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October iS, 1894.
1 Ok CI.F.RK .si 1T.RIOR CUl'KT,
spencer m. warren.
for tri:asfri:r,
Fi'R ("OkONI'R,
FOR SKNA 1 !:,
(il'.OROE W. 11LOUNT.
What fault can anyone find with
the Democratic members of the
Supreme Court? They have been
fair, impartial, and just in their rulings,
and have made a model court. Why
not retain them? Will haircloth
make a better Chief Justice than
Shepherd? Will Furchcs make a
better judge than IlunvelP Consider
well before you vote.
Wi: acknowledge receipt of an in
vitation to attend the 3-inl annual
fair ot the Cumberland county Agri
cultural society. The fair is to be held
at Fayetteville on November 14-16.
Our thanks are due Mr. C. W. Law
rence, Secretary, for the compliment.
It is an old institution and will doubt
less get up a good exhibit this year.
Nkari.v three weeks of campaign
work remains to be done. Let those
three weeks be passed with sledge
hammer blows by the Democratic
speakers Reduce the campaign to
State politics, and sto.nd squarely up
on the Raleigh platform. That sil
ver plank can save the State by itself
if the people are told about it. Sound
the trumpet and let the silver ring.
Axv man who is attempting to
straddle the silver plank in the
Raleigh platform should be relieved
of his service in the interest of the
Democratic party and sent home to
meditate upon the silver question.
We want no campaigner to be gad
ding about the State talking about
riots in Chicago, and ignoring the
currency question altogether. Such
men are not only not doing any good
but they are doing harm. Call them
Mfch-a-do is being made by cer
tain Democratic papers to get Capt.
Kitchin to come back to the parly
that he served so long and which he
has 50 recently left. We think that
is all wrong. Of course we all want
the Captain to come back, but we
should not tell him so, because just
as soon as he finds out that the Dem
ocrats want him to come back just as
sure will he go the other way. Kitch
in must be ignored in order to be de
caged. Cait. Kitchin has been cam
paigning the Stat. now tor about
four months, but no one, if the papers
tell the truth, has been able to get at
the point of the Captain's talk. He says
that so far as the State affairs are con
cerned, there is no fault to find with
the Democrats. He does not advise
any one to vote the Populist-Republican
ticket, but says that he is dis
cussing principles and not advising
anybody how to vole. He is mag
nanimous to the people. He
them to be untrammelled in their
Ireedom. In other words, he just
wishes to convert them and let them
join any church they choose.
Somf. months ago we had an edi
torial on the subject "Turn Loose the
Cents." Last week we saw the edi
torial copied in one of our best ex
changes, but credited to another pa
per. We are inclined to think that
that other paper used the article with
out credit in the first instance and so
led the former into error. We were
led into error that way ourselves last
week by giving credit to one paper
which should have been given to
another. The filching of matter
is getting to be common and it
should be broken up.
Wh at is the secret ot Jarvis' sec
cess as a campaigner? It is because
he is standing upon the Raleigh plat
form and dues not fear to disauss the
currency question. He discusses the
tariff, it is true, but the silver question
receives its share of attention. There
are other Democratic speakers in th
field, who do not even touch upon
that question. They are cowardly,
and should be dismisse d from service
by the Democratic executive com
mittee. They should not be allowed
to thus toy with Democratic princi-
Sf.nator Jarvis has been in the
West making Democratic speeches
lor the last month. He does not
lear to discuss any part ol the Raleigh
platform. He stands squarely upon
that documcnt.silverandall. He is not
bushwhacking on any part of it. He is
discussing the silver question as much
as he is discussing the tariff question.
I Ie is making the Republicans and
Populists run to cover all along the
line. Let the other speakers stand
upon the silver plank and sound the
silver horn also, and they will accom
plish more.
Many are asking themselves some
important questions just now. Some
men, who have- affiliated with the
People's Party, aie now seriously
considering the question oi party
fidelity. They are honest men, and
they want an honest reason for stand
ing by the party of their choice.
There is a very important question
uppermost in the minds of all. It is
his: What has the Democratic party
(lone? That is a pertinent question,
and one that is eminently just. Every
man has a perfect right to ask it, and
all have the same right Id an answer.
We propose to mention one thing
that the party has done since it came
into power. Eighteen years ago the
great Zeb Vance was elected Govern
or of North Carolina. The Demo
crats carried the legislature the same
year. Since that time the Old North
State has remained Democratic.
What has the party done in these
eighteen years? Men who have had
their eyes open during these years
can answer that question by giving a
variety of things done. There is no
need of telling how our courts have
been purged of unjust judges and
property and life rendered secure by
wholesome Democratic legislation.
There is no need of referring to the
lour hundred per cent, reduction in
taxation that has been brought about
by Democratic measures. That has
already been referred to in these col
umns. There is no need of telling
how Republican extravagance has
given place to Democratic economy.
That is an old song that even the
children have learned to sing.
It is not necessary to tell how Re
publican tricks and frauds have been
exposed by Democratic detectives.
All of those things have been known
and read of by the many. It is not
needful to dwell upon them, because
they are admitted as facts.
There is one thing, however, that
we wish to call attention to now, one
thing that the party has done that
deserves to rank as one of the great
things of Democratic policy. That is
the country government system.
Soon after the war the negro pop
ulation was the most numerous in
nearly all of the eastern countries.
They had been recently slaves and of
course were ignorant of government.
They had the right to vote however,
and exercised that right. They elec
ted magistrates of their own color
and ignorance. They elected com
missioners the same way. The af
fairs of the counties passed into the
hands ol incompetent persons. They
wasted the finance ol the counties.
They mismanaged the affairs, and
piled up debts upon the county
governments until th? people of those
counties in their agony cried out,
:'save us from the ignorant majority,
save our people from themselves."
The Democratic party heard that
cry. They adopted it as their slogan
and great was the victoiy won.
The government of the counties
was taken from the hands of incom
petent managers and placed in those
of intelligence and honesty. No man
can say that the county government
sy.-.tem has been a mistake. No man
can say that Democrats have man
aged the county government badly.
It has had a clean record.
Then what has the party done?
There is no objection to the answer.
Let it be answered from the hill tops
and let the welkin ring with its mel
What concerns North Carolinians
more closely than anything else this
year is the election right here in
this State. We are, or should be,
more interested in the election of
good men to sit upon our Supreme
court bench and Superiour court
benches than anything else. There
is hardly a matter to come up lor our
consideration more important than
Good men are now upon these
benches. Good men are now candi
dates for these positions. It is emi-
d r.tJv desirable that good men should
elected to those places. The
courts of North Carolina are noted
for their uprightness. They were
not always thus. In the days that
are gone there were corrupt men up
on the bench. Drunkards were
known to be holding the balances.
Libertines were on the bench to ren
der decision upon questions of chasti
ty. Bribe takers were there to de
cide questions of honesty or dishon
esty. Immoral men were there to de
cide questions oi morals.
Happily, however, those days have
passed. The old State has been
rescued from the clutches of those
who degraded her courts and dis
graced her records. Honest men,
sober men, and moral men have been
placed in those high places of honor
to dispense justice to our people. For
twenty years the Democrats have
supplied the men for those posts of
duty. Every man now upon the
bench in North Carolina is a Demo
crat. They have filled those places
with honor and dignity. No man
can point out a flaw in the judicial
character of Shepherd, or Clarke, or
Butwell, or McRae. They are men
eminently qualified for the positions
lor which they are now candidates.
Every man that has been nominat
ed by the Democrats either for the
Supreme court or Superior court will
fill the office with honor. They are
men ot acute legal learning and ju:
dicial minds. They are nun of high
character and incorruptible qualities.
They are men who have made model
judges and will continue to hold the
balances of justice with stead)' hands.
Do North Carolinians desire to
turn these incorruptible judges out
and run the risk ol putting others
less pure in their places? Are North
Carolinians growing tired of courts
characterized by fairness and impar
tiality and want to return to the days
ofdrunken and debauched tribunals?
Beware then ol trifling with this mat
ter. The matter presents itself thus:
We have a pure judiciary. We have
tried it and found it good. Is it safe
to cast off the pure for one that is not
puier? Is it safe to turn down one
that we know is upright and put in
one that, to say the suspicious?
We think not. North Carolinians
love justice. They love and honor
the upright judge. They will cling
to a bench that is pure. F"or that
reason we believe the ticket headed
by the incorruptible Shepherd will
This is a time of political heresies.
Opinions and count opinions are
plentiful. Theories and vagaries are
rife. Charges and counter charges are
made. Criminations and recrimina
tions are indulged in.
One scarcely knows what to be
lieve. An ordinary man is almost
fit sea when he begins to think about
things political. I Ie scarcely knows
where to place his confidence. So
many contrary views and statements
confront him whenever he undertakes
to read a little on political matters.
He reads what one man says, which
seems reasonable; and maybe next
day sees all those things knocked
in the head by the brilliant wit of
another on contradictory lines. Then
what shall plain everyday folks do?
It will not do, as we all know, to lis
ten at every idle word that is spoken;
and it may as well be said at once,
that nearly all these political clap
traps that one sees in the papers and
hears from the stump are idle words.
They have no great big meanings that
should command the attention of any
considerable part of our people. The
country is not going to be destroyed,
or ruined, no matter who gets into
power. Neither is the country going
to be ruined no matter what party
has the control.
Then what shall our good country
gentlemen, the backbone ol this coun
try and the best people ot our land
do? In our opinion the thing for us
all to do is to think for ourselves.
We should never allow ourselves to
be led by any man, especially if that
man is seeking office. We wish to
submit two questions for the consid
eration if every voter who is trying
to decide how he shall best exercise
the great right of American citizens
in November. If those questions
shall open any field of thought we
shall be greatly repaid.
First, Has the Democratic party
ever done anything that commends it
to the confidence of Southern people?
Second, Has the Democratic party
ever done anything which forfeits the
confidence of the Southern people? If
so, when, how, and what?
We feel sure that a truthful, consci
entious answer will lead any Southern
white man to stand by the old flag
that has won in so many battles and
gone down in so many defeats. De
mocracy needs the farmer, and the
farmer can scarcely exist in this coun
try without Democracy. Who is
then to stand between the farmer,
(all the people of North Carolina are
farmers) and the trusts of the North?
There is only one power that can cope
with those great allied powers and
that is Democracy ,and Democracy is
bound to stand by the people.
Last Friday night the North bound
mail was held up by seven masked
men near Quantico Va.,and robbed of
a large amount ot money, variously
estimated from fifty thousand to two
hundred thousand dollars. It seems
that the train was going at full speed
when two men suddenly scambled
over the tender into the cab and, with
leveled pistols, ordered the' engineer
and fireman to stop the train which
they did. Other men then blew
open the express car and robbed the
express packages of all the valuables.
The conductor was very brave and
wanted to go out and offer battle to
the ruffians, but he had no arms and
the passengers would not allow him
to go. He asked for a pistol and
succeeded in finding one small one.
With that he stationed himself at the
door and ordered all the male pas
sengers to draw their knives. Some
complied, but others were dodging
behind their seats. The robbers did
not attack the passenger coach.
As soon as the robbers had secured
their booty, they boarded the engine,
cut it loose from the train, and flew
up the road. They perhaps left the
engine soon after starting, and then
opened the throttle and let the engine
go it wild up the road. An agent at
one of the stations by which the wild
engine passed telegraphed to Quan
tico to look out for a wild engine.
The switch was changed and the en
gine dashed into the freight yard and
ran itself to the ground. It was
frightfully battered up.
The robbers escaped to the Mary
land side ot the Potomac with their
booty. Gov. O'Ferrell has offered a
large reward for their apprehension.
It was one of the boldest robberies
ever committed in the Southern
States, and has produced much ex
citement in railroad circles. It has
aroused the railroads to discuss the
question of safety from such attacks,
and it may result m having a com
plete police force on all trains.
Comity CanviihH.
The county candidates will speak
at the following places:
Old Fields Friday, Oct. 61
Taylors Saturday, ' 20
Elm City Tuesday, ' 23
Gardners Wedns., " 24
Saratoga Thurs., " 25
Stantonsburg Friday, " 26
Wilson Tuesday, " 30
Distinguished speakers will be
at all the above named
$100 Kewanl $100.
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Jew In the Proper Title,
We are not Hebrews. Hebrew
was the language spoken by our an
cestors when they lived in Palestine.
They were then a race whose mother
language was Hebrew, and as He
brew speaking people it was certainl
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Hebrew refers to a language which
which we do not speak, Israel to a
nation which we no longer form, and
Jew to a religion to which we belong.
Therefore, we are not Hebrews, we
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old stock. Call at
Haro-rave's Druo- Stoic,
Next Door to Post Ofiice.
c c c . c . c c" " C C O C O - '
Xhem !
The Man or Woman
who has bought
Wootlcn El Stevens,
Will tell you, that is the place
to get the Best Goods for
the least money.
Younj; Dros. shoes cheaper than
uy mereiemnn, jouinmi ri-rora. exryslve use ol fi.ii:i "i
I sl.u.
iursale in WUaou.N. C. by
wcrf.h of New Good at
have never been able to offer
so low.
New Garden Seeds,
New Cigars,
New Stationery.
Granite, Marble, and Brownstone.
Koaameats and Headstones.
Iuildinj Work Furnished at
Short Notice, of Granite,
Marble, Drownstone,
and Sandstone:.
310 fl. Front St., Wilmington, K. C
j Co to Young Bro's. lor Ii.iK'1' ":
: Tics at hall price.
j ew Arrow Ties and m:-! H-
- 1 R-ng go-vd as new, Young Ihc's.
euttrunca to cure a.l tKM-voun n:u".!iticti us Weak Memory. '''.'
1'ower. lieiuluclie, Vatflu!ncss. I.oM Manhood. Niwhi ly l.iiii--!,,'i- -DesK.a'ildrulnHciKl
l-sc powerin (;ctirntiveOru:i!t t -itii.T !"'x,';j:T..l.
ulanls,wliioti lead to Intir,iiitv,nnM)iiiftln or luwiuiy.. Can ie ' j
vest pocket. fl per box, f or by inail i.r-i''i- Vt ,u'" ( i,v -til
Klve a written ituaruntve la pure or refund the nione. . ''" - j
IrneitlaU. Ask Torn, lake no other. Write for tree. Meiliccl llooK ".! i.'i-'OU.
In uluiu wrapper. Audress NEUVCSKF.U t'O.. Aiaouic 'Icmplt-.."" -
DOANK UKKUlNLi, Uruyisl.

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