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BILL ARPS LETTER would not live such a God-for-
saken county ; whereupon the
French government' called for
female volunteers, and forty
three responded and came over.
And then .there was a big row
:o: ;
Two Southern Towns Compared
by the Old Philosopher.
Fori y-two years ago I visited
Mobile, ene the oldest cities
of the scuth. It is there yet,
bat not changed. I recognized
many of the same venerable
uildiugs nd I spotted the
verv nlace -where I Doutrht a
mule from a wagon a mule
that I was to ride 125 miles to
my destination in Mississippi.
I mo nted the ambiguous brute
ana politely invited him to go,
but he not. He did not feel in
clined to leave his companions
4n the team and tno more. I
urged him the more he declinde
la fact, he did more receding
thau proceeding and the clerks
in the stores took a lively in
terest in my welfare. They
advised me to whip him on the
hary e-ide and to turn him
round let bim advance back
wards and so forth. I could
have whipped any two" of them
aud wanted to doit, but my
father had told me to keep my
temper while I was gone and fuss with anybody. A
good hearted man came up to
me and sympathized and said I
had better tret me a pair of
ennrg, and 1 did. He held the
animal and helped me to put
on the spurs. 1 roweled that
mule's flanks with vigor and he
departed those coasts with
alacrity and I and my friend
were parted forever. I hope
we will meet in heaven and
recognize each other, but if
those devilish boys are there
and recognize me, I recon they
will apologize I recon, they
will. Young men you boys,
I mean be careful how you
make sport of a of a stranger,
for you don't . know how lone
some he feels. For forty-two,
years I have had bad feelings
towards those Mobile clerks.
TLei may be dead
over choice of wives, for the
good louking men wanted the
best looking women, and so it
had to be decided by lot. The
next year the women got up a
row because' they had to eat
corn bread. It was called the
petticoat insurrection, and was
quieted by a promise of wheat
and barley. I wonder how
many of our girls would be will
ing to go into the lottery busi
ness for a husbaud. '
- Georgia has given many no
table men to Mobile. John A
Cuthbert was born in Savannah
just one hundred years ago and
died in Mobile1 when the was
ninaty-three years old, ! He was
the oldest living gradnate of
Princeton College. In 1818 he
edited the old Federal Union
at Milledueville. In 1837 he
removed to Mobile and was
made judge of the circuit court,
John Forsythe. Sr., another no
table Georgian, moved ; to Mo
bile and became the foremost
editor of the south and was al
so minister to Mexico, i
But the busiest,- livest little
town I have I have found in my
travels of late is the .town of
Brewtou, which is seventy-five
miles northeast of Mobibe on
the Louisville and Nashville
railroad. The latest edition of
Raul & McNally's mapjof Ala
bama, gives the town only 0
inhabitants, hich shows how
hard it is for the mapmakers to
keep up with the ground swell
of southern progress. jBrewton
no w has a population of nearly
3,000 and there are Over 100
new buildins going up. Over
man im It, 1 1 thn rrri
uivu . huu aii vuu vvsvsu,
manager said to the gathering
crowd, and for hours the boys
paid a nlcle for a shot and fired
away. , The coon was allowed
to dodge bat his dodging soon
was very limited. If he was
hit the marksman gets a dime.
It hit -twice in succession he
got a ' quarter and for three
good shots the refund was fifty
cents. "Step this way gentle-
1 1 Ull nnnn "
When eggs were used the price
was a dime a throw. I saw one
fellow pop the coon square in
the mouth with a ball and it
hurt I know it did for the coon
pulled in his head and struck
struck for higher wages and
got them.- I couldn't tell
Events That Happen Near us of In
terest to You-. . I
Pitt County.
(FK03I The Eeflectob.)
DuriDg the month of December
the Register of Deeds issued licen
ses to 35 couples, 17 white and 18
The man who made good resolu
tions! vpsterdav and inteds keeping
thorn w ill ni what he owes the
On account ot the railroad boom
the lieflector thinks it would pay
property owners to provide house
room enough and to spare
Mr. J. H. Mills killed a hog the
I A Story of a "Shiftless, Xe'er do
Well" Beautifully Related.
Kti ,iaUr amAir. nn wees oetore UtiTlStmilS lUk WWlgU
ffUOl"D1 a""l,J" " I Dn ,J o TIC not Pitt
big face seemed puffed and
bumpy from the daily pound
ing. I see him now like a pho
tograph and imagine that I
hear that significant, prophetic
speech of the yankee manager.
"Step this way, gentleman, and
kill the coon." Bill Arp.
That Ended It-
Some of the greatest orators
the world ever produced have
shown their brightest when
some incident or impertinent
question drew them out. The
eloquent, and erratic Tom Mar
shall, of Kentucky, was once
delivering an address in Buf
falo, N. Y. As was usual, he
began in a low tone of voice.
Rnmo nna in Una rear nf t n ft
-,CV. ' V ! houses,
several times, jviarsnaii stuuu
the interruption some . time,
then advancing to the front of
the platform, he raised his im
pressive voice to a tone that
everybody could hear, and said
County as usual, takes the lead in
Iteuss & Harriss. doing business
at the Cross Rosds two miles from
town, made an assignment last Fri
day. Liabilities 1,800 assetts
claimed $1,000. ;
Mr. W. Smith and Miss Ma
mie Little were married at the
residence of the brides father, in
Paetolua township, Dec. lGtb, Kev.
Geo. .1. Dowell officiating.
The pupils of Miss Moilie Rouse'9
school gave au art exhibit Tuesday
of last week. The Reflector -pro
nounces it magnificent and is. very
complimentary to Miss Kouse.
A real estate owner was last
week heard to remark : "I am cer
tainly a railroad man, I have two
vacant houses for rent and have
received ten applications for tbem.";
monied men should build more
"When the last great day comes
three hundred and fifty t-hous- and the angel Gabriel blows his
and feet of lumber are ship- trump to waken the quick and
the dead, then, I suppose, some
d d cuss from Buffalo will yell
louder, louder." That ended
futher' interruption. St. Iuois
they may
be in the chaingang
have suffered all sorts of trouble
and misfortune, but I am not
r conciled. I rode forty miles
th t day forty miles through
piney woods and over corduroy
roads, and stopped over night
in a shanty that had .a dirt
floor and a pile of straw in the
corner a table made of split
boards, and we had roasted po
tatoes for supper. The man
was clever and his wne was
kind. They apologized for the
scanty fare, for the man said
he had hunted all day and
didn't find, "nary squorl nor
nary deer." A pet fawn laid
down by me on the straw, and
I slept well, for I was tired.
Just think of the changes
that 42 years have made. It
took me three weeks of hard
work, to inaKe that trip, and
now it can be made in three
d s with ease and comfort
SnvetimesI feel like we bl
folKs ought to be allowed to
grow up again ana have a good
easy time like this generation
of young folks. Forty-two
years ago I took stage at Barnes
ville and rode on to all night
going to Montgomery. The
great unitea oiaies may was
carried on the foot boot of that
stage. There was no railroad
from Atlanta to Montgomery
then. From Montgomery I
went to Mobile on the new and
beautiful steamer, the Orline
St. John. Before I returned
she was burned to the water's
edge, and many passengers per
ished in the flames or in. the
water. Here is John Taylor,
the barber in my town, who
was on that boat and who is
proud to tell how he followed
Henry 11. Jackson te Mexl cb in
the war of '46, and has shaved
Judge Law and Judge Berrien,
and all the notable men of Savannah.
Mobile is a good old town and
always will be. Her people are
not progressive like the people
l inland towns, because they
nt have to be. The grea
euir protects them. No rival
cities can ever be built south of
jAuune. fcue 13 aj least, secure
on that side, No railroads can
take commerce away from the
hips that anchor there. I saw
a great ccean steamer there the
other day the Victoria load
ing with cotton and in a few
aays will unfurl her sails for
Liverpool with eight thousand
oaies or cotton on board. Just
think of eight thousand bales
on a single vessels. There are
five great compartments water
ugnijana tire proof, and the
compressed bales are packed in
with Jack screws tha.t make th
whole mass solidgo solid that
. you can hardly insert a knife
oiaae Detween them. Two
hundred years ago Mobile was
the capital of the Louisianna
colonies and was owned by the
French. Long years afterward
aew Orleans was made the cap
ital. The French ceded, al
mat eoast to Lnurland and V.nv.
land ceded Mobile to Spain, but
opain. was whipped out in 1812
by the Americans colonies.
There is some curious history
about Mobile. In 1704 the
little French Colony that ; had
settle there got belligerent be
cause there were no women
ped from this point every
day. I visited one of the great
lviathan mills that cuts over
-a A. V . '-fl . A.
one nunareu tuousana ieei a
day and kiln dries about half
hat it cuts and dresses all that
it dries', and the plant cost four
hundred thousand dollars, ine
ogs are floated twenty miles in
a plank race that cost twemty
thousand dollars, the, logs are
end to end the whole line and
and moved to the mill ju3t as
the mill wants them. This com
pany is from Michigan and
owns over 100.000 acres of tim
ber land, and they intend to
cut it all up. Ihe vankees are
taking ; that countryj I met
one who was preparing to plant
100 acres Lecomp pears, They
will find use for the land after
timber is all cut. They dress
well and drive gooS teams.
They bnild nice churches aud
academies- I know one dwell
ing that cost 10,000. and sev
eral that cost half that sum.
All this venture of 'northern
men and northern capital has
come within two years, ; and
the cry is still they come.
They don't come tooting horns
nor waving banner. They
don't come in swarms nor
platoona but they are i slipping
down upon us quietly, and be
fore we know it have' bought
up our lands or our mines at
their own figures. They pre
fer to invest in new places that
our people have slighted, and
they go at once developing. I
find them wherever I go, and
am glad to1 say that otr people
give them welcome. They
seem content in tneir new
homes, arid their ;wives and
daughters go into Taptures over
our climate. They are nearly
all republicans, and civility,
morality and energy is making
their polities respectable. They
have no love for the negro, and
say that in a few years he will
- -v.
A Good Dog Story.
We have a good story to tell
on Bam Telfair, Governor-elect
Fowle' Private Secretary.-
Sevtral years ago he went to
school at Finley High Acade
my m Lenoir. A few . weeks
before he was to leave for
home it was industriously cir
culated over the country thai
Sam Telfair wanted 25 dogs to
carry home with him and that
he would give 5 for every dog
brought to Lenoir on a certain
day. On the day before the
day set for the dogs to come to
town Sam went home. Next
dav Lenoir was full of dogs of
high and low degree. All sorts
of dogs were here with stringo
around their necks and fre
quent inquiries were made for
"Mr. Telfair." But he had gone
without the dogs. Lenoir
A Farcical Stats.
Nevada was admitted to the
Union to serve a politicial pur
pose but, those responsible for
its admission can hardly be sat
isfied with result of their work
In the last election its total
vote for presidential electors
was 12,278. In 1880, with a pop
ulation of 62,266, it cast 21,660
votes for electors, the vote be
ing about 35 per cent, cf the
population. The fall to 12,278
indicates a decline in popula
tion since 1880 from 62,266 to
35,000. Of the 35,000 some
8,000 are Indians and Chinese
Yet this handful of people
and not a very wise or select
people, either send two sena-
t ri Ta 4-rk Wo oTiinrrf An .- A r.k
not be a factor in. national poll- Representative and has three
tips. They say tnat tneir party electoral votes. -
tried hard to get his vote, and
failed, but they do not need it
now, and do not desir his af
filiaton. One man said to me
You southern democrats know
better how to manage Jiim, and
we will gladly let you do it
We have a clear maionty in
both houses, und will soon
make some more republicans
slates out of the territories, and
will run the government until
new issues come up . iand new
parties are formed that will
divide the solid sonth,! and, m
the meantim s, we will help , to
div de it by transplanting
tho sands of our best peopu
to this inviting land. Your peo
ple seem at a loss to decide
what was the real cause of Mr.
Cleveland's defeat, but I can
tell you. It was not a bad ad-
miniatrntinn. nor was!- it the
tariff, but it was the solid south.
That battle cry aroused our
Kev. Mr. Ojilesby, the presiding
Elder for the Washington District,
has nr.:ached in Greenville and the
congregation were very much
pleased. Socially he is a pleasant
affable gentleman, and will make
many friends in Greenville.
It looks perfectly natural to see
Minister Jarvis on the street ot
Greenville again, abasing hands
with the people who love and hon
or him. The ex-Governor is en
joying splendid upaitn and iooks
equally as well, as vigorous ana
as young as wnen ne last leic nere
for Brazil, nearly two yeas ago,
and he iooks capable of doing just
as good aud faithful work the State
and party as he ever done. Since
getting a look at him tne itenector
is 'stili stronger iu favor of his being
elected to the U. S, Senate.
XTash County
(From the Argonaut.)
Mr. B. li. Sorsby moved into the
Farmers' Hotel and opened it on
the 1st inet.
A young man was fooling with
an air gnu and hit a colored man iD
the forhead sending him to the
doctor, lie was 100 yards away
but a line shot hit him plumb in
tne forehead.
Ou Dec. 27tb at the residence
the bride's lather, Gapt VV. A;
Farmer,' of Springhope Mr. J. J.
Spivey and Miss Mary E. Farmer
were married, Kev. M. J. Will-
oughby officiating.
Nasb county has nearly, 200,000
acres oi wood lanu, tne larger
portion of which is the finest pine
timber. Only about one third of
the' area of the county is in cultiva
tion. On nearly every farm there
is pine timber which in the near
luture will sell, for much more than
the laud can now be bought for,
Edgecombe Ccanty.
The fertilizer factory has begun
Receipts at the cotton yard
from September 1st to Jannary 1st
were 8,731 bales, aeaing 8,104 bales
for the same period last year.
Ed Gorham superintendent of
the Flag Marsh farm near Rocky
Mount began makiu butter Janu
arj 1st, 1888, a p to the first of this
year he had sold 1294 pounds.
DaiiyiDg pays.
This Story was bei?un January 3rd.
The origin of this custom is lost
in the mists of antiquity ; but it is
more man prc.oaole that it is a
remnant of the worship of Cvbele,
still holding its ground after aluio&t
twenty centuries of Christianity.
Formerly the festival was cele
brated on the 1st of May through
out au tne couuty ot Venasqiie,
Dotu in towns and villages, and
have a pertect recollection, of the
pretty bakeresswho was the last
qaeen at Uarpentras, now nearly
forty years ago. Nowadays this
custom is losing ground everywhere
and one requires to go far up the
mountain iu order to liuu it iu its
primitive simplicity.
Jack emptied his pockets to the
last copper into the wooden bowls
that circled gaily round him, and
with his brain quite confused went
and stood leaning at the other end
of the square beside the fountain.
His fascinated ejes saw nothing
the vision in white ; the throng ot
laughing girls passed aud repassed
before him without exciting his
attention in the least ; be felt his
breast heaving with the pulsation
of his heart, and a strange beat per
vaded his whole frame. 1-Vlise!"
he repeated without even noiticing
that he pronounced the sweet name
ulond ; Felise !" Poor JacK was
over head and ears in love.
The fair Felise ou her part re
turned home in a very dreamy
mood. She too had not been able
to see without emotion this bold
fellow regard her so obstinately
with his large eyes that sparkled
like burning coals. Involuntarily
she compared Jack to the other
voung men who paid court to her
little fortune, and the comparison
was hardly to . their advantage
They seemed clownish aud awk
ward, without grace or elegance,
even on feast-days and. in their b;'t
clothes. Only see them beside
Jack! With what an air he entered
the church, bis jacket negi'egeutly
thrown over his left shoulder ; and
how straight he stood during the
service. Jack had never bent his
back to the hard labours of the
of the fields, and it '.ras wonderful
how well he had preserved his
yontbful appearance,' suppleness,
and activity. In place of the horny
paw covered with kuoits of those
accusomed to pnlling madder, Jack
had the fine aud sinewy baud of
the hunter, and it was a pleasure
to feel delicate fingers clasping
ones waist. But could an honest
girl dream of Jack with honour
and propriety ? What would be
thought of Felise if her secret pre
ference were discovered ! Jack the
Vagabond, without a penny to
Uesa himself with, without hearth
or home, game for the gendaimes,
aul nothing but a cave for his
abode that truly was a lover lo be
preferred to all others by the fair
Felise ! Ilow the gossips would
laugh at it wheu they met to work
together In the evenings ; and
the weddin .'-party wonld be almost
mobbed ! And suppose they did
jeer And whisper maliciously
what then ! Was Jack not worth
bearing tlis for I lie Was (oor, no
doubt : but bo was his eqnul
for honesty and integrity ? He
was esteemed by all the country
round ; and the village folks that
held their heads highest shoo'.
hands with him ordially. Besides,
who could a flam that he was incap
able of settling down lo a regular
course of life ! Does not a man
who is in love do everything to
please his sweetheart ; and would
Jack be the brst on whom love
had worked a complete change
But, indeed, what was she think
Ing oft Was it not the feverish
excitement caused by waut of
sleep that was putting such ideas
iu me least. Ji,verythmg goes on
openly in the simplest manner
possible ; the lover comes alter
supper and passes the evenin, the
girl makes room for him at her
6ide, anb continues her spinning or
Knitting as if nothing were in the
wind at all. Now and again tbev
exchange a word or two in a low
mutually observing each other
watching for any little occasion
when the real disposition will
btray itself, wholly engaged la
trying to become perfectly
acquainted with each other, and
boih carefully keeping their weak
nesses as much as possible out of
signt. wnen it is time to retire
the lover bids the company good
night, and goes borne, singiug by
the way some ditty expressive of
thejoy he feels; and so on for night
airer night till be- makes up his
mind to take the decisive step. It
is clear that nothing could be
Livers Clippies and C
Both Stclea anl Orl-iaaL
tea cf The
We understand that Com?re3- The Reporter of the New
man John Henderson, of one of lorlc star happening ir the cor
the Western district nam that rodorof the Fifth Avenue Ho-
the Blair Bill will never be- tel last Week eaT9 there sat on
come a law. and alqn that on-, tM sofas two men remarb&ble
is the opinion of leading Re- eXAmPles f the past and pres
publicans at Washington City eut ln AtQerican politics. One
r tt i . of of them was a statesman of
rZ ui rfl" ar aQ almost rgotten era-the
uI?fciS.rn,ieilnabledlaJ1?0- other an Energetic, pushing
tion which generally appertains representatives of the public
women in this Hfj of to-day. They were ex-
country. Jo tobacconist or Senator '1 homas L. Cllngman,
soap-maker has yet used her of North Carolina, and Con
pictuxelo advertise wares. eTPsmn nirt,. r t-,..
I r- ' - - - mmv w j, v MBiftou
The Georgia Legislature has of Illinois,
declared in favor of text books The ex f enator is three score
!by Southern authors for the yars of ate and over, but he is
InrrV ,r"fe!9e0r?.ia PliC Schools.
- , I ;n rn 1 1 n o fan
g,- a.
a lover authorized to talt was
m-ide qnietly and without fuss, lie
piocceded to seat himself by the
side of Felise on her mute
invitation, aud maintained a shy
silence all the eveing. hardly
uttering a word, but very happy
nevertheless, as any one my sup
pose. Felise sat and span, twirl
ing her spindle with astonishing
r.,pidity, Old Martin teemed
a.-ieep. but kept a corner of one
cxeopen for the slightest move-
meut of the young people. Every
thing went on according to ancient
u-e and wont, and as custom would
have it.
The last days of July were at
band, and in spite of tne burning
beat -of a torrid sun, the cattle
were kept treading out the grain
on the thrashing-floor from dawn
tu nightfall. Jack, lull of praise
worthy zeal, would take part in
these labours and show his skill :
and be astonished everbody by his
steadiness and his cleverness in
managing the mules. Felise blush
ed with pleasure and said to her
self, "lie '11 make an excellent hus
band. I am sure, whatever they
may say of him."
Old Martin did no
tbe same view of .hihs as bis
daughter did. "Tins busy fit of his
is all very fine, no doubt," said he,
'-but what makes a better blaze
than straw t Wait till the poacbiug
season comes on and we'll see if
tbe old man is really dead. I won't
believe it till I see Jack, foil wing
the plough instead of catching
Martin's doubts were not alto
gether unjustifiable. At tbe first
call-cotes oi the new coveys of red
p irtridge. at tbe first marks of tbe
nocturnal excursions of the bares
.ck felt himself seized by a violent
lesire to regain the mouutain and
uew his past exploits. lie
s: niggled long against the tempta-
loin and wrestled with himself, but
in the clear moonlight, after a dav
harassing toil, bow was it possi-
step furthei
favor of text
Carolina au-
and declare in
books by North
Mr. Powderly sas: "NoS
withstanding all reports to the
contrary, the order of the
Knights of Labor is neither
bankrupt nor extinct. What
haB been lost to the organiza
tion in numbers has trained in
strength, devotion anl determi
nation. We have weeded out
the anarchistic element." He
generally knows what he is
talking about and we trust he
is right in his conjecurea.
The Senate of oouth Carolina
has adopted a measure punish-
Z 9 A. m.
ing wiin expulsion any mem
A CodA HetHtrt of th Xerm
um Gtuhrrrd From HCUmiM
r Corrfrmporariet, Stale
There are 231 preachers la "tbe
North Carolina Conference.
Tbe removal of Trinity College
to uaietga is being seriously moot
ed. Anna Ellis, the patricide, will be
bnng In Clinton, Tuesday, tue 23,
The Durham Daily
still little! stalwart and vigor
ouj, and ? jinds erect as steadily
as he did a little more than
twonty-seien years ago, when, Hint has absorbed tbe Daily
v.-..u me riner ooutnern mom-1 coiaer, oi in at low a. af th United States Senate
he left th Chamber to cast hi
fortunes 1th the Confederacy.
Ot all theMnen Tho with him
oil that summer's morning bade
good bye to their places la the
National Capitol, only one oth
er, besides himself survives un
ti: this day. 1 hat other Is Jef
ferson Davis. When Mr.
Ctngman reached home from
Washington- he. entered the
Sonthern Army, and when the
"-r was over he returned to
find borne desolate and his
property destroyed. lie took
up his life again, as thousands
lt is wblppertd that Here may be
an independent daily tnornli g pa
per started ln Raleigh.
Col. Holt and Judge Fowls were
born in tbe same year, tbe former
being fonr months tbe elder.
Wilmington has an artesian well
that has reached the depth of WK
Feet. Work will be returned again
It is said that there are over for
ty candidates for tbe position ot
door-keeper of tbe Senate and
House. .
ber who may accept a. free pass lie him did, and tbu etrufgle
whereat the Philadelphia He-
cord recalls the fact that a pro
vision of the Constitution of
Pennsylvania prohibiting free
railroad passes to members of
the Legislature remains a dead
letter. Now, iu the event that
such a provision is made by
l I -V a... I a .
iae qune our legislature, snau it become oniy in tne memories
. i K. .. I 3 .3 1 J 4 A 9 a . I A a a
a aeaa leiien Ana wno is to times wneu ne was one
i-n TTwiV ImAmn lUtO ner 1 Ml l0V6 -What TeS
An Upri-nt Judge. ou had 8heor thinkin? Uiat , U(
Justice in Clinton, According to a
" Darkey.
On last Saturday night, on
Grog Bow, two of Clinton's
"fast men" got into a quarrel,
which grew so warm after a
while It was thought by those
standing by that they would
hitch in an old fashioned way.
wnen an aged darkle said to
them, "Gemmen, gemmen,
don't do dat, the mayor and po
lice are out of flour, and you
inout have It to pay for." They
didn'i fight. Clinton Caucasian.
Some Facts About Pood.
It i was the
hat. It was hu
it was hot poli-
northern pride.
chip on the
man nature
tics." - . ,,;
Alas, poor darkffe? (It looks
like he is going to be left out in
the,cold going to fall between.
In national politics hei will not
be wanted, and in state politics
the southern republicans will
unite with the " democrats in
ruling him out. ( But be has got
his mucle safe and can always
relv upon ttat. lie has got his
good nature and his contented
disposition, and . so e need not
worry about him. U saw one
tbe other day in a side-show
to a circus. He had his big
black head sticking through a
hole in the wall for a target to
be thrown at with a ball or an
egg. "Step this way, - gentle
- .. .. -m .'..
- ,, . .:. :-y.
A pint of white beans,
weighing one pound, and cost
ing 7 cents, contains as much
nutriment as three poun'ds and
a half of roast beef, costing 37
cents, or all the articles that
can be eaten, the cheapest are
bread, butter, molasses, beans
and rice. A pound of corn
meal goes as far as a auart of
flour. If corn and wheat bran
and ail, were made into bread
lo per cent of nutriment would
be saved, ; with much great
At a murder trial :
Judge : "Before you begin
your testimony, fr. Prisoner,
it is my duty to insiruct you
that you are not obliged to give
any staterment criminating
yourself. Proceeed sir, with
your story"
Prisoner : " Well your Honar,
I'll own up at the very outset
that I shot the man,"
Judge: -'Oh, you acknowledge
that, do you ? And upon what
provocation, pray ?
Prisoner: "Well your Honor,
it was only ten days after elec
tiou, and he came in the- stairs,
cornered me in a seat, and
began to talk tariff.".
Omnes: "What!!!"
Prisoner : "Yes, your Honor,
and Gentlemen of the Jury! and
when 1 warned him, he yanked
out what he called a trhulated
statement of the comparative
compensation of all the wage
workers of the world and be
gan to dish that out to , me,
and "
Judge. "Great Scott! Gen
tlemen of the Jury, you are in
structed to a verdict of justifi
able homicide."
b:e to liar nnmovet the sound of
Poacher's gun 1 At the cry oi a
ussing flock of quails be would
Irll a terrible itching in bis limbs ;
and it was sometimes as much as
he could do to stick to the nlonirh
aud not leave the farrow half constitution,-maintain
What had a still greater effect
n him, ana inspired mm even
see that it i3 enforced?
Here is a clause from the in
augural address of Gov. Rich
ards n, of South Carolina, that
btrikes ua as sound doctrine,
and the proper stand for the
people of the South to take.
He says: "It is to be assumed
efforts will be made either by
coercive or conciliatory meas
ures to break the polid South,
but that tbe position of the
State should be one of unceas
ing vigilance and watchfulness
anticipating neither evil pur
pose nor unfriendly action, but
standing with clOMd ranks
ready to resist, by evrry consti
tutional means, any encroach
ment upon the right of States
to roauage domestic affairs in
the own way." "Sou h Caroli
na will, in purest lo; Jty to the
Union and submission to the
the in-
ever since has not always been
a nappy one. lounger men
took his place m political life ;
the generation "with which he
had been infiutuliil and power
ful disappeared ith the war,
and the white-Laired old etatet
man and soldier lives to-d&v
of the
of the
noted men of the country.
Sr- ITcrozald. Tie Insanity Zipsrt
An evening paper says? Not
withstanding the carefully
s '.died efforts to keep the fact
f tii public knowledge It has
Wked out that Dr. Alexander
K McDonald, general superin
tendent of the in?ane asylum
ird's Island, has become in
ar,e. it is hoped that the aSIctlon
i .mly temporary, and the onee
brilliant mind of the great epo
ch Ii?t Will be restored to. Its
normal condition, but the pros
pect at the present time Is not
encouraging. Dr. McDonald
has for many years been one of
the universally recognized au-
teerity of the only government
I.. ... ....
that ever ha?, or cau give her moriues in ibis country on the
"Joe" is Thankful.
What we Get-
However it may be with the
average individual, the aver
age, jNortn Carolina newspaper
that the ; new year finds alive
has cause to thank God and
take courage. So many of them
have : died within the past six
weeks, you know.- Statesville
- A bushel of corn makes four
gallons of whiskey. It sells
for $16 at retail. The govern
ment gets 3.60, the farmer 40
cents, the railroad 1, the manufacturers-
$4, the vender 7,
and the drinker all that is left
delirum Tremens. Warner
Miller. -
The lay of the Jand is what
darkness broods over.
bad looked at her, to be pure its a
manner as to the nature of wiiie.ii
women are rarely deceived; but
was this enough to build so many
fine fiuppositiona haDg hopes upon I
Poor thoughts, and noniewbat
ashamed of herself into the bargain.
Before long all her gaiety dis
appeared, ber cheeks grew pale and
thin, makiDg her eyes in which
burned a sombre fire seem larger
than ordinary, and she suflVrel
from langor and lassitude that had
uo apparent cause.
Jack made no sign but all tbe
world could see tba he was
strangely preoccuppied. and
that a great stuggle was going on
in his breast, lie scarcely ever
left the neighborhood now, and
his visits to Tinet's became exceed
ingly frequent., uid aiartiu was
somewhat annoyed by him indeed
''What's your errand this time f
he said to him one day, looking
him straight in the face.
"I mean no offence, but this is
tbe third time you have beeu here
this week.
Jack taken thus unexpectedly,
made np bis mind at once.
"This is what brings me," he
said boldlv '! have come to talk
with Felise, if she has no ob
jections." "Felise may please herself,"
said old Martin, without appearing
to be much surprised at the re
quest ; "but I, believe your time
will be yasted, my lad."
That's my affair,' said Jack. "Tell
Felise that I shall be, back this
Over all the mountain and far
into plain, this is tbe way in which
gallants in quest of a wife introduce
themselves to tbe families. The
young people talk together for a
longer or shorter period before
carrying matters farther .sometimes
they talk for years without any
thing coming of it ; or tbe talking
may be formally broken off without
damaging the reputation of tbe girl
with a kind of remorse, was the1
mute portesUtion.of Maripan, his
eld comoanion in adventure, who.
is if be had been tbe reuegade
'portstnan's conscience in bodily
form nude him almost blush for
bis steadiness as be ceaselessly
followed bim with bis now be
seeching now indignant.
Maripan was a large lean dog of
the lurcher breed, bold -hardly, and
almost wild, with the feet 'dry aud
uervons, tbe breast fell and strong
tbe belly hollow, the loins vigorous
aad supple, the tjll straight the
ears mobile, tbe eye- inquisitive
and restlessj and spaikling uuder
a pent-house of dense grayish
Lairs, fangs pointed, projecting,
and of dazzling whiteness, and tbe
nose moist shining like a mulberry
and as black as a roasted cbestunt.
As well known as his master, the
villagers vied with each other iu
pampering him, and be had always
plenty of delicate morsels ever
tince it was noticed that on return
ing even from the longest run he
would rather stretch himself out
and go to sleep than touch any
vulgar mess in which the bread
was not irreproachable. Tbe prince
ly air of disdain with which this
vagabond would then turn up his
noae at the pittance offered bitu
had gained bim tbe name of
Maripan (bad bread), under which
he k bared the celebrity of Jack,
and with him formed the subject of
many a fireside story.
No longer finding an outletfor
his activity. Maripan could not
resisin himself to this sluggish life.
At tbe least whiff or scent which
met his noae, tbe least rustle in
ihe bushes, be was off like lightn
ing, jumping, braking, and joyfull
wagging his tail, but in vain. 11 is
appeals met with no response, and
be had always to return- disap
pointed and discouraged to take
liis place at his master's heels
whom be wonld piteously follow
vith his tail between his legs and
his ears banging. Sometime,
however, he revolted altogether.
On such occasions he would pans
tue plough with a vigorous bound,
plant himself beyond it with bis
two fore legs firmly supporting bim
in the energetic attitude of one
who demands an explanation, and
then gravely sittting like a
judge, with his neck proudly
raised his, head inclined as if be
waited for an answer, bis eyes wide
open, and his ears erect, be would
gaze reproachfully, on his master
as much as to nay
'Oh, you are laughing at me are
yon T But if yon pleased to give
up our fine wandering life, do you
think that I was made lo turn the
spit and serve as a plaything for
tbe village brats T"
peace, earety and prosperity,
her Democratic mvernment.
ruled, directed, and controlled
by the all-prevailing, all-son-quering
Anglo-Saxon race."
John Adams living in liar
nett county has plowed 77 sum
mers in succession and never
took a dose of medicine in his
life. He is strong, healthy and
able to plow another summer.
He has a son who has a little
shoat and tho lowest guess oa
his weight is 800 pound.-Wilson
The editor af the Democrat
knows Mr. John Adams like on
to a sort of grand-father. Ha
was guardian for our father,
and we remember .him with
great reverence and love. He
is one of the noblest of God's
noble. As to his "son who has
a little shoat and the lowest
guess on his weight is 800
pounds." well we've pojourned
there often times. Mr. J. J.
Adams, is th6 son's name, and
if there is any home in Xorth
Carolina where ycu can find
more and and better of tbe eub
stantials of life than with Mr.
Adams who has this "shoat,"
we would have to flee the cribs,
barns, smoke-house?, cellars,
kitchen, dining-room, Ac,
before we would believe it.
This writer was boarding in
that home when iilden was
elected and yet was not Pre? I
dent. If ;tbe wind of chane
were advised to drift us ary-
where without previous warn
ing, we know no place in all
this land where we would pre
fer to ledge than in the home
of J. J. Adam3.-Scotlan-l Keck
subject of insanity and Its
treatment. It teems like a true
exposition of the irony nf fate
that he himself ebu1 1 hare
been visited with an aQIctlon
tl.atnoone was gur.t'sd to
know better than he how to
ci re.
DrMcDonald was one of the
expert whose testimony con
r'rted Guite.iu, the assassin of
President Garfield, and it is
coteworrthy thit he Is another
if those, wh i participated ln
that trial, and who have appar
ently fallen under the bane of
the Bssain's curse.
Clinton bu a veneer factory.
The firvt piece wu cut December
27ib, 18K8, to we learn from tbe
A colored woman dropped dead
while leading in a sunrise prayer
meeting in Craven county Christ
mat morning. .
The Uud purchases for the Vac
derbilU near Abbeville bare been
quietly going on notll 2,000 acres
have been eeenred.
Adjutant General Jones la la fa
vor ol having tbe Sorth Carolina
State Guard attend the inaugura
tion of rresident Harmon.
A negro boy in Caldwell county
was driving a load of apple to
market. Tbe wagon opart and tbe
boy was caught under it and kill
ed. Governor Scales and Governor
elect Fowle have agreed, opon
Tbarsday, Janaary 17tb, as tbe
day for tbe Inauguration of tbe laU
Tbe Christian Son states that
Graham College, having ecured a
tract of ISO acres at Mill Point,
near Barlinrton will be moved to
that place, and the name changed.
The Caucasian nay daring tbj
year 1S8 thirty boanea w?re boilt
in CI. n ton. ID0 lots bought by ir
ties Intending to bo Ud. tbe volume
of trade doodled, two factories
built aod tbe death rale was only t
la the thousand.
Tbe Methodists will xrobaUy s
UUiah a publishing bouM at Hal
eigh. Tbe matter tu new being
carefully considered. Tb HapUMs
already bare a large j-Mabiog
mm A AT.
Z) Sires lis Sciisrs cf tis Airarcs
a ITcw Teir's Greeting. '
Chr G:z7zr-
Grover Cleveland stands to
day as the grandest living man.
His letter to tbe tirlff Reform
League of Boston is the deliv
erance or a eut-sman. lie
went down ln d .ff at but he
rises to say that the principle
for which he stood is eternal
the principle of qual and just
taxation. Ilow high he stands
above the horde of petty poli
ticians, trlmme.s and time
sorvers, who curie the" countryj
Statesville Lan Ira ark.
TOiers, Iterance TTu Fisi
The Comptroller of Currency has
declared a second divtdend of 10
per cent, la favor of tbe creditors
of tbe State National Bank, or Kal
eigb, making in all 30 per teat, on
the claims proved.
A little girL wh.-ra told for
the first time of the' Identity of
Santa Clause, lookec up in dis
appointment surprise, and with
a tear In bar lute eyas, besttat-
ngly asked, "And is it all elory
about Jesus, too."
CasTaUA, 2f. C, Jan, 1st, '69.
Dear Advance: Tbe holidays
with all bare paKed away qaietlv
in a ocial way . notwithstanding
tbe community has been excited
a:.d shocked at tbe discovery of an
tuidrehed female child, which
brought to ligbt one of tbe most
('jatm-ful and diabolical crime ever
pi-ritetrated in this quiet sod law
abiding portion of tbe county.
Coroner Crocker was sent for who
got jury and made the following
investigation: JOti the 8th day
of Deeeniber a white girl from
Frauklio, named Pattie Ilarna,
ptd 1G, cave binn to a child In
tbe boune with aunt, Jane
Iledgepetli, and ber husband W.T.
UedgepetL. Tb cul and tbe two
I ist uamed wne tkea before Jus
tice T. J. Jir -li, Jr., sand Tom
Cllins. Tbe luI confessed tbe
birth and Ul ber child was taken
Trom her asaln.nt her will. Tbe
j irj's verdict was that Pattie tlar-
. tbe mother, and Jane and W.
llcdgepeth wefe all guilty of
concealing the birth and murder-I.-;
tbe child by drowning in a well
s id are all in jail.
The Senatorial race Is talked of
it. many tn this county aod it is
thought the crnten will be warm,
many tbink tbe time for a
r'iange is expected and wanted.
Messrs. C. W, Dennis and G. II.
Rodger are working in this section
itn pretty rropecta in takiog o
tioos on timbered ULds for a
Northern syndicate who are think
ing of bui!d:t' a IUilroad from
Suffolk through tbe timber belts of
tbe Bute.
1, with many of his warm friends,
are anxiousrrtrat J"e Daniels of tbe
State Chronicle should be given
tbe State printing at tbe bands of
tbe present Legudatore. Joe Is fle
eerriog honors at tbe hands ef tbe
Democratic party.
rxaoi Tox.
boase, which Is doing a busi
ness. Tbe Confederate Vet-wean. Con
vention will be held in Kaletffb,
Janaary 22nd. Tbe railroads will
give the delegates Tree tranrHna
tion aod aa effort is being mads lo
get tbe citizens of Kale'.gb o en.
tertaio them,
Tbe North Carolina MilUtose
property lo Moore county Las
been purchased by Mr.M.fecball, a
wealthy capitalist of IVoofjlrsLis
who will reorganize tbe compaoy,
revive tbe oaa'ceM aod r-uaa it
with both capital aod eoergy.
Tbe following military compan
ies having signified tbetr intention
of participating tn the loangors
tioo: Charlotte, Goldboro,Oi ford
Wilmington, ReidaTille,Gree naboro
Henderson, Darham, Fayeitvt:ie,
Elizabeth City, Lambertoo, Max
too and Raleigh.
Valuable sdver deposits have
b. en fodod about ValleCrocia.
Watauga county. Gea. Lven
tborpe baa taken an opuon on tbe
farm of Mr. Joseph Br, ant for 10r
000- Lao da in tbe neighborhood
have appreciated ia value enor
mouily. Dunagl&fcS. in Konh Carolina
there were t sgricn'tnral imple
ment works built: there wre 6
breweries erected; tobacco aod
cigar factories; 41 cotton and wot4
en factories; 8 electric light plant;
12 mioiog and quarrying compan
ies, 13 oU mills; 45 water-works
i railroad companies organ lzecb
And we agree wita the Wdmicgtoa
Star in saying: This is com men 3a
Ke and encouraging progress.
President Lincoln u?ed to
tell about the Influential citl
zen who wanted a ' Cabinet po
sition, but conrroalsed by
taking a suitor clothes. inai
statesman's euccefsor still lives,
and Is very numerous. Cincin
nati Telegram.
"Zi'i IkczTLtr.
An Intoxicating drink is any
beveraga which, taken lo such
quantity as men usually drink,
will produce an obfuscation ef
the crebal centre with a con se
quent hypertrophy of the ton
gue and a general bewilder
ment of the legs. Jill wanaee
SentineL i
Tbe next im!oa of tne Teseb
.i's Assembly will be held at More
h,ad City, Juue 18th to July 2nd.
A trip to Earope I proposed for
them when th work of tbe session
s ended.
Ts rT TLs Liberty ZjdL
Measurements of Indepead
ence eqoaae were taken to-day.
The qutr Is to be rated with
Belgian block, which will I
cut at the city'a quarry. Char
lotUKtw. f

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