North Carolina Newspapers

    - 7
The Wilson
Vim will see from the above
-ures that eight years ago
! he Cash Racket Store castetl
: lot with the good people
i this little city, and notwith-
;. uuling the prediction made
1 v so many that a "one price,
- before delivery" business
. v. dd not be successfully con
wiiitnl here, it has speedily
-town from a little 25x60 feet
-tore- to three times its origi
nal sie, and we believe it is
only a question of time when
we will be forced to get more
room. What is the cause of
this rapid increase in business?
W e answer Underbuy, Un
dersell, One price to all.
This week
The first thing on the list is
10 cioz. Ladies Silk Em
broidered Handker
chiefs worth 25c.
Our price only 9c.
The next is
ijlue in new patterns,
Then comes the "Mascot,"
a new thing in 6-4 .all wool
cress gocds at 44c. yard. Sold
t-lsewhere at 62jc. a yard.
The Cash Racket Stores
J. M. LEATH, M'g'r.
N. .-.1 a;;d Ijoldsboro Sts.
j J r. PRICE,
Surveyor and Civil Engineer.
WILSON, - - N. C
-1 tars' ex juTU-nce. Olfne next to
I )i . Albert Anderson.
Aim. '.. YwHliinl, W. II. V;irUiroiili. .If.
Att nm-vs-at-Law,
Wl!uN, " - - N. C.
Wi'I ;r.i lii t- in the courts of Wilson,
Wisii, Green, Edgecombe and adjtin-
X. I; Associated in Civil practice
Attorney at Law,
WILSON, - - N. C.
l'r.u tict-s wherever services are re-
:i.ii ! 'jT'AIl business will receive
: i'oi'ipt aUcntii in.
1 ;i!i e in Wi ll's !Uii!oin.r.
Attorney at Law,
WILSON, - - N. C.
:'. llrandi cc Co's. Iiatik Huilthng.
Attorney at Law,
iKccrr: Wilson, Green Wayne
Idmsloii Counties.
HTlxo Insurancs
11 on tm at the ofhee of W. K. War
1 iS: Co., over I list National Hank.
Wood & Shin1es.
I h .. . V ress Shinjrles on hand at
1 tii-s uHI sell cheap.
1 11 hand and can be lurnished
' not id-. Yard on Railroad,
U st side of Nash Street,
t i
Gotland Heck Steam Dye Works,
1- i-i' ss paid on packages.
! lor pr'uc List. Address,
Steam Dying Co.,
Scotland Neck, N. C.
Two lsliml .'Men hiiiI a !.
While strolling in Sixth avenue the
other day I paused to note an inter
esting incident of that busy strict;
when I heaid just behind nie the
joliy voice of a man:
'It always does me good to ineit
you, old man.'"
'.Thanks how's trade? You're
getting some new wrinkhs in yours,
The last speaker was slowly pass
ing his hand over the face of the
other man. lie held a long start in
the other hand, and the man who
was being examined had a string at
tached to a small dot;. lioth men
were blind.
"Oh, I have nothing to complain
about," said the man with the dog,
though the latter didn't appear to
take such a cheerful view of affairs.
He sniffed doit fully, and his toil was
wholly destitute of wag. Did you
ever notice that a blind man's dog
never manifests any particular interest
in mundane things-? They gradually
acquire a moody temperament and
afiect a gloomy view of life. All the
time these two sightless men laughed
and chatted the dog sat looking at
them in the most melancholy and
morose manner- New York Herald.
Why is lie m 1 rrit.-thle ?"
This question is often heard and
nearly as often unanswered.
It is not always remembered as ii
should be, that the occasion of ill-temper
and irritability is often to he found
in the physical condition of the persons
affected. What is the use of trying to
harmonise a man whose liver has gone
back on him? If a man is tortured
with rheumatism, how can he be ex
pected to be cheerful and always ready
to tell a fanny story? The only way to
remove the difficulty is to get at the
cause. Djspepsia. rheumatism, impure
blood and liver troubles yield to
Hood's S.irsapariila; this is why it is an
effective tranquilizer,, a peaceful mes
senger, and a preventive of domestic
laivis loj.iily.
Senttor Jarvis made a spce:h :.t
the opera house here last Tuesday
niyht to a large and attentive audi
ence of ladies and gentlemen. He
was very cordially received and he
made a telling speech. It was a
clear exposition ot Democratic doc
trine; portrayed what the Democratic
party has dune, and explained the
present tariff law. Senator Jarvis
came riht square out and said he
was flat-footed on the State platform
and in favor of silver and currency,
and as demanded by the State Demo
cratic platform. He did not waver
or dodge the question. This was en
thusiastically received. It showed
that the people are not deceived or
misled by gold bug teachings. He
said he had neither sympathy nor
respect for the "Whangdoodle" ut
terances ol the men who opposed ful
filling the Democratic pledges as to
tree coinage. Hickory Press.
lie" 1'iMs.
Send your address to II. E. IJuck
!en and Co., Chicago, 111., and git a
free sample box of Dr. King's New
New Life pills A trial will convince
you of their merits. These piiis are
easy in action and are particularly cf
fective in the cure of Constipation
and sick headache. For malaria and
liver troubles they have been proved
invaluable. They are guaranteed
to be peifectly free from every delete
rious substance and to be purely
vegetable. They do not weaken by
their action, but by giving tone to
stomach and bowels greatly invigo
rate the system. Regular size 25c.
per box. Sold by B. V. I Iargiave,
Hint 1 1 mill it.
Stoaks There goes Chanter,
O.Ues. He's got one of the fimst
voices I ever heard. Ever hear him
sing? He's got a fine voice.
Oakes (sadly) Yes, nice voice. I
heard it about an hour ago. I Ie bor
rowed 5 10. Chicago Record.
If your blood is impure regulate
your liver with Simmons Liver Regu
llook-canvassers should tike
courage from a story told by an Eng
lish lecturer on "The Art of Book
binding." A man of their profession had call
ed at a house whose occupant met
him with a growl.
"It's no use to me. I never read."
"But there's your family," said the
"Havi.'t any family nothing but
a cat."
"Well, you may want something to
throw at the cat."
The book was purchased.
As Yot No Cluo to tho Famous
Th Slory of the Great F.prei;s I lob lie ry
Verdant Vet in the World of Seiina
liun l'inkt rtuiis Now on the
Case Only I'oiiit In llau J.
Washixotox, October 15. Nothing1
new has ili-velnped in the Quantieo
train robbery that is regarded with
The orginal report that a signal-man
saw the Hying engine coming along the
track and telegraphed to Quantieoto
look oat fur it is incorrect. The engine
was rushing into (juartieo station until
Hiinounced at the rate of a mile a min
ute, when a switch man named O" Lea ry,
by a happy ir.stirn t. came to the con
clusion that something was wrong and
instantly seixe;! the switch bar. threw
the target over and sent the engine
clashing up a steep grade into a coal
damp where it smashe !. three or four
coal ears and up-ended it.ielf in a mira
culous wreck.
1'nt 111 l'ink" rton's Hands.
The managers and assistant mana
gers of the Adams express company
were in consultation in this city yester
day. Their part of the investigation
bus been placed in the hands of the
Philadelphia oriice of the Pinkertons.
The governor of Virginia has offereo
rewards for the arrest of the robbers.
Other rewards have been offered by the
express company and by the railroad
and the governor of Maryland will co
operate in every way.
A number of detectives from Pinker
ton's headquarters, at Philadelphia,
reaeiied Aquia Creek yesterday and
started a search of the locality. Sev
eral New York Pinkerton men are also
1 arnor Ceulri Not I'rove Ouilt.
The man Turner, who was arrested
here while in a drunken condition Sat
urday night and who claimed to be one
of the robbers who v::s cheated out of
his share, turned out to lie an irresponsible-person.
The express messenger
saw him and said that he was not the
man who entered the e:.r.
The police authoi ities received word
that a small schooner, with suspicious
character. aboard, was anchored about
twenty miles down tiie river. Think
ing they might be the robbers, a squad
of otlicers. heavily nrmeil. sailed in the
police boat to the schooner. Arriving
there the otlicers found the schooner
deserted but the inhabitants of that
section said that the schooner's occu
pants had not deserted the vessel, but
had left her temporarily, possibly over
The Strike :it l"all I'ivr Fvrumlly Itroken
liy Kxiimple.
Fai.i. Rivci:. October 15. The entire
business community is interested in the
result of todays" action of the employes,
the interest centering in the action of
the weavers. There is little doubt but
that the rest of the employes will go
in. It is expected that many of the
weavers will return because the loss of
wages for the past eight weeks has
driven many of them, as well as other
operatives, into straightened circum
stances. The manufacturers are of the
opinion that the operatives will have
trouble in operating the machinery
for a few days but do not anticipate
that the help will stay away from the
mills after the lirst week in suflicient
numbers to seriously affect business.
Put few entered early today.
C hiiH-Ke AgentH Alrial l"rgel to Repre
sent Their Adversities IHlI'ereiil l.v.
SnAXfiiiAi, October 15. It is reported
that in consequence of the projected
10.000.000 ten per rentage loan, to be
guaranteed by the imperial customs,
Chinese agents abroad have been in
structed to put the best lace possible
on the recent Chinese reverses and to
represent the ileet as being active and
efficient. The outbreak of the Kulao
whei society in Hankow was spread
rapidly. Troops were sent out to quell
it, but they were resisted savagely, and
eventually put to iiight. Two manda
rins were killed.
Famous mm an Kxpert on Insanity, He Stood
at the Head of Ills rrofexnion.
Nkw Yokk, October 15. Dr. Stuart
Douglas, who has of late years been in
charge of the insane paviliion at IJelie
vue hospital, is dead. Dr. Douglas was
."4 years old, and was a gradvate of the
college of physicians and surgeons,
lie acquired lame as an expert on in
sanity and took charge of the insane
ward at Pellevue hospital in 1SS7.
held that position continuously till lie
was taken ill three weeks ago. The
remains were taken to Iiichmond, Va.,
the home of the deceased, at 0 o'clock
last evening.
Seventeen Waterliggel Sailor Arrive In
J'ensaeolu to Tell of the late Storm.
Pi;ysAcoi.A, I'la., October 15. Cap
tain Sinte and sixteen men of the crew
of the Spanish bark Paicelona from
New Orleans to J.arcelona. with a cargo
of staves, were brought here yesterday
by the pilot boat naze. ine Barce
lona was dismasto 1 and waterlogged,
her pumps and everything on deck be
ing carried away in last Monday's
storm. One seaman was swept over
board and drowned.
The Stamp Lossen Not Heavy.
Wasiiixotox, October 15. The offi
cials of the bureau of engraving and
printing express the opinion that the
losses of postage stamps by the thefts
of Smith and his confederates will not
exceed ?l,'i00 or SI. 500.
l'irst rarliiiiiicntar.v I'.leetion,
Ibussui.s. October 15. Belgium's
first parliamentary election with uni
versal suffrage was held yesterday. 21 c
summary yet possible.
The Acquirement fiiMure.
"Do you consider travel essential
to an education?" asked the young
"Not if you live in Hoston," re
plied the young woman w'uh blue
glasses. Washington Star.
Go to Young's for Clothing.
rroiiiiiic-nt. ami Wcailliy Citisxu of Ken
On kj Mrunj; by Ills Neighbors.
L;:.::.o nix. Ky.. October 15. Yester
day another lynching was added to the
fall scries of the lJiue Orass lynching
bees. Saturday at the close of the
Itfultyville fair, Osear Morton, a prom
inent and wealthy citizen of Stanton,
in Powell county, went on the warpath.
Only two weeks ago Morton killed a
man at Stanton and wa out on $5,003
bond to appear next w eek at the Powell
circuit court. When Morton arrived at
the fair he proceeded to get drunk and
then went to find Sheriff William
Simms. who was his deadly enemy, a
feud of long standing existing between
the two men. Simms and Morton met
near the entrance to the fair grounds,
and after a few words both of tlieiu
drew guns and a quick exchange of
shots followed. When the smoke had
cleared away it was found that Sheriff
Simms was dead. Before a crowd could
collect Morton was hustled to the coun
ty jail. The jieople became infuriated
and a big meeting was at once held in
the public square. A mob was quickly
formed and marched to the jail. The
jailor was overpowered and the keys
to Morton's cell were obtained. After
a short parley he was taken to a little
bridge some distance from the town
and the rope was placed around his
neck. The leaders drew their guns
and told him to jump or else he would
be riddled wite bullets. He jumped
breaking his neck, after cursing his
captors. Further trouble is expected.
This is the eighth lynching in three
The Southern Anxious for the C, X. O. and
T. 1. Kailvvny Stockholders Meeting.
Cincinnati. October 15. At the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Cincinnati, Xew Orleans and Texas
l'acitic railway company, to be held at
the general offices here today, there
will be two tickets for directors in the
field. Oncticket will be that made up
by the C. H. & I), syndicate people, and
the oilier will be a ticket representing
the Southern railway-Drexel. Morgan
interests. The Cincinnati Hamilton
and Dayton also have booked six of the
present members of the present board
of directors to retire. Those who are
to go out are Messrs. Ilrice. Thomas,
Lauterbach. Metihee. Weir and Ander
son of this city. The gentlemen are to
be succeeded by II. R Shoemaker, Al
fred Sully, of New York, and E. XV.
Kittredge, Lawrence Maxwell, jr.,- M.
1). Woodford, and Eugene Zimmerman
of Cincinnati. There is not likely to
bej any legal interference today.
Mr. Oreenough said last night that
while the Southern railway was anx
ious to get hold of the property, as Cin
cinnati was the ff.itew.iy between their
lilies and New York, they would prob
ably wait and bay the siock.
Vnele anil Nephew. Alabama Kindrod,
FiCht to .1 -atal finish.
CiAIksuen. Ala.. October 15. In ISris
toe's cave, four miles from Monntains
boro. near the county line between
Etawah and Marshal, there occurred a
cold-blooded murder late Saturday
evening. The facts are as follows, as
near as they could be learned: (ieorge
Hartlett and his nephew, Dave Hub
bard, had been engaged in getting out
stove timber and had some word. over
the settlement. Saturday they were
engaged in gathering corn, when the
difficulty was returned. Kartlett was
on the wagon and grabbing a hickory
standard, struck at Hubbard, who also
grabbed a large hickory stick ami
struck Bartlet in the head, knocking
him out of the wagon. Hubbard then
went to the house and telling what lie
had done, fled the country. Parties
went to the Held where they found
ISartlctt dead.
Heavy Oaini Notietil.le at ail the l'ohiti
Over the Last Kisrollmeiit.
Albany, N. Y., October 15. Satur
day, the third day of the registration,
15.2 15 names were enrolled in this city,
making a total of 18,10:! for the three -against 17,041 for the three days
last year, an increase this year of 1,1
Advices from other points show that the
registration thus far is ahead of last
year's considerably.
Twety-FI ve Sh!pt at Savannah Will Load
With Cotton.
Savannah, da., October 15. There
tire twenty-five foreign steamships in
port to load with cotton for Europe.
The total tonnage is 40,000, and they
will carry about 150,000 bales, or 50.000
more bales than are now in port. The
receipts here, are about 8,000 bales per
An Kra of 111 reeodeiiteii l'rosjierity.
llAiuusm-RG, Pa., October 15. Iron
and steel mills in this locality are en
j J"i ig an era of unprecedented pros
perity. At the Pennsylvania steel
works the production of rails and Ues
semer steel last week was the heaviest
of years. j
Front in the Southern States. !
Washington. October 15. forecast: (
for (ieorg-ia, faiv, northeasterly winds, j
light frosts in the interior, followed by !
slightly warmer weather, for Western
floriia, Alabama and Mississippi, gen
erally fair, easterly winds, slightly
Shot Dead W hile KM-aoing I'riHOii.
Qiincv, 111., October 15. Oeorge
Williams, who escaped from the Mis
souri prison, together with another con
vict, was shot and kuxed by Mieritr
Pratt at Palmyralast evening. Williams'
companion surrendered to the sheriff.
Kit iimond'rt Three Days I'at-InK"-Richmond,
October 15. The three
days racing of the Virginia exposition
begins today with two running and
two trotting trials. This will be the
most important event of Virginia's turf
An Amt-rieaa W in the Honor,.
Paris, October l.V (Jeorge I'.ardcer.
the American wheelman won the grand
Prix de Paris at tho bicycle i aces yes
terday. "Could I see the boss a few min
utet?" "Yes, as soon as she yets through
tellin' the mistress that she's got to
have another afternoon oft each week.
Chicago Inter Ocean.
Pains in the region of the kidneys
are cured by Simmons Liver Regulator.
In Alaoama it is a Heated Fight
in tho Congressional Race.
The Antl-Demoeratic Nominees Straight
out Kepuldieans in Three of the
DutrW-tK Only Two Complete
Tickets Now lu the Field.
Birmingham, Ala., October 15. As
November approaches the congressional
campaign grows more heated. The
populist in Alabama appeared and are
jast now putting forward greater ef
forts than ever. They are jubilant
over the Oeorgia result.
However, the democrats are very
active, and are preparing to meet every
move made by the opposition. . They
are inviting to this state such speakers
as Speaker Crisp, Secretary of Interior
Smith, Congressman John Allen, of Mis
sissippi, and others, besides Senator
Morgan. All the congressional candi
dates are already on the stump, and a
very lively campaign is being waged.
In the first, fourth and lifth districts
the anti-democratic nominees are
straight out . republicans, whom the
populist and .TelTersonians or Kolbites
have indorsed in their district conven
tions and agreed to support. In the re
maining distric ts, except the sixth, the
opponents of democracy are populists
or Kolbites, who have the indorsement
of the republican conventions, so that
the fusion lietween the populists, Kolb
ites and republicans is complete, one
district excepted, so far as the conven
tions and party machinery of the three
parties are concerned. This admits of
but two complete sets of tickets in the
Held, the democratic and anti-democratic.
Tennessee' Delegation in the Next Con
gress to l,e Only Slightly I'liaiiKecl.
Milan, Tenn., October 15. Only one
face will be absent from the Tennessee
delegation in congress next term Al
fred A. Taylor, republican of the first j
district. He will goon the lecture stage t
with his brother, ex-Oovernor Hob Taj- '
lor. who defeated him for governor in
the famous "War of the Roses."' Isham
(i. Harris, Tennessee's senior senator,
who is now doing effective campaign
work in the state, will succeed himself.
Harris is president pro-tem of the Uni
ted States senate, and one of the most
noted southerners in the national con
gress. The old man is seventy-six years
of age, and there is no opposition
against him.
The White House Finished for the Keeep
1 1nn of 1'res'ulent and Mrs. Cleveland.
Washington, October 15. President
and Mrs. Cleveland will return to the
cif y during the week. There is consid
erable work going on in anticipation
tf their coming and the mansion will
be in comfortable shape for their re
ception. The east room is the most
upset, as the painters are just finishing
the woodwtirk and touching up the gilt,
which is very plentiful in that vast
apartment. The other parlors, each of
which has had some refurnishing, are
looking quite fresh and attractive, and
on the whole the house will look much
more inviting in every way for its dis
tinguished occupants. .
Denies the Umiior That He Would Not
Make the Kaee.
f itANKFonr, Ky, October 15.-Oovernor
IJrown. in answer to the rumor that he
would decline to enter the race for the
I'nited States scijatorship. said: "There
is no truth in the intimation. I am
anxious und will urge that the demo
cratic state convention shall nominate
the candidate for senator. Tho peo
ple's choice for the position should be
selected." The governor was asked
if he would make any speeches before
the November election. lie answered:
'"It will be impossible for me to make
any speeches. The very critical illness
of one of my daughters will prevent. I
have declined many invitations for this
Foiled State Will Not Interfere in the
Oriental War.
Washington, October 15. Although
not otlicially admitted at the state de
partment there are good reasons for
the belief that the I'nited States gov
ernment has formally declined to enter
the proposed alliance of (ireat llritain,
France, Russia and (iermany for the
suppression of hostilities between China
and Japan. The proposed intervention
of the European powers is of a friend
ly character and is said to be intended
for the good of the world- According
to the story the declination of the
United States is based on its time hon
ored policy against entangling alli
ances with other countries.
niaile by
.Convict I ion a Foreman in tiie
Frankfort. I'en.
FKAXKKO-iT. Ky., October 15. A seri
ous and probably fatal cutting affray
occurred in the penitentiary about 11::-J()
o'clock this morning. Frank Chambers,
a negro convict from Marion county,
serving a ten-year sentence, made a
murderous assault upon Anthony
Xocckcr, foreman of one of the depart
ments of the chair factory, horribly
gashing him about the arms, face and
breast with a knife which he had been
using in his work, and which had been
sharpened as keen as a razor. Xoecker
fell into a faint, but was revived. It is
not known how serious his wounds art,
but are probably fatal.
Louisiana's Wholesale Jail Delivery.
Smkkvei'oiit, La., October 15. Seven
prisoners effected their escape from the
parish jail yesterday morning at "
o'clock, four of whom werp convicted
by the recent term of the criminal
court, for life time service. They used
an old tile an a pair of scissors to dig
out of the prison. i
ISsieklen'it A rn iea Salve.
The Best Sa've in tiie world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Kheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B.
W. Hargrave, Druggist
New Ties and Bagging at halt price
Has I'm holies Defended Harrison and
T t!ie An iiM-.liojis are Conspirators.
Minneapolis. Ociolier 15. Oeueral
C. T. Morgan. Indian commissioner
under General Harrison, made an ad
dress before the baptist convention on
"nouie 111 Politic ;" last night and made j
a I utter attae.; on the Catholic church,
whic h hi.: declaied was a political or
ganization. The r,ie. he said, would
soon try to have the Ablegate reorgan
ized at Washington as an ambassador
for political sovereignty.. He charged
the Catholics with securing the defeat
of Harrison on account of his adminis
tration of Indian ati'airs. He asserted
that 1)0 out of every 100 Cat holies were
democrats, and only enough supported
the republican ticket to keep up ap
pearances. He referred to Archbishop
Corrigan as a man who carried the
l' lifted States senate in his pocket for
convenient use. and ad.ied that the
archbishops were at this mome
nt be-
hind closed doors plotting against free I
schools amir the free institutions of
j:eryboily anil cry 1 hint; in the l-ight foi
tiie I ii it 1 States Senatoi-sliip.
TliKNTox, X. .1., October 15. Even
thing in Xevv . Jersey and cvervbodv M
involved in the fight for the United
stales scnaiorsn p. .now mat senatoi
Md'hei-son nas declared that he haj
had enough of polities it is any body "a
race. Although the republicans chiiiu
that the democrats are demoralized bv
Mcl'lierson s withdrawal, yet as a mat
ter of fact the democratic cause is help
ed thereby. With Mcl'herson out,
there is democratic enthusiasm. If i
democratic legislature is elected anj
prominent democrat in the state can
- '
aspire to the senatorship. There is nc '
one man in the party just now who ha
enough influence or who towers sufli-
ciently above the others to make hi.
Reliction a certainty. Allan McDer
mott and ex-Oovernor Leon Abbott, it '
is true, are still in high favor, but not i
enough but what anybody could entei !
the race with a good chance of winning,
liaised a How With a l'lipulist and Hot Hi)
With a Weight.
Fp.AXKFout. Ky., October 15. XV. P,
llridgeford, the well known populist
leader, and Judge W. L. Jett, a demo
cratic politician, had a fight Saturday
night. Jett was drunk and made a
verbal assault on Jlridgeford fortius
part the latter took in the late cam
paign jtfinst Colonel Hreckinridge.
ifu "-ol soinsuuin"- mat la-nureiora
ordered him out of his place of busi
ness. Jett became so angered at this
that he advanced upon his adversary,
and was in the act of striking him with
a knife when the latter seized a largu
iron weight and struck li'm in the back
of the head, friends interfcrrcd and
prevented further dilliculy. The diffi
culty was provoked entirely by Judgt
Jett, who was one of Colonel. I Ircckin
ridge's supijorters. and is still sore ovei
his defeat.
American Heiress Wanis 15i Damaged
From a Fond. mi Hanking House.
Omaha, October 15. An interesting
sequel to the marriage of American
heiress to a titled f reigner has devel
oped in Omaha, where Phoebe II. Lin
ton liled her petition in the district
court, asking for a judgment of S'iOO.OOO
from John Whitmaker Cooper, who, she
alleges, is a member of the London
:..... ..e i..... 1 i- y .
'nutting; 111 111 01 iiiimil. iiilMM'll, iv. v O.
Sheaves these defendants eonspired
with others and have injured her feel-
ings and financial standing to the
amount for which she has brought suit
by pretending to have mortgages on
her property here. She is the daughter
of Colonel Fiudlay, the renowned Ohio
capitalist. She. several years ago, mar
ried Colonel Linton, of Loudon, having
a million in iter own name.
The Kroraniatl.iu of the Lexington and
F;tstTii iiuilway.
LkxingtoN, Ky., October 15. On
November 1 the Kentucky fnion rail
road, rcc-ntly purchased by J. Kenne
dy Tod at SI, 000.000. will pass into the
nanus o;
!,,. ,1. i,, .,rnr-,. ,.,.,. I t 1
pre bal
that Maj. 11. C."McI)owel. of
this city, will be made president. James
Oaane Livingston, vice-president and
general manager; Oeorge Copt-land,
treasurer, and Arthur Cary. secretary.
The company will be known as the
Lexington and Eastern railway com
pany. Livingston, who is financial
manager for J. Kennedy Tod. has just
returned from the east, and Saturday
filed in court at Frankfort new articles
of association, the J. Kennedy Tod
company conveying its purchase of
the road to the new reorganization.
Tiie Author's itrotlier is Sean-hing for Him
I and l ow. j
Xkvv Ynnii, October .". Alpheus S. :
Cody, the author and lecturer, of Xo. !
Iti4 Fast Kighty-ninth street, has been
missing from home since yesterday, j
His brother, who is a student in the!
jollege of the citv of Xew York, has!
searched for him in vain. His disap
pearance has not been reported to the
t)on';le Murder at an Arkansas ISarlierue.
Van i!n;i:x, Ark.. October 15. At a
barbecue fifteen miles north of here,
1 double murder was committed. Oeo.
Truitt struck Casey Ilcnsey with a bar
rel stave during a tight and mashed his
skull, and as Hensey was falling he
lisembt'weled Truitt whe cannot re
cover. Father and Son on t hi; Field of Honor.
Waco. Tex., October 15. A duel to
the death between an old man named
Stripliwr and his son I Ieorge. ten mile
from this city, was fought yesterday
The father was shot and mortally
wounded, and the rfn"s skull was
crushed and he will probably die.
Ir:.c;st;r Ni Iul Uea-l.
LoM'ON, October 15. John Xichol,
LL". 1)., professor of astronomy and
English literature, is dead, aged dl
Corrected weekly by Anders 11 & June
Fillers, Common 2 U 32.j
" Good s'A to 6
Smokers, Common to 6
" Good 6 to 10
" Fine 22 '2 10 30
Cutters, Common 10 to 16
" Good 15 to 22K
" Fine 22''2 to 30
Wrappers, Common 10 to 15
Good 15 to 25
Fine 25 to 50
Highest cf all in Leavening Tower.
GoMsboro Headlight. While
attempting to unload his pistol in
front of his store, Wednesday night.
vir. nerueri maxwell met witn a
painful but luckily not serious acci
dent. The weapon exploded, shoot-
J w a c'ean through his left hand.
Fayetteville Observer: Last
i Friday afternoon the .waste-house of
the Cumberland Mills manufacturing
Company was totally destroyed by
. fire, the origin of which is supposed
to have been aspaik Irom the engine.
Hut for the splendid fire arrangements
and the clear head of the manager
Mr. W. K. Parker, the whole factory
wou'd probably have been burned.
Charlotte News: Little Ted Ir
win, of Charlotte, received a terribl
laceration of the hands Tuesday; b
the explosion ofa dynamite cap. Ht
was picking at the cap
when the cap explodtd
with a nai"
A finger o
the right hand was torn out at tin
knuckle joint, and the first fingei
badly shattered. The palm of tin
hand lacerated. The tips of the
thumb and first finder on his right
hand were blown off.
Asheville Citizen: The agricul
al editor has received from Maj. Robt.
Bingham school, a beet that beats all
beets so far brought into our muse
um. He sent it in by Sam Sirhh,
the colored man who, it will be ie-
membered prepared for the firing of
i, p. ;j. ...,i... 1.
sauite in honor of
Vice President Stevenson. Hut to
return to the beet. It is 2 feet 7 in
ches in length, 2 feet 2
in circumference and weiyhs 26
pounds. It grew on the Cinham
school property where an acre and a
half is covered with beets, and it is
believed there are some larger than
the one sent in.
Henderson Gold Leaf: A tele
gram was received by relatives here
Saturday night announcing the death
in Memphis. Tenn., of Mr. Harry
Lotighlin, brother of our townsman
Mr. I). C. Loughlin. He was an
acrobat and actor with Sells Uros.'
circus and while performing in the
n , . , i--,
"yiUS Perc at 'hat place I riday fill
and sustained injuries from which he
died next day. Harry Loughlin,
(whose professional name was Castel
lo) was well known in Henderson,
where he has spent much of his time
duiing the past few years,
He was
a handsome, manly young man, mor
al and sober, and by his pi:ct and
ni xlest woi th and gentlemanly de
meanor made friends of all he met.
P.y Adu ill-ln;.
Little Ho IVcp.
She lost her sheep.
Which was quite agonizing;
But she found him ai-ain,
Without worry r pain,
Uy simply advertising.
Xb-( ).crvt r.
Qouhs and Colds,
Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Yeak Lungs, General Debility uud
all forms of Emaciation are speedily cured by
Scott's Emulsion
Consumptives always find great relief by taking it, and
consumption U often eured. No other iioiirislmieiit restores
strength m quickly, and effectively.
Weak Babies and Thin ChsSdren
are made strong and robust by Scott's Emulsion when other
forms of food seem to do them no good whatever.
The only genuine- Scott's LmuLion u put up in salmon
colored wrapper. Ik-fuse cheap substitutes!
Ssndjor pamphlet on Scoll's Emulsion. J-RF.E.
Scott &. Bowno, N. Y. All Druggists. 50 cents and SI.
I )o You SuffGF!
From Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Kidney, Liver,
Lungs, or Bladder Trouble? If so, use
Swineford's Arsenic Lithia Water.
it zyiZiL ci'TZ 2czr.
Physician and Surgeon, Tarboro Street,
Wn.sox, N. C, October 2, 1S94.
Mr. Oscar Swixkforo:
Dear Sir. Yours received, and in reply will say that I have used your
Arsenic-Lithia Water for thi past month in two cases of urine acid diathe
sis with very satisfactory results, and have found it very efficacious in cer
tain forms of dyspepsia due to inactive secretions.
As a pure table water it is all that could be desired.
Very respectfully yours,
C. E. Moore.
Hargrave's Pharmacy,
Latest U.S. Gov't Report
nv n o
Almost a New York Dally.
That Democratic wonder. The.
New York Weekly World, has just
changed its weekly into a twice-a-week
paper, and you can now get the
two papers each week.
Think of it! The news from New
York right at your door fresh every
three days 104 papers a year.
We have made arrangements by
which we can furnish The Advance
and the twice-a-week New York
World all for $1.50 a year. Here is
the opportunity to get your own local
paper and the New York World
twice every week at extraordinarily
low rates.
Nagging and Ties half price at
To cure constipation, sick head
che and dyspepsia Simmon Live
r Regulator has no equal.
"rreet HiitiKiHis, Nevertheless.
Miss Mobile Well, Auntie, how
s Uncle Mose these days?
AuntChloe l'o'Jy, MiVs; po'ly.
He's done got dat exclamatory rheu
matism. Miss Mobile You mean infiama
tory iheumatism, Auntie. 'Exclama
tory is to cry ojut.'
Aunt Chloe (with solemn convic
tion) Dat's hit Missy; dat's hit.
j He don't do nuffin but holler.
All Fi.e.
Those who have used Dr. King's
New Discovery know its value, and
those who have not, have now the
opportunity to try a bottle free. Call
on the advertised drujjist and get a
trial bottle free. Send your name
and address to 1 1. E. Bucklen & Co.
Chicago, 111 , and get a sample box
of Dr. King's New Life Pills free, as
w ell as a copy of Guid to Health and
Household Instructor, free. All of
which is guaranteed to do you good
and cost you nothing. Tor sale at
H. W. I Iarg rave's drugstore.
"Is the Colonel through with his
speech yet?"
"Yes, he is now tiptoeing off the
"Why dots he do that?"
Doesn't want to wake up the audi
ence Atlanta Constitution.
W ii nit il all uf 11,
Hank CUrk This clu ck, madam,
isn't filled in.
Madam Isn't what?
IJank Clerk It has your husband's
name signed to it, but does not state
how much money you want.
Madam Oh, is that all? Well,
I'll take all there is. American He
brew. JMO OTHER Sarsaparilla has ef
fected such remarkable cures as
HOOD'S Sarsaparilla, of Scrofula,
Salt Rheum, and other blood diseases.

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