. ail mouniecl nruty to -r _i j-unP
Kpaucr, Y>.u want ;-ae Baiim-y, to-, r, .. ..
cost? verv Hint', onb 7? cnnhi ;i y.'di : -. r-^pS' ■ /-
ill.00 lor jjiiiK'r ;md tour beaiiuful ‘ -
' ent 7)r!-i>aid. b‘m r)’.r*'» lUc-s. li-r o.-.,, .0 ik/
Try It one*. Sh-ad for sample.., or y'-r.  J c.»a-.*
;it.d roctiv* iti 3 moiiil's. A-dlr»»f^-r.
i?/i.N.VEa CO.. iliut.J-fif. N. B-
caped desti't-Ctinn.
'I ire lo::.? i‘'i'‘Ces in this tuwnsitip wns
greater tlia’’ of any otlrer jjoint. Thh fire
fxteiidn’d iifie Edgecuuibo ceiiuty anl burn
ed the gin lK>u.?e and otlier property of Mr
C. S. Braiwell.
Ill YJison fown.riiip, C.apt. Joe Davis of
thi-place.wA? tire principal sufleret. having nccejit the nnmhjarion for the ofiico
i lost a conriderablc quantity of ct-ivi wood, , ,Siiperintcnd(;iii'- of Public Iin truciion.
’tiinh-r.-KV.dfiinciu^.. i Jf-j * fc-cn3(,d(.TfH« We ra'rui.'-
“i)i8 Be«t Auth-ority, Worcester’s Lttrga
Cictioiiary.’’—Hon. CHAS. SUiAifSS.
Museum of C'omfnrafive Zoology,
Cumbritlge, Moss.,
Jumf mil. iSlfi.
, I iiavolonp '-on;.i(ft'rcd“Vyn--Cf'-iter's i-Jn.-ir-
Ex President Eolicrfs of Liberia,formerly Trioiinnary’' superior to'any other woj-k
a Petersburg Va. negro,is dead. j of its kind. Indv youi;s,^
Col. S. D. Fool has po-tivnly refused to
in, around, and
; about Rocky Moiint.
I-lchviii Bootli clcarcl 452,00-d ’oy ills South-
 rn starring tour.
Fer sale by Book Sellers ge-.ieral!y,
BJS81WKS5 & 'ris.e-hS'ro:,-,
lapriait 13 Jaisri
Sa7>/ at I'almeb & Gkee>-’s
Plows furnished on reasonable terms and
at short noliee.
Agt. for IVilsorfCounty.-
Mihsii IT.

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