North Carolina Newspapers

    The Wilson Advance.
People Voa
VVtLSON, N. C., - - June 4, 189 1.
i;n u ,
Knot., or Otiirlit
! !
Wait for the 17 th.
June 17th will be a red letter day
in Wilsorfs history.
Mr. Alex Quails has bought a lot
and will build a house on Park Ave
nue. A child of Mr. Joseph Atkinson,
near Boyette, died Sunday morning.
It was about one year old.
Rev. Dr. Lafferty will deliver his
rare lecture "Luck and Pluck" in
Wilson, Friday night, Jyne 12th.
On Friday (to-morrow) Mr. W. H.
Blount will present the medals to the
students of New Berne Collegiate In
stitute. Our young friend, Chas. R. Alley,
in the employ of the Norfolk & Wes
tern Railway Co., is now located at
Lambert's Point, Va.
Come to Wilson on the 17th, inst.,
see our beautiful town, enjoy a good
dinner, and hear the matchless orator
and statesman, Senator M. W. Ran
som. Mr. J. rh Hill, of the Toisnot sec
tion, was in to see us on Monday.
He says wheat is tine, tie lias some
heads 7 inches long, and it is filling
out finely.
Mr. Amos Hays, of Black Creek,
called to see us on Monday. All
crops are looking well. He says the
rains washed die lands some, but did
no serious damaeie. - .
We have it on good authority that I
the nulls ot the Kenly Lumber Lom
pany will be moved from Kenly to
Greenville. This will be a big blow
to our prosperous neighbor, as the
pay roll of the Company amounts to
over $200 weekly. Greenville has
vour congratulations.
Services will be held in the Pres
byterian church, corner of Nash and
Jackson streets, on Sunday the 7th
inst., by the pastor, Rev. A. H.
McArrt, in the morning; at 11 a. m.,
and at nigfit at 8 p. m., Seats free.
The public are cordially invited to
attend all services in this church.
Mrs. C. B. Aycock is in town.
Mr. Herman Weil, of Goldsboro,
is in town.
Miss Alice Barnes is at home from
Prot. E. B. Phillips called to see
us Monday.
Mr. W. R. Henry left yesterday
for Raleigh.
Miss Marie O'Neil spent Sunday
in Goldsboro.
Mrs. W. B. Hill is visiting friends
in Petersburg, Va.
Miss Emma Greenwood is visitiug
Mrs. W. E. Farmer.
Mr. W. C. Taylor, of Whitakers,
was in town yesterday.
Miss Lizzie Redding, of Greenville,
is visiting friends in town.
Miss Ida Wiggins, of Saratoga,
was in town last night.
Mr. J. T. Morgan, of Nashville,
was in town Wednesday.
Mr. E. O. Mc'Gowan, of Green
ville, was in town last week.
W. W. Hargrave, Esq., of Tar
boro, was in town yesterday.
Mr. Wallace Batchelor, of Nash
ville, was in town yesterday.
Mrs. E. O. McGowan, of Green
ville, is visiting relatives here.
Mr. T. B. Tavlor, of Rocky
I Mount, wis in town yesterday.
Mr. R. L. Alley, of Washington
City, is in town for a few days rest.
Misses Ell Green and Nan Branch
are visiting friends in Rocky Mount.
Miss Nannie King, of Greenville, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. S. C. Wells.
Mr. Isaac Oettinger, of New York,
is visiting Messrs. J. & D. Oettinger.
Messrs. Will and Preston Brooks,
of Black Creek, were in town this
Col. D. Worthington, of Rocky
Mount, was here yesterday, attend-
Let Everybody Come to Wilson on June
17th, ami Enjoy the Grand Celebration
Everything to be in Fine Style Patriot
ism Without Platitudes to be Dealt Out
ly Delightful .Speakers The Old Town
Will Celebrate the CiiveiliiiK of the Monument.
ing court.
Miss Bettie Wells
from an extended visit
has returned
to friends in
night from Charlotte,
been at school.
where she has
The Commencement exercises of
Mt. Olive High School takes place
to-day. The address will be deliver-.
ed at 10, o'clock by Hon. E.- W. I Misses Hattie and Birdie Rund,
Kerr, of Clinton. After the concert of New York, are visiting Mrs. A.
. . .1 11 mi 1 . . j ...
to-night trie metiais win ne presented rieubroner.
by Mr W H Blount of this place. , Maftie Harrison returned last
1 ne talented editor 01 uie vjotusuoro
Argus, Jos. E. Robinson, delivered
Shenherd Literarv Society last nitrht. ' Miss Nettie Ellis, of Saratoga, was
r . o . .1 1 .1. 11 4i
. T t-, 1 1 1 r - " ! in town yesteroav anu auenueu uie
Messrs. A. N. Daniels J. . 1 nvett, . , 3 .
.... - , 0 Vr Ji.r u ' . concert last night.
J. Atkinson and Rev. H. W. Bat-' &
ti c? 1 ... I 1r ,rl Mrc W f Carter Ifft
le, were in taioopo iusl ouiiuay. j "H' uu ..v..
V. ri. V . l.lllie 1 M L.R I ICU 11 IH I- -'KMiua ivii v.j..i..w w v , ......
- . - . - . . , 1 r .
Ill' .11111 111. 111. At ,1.1.-1 IlllllIUCU 111 " - - - - "
. . .1 ". -l : l 1 i 1 -
II uni t ait UlC 111 LIlUllll. UUl OH t.tanko., k. hum 1. ci the. t-,-i.ii.
. .r.u i ,i...u ,.r a. ' K 11 '. ' C r
I I I I I I I I I II lilt tllltlllltl Vlt .ILll II till. I .....I . 1,.,..,,, I r , .1 v Vw
nor Court, is in town.
C. Tarrar, who-built the church, a
mall debt remained unpaid, and ac- j
ording to Baptist usage, it could not 1
n. jA n1 until tbiL- 'n-wtini- --t
lid. A collection, amounting:, was taken up h
church out of debt.
Sound the hew-gag !
Play the pattle-tong !
Let the jaw- bone jingle !
For this is Wilson's gala day !
Wednesday, June 17th !
That's the day you are cordially
invited to come to Wilson.
For on that day the town is going
to put on holiday attire and entertain
its guests. Tell your neighbor about
it and tell him to come.
Some of the attractions are :
An address by Hon. M. W. Ran
som, who can break up the hidden
depths and bring the tears, unwilling
prisoners, to all eyes. He is essen
tially an orator ; and no less a states
man, and an honored son of North
A grand military parade. Among
the Companies who will participate
the following have signified their in
tention to be present : The Wil
mington Light Infantry, the Sampson
County Rifles, the Rocky Mount
Light Infantry, the Goldsboro Rifles,
and the Wilson Light Infantry. The
Wilson Fire Company, Old Veter
ans, Sons of Veterans and citizens
will participate in the parade.
Col. Samuel Hodges will be Chief
Marshal of the occasion.
W. C. Jones, Colonel of the 2nd
Regiment, and his staff will be pres
ent. ' v
The 2nd Regiment Band, 24
pieces, will make music for the occa
sion. And the citizens of Wilson will
give a warm, cordial welcome to all
who come.
The programme will be announced
Prof. Warren's Excellent Institution,
Wilson Collegiate Institute.
We Want Ten Million Pounds.
Wilson, N. C, sold two inillion
pounds of tobacco from September
10, 1890, to April 30,1891, and ex
pects to sell four times as much next
season. Ld. race, the place, and
ivmers are workintr tor it' Rich
mond suuincrn 1
ne 1 . t . aiaiorue.
The Catalogue of the University
c m.,..u 1: i - ; 11
intellectual bill of fare onered to the
young men of the coutry.
The University is well equipped in
books and apparatus for instruction,
and has a full corps of professors.
The Law School and the Medical
School are flourishing. There were
97 matriculates. We note that Pres
ident Battle has resigned in or to ex
cept the Chair of History, recently
established. His successor is shortlv
to be elected.'
Prof. Holmes' department is also
to be provided for as he has accepted
the office of State Geologist.
Playing Hall.
The grounds are in excellent con
dition and the boys are daily practi
t .ng. They are doing ' some good
preliminary work. The game is
good, healthy exercise and should
be encouraged. Recently in a ser
mon the Rev. Dudley Rhodes, of
Lmcinnatti, said :
"Baseball is the most beautiful ex-
-Ii'np a man r:in rati' nrnvwieil it i
ken morally.
Baseball is the noblest hpitrht of
gymnastic exercises. .
We have been t ld that there are
Sermons in stones and running
b; oks ; so there is, too, in baseball.
Baseball has within it the best ele
1.1 -nts of the old Roman and Greek
.11 . "
arnietic games.
The Christian church and the pul
1 ' t cannot afford to ignore this game,
wiiich is rising to the dignity of a
11 ttional sport, ami drawing all the
young men and children in the land
t ; .ard it."
Dr. H. O. Hyatt, of Kinston, is
at the hotel. He is prepared to
treat all diseases of the eye.
Mrs. Riggsbee, of Durham, who
has been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
E. L. Middleton, has returned home.
Miss Jennie Battle, who has been
visiting her brother, Rev. H. W. Bat
tle, has returned to her home in New
Dr. Geo. L. Kirby and wife, of
Goldsboro, were in town last Satur
day the guests of Mayor Geo. D.
Howell Whitehead and Ashe
Hines returned last Friday from
Warrenton where they have been at
tending Mr: Bronson's School. '
Misses Cora, Hattie and Minnie
Applewhite, and Annie Lane, of
Stantonsburg, . were in town last
night, the guets of Mrs. J. D. Farrior.
Mrs. P. E. Bunn left Monday for
Washington City, her future home.
En-route she will stop at Murfrees
boro, ts take in the Commencement.
Among the lawyers present at this
term of Court we notice Messrs. B.
H. Bunn, Jacob Battle and J. A.
Farmer, of Rocky Mount, B. F. Tay
lor, of Nashville, C. B. Aycock, of
Kveryhody ;.
I'he Board of Commissioners
neeting Monday night.
1 he ordinance repairing cattle to
kept oft of the streets was passed,
w ill be seen from notice published
. where.
i lie sum of $40 was appropriated
Committee of arrangements for
celebration here on the 17th inst.
A summer uniform, not to cost
et" $25, was voted the police. t
i he electric light and water works
tion was discussed at length. It
decided to hold a special meet
uext Monday night, the iSth, to
de the matter. All citizens of the
ii who feel an interest in this mat
are earnestly requested to meet
1 the Commissioners and lay be
them any suggestion they may
think wise and worthy of considera
t an.
We make this prediction : Some-
th n is going to be done
you all about it
u 1
The Town Commissionere in Session.
The Town Commissioners met in
the Mayor's office Monday morning
to organize for the coming year.
There were present : H. M. Warren,
E. Barnes, Jr., J.J. Gay, J. Y. Moore
andj. R. Rawls. Justice Lancaster
administered the oath of office quali
fying them for their duties. E.
Barnes, Jr., was elected Chairman of
the meeting.
Geo. D. Green was re-elected
Mayor by a unanimous vote.
J. R. Moore was re-elected Clerk
and Treasurer.
S. A. Woodard was elected Town
Chiel of Police, D. P. Christman.
Assistants, J. A. Privett, J. L. Mayo
and J. H. Marshbourne.
Lamplighter, K. P. Saunders.
Tax Collector, A.J. Simms.
This is Mayor Green's fourth term.
He is a model officer. The town's
affairs will always be safe in such
Mr. Woodard, the Town Attorney
is one of the brightest members of the
profession in this part of North Caro
lina. He possesses ability, brains
and is versed in practice.
Of the police force it is unnecessa
ry to say one word of praise. The
people of Wilson know we have the
best and most efficient corps in the
State. Brave, vigilant and ever
courteous they deserved the compli
ment of a re-election.
Mayor Green and gentlemen, the
Advance salutes you !
Superior Court.
Court convened here Monday
morning at 10 o'clock, Judge Spier
Whitaker presiding. The following
Grand Jury was drawn, qualified and
sworn in :
H. W. Privett, Foreman ; W. H.
Dixon, H. H. Love, D. A. Yelver
ton, S. V. Tyson, J. B. Barnes, W.
J. T. Beland, Stephen Peele, J. T.
Williamson, Isaac Davis, E. D. Cole
man, C. V. Pettway, G. M. Smith,
W. G. Sharp, J. P. Lamm, Rufus
Renfrow, Simon Barnes, Jr., Amos
Judge Whitaker, charged the jury
in his characteristic way.
The petit jury was drawn, empan
nclled and the State docket taken up.
Up to Wednesday night the fol
lowing cases had been disposed of :
State vs. J. D. Williams, oft.
State vs. Elisha Woodard, not
State vs. Harriett Griffin, F. & A.,
State vs. Peyton Jones and Milley
Powell, F. & A., guilty ; judgment,
fine of five cents and costs.
State vs. Ben Dew and Granville
Home, nol pros with leave.
State vs. Josiah Lamm and Celia
Hawley, F. & A., guilty ; judgment,
fine five cents and costs.
State vs. Gray Boyette, Thomas
Watson, Harris Davis and Bryant
Lamm, guilty: judgment, verdict set
aside as to Lamm, other defendants
pay a fine of five cents and 1 3 of cost
State vs. Caesar Wooten, contin
ued. State vs. Ed Lamm and Augustus
Lamm, off.
State vs. C. A. Young, obstructing
road ; not guilty,
State vs. Preston Brooks ; enticing
a servant ; not guilty.
State vs. Joshua Pridgen ; pleads
guilty ; fined five cents and cost.
State vs. Ben Dew and Raiford
Dew-; judgment abjjolute.
State vs. Henry Edmondson ; as
sault ; pleads guilty ; fined $25 and
State vs. P. K. Kidder ; pleads
guilty ; fined five cents and costs.
State vs. A. T. Smith ; pleads
guilty ; fined five cents and costs.
State vs. Dock Baker ; continued.
State vs. W. B. Weaver; not
State vs. Philmore Bottoms and
George H. Morris ; affray ; guilty.
State vs. Mack Harrison ; assault
with deadly weapon ; pleads guilty ;
fined five cents and costs.
State vs. Jesse Taylor ; cruelty jto
animals; guilty.
State vs. Arch Finch ; cruelty to
animals pleads guilty ; fined five
cents and costs.
Yesterday the two boys Geo. H.
Morris and Philmore Bottoms, who
shot at the house of Albert Lamm,
were called into court and sentenced
to 30 days in jail and to pay 4 of
Jesse M. Taylor, found guilty ot
cruelty to animals, was hned s cents
and costs.
State vs. M. T. Langley, selling
liquor on bunday, (two cases; continued.
The criminal and civil dockets
were finished yesterday evenintr and
Judge Whitaker discharged all ju
rors. The Grand Jury will finish its
work and probably be discharged to
day. Judge Whitaker is business
from the time he walks in a court
room on Monday morning until the
jurors are discharged. He is en
larging the favorable impression his
first appearance created upon Wilson
The girls are free !
For ten months the pupils of Wil
son Collegiate Institute have worked
faithfully. They have studied assid
ouously. The winding up was a grand
success. The finale last night was a
magnificent triumph. The young
ladies are glad it is all over. Now
they can take a deserved rest, and
enjoy a well earned vacation.
The Advance hopes every pupil
of the school will enjoy a pleasant va
cation. The programme for Tuesday night
led off with the Celebrated March
From Faust (Gounnod) rendered by
Misses N. Harrison, J. Gay, S.
Blount and I. Deans. This was fol
lowed by a chorus "On the Sea"
(Little Tycoon) by the class, which
was heartily applauded.
Fra Diovolo, Overture, (C. Czer
ny) by Misses I. Warren, A. Moore,
Z. Winstead, B. Harris, A. Simpson
and A. Norris, immediately preced
ed an iustrumental solo, Last Idea
of Weber, (H. Cramer) exceptionally
well rendered by Miss B. Harris.
Then came the feature of the even
ing, for which the above was the pre
face and for which the chapel full of
people were eagerly awaiting, the
address by Walter R. Henry, Esq.,
of Henderson, N. C.
We had heard much of Vance
County's talented son and read more;
yet we were not prepared for what
he gave us.
He was introduced by Mr. J. E.
Woodard in a few appropriate
words, expressing his pleasure in
being able to present such a man to
this people. On the rostrum were
seated Judge Spier Whitaker, Drs.
A. Anderson, C. E. Moore, N. An
derson, Col. J. F. Brutdn, Rev. H.
W. Battle, Rev. Jno N. Cole,
Messrs. Jacob Battle, W. H. Blount,
F. A. Woodard, G. W. Blount, C. F.
Wilson and Prof. E. L. Middleton.
Mr. Henry's address was in manu
script, which he used- freely. But he
was not confined entirely to it. His
theme was woman and it is not say
ing too much to say he did it full and
ample justice. It was a magnificent
panegyric to the worth and influence
of the sex. As an historical produc
tion it was very valuable. He traced
through all the past the course of
woman's influence and deeds. He
showed how they had ruled the
world. Such tremendous research
evidenced the scholar and patient
student. It evidenced hours of pain
ful labor. It breathed the smoke of
the mid night lamp. And through it
all there breathed the soul of a
chivalrous, courtly, southern gentle
man, afire with love arid esteem and
high regard for man's better half,
God's last and best gilt to man. No
synopsis of Mr. Henry's address can
do it justice. We attempt none. We
are sure we cannot praise it too
highly, nor can we grow extravagant
in hearty commendation of it. Mr.
Henry, ia first, a brilliant man ; sec
ond, a ripe orator; third, a thoughtful
siuoeni ; iounm, a ponsneo. cnnstian
tlic btate. Uur people are glad to
known they have such an institution
here. They are proud of it. They
congratulate Prof. Warren. The Ad
vance does so most heartily.
Miss Lillie Gay, who supervised
the Concert, and to whose untiring
labors is due the success attained last
evening, has had charge of the music
department for the past several years.
The deft skill exhibited by her pupils
reflect much credit upon her. She
may well be proud, of them, and they
may feel proud to have had such a
teacher. The next session opens the
first Monday in September.
The Freshet.
It was almost a flood. Such a rain
as fell in Wilson and Nash counties
Tuesday night of last week was
never known before. And then all
day Wednesday and Wednesday
night the flood poured down. All
the streams in this county were flood
ed with water. It rose above the
banks. It took to the fields. It
spread out over corn and cotton
crops with amiable impartiality. The
lands of the just and unjust were
equally covered. Nobody was slight
ed. On the torrents relendess bosom,
turbulently tossed, wrecks of bridges,
mill dams, mill houses, plank and rail
fences fitfully floated. About ten
o'clock Thursday morning the bridge
across Contentnea Creek at Wiggins
Mill was floated away. In the mill
house the water was three feet deep.
Many Wilson people visited the
scene to see the water hieher at this
point than in the memory ol the old
est inhabitant. . Mr. J. T. Wiggins
stood anxiously around watching his
property. The crisis passed, the
house was left standing, and he went
his way rejoicing. Every bridge
across the the stream was impassable
on Saturday and Sunday. Much
damage has been done in Wilson
county. It will cost nearly $2,000 to
repair the damage to the bridges.
The one at Wiggin's mill will cost at
least $1,000.
At Rocky Mount on Thursday the
river was three miles wide. Mr. W.
D. Stokes, of Battleboro, told us
that the water was two inches above
the high water , mark of 1887, and
that was the highest since 1840. In
30 hours from 6 o'clock Tuesday
evening of last week the river rose 1 5
Mr. Eli Sasser has a mill in Wayne
county. He had only an ordinary
head of water. After the rain the
pond began to rise. He opened the
gates. It continued to rise. He
knocked out the bulk heads under
the mill house. But it did no good.
In twenty minutes the water had ' run
over the dam and floated his mill
house down the creek. It was a to
tal wreck.
When a married man buttons his
suspenders on eight-penny nails it is
sure evidence that he has been disap
pointed in love, or in marriage.
If you decide, from what you have
heard or read, that you will take
Hood's Sarsaparilla, do not be induc
ed to buy any substitute instead.
Some Fine Tobacc
Will his address do srood ?
Every man and woman who heard
it has a higher conception of the
duty, the responsibility, and the in
fluences of life. His sentences, spark
ling gems, were gathered up and
stored aw ay in memory's closet. The
address made a profound impression
upon Wilson people.
Mr. Henry was the recipient of
three handsome boquets of roses
from Wilson ladies, as evidencing
their appreciation of his magnificent
oration. Through some mistake , they
were not publicly presented.
At the conclusion of the address
Misses A. Moore, B. Harris, S. Gay
and I. Batts rendered an overature.
Quartette, Homage a Verdi, (Duroe)
and the audience was dismissed.
the concert.
Last night at an early hour every
seat in the spacious chapel was occu
pied. At 8:15 standing room was
at a premium. The gallery and win
dows were crowded with patrons
and friends of the Institute to hear
the annual concert. It was a good
natured audience and, considering
the intense heat, well-behaved.
The following programme was pre
sented 1
In Saratoga Wednesday night of
last week Mr. John Strickland to
Miss Ellja Owens, Eld. Thos. Moore
officiating. The happy couple are
two of Saratoga's popular young peo
ple and Itave hosts of sincere well
At the residence of the bride's
father in in this place yesterday at
1:30 o'clock Miss Cora, the lovely
and accomplished daughter of Mr F
M Winstead was married to Capt.
Will Abell, the popular "Short Cut"
Conductor; Rev. H W Battle officia
ting The couple left on the after
noon train for Smithfield where the
groom's father tendered them a re
ception last night They leave Sat
urday for a Northern bridal trip
Last Friday afternoon Mr W M
Carter to Miss Hennie Green, both of
this place- The bride is the oldest
daughter of Wilson's popular Mayor,
George D Green, and is a young la
dy of culture and genuine worth Of
a steet, confiding disposition she has
here, where she is best known, a large
circle of friends The groom is a na
tive Virginian and is an experienced
tobacco broker Coming here at the
opening of the market he has been
no small factor in building up Wil
son s reputation nexwon tne com
plete conhdence and esteem ol our
people, and enjoys their warm friend
ship Shrewd, energetic and enter
prising he commands success He is
to be congratulated upon winning
such a lovely bride, and the Advance
wishes them a bright and happy fut
When in need of anything in
wearing apparel, either for ladies,
gentlemen or children go to E. R.
See Weaver tk Clark for Tobacco
Flues at greatly reduced prices.
Now about Clothing. We have
had a nice trade in this line this
spring, but still can give you what
you want. We are ottering some
rare bargains for the cash in order to
close out certain lines. The nicest
line of summer Coats and Vests in
town at E. R. Gay's.
All silk Grenadines 75&S, $1 and
$1.50 per yard at E. R. Gay's.
Reductions in Dress Goods at E.
R. Gay's.
Mowing Machines. We have
just received a . car load of the cele
brated Walter A. Wood Mowing
Machines and Horse Rakes which
we will sell cheap. Write us, for cir
cular and price. F. S. Royster ct
Co., Tarboro, N. C.
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Underwear, in silk finish and French
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1. .
Whether on pleasure bent or busi
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tle of Syrup of Figs, as it acts most
pleasantly and effectually on the kid
neys, liver and bowels, preventing
levers, headaches and other forms of
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Dr. H. O. Hyatt,' of Kinston, will
be in Wilson from June 1st to the
14th, for the purpose of treating per
sons suffering with eye troubles. He
is an experienced oculist and has had
practical work enough to familiarize
him with the many diseases of the
eye and their cure. If your eyes are
troubling you you should see him
and have them examined.
are offerin
Goods this
Visit Young
bargains in
week, Young
Bros, when you visit
part r
March aus den Ruineii von Atlien
(Heethoven) Miss Lillie Warren.,
Chorus, bee Saw, (Crowe)
Duo, Turkischer Marsch,(L. van Bee
thoven) Misses B. Harris, J. Gay.
1 no, Oalop, (Streabbog) Misses L.
Royal, R. Gold, E. Anderson.
Duett, Leo March, (Weinman) Misses
J. Porter, A. Barnes.
Chorus, hen Love is Young (Lrmi
nie) by the class.
Trio, Mocking Bird, (Hoffman) Misses
S. Gay, Z. Winstead.
Vocal Solo, In the Chimney Corner,
(Cowen) Miss A Barnes,
CJuartette, Prima Donna Waltz, (J. A.
Fowler) Misses L. Warren B. Deans, I.
Deans, A. Barnes.
Sextette, La Californiennie, (Henri
Herz) Misses Stanton, S. Eagles, A.
Moore, A. Morris, A. Simpson, N. Har
rison. Vocal Duett, Land Ahoy, (Shelley)
Misses Mattie and Ktta Taylor.
Trio, Loretta, (S M B) Misses K, Bass,
G. Stanton, M Porter.
Duett, Lucia de Lammermoor,(Getze)
Misses I and B Deans.
Principal's report.
Presentation of Diplomas by Rev H
W Battle.
Overture, (Floton) Misses J Gay A
Simpson, A Norris, B Harriss,M Porter
Vocal Duett, Come Silver Moon
(White) Misses A Barnes, F Batts,
1 no, uverture, oaruier tie Sevilia ue
Rossini, (Czerny) Misses S Blount, N
Harrison, A Simpson,
Duett, Visions of Rest, (F T Baker)
Misses S Porter, I Deans,
Quartette, Rosemary Waltzes, (J A
.Fowler) Misses A Moore, S Eagles, K
Bass, (i Stanton.
Vocal Solo, Just Down the Lane,
(Barnes) Miss A Simpson
Quartette, Symphonie I, (Beethoven)
Misses J Gay, A Moore, A Norrip, I
Duo, Martha, (Alherti Op 20) Mjsses
S Gay, I Batts
There were three pieces, in addition
to the above, on the programme, "cut"
on account of the threatened storm
The report of the President was
most encouraging. During last ses
sion 104 pupils were enrolled. The
Institute is gradually extending its
field. It is growing. It substantiates
its claim of honest, thorough work.
It has stood the test and found to be
the equal of any Female College in
At his home near Toisnot last Fri
day morning, Mr. John Dawes. He
was 92 years old the oldest citizen,
perhaps, of Wilson county, the
lather ot a beloved lamilv and was
esteemed by his neighbors.
See our line of White Goods from
6 to 35CIS. per yard, Young Bros.
Suits from $1.50 to
15.00, Young
Farmville, N. C, May 26th.
The prettiest tobacco in this section,
if not in the State, is on the farm of
Mr. W. R. Home. He has three
acres the leaves of which will aver
age 20 inches in width. Can Wilson
beat it? I AY.
See here, Jay
ing us. vv e
week about Wade Davis' tobacco!
and you beat him eight inches. We
will let ' you hear from us next
week. Now it
what are vou eriv-
were bragging last
Advance can beat
want him to report to
reader of the
the above we
this office.
Sweeping reductions in Hats at E.
R. Gay's.
As usual our stock of low Quarter
ed Shoes for ladies, misses and men
take the leatl also our stock in oth
er styles. The best place to buy is
at E. R. Gav's.
Where, will you Buy your
This Question can be Easily Answered
by calling at
Cf hhIs
T) U . 1 1 n
uccdubc ne leaus in r rices am
keeps a full stock of the newest
are placed upon the market ; never misrepre:
sents anything.
His purchases for the Spring Season are
complete in all departments, more so than
usual; and he prides himself on the fact that
no establishment offers more inducements to
those who propose to sae money.
An early call is solicited.
A. Heilfcr iier.
Silk Mitts at cost,
It Is that impurity in the blood, which, ac
cumulating in the glands of the neck, pro
duces unsightly lumps or swellings; which
causes painful running sores on the arms,
legs, or feet; which developes ulcers in the
eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blinduess or
deafness; which is the origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or the many other manifesta
tions usually ascribed to " humors; " which,
fastening uion the lungs, causes consumption
and death. Being the most ancient, It is the
most general of all diseases or affections, for
very few persons are entirely free from IU.
HrBcr cured
By taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, which, by
the remarkable cures it has accomplished
often when other medicines have failed, has
proven itself to be a potent and peculiar
medicine for this disease. Some of these
cures are really wonderful. If you suffer from
scrofula, be sure to try Hood's Sarsaparilla.
My daughterMary was afflicted with scrof
ulous sore neck from the time she was 22 months
old till she became six years of age. Lump
formed in her neck, and one of them after
growing to the size of a pigeon's egg, became
a running sore for over three years. Wo gave
ner Hood's Sarsaparilla, when the lump and
all indications of scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems to be a healthy
child." J. S. Cakltle, Nauright, N. J.
X. B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
SoldbyalldruggUU. gl ; six for ?.". Prepared only
C. I. HOOD & CO.. Apothecaries, Lowell, Mm
IOO Doses One Dollar
Dress Goods all kinds at Young
Straw Hats 55ts each at Young
One thousand Straw Hats to be
sold at Young Bros.
Another line of Slippers just open
ed at Young Bros.
Go to Young Bros, and get your
Look at our Ladies' Hose, Young
Bros. . !
See our Gents Socks, Young Bros.
Fans all kinds and shapes at
Young Bros,.
Don't fail to see our Clothing be
fore you buy, Young Bros.
Straw Hats at your own price at
Young Bros.
Ladies Silk Mitts at Cost, Young
Straw Hats go to Young Bros.
Shirts of all descriptions, negligee's,
pique, percale, full dress, &c., all
prices at E. R. Gay's.
' At the regular meeting of the
Board of Commissioners of the Town
of Wilson, held June 1st, the following
ordinance was passed : After the 15th
day of June, 1891, no cattle will be al
lowed to run at large on the streets un
der a penalty of $2.00 for each and ev
ery offense. ,
J. R. MOORE, Clerk.
Hackney Bios, k Simpson,
The Finest
That is the verdict placed upon the
turn-outs in my Livery Stables, after an
examination. They are
By the day or hour to responsible par
ties at reasonable rates. Strangers inl
town are especially looked after! and
given good teams. . s
Very respectfully,
5-21-301. VV. J. BULLOCK.
W I L S O N , N . C,
5-28-I y.
for Infants and Children.
"Cutorls U bo well adapted to children that
I recommend i t a superior to any prescription
known to me." H. A. AacRxa, H. t.,
,111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T.
"The use of 'Oastoria' is so unlTersal and
Its merits so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep Cantor i
within easy reach."
Caklos Mabtth, D. D.,
New York City.
Late Pastor Bloomingdale Beormed Church.
Castorla cares Colic, Constipation,
Hour Stomach, Diarrhoea. Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promotes
thout uij
injurious medication.
" For several yean I have recommended
your ' Castoria, ' and shall always continue to
do so as it has invariably produced beneficial
Edwin F. I'ikkes. If. D.,
"The Wlnthro.,' 1Mb Street and 7th Are.,
New York City.
Th Cdttau Company, 77 Mcbeat Strekt, New Yohx.-
I Passages. A I
I the bores,
REAM BALM-Cleanses the Nasal
lavs I'aJn aud 1 nflinmatin. Heads
Kr tores Taste and Hnaell, and Cares
;iven Relief tit once for Cold In Head.
m,lu into ihr Nnttrilm It tM iMieklv Abmirbttl.
soc. Jj'upgisis or by mail. ELY BROS.. 60 Warren L, . x

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