North Carolina Newspapers

T 'i
iison Axd vance
You w ill see from the above
: un-s that ciht years ao
'i'iic Cash Racket Store casted
i:- It : t with the jjooil peo)e
of tliis little city, and notwith-laiulini;-
tli prediction made
! y so many that a "one price, be lore delivery" business
1 otild not be successfully con
ducted here, it has speedily
thrown lrom a little 25x60 feet
store to three times its origi
nal sie, and we believe it is
only a question of time when
we will be forced to oet more
room. What is the cause of
this rapid increase in business?
e answer Underbuy, Un
dersell, One price to all.
Hi is week
The first thin on the list is
10 doz. Ladies' Silk Em
broidered Handker
chiefs worth 25c.
Our price only 9c.
The next is
Then comes the "Mascot,"
a new thin; in 6-4 all wool
dress -Owds at 44c. yard. Sold
t -Ue where at 02 a yard.
He Cash Racket Stores
j. Fvl. LEATH, M'g'r.
X 1 .. i .tl it li-JLoro Sis.
raorEssioM cards.
Surveyor ni Civil Engineer.
WILSON, - - N. C.
v t .H-' 1 .;. ri. net-, next Li
I :. AiU-rl Amid -in!.
.i-i K. W. !l. Yarlwiroiijrli. a.
WODDARl) tlv,
Ali'-rn-'vs ;.t-i.av,
Wn.N, ' - - N. C.
U'iil ; !;: . in l In- couit-; of Wilson,
( ii'-. n, i-.ilg- otnlu- and auj- in-
i';; t oimlvs.
X. V, -".s-;;K-i:iti-l in Civil practu e
R. UXZi'.LL.
Attorney at Law,
WILSON, - - N. C.
i't". '!;." s whert-ver services an-re-tl
?,"A!1 business will reivive
.:i:i,t attention.
h'.-.i ; i l U' !l's L'.-ihlhlir.
Att'tincy at Lav,
YY I LSI , -. - X. C.
;li.-- I'raiK h Co's. Hank i'.uildui".
. hi. y cti J ASS ,
SNOW 1 1 ILL. N. C.
t i : ! : Wii--' m, (re.-n YYayni;
. ; :.. .':. oa-.i.h s
(.ii r...-. ..t 1!, .,!, of W. K. VYar-
n X- ('., out l ir-.l National Bank.
, ; ,-iy !L (.. Will I LIIKAI).
Wood c Shinnies.
t f
! Ll'. ''.; iv-.s Siiinu'.o:; on li;uul at
'ii a.!.' v. ill soil cheap.
sawed wood,
in iiaml anl can l:o ftirnislicd
: 't it li'Hi. f.-. Yard on Railroad,
V ; 1 side of Xash Stri ct.
'M H-;ck Sfeam Dye Works.
l'-4"'-s-; paid on jacka!S.
l-r j : ; " List. Add; ess,
otcun Dyinfj Co.,
Scotland Neck, i C.
iini.i 1: i:i:aiko.
lie ik iik-I Uy SintiiiMHH at JoialaiiV Siuvo
hii.1 IValKlt.ilhe (Jnuk. I'.uIiMh
' "li uneil .f .heir Sui-reili-Ui
The meeting at Jordan's stoie
Thursday between Hon. F. M. Sim
mons and Mr. Marion Butler was a
Waterloo to the arrogant Third party
leadrr. This meeting at Jordon's
store heralded lor weeks in advance
as the greatest gathering of Populists
this whole section including Samp
son Johnson, Wayne and part it
Duplin counties had known since
the party was organized.
But, bless your soul after they had
come and come, and they were all
sized up we found that the "mountain
had labored and brought forth"
about 200 Pops, these with some
thing over 100 Democrats formed
the audience to greet the bearded
chieftain aforesaid at Jordan's store.
Butler and Dr. J. E. Person came
together and found Hon. F. M. Sim
mons duly on hand to reply, as he
thought and as all thought, the
Populists included to Mr. Butler.
But the latter, true to his nefarious
practices and unfair mode of pro
ceedure, refused to make the first
speech and demanded that Mr. Sim
mons speak first. Mr. Simmons, al
though thus unfairly dealt with in the
outset, did not act ugly, but readily
took the lead, after making known
to Mr. Butler his protest at being
thus taken advantage of at speaking
where the Democrats had been chal
lenged to meet the chief of the Pops.
Butler in his speech following Mr.
Simmons tried to deny that the Pops,
had challenged the Democrats; but
Mr. W. Munroe, who was on the
scene "called him down" on this
point and had the following official
notice, which was posted in the
M ai ion Butler and Dr. J. E Per
son will speak at Jordon's store on
Thursday Oct. 4th 1S94 at 1 2 o'clock
If the Democrats will bring out a
speaker an equal division of time will
be given them.
By order of Ex. Com. P. P.
Then calling on a leading Populist in
the audience Mr. Munroe said, "How
about it, Mr. Gc Uvvin; isn't that a
challenge to the Democracy?" and
Mr. Godwin admitted that it was.
In his opening speech Mr. Sim
mons made a splendid presentation
of the grandure of the Democratic
party; of its achievements for the mas
pes and of its clearly demarked pur
poses to accomplish even greater
things for their relief. It was a good
speech, with no mud slinging. He
wounded no man's feelings, and held
the absolute attention cf the entire
ButK-r's reply to Mr. Simmons
was unworthy of any gentleman,
much less a man posing as and seek
ing to to be a great leader of the
Democracy held her own glorious
ly and fn m the way the Populists
listened and were impressed by the
wordc and demeanor of the two
speakers in contrast, we may surely
expect good resultshi November.
In Goldsboro Argus.
" liy U he ho Irritable?"
This question is oftrii heard a nil
nearly as often unanswered.
It is not always remembered as it
should be, that the occasion of ill-temper
and irritability is often to be found
in the physical condition of the persons
affected. What is the use of trying to
harmonise a man whose liver has gone
back on him? If a man is tortured
with iheumatism, how can lie be ex
pected to be cheerful and always ready
to tdl a funny stor? The only way to
remove the difficulty is to Ret at the
cause. Ihspepsia. rheumatism, impure
!)iK)d and liver troubles yield to
Mood's Sarsaparilla; this is why it is an
t'. ; live tranquilizer, a peaceful in-. s-s-a;-,
r, and a preventive of domestic
Wiiu H to i:x'!iitiije.
"Be good and go to sleep," a Buf
falo mother told her 4 year old
daughter recently. "Mamma must
00 down and talk to Mrs. Blank.
God is with you. He will take care
of you."
Shortly after a voice from the up
per regions begged the mother to
return to her child. Being unheeded,
a stiU more urgent appeal floated
over the banister. "Mamma, you
come up hJre and stay with God,
and I'll come down there and talk to
Mrs. Blank." Buffalo News.
When the hair begins to come out
in combing, it shows a weakness of
the scalp that calls for immediate at
tention. The beet preparation to ar
rest further loss of hair and restore
the scalp to a healthy condition in
Ayer's Hair Vigor.
The Venerabloi Poet, Journalist,
Statesman Pasae3 Away.
I The That lias Suayl the World Laid
I Down, and the World. Mourns the
1 l..iKtl fftr,ill, f'.i..,4. ik;..ilw
and Beautifully.
Uevkki.y. Mass., October 8. The
death of Oliver Wendell Holmes has
east a h'oin over the city. It eanie
uuexjected yesterday and was a blow
to his friends in all parts of the coun
try. Oliver Wendell Holmes was born at
Cambridge, Mas., August lsno.
He was graduated at Harvard college
in lSv!i, and In-an the study of law,
which he subsequently abandoned for
that of medicine. Having- attended
the hospitals of I'aris, and other Eu
ropean cities he commenced practice
in lioston in IS.iii. In ls;j( he was elect
ed professor of anatomy and physiolo
gy in lSartmouth eolleye. and in 1S-1T
was appointed to a similar drofessor
ship in the Massachusetts medical
.school, from which be retired in lsa-i.
Story of I list Useful Career.
As early as '.YM his contributions ia
verse appeared in various periodicals,
and his reputation as a poet was estab
lished by the delivery of a matrie-il es
say, entitled "Toi-try," which was fol
lowed by others in rapid succession.
As a writer of songs, lyrics, and poems
for festive occasions, he occupied iirst
place. He was for many years a pop
ular lecturer. In 1S57, he commenced
in the Atlantic Monthly a serijs of ar
ticles tinder the title "The Autocrat of
the Ureakfast Table,' which were fol
lowed in 18110 ly "The professor at the
breakfast table." in lS7.i by "The poet
at the breakfast table," and in 1SS5 by
"The New Portfolio." In addition lie
has published "Astraen" in 1S.V.) . "Cur
rents and Counter-currents in medi
cal science," in J.stJl ; "Klise Yen nor, a
romance of destiny" in ISO I ; "Rorder
lands in some provinces of medical
science." in IMij; "Soups in many
keys," in 1S4; "Soundlings from the
Atlantic," in 1SJ4: "Humorous poems."
in 1S(55 ; "The Ouardian anj-el." in
ISiiO; "Mechanicisiii in thought, and
morals," in 1S70 ; "Songs of Many sea
sons," in 1874 ; "John L. Motley, a memoir-"
inlxTtl; "The Iron (late, and
other poems." in lo();
says," in lSi; "Pares
volume of life." in !ss: ;
do Emervm." in IM. '
".Medical Ks
from an old
"Ralph Yv'al
A mortal i:n-
tipuihy," in 1' '" ; "Our hundred days
in Europe," in iss" : "before the cur
few," in isss; and numerous poems re
cited at various reunions and dinners.
His Last l):is ' ll.l Hours.
In lssii lie visited Kugland. where he
was received with great cordiality.
Additions of his poems have appeared
from time to time, the tirst in l the
last in tss'.i.
He has contributed largely to cur
rent medical literature, as well to the
literary journals am. reviews. A se
ries of genial papers from his pen, en
titled "Over the teacups" appeared in
the Atlantic Monthly during ls'.H).
The end came at 1-:10 o'clock yester
day afternoon at the venerable poet's
town house, -'.Mi Reacon street. He was
burroiinded by his children, and visibly
conscious of their presence up to with
in a few minutes of the last, though
unable to speak. Then he closed his
eyes wearily and seemed to fall asleep,
as, indeed, he did the sleep of death,
at which the whole world will mourn.
His death was due to exhaustion fol
lowing a severe attack of asthma.
The Anniversary of the S:ui Kvent Cele
brated liiur-sslvely at Dublin.
Dl'iu.iN. October S. The anniversary
of Charles Stewart l'arnell's death was
celebrated impressively here yesterday.
No such crowd has been seen in Clashe
vin cemetery since the day of h:s f uner
al. Special trains came from til parts
of Ireland bringing thousands of i!ie
dead leader's admirers. Ihe
most conspicuous persons in the pro
cession were: J. K. l'arnell, the agita
tor's brother. Mrs. Dickinson, sister,
John Redmond and William Redmond,
.lames Maguire, John Nolan. J. E.
Kenny, and John J. Clancey.
Mrs. l'arnell. once Mrs. O'Shea. sent
a wreath inscribed: "To the loving
memory of my husband, the tenderest,
truest heart that ever lived." It was a
great demonstration, led by forty-nine
bands of music, which played the dead
Kills IIU Son While in : Sluphl, Orunkeii
I I h M I x u 1 1 A M , October S. Charles
Martin, justice of the peace, shot and
fatally wounded his 20-y ear-old son last
night on one of the most prominent
streets of the city. The father was
drinking heavily and the son was lead
ing him home when a stranger came up,
and striking the father, knocked him
down, saying he resented an old insuit.
The son pulled a pi.stol. and tired at the
Strang;-!-, when the father jumpvd up.
and giabl.-ii'g the son, thirik'.ig he was
the stranger, shot him tv. i. e. once in
tin: breast, and the other time in the
left arm. The stranger escaped. The
father is prostrate with grief.
Killed In a Sir.-et t ar Accident.
Tacoma, Wash.. October s. A shoik
in" street ear a ci.iei.t occurred about
midnight in which Oeorge Chandler,
general agent of the Northern l'aciiie
in this city ffiii killed anil several other
passengers were injured.
One 5'r.rder licns I'p Alio! her.
Skatti.m, Wash., October s.- Thomas
r.Iank, the murderer of Charlea Rird
weil has been positively iilentilied as
the murderer of Marshal Jell lies, of
V.Y.i.wd on in Nt'Iir.isli.i.
Omaha. Neb.. October s. There is a
severe blin.ard on in Ncbraslcay today
The meieury has been rapidly falling
and the wind b blow ing a g ule.
A Stack of Thi-lil.
"I never saw such a fellow as
Banx," remarket! a man about town.
"He is always clial!ensin some one
to play poker."
"Yes. He goes about, so to
speak, with a stack of chips o-i his
shoulder." Washington Star.
Her Marriage to (ieneral K.vd Douglas to
lie SoU-uiiiized tt hii Karly Date.
Wasiiinotox, October 8. It is au
thoritatively stated by the closer
friends of Mrs. Nellie Orant fiartoris
that .jho intends to marry again short
ly, and that the happy man is Oeneral
Kyd Douglas of Hagi-rstovvn. adjutant
general of the Maryland militia. Af
ter all the coy denials of the existence
of an engagement last spring, when
the gentleman's attentions were so pro
nounced, they do not seem to have lost
an opportunity of being in each other's
neighborhood all the past summer.
Mrs. Sarioris has bein here settling her
housekeeping a if airs for nearly a
month. The house she has taken for
the winter is a comfortable home on T
street, not over large, and yet luxurious
enough to meet all ,her requirements,
ami in providing alt the new things it
needed has caused her to become quite
a familiar figure in the downtown
With the Assistance of IUoodhoumU a
Kohlier in Ouickly ltun Down.
Er.iZAKKTin-owx, Ivy., October 8. L.
D. Henderson, of Rocky Hill Station.
Ivy., yesterday telegraphed Marshal
Neighbors to bring his bloodhounds
there, as his store has been robbed. The
dogs found the trail of the robber
( where he had bursted open the cash
! register and trailed the man five miles
through woods and hills to his home,
j where he was captured and turned oTor
j to Mievill Skaggs. 1 lie thief's name
was deorge. Hawkins. The trainer of
the dogs is Tom Wiles.
New .lerKey'e Senior Senator Not in the
Knee for His Succession.
Nkwakk. N. .1.. October s. A letter
has been received by Assemblyman Mo
ses Bigi low of this city from Senator
Mel'herson. dated New York, saying :
"I am now forced, however, to say that
1 must not be considered a candidate
for a fourth term in the Semite. The
condition of my health is to myself and
family a matter to be considered and I
have decided to take a long rest from
the excitement of political and official
labor of every kind."'
It 1 Kcportcri That He Will Visit Chulr
man Wdxon'H District.
WASiuxiiTox. October 8. It is re
ported lure that President Cleveland
will try to help his party in New York
and West Virginia in the coining elec
tion.. It is said that lie will write a let
ter hearing on the New York situation
and will visit West Virginia. He will
not .speak in Mr. Wilson's district, but
will eon tine h'm.self to a hunting tr'p.
Appointed hy L'r. iitrMiurt to Lend the
V;;:ii m's t
N k w Yo!:k. let . ! cr k. )r. 1 a VU h u r;t
announces Mrs. .Josephine Shaw Lowell
as the leader of the woman's movement
for pure government. She will have
associated with her a a a.h isory board
and a corps of lieutenants.
These women wid be the heads of
powerful committees in each assembly
district, and a house to house canvass
will be made.
Secretary Foster to l ::y Forty t ents on
Fosto;;ia, O., October The long
delayed settlement with the creditors
of e.v-tiovciTu.r Foster and his partner
has ;ii lust come ul out. The assignee
today announced that he would be able
to pay forty cents on the dollar, -arid
the claims amount to 3M;.i00. The
settlement with creditors will begin at
Sir. S,wa:i i:,i .;:. n-y l-"il;-s it $50,OOC
.lt'.on A.iliifit tin- 1.. uiid N.
IIahhstow.v. Ivy.. October 8 Susan
M. Humphrey, widow of the lnte
Thomas H. Humphrey, who was run
over an.i killed at Newport Ivy., on the
night of Deceml c" 1; l.i.t by a train of
the j. I N.. filed suit here id
the circuit court against the road for
."ni.OOO damages.
Well Known I.itt-rary Woman About to
Die t Lexington.
Lkxinoton, Ivy.. October S. Mrs. Vcrtner Jelfrey. who has been ly
ing at the point of death here for sev
eral days, was reported to be sinking
fast at noon yesterday. She is widely
known as a literary woman.
SiildicH oi Kentucky M-t-
IAw:!i;.NCi-;r.ri;i;. Ky.. October 8.
The remaining members of the Ken
tucky regiments which fought with the
I'lii; ni army in the civil war'met in an
nual ivunion at Waddy, twelve mile
north of here, today. Four or five hun
dred soldiers are present. At the meet
inir last vear over CuO attended.
C'ojcey ill Ilia 0iooin-ist"M County.
Ni-:w Liho.n. Ohio, October S. J. S.
Coxey. the populist candidate for con
gress in the old Mclvinley district,
opened his campaign in Columbian
county n i-' today 0:1 a gr issp'ol in the
western end of town.
Colonel ??crr:tt barber's recent letter
to the representatives of the
Army of the Tennessee may cause a
court martial.
Recent scattcrc.l washouts on the
Texas and l'aciiie aggrega'e ten miles.
The Alaska Commercial Company,
on account of its miki'1 catch of seals,
may sue the governii.eiit for damage.
A registered mail pouch over the i!ur
lingUm has been f-uud to have l.iei
robbed at ( hk-ago.
The ( Idea go postal employes will be
inspected today.
Assistant Secretary of War .John H.
Doe and (eue;-;.l .Vict '00k. inspected the
troops at Fort I.o:,-a:i vc.-u-:-i?ay.
Deputy Sheriff Sit: tii. i f Denver, was
shot and killed by l'oliceman Hoykin
last night in a political quarrel.
Customer I want pn-Mher gaso
line stoe ju.t like lhe one you sold
me a month pgo.
"Was it a peifcct success?-'
Customer Yes, indeed, it explod
ed and rid me of a cook that 1 was
tired ot Hickory Press.
a cure. What it has done for
others it will do for you. Be sure to
get Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Sunday's Wreck on the Atlanta
and West Point Road.
Two of the Injured I'atttiensers Will Die.
"'he Accident at a Trestle Over the
0anappi lllver, Neiir West
Point Track Cleared.
Atlanta. October 8. Passenger train
No. SC. of the Atlanta and West Point
road, which left here at 5:35 o'clock yes
terday morning, tumbled from the high
trestle over Osanappa creek, a few milts
beyond West Point, and seven persons
were badly injured.
News of the accident was immediate
ly telegraphed to this city, and before
11 o'clock yesterday morning a special
train was sent to the scene of the wreck
with four surgeons from Atlanta. The
wrecking train at once set to work to
clear the track, which was not com
pleted until just before 11 o'clock last
Two Persons Injured Fatally.
None of the persons on the train were
killed outright, but one or two may die.
The injured are:
It. J. Vaughan. conductor on a con
struction train, who was a passenger on
the train, badly cut and bruised. W.
11. Ken nan, a Charlotte drummer, cut
oTtr th lwft ey and leg hurt. D. Cun
ningham, New Orleans, hip hurt and
rijrht hand injured. Unknown white
man, who cannot tell who he is, fatally
injured. Several others more or less
It was reported in the city last night
that Mr. Hull Ware, of East Point, who
is well known in Atlanta, was danger
ously hurt in the wreck. This could
not be verified.
I Delay In Train Movements.
The accident caused great delay in
j Atlanta in the movement of the trains
of the West Point road and connections.
The New York and New Orleans vesti
bule did not arrive over the West Point
road until near midnight last night.
The Southern's vestibule waited for its
arrival, and consequently was many
hours late. No trains came in over the
West Point yesterday after the accident
occurred. The train was in charge of
Engineer I.ige llrown and Conductor
Dunlup, both of this city.
Chairman Ilabeoek Says It's Too Karly for
Wabiiixotox, October 8. Chairman
Halieock, of the republican congression-
. al committee returned from New Y'ork,
' where he has been in attendance upon
I :i mectintr of the rennlilii'iin ;, ti..n:il
"The political situation in New York
is in an embryo state," said Mr. I5ab
cock to a reporter, "and both parties
j lire alike in this respect. I can compare
the situation to nothing better than a
pot of molasses which is oa the stove
iioiiing fur candy. It is in a seething
condition, and it is diiliculfto tell at
this )int whether it will be burnt or
not. It is too early to make estimates
about New York.
"There is one thing which is appa
rent, however, and that is the demo
cratic opjMisition to I iill. You can see
it cropping out on all sides a vigorous,
aggressive and powerful movement. Of
course Mr. Hill perceive.- it and is doing
all in his power to cheek and counter
act it."
The ludiiHtrinl Army I.-al-r Vioh-ntly Han
dled by iiu Oiiift-r.
Sax Francisco, October 8. General
lvelly, leader of the industrial army
which left here last summer and went
to Washington, while addressing a
crowd last evening in Oakland, was or
dered by officer Scanlan to desist.
Kelly refused when Scanlan took him
into custody and the two marched off.
They had not gone far when Scanlan
suddenly began clubbing Kelly, and
fractured his skull. A crowd of sever
al hundred men marched to the city
hall and demanded that Scanlan be
placed under arrest. The authorities
quickly granted the demand, thereby
preventing probable violence. Kelly's
Condition is serious.
AS A CHE!CK on socialism.
Or. Kool-r'ii Declaration lu Favor of a l)ic
tator.sliip i Severely Criticized.
Dkhi.ix. October 8. Dr. Roosler's
declaration against the secret ballot
and in favor of a dictatorship as a check
on socialism, is criticized severely.
The Munich Allegemeine Zeitung, His
marskian. calls it a projxvil to abolish
the constitution and sweep away the
Reichstag. "The proposal cannot be
rejected olt'-hand, however, says the
writer," as beyond the reasonable con
sideration or resources of a capable
statesman in view of the menacing sit
uation. Such an attempt would be an
ordeal for the nation, and would be es
timated, doubtless, according to its ul
timate success." .
Hut Little Change In the I'rogr-4 of thu
l)lneaHe Nuinlier of axeit in Far Is.
Washington, October s. -The latest
report of Surgeon Irwin, stationed at
London, to the Marine hospital service,
states that there is little change in tho
progress of the cholera epidemic in Eu
rope. There appears to be an increase
in Germany and Turkey, while from
Russia the reports are conflicting. A
number of cases have been known in
Paris, but there are none in Great
ltritain inside of quarantine stations.
Cloudy Weather and Kaln.
Washington, October 8. Forecast:
For Georgia, cloudy weather and rain,
east winds, increasing in force, severe
gales on the coast. For Alabama,
threatening weather and rain, north
east winds, colder Monday night. For
Tennessee, showers in eastern, possibly
fair in western portion, winds shifting
to north and colder Monday night.
Another ll'-mb ExoloMion In Milan.
Milan. October 8. A bomb was ex
ploded near the police barracks last
evening. Nobody was killed.
Itiirklen'ti A rniea Sulve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hand:;,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Hies, or no
pay required. It is euaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by R.
V. Hargrave, Druggist
New Ties and Bagging at half price
Ch irlotte Observer: Joe Iler-
. ring, a member of the chain gang,
j who was one of the "trusties,"
escaped lrom the gang on the nth of 4
last February. Since then he has i
been at large until last Sunday night
, when he voluntarily returned and
j gave himself up to the boss of the
gang. Mr. Himhardt wrote to him
that it he would return he would not I
be whipped, and Joe. like a good boy,
came back.
Weldon corespondent Richmond
, , ,. . animais, ana we nave oeen inclined
Dispatch: Ihe Republican county:, i w r.u . n
r . ' - ? to doubt some of these stories. Rn-
v iiaiiuA was is a
tion win probably be m .session all
night, and the indication point to a
fusion with the Hutlerites.
Newbern Journal: The Wil
mington Messenger notices an item in
an exchange which savs 1h.1t in thp
Noithera States on land worth from
$300 to $500 per acre, they make
money raising cucumbers for pickles,
and comments on this, saying truly
that if the South, with her vast and
multiplied advantages, would but di
versify its industries much mote am!
give more attention to economy of
time, labor and money it would soon
go to the front as the land of Goshen,
the most desirable part of ihis great
continent. There is no doubt, that
nature has done more for Southland
than for any part of the United Stares.
, .
Clinton Democrat: Mr. Roscoe
Bizzell had business in Clinton early
last Thursday morning. lie resides
three miles from town and left home
belore day. He was driving along
in the dark when he came in contact
with a tree which had been blown
across the road by the storm on
esilay n.ght. I he body ni the
tree was just high eno-igli to let the
horse pass under it. Mr. Hizzel!
knew nothing ol it until it met him
full m the face and left him almost
senseless, liy holding fist to the
reins lie was able to remain in the
ullSKv- rereivt-d a painful bruise ;
on the right side of his f.u e.
Charlotte New:-: Mr. Frank
Harkey is engineer in charge of Mr.
John I. Hunter's plant at Derita. J
the other day Mr. Haikey had
a seveie chili, but all the same he en-!
deavored to attend to his duties.
Alier the chill the fever came on, and
it was so Pgravated by the heat of
the engine room that Mr - Harkey
suddenly became delirious. He bolt
ed from the room, ran to his home
partly stripped himself. Then :
, r , . f
roke from home and went tear-1
he hri
convenuon at tlaiilax
. . , , , , cenuywenave naa occasion to see
typical negro knock -down-and drag- j the practical results of the use of one
out afFtir. About one half favor I G these stones.
fusion, and the better class of the! On Friday, 2 tst day of Septem
colored delegates favor a straightout ' ber, Mr. Elks, who attends to Mr. R
ticket. The wrangle resulted in R. Warrens stock, was bitten by a
blows, and T. J. Field, a prominent poisonous snake in the barn. He
colored man. received a seveie cut was bittin on the thumb at 4 o'clock
on the left temple, from which tho morning, and the swelling was very
blood flowed freely. . extensive up to the shoulder and his
,1 . , t .1 1 They are all better and the w ell has
tug through the fields and away.!. ; , , , .
c , , .- , 11' 1,,ei1 closed by Sanitary Officer Sale.
Search was made tor him, and he:., , . 3
. . c ;i 1 ii- 1 1 1 1
was finally found, lying on h s back 1
exhausted, in a piece of woods. lit:
was taken home and given proper
medical attention and is r.o.v much
Hickory IVess: The Demo
cratic Executive Committee of Ca
tawba county met at Newton last
week with a full board present ex
cept one member. Mr. A. A. Shu
ford the chairman presided. The ab
sent member sent a letter stating his
views v. hich were in accordance with
the action of ihe committee. They
un nim. us!y decided to hold an elec
tion on the day of the general elec
tion and ail nv the Democrats to ex
press bv ballot their preference for
U S. Senaiors. one or both as they
choose NT me but tlese who vole
for the Democratic nominee for the
Legislature from this e-omifv be
allowed Jo vote lor l!i-i; choice tor
U. S. Senators.
Charlotte Observer: About
five weeks ago Mr. Richard Gray
owned a handsome bicycle costing
$165. He rode up to Rigler ct
Laird's one night, leaving his bike,
outside, When he came out of the
store he was stecdless. Kvery effort
was made to find the w heel and thief,
but all efforts failed, until yesterday.
Tutt Creswtll, who was already in
limbo for stealing clothes from Rig
ler 8c Laird's, was found to be the
theif. He n ik? the wheel of and
and sold it for $6 to Henry Goodman
son of Rob't Goodman. He in turn
sold it for $35. Goodman claimed
that the machine wasn't worth 10
cents when lie bought if. Crcswell
will be yanked vip this morning on
this second charge, and his prospects
for long life and happiness grow
beautifully less as lhe enormity of his
crimes increases.
Highest of all in Leavening
11 XC7
A Madidone In Washington '. C.
Many wonderful stories have been
J told of the marvelous cures made by
I tllO 1 tVrtl-1 1 IMl "vf rvtisliststw.i ft.-.'
I ... c ., .
1 rntl cA rtnmrinnim r.rttlc mcAflc -irwi
' , . . ' ." ..'
i t i ti
arm was stiff. The pain wes intense
He reached Gallagher's drug store
at 10 o'clock, suffering with the pain
and extreme nausea. His eyes and
countenance wore an unnatural look.
The madstonc, which has been
"f"' in of lhe St;lte
always with favorable resulls, was
applied. It stuck like a leech, and
remained 011 the wound one hour and
fifty minutes, and would then stick no
longer. At least a cupful of poison
ous blood was drawn. In twenty
'""tes alter the application the
anci nausea were gone and when
gone and when he
left the drug store about two o'clock
he was pronounced safe. He is now
well and at work.
So great is the confidence of the
doctors at Gallagher's in lhe virtues
of this stone, that they promise a cure
ornochaige. We are glad there is
such a stone in oiir community.
Washington Gazette,
Home and Ahroad.
It is the duty of everyone, whether
at home or traveling for pleasure or
llsjnes, to l,;,,,,,.!,- xv:,u .1.,
remedy which wilL keep up strength '
' ' .
...... ni. iiiui.T.', .11111 i nil.- mu 11
ills as are liable to come upoa al! in
everyday life. Moods S irs.ip.irilla
iUn 1.1,....! ....1 l 1: .1 l
vv...- mi. jjiih: ,mu 1t.-3.-1 liaim" )
ta abnnib the oerms of disease.
1 fom,.s PilIs are hin,, iu;u,e
Pe,fect in proportion and appearance.
25c' lrr ')OX-
i-ou.,., i n. mvii.
t 1nursa.1v night three, mem
bers of the Nowel's family, living
near lirookside Park, were taken
sick from drinking water from a well
near by.
Yesterday two more members ol
lh SMne WCre Prostrat('11 n
the same cause.
- iin-wiy 3 mat uie wen was ikms
. . . 1
oncd and a sample of the water has
been sent by Dr. McKee to Dr. I Lit
tle the State Chemist fir analysis.
News St Observer.
No doctor's bills presented to the
families who use . Simmons Liver
was formerly pronounced incur ible. Now il is i:ot.
of the early stages of the disease
Scott's Emit
Stud for pamphUt on ScoWs Entuliian. iJ-j.!:.
Scott A Bjwne, N. Y. Al! Druggists. 50 cnta and SI.
Swincford's Arsenic Lithu
Virginia Hospital, iic-o, 1 102, 1 104, K. Clay St.
RIchmonh, Va., July 2nd, 1894.
H. Ii. Hartman,
Dkar Sir: 1 take pleasure in commending your Atonic Lit hia Water.
It sec-ins to possess the properties of a tonic as well a diuietic. I find it a
splendid regulator of the system. It is a general fivorile with the patients,
many like Mrs. Dil-b, will doubtless procure it for themselves after leaving
John Lawri-xce, M. D.,
Senior Resident Physician.
Tower. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
A Story of Vance's First Campaign.
It was a great victory for the young
Whig, Zeb Vance, when he tlefeatcd
"oi IUI
i Congress belore the war,
said everywhere in the joint canvass
that Vance would t.ind no show, as
he couldn't overcome the 2,000
Democratic majority in the district.
Vance, however was elected by 2,000
majority himself, and in the joint
meeting, at Asheville, of the rival can
didates, customary to be held in those
days after an election, to make friends
and heal old wounds, Vance made
thiMiicst of his success. 1 Ie said in
ctk-ct: "My opponent charged that
I would he snowed 111 k-r, but it was
vicevcis.i. I remind myself of the
Caldwell county 'possum, which an
indignant mountaineer told mc about.
Slid he: 'I strel died that 'possum's
neck teil I thought he was dead; I
skinned him, and l.iied him for three
hours, but don't you think when I
took the led offu tin.- pot, lhe cussed
little devil was asi ttin' up there on
its hind legs, and Dad hckid up all
the gravy?' " and so the wiity cam
paigner intimated ih it while his op
ponents had tried ! down him, he
had licked up nil the gravy in apoliti
cal w;iv. Wilmington Messenger.
- .
Hovve's irregular and constipated,
result in piles, avoid it by taking
Simmons Liver Regulator.
I.nsi W il.- in. I A . .mil ,
San i-'ransi .. , Ori. 3. ( 'harh-s Stel
1 i o;. Kfoctr and capitalist, one day
confided lo his wife that he had stored
away in a cliesl, 5,000 in ;.-.:. for an
emergency. Tins ni' r;..( i:ry came yes
terday, wlii 11 Mrs. .Si. Iiin:. decided to
elo;,- uith Alex. M N', a street-car
roudiii lor, .hhI look money. '
Resides uu nitig sh ee ..'Torei ies and a
. ...... I ......! V 1 f l ...,....! I I .1
, J . ' " " v:"-
I ,1 . e oil .Hie ; ; .hi. 1 . .-.i i-oi-i. 1,1-, ,..-!-
all !
it j.l iie.i in l-i uif.-'s
II. till vi.. u r mai ti.i-e. The
deed.; to property worth 5yiK, with
cei I i'i. ales of roi pouilien and muting
stock and the gold, have gone Fast
with lie eloping couple.
- ......
)... 1 .11. ia ; :1
S. II. Clifford, . -a C.issd. Wis.,
was troubled with Neuralgia ami
Rheumatism, his stomach was dis
oidereil, h:s liver fie;led to an
alarming degiee, ::ppetite fiil away,
and he was terribly rcdm ed in flesh
and : tn-ngtli. Three bottles of Elec
tric Hitlers cured him.
Edward Shepherd, II irrisl.urg, III.,
had a 1 mining sore on his leg of
eight years' standing. Used three
bottles of Eiecli ie. Ihtleis and seven
boxes of UiK-kli n's Arnica Sdve, and
his leg is sound and well. John
Speaker, C:d.uv!.:, ( ) , h is live large
leyer sores on his log, ! t i s said
he was mauibk:. One bottle Elec
tric I Jit t i-rs and one
Arnica S.dve cured
Ii. W. Hargrave.
bo llii'kleii's
him. So!d by
At,. I
t. u
In nil
f. o
5 e sr
will effect a cure quicker f hrm rvny r.f hor
known Kpecific. SeottVi Einidsu.i: .pro
motes the making of heallliy lupg-f issue,
relieves inflammation, overcomes! ho xeeK?:
ivo waste of the;isc raA fiv.s vi1:.l
Tor Coughs, Golds, "Weak Lu,, S r i Throat,
Bronchitis, Consumption, Scrofu';, A:u-:miu,
Loss of riesliand Wasting Di-:o i;;;j of -Ci:il''r,.!i.
Buy enly the genuine with o-,ir
mark on salmon-colored nropS'r.

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